Just like Schools, Capital of Nepal is Also Closed

Depriving Children’s Rights to Education in Nepal

By Conflict Study Center
Contributed by Dr. Bishnu Pathak and Chitra Niraula. Assisted by Shankar Poudyal, Rushma Shakya and Prem Prasad Pathak. (Source: Media Monitoring and Field Observation)

Today, Kathmandu is closed down again. No vehicles are running, no shops are open and no business is operating. People are scurrying hurriedly on their feet to their destinations for fear of mis-happenings. The smoke of the burning tires in crossroads has choked the neighborhood. In many places, not only public and private vehicles, but also ambulances have been stopped.

Factor for the closure

On May 25, 2007, Educational Republic Forum (ERF) that is close to Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and Institutional School Teacher’s Union (ISTU) organized a sit-in at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) on the eight day of the strike of all public and private educational institutions at and below Secondary level. Police charged with baton and fired tear gas, where more than 76 people were injured. Many have severe wounds in the head and many others have fractured hands and legs. Protesting the brutal treatment to them, they called for transport strike within Kathmandu from the afternoon. This has further aggravated the environment for talks.

Educational Data

Schools-8,500 (Private) 27,500 (Public)
Students-1,500,000 (Private) 63,00,000 (Public)
Teachers/Staffs-150,000 (Private) 600,000 (Public)

On May 26, 2007, ERF and All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (Revolutionary), Maoist Student’s Wing, demanded for a public apology from the Education Minister Pradip Nepal for his order to inhuman and cruel treatment and abuse to the demonstrators, and compensate expenses for medical treatment to the injured. Almost 7.8 million students across the country have been affected by the strike. Both the organizations had jointly organized rallies, processions and meetings throughout the country, and called for an indefinite strike. Their original principal demands were: all the agreements done by earlier governments should be immediately implemented; and the private schoolteachers and staffs should be availed remuneration and facilities equal to the civil service.

Existing complexities

• Educational sector has been a wrestling ground of political parties.
• Significant differences exist in private and public schools in terms of policies, strategies, curriculum, etc.
• The private schools charge high admission fees annually and monthly fees compared to public in the name of better education. Similarly, there are discrepancies concerning fees in different private schools.
• The salaries and benefits to teaching and non-teaching staffs of private is less compared to public; whereas there is discrepancies amongst private schools in these regard too.
• Textbooks are not available in the remote areas on time.
• Many public school teachers have not been availed permanency albeit their long services (some even more than 20 years) so that their occupation is not secure.
• Civil Servants and officials along with public school teachers send their children to private schools. The leaders of political parties and senior bureaucrats send their children to schools abroad. Whereas, they are the prime investors and investing heavily on the private schools.
• Education although a foundation to economic, physical, social and cultural phenomena, has been less prioritized in the government policies, plans and programs. The agendas included in the programs are not implemented on time.
• The MoES in drowned in corruption and commission.
• The Asian Development Bank and World Bank have been imposing educational reforms that are not compatible in Nepali perspectives.
• No educational materials developed by the government on mother tongue for the ethnicities and nationalities despite of government’s repeated commitments.
• Illiterate parents/guardians also have ‘inkling’ towards English and send their children to private schools.
• Discrimination: The children of the rich families study in rich private and better schools and become doctors and engineers, whereas those from the poor families are bound to study in poor public schools to become their workers.
• Parents impose their wishes on the children while selecting the subjects or schools.
• There is no forum to share and discuss the issues relating to education among students, teachers and parents.
• The Nepali media has not given due response to this critical issue, but exclusive coverage on politics.
• Priority to money, muscle and mafia instead of mind.


The government had formed a talks committee, the same day the strike was announced, headed by a Joint Secretary of the Ministry, without consulting with the agitating forces. The teaching and administrative staffs, who had been involved in talks with that level and suffered a lot due to lack of implementation for eight times, rejected to participate in the talks. Therefore, they demanded a Minister level Talks Committee to execute the previous agreements, because the Joint Secretary is not authorized to take decisions but mere parroting.

The Minister Nepal responded to media that he was not in the position to lead the talks team since the agitators had utilized the maximum right of the trade union by calling a strike and insisted on the agitators to talk with the Team led by the Joint Secretary. After that giving an interview to Radio Nepal, he abused the agitators by accusing that they were terrorists and it was not feasible to talk with the terrorists. Then, the agitators planned to sit-in at the MoES and appealed the Minister to take back the term ‘terrorist’ and create a conducive environment for talks. The agitators have questioned publicly if Minister Nepal was a minister of the autocratic regressive force formed by Gyanendra.

This is not the first problem in the MoES and it will not be the last, because the leaders of political parties when not in power ‘purr as a cat’ advocating on behalf of people, but ‘turn into a lion and roar’ against the people after attaining power. The vital factor is that they have no academic horizon and vision, albeit are guided by money, muscle and mafia. Such persons are far from the democratic processes of dialogue, consensus and cooperation rather indulge in coercion and force.

UNICEF/Nepal, Civil Society, Private School Organizations, Teacher’s Unions, and so on have called both the sides to hold talks. The meeting initiate by the Guardian’s Association with the Minister of State could not continue since the Minister had not apologized for the incident of May 25, 2007.

Education is the wealth for a nation, which must be universal. It must reach all the commoners ensuring free and compulsory. It plays significant role to produce patriotic, progressive, disciplined and skilled human resources.

Literacy to children opens the door to higher education and an educated youth can properly lead the country in the right direction through the right path. Education ensures intrinsic empowerment of the people, which uplifts their personal, social and progressive role in the society and nation. Depriving children from education is a violation of the basic right of a child. The State, political parties and society have no ground to make education a tool to fulfill their interests and ambitions. Today’s children are the helmspersons for tomorrow’s nation and education is the backbone of a society. A society can develop when human beings are aware on problems and their solutions. Therefore, education and children are complementary and their rights should be respected, protected and promoted even in time of war. No one has the authority to deprive the children to education, a basic component of their right to development.

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116 thoughts on “Just like Schools, Capital of Nepal is Also Closed

  1. With Love & Harmony Society & the Country can move forward. As long as politics of fear & intimidiation is continued in nepal, we will sww more of negative news about our nation.

    In present circumstance of nepal, the Maoist & its affliates are creating all sorts of unnessary fuss. From Cadre to Leader of Maoist, their speech is nothing but threat & threat & threat to government for doing this, for not doing that & so on. It is evidient that Maoists are speedly trying to establish their strong presence on every area of the society, hence to make notice of that, almost everyday new Maoist affliated outfit announcing different sorts of demands & strikes.

    Education is right of every person & no party has any right to obstruct this very right. Outside world is watching us & probably laughing as well, it is not bacause we are laughable people but the politician here are so much abusing our education system to advance their self acclaimed causes.

    We nepalese youth are harbering full of negetivity inside us, so much of hatread & perhaps so much of ego as well…

    It is a time that the youth of nepal step back from all violance & confrontation style of protest to Peaceful dialog & start realising its obligation to the country & action accordingly.


  2. Private schools must be closed. We need to invest heavily on the public schools. If we want to develop our country fast we need to make education up to High School level free and compulsory.

  3. It is time now that Prachanda’s should begin sweating. He is being greeted by failures after failures and that too in series.

    No wonder that he is under tremendous pressures from his own party’s rank and file. Clearly, the Maoists’ party upon its participation in the government is divided in to two equally powerful groups. The first believes in the theory that the Party must not forget the “nationalism” aspect and hence sees the need to strengthen the nationalism through whatever means were available to the party.

    The other set of the Maoists concludes that the party did a blunder by participating in the government thus concludes that the “people’s war” stood aborted half-way.

    Yet another group inside the party prefers the YCL to create terror and panic more so that the State under Koirala automatically and unconditionally yielded to their non-ending “fear-psychosis”

    Sources close to the Maoists say that Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai are in a “minority” in the party. Maoists leader KIRAN is talked to have garnered majority in the party. Sources further say that Prachanda and Bhattarai possess only nine supporters(out of 35 CC members).

    This in itself a cause for Prachanda’s sweating.

    Add to this that a clear set back to Prachanda and his party has had to endure when tired of Hisila Yami’s misleading evaluation of the ADB and the Seven Trent British company, the ADB appears to have already decided to say good bye to the mega Melamchi water project.

    The Japan government too appears to be in a similar mood. Others might follow the suit.

    As if this were not enough for an already sweating Prachanda, his home-grown kids-the YCL, have been creating panic and chaos in the country thus adding to his mental anxiety and uneasiness in addition to some sleepless nights to Comrade Prachanda in the recent days.

    His hurried meeting with the ADB officials in Kathmandu last week was a move to calm down the ADB so that Melamchi could be flown to Kathmandu in order to quench the thirst of the Kathmanduites. The ADB remains undeterred.

    That he is still sweating came to light when he and his comrades had to rush to the German Embassy last Friday afternoon to “express” their sincerity towards the system and to “assure” the EU envoys that henceforth his erratic YCL cadres will not exceed their limits. German Ambassador Franz Ring is currently the Head of the EU presidency.

    However, around the time Prachanda was busy in convincing the EU Ambassadors residing in Kathmandu, Friday, about his changed political credentials, almost around the same time American Ambassador James F. Moriarty was misbehaved by the YCL cadres in Damak, Jhapa district, while he was returning to the UNHCR Office in Damak upon the inspection of the Beldangi refugee camp.

    Naturally, this YCL activity angered the American envoy which might force Prachanda to sweat more in the coming days. Ambassador Moriarty must not have taken the YCL personal assault on him in a good taste. The YCL acts against the UNHCR-Abraham Abraham and the Ambassador of the “lone super power” is sure to bring more sweating to the Maoists supremo-Prachanda in the days ahead.

    Reports say that those who vandalized the UNHCR Car that was carrying Ambassador Moriarty to Damak have been apprehended.

    As expected, the EU and the Nepal government have already issued a statement denouncing the YCL activities which must have caused more sweating to Prachanda. Much more regarding this sad event should be in the pipeline, analysts conclude.

    That Prachanda had begun sweating much ahead of these events came to light when the telegraphnepal.com was informed by its sleuths that Comrade Prachanda have had a forty five minutes telephonic conversation last Thursday, May 24, 2007, with King Gyanendra’s personal/private secretary Pashupati Bhakta Maharjan.

    The sweating revelation is that it was Prachanda who rang Mr. Maharjan but not the otherwise as it should have been.

    When asked by Prachanda as to what King Gyanendra thought of the Maoists, Maharjan is reported to have said that the King viewed the ex-rebels political overtures as “normal”.

    This does indicate the first heavy impact of the sweating deity-Bhimsen- at Dolakha district some days back had its tremendous political impact on Prachanda but not the King as suggested by some interested quarters. At least this much is visible for the moment.

    Politics is a dynamic game. Politics is the art of the “possible”. Neither a permanent enemy nor a permanent friendship! All put together, what comes to the fore is that the time ahead are topsy-turvy for Prachanda and that he will have to sweat more if he fails to tackle the emerging politics carefully. The message is loud and clear. May 27, 2007,

  4. So much sweating Comrade Prachanda will melt and disappear for good of Nepal.

  5. at the time the terrorists joined the corrupt thugs to join this government and this tikay parliament, the eight parties had fooled the people saying that they and their sister organizations will not call for ANY bandhs – “The parties have also vowed to refrain from holding programmes like bandhs and strikes that cause inconvenience to the public (information from http://www.nepalnews.com, March 31, 2007).” These cheats have repeatedly fooled the Nepalese people and this bandh that was called today is another blatant example of this. The Maoists terrorists aren’t to be trsuted and this is just anotehr dispaly of their terror tactics which is quite removed from their sweet talk on television. We can’t let these terroists and the corrupt thugs continue to hold us hostage. We need to revolt!!

  6. I have faith on Parchanda and Baburam… these two have responsibility for making the new Nepal.. my support for them.
    About this Hisila Yami… Who the f**k is this guy.. saying harvesting the rain water can solve the capital water problem… is he moron? does he have brain… is he Nepali? … I am proud that nepalese are known as honest, hardworking and look for each other… who the hell is this Yami ???? he is misusing his position… dude, get the hell of out of there.
    I support for public schools too… it will provide equal oppertunity and easier assess for poor Nepalese. If you look at the developed countries, public schools are much better than privates. Go for public education but pls without violence. You teachers are wise, educated and you hold professional job. If wise men like you start violence, strike, protest;what will your students learn from you. Pls, no more violence in Nepal. I want my beautiful, peaceful, harmonious country back…

  7. I have absolutely no faith on this THUGS Parchanda and Baburam… these two have responsibility for worsening the situation of Nepal.. my f*cking curse for them.
    About this Hisila Yami… Who the f**k is this (guy).Whore!. Well all the maosit had fu*ked her at least one in their life time .

  8. Like every other politicians in Nepal Hisila Yami is influenced by NGOs. NGOs are special class themselves and very powerful. When King Gyanendra’s government tried to control them by requiring them to register, these NGOs were up in arms. The way looks that present government also will not be able to control them. Rather NGOs will control the government.

  9. Now folks, what else next? when you have a such inept government that made mistakes after mistakes, and still somehow managed to be in business as usual in running the country for the last 15 or 16 yrs- what do you expect?
    It’s time to bring fresh ones who have the courage and stregnth to carry the country to the next level. That can be done only after having a new pool of leaders. And we must all say thank you but no thanks to the ones that are in control now. It’s time to act now, not tomorrow!

  10. A deal for about 500 million dollar project was all set to be formalized. The late-riders on the band-wagon did not get even a penny, wherheras everyone else seems to be all set to make a fortune out of it. Should one just let it pass by despite being in a position to kill it? Just 1 % makes 5 million dollar. No fool will like to loose it.

    Besides, making increased use of rainwater in the valley, another promising option may be to just move out the capital from Kathmandu valley to somewhere else.

  11. This is just a silly article filled with statements and little wisdom. Take a line like
    “Discrimination: The children of the rich families study in rich private and better schools and become doctors and engineers, whereas those from the poor families are bound to study in poor public schools to become their workers.”

    Now tell me which parent will not send their children to better schools even if they have to pay for it? The rich (and the not so rich) can afford these private schools so they send them there. If the govt. schools were of good quality then rich and poor alike would be trying to send their children to government schools. There are also private missionary schools who take poor children in and convert them to Christianity, and people send them there as well, because of the possibility of a better education for their children, not because they can become Christians. Why is this called discrimination? If the govt. schools were good, there would be very few private schools. There are many private schools because the govt. schools are lousy and the people who open these schools with their own money realised there are people who can afford to, who will send their kids there. This should also create more room in the already overcrowded govt. schools, so that more poor students can study there as well. Instead of talking of dicrimination, theis article should address how these govt. schools can be improved and made better then private schools. Also, having schools closed down in order to have points discussed does not help the argument for quality education in Nepal. I suspect that is why many send their children abraod. The rich can afford this, but the poor would also do the same if they could (example the missionary schools). This is less about economics, and more about bad government policy and even worse street politics.

    Leave schools alone! Stop politicising children! These are the first steps to a universally good education system. If they do not get this, then I’m afraid everything else is just a waste of time.

  12. Neither govt school nor the private school is good enough
    for children of corrupt politicians and people like

  13. scoop says: Leave schools alone! Stop politicising children!

    Very good idea. Ban all the student unions in the education facilities.

  14. I would vote for the political party that promises to bank student unions from educational facilities, even if that was the only one good manifesto they had.

  15. Food for thought:
    How come IANS (a government of India slave media house) suddenly wrote something good about the King of Nepal? Suddenly after all the bulls and craps from electricity to gambling to what not? I mean how come it didn’t write that the King killed some Indian? After all it’s news in conjugtion with Kantipur ‘the Indian whore’ enterprise are much about malign and propaganda and hatred and support for violence in Nepal.

    Nepal king fulfills 117-year-old Indian’s wish

    Kathmandu, May 28(IANS) After almost a century, a 117-year-old Indian woman in Nepal finally had her two biggest dreams fulfilled – becoming a bona fide Nepali citizen and getting an audience with King Gyanendra.

    Though she was born in Sunsari district in southern Nepal and lived there all her life, Kamaladevi Pathak, whose parents were of Indian origin, did not have a Nepali citizenship.

    This year, when a growing movement in the Terai made the government of Nepal issue citizenship certificates to hundreds of citizenship-less people in the plains, Kamaladevi finally became a bona fide citizenship with a state-issued certificate testifying it – at the ripe age of 117.

    Brimming with happiness at the better late than never state recognition of her rights, the 117-year-old, now looked after by her grandson Surendra, told the media – who came flocking to meet the centenarian – that she had one last wish left.

    Though there is a growing demand for the abolition of monarchy in Nepal, in the plains, a large percentage of the people still favour monarchy and the older generations still believe the kings are descended from a Hindu deity.

    Kamaladevi was widely reported by the media as saying that she wanted to meet King Gyanendra once, to thank him for her citizenship.

    The reports caught the eye of the Narayanhity royal palace in Kathmandu and the king, now stripped of his official duties and privileges by the new coalition government, issued an invitation to Kamaladevi.

    Last week, for the first time in her life, Kamaladevi boarded a plane with her grandson that flew her from the Biratnagar airport to Kathmandu.

    In Kathmandu, the grandmother and son were put up in a guesthouse and on Tuesday, the king granted them an audience.

    “The king was wonderful,” the ecstatic elder citizen told the media after the meeting. “He was very gracious and smiling during the audience.”

    Wearing a simple white sari with a red border, Kamaladevi went to meet the king with a local shawl wrapped round and her head covered.

    She carried a garland of yellow flowers and was allowed to put it on the king, also dressed in white. She also held the king’s arms, a privilege allowed to few.

    “You are a great man,” she told him. “Do great things so that everyone sings your praise.”

    When the smiling king asked her if she wanted anything, she said at her age there was nothing she wanted for herself but she would like jobs for her grandchildren.

    The entire cost of the trip, including the airfare and accommodation, was borne by the palace, the local media said Sunday.

    The palace also thoughtfully arranged a visit for her to Kathmandu’s famed Pashupatinath temple, reports said.

  16. Things are just spirling out of control. It’s time for the King and the RNA to step in and take over. These maoist bastards need a laat in thier as*s and a slap across their face. Same goes for all the SPA leaders and all these fcuking student union leaders.

  17. Thank you so much all the contributers to your efforts to writting plight of our student. I hope one day these strike paracites will understand impact of these types unforgivable sin.

    Bhudai Pundit I understand your anger against the Maoist but surprised your anger with seven parties coaliation. Please, do not make mistake to find diffenence in between Dung and Shit( In this context I am trying to make indication shit to Maoist). Make sure’, Political evolution can not go back but it goes forward always. And your next F word to student unions – what I believe is ,we must stop politicize our educational institution. This is the reason I do not like Gagan Thapa. Albeit I support Nepali congress.
    So Pundit ! Let make concreet effort to stop all the holigan student leader to get political power. They are trying to emerge as future leader. We must stop before they arrive to main platform.

    If you guys ask me ,who is the responsible for this situation for our educational institution ? I have absolute answer. Irrresponsible ,inhuman FERAL MAOIST.

  18. There are many nepalese students who studied in public schools and have become doctors and engineers, private schools are no better in Nepal than public schools, except they are considered to be superior.

    Far more important however is the utlization of education and students in politics which in turn will not create doctors or engineers in the future.

  19. Matribhumi – which world are you in?

    You claim “private schools are no better in Nepal than public schools, except they are considered to be superior. ”

    Private schools have more working days, better curriculum in english, math, and science, teachers for all the classes, and most schools have reasonable facilities for recreation. One could maybe argue if the private schools have helped the society on the grounds of equality of oppotunity and so on, but not in terms of academics. I personally do not see any problem with private schools making money out of education as long as they pay taxes as a business and agree to being regulated as a business. Otherwise, they can operate as non-profit organization if they don’t want to make a profit. It is their choice.

    If we leave it up to the government, everyone in the country might be studying maoist history, royal history, or any social, historical, economic propaganda as and when deemed appropriate by the government. We would also be stuck with universities like TU forever. They will make you believe you are getting a world class education at TU, that IOE is Asian #1 for engineering education, incompetence is OK, and whatever they feel like saying. I have no trust in a government like ours to manage education. If you don’t give incentive to people to make money, we will not have good schools in Nepal for now. It is easy to make a speech about how great our public schools are, how dedicated our teachers are, but it is money that speaks and does things. Of course there are exceptions but don’t emphasize exceptions at the expense of generality.

  20. I don’t understand why students take part in politics. I don’t understand why there are students wings of political parties. These two things show that politicians want to use students to full fill their wishes and students do not want to study (want to be used by politicians). I can understand if students go to street demanding for better education, or some teachers not teaching well etc etc. But they are on the streets mainly for other reasons. Why can’t Gagan Thapa (some prominent student leaders) see that. I heard that Sher Bdr Deuba once was a student leader (Congress affiliated). Now he is a prominent politician. Ok that is fine but what happened to thousands of students who followed him? I am sure a very few are in good places with decent jobs. Why can’t the followers see this. They would better off studying hard than follow their politically minded students friends/leaders on the street.

  21. Thanks Captain Crash. Really enjoyed reading your input.
    Looks like Bhudai is getting militant. That’s good. 🙂

    How come the UWB bahuns haven’t blamed the king for the latest mishaps( schools closing, Melamchi, stoning of U.S. ambassador’s car, etc. etc. etc.) ??

  22. Bhudai-you are over-reacting. It would be suicide for the king to stick out on his own. It would be better if the NC, NC(D), UML developed some understanding with the King to do away with the Maoists. Even if the king has changed and wants to do some good he must do it from the background.

  23. I agree with Kirat. I support monarchy as a system, but I don’t want king taking any step, even from the background. Its suicidal. Same was said before and look where he has landed.

  24. “As with the Melamchi fiasco (refer to: “The Bitter Truth About
    Melamchi”), the issue of Gurkha recruitment was all too predictable to
    (re)emerge as a Maoist platform. The reasons underlying the
    predictability factor are straight forward: It’s not like the Maoist
    doctrine is a secret and it’s not like the Maoists have changed their

    “Leveraging the envy of the majority who were not (and will not be)
    afforded the opportunity to join the ranks of the elite Gurkha troops
    is a dangerous game for the Maoists to play. The policy of eliminating
    Gurkha recruitment (and the de-facto extension of “Bahun baad”
    domination) is a position that educated (non-leftist brainwashed)
    Nepalis, Indians and British are likely to take issue with….”

    “Perhaps the Maoists are unfamiliar with the concept of Private
    Military Firms (PMFs)? It is even conceivable that the Maoists are
    unaware of the large numbers of ex-Nepal Army and ex-Gurkha servicemen
    that occupy positions in PMFs all over the world. For if they did, the
    Maoists would realize that despite their desire to limit Nepali
    participation in the British and Indian militaries, Nepalis are
    already (and will increasingly) participate in stateless, private
    militaries, all over the world.”

    “The more the Maoists present their positions on issues of
    contemporary significance, the more evident it becomes that they are
    clueless. Increasingly apparent is that the only public success the
    Maoists have enjoyed, has come during instances when they have
    successfully leveraged anti-monarchy sentiments. Given the Maoists’
    track record, one is left wondering who needs the monarchy more – the
    Royalists or the Maoists?…”



  25. “The more the Maoists present their positions on issues of
    contemporary significance, the more evident it becomes that they are
    clueless. Increasingly apparent is that the only public success the
    Maoists have enjoyed, has come during instances when they have
    successfully leveraged anti-monarchy sentiments. Given the Maoists’
    track record, one is left wondering who needs the monarchy more – the
    Royalists or the Maoists?…”

    Rest in moderation.

  26. How Stopping Gurkha Recruitment Benefits the Maoists

    Recruitment into armed services in Nepal is a tiered process. More or less, the crème-de la-crème are recruited by the British, then the Indians, then Nepal’s own Army, followed by the Armed Police Force, the Nepal Police and the ultimate tier of physically (and mentally capable recruits), end up with the Maoists.

    With the changed political environment in mind, the Maoists are now positioned to compete for the tier, previously occupied by Army recruiters. Take for example, the sharp rise in newly recruited Maoist combatants during the timeframe after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the conclusion of UNMIN’s Phase-I verification process.

    As delusions as this thought-process may be, from a electoral point of view, it is certainly in the Maoists’ best interest to maximize the strength and the quality of their cadre. It is also in their best interest to have on hand, a large, disaffected population, unemployed and at the Maoists’ disposal to exploit.

    However, by prohibiting the recruitment of Gurkhas (into both the British and Indian armies), the Maoists are allowing their rhetoric to get ahead of their objectives. Given the relatively high standard of living that retired Gurkhas enjoy, no Nepali in their right state of mind is likely to appreciate the Maoists’ attempted eradication of some of the most lucrative employment prospects, in sight.

  27. Of the many marginalized communities, there is one in particular that has been able to break the cycle of “Bahun baad” domination. Many members of the Janajati community have succeeded in circumventing the impact of “Bahun baad” domination by enlisting with the Gurkhas, and in the process, becoming economically, socially and mentally superior to their former oppressors.

    The harder Pushpa Kamal Dahal tries to dissociate himself from his ethnic background (by insisting that he be addressed as “Prachanda”), the more evident it becomes how rooted in ethnic divisions, Maoists objectives truly are.

  28. Perhaps the Maoists should educate themselves on the intersection of demand and supply for skilled, military labor. Perhaps the Maoists should also educate themselves on the 20th century (actually even earlier) phenomenon of labor migration.

    For it enlightenment of these economic concepts is the only way that Nepal’s Maoists will understand what it actually means to have an open border with India and also, what it means for people to want to pursue high paid employment opportunities.

    Maybe the Maoist policy isn’t designed to stop with the elimination of Gurkha recruitment. Let’s hope they put a moratorium on foreign labor opportunities in general and for good measure, let’s pray they seal Nepal’s border with India. At least we’ll know the outcome of CA elections before they happen!!

    Then again, given that the Maoist end-goals haven’t changed (the establishment of a communist republic), maybe these additional policies aren’t far down the road?

  29. In the times we live in, a sense of national pride is a luxury that is afforded by people who are able to feed, clothe and shelter their families. The view that employment with foreign governments somehow undermines Nepali nationalism is complete hogwash. Especially when this very form of employment has uplifted the lives of countless Nepali families, over the years.

    People are empowered with education, technology and sufficient know-how to see through misguided nationalism. The Maoists’ habit of continuing to exploit those in the Nepali population they’ve deprived in the name of empowerment, is about to catch up with the Maoists.

    If the Maoists believe that the Nepali people are ready to trade misguided rightist politics for deluded leftist nonsense, they are very wrong. The Maoists’ continued use of violence, their complete and utter disassociation with the socio-political (and economic) realists of the 21st century’s global economy, and their reliance on the monarchy as the only agenda that unites their support base, is severely flawed.

  30. Look how the illegal government of Nepal is killing it’s own citizens by violence and bombs and every heinous means possible

    Nine feared dead in Palpa bomb blast

    Nine persons were feared dead when a blast blew up a house in Gothadi VDC-2 in the western district of Palpa Tuesday morning.

    Reports say nine persons were buried under the rubbles when the blast razed the house in Bhutuke village. Five members of a family and four others were inside the house when the bomb went off. The area is five hours walk form the district headquarters Tansen.

    It is believed that the bomb was left behind during the Maoist insurgency. A police team, human rights activists and media persons have left for Bhutuke from Tansen.

    Details of the incident are yet to come. nepalnews.com mk May 29 07

  31. This government full of terrorsits and corrupt thugs is a complete failure.. the general public now need to come out, struggle against the YCL and demostrate their discontentment against the “asakshamta” of these good for nothing so called “leaders”. we all need to come out and say – no more taxes until the constituent assembly is carried out (I don’t want myhard earned moeny to be siphoned off to the deceptively enlisted former PLAs, no more arrests of any common people until the CA is carried out, no more foreign trips for any of the fat and corrupt leaders, no more participation in any kind of sports until the CA is done, no more tax payment in land transactions until the CA, no more speeches in public by these corrupt thugs until the CA, no more interviews of Pushpa Kamal, ceremonila Baburam and Giddey Girija until the CA, media ban on all government and terrorists until the CA elcetions (at least not on the front page), no more extortion of money until the CA and the list goes on. The bottom line is, if these corrupt and terrorists thugs continue to sell people’s names and produce nothing from their side of the bargain, the public should also protest and decide not to comply with any of the state (both this state and the fantasy state that terrorist Pushpa Kamal talks about) machinery… this will probably force the thugs to stop sitting on their bums and start to think about at least doing some work…else they are just having a free run at the expense of our moeny, time, peace of mind, and our future.

  32. The slide of this nation to anarchy is so rapid that we seem to have missed the whole process. As a parent I was appalled by school closure and consequent no action from the government- quiet disgusting I would say. The massive politics in education, students and even teachers have convinced me that future for our children is iffy at best for foreseeable future unless some draconian rule and regulation is enacted. The SPA and Maoist will not do to say the least- they are happy campers with what they have and their survival is directly tied with current situation and its continuum. So unless we as a people make that distinction and work at it- the mess will continue.

    I see comment on YCL but we knew that India instigated, drafted 12 points agreement and inclusion of Maoist was all of convenience not solution at the expense of Nepal by India. YCL is just an offshoot of benefit of doubt given by India and SPA. India being India, I have no issue but SPA being a Nepali they forgot their duty, to be a Nepali and work for Nepal’s best interest. To them power meant even selling their nationhood. They act as a bottomfeeder of lowest kind. Even as nation bleeds dry they continue with their upmenship and hide their tail between legs when it comes to facing down Maoist.

    I have NO hope with SPA – they have, will and continue to shoot themselves in the foot. As for Maoist- they will come to an end but before that they will destroy the nationhood, people’s lives, and invite catashphoric retribution from countries near and far. But the biggest loser will be people like us (most Nepali) – who believe in freedom, liberty and rights as inalienable right endowed by god and who believe all men are created equal.

    Long live Constitutional Monarchy and Multiparty system.

  33. Nice article and heart touching. No scope for the Nepalese citizens to have better quality of education. All money grabs and feed to the thug leaders….arsehole

  34. What is the contingency plan of SPAM warlords to deal with natural calamities? None. They feel good when people die naturally because they don’t have to use their guns and hands to kill people. People dying of Accidents is at an all time high and now there is another one…

    And why is only RNA going to save the people? Why don’t SPAM warlords send their personal army from their cantonments. Why aren’t Girija and Pushpa Dahal sending their killer army? After all Nepali people are spending billions of rupees and draining their blood for the upkeep of Girija and Pushpa’s goon and terrorists.

    This is the loktantra of SPAM warlords and their cadres and comrades. Rest all will die…either be killed by Natural disasters or be killed by SPAM warlords.

    And thank you to Indian government too for helping terrorism in Nepal.

    16 killed, hundreds missing in Dolpa snowstorm

    At least 16 people, who had gone to Tangtyange Lekh, Dolpa district, to collect Yarsagumba were killed when snowstorm swept their tents on Sunday, reports today said.

    Hundreds of others are missing in the snowstorm, but there is no reliable information regarding the exact number of survivors and the missing persons, reports quoting police officials in Dunai, the district headquarters, said. Heavy snowfall had started in the area from Saturday night.

    The Home Ministry said a team of rescuers had been sent to the area with a helicopter in the afternoon while rescue teams of the police and Nepal Army have also been flown in. Tangtyange Lekh is four days walk from Dunai.

    Thousands of people trek to high altitudes in Dolpa to pick Yarsagumba, a natural aphrodisiac, which has been a good source of income for the locals ever since large-scale Yarsagumba trade began few some years ago. nepalnews.com mk May 29 07

  35. When are you going to cover the plight of Bhutanese refugees? What is going on against them is a stright attack on the identity called “Nepali”. Why is it ignored by most of the Nepali bloggers?

  36. The Pokhara incident is indeed scary. The government should investigate immediately and find out what caused it. Time is running out for this government. The people are now quite fed up with empty posturing.

    Koirala , stop these lectures on democracy and start governing! Establish order please.

  37. Educational Republic Forum………what sort of crackpot organization is that? Time to start taking a harder line on these lunatic fringe groups that believe they know what’s best for us.

  38. Nepali Akash:
    When Burmese government kicked out Nepalese from Burma, King Mahendra welcomed them and helped them to resettle in Nepal. At that time He said instead of spilling blood in the foreign land it’s time to spill sweat for the development of Nepal. Then came democracy and Nepalese from Bhutan were kicked out. Our leaders put them in the camp and these Nepalese are still suffering. These politicians have no desire to solve this problem. I have written here and there about handing the Nepalese from Bhutan citizenship certificates and closing the camps. Since US and other European countries are willing to take them in their countries our government should speed up the process. But the primeminister and foreign minister still talking about sending them back to Bhutan. Enough is enough. They are suffering since 1990. Send all those suffering people elsewhere immediately. In the name of the god, show some heart.

  39. We have distributed millions of citizenships recently. Many also live in the Indian side of the border.Why can’t we distribute another 80000 to our Nepalis from Bhutan if they want it? We should offer this as well, and then say no to anymore coming into Nepal via India. How come the Indians allow Bhutanese refugees to cross over from their soil and enter Nepal in the first place? The Indians should be stopping this right at the Bhutan/India border. If they claim that they are allowed to travel freely like Nepalis, so too they should be allowed to travel freely back into India and into Bhutan as well.

  40. Nepal Defence Army- one outfit doing a right thing in Nepal now. You fight fire with fire and thats what they are doing. I do commend them. Indian border guards kill but not even a whimper from gang of 8, the fuck Mukerjee says he is surprised that till date no Madhesi Press Council was established in Nepal but now he is happy. SOB- is he a diplomat or an agent working to undermine Nepal. Have guts people, do something or you rather get soo loktrantric that even selling of nation is debateable and if its in their interest, workable.

  41. ok, another strke announced for this Friday, apparently by a group close to the terrorist turned politician Dev Gurung– welcome to the New Nepal!!

  42. Nepal Defence Army- one outfit doing a right thing in Nepal now. You fight fire with fire and thats what they are doing. I do commend them. Indian border guards kill but not even a whimper from gang of 8, the f-ck Mukerjee says he is surprised that till date no Madhesi Press Council was established in Nepal but now he is happy. SOB- is he a diplomat or an agent working to undermine Nepal. Have guts people, do something or you rather get soo loktrantric that even selling of nation is debateable and if its in their interest, workable

  43. DOA– when our own so-called leaders are soo hell bent on taking this country down the drain and completely obliterate it from the map, who has the time or the interest to listen to what people like Mukharjee are saying. We need to first get our house in order – literally as well. And that doesn’t seem to be happening until the terrorist and corrupt thugs are spoiling yet another expanded period from our life….. we will continue to remain in transition and will continue to be held hostage by these thugs…. whatever people like Mukharjee are saying is secondary.. what these thugs are and are not doing is primary concern for all citizens of Nepal…. and the sad part is that these thugs will not let the people of this country live in peace… the news headline will continue to sa– no eight party meeting, no parliament meeting and no cabinet meeting.. so how the hell are the problems of this country going to be solved? By calling more strikes?

  44. When a seemingly educated person like DOA praises an outfit like Nepal Defense Army (an outfit probably as bad as the Maoists) then it becomes easier to understand why Nepal is in the mess it is today. With such idiotic brains perhaps we Nepalis deserve the sh!t we are in today.

  45. I can definetly understand DOA’s frustration. However, I agree with Kirat! This Nepal Defense Army is just bad news. I wonder what’s next…

  46. wake up people ……………wake up……i didn’t see any good things in nepal ? if any , please let us know??????????……everything is all about hell nepal……ohh sory not Nepal but its’ leaders are bloody sh!t……dots……

  47. what good things spaM done after one year of their completion ? NOTHING..

    The worst thing they did is they brought the communual/ethnic war and successfully divided our nation into two. Now country is in paralysed situation where virtually it may collapse. Isn’t it wise to call these thug leaders RASTRADROHI and kick them out from Nepal before it is too late ?

  48. Kirat, i dont think DOA was in anyway trying to justify the doing of NDA. However, if the home ministry fails repeatedly to condemn the acts of maoists (lets not even talk about taking actions against them), frustration amongst the general public is only natural. When wrong doers are not prosecuted or punished, outfits like NDA will have plenty of space to justify themselves.

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