If Confirmed, These Folks Will Be Nepal's Ambassadors

Envoy nominations sent to the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee

By Bishnu Budhathoki

KATHMANDU- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has sent a list of 14 names to the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee nominating them as the country’s ambassadors in different countries. Talking to the Kathmandu Post on Tuesday (June 26), Minister for Foreign Affairs Sahana Pradhan said, “The ministry (of foreign affairs) on Monday sent the same name list, which was proposed by the then Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister K P Sharma Oli in the cabinet meeting in December 18, 2006, to the parliamentary hearing special committee to carry out hearings before their appointment to the respective countries.”

[Update: No, they are not confirmed this time. The House body seeks fresh envoy list (June 28)]

However, the foreign ministry has recommended former foreign secretary Murari Raj Sharma as Nepalese envoy to the United Kingdom instead of Bhagirath Basnet (former acting Foreign Secretary), whose name was proposed by the then government. No one has been nominated for the Nepalese Embassy in Paris. Following the then government decision to recommend 14 individuals as Nepalese ambassadors including Nepali Congress leader Shailaja Acharya as Nepalese ambassador to India on December 18, Maoist activists had carried out nationwide strike protesting the government’s ‘unilateral decision’.

Meanwhile, Acharya said she has taken the government decision positively and will face the hearing at the parliamentary committee. She also claimed that she did not care about public criticism against her because she had fought for democracy in the past. Of the names, three are career diplomats with the ministry, a parliament secretariat official and four are university teachers but aligned with NC and CPN-UML and the rest are politicians. Pradhan also sought cooperation from the parliamentary committee, asking for immediate clearance of the proposed names so that it would be easy for the ministry to send their names to the concerned countries for their agreemos.

She also said that it may take more than five weeks to complete the process and appoint ambassadors. Meanwhile, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), a major constituent in the interim government, criticized the decision saying it was against past pacts and understanding reached among the eight-party alliance. Dinanath Sharma, Maoist chief whip in the parliament and member of the committee said, “We strongly oppose it because it is the old decision that we had rejected in December.” He also criticized NC and CPN-UML members in the interim government for not taking up the issue in the cabinet meeting for discussion. “We have no objection to the persons but to the practice adopted by NC and UML members in the government,” Sharma said further adding, “The parliamentary committee should not go for hearing without reaching understanding among the eight-party leaders.”

Immediately after the restoration of democracy in the country in April 2006, the then government in May 7, 2006, had recalled royal appointees from India, UK, USA, Japan, Russia, France, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan.


1. India — Shailaja Acharya (NC leader)
2. USA — Dr Suresh Chalise (PM’s foreign affairs advisor)
3. UK — Murari Raj Sharma (former Foreign Secretary)
4. Bangladesh — Pradip Khatiwada (MOFA Joint-Secretary)
5. UN Mission in Geneva — Dinesh Bhattarai (MOFA Joint-Secy)
6. Myanmar — Guna Laxmi Sharma (BK) (Health Ministry official close to CPN-UML)
7. Thailand — Navin Prakash Jung Shah (Former VC of TU and NC supporter)
8. Saudi Arabia — Hamid Ansari (Associated with TU and CPN-UML)
9. Belgium — Pramesh Hamal (CPN-UML leader)
10. Japan — Dr Ganesh Yonjan (Conservationist)
11. Pakistan — Bal Bahadur Kunwar (former MP, NC-D leader)
12. Qatar — Dr Surya Kant Mishra (University Teacher)
13. China –Tanka Karki (CPN-UML leader)
14. Russia — Surya Kiran Gurung (General Secretary, Parliament Secretariat)

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60 responses to “If Confirmed, These Folks Will Be Nepal's Ambassadors”

  1. wise Avatar

    oah no…..it is not fair again…

    From 1…6 brahmins

    where is Tamang, where is Rai and Limbu and deprived caste ?

  2. hari Avatar

    What a shame! Not even a single good name. Not a single foreign policy expert, not a single economy expert, not a single person with patriotism and honesty. Look at the names, each one is affiliated with one party or another. Who is Murari ? That same traitor who went inside the UN while simultaneously being our PR in New York? Anybody heard the person who is going to be head of the mission in Myanmar? In Brussels? In Japan? My God!!! Nepal has never shaken its head in shame in this manner. Look at the new envoy to Dhaka. He is the only person in history of Foreign Ministry who has not completed a single assignment given to him either in Germany or in Delhi or elsewhere. Its good that the Maoists are saying they will not allow these nominations to go forward.

  3. asheem Avatar

    well it is good that vacant post are being filled, but as usual there are 2 problems: SPA and M

    have the SPA chosen well enough candidates or have they just chosen some of their hardcore believer. more than half the candidates are affiliated to one of the political parties, thus are they really qualified or have they been posted there as a “golden handshake” for following their party all this time.

    i just read a news where the Maoist said that they will not allow the house to proceed as they were not consulted. so i don’t see much of a chance for the nominees to be approved, as in the past they stalled the parliament for quiet sometime.

    lets see what happens, but our embassies all over have been more or less vacant for a long time, very long time, making diplomatic formalities hard to maintain.

  4. Patriot Avatar

    I am amazed to see ‘few’ non-brahmin in the list. Wow!

  5. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    Murari is a Lubdha Brahmin who is running after green dollars like a phantom. Now he wants to go to London and his wife will open a Souvenir Shop at the Embassy’s Gate in the name of ecnomic diplomacy. She will also sell the antiques of the embassy and from Nepal. Govt has decided to sell even the Embassy building and he will give the comission to his political masters who appointed him as Ambassador. The embassy is there in that building for the last 70 years. Maoists leaders should understand why he is posted there and oppose his nomination in the Hearing Committee.

    He is like a Bhagauda and his wife has already a Green Card of the US. These people are anti nationals who are always taking the “cream” out of tax paid the poor Nepalese.

    It was heard that he presented one report about the reform of the Foreign Ministry but it is like Rayamajhi Report which did not see light of the day. It was KP Oli who had the blessings because Murari is a Bigreko Communist.

    I will write about other candiddates in due course if you are really interested..

  6. scope Avatar

    I don’t know much about anyone else, but Murari is not fit to be our man anywhere in the world because he is purely for himself and nobody else.

  7. sagarmatha Avatar

    Murari is there to sale the embassy and give commission to his masters. He is one of the crook diplmot of Nepal.

  8. samarat Avatar

    Pradip Khatiwada I think is a bigger crook in our ministry. He has really done damage to the image of the MoFA whatever little there was. Isn’t it hilarious? The royal government appointed 3 career diplomats to New York, Colombo and Cairo as Ambassadors and this Loktantra has appointed just 2 even that after a gap of one and half years. Even then, we are not fore sure whether they will be able to go before retiring !!! See there are 3-4 rotten apples inside the ministry. Pradip Khatiwada, Yadav Khanal, Mukti Nath Bhatta and Kali Prasad Pokherel.

  9. Maoist Avatar

    Maoists to launch protest over envoy list


    KATHMANDU, June 27 – The CPN (Maoist) on Wednesday strongly criticized what it described as a “unilateral” decision of other allies in the eight-party interim government over sending 14 nominations to a parliamentary committee, and threatened to launch protests.


  10. Reality Bites, NEPAL Avatar

    I don’t agree with the mixed version of Former Diplomat. Either he is also trying for ambassodor to some nation or not. His version seems to be same as published by the article in Jan-Asha weekly on likely one month ago .
    Definitely, for ambassodor to UK, Mr. Murari Raj Sharma is Ok and Perfect. He had experienced of Former Foreign Secretary .
    He has played a significant role to restore democracy from the United Nation in the time of King Rule.
    I think we have to choose someone ………..Not to be vaccant post for this diplomatic position.
    So, don’t waste time…and go ahead for these nominee one chance.

  11. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    What a waste of time this thread is.
    The average Nepali today has to live in fear and intimidation. There is no petrol in the country because the NOC cannot pay it’s dues to the IOC. Our Prime Minister had to beg the Indian ambassador to resume oil supplies. The Maoists and the YCL are running around amuck. Let’s sort of the basics first and stop wasting our time in this useless topic. Even if you have the best ambassador nomination what does that mattter when the country is going down the tubes?

  12. raj Avatar

    Fereign policy experts!

    Why don’t you suggest some pure ones instead of present ones? Your volunteership will be appreciated.

  13. scope Avatar

    Anyone–even a begger from Pashupati–will make a better ambassador than tapare baje Murari.

  14. Baje Avatar

    Murari Raja Sharma… hahaha. Whether in Nepal or abroad or in the UN system or where ever this man winds up, he should know that despite his masquerade of democratic credentials, people know and remember and are willing to speak up to expose his antics. No matter where is Bahunist of Bahunists winds up, he will be watched and exposed.

    Being related to Girija bahun shouldn’t qualify anyone for a position (or else what’s differernt from now and King’s rule?). Murari baje is all about that relationship and all about money. He is where he is purely on Girija’s backforce and every Nepali living abroad knows it.

    His nomination should be opposed based on fact and this opposition will come for sure.

  15. noname Avatar

    Beware of all the SPAM warlords and all their cadres and comradres!!!!!

  16. Patriot Avatar

    Baje – can you shed some light on this Murari guy/his exploits. Funny everyone mentions his name that this character has made me curious.

  17. True Nepali Avatar
    True Nepali

    Budhai Pandit,

    I would like you to do one experiment. Put your hands in your pants, and whatever pubic hair you’ve got, pull it as hard as you can and see if it hurts. If it does not hurt then you are correct in saying that ambassadors nomination does not matter. However, if it hurts, ask yourself – what is the relationship between your two threads and neurons in your brain, if you have one that is. Know what ambassadorship means before just blabbering. Your knowledge about Nepal’s political landscape is a paradox because of your dismissal of ambassadors’ nomination.

  18. Ram Sharma Avatar
    Ram Sharma

    We need a good ambasdor in USA. please, choose a perfect person and send it. i donot know abou that purpose person.

  19. hope Avatar

    I wonder why on earth ambassadors has to to affiliated with one party or the other. Are they going to represent their party or a nation? Why all these fuss of “Bhagbanda”?? Why don’t these 8 parties divide Nepal into 8 parts and be a king of their own kingdom and nominate whoever they wish ?? And should be plenty of seats for YCL as they are representing Nepal with awesome force!!

    The problem with Nepal is every time they nominate ambassadors they belong to a party and when their parties are no longer holds a power they are replaced , so it is the same as the Bharti Kendras we often talked about, like Sports Council,RNAC,and many Sansthans, can you spare some dignity at least in international arena for god sake!! Look at India they never change their representative even if they have change in the governing parties. That is a normal practive all over the world but how normal can a normal be in an abnormal country. And why you need ambassadors for a short period of time when they will certainly be changed after CA elections??( I guess they are assuming the notion that CA elections will never be held anyway)

    These bastards are ruining our nation, degrading our image and making mockery of the word” Democracy” .No supplies,no gasoline,no running water,no electricity, how messy can it be, how incompetent can it be?? If his is the democracy everybody is preaching about, then I would go for a dictatorship!!

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  21. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    Murari is a very crook diplomat.He enrolled his own brother in the Ministry by giving the questions to him in advance for the Lok Sewa Exams. He was the one who set the questions. After that, as Foreign Secretary, he himself examined the copies and when his brother was selected, he told everybody that his brother is so…. intelligent. Ha Ha ha … This is a total mockery of Nijamati system. Jaya Hosh Murari and Murari supporters.

  22. lakure Avatar

    It all shows that how corrupt our politicians and their activists..There is no chance to hold any post for neutral intellectuals in Nepal.

  23. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    I further explain how Murari was a Lubdha brahmin. When he was ambassador, he became one of the Lekhapaals of the UN and earned 15000 dollars per month from there also. And he is eyeing on the Sterling Pounds from the commission of the sell of the Embassy building. May be his wife will get the job at the Super market of London.

    Then how we protect our gurkha’s glory. My friend in Lok Sewa told me he not only leaked the questions to his brother but also he leaked other questions to other examinees in the Nijamati. Does he have any morality ? How such a person can represent Nepal in one of the important capitals of the world ? He can do any thing immoral.

  24. Patriot Avatar

    Former Diplomat – if any of your accusations are true, I feel sad. Scums like Murari should be shot in the head. Infact I wish we had an unprecendented underground radical group of patriots whose sole mission is to assassinate corrupt suckers like these one by one, be they Maoist, NC, royalists, anybody u know, shoot them one by one including the top ones. It sounds crazy and too good to be true I know, but not impossible.

  25. Reality Bites Avatar

    Former Diplomat, I have noticed that you have published the news about Murari Raj Sharma on the Jan-Astha on last month. I don’t know you have biased information or not…..question leak issue regarding loksewa system, I don’t know all about this…….but I don’t want to agree with your version or It may be like Trisul Baba Halla.
    I am a person who beleives in the totality not in a person, who what did when and what his family had done . Please find his personal capacity regarding his attitue for national building. I am not supporting him, but you have to show another person face in his post…………Have u some names……….. I will definitely support you. so , To blame anyone , please give another name too.

  26. Nepali Avatar

    You people make me laugh…:-D … This Murari guy seems to be a Daku and Tapari No.1…how can a person like him can be nominated.. ?

    Nepal is no wonder plunging deeper and deeper in shit….. NO hope NO more..

    Let’s dismiss these SPAM fuckers …they do nothing but table talk…. we want to see some work…… water in the tap for example….

    Sick and Tired of hearing and reading issues like this one….. Enough is Enough… these people in politics are uneducated and uncivilized…. buch of Power and Money hungry monkeys….

    I really feel like …..killing these motherfuckers ..tukra tukra parera nun chuk launa napugeko…….randi ko chora haru….

    Is there anyone here who likes to see face of Grija…shitaula Prachanda.. Madhav kumar and Deuba?…. whenever i see these faces in Newspaper… I have my worst day….. that’s like almost everyday after this 2nd Janaandolan….

    Let’s unite to kill these brainless motherfuckers….. Time to raise our weapon for 3rd and Final Andolan …where we shall not spare any of these corrupt politicians…….

    Let’s Kill these bastard for Lasting Peace in Nepal


  27. Yatri Avatar

    Reality Bites needs a reality check! Murari Sharma is a Girija lackey and disgrace as the plenipotentiary of our Nation. He used the Permanent Mission to the UN as Girija baje’s NY satellite office. He was also acting as Sujata’s personal assistant when she was here about 2 years back.

    Why don’t they appoint some distinguished professor, businessman or intellectual who’ll be able to represent Nepal at the Court of St. James? Perhaps somebody else from MoFA who deserves to get an ambassadorial berth. Why does Murari baje get to have another stint at being our envoy? Didn’t he opt to work for the UN for that fat paycheck?

    Reality Bites, I think, you make a better candidate than that Girija sycophant any day.

  28. diaspora Avatar

    choose one who had left the country who did not like bad manners.

  29. hotelkoketa Avatar

    Sathi ho .. it hardly matters who is appointed Ambassador and who is not. The real issue is does this country have political power to be represented by an ambassador? I dont think so. Nepal has already been colonised. It needs to be liberated first from. Are you prepared for that?

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    True Nepali:

    Unfortunately I cannot do that experiment because I haven’t hit puberty and therefore the pubic hair hasn’t yet made an appearance.

    However, I submit to you that I may not have been very clear in my earlier remark. I don’t mean to say ambassadors are by themselves irrelevant. However, the manner in which ambassadorial nominations are treated and looked upon in Nepal is highly improper. I have never heard of any country in the world where the opposition political parties calls for a boycott of the government or a ‘bhand’ because of ambassadorial nominations.

    An ambassador is really about public service. In Nepal it is a means to go abroad enjoy government facilities, plunder and abuse resources and make a mockery of diplomatic traditions. Whether it be the kleptomaniac in Washington, alcoholic ambassador in Paris who passed out on the street and cracked his skull, or the famous ambassador from Bangladesh who fought with Nepali students because he didn’t arrange for enough food to be cooked at a Dasai party, the point is that our ambassadors are all just an irrelevant part of the puzzle. Hardly any of them are really doing what they are paid for – which is to attract foreign investment, promote Nepal’s tourism industry and bolster our image abroad amongst other things. However, even if they do attract tourists look at what these tourists have to face – bhands, bad security, delays etc. Or how can an ambassador attract foreign investment given Nepal’s volatile political security situation? How do you improve Nepal’s image when you have YCL activists throwing stones at diplomat’s cars and running around like vigilantes arresting people at their whim?
    For these reasons I said Nepal’s ambassadorial nominations are somewhat irrelevant. I didn’t mean it in the absolute.

    PS. There are a fair number of worthless ambassador’s however there are also a number of good honest diplomats. I don’t mean to attack the entire diplomatic core.

  31. scope Avatar

    “Nepal has already been colonised.”
    Mr. Rip van Wrinkle, when did you get up? Nepal has always been a colony of British/India ruled through their Rana-Shah dogs.

  32. True Nepali Avatar
    True Nepali

    Bhudai Pundit,

    I take my words back.

  33. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    Before I retired, Murari not only gave lot of troubles to existing diplomats in the Ministry but also gave hard times to very good diplomats because he came into the Ministry by hook or crook by licking the ass of Mahesh and Girija. Even Maheshwor P Singh,then Minister of General Administration was against bringing Murari and other two CHATUKARS to the Ministry without exams by Lok Sewa. Another culprit in this whole episode was Silwal.He was ready for doing anything for SG of SAARC. This event had a long negative chain effect in the Ministry till now. It can be compared with the episode of Lok Man Karki’s entry into the govt service without exam. Again here also Mahesh was the big culprit.

  34. sl Avatar

    First and foremost 70% of the ambassadors should be chosen from the government service. Here we have a problem already, because although I am for career diplomats being chosen we have seen friends here outlining the way people are selected for posts with nepotism etc. Therefore, at this point in time the problem lies with the selection of foreing service officers. First the examination process has to be transparent and in line with international standards. The govt. exams are geared to recruit officers with old fashioned “brahmin” mindset. The questions in Nepali are too sanskritised and 90% of our people do not understand or even speak that language. Therefore for now, I think they should just go ahead and select whoever they have to up to the elections only. After which our entire process has to be reformed completely. Now the other 30% can come from the distinguished public like intellects, business people, and social leaders.

  35. Reality Bites, NEPAL Avatar

    Former Diplomat 🙂 I appreciate your depth knowledge and positive thinking about selection of Ambassordor. But, we need proof on such a serious matters.
    The future of Nepal depends on such a person so that first we have to rethink about it to choose person.
    Otherwise, we again protest another selected person too.

  36. Laal Salaam Avatar
    Laal Salaam

    Murari, Bal Bahadur and Navin Prakash are from the same category. Navin Prakash is a drunkard who destroyed Trivuban University. Now he will vomit in the Bangkok Embassy. The people in the Embassy should welcome him with a shovel to clean his vomit after excessive drinks . They should be ready with the car to go to ….Pong Platt area.All these are worthless people who will suck the blood of poor Nepalese. They can not do anything positive but all negative in the name of the country. They will disgrace the name of the country and degrade the level of our representation.

  37. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    I am still surprised how Murari’s name was proposed and decided. And when ? Without the knowledge of Maoists memebers of the cabinet ? Because earlier, Cabinet had already decided the name of Bhagirath Basnet for UK. Who can decide without the knowledge of the cabinet. I think Bhagirath was replaced by Murari before Maoists joined the cabinet. Maoists must inform the people.

  38. Nirmal Dahal Avatar
    Nirmal Dahal

    Dear Friends,

    I agree with those who have said that all ambassadorial appointees are not the best among the available in Nepal. And the list could have been made more representative of the Nepalis from different segments of society. Having said that, I know most of the nominees, and many of them are really the best, though they are not gods as some of you would have expected.

    I pity those commentators who seem to make definitive statements without knowing what they are talking about. It shows their despicable lack of simple information, wretched corruption in their mind and thinking, rabid biasness in their attitude, and even outright stupidity in their presentation.

    I can see that most of the commentators are mandales, and one of them seems to be an underacheiving former diplomat, if at all.

    Let me shed some light on the nominees. Start with Shailaja. She made a mistake by siding with the king during the Jana-andolan II, but look at her lifelong sacrifice for democracy and freedom and her corruption-free lifestyle and public service.

    Suresh Chalise does not have any practical experience in diplomacy but he has a PhD in international relations and he has been the Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy Adviser for quite some time to gain enough experience in dealing with foreigners and interstate relations.

    Lok Raj Baral, Bishnu Pratap Shah (now dead) and many others in Nepal and most ambassadors at the United Nations believe Murari Sharma has been one of the most successful ambassadors of Nepal. He put in place several measures in the Foreign Ministry that are still being followed. He won all the elections for Nepal when he was Nepal’s ambassador to the United Nations. This is something no other ambassador of Nepal has ever been able to do. The Foreign Policy Review Report he presented to the government on behalf of the High-level Task Force last year has been approved by the government and is being implemented right now. Look at the new embassies that are being opened and other measures that are being undertaken by the government as per the Task Force’s report. I am intrigued by inconsistencies in some comments. If Murari was getting 15000 dollars a month, then he as not certainly a lekhapal, and if he was a lekhapal, then he was not getting 15000 dollars a month. And he would be the last person to take a bribe or be corrupt and seek a Green Card for his wife. And his role as pro-democracy activist is known to those who care for democracy and freedom.

    Bal Bahadur Kunwar has been an MP and a successful ambassador in Sri Lanka. He was a foreign service officer and has made many sacrifices for Nepal’s democracy.

    Navin Prakash has had a history of drinking, but he has been a capable VC of Tribhuvan University. Individuals should not be judged by their past mistakes alone. Human beings are capable of changing and improving themselves, and Shah is one such example.

    Pramesh Hamal is a noted intellectual and has served as the Deputy Representative of Nepal to the United Nations. Tanka Karki has been a distinguished freedom fighter. They are capable people.

    Although I do not know them personally, I have heard from reliable sources that Ganesh Yonjan, Surya Kant Mishra, Hamid Ansari, and Guna Laxmi are also capable people.

    Surya Kiran Gurung is an accomplished Secretary-General of Parliament and could very well be a successful ambassador.

    From the Forieng Ministry, Dinesh Bhattarai is a very experienced diplomat,
    and Pradip Khatiwada has ad a long stint with the Ministry and missions abroad.

    Friends, making comments about someone and something you do not know about does not undermine your targeted victims. It show your intellectual bankruptcy. Do justice to yourself, if not to others.

  39. Reality Bites Avatar

    Former Diplomat 🙂
    I am happy that you have given another name for ambassodor for UK. Thanks you a lot. At least you have chosen someone else rather than Mr. Murari Raj Sharma.
    So, why not …You include his experiences and capacity in international relationship in the context of Nepalese society…..and certainly……My comment towards him is not so much bad……..But why are you proposing him. There is no any evidence and clarification about his name from your side. He is also from Brahmin family like the another proposed name.
    Please provide all readers about unbiased information .
    Hope you will write up soon. 🙂

  40. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    Reality Bites,
    I am not supporting Bhagirath as ambssador to UK eventhough he is the member of Nepal’s diplomatic service. My curiosity was how and when Murari replaced him in such a difficult interim period. Why Murari is so powerful eventhough he is not physically present in Nepal ? What are his connections in the new set up ? What is his contribution except his chicanery ? Where he will go after completing his assignment in London ? Will he not return to New York ?

    I thank you for going through the list of other ambssadors. I appreciate your positive attitude towards everybody.Being an insider in the Ministry and having a long experience in the field of diplomacy, I hope that I can judge what is right and what is wrong in the execution of the nation’s foreign policy. I have 32 years of service and I was denied promotion and ambassadorship only because of Murari, Madan and Suman.They were brought in the Ministry by THADO PRASTAB by ‘visionary’ Girija at the suggestion of Mahesh. Murari was licking the ass of Girija and Mahesh, Madan said that he is the Bhanja of Jagannath Acharya , Suman is an Indian national who was expelled for spying aginst Pakistan in Islamabad.These folks came into the Foreign Ministry by “irregular” process.They ruined our professional life. There are others like Madhuraman, Arjun and Durga who appeared so called Lok Sewa exam. I believe only in the entry level exam, but not in other types of exams like the one in which a Section Officer can make a ‘great leap forward’ and become Joint Secretary all of a sudden through such exams.Nowhere in other countries except a very few, such exams are held.People are judged mainly on the basis of their performances after their entry into service.

    Now my question is why I was denied promotion and Ambassadorship despite my long experience in the service ? Who are these people ? Are these not opportunists who are ready to perform any service for their masters ? Are these not chatukars ? What is the difference between me and these people in terms of the equal rights of a Nepalese citizen as per our Constitution while I was a regular in the service ?

    I don’t know the people like Tanka, Ganesh, Surya Kanta or Guna Laxmi. But these Murari and Bal Bahadur are becoming Ambassadors within a span of nearly two years only after leaving their earlier posts. Who are they to become Ambassadors twice in a population of 26 Million ? About the elections in the UN, Nepal lost the election to the Security Council memebership because of Murari’s election to ACABQ (due to reciprocal arrangements he had made for his personal gain).

    What are the sacrifices of Navin Prakash for the development of higher education in our country ? Has he done a single Ph D to become a VC ? Has he taught in the class ? What was his subject of teaching ? When we talk about the Foreign Minstry, Dinesh is a very capable diplomat who should have been appointed ambassador to the US because he had experience in working there and had many high level contacts with Bush Administration. About Suresh Chalise, he has done Ph D in Sociology, not in International relations.What advice he has given to PM yet for the effective implementation of the foreign policy matters in such a diffcult situation ? Given his ‘almost no experience’ in the foreign affairs, this man will be a total failure in Washington. Only we need to wait for another six months.

    Girija is such a ‘visionary leader’ if he puts his hand in any organization, that organization is doomed to be totally destroyed in a couple of years. Examples, (R)NAC, Foreign Ministry, TU etc. This country has still to suffer from the curse of having Girija as our leader in such a crucial period of our history.

    Lastly, have I raped somebody ? Have I murdered someone ? Why these SOBs are repeatedly becoming Ambassadors and why not me ? Do you have answers to these questions ? Are these the only Nepalese we have who are capable of being the Ambassadors ? Shouldn’t we give the chances to new and capable guys in New Nepal ? Out of 14, why there are only two from the career ? What is the difference between Panchayat and so called Loktantra of Girirja ? Where is the principle of 50/50 ? FUCK UP GUYS.

  41. asheem Avatar

    just in brief, diplomacy and democracy are totally different things my friend. a good diplomat is not in all the cases a democrat and a democrat is not always a good diplomat. just because they were freedom fighter doesn’t earn them the red passport. we need career diplomats or someone with knowledge of diplomacy. heading a diplomatic mission is not as easy as it sounds, so experimentation is not an option. people to change, but that doesn’t mean people will always change. so sending them as our ambassador hoping them to change isn’t a good move at all.
    besides that, people aligned with a party will put the party first then the country. but we should have someone doing just the opposite as heads of diplomatic missions.
    nothing personal though, your comment was good and informative.

  42. Reality Bites Avatar

    Former Diplomat 🙂 I think you are sharing your feeling to us. Hoping that you are not in the screen scene. Why you are hiding in these case ? Why not !!! We will support you…..
    Please give your full details and efforts towards nepalese diplomacy. I think if really Loktantra has exist, your voice will be louder soon.
    Thanks !! Once again 🙂

  43. Laal Salaam Avatar
    Laal Salaam

    I am really sympathetic towards Former Diplomat. There are many people like him in Nepal who were not recognized of their service to Nation. Only Chatukars are taking benefits and honest people are sidelined.This was possible because oue leaders have “no worth of being leaders of the country”. They do not have long-term vision for the country.They could not rise above the personal and party interests. Now in New Nepal, we are trying to get rid of all the corrupt people like Murari but we are also compelled to compromise with Budho Girija. I hope our people in Hearing Committee can grill Murari for what he has done. And oppose his nomination and appoint another seasoned dipmomat in London.

  44. sl Avatar

    Mr. Dahal has correctly given the other side of the argument to people criticsing anyone and everyone selected. However, with leaders like GPK and Prachanda what can you expect from the coterie of people they select? Mr. Dahal has missed out one crucial point in his defence of competence of the selectees – these chaps are in your books competent according to whose standards – the past standards, the standards of the govt. today, your standards or universal standards of competence? If you say the latter than I’m afraid ambassadors can hardly be competent when the govt. itself is not – would’nt you agree?

  45. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    Today, Prachanda asked for ambassadorships for Paris, London, Copenhagen and Seoul. Then what will happen to Murari ? Or Prachanda may also compromise ? This is Nepal and we are in a state of total confusion.

  46. shantikumar Avatar

    A pathetic bunch of corrupt people for ambassadorship!!!
    SPAM is out distributing the spoils to the thieves!!!

  47. Kirat Avatar

    name me one ambassador of Nepal, in it’s entire history, who has achieved anything significant to benefit our country. This dicussion is bollocks and just between different bahun/chettri factions about who gets to steal more.

  48. Nirmal Dahal Avatar
    Nirmal Dahal

    Being a student of international relations, I consistently track the implementation of Nepal’s foreign policy. I have many friends in the diplomatic service of Nepal and know the majority of Nepali diplomats, even though I have not worked as part of it.

    Dear Former Diplomat, I can understand your pain for not being Joint Secretary and Ambassador after 32 years of service. You claim that you were prevented by Murari, Madan and Shyamanand. But they did not transfer themselves to the Foreign Ministry, the government did. So why do you harbor ill-will towards these individuals, and not towards the government that brought them to the Ministry? Besides, unless we know who you are and can judge you on your merit, we would not know whether you are better than the present ambassadorial nominees or not. After you mentioned the loss of the Security Council election, I tried to find out the truth from the Foreign Ministry and learned that he had done a few reciprocals but none at the cost of the Security Council. Please check your information.

    Nepal has a strange culture. We cannot see someone else rise. That keeps us poor and underdeveloped. We need to change our attitude. If someone is really incompetent, we should weed them out. And SL raises an interesting point: by whose standards? Fortunately or unfortunately, it is the policy makers who decide who has done what in their view and whom they would want to reward. That is the crux of political appointments. Until you change the system, you cannot change what happens. Therefore we need to pay more attention to changing the system rather than criticizing the individuals that have been nominate for ambassador. In my view, we are barking the wrong tree.

    On one point I must disagree with Former Diplomat. When the king took over in 2005, the royal government did look for any case of corruption to arrest Murari but did not find anything. He, like many others, is a chatukar but he is not corrupt. If he were, then the royal government would have arrested him and thrown behind bars. Ramesh Pande wanted to put him in jail and Bharat Keshar Simha wanted to shoot him for opposing the royal government.

    So my advice to you all who are educated and intelligent is this: Let us say things that bear public scrutiny. Let us blame the decision makers, not the appointees. That is my point. But we are all free to conduct ourselves and to say things as we want. At least try to maintain civility in discussions.

    Friends, this is my second and last posting on this issue.

  49. Reality Bites Avatar

    Nirmal Sharma 🙂 I am quite much agree with you than Former Diplomat:(

    Lets wait some days to be clarified the nominee…

  50. sl Avatar

    Nirmal Dahal,

    You are just confirming what I said. I’m afraid this has nothing to do with the individuals selected. The governments that select the ambassadors do it for their self interest and since the governments are incompetent it is natural that their representatives will aslo be incompetent EVEN if they have the personal capacity to be competent. I personally feel it is neither here nor there with these ambassadors. We are supposed to have elections in November and yet all the parties especially the maoists are going about selecting and opposing candidates like these chaps are going to remain as ambassadors for a long time – this perplexes me. Come election there will be a new set of ambassadors, and more importantly and hopefully a much more competent and representaive government.

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