Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!

The Lead: Now parliament can remove the monarchy by a two third majority if it finds the 240 year old feudal institution meddling with the election of constitution assembly election. The parliament yesterday passed a bill that has amended the constitution and added the new provision on monarchy. The Maoist has been demanding that the republic be declared by the parliament before the CA election while Nepali Congress maintains that the first meeting of the CA should decide the fate of monarchy.

By Yuvraj Acharya in the Kathmandu Post

KATHMANDU, June 13 – The Interim Parliament effected the second amendment to the five-month-old Interim Constitution on Wednesday, empowering parliament to abolish the 240-year-old institution of the crown, and deferring the constituent assembly poll till Mangshir (mid-December). The parliament at its meeting added a separate sub-clause to Article 159 of the Constitution that authorizes the interim legislature to abolish monarchy by a two-third majority.

The government is to table a motion for the abolition of the monarchy if the cabinet concludes that the king is creating serious obstacle to constituent assembly polls. No authority except the cabinet will have the power to decide whether or not the king is creating such an obstacle.

Besides the provision on abolishing the monarchy, parliament also included a new clause for the removal of the prime minister through a parliamentary vote. One fourth of the members in parliament can table a motion of no-confidence against the prime minister, up to twice a year, and summon a special session for this purpose.

The amendment has made it mandatory for the prime minister to summon a special session within 15 days of such a motion being tabled. Tabling a motion for abolition of the monarchy was one of the major differences among the ruling parties until the 11th hour and the difference hinged on who should determine whether the king is conspiring against the polls.

Further clarifying Article 155 of the constitution, the amendment made Supreme Court justices and ambassadors subject to parliamentary hearings before their appointment. The government had proposed to exempt justices and ambassadors from attending such hearings but lawmakers in a special committee, formed to study all amendment proposals and submit a report to the House, rejected the government proposal.

Under an amendment to Article 154, the Cabinet may ask the Constituency Delimitation Commission to review its report (for one time) if it finds any technical errors.

The amendment added a new clause (57A) to provide for an opposition bench in parliament, but a separate law is required for the opposition bench to come into existence. The Rastriya Prajatantra Party protested the provision and demanded that an opposition bench should be guaranteed by the constitution itself, and not by a separate Act. But its members did not vote against the Bill.

Altogether 281 members in the 329-member parliament voted for the amendment while two voted against. Pari Thapa and Nava Raj Subedi of People’s Front Nepal voted against the Bill, saying that the amendment fails to address the country’s current problems.

Leaders from all the ruling parties said the amendment was a historic leap forward in Nepal’s parliamentary history since the amendment has made parliament capable of even deciding the future of the monarchy. The parties last year had signed an agreement on deciding the monarchy’s fate at first session of the constituent assembly.

The amendment came into effect immediately after Speaker Subas Nembang authenticated it.

Parliament on March 9 effected the first amendment to the Constitution, which was promulgated on January 15. The first amendment determined the future model of governance as “federal” and expressed commitment to ensuring an equal share for all ethnic minorities and backward communities in all state mechanisms. It also formed a constituency delimitation commission to redraw electoral constituencies.

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71 thoughts on “Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!

  1. It is Ok, they have sritten that in constitution. But is the link between the army and the monarchy is already broken? Is the army already in favor of democracy? These are the urgent questions. If the link between the army and king is still there, no matter what is written in the constitution, they will not be able to do anything.
    And they are playing with words only at this serious time. They should be serious for holding constituent assembly elections on time (Nov.)

  2. But do spaM take the responsiblity of civil war and ethnic crisis and more killings or not ???

  3. hope everything will be settled in New Nepal for the betterment of the country…

  4. BULLSHIT !!@!#$%^&



  5. “Leaders from all the ruling parties said the amendment was a historic leap forward in Nepal’s parliamentary history since the amendment has made parliament capable of even deciding the future of the monarchy.”

    Yes it is good for them but who are they? They are not the one choosen to represent us(THE PEOPLE) they are only chosen by their party. They are worst then when ruled by monarchy. They are only wasting time to hold the chair. “Kissa Kurshi Ka”

  6. Thats a good news. We want no monarchy now. Nepal be a prosperous state, thats all we wish.

  7. INTERIM parliament amending INTERIM constitution … ha ha ha ha …lol

    Now the question is:

    How can they stop King dissolving the parliament he reinstituted without any reference to any article of the constitution
    Whatever this “epoch making” (my ass) parliament writes is not worth the paper its writen on.

  8. The sheer incompetencies are at play here. They can side step all the laws, precedents and legalities but are we to adhere to their proclaimation when we KNOW its not legal, precedented, and not under the jurisprudence. What do they take us for – BHEDA, c’mon.

    Infact- the attempt to divert the main issues are the key things here. SPAM talks to Janjati with deceit, it falters- they make pledge of security, bomb blasts in the city, they talk about governance-its is not existence.

    So all in all- they are at the last leg of their tour to nowhere and they know it. The only fear is that this tour to nowhere may be last nail in the coffin of Nepal as we know it.

  9. Instead of working towards CA elections to decide these things, the parliament resorts to unconstitutional practices. It will spell trouble that’s all.

  10. Constitution has been turned into a big joke. They can write and decide anything they want. Long live loktantra

  11. Above bloggers,

    However desparate you be about the monarchy, it can not be saved now. Even if the army does a coup de tant, the parliamentarians will dispose the king immidiately and the army will not be able to support the monarch and if tries, it will lose its own credibility. Army just can impose a dictatorial rule for a short period if it can. So, think something better, something logical, something creative. Political parties will be there, not the monarchy. Political parties will decide the future of this countries, not the monarch. Try to adjust to this reality.

  12. Raj,

    Forget above bloggers and read this: Based on the second amendment, the biggest of the political incompetents (NC-Bahunist) has tied its fate directly to that of the Monarchy. If you don’t see how this relationship works, I’m afraid you need to do some hard thinking.

    Until and unless this group of leaders in the parties dies of old age, we will never see a Nepal that is free of moiast, monarchist or bahnists.

    You should refrain from blowing your smug trumpet and adjust to this reality. If your only enemy is the monarchy, them it is clear what kind of background you come from – not maoist, not monarchist, not democrat, but.. (complete this for me).

  13. We are adjusting Mr. Raj. Our only concern is, we thought we would decide the future of our country but unfortunately, it is our corrupt, inefficient and evil leaders who get to decide our future. They will decide our future as long as the future exists. I do not even see a CA election in sight, let alone a new nepal or any nepal at all.

  14. spaM made the parliament as a freaking place where how much from where they can choose and add the sits, and their own interim- constitution no more than rough copy. Erase it with pencil and re-write it again. It is sure that they will erase and rewrite it more than 500 times and eventhough it will be incomplete and keep it like a rough copy.

  15. to ravan:
    have u ever heard of the Khmer Rouge? know anything abt it? well if you dont, let me tell you, when the monarchy was abolished in Cambodia in 1970, a republic was set up. by 1975, Khmer Rouge, a maoist faction of communist came to power and started genocide. 20% of the total population was murdered. in 1993 after 23 years they brought the royal house back again. instead of comparing us to some european country, try comparing us to one of the asian ones. i think you will get your answer. besides monarchy isnt the only backlash in our history. more than them, it has been the self vested parties who are eating up the country from inside. try to get rid of them so that fresh, committed leaders would emerge.

    to basanta:
    dude reality check, besides the king being the patron of the army (every where in the world the head of the state is the patron), he didnt have any legal influence on the army. army by law was alway under the defense council, led by the prime minister, while the two members were the defense minister and the chief of army staff.
    if you are wondering why army is considered to be loyal to the king, well it is just because, leaders in nepal changes more than the weather in kathmandu, and what changes more than them are their promises. they have always themselves said that if army was made powerful, the king would be powerful. if you have time and enough guts check the annual budget. at one time, defense budget was far less than the home ministry’s budget. as the result maoist terrorist got powerful. even when they attacked the army camp in dang, it took the then parliament 2 days to declare emergency. so would u trust the leaders if you were in uniform????

    who do u represent by saying we?? well if i have to choose between the monarchy and this anarchical government, trust me, the king was much much better than now. murderers, hijacker, hooligans are now policing our country. they abduct, torture and say that they are cleaning up the society.
    leaders have followed gandhi’s principle i guess, just that they have modified it.

    so if you still feel that no one wants monarchy, trust me, you are dead wrong.

    to all those who have really submitted nice and true comments, keep it up!!

  16. i can not accept abolishing monarchy before ca election.
    cowards like maoist scaring with election.

  17. The way it is- its like they are building web lies and deceit so thick that SPAM will itself drown in it taking uselful Idiots to their rightful doom as well.

  18. The people really don’t count. The Interim Parliament is Supreme! No need for the People of this country to decide. Our Leaders will do the deciding for us. Great Day for Nepal! Yes now abolish the Army. Make New Nepal a Switzerland, a Costa Rica where there is no Army. Only the Peoples’ Army should be kept. Great Day indeed!!!

  19. Err.. what constitution these guys are talking about? Does it exist actually? Didnt King Gyanendra rendered it useless paper and the SPAM/Maoist continued the tradition?
    Its just a time buying strategy to delay constitutional assembly election so as to diffuse the pressure. All political parties are back to their past habits of calculating their petty interests and this time around they are scared of being dethroned by people.. A move in a good direction however….. (Liberty, equality and fraternity failed long time back in french commune during the french revolution). Time for Kathmanduites to dream.

  20. Wow! I wish they could abolish crooked politicians and bureaucrats, govt. inefficiency, corruption, nepotism and discrimination in the same manner! Close your eyes and wish it away and it will be gone.

  21. This parliament is all powerful and all knowing. If it wants it can declare a man to be a woman and vice versa. They have people’s faith and support to come up with even more ridiculous ammendments than this. We Nepalese are fortunate that we have such visionary leaders who are considerate and still willing to give space to everyone. All our political leaders, Maoists in particular should be honored with International prizes.

  22. Actually why only monarchy, to make things even more just, there should be a bill that allows to abolish certain parties also. Also, another bill to abolish the army and police would be good ammendments. Lets hope that the revolutionary spirit of the great Nepali people will also bring that in future. Lets hope.

  23. Great great… I guess we can safely say that the king is a dying breed people. But, just because these tyrant politicians manage to somehow scribe up a piece of paper in the “Esteemed Parliament” where guns still rule; can it be said that we Nepalese can have republic? What these politicians do is pay some daily wage to these hungry monkeys to shout on the street, then say “Aam Janta ko Awaj ra chhahana” and pass any bill they wish. I wouldn’t be surprised if they passed a bill saying that any party holding more than 1/10 members in the parliament can own a small private army. That would be good… Stupid people. Also, everyone knows almost everything that is going on.. it is just that if it effects us adversely then we oppose.. This is Mafia style rule… rato chandan kasko? Think about it.. And here Nepalese want democracy, Republic.. Educate the leaders and the monkeys on the street first.. That is my opinion any ways..

  24. Well, lets see, will you trust your future with these politicians? Girja, could be dead any time soon, and do you think his last thoughts will be the good of Nepalese or “My god I am dying, I do not want to die”? These politicians are old. They cannot think more than 3 years ahead.. and here you guys are talking about Switzerland and dreaming. I bet, people here are dead against Monarchy, I too am not that fond of if but it is true, there are plenty of people that would try a last stand for the Monarchy. I just wish the house would pass a bill to abolish Monarchy, then we would all be free to really bring out a new cause to abolish these tyrant politicians. I can stamp my feet and say that who ever trust these politicians are either dead blind or they plan to gain (big cash/property) while supporting them. Let me say this (I know everyone here will curse me, but it is true); we nepalese have become demonized, are stupid, war hungry, dubious, khate, and outright selfish. So, what happens then? Look around you. That is all I have to say.

  25. Haha, yes , Mr. Bhayankar, great!!

    How about a bill to honour Maoists for killing 14000 innocent Nepali lives? And a bill of gratitude to YCL for making our country into a hooligan state? A bill to thank people like Bhayankar and comrades for destroying nepal and making people’s life like a living hell!!

    And how about a bill of encouragement for MPRF guys for defeating Maoists in their own game and wiping them out from Terai??

    Any more bills guys??

  26. Watch it hope. Watch how you talk to comrade Bhayankar – we don’t appreciate such sarcaism. The Party has been working hard to meet the people’s aspirations. The day when the evil, tyrannical Shah King is sent into exile will be a glorious day in the history of Nepal.
    There is no need to wait for CA elections to decide this issue. It is clear what the people want. This parliment which was formed with the People’s aspirations has every right to amend the constitution and change the Nepal into a republic. Elections are a waste of time. The Maoist party is sure to win anyway. With the bir young men of the YCL keeping an eye on the polling stations the elections will be free and fair the the great Chairman will rise to power.

  27. Good news

    Businessmen vandalize Maoist office in Rajbiraj

    Kantipur Report

    RAJBIRAJ, June 14 – Businessmen in Rajbiraj Thursday vandalized and torched Maoist belongings in their Tribhuwan Chowk situated party office.
    The businessmen have alleged that the Maoist youth wing Young Communist League (YCL) cadres — protesting against the killing of their fellow cadres in Rupandehi — forced them to shut down their shops and even thrashed them.

    Two YCL cadres were killed yesterday in clash with Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) in Rupandehi.

    Six businessmen including Baiju Shah and Dinesh Prasad Gupta have been injured by the YCL thrashing.

    The irate businessmen set ablaze a computer, six bicycles, some documents and clothes from the Maoist office.

    They have handed over a pistol and a grenade, which they found at the Maoist office, to the police.

  28. I don’t understand why the present parliament is wasting time on nonsense issues like abolishing the king. He is already sacked, confined to his house in Maharajgung, reduced to dirt. He does not head the army anymore. His crown is removed and has been stoned by a minor citizen. What more is necessarry to tell this bastard that he is no more needed.

    There is a much greater issue to be resolved and Girija and Home Minister Sitaula don’t see or feel the threats coming from the guy sitting next to him. Girija’s govt. should be writing constitution about why YCL should be dissolved, why Maoists cadres don’t deserve to be paid monthly salary for just sitting around in the cantonements and making babies. They should be writing constitution about making Prachanda answerable for all the incidents that is happening under the name of YCL. Issues like abolishing corruption urgently, putting the corrupt people behind bars. Write constitution about how Maoist is still a big threat to the nation and the general people, impose proper law and order and safety for the people.

    The Terai revolution is boiling and aleady spilling. The conflict between Terai forums and Maoists could be a big disaster for the general people who will have to loose their life for nothing. Why not write constitution banning the Nepal Bandh and declare calling Nepal Bandh a crime, give harsh punish and five years jail term for doing such crimes. If the government respect the victory of Jana Andolan 2 and respect the martyrs and consider people to be powerful don’t make their lives difficult. Don’t put obstructions on their day to day life.

    Instead of seeing through all these burning issues, they are wasting time on abolishing the monarchy. What happend to Rayamaji report? Headlines like “The king will be summoned”, “King pin grilled”, etc. But what the heck happened to them in the end? Nothing! They are walking freely. Just calling them to the court and throwing a few questions and releasing them, you think you punished them! Who got punished? Who is behind the bar? Nobody. Not a single person from the Royal Government who were responsible for supressing the Andolan. No one! Nobody. I see Kamal Thapa shopping at Bhatbateni with big smile, the same person who gave “shoot on site” order and is directly responsible for all the people who died during Jan Andolan 2.

    This government is just a big lier. Prachanda is a lier. If you can’t do anything don’t talk about it, sust shut your mouth. Constituent Assembly! Constituent Assembly will never happen. Rayamaji report will never be implemented just like the Mallik Report. No body will get punished. Not even the king. No one has the guts to abolish monarchy. Don’t talk bullshit. Burn the Rayamaji report if you can’t take action. History will keep on repeating. Country has remain a chaos and will continue to be chaos. Prachanda’s New Nepal is just a lie. Girija’s Constituent Assembly is just a way to cling on to the power.

  29. dont know wat to say……i think all factions are strong..including the king’s. What would be ideal is act democratically…..but all the factions want easy money and loot……and we see people fed up with this migrating for greener pastures…..all the mediores and dimwits will remain to decide the fate of this country….wat a joke!!!

  30. Its such a shame that bhedas make citizen of a country.

    OH well. at the end, people get the government it DESERVES. Enjoy.!

  31. We have already had 2 amendments in the Constitution and the third one will be pretty soon. This abolition of monarchy clause is a nonsense. This is a nominated parliament and not an elected one. There is so much of frustration among the people because of the non-performance of the present 8 party junta government. There is no petrol, no diesel, no kerosene and the law and order is deteriorating day by day. Will a republic solve the issue? No, we will become another Afghanistan.

  32. Nepal too can be abolished constitutionally. But that will be the last things these bastards will do. Congratulations Bahadurs !!!

  33. Bloggers,

    Most of you have great sympathy, if not love, for monarchy but your love towards that institution is like towards an old decaying bunyan tree which is deep rooted to hundreds of years and has influenced us around it in one or other way. However prejudiced we are for monarchy, it has to bow out of political scene as it is the only representative of feudal system after the abolition of Zamindari and Birta. Though one can mention British or Japanese monarchys or Combodian Prince Sinhanuk in Pol Pot time, for example, they are rare exceptions in capitalist and communist systems. Capitalism can not survive without abolition of feudalism, even less the communism can. Present monarch and his son are in so low point of popularity that hardly any monarch could have retain power in history at this point. I already said that Maoists are not democrats but they look forward with a mission. Just their course of action is skewed and disoriented. So I request you to give up and disregard the monarchy and correct the Maoists to bring them in path of democracy.

    I don’t understand why you have so much detest towards our political leaders and beaurocrats. Irrespective of your abhor, they are there to be, as they are the players of that arena, not you and me. They are human with faults and sins, not gods. They are corrupt sometimes as all politicians and beurocrats are all over this world, be it capitalist America or tight grip communist regime North Korea. We can choose best out of them, that much.

  34. You stupid Raj! if you dont undestand why we have so much detest towards our political leaders and beaurocrates, you are not even a Nepali. Where the Fcuk have you been for the past 20 years? They are not gods and are with faults and sins but just as we are punished for our mistakes and sins, so should they. I dont know what kind of democracy you believe in but the kind i do is where even the politicians have to be accountable. They should not be able to escape responsibility by saying they simply humans and they make mistakes too. They are more than simply humans because they are entrusted with the responsibility of leading the country.

  35. The ruling trend of spaM has shown that gun and killing in the name of politics is everything and pays good return, which is already copied by 9 armed groups in terai.

    if self declared parliament members of spaM decide the critical issues themselves, then what happened if madhesi and other ethnic groups declared announce the new parliament of their own by copying the spaM syndicate rule ?

    It is total hawaldari rajya……..and teaching the same to others….

  36. Raj:

    Well said. However, I disagree with your statement that the Maoists are not democrats and the party’s actions are skewed and disorented. How dare you say such a thing. The Maoist party is the reason the evil Shah King today is hiding in it’s shell like a tortoise. If it weren’t for the Maoist party the SPA would be protesting in the streets with it’s handful of supporters (probably you and a bunch of your friends) in a most pathetic sight.

    Yes there are many many more examples of constitutional monarchy living within a democratic framework: England, The Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia etc. However, let’s just disregard all these examples. The evil Shah King is what’s causing all of Nepal’s problems… such examples don’t mean anything.

    I also don’t understand why people have such destest towards the political leaders. Poor political leaders, so what if they were an utter failure for the last 15 years. So what if they were engaged in curruption, nepotism, political infighting and showed a total lack of goverance etc. The evil King made them do all this. It was all the Royalist’s fault. I agree with you.
    They are humans afterall. But the Maoists are gods and we will make no mistake. Rest assured Raj.

  37. B:
    What is your problem? Don’t talk to Raj in that tone. Raj, has some of the greatest insights into Nepalese politics out of anyone I know. Only his views regarding the Maoists are wrong. Otherwise what he says is the truth. Poor, poor political parties. They deserve our sympathy and cooperation. They have always had the best interest of the Nepalese people at heart. It’s these Royalists that have cast a shadow on their otherwise clean and wholesome image. These Royalists have fabricated all these lies about the political leaders to cover up their own curruption.
    People like Raj are a crucial part of Nepal’s future. Just imagine with thinkers like Raj and doers like the YCL, Nepal will be transformed into a most prosperous country – it will be Singapore in no time.

  38. in nepal, often, priorities get jumbled up. right now, i guess, election and security should be at top of the list. but, even if, all the no-good politicians in their delirium decided to abolish monarchy, i will take it as bonus. at least one task checked off of the To Do List.

  39. well put harke ko ba.

    bhudai-your attempts at satire are getting on my nerves. i’ll have to start ignoring your comments if you continue in that vein.

  40. Fair enough Kirat. The SPAM are not going to abolish the Monarchy just yet. If they did that, they wouldn’t be able to point fingers and blame everything on regressive forces. Then they would have to be accountable.

  41. yeah I think the SPAM actually need the monarchy as an escape goat for all their bunglings. who would they blame once royalty is gone…India I guess! Man, it would be nice to line them up and put a bullet through each of their foreheads…Prachanda, Baburam and Badal first.

  42. The present situation in Nepal can hardly be termed as being normal. We have a coalition government of the Mighty Eight Political Parties, yet the Government is totally emasculated. There is violence in the districts and in the streets, yet there is no spine in our political masters and our law-enforcement agencies to enforce the law. The Lawmakers in the Parliament are like baffons fiddling around with silly articles of the Constitution and living in a makebelief world of their own. The Monarchy has already ceased to be factor in our political equation; there was no real need to kill a dead animal.

    You Fools, you Bhardars of today’s Nepal, get a grip of the situation of the country before it is too late. The violent means adopted by the Maoists to attain their political objectives is now being emulated by other parties like the TJMM and the United Front. Many more are about to take this route. The UML has started talking about this route, the Nepali Congress is also making similar noises. Should we reach that point, then trust me, we will have crossed thye Rubicon. A once peace loving people will have learnt the lessons of hatred, revenge, and generational vendettas. Surely this is not the Right Path!


  43. India needs to redefine its relations with Nepal
    Monday, 06.11.2007, 12:37am (GMT-7)

    Read what the Indian agents are propagating about Nepal: [Sentences in parenthesis are mine]

    The India-Nepal relations have always been both intimate as well as complex.

    [It has never been intimate. It has always been fratricidal on the part of India. It continues to be so]

    India has long been counting on the Himalayan barrier of northern Nepal as its natural defense against China.

    [This is bullying and most hateful of its criminal intents.]

    In recent times, however, India has been concerned that anti-Indian terrorist groups could use Nepal as a base of operations.

    [It is the Indians who are terrorists in Nepal. They are the principal cause for all vagaries that this gentle country is made to live with since the last sixty years or so]

    Now, when monarchy has been given a burial by democratic forces of Nepal, and given the significance of Nepal to India’s security interests, it is imperative that India should redefine its political, economic, diplomatic and cultural relations with Nepal.

    [Shameful !!! It is not the people of Nepal who wanted the Nepal King to go. The monarch has always been the guarantor of democracy and protector of national interest. It is the Indian agents in Nepal’s politics and the criminals deployed by RAW who wanted the monarchy to go for ever for the same reasons. Nepali people are crying for the monarchy; but their voice has been blocked. All papers in Nepal are run by RAW’s money. That is the reason that the opposition voices are not heard of. They created Maoists, but the King almost defeated them. They killed King Birendra and his family; but the people, to their dismay, still opted for monarchy and offered the Crown to his legitimate successor. Democracy had always been a uniting force. As a final move, India dismantled democracy and created this fratricidal scene. This is also the time for India and Nepal to reassess their past relations with each other. Indeed, this is the time for India to colonize Nepal, with the help of its proxy fore – the Maoists – and the agents in Seven Party, including the symbolic Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, a traitor to the nation. Agents like this scribe are now ready to float the idea]

    There have been several instances when Indian foreign policy towards Nepal has caused anger among the people of Nepal.

    [Indeed, India has been terrorist of worst type, a colonizer and has always made us cry].

    Similarly, Nepal has also caused anger among Indian political circles. Of course, an independent, democratic and proud Nepal is never acceptable to India.

    [It breaks their heart].

    The restoration of democracy [fratricidal anarchy] in Nepal provided a unique historic opportunity for a qualitative

    [regressive and unilateral]

    enhancement of bilateral relations between the two countries, which

    [never had faith on]

    rest on age-old social, economic and cultural ties; shared faith in democracy, freedom and the rule of law; and pursuit of peace, stability and prosperity To cite the most recent example of India’s ambiguous foreign policy, in 2005, when King Gyanendra’s assumed direct power, China, Pakistan and Russia viewed it as a purely domestic issue for Nepal to resolve on its own.

    [The most convincing example is the role of RAW to unite its proxy force (Maoists) and political agents (seven parties) to fight against the King and the democratic Constitution together to safeguard Indian interests. By the way can Nepal initiate a 12-point understanding between Kashmiri rebels and Pakistan to fight against India. This is the best example of the bloody relations ship between Nepal and India].

    But the Indian government reacted negatively and also stayed away from a regional summit to meet the king. Not only that, India also temporarily suspended military supplies to protest the king’s take over of power. This was not viewed by Nepal as an insignificant matter as India was its main weapons supplier. Tulsi Giri, vice-chairman of the ministerial council, then reacted sarcastically saying, “India coddles Bhutan’s autocrat king but lectures us on democracy.” The Indian stand, however, witnessed a change after few months when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met with king at the Afro-Asian summit in Jakarta in April 2005.

    [That was just a drama; the drama before the next move.]

    New Delhi soon resumed military aid such as jeeps, bulletproof jackets and mine-proof vehicles to Nepal. This apparently caused anger among democratic forces

    [Say Indian agents].

    They are not democratic forces; they used to be democratic forces sometime in the distant past] who believed that the Indian government, instead of helping their cause, was strengthening the hand of monarchy. The report of Amnesty International in 2005, which singled out India along with other countries as the largest suppliers of arms, created fear among the political forces fighting for the restoration of democracy.

    [I said that was a drama]

    As for as Nepal’s foreign policy, it drew closer to China following India’s reversal in Sino-Indian conflict of 1962.

    [Nepal is able to decide its foreign policy; it does not need political masters.]

    Further, rejection of India’s offer for a defense pact by Nepal was quite embarrassing for India.

    [Don’t ever think that your agents will be able to do that. You will not be able to do it just by killing 15 thousand people; providing citizenship to almost sixty thousand Indians, and removing the King from Nepal forever. You will have to kill most of the Nepalis to do that. ]

    In 1989, India imposed a trade embargo on Nepal and closed 13 of 15 transit routes. The reason for the sanctions was the expiration of 1978 treaties between the countries that had provided for highly preferential reciprocal trade terms and transit rights. Nepal in retaliation took the matter to the UN raising India’s anger. Nepal has at various times also expressed concern about what it sees as India’s ‘bullying’ behaviour in the region.

    [Say criminal behaviour, not just bullying]

    Now that Nepal [India] has decided to establish a democratic republic

    [a new colony in Nepal]

    instead of democratic monarchy, Indian role in managing the colony in the region has become far more important. The popular support for democracy has been overwhelming and the Nepalese populace has very high expectation from the new government. However, as the experiences of several new democratic countries and Nepal’s own past democratic experience suggests, democracy takes time to deliver.

    [You are really writing your main point here. By the way how much you go for this?]

    Decision making in colonial democracy is a matter of consensus. It is in Nepal’s own interest to involve India in helping it build a strong democratic state. [Really]In this context, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s official visit to India from in June last year should be considered as landmark. The Prime Minister of India conveyed India’s readiness to render all possible assistance

    [including management of the deposed monarchy].

    The two Prime Ministers have agreed to enhance the India-Nepal political development partnership for expanding rural and economic infrastructures, developing education and healthcare facilities, and building human resources in Nepal. The Prime Minister of Nepal extended an invitation to his Indian counterpart to pay an official visit to Nepal. Though the date for the visit of Dr Manmohan Singh is yet be decided, it is hoped it would lead to a new era in Indo-Nepal relations.

    [Why Manmohan, Girija is not enough?

    The writer is Research Scholar at the School of International Studies

  44. Having looked at some of the comments here. I can only say that the logical conclusion to the issue of monarchy is the CA elections. If they want to abolish monarchy before elections, I can see a serious problem with it. Taking my subjective view that we should remain a constitutional monarchy aside, even if I were a republican, I would worry greatly if the monarch was removed without elections. For one this would mean for the SPAM the only ones remaining to blame would be themselves (this will be hugely destabalising and they should thank the King that he is still there on his throne), and for another it will not be accepted by people here as legitimate and internationally we will always have a cloud on the issue. I agree with firends here that the concentration at the moment should be the elections and the law and order situtaion everything else should be secondary. If we can get on course to elections and get our security in order I would call that enough of an achievement by this interim government. There is no need for them to try and attempt grand ideas when the elections will decide what course this nation will follow.

  45. I was wondering if the following tantamounts to trying to sabotage the constituent assembly elections and if there is a law in the parliament that can ban the Maoists party as a result:

    1. Terror spread through YCL- abduction, torture, killing, extortion.
    2. Acute unionization of industries that havve virtually brought the production sector to a grinding halt.
    3. Cache of ammunition recovered from Maoists offices.
    4. Maoists comrades threatening to take weapons out of the cantonements.
    5. Maoists postponing for the umpteenth time the second round of verifications in the cantonements.
    6. Pushpa Kamal is all his “garjans” warning against US intervention and then publickly shaking hands with powerless Jimmy Carter requesting him to open dialogue with the american government for more co-operation with the US. Is he back stabbing Nepalese people for his own good?
    7. Maoists sister organizations called bandh virtually paralyzing the country.

    This is just a short list although a lot more can be added– all I wonder if this tantamounts to trying to sabotage the CA or not.If it does and to my opinion it certainly does, then the parliament should make another ammendment in the constitution to be able to throw out a party from the parliament and election race should they be deemed to be thawrting the elections. It has been ages since the terrorists have gone overboard with this sabotage act.

  46. i dont know what to write really, here is the scenario, one fine day gyane will decide to make a move, of course i woudnt blame him for that, if he feels like a king then im sure ¨he will feel the responsiblity to make things right in his country¨. then there will be a emergency session of parliament maybe in the hiding, because by then all the major buildings will be under gyane´s control, and then by unanimos vote they will abolish the moanrcy, which of cousre will be illegal for all the people leaning towards monarch and leagal and valid to the people leaning against, YOBO YCL will put up a struggle for sure, as out going US ambassador said YCL is nothing else than all wolves under ships skins, and also here Im not surprised, first if these are hardcore maoist fighters if the leaders keep them locked into cantonments they can turn against them which is bad for maoist top gun, so if you give them a catchy name and put them out to streets they will spread propaganda and also provide security to the leadership and in case of a coup it will be more easier to slip away to the jungles then those who are locked away in the cantonments, who of cousre will be the first ones to get captured and killed in case of a coup. and what we will have is another decade of murder, kidnapping and oppression, of course im so pessimistic, but tell me if you are not. i really would like some one convience me that my mother is not going to be whored out once more. i really need some one to tell me that we will fight for a better nation, i need some thing new some one radical, because everyone i see around are nothing but the same old maybe with new faces but same old. and i dont like none of you, why, first i dont like paras for his attitude, second girija and all his political dimwits for bringing the nation to this and for their incompetence, and the most the maiost for bringing chaos, just for the records prachanda and the top guns of maoists are responsible for more deaths than the monarcy and perticular gyane. hey even paras you know. lets see the now royals killed the then royals its not new in nepalese history has happened more than once, so lets say they did it if fin man they just killed 10´s but the maoist executions amounts to 1000´s for sure, so tell me how can i trust any one of you???????? and finally just to piss every one off india will be the ultimate patron of nepal. this is a suicide note.

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