If Confirmed, These Folks Will Be Nepal's Ambassadors

Envoy nominations sent to the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee

By Bishnu Budhathoki

KATHMANDU- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has sent a list of 14 names to the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee nominating them as the country’s ambassadors in different countries. Talking to the Kathmandu Post on Tuesday (June 26), Minister for Foreign Affairs Sahana Pradhan said, “The ministry (of foreign affairs) on Monday sent the same name list, which was proposed by the then Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister K P Sharma Oli in the cabinet meeting in December 18, 2006, to the parliamentary hearing special committee to carry out hearings before their appointment to the respective countries.”

[Update: No, they are not confirmed this time. The House body seeks fresh envoy list (June 28)]

However, the foreign ministry has recommended former foreign secretary Murari Raj Sharma as Nepalese envoy to the United Kingdom instead of Bhagirath Basnet (former acting Foreign Secretary), whose name was proposed by the then government. No one has been nominated for the Nepalese Embassy in Paris. Following the then government decision to recommend 14 individuals as Nepalese ambassadors including Nepali Congress leader Shailaja Acharya as Nepalese ambassador to India on December 18, Maoist activists had carried out nationwide strike protesting the government’s ‘unilateral decision’.

Meanwhile, Acharya said she has taken the government decision positively and will face the hearing at the parliamentary committee. She also claimed that she did not care about public criticism against her because she had fought for democracy in the past. Of the names, three are career diplomats with the ministry, a parliament secretariat official and four are university teachers but aligned with NC and CPN-UML and the rest are politicians. Pradhan also sought cooperation from the parliamentary committee, asking for immediate clearance of the proposed names so that it would be easy for the ministry to send their names to the concerned countries for their agreemos.

She also said that it may take more than five weeks to complete the process and appoint ambassadors. Meanwhile, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), a major constituent in the interim government, criticized the decision saying it was against past pacts and understanding reached among the eight-party alliance. Dinanath Sharma, Maoist chief whip in the parliament and member of the committee said, “We strongly oppose it because it is the old decision that we had rejected in December.” He also criticized NC and CPN-UML members in the interim government for not taking up the issue in the cabinet meeting for discussion. “We have no objection to the persons but to the practice adopted by NC and UML members in the government,” Sharma said further adding, “The parliamentary committee should not go for hearing without reaching understanding among the eight-party leaders.”

Immediately after the restoration of democracy in the country in April 2006, the then government in May 7, 2006, had recalled royal appointees from India, UK, USA, Japan, Russia, France, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan.


1. India — Shailaja Acharya (NC leader)
2. USA — Dr Suresh Chalise (PM’s foreign affairs advisor)
3. UK — Murari Raj Sharma (former Foreign Secretary)
4. Bangladesh — Pradip Khatiwada (MOFA Joint-Secretary)
5. UN Mission in Geneva — Dinesh Bhattarai (MOFA Joint-Secy)
6. Myanmar — Guna Laxmi Sharma (BK) (Health Ministry official close to CPN-UML)
7. Thailand — Navin Prakash Jung Shah (Former VC of TU and NC supporter)
8. Saudi Arabia — Hamid Ansari (Associated with TU and CPN-UML)
9. Belgium — Pramesh Hamal (CPN-UML leader)
10. Japan — Dr Ganesh Yonjan (Conservationist)
11. Pakistan — Bal Bahadur Kunwar (former MP, NC-D leader)
12. Qatar — Dr Surya Kant Mishra (University Teacher)
13. China –Tanka Karki (CPN-UML leader)
14. Russia — Surya Kiran Gurung (General Secretary, Parliament Secretariat)

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60 responses to “If Confirmed, These Folks Will Be Nepal's Ambassadors”

  1. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    Nirmal Sharmaji,
    There is a quotable quote in Nepali which was said by PN Shah who unified Nepal- Ghush linya ra ghush dinya dubai muluk ka shatru hun. In the case of Murari and other two chaps, they themselves went to several doors to give undue influence to the PM and others to get into Foreign Ministry. The First responsibility goes to PM who ordered to do that. But some responsibility also go to these three chatukars themselves who entered the FM without any proper process at that time. That is why we are in such a mess because of PM Girija’s visioned leadership. During 90 % of time from 1990s, he is (mis)leading the country. So Koiralas can be ranked with Shahs and Ranas in the line of those who have done great damage to the development of the country.

    Now again the process of appointing anbassadors have been installed because of corrupt Murari. If you can remove him and appoint a Maoist in London, then other appointments will also go through. Murari has become a national ‘Ghando’ for all.

  2. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    2nd para first sentence: stalled instead of installed.

  3. Nirmal Dahal Avatar
    Nirmal Dahal

    Dear Former Diplomat,

    You seem to have a lot of prejudice about certain people. Prejudice is not one of the strong suits of a former diplomat. Maybe, positive attitude will deliver what you want. I could not resist myself from writing this much, even though I had written my second and last comment.

  4. Reality Bites Avatar

    Former Diplomat 🙂
    Hope you have some mission in Nepali diplomacy. But still you have not to biased any person or any organization too. Thats also a diplomacy man !!!
    Yes, Certainly we have to think more and more to choose a person. I am agree with you but your style of presentation is quite abnormal. Although its ok.
    Thanks once again !!! 🙂

  5. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    Regarding to be positive, I am tired of being positive. You have to ask GPK. Mahesh and Ramsharan to be positive first. You are positive when you neighbour’s wife is raped, when another neighbour is killed but how you can be positive when fatahas like Murari and Bal Bahadur are getting Ambassadorships for nothing in your place, while there are a lot of deserving candidates in a population of 26 million. Even the FM people got only 2 among 18 ambassadors. This is worst than in the time of Panchayat. I suggest to divide the country in eight parts, let the eight party rule in each.

  6. Reality Bites Avatar

    Former Diplomat 🙂
    I think the political system of Nepal is fully corrupted. You are right in some marginal value. You are watching the scene from only your 32 years point of view, but still the country is trying to settle down 238 years King’s Rule. This is more critical time and your best wishes are always for the sake of our prosporous Nepal. At least you are giving so much time on the debate of Ambassodors selection. I think if all nepalese are out of their home and tell everyone ……..How Nepal be a developed state.
    🙂 Why not you are dis-agree for the nominee regarding POLITICAL BACKGROUND. In your view, is it OK for ambassodor with political appointments .
    Please feel free to share your diplomatic experiences……..that would be great for upcoming generation too………. 🙂
    Thanks once again !!!!!!

  7. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    In a democratic country, 80 to 90 percent of appointments in the ambassadorial posts go to career diplomats. In our country, it was just opposite in the Panchayat Regime and now also, it has become opposite in this time of dictatorship of 8 parties. It seems that Nepal is ruled by a bunch of hooligans or it is ruled by worthless people like Girija and Prachanda. Actually this is the real time that almost all ambassadors should be from the service. For example, political appointees should be given Delhi, Beijing and Washinton DC only. Thats all. All other capitals should be given to career diplomats who are professinally capable of handling the situation and who can better expalin about the transition phase of our political situation. They can garner support for the elections to CA.Ambassadors should have been nominated in 2063 Baisakh itself not now. It is already late because of political fighting.

  8. sagar Avatar

    US ambassador is significant position for Nepal.It is shameful that a person for this postion has been chosen without any background and knowledge in the foreign relation affairs and totally unfit person.Suresh raj chalishe does not have any prereqsite qulafication,experience and expertise in the foreign affair relation as it was propogated falsly but definetly he is very expert in ‘chakadi’ affair.He used to go for chakadi with Krishna Prashad Bhattarai to get personal benefits by doing his private works,correspndence and petty household works.After power has shifted with Girija he began to do same with Girija and Sujata.He is not professional person at all.Neither he has contributed anything for party and people.Just on the basis of Chakadi and personal favor by PM and his personal circle he has been chosen in such a reputed task which can have far raching implication to Nepal and its people.
    This time, the list of ambassodors chosen are just given as king used to give posts to ‘Bharadars’ at palace who do not need qualities and qualification just slavery to the master.Shame on this government who has been formed by the sacrifice of people but doing work worst than the previous system.

  9. Former Diplomat Avatar
    Former Diplomat

    As per my recent experience, these are the worst people to be ambassadors; Gunalaxmi, Navin Prakash,Hamid Ansari,Bal Bahadur(twice), Murari(twice),Pramesh,Shailaja in India and Suresh chalise. Out of 14, these are eight names who are worst to reprent our country. Still I don’t know Ganesh Yonjan, Mishra and Tanka. I don’t think they are capable persons to repsent the country in respective countries.For example, do you believe that Tanka can be good Ambassador in China ? All bunch of political thugs around.

  10. Reality Bites Avatar

    Former Diplomat 🙂
    I think this debate of choosing Ambassodors would be gone longer. Either there is no selection of AMB. before Election or the election would be never happened ( Hope It would be !!).
    So, continue our debate to choose a person …….

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