Jimmy Carter Came, Talked, Smiled and Went (Thanks Mr President!)

Here is the statement by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter made on June 16, last of his four-day trip to Nepal

I’m happy to be back in Nepal and to be briefed by The Carter Center’s long-term observers, political leaders, marginalized groups, and election officials here. I admire deeply what’s been accomplished by the people of this great country over the past year. The Carter Center is here to support you in any way that we can, and to that end our long-term observers have been deployed since March visiting over 70 districts to learn about the electoral and political environment.

Constituent Assembly election

Nepal is in the midst of a historic transformation and this difficult process requires shared commitment from the government, civil society, marginalized groups, and most importantly the public. The country has set itself the essential goal of holding a constituent assembly election, and I support the significant progress toward that objective that has been made during my short time here. I urge the government to swiftly complete all necessary electoral preparations in order to hold an election in the month of Mangsir (November/December), including announcing a date and resolving any outstanding issues such as the electoral constituencies. Compromise will be necessary to avoid conflict during this period.

Carter in Press Conference (Saturday)

My opinion is the United States should establish some communication with the Maoists because it is obvious that the people of Nepal have accepted the Maoists as playing a role in the shaping of the future of this country. I think the United States’ beneficial influence here will be increased if they can talk freely to all the parties involved. Maoists have complied with UN requirements, disarmed to some degree and adopted the principle of multi-party democracy. I hope there will be a time in the future when the United States can have free communication with all the important political players who will shape the future of Nepal.

When asked whether he is going to take some initiative to make the US government lift the terrorist tag, Carter said he doesn’t have any authority at all but he would send a report to the White House and the State Department. He didn’t use the words “lifting”, “terrorists” or “tags” but emphasized more than once that the US government should establish contacts with all parties that have been in the political framework legally.

Carter refuted the claim made by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai the other day after meeting the former president that he told the Maoist leaders not to listen to the US ambassador in Nepal.

Additionally, I would like to highlight two areas which I believe deserve increased focus in order to allow for an honest and credible election and future progress towards peace and reconciliation:

Improved security environment

In the meetings that I have had over the past four days as well as in the reports I have received from The Carter Center’s long-term observers, everyone is concerned about the problems of insecurity and violence in Nepal. The present law and order situation is unacceptable. A safe and secure environment is a core requirement for progress in the transition process. I have spoken with Chairman Prachanda, leader of the Maoists, about the problems with the Young Communist League (YCL) and he has personally assured me that he takes this matter very seriously. He acknowledged that there have been some problems and said that he himself will take the responsibility to end this bad behavior. I welcome these assurances and my staff will be monitoring the YCL closely to ensure that their future behavior is in line with these promises. I have also been assured by Madhesi Janadhikar Forum leadership that their group is committed to nonviolence and peace, and I also intend to continue monitoring this commitment.

Additionally, every democratic country in the world has a strong police force as part of its civil administration. The role of the police is to protect the people and make them feel safe. The Nepal police do not appear to have adequate political support nor the confidence of the Nepali people and this is of critical concern to me. I hope the government and political parties at all levels will work closely together on this issue to ensure that the police have sufficient morale, capacity, and authority to carry out their important work in a fair manner that is respectful of human rights. Chief District Officers must also have the authority to act independently and quickly to deploy the police.

Need for inclusivity

For the first time in Nepal’s history, marginalized peoples are exercising their democratic right to be heard and to participate fully and equally in Nepali society. Their concerns are legitimate and I support them. When these rights are exercised in a peaceful way, it is an important and healthy part of the democratic process. I do not believe that the road of violence will ultimately lead to success.

It is important to realize that this election should be viewed as only an interim step in a much larger, longer, and more important process – the constituent assembly itself. It is there that the complex issues being raised, such as restructuring the state, should be vigorously debated. Continued dialogue and compromise are needed in order to ensure that a representative constituent assembly is able to take up these critical issues.

Serious divisions will recur unless competent and responsible people are chosen after the election to fill party quotas on the proportional representation list. Those selected should represent the interests of their own marginalized group.

I want to close by repeating how impressive a path the Nepali people have chosen. I urge you to stand up to your growing reputation in the world and unite around the long-term goals of sustainable peace, prosperity and participation in a representative democracy for all Nepalis. I offer you my best wishes and continued support and express my respect for what is being accomplished here in Nepal.

Thank you.

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70 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter Came, Talked, Smiled and Went (Thanks Mr President!)

  1. He came, He saw and he wimpered back home.

    Seemed to make Prachanda happy though. What a waste of time, also what a waste for all of Moriaty’s efforts. Old Carter comes along and says he will talk to Bush to remove the terror tag. Yeah, in three days he thinks that will be okay to do, while Moriaty has seen it all and never agreed. What a waste of time. Just added more flair to the likes of corrupt GPK and murderous Prachanda. Imagine how these two thugs will use the photo op to enhance their political image. What a fool old Carter is.

  2. ck2-never heard of carrot and stick? good cop and bad cop? you seem a bit disappointed what did you expect from ol’ Carter anyway?

  3. It was a great honor to have Carter here in Nepal. But he should never jump to conclusion about matters concerning CPN (M) Terrorist. What did he hear that he would like to request Bush Administration to remove Maoists from Terrorist list? It seems to me that he spent more time with Prachanda then with his own Ambassador. He listened more to Prachanda and Baburam than Moriarty who knows Maoists from deep inside and seen the carnage this bloody party has made. It will be a big mistake if terrorist tag is removed from CPN (M). Even after joining the government Maoists have not changed their attitude and working style. They have successively breeded more voilence, created terror groups such as YCL and now he is boldly talking about adding another 250000 YCL cadres. What will happen if YCL is powered by 500000 crazy youths and not even called Terrorists? That will be the end of democracy. Prachanda’s anarchy will rule the nation and then the rest of the party leaders will have to flee the country. And then everyone will know who it is to blame to other than Mr. Former President.

    Mr. Carter is known for building peace in the world but in Nepal he will be known for a different story and that is definitely going to cost a lot.

  4. “He came, He saw and he wimpered back home.” Mr. carter was simply visiting Nepal as an ordinary citizen not as a rajdoot… I believe he will do what ever he can do to convince USA admin to talk with Maoist. One thing is that what Mr. Moriarty said is 100% true coz he has seen Nepal Nepal since jan andholan II; but what Mr. carter saw was just a photo jenic pic of nepal in his 4 days visit. It is very difficult to change habit overnight. Addiction to violence, extortion, and intimidation is worst then the Addiction of smoking cigge or herion or any thing…. One can feel he has world under his/her feet when he/she has gun on his/her hand. They feel they can change the world in one day… but wake up; it takes generation to change the things “ROME wasn’t built in as day”.

  5. Carter is ex-president and a democrat and so, president Bush will hardly listen to him. He did what he aught and could do. Put forward reality to Prachand and so to SPA. Further their business. It may be carrot for the Maoists but carrotless carot. In reality, Carter is no more than Devendra Raj Panday of Nepal. In America, inferior to Krishna Pahadi on moral ground. It is just intertainment tour of Carter and these meetings and appointments are part of that intertainment tour. If wise, Maoists and SPA both can take lessons from his visit. If not, they will be there where they are.

  6. Carter is an ex-president of the US…. these Presidents thrive on making the most out of photo-ops. Why he was representing his NGO in Nepal, he was making sure he was seen and heard where it mattered to the media– so meeting and spending time with Moriarty wasn’t very “newsworthy”. Meeting what his government terms as Terrorists definitely was. He got his moment captured and disseminated through the media that was waiting in its wings on the pavement outside the five star hotel where Mr President and President wannabe teacher Pushpa Kamal and ceremonial Baburam were shaking hands.

  7. Dissappointing !!

    He even didnot mention the atrocities committed by Maoists during their so called people’s war, not even a word for all the victims of their terror, ignored the crimes which are only comparable with some of the worst violation of human rights the world has ever witnessed.

    If not as an ordinery citizen but as a former president of the world’s most powerful nation I thought he would atleast criticize some of their behaviours
    and try to present the internation opinion towards the former crimininal outfit, instead he went on to meet and greet them for their “success”.Isn’t it kind of encouragement for other gangs of criminals to follow suit?? If other outfits esp in Terai starts the same revolt in the name of some …war , would that be acceptable ultimately for if not the USA , for the Carter Center? Is CC advocating for armed struggle in countries with political conflict??has this visit somehow justified maoists armed movement notwithstanding the fact that thousands of people were killed and tens of thousands had suffered immensely?? Is that the official view of Carter Center in Nepal which in other countries continuesly push for non-violent means for conflict resolution??

    Eager to get some answers !!

  8. Kirat,

    You’re right. Thanks for pointing out that as I had mentioned I had expected nothing from Carter. Infact it was you who expected something more from ol Carter. Was’nt it? With your international exposure blah blah.

    Yeah I have heard of carrot and stick, but in this day and age everyone else has as well. I wonder who was using it on whom?

  9. There is one term that the current american administration has used to describe Carter – “increasingly irrelevant.”

    With the publication of his last book, even the Democrats have distanced themselves from Carter. Members of the Carter Foundation resigned after the book was published.

    This is why people like Carter come to places like Nepal. Here, they feel they can accomplish what they could not when in power.

    I will be surprised if the ANY administration in America does anything but write off Carter’s recommendation.

  10. पल्चन्द: “नाई नाई मेरो नाम त्यो “तेरोरिस को लिस्त” बात हताई दे अनि मात्ल म बोल्छु नत्ल म बोल्दीन, कट्टी!!!”

    कार्टर्:” त्यो लिस्टमा तेरो नाम भएर त तँ सँग कुरा गर्न आएको, नत्र यत्रो खान आँउथे? ल ल हेरुलाँ, अहिले लाई चुप लाग ला यो ललिपप खा”

  11. I agree with Baje above. Carter is irrelevant. Him urging the Bush admistration means absolutely NOTHING. However, as someone did point out above the Maoists do gain something out of the visit. That is they are now able to publisize and propogate an image of themslves that makes them more legitimate, civil and mainstream. That’s fine but their actions are totally misaligned with their words.
    Take a look at this interview with Dr. Baburam. He is in constant denial and refuses to take any responsibility. This interview isn’t reassuring about the Maoists intentions.


  12. पल्चन्द्: “हमम्… कति मिथो ललिपप, काका बुशलाई सेवा धोग भनिदिनु, अनि फेली धेलै ललिपप पथाईदिनु, मेरो पुच्छल् भतराहीलाई पनि है..”

    भतराही: “मलाई धेलै मिथो मिथो चकलेत पनि है, मुनि चाचाले दिने भन्दा पनि मिथो है| अनि हामी ज्ञानेलाई देखाई देखाई खाने ल, नदिने त्यस्लाई| त्यस्ले हामीलाई बाल दिदैन्”

  13. What Mr. Carter needs to do is stay home—keep his mouth shut and mind his own business. He had his chance and blew it.

  14. There are no telephone connection from the United States to Kathmandu metropolitan since a week. However, outside Kathmandu metropolitan area have connection from the United States.

    None of the calling card can be connected to Kathamndu metropolitan area. Direct call from ground or cell can make any connection to Kathmandu metropolitan.

    It seems none of the local news paper of Kathmandu has highlighted this news.

    This has been great difficulty for Nepali community in United States to connect with their family members in Kathmandu metropolitan area.

    Publication of this news will make the telecommunication authority aware of the problem.

  15. so what did all of you so disappointed people expect from ole Jimmy Carter? If you all, like ck2, expected nothing why express your great disappointment? Personally for me the hope is that the more these junglee Maoist leaders meet (are exposed to) world luminaries like former President Carter the more they realise what internationally accepted behaviour is for people who aspire to be ‘leaders’ of nations. Ofcourse the shameless idiots could learn nothing, most probable outcome, but every opportunity for our ‘leaders’ to realize the importance of their role for the well being of the nation is welcome.

  16. Nepalese have wounded Nepal badly and now shamelessly expecting a foreign help intervention or whatever.

    Now, Carter goes and if he does convince Bush about something if anything at all, few bundles of dollars will roll only to end up in the pocket of the terrorist.

    From One terrorist to another. Bush to Maos.

  17. Carter was fly by night NGOs head- he does not know a jack shit about Nepal. For all his effort, he done more harm than good. He commended Maoist with reassurance of taking them out of terrorist tag, although he is not in position do so but him implying such is a crime against all humanity and my, my, my I though he was human right champion. See how convoluted it can get. He can ignore the fact thousand and thousands of Nepali have lost their right to earn, live in peace, exercise their basic rights, and have lost their life in vain all because of Maoist but this fact never figured in carter’s radar. Was I happy of his visit and consort with Pushpa Kamal Dahal and calling Girja his Hero (He has not done a profiling of Girja, it shows)- not a bit. All that was, glamour of Visit without any substance.

    The way the things are Nepal is run by syndicate of all form- politics, transport, laborers, smugglers, religious, and you name it. This nation will be hotbed for all the fringe and radical outfit of all over the world. It is already happening and I blame SPAM. The only out of this mess, might take one generation, is complete break-down. I am not asking for it but looks like this nation has no other choice.

  18. it is unwise to expect everything from international communities. They can advise something good but they might not be knowing the true scenario in-depth. They are just supporting Nepal with the feeling that the people are very poor. They might be well wishers but cannot be problem solvers in total. If USA had that capacity then there won’t be a problem in Combodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Iran etc. etc. countries till now. Whereas Mr. Carter is just doing the volunteer service in his INGO, where all sources of his capacity and power is very limited.

    We Nepali have the mentality that the international communities will fix up our country, but which is not true. Until and unless leaders are made responsible and accountable to good and bad, this country will remain the same. We have been experimenting democracy since 50 years, but in between the democracy had been failed many times. Whether monarchy exist or not, another groups will definately takeover when democratic norms and assurances are failed due to iresponsibilities of leaders. This is ongoing cycle of Nepal where eight-parties leaders are trying to hide the truth, but which is very transparent to the people.

  19. “He came, He saw and he wimpered back home.” “Carter is irrlevant.”

    Like now even Moaists need a helping hand to wash away from the sins committed duirng th past- the terrorist tag.

    the old Cartr didn’t even aouse any interest in me. Why should we care? He is totally irrelevant- no one change the country in one day- Rome wan’t build in a day but seems like Nepal- ie so-called new Nepal- will take perhaps, more time. And till then these “sich old mn” will be all dead.

    We are going to build new Nepal- not those old people. That’s what i believe- what carter or Koirala or evn Prachanda thinks will be a tale of yester years soon.

  20. Waste of Time and efforts. Jimmy’s visit is worthless. It is simply another formality of ‘high profile people’. Its just a nothing. The main problem always have to be solved by us ; we nepali people. These big people actually do nothing but slow the speedy peace process. It diverts the track process according to the American or europian model. Just like UNMIN is doing now


  21. Waste of Time and efforts. Jimmy’s visit is worthless. It is simply another formality of ‘high profile people’. Its just a nothing. The main problem always have to be solved by us ; we nepali people. These big people actually do nothing but slow the speedy peace process. It diverts the track process according to the American or europian model. Just like UNMIN is doing now


  22. seems lots of workers of moriarty, where are u from……. u guys ? are u nepali , dont think so or u been working in this blog but …….. not for wagle but someone else ……

  23. Carter should stick to his Habitat for Humanity projects in the Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and keep out playing an international diplomat or a peace maker. Or maybe have some boiled peanuts, grits and Bud Light with his family and friends in Good Ole Georgia watching the Fourth of July fireworks.

    His only redeeming attribute is his telling it like it is regarding the Palestinian-Israeli situation. When not too many American politicos like to rebuke Israel regarding its policies towards Palestinians, Carter reminds us that Israel is part of the problem.

    He’s meeting these 2 Maoist honchos at King G owned Soaltee was quite ironic.

  24. “He’s meeting these 2 Maoist honchos at King G owned Soaltee was quite ironic.”

    That’s an excellant point!

  25. BHUDAI PUNDIT ? What exactly you are ? One day you made comment about somebodys language term. And next day you said compassonate Prachanda !
    Sometime I think you are genious and sometime like mindless idiot. Please do not get me wrong. But in real approach you a contradictorial mind, who missuse some best word against human kind.

    I appriciate your high standard English command but its not everything the way you think. There is other more thing you have to learn in our country. The way you wrote about monarchy it was total bull shit.

  26. I am appaled at all the ignorance Carter displayed in his visit. I believe he has done anything but good when he was here. He actually hailed GPK as a hero, and meeting Prachanda & Baburam and promising to remove terror tags, what is he doing? Does he even know anything about our probs, or was he just here to appease all parties thinking it might bring them together?

    What a waste.

  27. The best he could have done was remained apolitical by avoiding hailing GPK hero and promising Maoist removal of terrorist tag, and more concentrate on humanitarian issues.

  28. No one cares about what Carter is going to tell Bush because no one cares about Bush anymore.

    However, it is highly likely that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States. It does matter what she thinks.

  29. “Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States. It does matter what she thinks.”
    She has visited Kathmandu in the past and is very chummy with Rana-Shah types. Hridyendra has hopes of donning the crown if Hillary manages to get into the White House.

  30. Maoists are TErrorists and that tag should never come off their party label. It is a shame that you folks sit here and give any credibility to a party that has killed thousands of innocent nepali lives, raped women and destroyed villages and is yet to give what they still hold back to the people. They have yet to return what they captured at gun point.

    HOw can such a Party be political ? What is the credibility of such a party in a democratic system ? Just becasue the people who have been displaced have no voice we cannot hear thousands of them. Just becasue they don’t have internet or computer they cannot express their sorrows. YCL will go and kill their members if they speak out..what about their horrors ?

    No matter even if the Maoists bring the fall of monarchy, many nepali have paid the price with their blood and tears and they will be unheard if these TERRORISTS ever come to power.

    Why is their only talk about making Kamal Thapa and the King liable for suppression and killings? What about the Maoists, when will they be liable.

    To those who seem to have exquisite political knowledge in national and international politics, the simple math does not add up here does it ?

    Why are not the Maoists liable for their atrocities past and present ?
    Why are we feeding and supporting an army that is not even a national army, rather a group of terrorists ?
    How are prachanda and King different ? Both masacarred mercilessly why are we bringing one down and hailing the other as a hero everywhere he goes?

    No need to be an rocket scientistlike many of the bloggers above to understand this biased and imbalanced democratic system. Bullshit.

  31. Why are not the Maoists liable for their atrocities past and present ?
    Why are we feeding and supporting an army that is not even a national army, rather a group of terrorists ?
    How are prachanda and King different ? Both masacarred mercilessly why are we bringing one down and hailing the other as a hero everywhere he goes?

    No need to be an rocket scientistlike many of the bloggers above to understand this biased and imbalanced democratic system.

  32. Once more it is time to adapt the Rome statute so that we can try culprits in international court for crimes against humanity. Why has not the government signed this as yet?

  33. Scoop,
    May be you should go to Nepal and scoop shits using your mouth to get answers to your question. Idiot..Only If you put on the shoe, you shall understand the agony. You are one step away from asking “NEPAL” to sign your mortgage, aren’t you?

  34. scoop,

    Rome status, is that for royal government only, or for maoista also?

    GPK and Sitaula government will aslo be the culprits for suppressing the million people in terai and killings 42. Can they justify it by democratic suppression and killings ? Not at all.

    Nepal has reached 3rd FAILURE COUNTRY in the world this year after Sudan. Next year Nepal might be the first one in the world above Sudan in being failure, and above Iraq and Afghanistan in unrest and killings.

    Best of luck to syndicate Eight parties government……specially to GPK, Sitaula and Madhav Kumar of the eight parties and civil socities and human right organizations for pampering the arm group…

    But still eight parties telling themselves that they did the historic changes. Yes they did the historic changes;

    -for making 3rd failure country in the world
    -for making worst security situation in our history
    -for dividing our nation into different geo-ethnic groups
    -for bringing ethnic/ civil war
    -for putting sovereignity in danger

  35. Wise, you said it right. Does SPAM sympathizers have any answer? This is nation is in worse state than it ever was- all for the dance of death by SPAM in the name of us. Economy is kaput, governance is dead in the water, security is non existence. And all for what-you tell me.

  36. Budai Pundit
    Mr Babu Ram is right. In everything. This is interim business, Carter has been insturmental in normalizing.
    Not because Che Guevara was killed in Bolivia is Fidel Castro right, or any american presidents enemy or friend.
    People will vote, popularity is clear, however, I agree intelligence must be trained and disciplined.
    I hope the person that puts his wife in interim government will be in charge.
    Not the slimy corrupt bastards. But same time Our Baburam will normalize language, because people cannot understand he has read books and talks like books…
    We need to make some money in Nepal. This is what Baburam said.

  37. Bhudai Pundit,

    Thanks for the link to Baburam guru’s interview. His words say a lot and the crux of his message is the same as the report by the International Crisis Group – Maoist objectives remain intact, but they have changed their strategy to achieve their end goal (a communist republic).

    No one wants to touch this issue because the intellectuals in Nepal are too busy still trying to justify why the 12 point agreement was necessary. Clearly, the basis for the 12 point agreement has been invalidated by every interview that senior Maoist leaders give. They have not become democratic or mainstreamed by any liberal definiton of these terms. In fact, they have only adjusted, temporarily.

    In the big picture, it doesn’t matter if Carter or Clinton or any former President meets with the Moaists. What matters is how/if Maoist behavior changes in relation to the outcome of such meetings. Carter has said he will be monitoring YCL activites closely. Let’s see how much the YCL chagens and how much contorl the Maoits have over the YCL, really.

  38. Baje:
    The disturbing point in the interview, to me, is how Baburam competely denies and does not take responsibility for anything. For example when asked what he thought about the YCL setting government buildings on fire, Dr. Baburam does not deny or condem it. Instead his reply is that the YCL have done other activities which are “good” and it makes up for all their bad actions.This to me is is point of concern.

    Furthermore, I would be interested in asking Dr. Baburam or the Maoist leadership what would happen in the event that they do poorly in the CA elections. Or if a decesion is made not to abolish based on the results of the CA elections. Will the Maoists accept these results and accept the results? They seem so confident they are going to fair well in the CA elections. However, with what’s happening in Terai (one of the largest contituencies in Nepal) and the general preception in the valley and elsewhere, I really wonder if they have miscalulated their chances.

  39. Bhudai Pundit:

    I share your exact concerns. But this is not a one time event. Rather, it is a consistent theme that has emerged from one interview after another on Maoist leaders. Yet, this pattern remains unchallenged by the same Nepali intelligentsia that was quite pleased to usher the Maoists into government, on the premise that the maoists wanted to part of the mainstream.

    Take for example, Devendra Raj Pandey (one of the biggest land owners in the Terai). Look at what he has to say about the current political make-up (minus the Maosits) in this article:


    In commenting about the fedual, corrupt, etc. political class in Nepal, Pandey conveniently omits his own past participation in the system as well as his strong disire for future participation.

    The point is that Nepal’s intellects have gotten away with this double standard of behavior for far too long. They are happy to show their ultra-liberal and ultra-democratic credentials but only when the display is convenenitly aligned with toppling a system that is unfavorable to the intellectual minority.

    When it comes to challenging their own assumptions and reviewing their own failed logic (and revising it), the intellectuals fail the exact same way their political masters fail.

    This in my opinion is why no one has bothered to focus on the possibilities you outline – that the CA elections may be unfovaroable to the Moaists and the monarchy may survive. One, so-called nepali intellectuals living aborad are mostly tied to the Bahunist faction of the Nepali Congress (I won’t take names here). And two, the intellectuals in Nepal won’t dare to bring up such topics for fear of the Maoists.

    Both groups aren’t really intellectuals at all – they are servants to their respective ideologies (mostly the maintenance of the bahunist tradition). They will never comment unless they are sure of which way the wind is blowing. This is cowardice and deceit, nothing intellecutal about it.

    I have read quite a lot of discourse on this blog, if you’re interested on the topic. Look in the archives section, there are many posts on the concerns you bring raised that I have read.


  40. I thought Bhattarai’s interview was arrogant, too utopian and full of ideal communist slogans. He is racing against time. He says the world must move towards socialism, but in reality that doesnt happen. So instead of preparing Nepal for a modern, capitalistic and a globalised society, he all the more confirms that his party will take Nepal down the gut in pursuit of a utopian socialistic state.

  41. Neta,

    I live in Nepal. You should refrain from shooting off BS before you know what you are talking about. By the way the govt. here (i.e. in NEPAL) have signed away pay offs to maoist who are’nt even maoists among other many sign offs even to foreigners, BUT what has that got to do with signing the Rome Statue where despots can be booked for crimes gainst humanity?
    Neta around here (i.e. NEPAL) the word Neta itself means you’re full of it. So stop shooting off your mouth from whichever corner of the world you are in paying off your mortgage and paying taxes to foreign nations, while taxpayers to this nation (i.e NEPAL) like me will ask these questions as we please, if you please.

    The Rome statute is for one and all and especially for common citizens to have the ability and the access to file a case against anyone for crimes against humanity.

  42. There is a double standard in how we are treating the King and how we are treating Prachanda and his goons. Paras killed a few, Prachanda killed thousands. Why is prachanda still looming around ?

    For an idiot like Prachanda who compares his goons to Nepali Army, it is hilarious. The biggest difference between the two is that, in the Army people have chosen to fight, in the terrorist Maoist army they have been forced to or threatened to. The biggest idiot does not realize this and neither do the political brains in this blog.

  43. This is total bias country…

    Now country is heading toward gang fight among YCL, MYJF (youth group), and other NC and UML youth groups. The MJF, NC and UML are planning to strenghthen their youths with with arms.The objective of these young groups are to counter attack each other and suppress the opponents by violient. This is nothing but addition to 10 arm groups peace process. Are we heading toward peace process or arms process democracy ?

    Carry on and on and on….. for bulding New Nepal with the imagination of Switzerland.

  44. The king killed more than the Maoists, and there is no doubt about that. And since he has gone the war is over. We need a republic as it will end any chance of a war. Its great President Carter came to Nepal, it honours all those for peace and democracy,

  45. “The biggest difference between the two is that, in the Army people have chosen to fight, in the terrorist Maoist army they have been forced to or threatened to.”
    Cock and bull. Fact: Royal American army is a mercenary force. Poor peasants join it for money. People’s Army is a force of freedom fighters.

  46. That’s right comrade tell them! The people’s army is a force of freedom fighters. All those children and other villagers willingly joined the People army to fight for the people’s aspirations. There is no force to join the People’s army. And I’ll add another cock and bull fact the Royalists have fabricated: The Maoist army never used innocent villagers as human shields!

  47. Not really, the Maoist PLA started off as a true freedom fight. The Maoists recruited all the Janjatis and marginalized with the promise of autonomous lands. But in the due course it became clear that they were fighting senseless wars to secure “chairs” for Bahun masters. Thats when fracture within the party and within PLA started happening. Today nobody gives a fuck about Maoists, nobody gives a fuck about monarchy. These simple PLAs realised the grand design and defected in mass. Well they’ve been able to hold on many till now but not for long. No wonder the grassroot Maoists dont give a shit abt their leaders. They’re all out of control, not simply because they’re too drunk with power but plus bcoz they believe in their opportunistic leaders no longer.

    Today, in reality the King is irrelevant, the Maoists is irrelevant so is NC, UML, NC-D. They’re all fake. Today the real issues have taken centerstage and that is jatiya equality. But due to leadership vacuum + mass jatiya movement yet to consolidate, I wont be surprised if NC wins again. But the change has started and in due course it will be more apparent.

    But lets not have confusions about that the fact that the army fought simply for the king and no one else. Low level recruits and junior officers are of course excused.

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