Ram Bahadur Bomjom, the Buddha Boy, Starts Preaching: Arrival of a Meditation Guru or a Religious Zealot?

The Buddha in New Avatar? Ram Bahadur Bomjom lectures a crowd. Pics by Upendra Lamichhane

By UWB based on report filed by Upendra Lamichhane

Finally, Ram Bahadur Bomjom, the Buddha Boy, has started preaching. The committee that looks after ‘the modern Buddha’, Namo Buddha Tapoban Committee, assembled a large crowd yesterday in Hallori Jungle in Bara district of southern Nepal that was addressed by a long haired boy clad in a maroon robe. The notice about the first ever preaching by the boy was broadcast in a local FM radio station and the committed also invited people by phone. Around three thousand people gathered to listen to Ram Bahadur Bomjom. Dying to know about his message? Okay, don’t fait but here it is: “The only way we can save this nation is through religion.” Being happy or sad depends on what you were expecting: a meditation guru or a religious zealot. Sounds like the second version is coming out but there is still plenty of time ahead to get to know the real Bomjom. But then even Buddha was thrashed by his contemporary society. So lets have our finger crossed for the time being.

Ram Bahadur Bomjom spoke with several pauses as if he was finding it very difficult to communicate in the language of human being. Just to kill another possible curiosity Ram Bahadur was using Nepali language while preaching via a big mike. He also requested the people not to be skeptical about him and disturb him. Ram Bahadur was first spotted meditating in Ratanpuri Jungle of Bara on Jestha 2, 2062 (almost 27 months ago) and he disappeared for about nine months saying that it was difficult for him to concentrate because of the disturbance created by the visiting crowd. He was discovered in Baghjhor Jungle, about eight kilometers west from where he had disappeared, with a sword on his side on Chaitra 10, 2063 (almost four months ago). The next day he entered into a bunker made up of cement sin Halkhori to mediate.



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  1. Dai Avatar

    Major Sharp,

    How do you propose we wipe out the concepts? Why not simply not be bound by them.
    Ultimately nothing is important. Importance itself is just another human concept. It is our attachment to them that causes us suffering.


  2. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp


    Nicely put , I really appreciate.

    Yes we need to wipe out all the concepts to realize the nothingness. Detaching from concepts is to wipe out the concepts. If we try to live with concepts and try to get detached from it, its still the same old trick the mind plays. concept is the ‘thing’ and until it remains with you, you can never be completely detached. ‘Thing’ has no place with ‘nothing’. And ‘Nothing’ is the source of everything. To reach ‘nothing’ , we have to wipe out the ‘Thing’, it is ‘either this or that’ situation, ie, mutually exclusive. You cannot live with both.

    Its like re-formatting harddisk. It is frightening, that’s why few people can attempt it. It like being born again, the rebirth.

    Yes, ‘importance’ and any such values is the ‘Thing’ – a human concept. And ‘Ultimate = source of all things’ is ‘nothing’ !

    It is the ‘Nothing’ that Buddha realized and taught.

    Yes, the cause of conflict is concepts. And in ‘nothing’ there is peace.

  3. Dr/Sensei Dave Avatar
    Dr/Sensei Dave


    You meed to understand that everything you’ve been trying to give here has already been meant for you. I was angry like you for way too long, and it just doesn’t help anyone. Stop being an ass.

    I can recommend a good Gestalt psychotherapist for your current problems (big part narcissism) . You may need a shock treatment of ayahuasca or psilocybin to shut up and accept things. We love you.


  4. Dr/Sensei Dave Avatar
    Dr/Sensei Dave


  5. Me Avatar

    If nothing is the goal, why does everyone feel the need to put something on this blog?

  6. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp


    To realize the reality that the source of eveything is ‘nothing’. But ‘nothing’ cannot be the goal, actually ‘goal’ is another concept. I hope you realize it. It is the goalless approach that is required for realizing nothingness.

  7. Madhu Avatar

    We must have to study seriously about the concept of Mediation before comment on it. I suppose The buddha boy is in the path of self relization. he’s in the sadhana period.

  8. Slok Avatar

    Buddha or not, this boy can use his popularity to solve or create( as he wishes) many problems. A person of the soil..preaching religion can me a very powerful political tool…i hope he uses he influence in a right direction. if he does…then he is indeed holy if not then we might be in trouble.

  9. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp


    Meditation is not a subject to study. Rather we can be in Meditation by being aware and attentive. Attentive to the ‘Self’, ‘thoughts’, ‘actions, ‘nature’, ‘relationship’, all hte things on which you can be aware of. Closing your eyes and chanting mantras is not Meditation.

    By Sadhana you may gain some extra sensory perception and some magical powers, ie, Siddhis, but that is not the Meditation. Actually all the Siddhis are by products of higher level of consciousness that a meditator reaches, but they are just by products. The true Yogi, Dhyani, Sadhak just ignores these by products and realizes the Ultimate, ie, nothingness, the source of eveything.

  10. trist Avatar

    People can become powerful symbols to the masses. We can shape hope, or beliefs through conduits of expression. The actions of others reflect upon us, just as our own reflect upon others. To express compassion and understanding is essential to success in surviving the coming years. We must learn to tolerate ideals and cultures in a manner which makes human thought compatible in more general terms. I feel this boy is discovering possible solutions to our compatibility issues. Human kind has always been intolerant and misunderstanding of each other. By making examples of how to live peacefully, we can share experiences which offer solutions. I appreciate the symbol this boy has created. It manifests hope in my heart. I hope we can let him be, and discover what he needs, that he may choose to share it with the world. In such harsh times, I ask that we try not to judge or ‘name call’ at others with whom we do not agree. I think the value of knowledge shared far surpasses that of an egotistical will which only shuns other’s actions.

  11. karsang gurung Avatar
    karsang gurung

    omg well i think Mr mark here is either a psycho or a very brilliant mad thinker who is so obsessed with the fact that there is a younger guy who is trying to bring change by spreading the word of Buddhism to the whole world, It might as well leave a mark of proper judgement or might be a failure due to people like you who always have negative enzymes of both thoughts and actions. I would say that I am not much a philosopher or ever been to samadhi like you ” experienced” i would say you are a hypocrite in every way ..you try to learn the ways of our culture yet you manage to sprinkle salt in somebody’s wound just like saying adding fuel to fire, your judgement is very poor and yet you get the time to argue back and still keep bad mothing about the innocent boy who doesnt even know there are people like you who are talking bad about his judgements …

  12. MeAgain Avatar

    By having a required approach, this signifiies a concept or steps to acheive a goal…or more simply put “a way.” Even if it is only as simple as to approach accepting the concept of nothingness with nothing. Energy is the source of everything. We all are and will be forever energy. It is not created or distroyed. It is what binds and repels. The question is why does everyone put “something” in this blog, when ‘nothing’ brings peace. Would not understanding (that is energy transfer via chemical reaction), bring peace?

  13. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    The approach = steps might be to understand clearly (for that one might have to purify one’s mind and body) the truth that nothingness cannot be realized by something (concepts, persuing). Purifying mind and body, may not guarantee the realization of the ultimate. You cannot reach the ultimate, but only if you are fully prepared for the ultimate, the ultimate comes to you like a ‘lightening bolt’ stikes a target.

    Meaning, all the ‘ways’ or approaches might be necesssary to prepare oneself for the ultimate/ nothingness contact you.

    Why we put something on this blog, when ‘nothing’ bring peace?

    The answer can be: We put something on this blog, to share among ourselves the shortest and best ‘approach’ / ‘way’ to prepare ourselves in ‘mind’ and ‘body’ so the mind/body is ready for the ‘nothing’ to contact it, thus one can be ‘one’ with ‘nothing’= ‘ultimate’.

    But energy can be created, by destryoing matter (E=MCsquare), and many times energy is the vibration of matter, such as heat energy, energy can change its form, but, accoding to the Bing Bang theory of creation of universe, in the beginning there was ‘nothing’. And from nothing energy and matter were created.

    So ‘nothing’ is the source of everything, including ‘energy’. Nothing can exist if there were not empty space for that thing to exist.

    I hope I was able to share ‘something’.


  14. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    please read above on the second last sentence: ‘Not a thing’ can exist if there were not ’empty space=nothing’ for that thing to exist.

  15. Madan Avatar

    To The mark delit,
    I wonder you are a self proclamied obstinate Guru or whatever.Guru doesn’t mean that you have to wear clean clothes and shaved beard .yes I understand he has difficulties in communicating which proves his genuinity.His language is “Tamang” which is not even nepali.and for your kind information Tamang language is entirley diffrent from nepali. I must appreciate his effort…how difficult it is to speak nepali when your mother tongue is Tamang…. I know you people are more accustome to those eloquent gurus who practised in their entire life How to lie and attract those followers…with millions of bank balance and very pampered lifestyle.on the contrary….Ram bahadur(name of a a Hindu GOd)…tried his best to get away with s called follower and keep low profile similar to the situation that “The SHAKYA muni BUddha has One faced …but the greedy followers never left him….hence being Tamang myself and speaking 7 diffrent languages . including ENGLISH…I greatly appreciate his effort to make word a better place to live.he never told that follow me …or used some mystical word to describe the life…He just say peace and sadhana can bring the joy in one’s life.and I think the GITA says the same things so does the “Tripitika”….Long words and difficult senteces is just a way to circumvent urself…I wish “MARK DELIT” who knows lot about life and sadhnas know a simple fact ..that If you spit facing up in the sky …it will come down to you….
    ………Budhham saranam gachyami””””””

  16. Kaka Shushi Avatar
    Kaka Shushi

    Boy wants to meditate? Let that kid meditate..
    I could not care less….


  17. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    I’m not Marc Delit, how about that?

  18. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    I’m not Major Sharp too..

  19. OneIam Avatar

    Dear people,
    I urge all not to continue this back and forth with the man Marc. I know him and his family and believe me, he is a diagnosed schizophrenic-paranoid, neurotic-and- some mental case. He is a mentally ill person who for many years has refused to take medication and NOTHING you say will ever hit the right notes with his mentally ill mind. Be kind to yourselves and move on.
    Be blessed

  20. delit Avatar

    To Madan only:
    1) The boy has no cash and no cash flow (or cash he earns himself outside of donations others might steal).

    2) He is in a vulneral position being taken advatage of.

    3) I have to point out the obvious against every rhetoric otherwise.

    4) Something is wrong with this for that fact and that something is ur partisipation amoung the millions of focus-obsessed others who do the
    [“…ppl who spit up in the air….” etc etc. I can just hear u quote that again.]

    Does he express his upset himself? Ever see him with a machetti? He likes the dirt he lives in around all u gawking at him sencelessly, yes? Say he does. U think that crxp. Yeh, he likes u for being u just cuz ur such a dxm genuine guy and just so worth it.
    You know ur not worth liking or u’d never reply an argument agaisnt this thread.

    ppl who reply want to find an adversary and group up against them. that was the guist of this one sided thread. U joined in. There u go. The only requirement to show ur a perp is somehow joining in. Where, ‘if not with, then against.’

    Dont be the fool I expect (because u are) and distort
    (beacuse u will) this phrase:

    ‘if not with, then against.’

    I understand that mr rombom’s grammar might be misunderstood by ppl he speaks to. It is a given he’d not be fluent in any more than 1 language and proficiant in only a few if 7 is where he’s at.

    Mistakes are natural while juggling a complicated
    patern. Againt, having to state the obvious…….

    By this I have to presume U mention his good intelligent status. Fine. U must suggest by this that u presume his grammar has intelligent and has premeditated purpose. Intelligent ppl do not blurt yet migth mistake words in other languages when mentally translating before speaking……obvioiusly.

    U suggest he’s not just blurting out words without thinking. I read through ur message and I’d gathered is ur intent is to excuse off mentioning that he somehow expresses he -likes- being f-d with……..

    ‘he is so gracious and evolved he doesnt mind ur intent to cooperate together to violate him…..’.

    U indicate his aquaintance with 7 languages as notable. I would connect that with accumen. He must, if true, be on the ball, right?

    Fine. He can communicate. This is the bottom line gathered from ur message. i would suggest he’s TRYING TO BE TACTFUL SO HE AVOIDS A RIOT THAT’S MOVE U RATS TO HURT HIM.

    Again with the obvious, u know but hide……

    The sum of my message is:

    Dont annoy the boy, yet if u get involved with the kid the least u can do is cooperate to bail him from that crxp.

    I’m nearly in the same boat. I dont live in the dirt but…… Ok, yea i live in the dirt so I freakin know but not by choice……. I never went, “Oh, i’ll take a vow of poverty and wander round thu coiuntryside yanking everyone’s chains bout flipping charitableness and cooperation.”

    i did however go, “i’m stuck on this junk rock with rats like u all, i aint dying for ya so i’ll get off this waste u like a nuther way……..”

    Mahayana vs hinayana.

    U can consider me, hinayana, u asshxle.

    Hinayana says [point blank], ‘I’m savin myself from u. The hell with u. No one needs ya and I aint giv’n u no help. Fend for urself. U aint worth it.’

    Ppl that grab on despite being ejected, just want a piece of flesh…….

    Everyone ignored, ejected or rejected by me in the past still wants a piece of me just like they wanted
    when I ignored, ejected or rejected ’em. Ppl like OneIam and Major Sharp are always tryin. Thats why they poke in thinking they’re stok’n a fire
    under a spit that aint really there.

    Dont annoy the boy.
    Thats the bottom line.


    Dont find excuses to annoy the boy while the lot of u do just that. Where just the same, dont annoy the boy.

    Ur message was an assertion to reenforce ur intent to continue annoying the boy. That is ur bottom line.

    Most replies are jabs by others for that purpose.

    “Dont spit up in the air….” etc etc………
    U used that to indicate my grammar’s emotional tone i gather, and to describe how that might suggest a reaction from other ppl.

    It must because the contents of ur text if put together suggest this.

    I’ll answer that directly. I did foreknow public reaction. I foreknew ppl are mechanical and do react according to triggers with just the same
    inevitability as gravity to a moving object with similar physical reliability. I dont mind the negative
    replies. PPl dont have the ability to withhold themselves from senile tendancies, hense most feedback from whoever, whereever is negative.
    The internet is a big place and ppl can post with anonimity, meaning they post and reply with
    whatever they feel most without risking reprocutions annonimously. Mind u, nearly every
    adversarial replier posted annonimously. None of them would use thier name posting any of the things they did much less them posting mine if they’d been
    the ones typing.

    Therefore they hide while they type. This means they, including u, dont risk anything for thier talk and are not ppl who remain unfettered by other’s. They hide behind usernames to avoid the focus of scrutiny or to avoid being singled out to be held accountable and/or to prove they walk their talk.

    They dont put there money were their mouth they, including u, are devoid of practicle experiance who continutally use speculation to promote a common tendancy.

    They, like, u are just bullsvting in internet userspace. In reality, none of u care less.

    The phrase u’ve used denotes to me the inevitable physics of gravity. I do not add in emotional content. The cold reality regards physics, math, social science etc etc complied to form……….

    ‘how fun it is to inflict insult to injury.’

    So, I knew ppl react with habitual mechanical inevitability with a adversarial overtone.

    The statement u used suggests u did not completely assimilate all of the entire list of messages in their entirety or u would not have had to use that phrase.

    U would have read the posts that mention this series of posts were deliberately placed in this way as a public brainstorm and as a single sided statement within forum made public that wasnt intented to entertain pleasant remarks where they werent deserved.

    I was brainstorming while at the same time showing public mirror in the form of text messages.

    Ur attacking a psychological text mirror showing u, u. U read a name but all the thoughts are formed and rise or develop along with whatever phantasy
    or imargry about the typist, is completely fictitious through u.

    When ppl gather something from the text they add the sharpest emotional tone they habitually harbor themselves then they change word definitions to fit that feeling. They and u do mention i’m negative this and negative, that but its originating from u the repliers.

    I’m not negative. U demand I am because u cant handle what I typed unless u make me an
    adversary. So u create a world where I have to
    be urs. U just cant handle what I communicate because 1) U really are too stupid. It really is the truth. Factually yes, u are too stupid. Litarally yes,
    too stupid. You gather random junk from the complete list of material and toss everything in favor
    of a fight impulse. That supports the bottom line.

    Early on I mention I expect habitual arugementativeness for its own sake.

    I type for me, not for u. U never expected any replied worth receiving or regarding notable and just the same I havent recieved any.
    This includes urs.

  21. delit Avatar

    and 2) there is no 2.

  22. dfgdgdf Avatar


  23. Moon Avatar

    Everything is getting clearer now as this boy starts to speak more often. And the more he speaks, the more he is going to show his own “wisdom” which in essence is contradicting the Buddhadharma, thus his true identity has also been revealed that he is indeed NOT a bodhisattva or a Dharma teacher like he CLAIM himself to be.

  24. Moon Avatar

    Everything is getting clearer now as this boy starts to speak more often. And the more he speaks, the more he is going to show how his own “wisdom, knowledge, and purpose” are in essence contradicting the Buddhadharma, thus his true identity has also been revealed that he is indeed NOT a bodhisattva or a Dharma teacher like he CLAIM himself to be.

  25. Moon Avatar

    This boy, in some ways, is trying to imitate the Buddha, he wants people to connect him to the Buddha. But when his “teaching” and actions are deeply analyzed, it is very clear that this boy has nothing to do with the Buddha and his Teaching, infact this boy’s knowledge, “wisdom”, as well as purposes in essence are all contradictory to Buddhadharma. Ram Bomjan has no clue how a fake diamond can never turn into a real one, no matter how often he tries to polish that fake diamond.

  26. Lhamo Avatar

    Please do not fall for his charms, for even a Mara can quote the entire Buddha’s words. Ram Bomjan was simply trying to make a “buddhist” impression to the public, to make people think that he is indeed a buddhist (even a Bodhisattva!) when he is truly NOT. He is NOT a buddhist since he understands NOTHING of the way of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. He has no compassion since he has been leading people to the age of darkness (which is mistakenly believed as “light” by those people who has fallen for him). His purpose and methods are already contradicting the Buddhadharma. Be aware that he is quoting some parts of the Buddhas’ words only to attract more followers so they will be lead away from the true Dharma. But he’s not alone, there are many who are like him, too.

  27. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Are you stupid? Reread the thread again. NUTHING inal that tect claims I’m looking for followers. Nuthing in all this text SUGGESTS I assiciate with anyone else.
    Therefore, YOU in fact attract followers and presuppose that effort onto what your looking at tainting that with an arbirtary disconnscted.
    You in fact cant read and I certainly doubt you’ve been to college. Most buddhists are buddhists because they cant traverse logical thinking drifting to luck and sourcery that they believe might influance circumstances they wish in thier favor.

    EVERYONE I say who participates in buddhism badgers dead people represented by statuary or burried in stupa in the vacinity OR they have with them an alter for that purpose trying to mentally connect with same.

    They whole situation is lunacy, and lhamo, you are a god dam part of it.
    What you’ve typed is a political” dont go with that bad guy there, I’m better
    over here” garbage. So what.

    What you typed was s9o far off base you amount to another intellectual insult.

    You people really do pop out of all the wood work. So far nothing’s
    different. I’m right on the money.

  28. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    Typos in last post.

    Server was lagging echo back text as I typed fouling up my text. Maybe I have malware. Read through it and ingore the errors.This forum wont let me edit.

    In any event, the hell with you. So what you dont like what your reading.
    I’m not here for your entertainment.

  29. Lhamo Avatar

    Thank you, Delit. Now I truly understand what kind of followers that boy really has, at least 3 of them:
    1. Someone who has no interest whatsoever with the Buddhadharma; 2. Someone who is looking forward for the destruction of Buddhadharma; 3. Someone who is selfish and greedy.

    He DOES call for followers, Delit, as he is looking forward of spreading his teaching internationally! Didn’t you know this? And he shall get what he wants. No other person can prevent someone of becoming his followers, the only one who can do that is yourself, and your conscience.

  30. Lhamo Avatar

    Be well, Delit. May you be alright.

    That boy already got himself some followers whether I speak or not.

    You’re right. I am stupid… for saying too many things.

  31. marc delit Avatar
    marc delit

    fate better procet his xss from the hell on earth he’s requesting for himself, cuz it’l only get worse. kaliyuga aint no game and aint no practice one can just chant away. girly, the kaliyuga is warfare for adults, not a day dream /phantasy for children or something that happens somewhere else or at another time. kaliyuga begun +3000 years ago and were knee deep in it.

    There’ll be a time when all the fully developed people will wage war against the world population as a small group against billions…… When that happens you’ll be on the receiving end thinking your on the winning team. girly, your helping the motley crue, jetsun. dont you remember me? 1994 before the political shift between federal parties i visited fredericksburg.

    I saw the treasure trove that was stored at your property by the tibetan gov.
    I considered that claims might be true. I presumed appropriate comensurate tulku or awareness through a spontanious realisation, erroniuosly. In any event, I noticed something terribly bad with the stream the future taking during that weak peroid understanding that your vacinity in virginia had some part to play. something about what was happing or something about what was there had effected the way history was to develope. Having returned home, I placed a call back to your main number with the intention to alert you of my impressions and opinions. I received tha avoidance game and considering all the elements, I’d realised you are a random woman the tibetans chose to transport thier treasure away from china’s reach and had no special place within tibet’s history at all. therefore,
    I fended for myself utilizing the experience as a tool quitely. Years later I removed myself from my quiet or personnal deliberation dumping the baby with the bath water realizing its was dog eat dog, eat or be eaten.

    Confused? read all of the above. then read it again.

    As for the boy, they’ll be ripping his limbs off for good luck charms harassing his body trying to invoke him for wealth or some other trash. If i’d never typed it you would have never considered the cold reality of religon and about the people who participate within them. I’m claiming your a partisipant within samsara helping the others maintain it along.

    Consider yourself within a Bardo and hold that idea in your mind no matter what’s going on around you. No matter what you think, learn, do or accomplish you’ll live your life sleeping in a walking nightmare (litterally no figuratively).

    I’m being litteral (the litteral typed word, i’m not color coating terms or painting a picture). If you dong understand what a bardo is and dont know the differeance from a dream and from an awakened state of awareness……

  32. Marc Delit Avatar
    Marc Delit

    If you cant read through quickly typed unedited text and misspelled words the hell with you. I dont care much of the reader to go back through my text to re edit. whatever opinion is gathered from reading through errors is on you, borne in you, from you, proclaimed by you. Its your valueless opinion. I dont edit my text, readers arent worth it.

  33. free? Avatar

    never seen a dog eat another dog

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