Ram Bahadur Bomjom, the Buddha Boy, Starts Preaching: Arrival of a Meditation Guru or a Religious Zealot?

The Buddha in New Avatar? Ram Bahadur Bomjom lectures a crowd. Pics by Upendra Lamichhane

By UWB based on report filed by Upendra Lamichhane

Finally, Ram Bahadur Bomjom, the Buddha Boy, has started preaching. The committee that looks after ‘the modern Buddha’, Namo Buddha Tapoban Committee, assembled a large crowd yesterday in Hallori Jungle in Bara district of southern Nepal that was addressed by a long haired boy clad in a maroon robe. The notice about the first ever preaching by the boy was broadcast in a local FM radio station and the committed also invited people by phone. Around three thousand people gathered to listen to Ram Bahadur Bomjom. Dying to know about his message? Okay, don’t fait but here it is: “The only way we can save this nation is through religion.” Being happy or sad depends on what you were expecting: a meditation guru or a religious zealot. Sounds like the second version is coming out but there is still plenty of time ahead to get to know the real Bomjom. But then even Buddha was thrashed by his contemporary society. So lets have our finger crossed for the time being.

Ram Bahadur Bomjom spoke with several pauses as if he was finding it very difficult to communicate in the language of human being. Just to kill another possible curiosity Ram Bahadur was using Nepali language while preaching via a big mike. He also requested the people not to be skeptical about him and disturb him. Ram Bahadur was first spotted meditating in Ratanpuri Jungle of Bara on Jestha 2, 2062 (almost 27 months ago) and he disappeared for about nine months saying that it was difficult for him to concentrate because of the disturbance created by the visiting crowd. He was discovered in Baghjhor Jungle, about eight kilometers west from where he had disappeared, with a sword on his side on Chaitra 10, 2063 (almost four months ago). The next day he entered into a bunker made up of cement sin Halkhori to mediate.



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  1. bijay Avatar

    but why the photographs of buddha boy is not so clear – cover with his long hair..or from back..?? what’s the mystrey..hidden..???

    just an curiousity….

  2. _Mu Avatar

    I would like to contact Upendra Lamichhane if at all possible. Upendra, if you read this please go to: http://groups.google.com/group/buddhaboy and let me know how to contact you.



  3. Pramod Avatar

    In every circumstances, Ram Bahadur’s viwes of resolving Nepal by virtue of religion deserve great applaud. Of course, Nepal has been lacking morality and religiousity in every leaps and bounds in spite of being a solely Hindu kingdom in the entire globe. Nepalese leaders now must be on-track made up of morality, religiousity and social responsibility by conforming to the views of great saints in Nepal. Let us put our fingers crossed for a better Nepal.
    Pramod Acharya
    A Non Residential Nepali

  4. Raju Avatar

    http://www.paldendorje.com here you can see his video but its take time to load .

  5. Juju Avatar

    Its very nice video but quality is not so good.

  6. prem bahadur karki Avatar
    prem bahadur karki

    hi iam prem from hyderabad a.p.india

  7. y.lama Avatar

    Does anyone have the entire transcript of the preaching in english?

  8. jak_dafool Avatar

    Yeah, still waiting for the transcript.

  9. janosho Avatar

    hi guys,

    could any one translated his first discourse in english?

  10. Wayne Chen Avatar

    the plot thickens….Niranjan, going to add a link to your blog on my website!

  11. karlfitz Avatar

    Video with English and French translation can be found at:

  12. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    The kid is probably a nepali god stand in that ran from a paying job.
    He’s playing the role and just play acting the part for the sake of the public and may because he knows no better. He looks filthy and diseased. If he is in recluse he’s getting pummeled by every germ, knit, tick and parasite and their brother.

    He’s got no common sence. Maybe the he’s on dope. I wouldn’t take anything he has to offer seriously. If he’s trying to develope he’s going both backwards and forwards at the same time screwing himself up and pushing alone like a perpetual novice. This is why people have medical schools and medicines to handle this sort of things.

  13. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Buddha boy……Smack him upside the head and yell him to get away from that screwin dirt pit. He needs a biff’n.

  14. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Like that nagaraj looser……..So screwin germed. They must have been from the same gradeschool. He’s always asking for medicine.

    Psshhhet (thorazine shuffle).

  15. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Smack him hard enough so he feels it in his other life so he cant remember how numb stupid he must have been.

    [theres nothing that come from referencing any previous lifetime anyone might or might not have had. any previous lifetime is gone and done with…..Get real….make believe your alive…mimic a person………………………………….]

  16. jk Avatar

    he is reliving the buddha and for villagers its a face for their hope and aspirations, we all should applaud such efforts and not make ignorant comments.

    kickass reply

  17. jk Avatar

    u have such hatred towards a kid u need to have your head examined.
    om shanti om!

  18. zeus Avatar

    u marc delit ignorant moron…how can u even understand such matters….it is u who need to get ur head xamined….don’t make a fool of urself on matters u have no idea about…go to ur pub and get drunk and bash urself not others as u mention here….

  19. marc delit Avatar
    marc delit

    You give info to stupid people, you get stupid replies.

  20. marc delit Avatar
    marc delit

    Let me reiterate so you cant understand more.

    The basic reason why anyone would sit in a meditative posture is to develop their nervous and other biologic systems in a stationary position devoting most of their time while to that purpose with most of their senses are turned off. the common term for this state of development consciousness is called samadhi where there are various classes/stages. I’ve experience this personally and know the route very well.

    My comment was directed at the level of backward development this person (and thus, by his example you also) are misleading themselves unhealthily through by sheer lack of practicle understanding of how to provide yourselves the materials that result in what is required to develope in this way.

    1) A clean environment is needed above all. Parasites will enter any and every bodily orifice and force you to suffer some very real trouble that leads you straight to death. This is a direct result of a natural environment’s hostile exposure this boy is forcing himself to endure. Undoubtedly this is what he is suffering from now despite everything else going on with him.

    2) Washing, eating and drinking serve to maintain prolonged health that avoid whithering away while engaged in a samadhi posture. key note: the body is frail and must be maintained whether your a monk or construction worker both. Does this boy seem like he’s been washing, eating and drinking healthily on a moderate regular basis?

    3) Just because someone wears a rode does not mean you should venerate them and just because someone enters somone blogs on the internet in a way that does not coddle your frail feelings does not mean that should not be heeded. Trust no facade. They mislead you. Key note: Does he seem healthy? You would also be just as unhealthy if you followed his lead. He’s only 18 and began knowing nothing. He still knows nothing. Dont follow error experienced people. HE shouldnt take his own advice.

    4) Dont go to extreams. To unwantingly resort to mentioning someone else’s advice, To site a snippet story, the buddha sidhartha once endured this type of self mortification for a while until either he was urged or volunteered to change his approach. He was not obtaining the progress he wished of himself for an unmentioned reason (see # for it) . He stopped what he was doing, washed, eat got his strength back rested and puased for a while from meditation before picking it back up in a more cleanly healthful way. at this point he was able to reach more stable goals he set for himself.

    See #1 and repeat while stopping to strech or move about somewhat on and off.

    [He broke his normal developemnt routine one day about a year ago (on my birthday) to mention he was just a rinpoche. This was wise and I very much did take the gift personally very strongly. I am very much concerned to this person’s health and well being. That was his birthday gift for me and I was ecstatic to learn about it. If it were upon to me I’d rip his out of that pit so fast everyone’s head would spin a blur. He’s no rinpoche but its a good goal for him to reach for. I take both his and nagarj’s developments very seriously. I foreknow there impending losses and unhealthy situations bother me angrily.]

    For not knowing this simple common sense and additionally not asserting it upon either this kid nor nagarj, I blame each of you.

    Not being able to gather this from my entries was the root of your problem that follows you around like a faulty trainer.

  21. marc delit Avatar
    marc delit

    Becomming a buddha via self mortification is not possible

    The story of babaji’s teachers does not spell out that they died while suffering parasite exposure in their ears, nose, mouth, eyes, pores etc while they were dormant not being aware they needed to get away and clean. Samadhi has its downsides people need spelled out for them letter by letter.

    The tibetan buddhists stress protecting your various orifice for this specific final basic reason (despite the fact that popular motivation leads them to stress prevention sexually transmitted diseases in the same context. protecting your various orifice from EVERYTHING is the most important goal one must maintain constantly while engaged in some serious samadhi).

    By not maintaining cleanliness that prevents of deals with parasite exposure, you screw yourself because parasites dont care if your a buddha on earth for one time visit to say the human race.

    They eat indiscriminately.

  22. marc delit Avatar
    marc delit

    Maybe I should withhold a few very important lifesaving tips from you to make sure you suffer by them in the same way you’d prevent this boy and anyone else like him from surviving his own vice.

    Maybe you should live in a pit. Keep preying. You’re getting no where, but the good thing about it is your going there very fast.

  23. marc delit Avatar
    marc delit

    The boy is not aware his is hurting himself and must learn. The only way hew will know to leave is be asserting his departure and forcing him to clean up but making his reach the resources he needs to get it done (without his permission if needs be).

    He is his own pit-fall, no pun intended.

  24. marc delit Avatar
    marc delit

    I have no such idea about these matters……….yup..

  25. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Those dam spelling mistakes are always biting me in the -ss. like some dang sharpe running amok on the loose.

  26. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    The privilege to self develop lasts only as long as the body does. Gathering the necessary resources to obtain the privacy and time needed to pursue this type of personal development is quite impossible where capitalist systems severely inhibit not only one or two person’s but everyone’s direction. Capitalism is rather literally a behavioral maze designed to be a socio-political set of limits and distractions by the ‘haves’ intended to preoccupy the ‘have-nots’.

    They believe that by limiting freedom of both movement and occupation every way ’til sunday [ from birth til death of everyone ] using a systemic barrage of monetary fees supported via punishment or socio-political derived interpersonal recycle replacement if nonpayment by any have-not outsider keeps their treasure they gather close by….

    it does. yet being that most pervasive form of social control on earth keeping the wild masses under a constant thumb makes for a volatile system to remain dormant and develop peacefully within.

    Personal development within a capitalist system literally has the same identical danger as diving to swim in a pool populated by piranha. Capitalists have a carnivorous consuming mentality like no other social group. their single goal is to consume and replace product for re consumption. Every other side endeavor brakes not far from this mainstay and remains quite complimentary.

    Needless to mention, self development in any capitalist system is closely related to socio-political suicide through an unwitting victimization. the root cause is related to programming. capitalist consumers are programmed to replace any civil counterpart who is not par of the capitalist social machine.

    In short, if they dont move the money around smoothly the people will move them out of the picture. This leads to the first few posts I made far above. This person, this boy is being neglected and socially decimated picked apart by the population whom he is naive of being young and just plain knowledge less, for that fact. He does not know you are monsters in the same way that all of you and I mutually know you all are. This is the main foundation reason why I have so many social adversaries.. On a gut level you know that I am fully aware that you are always hiding the monster you are under your everyday nice/nice play act. We both know your human piranha where you think I’m something consumable. Anyone who’s already tried to take a social bite already knows it’s not going to be that easy to take that chunk you want and not going to be as tastey as you’d thought.

    This kid doesnt know what he’s in store for. If babaji were real maybe he knows something about this. I tend to think there’s been a few impersonators in history claiming falsely to be this person. I think he might have died under unnatural circumstances while trying to secure safe haven.

    Must of these people die by unnatural causes by people who want a piece of them. You can call all of this here a type of Modus Vivendi driving an entire socio-political world class or people.

    For the most part people are way too primitive a design for them to guide themselves by themselves. You as a race werent born with certain abilities turned on. Your genes are mostly inhibited, latent propensities that should be sparkable within most people are not really there anymore, being removed by genetic born/chemical borne diseases. The variety of diseases permutate various genetic sequence to arrive at the variety of life (by force of interference rather than natural selection or evolution).

    I’ll put it to you this way, diseases interfere with you, you interfere with everything else by force of the disease distraction. Wittingly or unwittingly you interfere while ever dangerously preoccupied consuming replacement product.

    Everything you look at or feel you believe to be, or behave as though (without believing) it’s, a replacement product.

    By your own method of reply you’ve let me in on your behavior that this boy is a target. I learned this this way…..

    I wanted him to discontinue his cooperation with the people. you stepped in to defend his cooperation. This person seems quite unwell and neglected unhealthy at a great disadvantage against the population whom assert themselves upon his own intended health and privacy. YOU intended to retain his weakened disposition in favor keeping his supply of whatever it is your targeting. You lashed at me for trying to remove this supply. This supply must be important to you in a very big way despite this person’s inability to sustain your need.

    I gather by this that you lashed at me because you crave something this person has. He has nothing but himself therefore your craving must be something about him. Strange as this may logically seem there is some logic to this. Any person having a disoriented gene pool tends toward disoriented lower life functions. Hunger, thirst, sexual functions, fight, flight, and sleep functions all skew at this level.

    I, knowing this, attribute a skewed sets of behavior functions upon a limited set of social dispositions that skewed personalties must use to communicate (being biologically disoriented).

    Simply speaking, you cant communicate that your hungry for something you see (while looking at him) because your socio-political limits wont let you get away with it.

    You knew I knew this on a gut level about you. You lashed out at me in a very subdued primitive way -not- subconscious.I answered you in decisive way I believed removed as much of your pretense as possible.

    Basically, you show human-leech tendencies upon this kid because he’s easy prey for you just sitting there not shaking you off.

    You were built that way. Dont be proud of it. This type of hardwired disposition isnt something to proudly defend. Its a failure and a firm genetic weakness built within a nervously frail whole race of people, not just you where its not a natural condition……to err is NOT human where the casual excuse that humans are built to make mistakse is actually more appropriately interprteted as….

    Humans are writtled with aggressive urges to ruin what they and others do while they cover up this intention by faining innocence and get away with resembling acceptable error. A well developed human knows a mistake before it happens or may be overcome by other outside interferences the force what looks like an unwilling error they foreknow they are unwilling to make.

    You do not fall under this latter category. your place is somewhere between leech and capitalist. This is your persona and you will be angry with me because you know full well it’s right on the money and must hide others from knowing this about you. This is why you will be angry. If it’s untrue about you the feeling will pass directly away. It will not pass for you despite your attempt to bottle it up and hide it away. Sooner or later you will break and the feeling of rage will release. At some point when or if you find me I will be your new target. This is your M.V.

    You cant resist it because you are it. The M.V. -IS- you.
    Your grafted to it.

  27. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Let it be know my thing is ‘water’. His thing is only his own and
    belongs to no one else.

    Both people and the earth are about 60% water where the balance
    is 37% mineral and 2% energy. Knowing this is my advantage and
    your disadvantage. Consider this an ongoing watchful warning.

    The earth is releasing water and storms and snow are erratic, tsunami are frequent earth spin is slowing, earth frq has changed, ozone is depleting, people are over populating (using up breathable water in the air and polluting drinkable water. All these elements directly relate to how the earth regulates hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. If you know how to use the earth you can get things done you couldnt do on your own. Strange thing about the earth, it plays favorites in a mechanical sort of way. If the sum of your parts fit the scheme then your in. If not you’ll never get your foot in the door easily.

    Try forcing your way in and the flood gates will open hard wash you away inducing a major psychological break down you werent born with the ability to live through. This is why certain monks warn vigorously about attempting certain personal experiments.

    The popular term for this is called “the razor’s edge”. This term is way off in left field not appropriate (yet wrongfully popular). The ‘razor’s edge’ is the edge a skilled barber uses to trim a very naive little boy’s hair off before he’s permitted to enter monkhood. The little boy is terrible innocent and the experienced barber only has a razor to trim his hair. If the barber cuts the skin the boy becomes writtled with infection or fear and his whole life from then on remains a shambles. He never ventures past that variety of trauma if the barber is a ogre or careless moron.

    This does not apply to the popular interpretation of treading a fine line in a volatile balancing act.

    Connecting with the earth is a mechanical process were you are born appropriate or inappropriate for such a connection. The sum total of a persons parts are tallied in a way too complicated for this forum for me to describe. Take into account geo-dynamics, human biology, cosmology, radiation, gravity, electro chemistry and psychosocial inter compatibility add it all up and wallah! if you fit transposed upon that pattern overlay, your in. If not, and you force your way in not limitations will maintain the process smoothly for you. Your buddle-brain will burst under the HUGE load of whatever to stumble upon.

    Think carefully. Its REAL simple:
    Dump earth in you any which way —- You pop away gone quicker than spit.

    Maybe you should be one with the earth on your own without his help..
    This kid is just wanting to be by himself or just maybe simply healthy.

    Leave the boy alone or assist his health directly. Dont leech.
    He really doesnt want you there.

    Honestly, you wont go away so he has to tolerate you unwillingly.
    If I were him and I’m not, I’d run as fast away from you loonies as I could and send a tsunami behind me to wash you away quick.

    Oh, well no tsunamis. Maybe you’ll make yourself one with your brain and slam into the idea of being one with the universe and head straight for the earth as a crutch to grab onto. Maybe by doing that it’ll and up flooding you away. If you do it and live you’ll have some psychological self control respectable for people you see whom may deserves it.

    Please go for it. I really want you to. Here’s how you do it for real:

    Lay on the ground outside on a high hill clear to the sky without obstructions. lay flat on your back. Think toward the center of the earth with your imagination exerting toward the back of your head. Maintain that while keeping your eyes open looking into outer space.
    Do this at early morning even between dust and dawn. make sure there are no objects nor obstructions in your peripheral vision. I want you looking up into the sky without any object to reorient you visually back to earth. Stay that way. It’ll take about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to take effect. About as long as it takes your circulation to make about 40-50 revolutions. Lay with your palms up with arms at lateral so your circulation will flow more easily. Palms down. arms down cuts off circulation. Tilt head slightly down VERY slightly look straight not at the tip of your nose or any stupid thing. Focus into deep space. Dont pick a star. Pick any empty space between them.

    I did it. Now you do it by yourself on your own.

    Maybe it’ll wake you up.

    (“Isnt that special”,The Church Lady)

  28. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    ‘Maybe by doing that it’ll and up flooding you away.’ = ‘Maybe by doing that it’ll up and flood you away.’ = The experience will hit you very hard.

    ‘between dust and dawn’ = ‘between dusk and dawn” = about 2:30-3:00 am.

    If done right and if your not fit for the experience what you perceive should exactly equal a psychotic episode that takes control of you. What you will experience is the active state of your own particular
    mind in action without filters shrouding away who you really are. You will get to know your ordinary self in the flesh.

    You wont be able to handle you.

  29. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    When I glance at each of you that is what I usually see.

    I see a political social class of very real aggressive sociopaths egging on for every modicum of frivolous/erroneous excuse that serves them to use that excuse to break into group or individual outburst/episodes.

  30. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    I REVERT LAST POST BEFORE I WENT TO TOWN ON ALL OF YOU (March 15th, 2008 at 5:46 am):

    “make believe your alive…mimic a person………………………………….”



  31. Dominique D. Avatar
    Dominique D.


    You seem to have strong negative feelings about this story. Your posts are sometimes meaningless and contradictory, so, I don’t know how to understand them.
    From Europe, I can’t have a perfect idea of what is oing on there in the jungle.
    I saw the two videos on his website and the boy doesn’t seem sick. But I wonder why we haven’t receive anymore news since oct 2007. Did you go there ? Did you see him ? Is this story a common fraud in Nepal ? Is this boy mistreated ? I’ll be glad to have your clear opinion on this.

  32. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Simple commonsence logical observation that does not ignore every social detail would hel,p you arrive at the same observation.

    My details are not contradictory nor meaningless if you understand the details on a personnal level.

    I expect some detail would be meaninglss to any person who does not have proper experiance.

  33. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    As for my feelings about the issue, I am very well experienced and have intimate personnal knowledge of how mass populations treat or mistreat icons.

  34. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    if he is examined you will see the boy is sick and ignored away.

  35. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    If you imagine that your reading a college psychology textbook you’ll gradually become accustome to the grammer and terms I’m expressing.

    Imagine your a psychologist being addressed by his mentor.

  36. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    To address the common fraud question, there are young persons in that area whom are paid by the monarchy a stipend to act as gods and godesses there entire lives. This god/goddess is a game of political game playing mythos/superstition against the will of ignorant people.

    If you can get a large group of people to entertain the idea that gods and goddesses are sympathetic to a monarchy then it is believed that the population would inverably cooperate with both.

    The gods are not gods and the goddesses are not goddesses but merely children who grow up to be older play actors and play actresses.

    You can imagine how and where the games play onward from this perspective. You can, cant you?

    I expect that you can.

  37. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    If you ignore the popular status and rhetoric and examine the physical conditions of the players and the playing feild you will notice elements of disease
    and seemingly unhealthy ‘looking’ people. The people including this child ARE in fact suffering from much of the shared social and enviornment diseases they have no defence against.

    This is simple common logic.

  38. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Does this kid’s recorded history in isolation suggest he wants the situation he’s been confined within.

    Think of the number of people how flock around him at any given one time. do you think he expected to suffer this much loss of privacy? I’ll bet people are praying to him expecting him to provide them with good luck situations on a whimb like a goffer or a slave. If they dont get what they want would you think they’d become angry with him for not coughing whatever it was up for them he could not possible provide?

    After a while I bet they’d begin to shun or assault him.

    This is the goal each of them are looking for as they listen and wait. Each of the spectators are waiting for him to cough up there request. This is their goal. None of them are really beating away the others so he can regain his personnal privacy. None of them are telling to others to get lossed and mind there one business and I know none of them are making sure the people know his just a kid like any other who knows nothing special.

    Take into account the instance where he was found in the bush with a weapon. I’d think he’d experienced something he’d really not want to remember.

    A person wouldnt carry a weapon unless they needed one. Maybe he needed it for coconut or bananna picking??? Perhaps it was a multipurpose tool.

    in any event I think living in a ditch wasnt the life he wants for himself … If you could choose between a ditch or some other more comfortable means of shelter/safety would you choose the greater comfort?

    If his definition of greater comfort is independance than he’d run for the hills. If he thought greater comfort was cleanliness and a pillow he’d leave his situation.

    I think he doesnt know what he’s missing cuz he aint got a clue, dude…..

  39. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    [read past the spelling errors]

    He’s a child, you numbnuts!

    There’s nothing in his mind for him to draw upon except emotion and only a little random fact. With all of you around him to guide his education I doubt there will ever be anything he has to gain and improve and graduate from this position. With the lot of you around to annoy him he’ll never improve to the lofty 3rd grade education level you venerate as rimpoche.

    Not knowing this make the lot of you people to jail not entertain. It would be better to round all of you up in a paddy wagon then to entertain that level of raw uncorrectable stupidity.

    When he grows old and dies what all these people are going to do to his remains is this:

    Some pieces will go to several monastaries some people will grab a few parts here and there andnball of them will set set up these parts at points of greatest public access and exposure. they will begin systematically talking and annoying these parts as iff they are continually demanding this boy to do whatever it is they want him to obtain.

  40. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    If you do not ingore all the details and stack logistic against logistic maturely you will see the reality of
    the situation.

    This is the reality of the situation as you all see it if you add the details in you’ve omitted.

  41. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Meditation is a personnal experiance only intended for the meditator. Not showing that you know that ALSO make you similarly criminal.

  42. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    If any person experienced samadhi its there one enjoyment and YOU have nothing to do with it and should not pry.

    -=> .

    Prying shows your not suited for meditation. maybe you would be better suited as a laborer or something.

  43. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    I will expalin samadhi clearly for those who have no referance…..

  44. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    First the method for attaining a samadhi state of mind:

    Here’s the short SHORT SHORT SHORT SHORT explination for the SHORT SHORT (that takes as long to develope as the exersiser is capable of strengthening their nervious system well enough to handle such experiences. This can take as long as the individual needs depending upon his or her 1) biophysical condition AND 2) whether or not latent genetic propensity is active or inactive for this basic function:

    1) Take your mind away from day to day affairs. you may use a radio and ear phones or any means to accomplish this. The goal is the use your cognative abilities LESS and LESS. Center your attention tward the back of your eyes unitl you feel like your seeing the world from another persons perspective and can maintain this. Dont be scared. You are still you. Just using different variety of synapse.

    Continue this process trying different methods to maintain this. Sometimes getting mad or becomming outragious is something you must do to break past some solid developement threshold or another. Maintain your semi alert status so not to get into trouble and ruin things for yourself.

    Do not use drugs they ruin the developement experiance. I never did.

  45. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    2) Use your voice (your mouth may be closed yet the harder the vibration the stronger the experience) settle your attention there at the place of greatest vibration.

    finnished. practice…..class is over.

  46. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    One last thing:

    You MUST remain relaxed as long before you assert your intention toward reclusion.

    I used rolling hands and only about 3 postures from tai chi wearing loose long heavy clothes that promote circulation. Other people will certainly show an adversarial posture because they are/were born aggressive and unstable. You may be one of those people.

    Self restain if it doesnt come natural will be a VERY large stumbling block because a person has a very developed mind if they are able to proficiantly restrain/retain themselves from xyz.

    self restraint is only a symptom of a durable developed nervious system not a goal to reach nor exersise to practice. just start concentrating toward the back behind your eyes while diverting most of your attention away from daily affairs.

    you can maintain a normal daily work regeme.

  47. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    as far as most of planet earth is concerned this is all they need initially and the last best most advanced technique biology can provide them for developement.

    everything else compliments this.

  48. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    posture, breathing, sound/word variation, mudra, diet, magic, deity worship (that’s really a sort of role model mentoring from a nonexistant guide(s)), fasting, eating, drunkenness, drug taking and everything else
    are all just ways to either change the result of the process or help it along cuz the situation needs modifying.

  49. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    if you cant get good air what do you do?

  50. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    you try to get some any way you can by either moving to a better location or….change your breathing habits to take in more oxgyen and release more waiste gasses. This is the motivating source for the formation of breathing excersises. They have no real purpose other than this.

    A proper breathing method must fill both lungs upper and lower parts fully and must filter away harmful things like dust and air borne debris.

    Your mouth MUST be closed cuz its a huge space for junk to get in .. if you keep your teeth together and tonuge at the roof of your mouth you set up things for air to work past but this isnt the greatest method…

    If I had my way I’d live like a dracula vampire in a sealled chamber (not on dirt numbnuts!) hermetically sealed in solid granite in a hydrocarbon suspension liquid — like a fish.

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