Unacceptable: The YCL Activities

UWB agrees with the Kathmandu Post editorial published today: The Young Communit League (YCL) activities are not directed at cleaning the society but at cleansing rules, norms, system and civilization of this country.

Prachanda and his rag-tag army committed the first blunder by declaring an armed rebellion back in 1996. Even if we agree on their claim that they raised awareness in the rural areas, the loss of human lives, infrastructures and economic deterioration do not justify the so-called people’s war. The compulsion they confronted to join the mainstream politics also proves the point. Thankfully, the obdurate king helped them by not inviting the political parties until things turned unmanageable. The Maoists would have, otherwise, joined the mainstream in much weaker position. Alas! Even after joining the government at equal strength as that of UML, the Maoist leadership has not realized its myopic vision in handling the home-grown goons called Youth Communist League (YCL) which is ruining its political achievements, and also risking the sovereignty of this country. So, the second blunder the Maoist leadership has made is the unleashing of YCL.

Comrade Prachanda and his followers are turning deaf ears to the fact that the YCL activities are not directed at cleaning the society but at cleansing rules, norms, system and civilization of this country. The manhandling of chief district officers, vandalizing of district administrative blocs and attacking on other government officers are nothing but sheer highhandedness, disrespect to the rule of law, and typical to an autocratic and criminal mindset. The YCL cadres have gone beyond control. Not only in Mahendranagar, they have committed such crimes in various other districts and even in Padma Kanya College. Their assertion has been unabated because they have won the psychological war with the leadership. These people are taking the advantage of fissure in the Maoist leadership. Prachanda and Baburam look timid and helpless in controlling YCL because they do not want to lose them to the trio — Kiran, Badal and Gaurav — who is growing strong within the party.

If the Maoist leadership has consciously unleashed YCL to do whatever and attack whomever, their strategy is absolutely wrong and will have a detrimental effect on the Maoists themselves. Maybe, they are trying to manage the level of fear that general public had on them before they laid down their weapons. But if they achieve that goal, the CA elections will not take place. If they fail to achieve the goal, they will land on their face in the CA elections. Their acts will also cost the country dear because the feeble administration is simply unable to cope up with the pressure from separatists, fundamentalists and criminals operating in terai. It is high time the Maoist leadership reconsidered its stance and mulled seriously over the future of this country. At the moment, the YCL activities are unacceptable and the Post strongly condemns them.





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  1. Patriot Avatar

    My father once said to me – democracy is like a weapon, in the hands of educated and aware populace, a gun is more safe than a knife in the hands of ignorant. Realisticaly, Nepal is not ready for democracy. We need a benevolent dictator like Mahathir to guide us and prepare us for democracy. Stick and laat of love in other words …

  2. Patriot Avatar

    Hey Bhudai – reg my last posting which was in response to yours I couldnt read it as it was deleted per UWB’s claim. Was looking forward to your opinion …

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Patriot: I don’t, unfortunetly, have all the answers. I can only speculate and hope this or that happens. Perhaps I too am falling victim to the same wishful thinking I accused you of eariler.
    I am a little short on time right now…. but I wil definetly respond to your post as best as I can.

  4. ????? ????? : Avatar
    ????? ????? :

    Nepal keen on devaluing its currency

    Anirban Roy
    The hindustantimes

    Kathmandu, May 19, 2007
    First Published: 03:25 IST(19/5/2007)
    Last Updated: 03:26 IST(19/5/2007)

    The tumultous changes in Nepal have taken their toll. As the country haltingly proceeds towards a democratic setup, it has realised it needs to devalue its currency (Nepalese Rupee) in order to give some stimulus to its exports.

    The macroeconomic indicators are grim. In the past five years, the average rate of growth of GDP has been 2.14 per cent – easily the lowest in South Asia.

    While growth is slow, the rate of inflation rose to 8 per cent in March against 5.8 per cent in the same month of the previous year. It has also been projected that the economy will not grow at a rate higher than 2.91 per cent per annum till 2011. “We are open to devaluing our currency now,” Ram Sharan Mahat, Nepal’s Finance Minister told Hindustan Times, adding that the over-valued Nepalese Rupee has been a hurdle to the country’s economic progress.

    More than 70 per cent of Nepal’s export is to India.

    “Theoretically, devaluing currencies always helps in increasing exports, but we have no idea what is going to happen in Nepal,” Shankar Prasad Acharya, the Director of Nepal Rastra Bank’s Foreign Exchange Department, said.

    Acharya said that since the Nepalese Rupee is pegged to the Indian Rupee basket, and the Indian rupee has strengthened considerably, the currency value of the Nepalese rupee too rose considerably during the last few months against the US dollar. “And it is this that has also affected our exports,” Acharya said. The readymade garment industry, which has been one of the largest exporters from Nepal, suffered considerably
    during the last four months.

    Several Nepalese economists have been arguing that as exchange rate determination is an important monetary instrument for maintaining growth and containing competitiveness, the existing exchange rate with India
    needs reassessment.

    Diplomats at the Indian Embassy at Kathmandu were not unduly bothered. “If they (the Nepal government) are keen to devalue the Nepalese Rupee, we have no problem,” one of the Indian diplomats, who refused to be quoted, said, adding New Delhi would not try to stop Nepal if it wanted to wriggle out of Indian currency basket.

    The diplomat said India would have no major problem even if the Nepalese government wanted to shift from fixed to floatation exchange rates. At present, the fixed exchange rate between Indian and Nepalese Rupee
    is at 1:1.60.

    However, the Nepalese government would probably have to consider the fact that India, as an external factor, has significant impact on Nepali domestic price levels.

  5. replytoall Avatar

    Benevolent Dictator eh!

    Enjoy Prachanda.

  6. DeadonArrival Avatar

    Now the crux is this- if rupee is devalued, what is the basis? There has been no significant investment in export oriented industries or products rather it has been attacked from all side- from unions to inaction in the part of SPAM and anti free-market and capitalist Maoist;therefore, talking intelligent is one thing but being pragmatic is another. In a sense, if rupee is devalued the only repercussion will be on Nepali purchasing power, disposal income and remittance diversion. In a word economic collapse.

    So much for foresight and Loktrantra balloon. And the way the things are many other foreign as well domestic economic stimulus will choose blue sea rather than devil SPAM. The appetite for destruction is so overpowering that SPAM just cannot withstand it.

    Schools are closed, noone gives a hoot, industries are closing who care, certainly not Yami. By the way if nation close- do you think these SPAM care, no way. They have already bought piece of land in Nodia. I say with solid proof.

    Long live Constitutional Monarchy( give him a break- he is human after all) and Multi party system.

  7. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Dr Mahat has gone mad.
    Once the rupee is devaluated, it will increase inflation.
    Already blinking economy will collapse.
    It will help Indian corporate to invest at cheaper rate in Nepal.

  8. I Think Avatar
    I Think

    A few days ago Avantika Regmi wrote in The Kathmandu Post saying “including Maoists in the government was a suicide…”. I absolutely agree.
    Girija’s government is a lame duck government. With Maoists this government can do nothing. Without Maoists this government can do nothing. Last year’s Jana Andolan was not successful because Maoists was part of it. It was because of the people that the jana andolan was successful and the Maoists used it for safe landing. Prachanda was smart enough to trick the people and trick his cadres. Now YCL is out of his control. He cannot order them nor disown them. YCL must not exist under any circumstance. Prachanda will not stop them. Government cannot stop them. the Army won’t do anything. There is only one way to stop YCL. People (Junta) must unite and fight against them. Drive them away, beat them if necessary, cut their tongues, arms, break their nose, but don’t kill them. This way they will learn that it is wrong to take law in their hand.

  9. noname Avatar


    I am okay with devaluing the currency right at the moment. But in turn I want SPAM to be out. The result getting SPAM out (along with about 10,000 people inside rigorous imprisonment) and putting the King and RNA in charge will be 2 things. King and RNA will provide stability and industries will be back. Second, the devalued currency will help us a lot in the short term.

    The biggest catalyst for growth in Nepal will be the King and RNA to be back. There is just no second alternative.

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am getting a little sick and tired of bloggers who keep belaboring the same idiotic nonsensical ideas over and over.
    Let’s get something stright: the SPA aren’t going anywhere and the RNA isn’t going to come back. Let’s all get realistic and debate feasible ideas. How to curtail the YCL, how to politically corner the Maoists etc. Stupid grand sentences like the one ‘noname’ just posted is a good only for his 3 second quick high but beyond that it’s just worthless.

  11. ravan Avatar

    The identity and commitment toward democracy and peace of SPA is on verge of collapse if not think twice before it is too late. The country is heading toward unknown destination because of miscalculation of the steps. The goal and destination of this spaM was CA election before. Now, maoist are diverting their plan to establish republic first. Yesterday, Prachanda mentioned that they are not concerned with the delay of CA election if republic established. This clearly exhibit the true color of maoist toward CA election and democratic norms. He is not only fooling the other parties but also threatening them as well to follow his ideology. Who is the leader of this nation is very confusing matter of today. The overall scenario shows that Girija is nothing but being made puppet by maoist. But how long and upto what limit ?

  12. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    You tell us Bhudai how to curtail YCL, you tell us why are you still giving benefit of doubt to SPAM as you did when Maoist were bought into so-called-mainstream. Get real. being at present means looking for future and future you need to act on. At this time there is two things- one is bad another is good. Now go make my day and choose, whats it gonna be, punk.

  13. sagarmatha Avatar

    The dead end of the spaM’s existence ;

    – autocratic
    – syndicate system
    – lust for power than peoples’ aspiration
    – miscalculation of the political steps
    – collapse of peace process and security
    – geo-cultural division and fraction among the people
    – creation of ethnic war
    – negative trend of economy
    – lack of employment opportunities
    – unknown future educational system
    – bankruptcy of the government
    – reservation of international communities and donors etc…etc….

  14. scoop Avatar

    I don’t know if yesterdays threat by Prachanda was knowingly done even after knowing that a meeting was underway regarding his much loved cantonement camps? I reckon he probably knew that the meeting was underway and probably knew what the outcome would be as well, and took the opportunity to threaten just to show how effective his threats were. In the governments part they should have given Prachanda a bombasting for making a media moment out of the issue, and the government should also have at least laid another condition for the works, mainly that the cantonement work would go ahead if at the same time UN was allowed to get on with their verification, leading to the dismissal of child soldiers and so called PLA recruited after April 2006. That would reduce atleast half the so called PLA from the camps at the least. Further, they should also demand that the YCL stop all it’s activities whether they are good (which are few and far between) as they are not the law or the police, and especially if they are bad (which are many).
    Personally, after hearing Prachanda’s speech, I would have called off the meeting on cantonements altogether until Prachanda made a withdrawel of his irresponsible comments. Instead the govt. allowed him to get the upper hand for no reason. Let’s face it most of his PLA are out anyway in the form of YCL.

  15. noname Avatar

    Just to let you all know that the Maoist victims have been thrown out of their camps and no one seems to be bothered about them.

    And here you are talking about providing Hygienic, Proper living conditions to hired goons. I have no problem if you provide good living conditions to anyone but if you do that on the basis of what terrorists like Pushpa Dahal want, then we are setting a dangerous principle.

  16. ????? ????? : Avatar
    ????? ????? :

    After a few days gap, what a political masala by Prachanda? It was expected as he had not barked for last couple of days. Now lets see what P.M. Girija is going to reply and what about “Madhav Kumar Radio Nepal”? He even does not know what he broadcasted on 7 AM news and prepares for 9 AM bulletin.

  17. ravan Avatar

    Girija might have pissed off in his pant.

  18. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit


    I am not giving the Maoists the benefit of the doubt. I have always (from the very begining) been skeptical about being able to mainstream the Maoists. Read my posts before making accusations. But here is a fact you need to get into your head: SPA is here to stay. No matter how worthless they are they are still the only democratic establishment in Nepal. If nothing else they are the closest thing to a democratic establishment.
    This doesn’t mean the SPA is any good. Trust me I loath the SPA. But what can we do? Saying /Writing stupid sh*it like let’s have a miliary coup or let Gyanendra take over again isn’t going to help the situation.

    The Maoists really need to cornered politically. For this to happen the SPA and the King should become closer. That way they will have the option of utilizing the NA if needed and it will give them more leverage against the Maoists. Unfortunetly there is still too much distrust between NC and the King. The King should also try to reach out to the parties…

  19. Min Avatar

    All the YCL thugs including Prachande should be hanged before long.

  20. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    You uncage the devil first and then you talk about cornering it, c’mon bhudai. They way you raionalize- it seems like carrot before horse. In real these things never work. And to expect otherwise will be a bad case of know-it all tendencies prevalent in likes of Baburam. Sorry to say.

  21. ravan Avatar


    You are right, otherwise spa will loose its strength where regional parties might overtake them. The maoist games are temporary which will be snuff out after the free and fair election. It is not only for the democracy but for unity among the different ethnic groups and sovereignity of the country also, spa and king should respectably join hands. But their unity should be able to tackle the both true democracy and the ethnic problems to bring harmony among the people.

  22. observer Avatar

    Animal Scientist,

    Great, you are right, No brilliant people found in Nepal including bloggers of UWB .

    I’m just an observer.

  23. Patriot Avatar

    Thanks Bhudai – for admitting I’m not the only one indulging in speculation/wishful thinking. Perhaps if we had an option, the problems wouldnt be so complex as it is.

  24. Dewaz Avatar

    if the bloggers out here thinks that YCL .. are doing to much and what about the other SPA parties … remember when maoist had captured top gangster of Kathmandu their were lots of SPA parties that declared those gangsters as their party memebers .. what do u say about that …You may not like the way they works but i think it is best way bring rapid development .. ahila hamro daju bhai have become like beta bhakhra .. 2 – 3 kick nahanikana ka huncha .. it’s communism man

  25. noname Avatar

    Dewaz supports Mao terrorists and thinks that SPA is the bigger problem. I don’t support Mao terrorists but I agree that SPA is the most dangerous problem for Nepal.

  26. mongolian forum Avatar
    mongolian forum

    well this is not about the things that is given on topic.now this the thing that i want to let know all monglolian people to be united and lets go for war.who the hell is parchanda and babu ram battarai.they r the main criminal of our country and they r nothing without we all mongolian.so plis be united make one good forum to reach at the top.this is perfect time.i really mean it .i just want to see the all politician in jail and those criminal like prachanda and battarai should be killed in the public place. i just want to finish all this voilence. since they started the war ,they use only mongolian cause mongolian have lion heart.many mongolian were killled.so plis now wake up ,this is alarm for all (mongolian).do somethig for country otherwise this maoist willl destroy our beautiful country( gorkha land.)

  27. mongolian forum Avatar
    mongolian forum

    u know this ycl create more problem in out country.plis stop them UNO.

  28. mongolian forum Avatar
    mongolian forum

    i want my country peace…..our motherland is crying….plis help

  29. mongolian forum Avatar
    mongolian forum

    all must follow the mahatama gandhi pathway not in voilence.dont disturb our country.make peace.mongolian people should be united to bring back peace in our country not voilating but in mahatama ghadi way of war not maochidong war.

  30. mongolian forum Avatar
    mongolian forum

    choose the better way which will not harm other people.this will definately give peace in our country.read mahatama path.i think maoist read the book of demons and yamraj…hhahahahaaaaaaaaaa

  31. buddha boy Avatar
    buddha boy

    ommm ommm peace peace

  32. hhh Avatar

    all we need is a greener and cleaner nepal

  33. Che Avatar

    Hey Fellow country men
    Lets wake up, wake up from this terrible dream
    Our land is filled with bloodshed and YCL is Adding to it. I mean who are these people, uneducated bunch of young thugs who have no work to do and are only after the because of Chaos in Nepal. I mean law and order has to be maintained. why is it not realised that to have control over situations as such, there should be strong hold to combat these thugs.
    So many undermining mistakes have been made, yet we dont want to realise it.

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