Just like Schools, Capital of Nepal is Also Closed

Depriving Children’s Rights to Education in Nepal

By Conflict Study Center
Contributed by Dr. Bishnu Pathak and Chitra Niraula. Assisted by Shankar Poudyal, Rushma Shakya and Prem Prasad Pathak. (Source: Media Monitoring and Field Observation)

Today, Kathmandu is closed down again. No vehicles are running, no shops are open and no business is operating. People are scurrying hurriedly on their feet to their destinations for fear of mis-happenings. The smoke of the burning tires in crossroads has choked the neighborhood. In many places, not only public and private vehicles, but also ambulances have been stopped.

Factor for the closure

On May 25, 2007, Educational Republic Forum (ERF) that is close to Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and Institutional School Teacher’s Union (ISTU) organized a sit-in at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) on the eight day of the strike of all public and private educational institutions at and below Secondary level. Police charged with baton and fired tear gas, where more than 76 people were injured. Many have severe wounds in the head and many others have fractured hands and legs. Protesting the brutal treatment to them, they called for transport strike within Kathmandu from the afternoon. This has further aggravated the environment for talks.

Educational Data

Schools-8,500 (Private) 27,500 (Public)
Students-1,500,000 (Private) 63,00,000 (Public)
Teachers/Staffs-150,000 (Private) 600,000 (Public)

On May 26, 2007, ERF and All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (Revolutionary), Maoist Student’s Wing, demanded for a public apology from the Education Minister Pradip Nepal for his order to inhuman and cruel treatment and abuse to the demonstrators, and compensate expenses for medical treatment to the injured. Almost 7.8 million students across the country have been affected by the strike. Both the organizations had jointly organized rallies, processions and meetings throughout the country, and called for an indefinite strike. Their original principal demands were: all the agreements done by earlier governments should be immediately implemented; and the private schoolteachers and staffs should be availed remuneration and facilities equal to the civil service.

Existing complexities

• Educational sector has been a wrestling ground of political parties.
• Significant differences exist in private and public schools in terms of policies, strategies, curriculum, etc.
• The private schools charge high admission fees annually and monthly fees compared to public in the name of better education. Similarly, there are discrepancies concerning fees in different private schools.
• The salaries and benefits to teaching and non-teaching staffs of private is less compared to public; whereas there is discrepancies amongst private schools in these regard too.
• Textbooks are not available in the remote areas on time.
• Many public school teachers have not been availed permanency albeit their long services (some even more than 20 years) so that their occupation is not secure.
• Civil Servants and officials along with public school teachers send their children to private schools. The leaders of political parties and senior bureaucrats send their children to schools abroad. Whereas, they are the prime investors and investing heavily on the private schools.
• Education although a foundation to economic, physical, social and cultural phenomena, has been less prioritized in the government policies, plans and programs. The agendas included in the programs are not implemented on time.
• The MoES in drowned in corruption and commission.
• The Asian Development Bank and World Bank have been imposing educational reforms that are not compatible in Nepali perspectives.
• No educational materials developed by the government on mother tongue for the ethnicities and nationalities despite of government’s repeated commitments.
• Illiterate parents/guardians also have ‘inkling’ towards English and send their children to private schools.
• Discrimination: The children of the rich families study in rich private and better schools and become doctors and engineers, whereas those from the poor families are bound to study in poor public schools to become their workers.
• Parents impose their wishes on the children while selecting the subjects or schools.
• There is no forum to share and discuss the issues relating to education among students, teachers and parents.
• The Nepali media has not given due response to this critical issue, but exclusive coverage on politics.
• Priority to money, muscle and mafia instead of mind.


The government had formed a talks committee, the same day the strike was announced, headed by a Joint Secretary of the Ministry, without consulting with the agitating forces. The teaching and administrative staffs, who had been involved in talks with that level and suffered a lot due to lack of implementation for eight times, rejected to participate in the talks. Therefore, they demanded a Minister level Talks Committee to execute the previous agreements, because the Joint Secretary is not authorized to take decisions but mere parroting.

The Minister Nepal responded to media that he was not in the position to lead the talks team since the agitators had utilized the maximum right of the trade union by calling a strike and insisted on the agitators to talk with the Team led by the Joint Secretary. After that giving an interview to Radio Nepal, he abused the agitators by accusing that they were terrorists and it was not feasible to talk with the terrorists. Then, the agitators planned to sit-in at the MoES and appealed the Minister to take back the term ‘terrorist’ and create a conducive environment for talks. The agitators have questioned publicly if Minister Nepal was a minister of the autocratic regressive force formed by Gyanendra.

This is not the first problem in the MoES and it will not be the last, because the leaders of political parties when not in power ‘purr as a cat’ advocating on behalf of people, but ‘turn into a lion and roar’ against the people after attaining power. The vital factor is that they have no academic horizon and vision, albeit are guided by money, muscle and mafia. Such persons are far from the democratic processes of dialogue, consensus and cooperation rather indulge in coercion and force.

UNICEF/Nepal, Civil Society, Private School Organizations, Teacher’s Unions, and so on have called both the sides to hold talks. The meeting initiate by the Guardian’s Association with the Minister of State could not continue since the Minister had not apologized for the incident of May 25, 2007.

Education is the wealth for a nation, which must be universal. It must reach all the commoners ensuring free and compulsory. It plays significant role to produce patriotic, progressive, disciplined and skilled human resources.

Literacy to children opens the door to higher education and an educated youth can properly lead the country in the right direction through the right path. Education ensures intrinsic empowerment of the people, which uplifts their personal, social and progressive role in the society and nation. Depriving children from education is a violation of the basic right of a child. The State, political parties and society have no ground to make education a tool to fulfill their interests and ambitions. Today’s children are the helmspersons for tomorrow’s nation and education is the backbone of a society. A society can develop when human beings are aware on problems and their solutions. Therefore, education and children are complementary and their rights should be respected, protected and promoted even in time of war. No one has the authority to deprive the children to education, a basic component of their right to development.

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116 thoughts on “Just like Schools, Capital of Nepal is Also Closed

  1. B…you are probably right…but don’t forget the Maoists gave similar reasons when they got going in the early nineties.

  2. DOA is totally right in one thing. These leaders are voiceles when Indian bullets came into Nepal and killed Nepali-origin refugees while they were making guinine demand. They are being slave for nothing except to enjoy the power, money to earn and all good life to spend in Kathmandu, and send their children to USA or UK for better life. Now many of the so-called top leaders of syndicate are going to India to show their slavery to enhance and fortify their tenure because they found themselve failure in their knotty and selfish commitments toward ingenuous people. Where is human right organizationa and civil society when the Indian bullets are coming to Nepal to kill our people ?

  3. Long Live Nepal!…….Long Live the Institution of Monarchy! Long Live Our Great King Gyanendra!

  4. The current state of affairs naturally begs the question as to what the Nepalese people have gained by bringing the Maoists into the “mainstream”? The absence of war, as we all know, is not peace. The party-leaders are comfortably ensconced in their ministerial berths with associated privileges while the people are left high-and-dry to face the city-dwelling guerrillas.

    Make no mistake, the current chaos and anarchy is in the interests of no one save the Maoists. State failure was their original objective. Despite being in government now they only wish to use their position, by their own admission, to pursue their original goals. Hence, we’re further away from our goals (peace, stability, prosperity) and even democracy than we’ve ever been before.

  5. Increasingly it is turning out that the king and army, for all their other flaws, were right all along about the true intent and nature of the Maoists. It is clear as day by now that the CA elections demand was just a trick. No party really wants it, and the Maoists have even admitted it.

    In their own words, the Maoists don’t really care about the CA elections as long as they get a republic! The People’s War was never really about people’s sovereignty, just about parties’ power. The king and army had enough sense to see this. And they were also cautious that the CA elections could open more problems than it might resolve.

    Suspecting the commitments of the Maoists, and divining the complexity of CA elections they had offered the alternative of holding parliamentary elections first, which if held, would have delivered a legitimate government by now. This would have instilled faith in the legitimate method of getting to government: through the votes of the people, as opposed to revolution from the jungles or streets. This method would have reinforced the concept of people’s sovereignty, not the might of little interest groups. The process of transforming the state could have proceeded much more smoothly through this route.

    But the parties, goaded by the “peaceful-solution” beatniks, of course, fell into the Maoists’ trap. Turns out even Lenin had a name for such helpers: “useful idiots”. Nepal’s “idiots”, however, have proved not only Lenin right, but Gyanendra too. You can beat that man, Gyane, as much as you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was after all right about the Maoists.

  6. In fact, he was right about the parties too. The parties don’t have it in them to resolve the Maoist crisis. They’ve given up way too much to the Maoists and got back way too little in return. After pleading to the people that they wouldn’t repeat their “mistakes” we’re back to the ugliest form of 1990s politics, the raison d’étre for the Maoist insurgency.

    More than a year after Gyanendra gave up power yielding to the “SPA’s roadmap to peace”, we can finally be sure that such a roadmap never existed, it has not been chalked out in the one-year since, and it never will be. The only roadmap that exists, if any, is that of the Maoists. This nation is an 8-captain ship on its stormy voyage to utopia (read nowhere).

    The fact that we haven’t sunk yet, and probably will not soon, ironically, is owing to the one institution whose demise is gaining ground by the day. The person of king Gyanendra may have screwed up, but the institution of monarchy is holding this nation together. Every time the wrangling captains are ready to sink the ship, the disciplining factor of so-called regressive takeover plays the balancing ballast delivering the ship through the tidal wave. The monarchy, as an institution, has been the check-and-balancing factor of Nepalese politics through these tempestuous times.

    It is the monarchy that finally brought the bickering seven parties together in 2005, and it is still the monarchy that is keeping the SPA-M together now. Say what you want of it, there is no denying the invisible but instrumental role the monarchy—unintentionally perhaps—has been playing so far. It has served to bring discipline, responsibility, a sense of a higher goal, and yes, unity to our tirelessly belligerent, bickering politicos.

    Until such a time that our parties and people truly understand the order of priority in national politics: “Nation, party, me; not the other way around” there will continue to be a role for the monarchy in this country.

  7. Kirat- when I praised Nepal Defense Army it was out of sheer frustration. But agree with their work. But trust me- there is no one here with balls to fight back Maoist- they have spread their tentacles and seeped into many of organizations, uncountable, to assure what they want- a totalitarian regime. At least NDA have done it and at this stage and situation who are we to say they are wrong.

    I have come to a point where I am willing to assist them anyhow possible. The thing is we cannot say one thing right and other right- evil is evil, good is good- the middle ground is devil’s and SPAM playground and we are an witness to it- murder, justifications of unholy and evil acts, extortion, school closures, patient dying due to wild cat strike on the road, children’s deprived of their basic needs and rights, SPAM leaders doing their monthly and weekly pilgrimage to India, c’mon ain’t that enough or should we still afford them Benefit of doubt.

    For me SPAM signifies all that is wrong with Nepal- slot me anywhere but all I want is my right to live, earn, educate my children without duress or threat. I and along with many (most Nepali )others should not victimized or ostracized due to supposed ethnicity, class of community, race or perceived notion of Feudalism. The need of the hour is to be caste blind, avoidance of red herring tendencies propped by Maoist with a little help from SPA, and real rule of law.

  8. DOA– I fully agree with your assessment– the Maoists were thinking that they can just march into Kathmandu, unseat the regressive King and then be welcomed with open arms. They had also thought that by allying with the very weak and corrupt and then very unpopular political parties, they will be able to dominate the eight party alliance and slowly move this country into not just a republic but a people’s republic of Nepal (or may be Maoland). However, the same forces that stood against the regessive rule of the King have not started to put pressure on these terrorists. Those forces are the media, the “foreign powers” and the people of this country who have started to demostrate their discontentment one way or the other. It is only a matter of time before this fragmented dissentment will come together and a force and push the maoists off the mainstream. But in the interim we do need forces like the NDA who can stand up and fight fire with fire. It was very funny to read this morning about a condemnation statement put out by the Maoists against the recent bombing of their office in Kathmandu. I foudn that evry ironic as they are now on the receivign end of their own tactics. The people of this country have to now come together in a more organized manner, corner the Maoists to be a spent force (they are already on their way of becoming that) and establish not “loktantra” or ” New Nepal” but a democratic Nepal where people can live in peace.

  9. when the country is locked in a stalemate that is inviting a serious constitutional crisis, our terrorists and corrupt thugs are participating in a jamboree using up our scant resources…

    Eight-party leaders to leave this afternoon on week-long India tour

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, May 31 – Top eight-party leaders including CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal are scheduled to leave for New Delhi on a week-long tour of India this afternoon.
    The team is going to participate in a meet of the south-eastern Members of Parliament to be held in Shimla on 3rd June.

    According to sources, this team will hold important high level political consultation in Delhi before proceeding to Shimla.

    They are scheduled to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress-I President Sonia Gandhi and other important opposition leaders in New Delhi.

    The Nepali team comprises Chakra Bastola of Nepali Congress, Nepali Congress- Democratic’s Prakash Man Singha, CP Mainali of Bam Morcha, Dinanath Sharma of CPN-M, Hridayesh Tripathi of Sadbhavana-Anandidevi and Nepal Communist Party-United’s Navaraj Subedi.

  10. Yeah, Jamboree to sale pride and dignity of Nepali. For all I care these thugs must be slapped black and blue and tagged Terrorist of highest order. There is a good article in Nepalperspectives.blogspot.com- do read.

    I am convinced now that for all his flaws- King G was on right track after all.

  11. All kinds of moral and material support needs to be and will be provided to anyone…be it NDA, RNA or US Army that fights of SPAM warlords.

  12. Rants on this thread prove the belief that blogging is the forte of all spent forces of Nepal. Don’t any of you believe that the country that survived 238 years of Shahs–104 shared with their Rana cousins–will endure a few years of Bajes too?

  13. No matter how peaceful the life of stoneage humans was, it can’t be brought back. With the end of monarchy, Nepalese people have shed their tail. If some people–like Koirala Baje–still want to have their tails, it’s their problem. Nepalese will endure flea-bites rather than let the tail grow again and become animals once more.

  14. DOA-supporting any organisation that resorts to violence at the drop of a hat and has disregard for the rule of law…such as the Maoists and their affiliates, the NDA etc can only be wrong. Can things be more blakc and white? Have we not learned anything from the rise of the red terror here in Nepal itself? The same people (in the villages) who initially supported the Maoists are the ones suffering from their excessess.

  15. Ideally the best way to confront the Maoists now would be for the SPA to unite and take them head on. Use the threat of war etc. to get concessions from them. Unfortunetly the SPA being who they are have let things get out of control. Nepal is a mess.
    Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if Gyanendra attempted another “Feb 1st”. I only hope this time he will do things ALOT differently. The other problem is of course is that the Maoists own the streets so the NA will be need to be bought in to control the streets. Something needs to be done!! The country cannot continue to go on in this “interm” state forever.

  16. Bhudai-Gyane can never do a Feb 1st. He has screwed up the one chance he had. No more chances. The most he can do is make his play from the shadows. But knowing our luck Gyane has probably learnt nothing from his last fiasco.

  17. The Maoists’ activities are getting worrisome. I hear they are seizing land once again.

    Gyanendra is not an option. He already showed his incompetence once, and if we have him take over, history will only repeat itself. Within six or seven months of his rule, people will take to the streets again, there will be a new call get rid of the monarchy, etc– we’ve seen it all before. Gyanendra will be successful in getting the Maoists out of Kathmandu, but after that what?

    The same thing will happen if the Army, with or without Gyanendra, stages a coup. The Nepalese Army has never been much of a fighting force–how many battles did they win against the Maoists?

    Lets face it, we’ll be in an “interim” period for a long time, as long as I can see, unless the Maoists and SPA come to a real understanding. Strategically, the only way forward is to integrate the Maoists so that they stand to lose by going back into the jungles. I agree that that’s easier said than done, but changing tactics for the nth time isn’t going to help– bring King, send him home, bring SPA–

    The Maoists stand to lose much more than anyone else by going back into the jungles ( or at least their leaders do ). So the SPA can certainly use that to its advantage.

  18. Sure Gyanendra screwed up big time. But if things continue the way they are they public opinion might shift. The Nepali public is the most fickel minded, inconsistent bunch of sheep. But manan is right – the Maoists own the streets. If Gyanendra does attempt another “Feb 1st” he better have a damn good plan.

    “Gyanendra will be successful in getting the Maoists out of Kathmandu, but after that what?”

    Then what? Some peace, stability hopefully. Resumption of commerce and the
    resumption of normal life for thousands of Nepalis who are struggling to make ends meet.

  19. Kirat, explain to me what you mean by King G screwed up big time. Are you implying that he should have been more dictotorial and wiped out the Maoist and should have included SPA in his ranks just for namesake as it is quite evident now- they are nothing but loose marbles always heading south of the border. King requested their stance numerious time to come and take in the rein after stating their stance on Maoist, corruption and rule of law. Rather than forging a strong and united stance as one they betrayed the country and joined hands with very people who had killed their own cadres and whom they had placed on terror list- give me a break.

    Given certain mistakes were made but there was press freedom, freedom of movement and certain respect to law officers which is non existence now. Are we to take this as expediency. The communal divide, divide created by tagging class division e.g., business, traders, farmers and leaders of all colors kow towing their foreign masters and letting them define our destiny, is this not a disgrace. Or is this a compulsion of traitors or double agents who by virtue of being paid in kind and service by their masters- one ring and next flight to Delhi for debriefing and briefing.

    As for NDA- they are right. You go watch Munna Bhai.

  20. DOA:
    Let’s call a spade a spade. The King did a piss poor job as an administrator.
    He appointed a currupt, incompetant and useless cabinate fully of his cronies and yes men.
    Sure in retrospect even people like Bharat Shimba seems alot better then the clowns we have as MPs now. But the King was a a great position and he squandered everything! Plus he didn’t even finish the job – he just gave in so easily. If he had spent more time formulating strategies and making shrew political manuvers instead of performing countless poojas all over KTM he would playing these monkey SPA leaders against each other and wiping off the Maoists!

  21. DOA, sorry if I have to explain to you why KG screwed up big time I don’t think it is worth having a discussion with you.

  22. Kirat,

    Please do explain. We may not be as bright as you so we don’t get it, but seeing the present state of affairs and what a formidable situation this nation has been placed in by the SPA and maoists over the past decade, please explain how the King could have done better? I suspect the way would be to be more dictarorial and not less. Or would you prefer the King be democratic and allow protests, bandhs etc. etc, like today? Please do explain how? I have heard people curse and curse and curse the King here (especially the hosts) to wits end, but nobody really has said how he would have been more effective without being more dictatorial. Personally, I feel he should never have attempted Feb 1. But, you people seem to have a different view, so how would it have been effective you geniuses?

  23. The discussion about reform in education has degenerated into factional politics.

    Nobody is asking the question about what went wrong with decades of investment in education. The public sector has been a big failure in its mission. The whole sector was politicized by Royalists, Parties and now by Maoists. Appointing ‘karyakartas’ as school teacher has been lifeblood of political organization in this country. The current stir is just a continuation of the what went wrong in the last decades instead of a thorough soul searching.

    Okay, the rampant privatization of education is leading to two tier social class. Businessman have made profits in this sector. But this doesnt mean that private education doesnt have merit. Whereas public education’s failure was abject, at least these private schools are churning some educated countrymen. The current stir seems to be aimed at destroying current educational system and to devoid country of any significant opposition to totalitarian political system such as Maoism. Hoping to create a new and better educational system from ash rather than building upon what exists already is a stupid reasoning and idiotic way to go.

  24. Scoop I also want explaination from Kirat. To put brush aside our request is like what SPAM is doing now. They do not explain but enact loads of decrees and agreements as if they are the sovereign rather than the citizens. SPAM acts authoritarian but speaks as if mandated by the people, not the case.

    Truth bites and best option who do not want to accept, entertain or solicit truth is to avoid as much as possible even when it is smacks them in the face.

  25. This manan guy is a real idiot. Our fear, my friend, is not that the maoists will go back into the jungles but instead, what if they dont. The maoists are not going back to the jungles but they are going to fight their last battles in the cities. They are attempting a very skill ful take over.

  26. B,

    How are the Maoists going to attempt a ‘skillful takeover’ if their combatants are confined to the camps? Yes, it has been reported that they do have a few weapons with them. Is that enough to take over a city of two million?

  27. DOA, Scoop : You want to know what KG did wrong? How short memories are! Remember KG stepped into the breach in 2002 disimissing the Deuba govt. for ‘incompetence’ for not being able to hold the general elections on time. When he appointed the Chand govt. he promised a. good governance b. a resolution to the Maoist insurgency either via peace talks or via military victory. It must be said that he had the peoples support in the beginning.

    By the time he had to step down in April 2006 what was the situation like? The king was in a self enforced seclusion, surrounding himself with idiots like Tulsi Giri, listening to the advice of various mumbo jumbo tantrics rather than using his common sense, having so alienated the SPA that they gladly embraced the Maoists, having so alienated the public with his weird antics and incompetence that they were ready to back the SPA-M , having so convinced the foreign powers that be i.e. India, US, UK and the EU that the he offered no solution to Nepals problems but only worsened it that they tacitly supported the SPA-M.

    His promise of good governance was a myth, he failed miserably to tackle the Maoist insurgency, his democratic credentials which he kept on stressing was proved to be a big lie. He offered no solution to Nepals problems but was worsening it day by day with the strange paralysis that he seemed to be suffering from in the latter part of his rule. In a nutshell he proved to be more incompetent thant the Deuba govt. he initially dismissed (Remember how the RNA was running out of bullets?) and offered no solutions but only a sense of hopelessnes to the Nepali people and all those who had an interest here.

    I am not saying that the present SPAM govt. is better than the kings govt. but really with the ‘zero solutions’ that the king’s govt offered it cannot be worse. The king screwed up by being as incompetent as everyone else and by showing to the people that he had no real interest in their welfare but only in amassing power and wealth for himself. This is the message he ultimately managed to convey to his ‘subjects’. From a career politician this can be expected but from a ‘king’ this is unacceptable. That is why the monarchy is in the position it is today.

  28. Kirat,

    Fine, we know the history, but tell me under the circumstances how he could have done better? We only hear about this went wrong and that went wrong but how would he have done better? I’ve hear it all before and your just running the lists like everyone else. I asked how he would have done better without really crunching down hard? How? I say without crunching down hard because most of you seem to want democracy with all the goods, but as we can see the situation right now, how could the King have done better without being really tough?
    Think about it this way, we have all the possible political parties in government, no more maoist insurgency and yet things have not been as bad as they are today. The King had the maoists to handle on one end and the SPA on the other and would not bow to the likes of India like the SPAM are doing, so how should he have done it without compromising things that are so damned valuable to people like hosts of this blog and the general public for that matter – like freedom of this that and the other, patriotism, human rights etc. etc. ? Was he the one responsible for causing the maoist insurgency? Was he the one responsible for destabalising stable governments? Was he the one cosying up to India and selling off parts of our nation to the Indians? So how do you think he could have done all that when he came along in 2002 as King, when we were in deep $hit already without being one hell of a brutal dictator? Please enlighten us, enough about what went wrong – We know, what do you genuises think should have been done is the question, taking into consideration all the factors plus some that I have mentioned?

  29. P.S. Kirat, My memory is alright thanks, maybe your’s is mid term sized. You are correct we do forget easily, and the one thing we forget is that this King like I said came along in 2001 way after all the $hit had hit the fan, and people talk of the King not trying to woo the SPA, did’nt he try that several times even going to the extent of calling for PM applicants? But the question is why were the SPA (especially GPK’s Congress and UML) not so eager to step up to the challenge when the King had asked? It is because they did not want the King to get any credit at all for trying to resolve our problems, seeking their own personal glory – look at the mess they are in now. Everyone knew including the King that Feb 2005 was a huge risk for himself and it has turned out as such, why did’nt any of these chor leaders take a risk? The King revived all these $hitheads like GPK and Madhav Nepal and made a star out of a thug called Prachanda. And yes, what short memories people do have, when we make heroes out of crooks and cowards and rising stars out of baby killers. Yes indeeed.

  30. scoop-sadly i know where you are coming from. And in your desperation to defend the king you are willing to look like an idiot. If the king had no answers to the problems Nepal was facing then why the h5ll did he overstep the boundaries and trash the constitution? He should have remained a constitutional monarch and no one would have bothered. In the fight against the Maoists during KGs brief reign the RNA was running out of bullets, do you know the implications of such a situation?

    When democracy fails, like it does us most of the time, we crave a benevolent despot like a Lee Kuan Yu or a V Putin (in Russian eyes). When the despot/dictator turns out to be thoroughly incompetent and obstinate like KG than we all suddenly start to appreciate democracy.

    Look even if the sky was falling on Nepal the King could have done the following which because he is such an idiot did not :-

    1. Appoint the most competent people to run the different aspects of the government machinery.
    2. Ensure that the RNA and the other security forces was headed by the most professional team possible and were provided the best training, logistics, weapons possible in their fight against the Maoists.
    3. Won the confidence of the political parties by being honest with them and by keeping his democratic promises to them. He should have made them a partner is his fight against the Maoists.
    4. Won the confidence of the US, India, UK and the EU.
    5. Waged a war against govt. corruption and inefficiency.

    Not easy but do able. Especially considering the enormous amount of goodwill and support he had from the general people when he initially took over (and remember how the political parties at that time had zero support?). But did he do any of the above? He did the exact opposite. Remember my earlier statement : ‘From a career politician this can be expected but from a king this is unacceptable’.

    You don’t have to be a genius to understand what the king should have done and what he should not have done. You just need to have an unbiased view. That is why you royalist will never again make it. You guys are so arrogant and so full of yourselves (perhaps still believe that the king is divine) that you would not recognize basic logic and intelligence when it stares you in the face. You guys, like dinosaurs, are so out of touch with the people, with the reality, of this modern age.

  31. UWB-get me our of moderation. scoop you will have to wait for my answer but it basically goes like this …

    Remember my earlier statement : ‘From a career politician this can be expected but from a king this is unacceptable’.

    You don’t have to be a genius to understand what the king should have done and what he should not have done. You just need to have an unbiased view. That is why you royalist will never again make it. You guys are so arrogant and so full of yourselves (perhaps still believe that the king is divine) that you would not recognize basic logic and intelligence when it stares you in the face. You guys, like dinosaurs, are so out of touch with the people, with the reality, of this modern age.

  32. Kirat,

    While I await your views out of moderation, I doubt it gives any answers to my questions just more bitching. I also don’t see what brought about the question of arrogance? I’m afraid it is you who is being arrogant as I have already said the King should have not taken over directly at all. I’m also afraid you are just adding more whining to the question without addressing the question at all. If you must, at least admit it that you don’t have a clue as to how it would have been achieved without dictatorial rule. The fact that you just attack me and not answer the question substantiates my feeling of your arrogance. What I have been trying to determine from my initial question and seeing the many unfolding realities of the mess this country is in due to the past decade or so of insurgency and the political parties unwillingness to fix the problem when it began, is the fact that people like yourselves also do not know how the King could have done better without being a absolute dictator.

  33. It is interesting that you mention – ‘From a career politician this can be expected but from a king this is unacceptable’. This is why I feel the King should not have attempted any take over, but people like you think he should have but he messed up. However, why I picked that phrase is why can’t the King make mistakes if the PM who has been given the position 6 times can do it over and over again? In this regard it seems that it is you who thinks the King is divine and not folks like me.

  34. Although I don’t argue with SPAM cadres…here I would add a point for the mainstream Nepalis…as the Head of State the King had every constitutional right to step because the SPAM warlords had completely ruined Nepal. In other countries Head of State step in in very small matters. In SPAM cadres’ and warlords’ India President’s or Governor’s rule is imposed at every whim.

    The problem is just that the power and money and authority to kill people got away from the SPAM warlords and they just conspired to play against the country and people. Period.

    P.S.: Now that the power and money and authority to kill is back in their hands…they are back to the same old ways but even more this time by attacking foreigners, foreign diplomats, industries, the Army, the King, the parties and the people…so that no one is left with the voice to condemn the atrocities.

  35. scoop-In my moderated comment I had stated that the king should have never attempted any takeoverif he could not have managed the task before him. On hindsight it is clear that he did not even have a proper plan of action. Besides we Nepalis are not so demanding that we want the king to be faultless. The big problem was not of the king making mistakes but of his intentions not being in the interest of the country and it’s people. This was the real problem. This was cleary found out during his brief reign. He made no concerted attempt to end the Maoists insurgency and he made no concerted effort to alleviate the sufferings of the people by ensuring the govt. machinery delivered. He seemed to be quite happy with the status quo and was just full of talk.

    How can you compare the King of a kingdom with a PM who could be any corrupt career politicians? Stop trying to defend the king. You are looking silly with your arguments. Sure he is a normal human being like us in most ways but his family having been accepted as royalty, a hereditary one, and having being provided so much prestige, wealth and power for so many generations, the standards used to judge the king must be different, i.e. higher, to that used for politicians. Otherwise why should their family be so priveleged over so many generations? Really this agrument is like stating the obvious and I expected more maturity from you.

  36. Kirat,

    I’m afraid again you are resorting to bitching and whining. It still does not answer my question. Let’s just leave it at that.

  37. Kirat,

    I am confused sometimes you say that the King should have stayed put and sometimes you say the King had his one chance and he screwed up. So which is it? Should he have stayed put like I believe or should he have taken the chance albeit according to you with a different appraoch (which I have not heard yet)? Clarifying more once and for all – Should he have stayed put like I have been saying or was it okay for him to take that chance – meaning would you be okay with the King if he took the move he did and it came out successful? Are you critical of the King for being unconstitutional or for the move he made being unsuccessful? I’m totally confused. I believe that he should have not taken over at all (I remember there was a 70% approval rate when he did and I also remember people like yourself approving of the move as well).

  38. I guess Kirat has got unrequited stingies against the king. I know what he really means, just that he cannot pry himself out and say spade a spade- and we know the reason why. It takes guts to stand and go against the grain in these times of SPAM misrule and pervasive threat that looms ovr evryone’s head

  39. scoop-he had his one chance for his power and glory (when the country was on dire straits) and he screwed up. nobody ever requested him to do what he did, he took it upon himself to be the saviour. that is why if he was not ready to take the chance and become another Lee Kwuan Yu (that is set the country right and earn the adulation and gratitude of the people) he should have stayed put and never bothered. Is that clear enough?

    DOA I don’t know what you are babbling on about.

  40. there is no use arguing with separatist terrorists and SPAM cadres like kirat.

  41. I beg to differ,

    Plenty of people were asking the King to intervene – including the maoists and the likes of parties (they may not admit it publically, but what do you think the maoists meant by they wanted to speak with the King directly and not the politicians?). Is that crystal to you?

  42. By the by Kirat,

    Good to finally know that you think the King should have stayed put and never bothered.

    People like me only get confused when people like you write the following statements in this blog:

    “With changed circumstances we change our opinions. I would say that the political parties opposed to the Maoists must now form an alliance with the king to get rid of the Maoists scourge. Not an idea I personally like-but the matter is bigger than personal likes or dislikes. Hopefully the King is a little wiser now and will take the chance to redeem himself if it comes”.

    This was quite a recent statement by you I believe, but now you say he should not even have bothered and that he has had his one chance and should not be given another as he is “king” as you put it. It is quite confusing don’t you agree? Or is it a case of – he should not have bothered then but he should be bothered now? Or is it that he should be bothered now but without being given a second chance – it’s all a bit too confusing for me and my level of thinking?

    I had another look at your POA and it really looks nice on paper. Here are your points with my comments –

    1. Appoint the most competent people to run the different aspects of the government machinery.

    – I’m afraid competence can only be judged after the fact not before, and in Nepal where the entire beureucracy is political appointees and corrupt, how a competent person (most probably non-political, which means with little or no political clout) in our books will be able to handle the onslaught of a beurecracy in the pockets of others is a mystery to me. That is in a democratic and non-dictatorial fashion. Same goes for dealing with our media etc.
    2. Ensure that the RNA and the other security forces was headed by the most professional team possible and were provided the best training, logistics, weapons possible in their fight against the Maoists.

    – This one still stumps me. I am yet to figure out why the army could not get their $hit in order. Is it a question of lack of political will to solve problems and take the bull by the horn by the government or lack of professionalism on the part of the army? It’s still a study in progress for me.

    3. Won the confidence of the political parties by being honest with them and by keeping his democratic promises to them. He should have made them a partner is his fight against the Maoists.

    – I believe he tried this for 3 years or so, but the infighting as we can see right now even under such different circumstances was something that did not support a partnership amongst all parties and the King. I am sure you will agree that just having the UML by itself or Congress by itself aboard without the other is just spelling more trouble.

    4. Won the confidence of the US, India, UK and the EU.

    – Probably a good thing to do, but again the SPAM seems to have won their confidence or is it more a case of winning their mastership. Do we win confidence by having things decided by them or do we win confidence as friends and not servants? Another tricky one. You must agree that India at least has us by the short and curlies, and any whiff of total independence will bring down their wrath.

    5. Waged a war against govt. corruption and inefficiency

    – Again see No. 1

    Looks great on paper though. As you said difficult to achieve and I agree. And I think it was achievable given a reasonable amount of time. But then I asked you how he could have done it right without being a dictator? Which would mean getting the media not going crazy on you, getting the much wanted foreign support and all that? Lee Kwan Yu is great, but then he was elected, and it was a different time altogether. Now how does a KIng (not elected, not born) get all this done without kcking some serious behind while retaining the support of the national and international community? This I just don’t get.

  43. scoop-your desperation to defend KG is quite evident. Your persistent is quite admirable but with an idiot like KG and his son it’s a lost cause. Your type needed a better figure to rally around..these guys can only let you down.

    Don’t even compare him to Lee Kwan Yu…that’s insulting for the Singaporean. By the way all in the know largely agree that Singapore is still not a democracy so it’s not a question of different times. Here’s my retort to your analysis of my POA :-

    1. In two years KG appointed three different governments a. The Chand Govt. b. The Thapa Govt. and c. The Deuba Govt. (after he had already declared Deuba an idiot). From this it is clear that he did not even attempt to provide a stable govt. let alone a competent one.

    2. Well if an absolute ruler like KG was could not fix palace royal RNA then it would be beyond anyones help. The truth is KG only promoted his slavish minions, not competent soldiers.

    3. Remember how KG never met all of the SPA leaders together but would only meet them one by one, despite their request for an all party meet with him? Oh don’t tell me KG really tried hard to get the SPA on his side. That’s just BS and you know it.

    4. He had the support of the foreign powers in the beginning…remember how none of them condemned his actions initially? They were as fed up of the SPA as we all were. The US especially was staunchly behind him. Well after a couple of years of showing his ‘competence’ they became as fed up with him as we did. If he was doing a good job i.e. bringing peace and stability to the country and readying it once again for democracy as he pledged several times they would have little option but to support him. Ofcourse India only ever supports it’s own interests.

    5. Remember the drama about the customs people that were arrested for corruption at the beginning? That’s all it was… a drama. During his four year reign not one corrupt politician of any prominence was brought to book.

    And please don’t keep on saying that the king was not a dictator but tried to be democratic. That’s utter BS. He was too scared to be a brutal dictator in Kathmandu where all the spotlight is but don’t pretend to ignore what his army was doing in the countryside.

    Yes I did say that maybe the political parties and the king must now possibly work together towards fighting the maoist terror. That does not mean that I want the king to assume an executive role again. He can be given a purely ceremonial one. What my statment reflects is the acceptance of the obvious power the king still holds over the Army. And without the use of the Army there is no solution to this Maoist terror. But can we trust the king to co-operate and direct the Army to be used for the good of the country instead of his own selfish ends? The jury on this one is very very divided.

    We are living in a time when the reckless antics of the SPA-M make even an idiot look very appealing. Don’t let yourself get fooled by such a mirage.

  44. Kirat,

    Again we are just going in circles. Your claims that the King could do so much a la 2002 onwards is BS. Unless he did something like Feb 2005 he could never really do as much. All those tom and jerry govternments came and went not because of a lack of trying to make things work amongst the parties but a lack of trust between parties as is clearly evident right now. Think of the RCC which during the Kings rule was demolished by the Supreme Court, if he was so damned all in all how did that happen? Besides Deuba was booked for corruption but everyone instead came to his defence and made it difficult. Many customs officials were suspended and placed under investigation for being corrupt and not to create a drama, and then what happened – everything got politcised with the SPA run beureucracy getting hostile towards the regime. GPK would have been next if people supported the move. Why would the King be scared to get really dictatorial when he was already being criticised for so long by everyone and knew that if he let go it would mean the end of monarchy, what had he left to lose?
    The fact is everyone was behind the SPA drenched in their corruption, everyone that is who had influence like the beureucracy, judiciary, the media and yes the donors who were fighting hard to have their precious NGO’s out of the transparency spectrum. Too much nonsense had been going on in the past decade or so, with INGO’s like DFID providing funds to maoists as well, not to mention enmasse conversion by use of the lure of money by vatican sponsored missionaries who the maoists very well were in cahoots with. Too much to just not let the maoists make a deal however hopeless to hide a deeper truth. India and their need to control our waterways, America and it’s needs to set base here, the Europeans with their socialist experiment agendas and struggle to keep pace with the U.S. and the emerging giants. We have been made slaves of development aid and greedy naigbours with the greed for resources and information and the mad run to be number one.
    Let me finish by saying I am not here defending the King. I have said that he made a mistake and should have stayed out of it altogether. I end as I initially began, asking what he could a King from a simple nation have done that was not brutal to save this nation from a hopeless situation? I ask as it is you people who think he could have done so very much, I on the other hand think that all he has done is destroy a historic institution while reviving crooks, criminals and baby killers.

  45. One more thing regarding the army, I’m not too sure about the King holding all the strings to control it. That itself is another one of those debatable subjects. Maybe a few generals, but generals don’t do the dirty job and can be immediately changed. The core middle and lower ranks I believe will follow orders from the government and probably most of the top ranks as well. The King does not really have to do much here. Frankly, you don’t need the King at all for de facto rule in today’s context. But then the maoists are already a part of the government which means even they have a say in commanding the NA. This makes things a little more complicated.

    I’m afraid we are in a situtation where we have to bite the bullet and try and make this work. This talk of the King and democrats aligning to kick out the maoists takes me back two years where people wanted the King to rule directly. Since many feel the King did a poor job and even more feel the parties were a failure, imagine putting the faith in not one failure but a whole bunch of them altogether? It’s a sure recipe for disaster if one uses their heads to think, of course emotionally everyone wishes the democrats join up and charge guns a blaze to glory by kicking the totalitarians out for good….. but that’s a story for another lifetime.

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