Do or Die: Constituent Assembly Election on Nov 22

By Dinesh Wagle

Hello everyone,

Mark this day in your calendar: November 22, 2007 or Mangsir 6, 2064. The meeting of the Council of Ministers today decided to hold the Constituent Assembly elections on that day. A meeting of the eight-party leaders yesterday had mandated the government to announce the date for the CA polls.

An informal meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) of the eight-party alliance held under the coordination of Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel at his office yesterday gave the consent to the government. Earlier, while meeting with PM Koirala, the Election Commission had suggested the government to fix election date for November 23.

United We Vote for a democratic republic Nepal: This is a do or die situation for the political and government leadership because if they fail in holding the election this time, no one and nothing will save them from the downfall. The public also has the important role to play. They also have responsibility. We should not just rely on government machinery. We must play our role as aware individuals by helping in every possible way to make this plan a successful reality. Lets start the election campaign. Lets spread the word. Many people still don’t know about the CA. Tell them about CA and Loktantrik Ganatantra. On November 22, we will cast our vote for the formation of a democratic republic of Nepal.

During an eight-party meeting two weeks ago, Koirala had suggested that the elections be held on November 26.The CA elections had earlier been slated for June 20 (four days ago), but it was postponed after the Election Commission asked more time for the preparations. The polls will be the first post-war elections and the elected body- the CA-will rewrite Nepal’s constitution.

UWB Correction: The election date (English) is Nov 22, not 26 as we earlier reported. Nov 26 was Prime Minister Koirala’s date! Converting from BS (Mangsir 6) to AD sometime is a headache! They are even talking about changing our BS calendar making New Year in Chaitra instead of the current Baishakh. And, because of the change, marriages could be held also in the month of Kartik! Anyway, we regret for the error.

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69 thoughts on “Do or Die: Constituent Assembly Election on Nov 22

  1. My vote for that party or individual who works for establishing democratic republic in Nepal. I am a voter in Patan but I will try my best to spread the word all over the places that I will be visiting in the next several weeks. Yes, I vote for democratic republic.

    Thanks to the parties for coming up with this date.

  2. If SPA is serious about the CA election, they could have held it in stages instead of trying to to do just in one day, which is just an excuse for prologing the power-garb by the evil alliance of the self-appointed and self-proclaimed leaders. They also can seek UN’s help for election. Do these opportunist power-grabbers really believe that they can win through people’s votes in a fair election? If they are serious, then this ad-hoc government must stop taking long term and major decisions. They must act like a care-taker and not the legitimate ruler.

  3. Agreed with Kishan (19:27:13) .

    Anyway, now is the time to boycott the elections 😉 and teach some lessons to the SPAM warlords. Be prepared to fight off the terrorists.

  4. Hello author,

    The fact that the CA will not be held on time or not at all is exactly because of people like you and no one else. Just from your statement –
    “Many people still don’t know about the CA. Tell them about CA and Loktantrik Ganatantra. On November 26, we will cast our vote for the formation of a democratic republic of Nepal.” – one can see that instead of trying to hold the elections in the best spirit to decide on many issues besides a monarchy or republic, you have clearly outlined your personal fancy. And this is why people like you and like the maoists will make elections fail.
    Educating people about the CA means telling them about the various choices they have and the implicatons NOT just your personal choice.

  5. Oh oh oh…comment moderation is at such a high profile level that most of them don’t even get published. Welcome to Loktantrik Gantantatra of Nepal.

  6. Pol pot murderer Puspa Kamal Dahal hopes to be the president of Nepal after CA election, but I predict there will be no CA election and he will most likely be murdered some time between September and November because he is the one who sowed the seeds of communal violence in the country. Considering the current deteriorating law and order situation, the whole country will pretty soon be engulfed by civil war. And, Prachande will be solely responsible for this. Consequently, Nepal will be taken over by India, and that will be very unfortunate.

  7. UWB…get your information source Right!!! CA is going to be held on 22 November according to Kantipur and Nepalnews… Not on 26th….

    Now we see..How this Wagle and gang is planning to distrupt CA election….. by providing false information……. 😀



  8. I wonder how will CA election be held if the Maoist still continue their violence by killing and injuring supporters and leaders of other democratic parties. Open your eyes before its too late, what else are you waiting for !!!

    माओवादीद्वारा अपहृत प्रजातान्त्रिक नेताको शव प्राप्त

    रमेश ऐडी(हुम्ला, सिमिकोट)माओवादीद्वारा अपहरण गरी बेपत्ता बनाइएका दार्म गाविस-१ का नेपाली कांग्रेस प्रजातान्त्रिकका नेता नेत्रबहादुर शाहीको तीन महिना १४ दिनपछि शनिबार कुहिएको अवस्थामा शव फेला परेको छ।

    श्रीनगर गाविसको गल्फागाड मछाट जिउँला र मुुगु जिल्लाको भिई गाविसबीच कर्ण्ााली नदीको किनारमा नदीले बगाएर मुगु जिल्लापट्ट किनारमा स्थानीय बासिन्दाले शव देखेपछि प्रहरी चौकी श्रीनगरले कब्जामा लिएको थियो।

    माओवादीले हुम्लाका लोकप्रिय नेता शाहीलाई गत फागुन २६ गते दिउँसो श्रीमण्ण गाविसको दर्बी ठाउँबाट अपहरण गरेकोमा आफनो कब्जाबाट भागेको भन्दै आएका थिए। यसै घटनालाई लिएर नेका प्रजातान्त्रिक र नेकपा (माओवादी) बीच जेठ १० देखि १३ गतेसम्म झडप हुँदा १५ जना घाइतेसमेत भएका थिए।

    पीडितका आफन्तले माओवादीलाई कारबाही माग गरेपछि जिल्ला प्रहरी कार्यालय हुम्लाले माओवादीका वरिष्ठ जिल्ला कमिटी सदस्य शूरवीर ऐडीलाई दुइ पटक गिरफतारसमेत गरेको थियो।

    सदरमुकाम सिमिकोटमा अशान्ति फैलिएपछि केन्द्रबाट आठ दलका विधायक आई सो घटना अनुसन्धान गर्न टोली गठन भएको थियो।

  9. WTF bagleeeeeee!!!!
    Mangshir 6 is Nov 22, not 26 you moron! I smell rat on this. Definitely a maoist conspiracy!

  10. I guess this is going to boil down to be a choice between King Hridayendra, a harmless ceremonial monarch or President Pushpa Dahal, a possible maoist dictator. The best thing that can happen to Nepal now is not CA election but the murder of Prachanda. He is the greatest threat to democracy and unity of this country.

  11. At least they hav announced a date for the elections. Let be positive and hope the elections are held this time and not postponed.

  12. If YCL is not dissolved before the CA election, there will be no free and fair CA Election. Girija’s government will do nothing except watch. Prachanda even said that he will become the president of Nepal after the election. Yes, it is true because he has full confidence in YCL and these YCL will do anything to make the people vote for their cruel leader otherwise they will murder people, force the people at gun-point or burn their property to punish if anybody is found not supporting Maoists.

    My biggest concern is: what the hell the government is doing? Prachanda gave direct warning that he will increase YCL cadres from 250000 to 500000 and even asked the govt. to overthrow if possible. And now he is talking about becoming the first President of Nepal? Can anyone ask him how he will become the President ? Who is going to support him? Where will he get the vote from?

  13. November 22 is not far off: only 5 months away. The problem will not go away Just by fixing the date for the election. I am sure election will be postponed again. The government need to take care of YCL first. And the Maoists want to take care of Monarchy first. Most of all the people need to feel safe going to the poll.

  14. Krishna Pahadi: “King in palace; no CA Polls. So replace me in Palace. ”

    Aaare.. khaali sisi…. purano kaaagaaaj….

  15. I believe that the CA will definitely held in November 23. Now, we have to leave to say impossible coz only negative thinking can’t be the solution. So, lets start saying that our CA Election will definitely held in November and start preparing about the election your choice and study about the CA Election.

    I, myself declare my vote to those candidates or party who are truely in favor of Democratic Republican Nepal.

  16. The CA polls date has been announced after much delay, but will it be held? Will the law and order situation of the country improve or get worse? Will the Maoists with their YCL act more responsibly and check its coercion of the people? Will the Terai Rights Forum accept the CA polls as it presently stands? Will the people be allowed to cast their votes without any fear? Will all shades of beliefs be permitted to canvass for the polls?

    Too many improbables which could wreck the CA polls as planned by the eight parties. Hope everything works out well, but I have my doubts.


  17. The tendency of people Wagle who wants to wear a badge of Republic is like frog needing a bicycle. I dunno if this guy is for real or trainspotting just for the sake of his would -be-masters. He sounds too hallow and must be off his rockers.

    All the date fixing is SPAm’s futile attempt to pull wool over all of us including international communities and garner their credibility which is in shreds. They try to hide their incompetence’s but it shows- now who would believe that they can conduct an election of such a magnitude within a day- this one is for lark and misfits. We ain’t that dumb.

    But people like Wagle do not waste time in running even when he knows “most people do not know about republic,” what are we take from this? Is he a charlatan, traitor or a paid spinmesiter for SPAm? You be the judge.

  18. If spam will not success to hold the election then what do they do next ?
    Do they continue their rule us or handover to other democratic foreces ?
    Or blame everything to king to cover their lies and stick in power with filthy smile ?
    Do maoist accept, if they will lose the election ?
    What will be the role of 500,000 YCL in the election ?
    What about terai problem ?

    So, majority people are very much pessimistic about the CA election and its success because of the worst law and order and security situation in our history. At the end we may need to rule by some absolute ruler if CA election failed, which might be Mr. Prachanda and Prachanda Path in Pahad and Hinduism or Madhesi in Terai. Many people maybe wrong but we are seeing this country will divide into two if not handled properly.

    The spaM might be knowing that many pahadia people are selling their property happily at 40% of the market price in terai and shifting to hilly area. And our PM Girija and Mr. Sitaula is uselessly sitting in the chair with super power given by Prachanda. Another crook Makune is just after the ox ball. So, there will be no difference between the king’s election and this election.

  19. diasporas can they vote too like normal countries e.g. I am going to vote muslim party but I work in New York where can I vote

    what about ngo workers, buddhist devoties and trekkings peoples
    who is democratic in nepal and does not lie so much
    please answer fast to inform

  20. Is it just another date to postpone again or they actually are serious about it?? These bastards had made a mockery of the word “Election”. And what does a word election means when you have a group of criminals wandering around threatning people not to go against them,and even mobilised the door to door campaign to collect the data and force them to vote in favour of Maoists otherwise….

    Before deciding anything , govt must take action against any gangs who are involved in all the criminal activities otherwise prepare another speech of postponement,once again!!

  21. CA election going to held on Mangsir , says KP Sitaula but whether there will be better environment? He has no idea. He said that he is hopeful for that and not certain about atmosphere.

    Literally , I am not against CA election,obiviously my vote will oppose republican sentiments who are becoming puppet of maoist. I prefer King rather than Prachanda as in my faith on non- violence. We have seen other countries where ceremonial or constitutional monarchy are in good position and they are playing great part of consolidation while country speeding up for national progress.

    The fear and reprisal bacame weapons of maoist. Even in Kathmandu most of academics can not make open critic of destructive maoist politics. And now all over the Nepal there are so many fraction by faith ,colour or race waged by maoist. But most of the government official scared to make comment about this fact because of fear by maoist maiming or disappearing through YCL thugs.

    Only problem is indifference . We public has to raise the voice to procecute all the murders who are responsible for bloody 12 years. Then other current groups will realize that one day everybody will penalize of their wrong deeds. oppositly , we have awarded these 12 year’s criminal to the respective post. which should not happen in future. if election held in Mangsir ,lets wipe out Maoist first stage for the forever.

  22. Paranoid!
    Amazing how many in this ‘democratic’ blog are shouting loudly against democratic exercise.

    In the same comment they bark against Maoists’ illegal activities and call for Prachandra’s murder. That is the split mind of the corrupt people of the ‘old’ system. Now as the date for constitutional assembly has been fixed they want to disturb or even block it. This speaks a clear language and shows where in this country the terrorist minds are.

    They are supporters of the old corrupt system and see their permission to legally plunder Nepal in danger. For such people law is only useful as long as it can be used to increase their own power and supress their enemies. They just call for prosecution of the YCL hooligans to cover up their own institutionalized, criminal taxevasion and corruption.

    Let us continue on this constitutional path now, let’s take part in the elections to the constitutional assembly, let us not give in to pressure, be it from the right or from the left. Let us vote as we personally really think. After the elections we can control the voted representatives peacefully from the streets, so that they cannot misuse our mandate after having gained our vote.

    Democracy means to always stay alert, means not to give away power, just to lend it to elected representatives for a certain time. If our voted representatives fail, we will vote them out in the next elections. That is democracy.

    P.S.: ‘Noname, Predictor, Shekkar,’ are deeply undemocratic minds calling for violence to fight against violence, how strange and uncivilized mindset…

  23. ahimsa: you call yourself democratic??
    what is so democratic about the spam government? were they elected? i dont think so.
    besides this maoist were never a registered as a party. the spa themselves termed them as “terrorists” and now they are ministers.
    do you define new system as de-rooting old system? or to modify it?
    is you plan to de-root it them trust me, nothing will be the same. we will loose anything and everything we have. besides we are humans, we adjust but we dont mutate, and what the maoist and thier muscle YCL is doing is trying to forcefully mutate the whole population.
    how do u even define corruption: i bet it is defined as unlawfully using ones power by favouring someone or some group. it is by far not just taking bribe.
    try explaining why the maoist havent returned the properties they had seized in the past. we can see news of vehicles that they have seized being taken back by the real owner.
    if you talk about tax, dont you think the money that maoist’s intimidation collects should me taxed too? has it ever happened? will it ever happen??
    dont even get me started on constitution.
    even as we follow your definition of democracy, then these SPAM leaders are no where near being democratic.
    thus just think before your speak.

  24. Cameron Diaz apologizes for Maoist bag

    IMA, Peru – Cameron Diaz apologized Sunday for carrying a bag with a political slogan that evoked painful memories in Peru.

    The voice of Princess Fiona in the animated “Shrek” films visited the Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru’s Andes on Friday carrying an olive green bag emblazoned with a red star and the words “Serve the People” printed in Chinese, perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong’s most famous political slogan.

  25. 1. The Maoists are INCAPABLE of becoming a proper democratic party.

    2. The YCL backed by Maoist party will never allow free and fair elections to take place. As much as I hate Sujata Koirala, I have to agree with her statement that the YCL is planning on ambushing polling booths or doing something else to manipulate the results.

    3. Ask any diplomat, political leader or member of civil society and the main concern on everyone’s mind is the Maoist’s behavior. Even after all this these jungalis are un-tamable.

    4. Even if CA elections occur the Maoists are going to do very poorly and they will never accept the results. They already made a major blunder in Terai which is the largest constituency in Nepal. They have such a notorious reputation in the valley (where a significant portion of the poulation resides) that they will just not fair well.

    “violence to fight against violence, how strange and uncivilized mindset…”

    Sometimes violence is necessary against violence. Think about how slavery was abolished, how Nazi facisim was abolished or how communism was stopped from spreading around the world.
    The Maoists have proven themslves to be goons. It’s high time we demand they drastically change their behavior or let’s chase these SOBs back to the jungles where they belong.

  26. Slavery is still not abolished, fascism is not overcome and Communism is again spreading…

    Only nonviolent concepts can truely and lastingly overcome concepts of violence!

    Stop believing in the primitive American philosophy of ‘war on terror’, it has just created more terror until now…

    End monarchy now, good kings only exist in fairy tales!

  27. AHIMSA, The name who has burden of…….

    You ( Ahimsa ) are coward to express your belongings (I am extermelly sorry to use these words to you). You opened my another wonds this time. You are talking about the tax evasion . I am the law abider citizen. I am paying all types taxs and revenue on time and promptly. Personally I am being victimized with this terror averge then others. My business arsoned or smashed three times a year. So this is fact,Ahimsa. If you dare to reveal your identity ,i will do so. Unless I will make decision that you are the same what I called on the first line.

    Just writing on the blog and blamed to us is not the better deeds for our country. I believe on those people who just dont talk but who really makes different to our people lives. Like you big mouth are ranting the political theme as in feral mindset.

    I am really sorry Ahimsa . I used to respect your expression. But this time your comments crossed the boundry.

    BHUDAI PUNDIT ! Last time I made fierce comment against you and this time I appreciate your latest comment. Thank you.

  28. Ahimsa:

    I suggest you also stop believing and reading those democracy 101 books you check out from the Carter Center.

    Sure forms of salvery stills exists. However, the kind of systematic and legal slavery no longer exists that was present in the past.

    I agree non-violence is a good option. But even that has it’s limits. Don’t forget even Shri Krishna urged Arjuna to fight. Violence and war is sometimes a necessity in human existence. If you believe otherwise you are simply delusional. Yes, unwarranted aggression is bad. It might come as a suprise to you Ahimsa but not everyone forms their opinions based on a “Slogan” like the War of Terror.

  29. If CA Election fails to happen this time in Nov. the next step is for Rookmangud Katuwal before Nepal will be called Failed State forever.
    Gyanendra is a deceiver. Girija and his team we have already seen enough in last 15 years. Sher Bahadur is a failure. Madhav Nepal is a cartoon. Kamal Thapa is a Nazi reborn. Pashupati Shumshere huh! who cares! Surya Bahadur Thapa is nothing but bla bla. Lokendra too dumb to do anything. And the awesome Comrade… My god! If he comes to power, he will rule with his iron fist like Saddam Hussein. His first priority will be his Cadres, PLA and if anyone is found taking a slight negative about his party will be paraded into the street before hang to death or shoot in head.

  30. In the name of peace and democracy, the syndicate eight-parties manipulating the masses to keep itself in power. The eight parties are in favour of totalitarian regimes in the skin of democracy. They are spreading their PROPAGANDA to advance their aspirations to stick in power, nothing more than that.

    The CA, which they have made good tool to survive and stick in power, although they know that it is not going to happen very successfully looking at various problems and worst human right abuses than previous regime (as written in Kantipur). They are using alll muscles instead of good behaviour to advance themselves to establish “Democratic Center”. The 14 months of their rule already shown that they are not willing to work for the peoples starvation and their very basic needs. Although media is considered as the pillar for true democracy but they are being tools of these eight parties, and reporting from gutters to cover their wrong track. At the end, this kind of reporting neither beneficial to democracy nor to democratic forces. If media, true civil society and human right organizations come in front to criticise the wrong tracks of the present eight parties activities, then these eight parties will become wasted pumpkins at the end. The alternate might become either true autocratic rule, or ethnic parties will wipe them out in true democratic sense. If not then country will divide into two pieces.

  31. “Yes, Yes, Yes….. No, No, No…. But, But, But…. Definitely Maybe!” – Nepali Maoist Leader’s Interview on CNN-IBN
    (Courtesy:Comrade Libre)

    If doubts remain over the direction of Nepal’s Maoist movement, the anachronistic nature of the Maoist leaderships’ thought process, or about the Maoists’ interpretation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (and the related Arms Management Treaty), the interviews below are a MUST SEE!!

    CNN-IBN’s Karan Thapar does a splendid job of hitting almost every issue of significance to contemporary Nepali politics (except the Bhutanese refugee crisis) and preventing Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal (a.k.a. “Prachanda”) from his well-noted tactical digressions.

    Regular and pointed interjections by Thapar throughout the interview keeps the session focussed and Thapar’s intermittent summaries of Prachanda’s responses provide “black and white” positions on questions of relevance.

    In summary:

    On the Monarchy

    Prachanda is happy that the second amendment to the interim constitution provides the basis for removing the monarchy but insists on removing the monarchy before the CA polls, regardless.
    Implication: Begin watching for Maoist allegations that the monarchy is meddling in preparations for the CA, with a view to undermining the polls.

  32. On CA Poll Results

    Prachanda maintains that his party will “respect” the results of first sitting of the constituent assembly (should the assembly vote to retain a ceremonial monarchy). However, he also states that should this unlikely event occur, the Maoist party will proceed to “educate” the people that their choice has been wrong.
    Implication: The Maoists will not accept a ceremonial monarchy regardless of the verdict of the constituent assembly. They will “respect” (meaning they will cosmetically accept the results) but they will also immediately proceed to launch yet another movement (“peacefully”) to once again, rid the monarchy. Once more, this is a subtle threat being issued by the Maoist leader and a way to keep the masses in constant fear so that voting is held along the lines of appeasement, not free voter sentiments.

  33. On the Surrender of Arms, YCL and Maoist Control

    Prachanda believes that allegations against the YCL are highly exaggerated; he wants people of focus on how the YCL has helped clean city streets, build roads, etc.
    Prachanda also stated explicitly that his party has not “surrendered” their weapons that the “compromise” that has occurred is premised on Maoist and Nepali Army integration.
    Prachanda feels firmly in charge of his organization so theoretically, he should be held accountable to for the murders, kidnappings, extortion that his people continue to carry out.
    Implication: Look out for a certain former Nepali Army General that the Maoists will bring on board to push for military integration. Although not mentioned during the interview, it is very likely that retired General Chitra Bahadur Gurung will take this spot.

  34. Yes, Yes, Yes….. No, No, No…. But, But, But…. Definitely Maybe!” – Nepali Maoist Leader’s Interview on CNN-IBN
    (Courtesy:Comrade Libre)

    Overall, this interaction session is one that Prachanda probably wishes he had not had. There was nothing difficult about Karan Thapar’s questions; most of Prachanda’s answers should have been qualified “yes’s” or “no’s.”

    Instead, what blurted out of Prachanda’s mouth was a series of incongruent (and incoherent) responses, non-existent English vocabulary, and a very clear intent to disregard any political development that is at odds with a Maoist vision of a restructured Nepali State.

    Once again, the Maoist leadership has told the world what their intentions are and how they plan to proceed forward. And once more, sections of Nepali intelligentsia, the Nepali media and all parties making money off of Nepal’s peace process, say nothing.

    The lesson learned is this: There is not a single individual or group, or party in Nepal that can challenge the Maoists in the terms that Karan Thapar did.

    Why? The answer is simple. During the Gyanendra’s rule or the imperfect democracy before Gyanendra, people could go to the state authority for protection if threatened by the Maoists. Today, no editor or civil society activist or writer can operate with a clear conscience because should the Maoists come after them, there is no one they can turn to – especially not the Home Ministry.

    This is the status to which “Loktantra” has been diminished. Where are all the protestors abroad and at home, who took utmost pride in championing the 12 Pont Agreement and appeasing the Maoists? Where are all those people who revelled in fighting Royal tyranny and spoke of “morals” and dedication to liberal democracy in Nepal?

  35. I am going to get out of here on that day. Who is going to stay here amidst all that chaos? Do you think this government can hold CA elections? NO! I don’t think so. EC officials cannot even go to the terai, there is no petrol in the market what the hell is this? Just announcing the date isn’t enough. It is not the licence to misrule.

  36. Nov 22 seems too good to be true. Frankly any election in the near to mid future looks impossible. I hold Girija the most responsible for all this mess.

  37. Girija and the Maoists.
    You all must understand something: the SPAM are not intersted in holding CA elections to begin with. You think they are interested in giving up this interm state where they are competely unopposed, unchallenged and accountable to no one? For them the longer this interm state continues the better. By now even the Maoists have realized that they are fcuked if they contest in elections.

  38. i am very much agree with (bhudai pandit and no name please).i think they speaking beyond of real nepalis who suffer a lot from all site.and for (AHIMSA) i feel sorry that you have very little knowladge and you are misusing it.before you speak think 100 times otherwise it will creat cancer in all wounds of nepalis.

  39. i am very much agree with (bhudai pandit and no name please).i think they speaking beyond of real nepalis who suffer a lot from all site.and for (AHIMSA) i feel sorry that you have very little knowladge and you are misusing it.before you speak think 100 times otherwise it will creat cancer in all wounds of nepalis.

  40. The possibilities of CA elections being held in time are very low. Even if this government somehow manage to orchestrate the whole thing, I see problems with stability thereafter. Would the madhesi, dalit or janajati group accept if things happen contrary to their speculation? What about maoists? How pissed off would they be to find that they actually received less votes than the number of YCL caders they boast to have!!! Or how about democracy’s messiah NC? or the newly rising centrist UML? Would the royalists fold their hands and watch their centuries old paradise erode?

    Each party/individual has their own agendas. Nobody is agreeing to other’s ideas, coz they all want to take credit for the historic revolution supposedly taking place in Nepal. I do not want to rattle much, but what I observe is not good. Everybody is trying to postpone CA elections so that they can create some vote base for themselves. One particularly disturbing event was the handling of Terai movement. The demand was for purely proportionate CA elections, but it was not addressed at all. The govt wasted a lot of time forming constituency delineation committee the result of which is still controversial and nobody wants to accept it. And three months obstruction of the interim parliament! Had they decided for proportional system right then, most of the problems would have been solved. What is the vested interest of eight parties not go for this? Would it make their “idea” seem “unoriginal”.

    As we can see, a bunch of idiots are running the government. Those who don’t even possess the basic idea of management have the supreme power. All these idiots did was to waste time. They were busy declaring Nepal “caste discrimination free” country, but what an irony we still hear people being beaten just because they touched the “higher” caste! This govt has been grossly unsuccessful in maintaining law and order. So how could we expect that CA elections will be free and fair?

    At this time I don’t see any sense in this government indulging itself in activities it doesn’t have mandate for. The eight parties are not our masters. We lifted them from the streets and if need be, we possess the power to bring them back to streets again. Watch out leaders we gave you a second chance, but we don’t want to be losers everytime.

  41. khaaaaaaaali sisi………………… purano kaagaj ……………..????

    maobadi: khali sisi…..
    7 party: purano kaagaj……

    dhoti le tyaslai bechera paisa kamauchha.

  42. Trishul Baba ko bhabisyabani ra
    maobadi ko sambidhan sabha

    ustai ustai ho….

    hati ra hati chhap chappal ustai ho bhanera jhukaeko jasto….

  43. Majority will not vote if we don’t get open schools from today and running water.
    A few bank accounts ok.
    Jobs for all

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