Unacceptable: The YCL Activities

UWB agrees with the Kathmandu Post editorial published today: The Young Communit League (YCL) activities are not directed at cleaning the society but at cleansing rules, norms, system and civilization of this country.

Prachanda and his rag-tag army committed the first blunder by declaring an armed rebellion back in 1996. Even if we agree on their claim that they raised awareness in the rural areas, the loss of human lives, infrastructures and economic deterioration do not justify the so-called people’s war. The compulsion they confronted to join the mainstream politics also proves the point. Thankfully, the obdurate king helped them by not inviting the political parties until things turned unmanageable. The Maoists would have, otherwise, joined the mainstream in much weaker position. Alas! Even after joining the government at equal strength as that of UML, the Maoist leadership has not realized its myopic vision in handling the home-grown goons called Youth Communist League (YCL) which is ruining its political achievements, and also risking the sovereignty of this country. So, the second blunder the Maoist leadership has made is the unleashing of YCL.

Comrade Prachanda and his followers are turning deaf ears to the fact that the YCL activities are not directed at cleaning the society but at cleansing rules, norms, system and civilization of this country. The manhandling of chief district officers, vandalizing of district administrative blocs and attacking on other government officers are nothing but sheer highhandedness, disrespect to the rule of law, and typical to an autocratic and criminal mindset. The YCL cadres have gone beyond control. Not only in Mahendranagar, they have committed such crimes in various other districts and even in Padma Kanya College. Their assertion has been unabated because they have won the psychological war with the leadership. These people are taking the advantage of fissure in the Maoist leadership. Prachanda and Baburam look timid and helpless in controlling YCL because they do not want to lose them to the trio — Kiran, Badal and Gaurav — who is growing strong within the party.

If the Maoist leadership has consciously unleashed YCL to do whatever and attack whomever, their strategy is absolutely wrong and will have a detrimental effect on the Maoists themselves. Maybe, they are trying to manage the level of fear that general public had on them before they laid down their weapons. But if they achieve that goal, the CA elections will not take place. If they fail to achieve the goal, they will land on their face in the CA elections. Their acts will also cost the country dear because the feeble administration is simply unable to cope up with the pressure from separatists, fundamentalists and criminals operating in terai. It is high time the Maoist leadership reconsidered its stance and mulled seriously over the future of this country. At the moment, the YCL activities are unacceptable and the Post strongly condemns them.





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  1. B Avatar

    This site is amazing. It goes from hailing the maoists as heros of the new nepal to the distructive or even a criminal force. However, this was expected, repeated by many posters in this blog (who were until very recently called royalists for criticising the maoists) that such a situation will arise. My only dissatisfaction with this article is that, the writer has blatantly failed to blame the institution of monarchy for the activities of the YCL. Maybe the posters will do that for him

  2. ck2 Avatar

    Is this article necessary? And is it also neccessary for UWB to endorse it? I find UWB conceited that they have not just agreed with the bloggers several months back in this regard and have to finally come up with endorsenments. We don’t need it. 99.9%of your forum in this blog have already said for the millionth time that the YCL are just a buch of goons. Let’s not keep writing about them and give them space. Time for the govt. to get the security tightened on them and time for a crackdown on these thugs. Enough talk and words have been wasted on these criminals.

  3. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    The need of hour for Maoists was make over their image.
    They went opposite way.
    That was bound to happen because of bunch of stupids as their leaders.
    I am sorry if somebody labels Baburam as wise man. Of course he is intelligent
    but not wise.

  4. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    If not controlled, YCL will end up turning into death squad for Maoist leaderships.

  5. HTML Avatar

    enough is enough!

    the so called YCL activities have crossed the limits. since the maoists have joined the main political mainstream of the country, they should not be indulged in such activities. they are turning more violent by the day.

    if such activities by them are not checked and in time, god knows where our country is going to land in the next few years.

  6. R Avatar

    Girija made a blunder by bringing maoist thugs to the goverment. They can never be trusted.

  7. scoop Avatar

    Yes, I agree with KP editor. Instead of collecting money from smugglers, YCL is catching them and handing them over to police. Instead of bribing CDOs, YCL is telling them to do what they are paid to do. YCL very bad. Goons of NC, UML and Mandales are all very nice people. They do nothing to challenge status quo. The so-called Maoist “victims” are good people because they burn government cars.

  8. Q Avatar

    Hey Scoop,

    Are you another habaldar of pol pot bastard Prachande? Do you know what rule of law? Your maoist thugs are always breaking laws. You should go to hell. People like you are burden on this planet.

  9. Q Avatar


    Whenever your maoist thugs beat up or kill some innocent people, you always support them. When your god Kukur Prachande visited his native village, he said to his maternal aunt that once the government put price for his head. he is totally wrong that the price for his head has been lifted. The price for his head is still there. The only difference is that previously the price for his head was declared, now it is undeclared. Just see what happens to his head before the CA election.

  10. Patriot Avatar

    After comments disappeared mysteriously I dont feel like posting anything on UWB.

  11. Captain Crash Avatar

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    The general, unable to control his irritation, will launch his men to the assault like swarming ants, with the result that one-third of his men are slain, while the town still remains untaken. Such are the disastrous effects of a siege. Therefore the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.

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  12. Q Avatar

    Hey scoop,

    You are so proud of your YCL (young criminal league) cadres and said these thugs instead of collecting money from the smugglers they are catching them and handing over to the police. If these thugs are really interested in catching criminals, why can’t they stop kidnapping and murders in Kathmandu and other parts of the country. You know what? they are the ones who are committing kidnapping and murders in Kathmandu and other parts of the country. Do you have answer to this?

  13. Captain Crash Avatar

    Isn’t it that maoist leader are in ministry of Information and Communication how come such editorial are given permission to publish. Kantipur should be aware now, YCL may vandalize their office for writing against them. Maoist want to run with the country with fear tactics but now where do they stand with uprising in tarai and chure bhuwar who do they control…….. they have open the Pandora’s box.

  14. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    The people’s war was universally condemned but the Maoists carried on with it and catapulted themselves to the parliament and cabinet. Today everyone seems to oppose YCL, but since Nepal has a weak governement and security system the clever maoists know that this is the only tactics that is going to be successful. They know what works in this land and they want to maintain their upperhand in it. The fact is that the hope of Maoists changing for good is no different than the dream of Nepal becoming a switzerland in 10 years. Both are theoretically impossible. Nepal is in a trapped situation.

  15. Ashok Avatar

    The NC should make its Tarun Dal more militant to take on the YCl. The YCL must be taught a lesson. There is no point in having mercy on the YCL, the police should use heavy force aginst them.

  16. Q Avatar

    Law and order can not maintained in the country as long as pol pot Prachande’s habaldar Krishna Sitaula continues to be the Home minister.

  17. Kirat Avatar

    We all knew the Maoists could turn out into such thugs. They were given the benefit of the doubt and they betrayed the people and the nation. But what of the SPA? Many say that the SPA is intentionally doing nothing to stop the outrage committed by the YCL and the violent organizations in the terai with the cunning assumption that it will further weaken and factionalize the Maoists. It seems not to matter to the SPA that such a tactic will mean so much hardship to the ordinary people. For them any means seems to justify their selfish ends. I am most disappointed with the SPA.

    Look at the petrol crisis. India retails it’s petrol at INR 50.oo per litre i.e NPR 80.oo per litre. Our SPA govt. fixes it at NPR 67.oo per litre though they buy the petrol from India. So of course the NOC is going bankrupt. The right thing for the SPA govt. to do is to increase the prices of petroleum products to a more practical level to ensure smooth supply. But since it is a politically difficult decision to make they would rather bankrupt the NOC and see the total collapse of the supply chain-which if it continues could destroy our countrys economy. Do the SPA leaders care if this happens? We have a bunch of spineless, self-serving leaders running the country. However I have been lately studying the behaviour and attitudes of our common folk (city folks that is) in their daily life. Really we Nepali’s are a selfish bunch-we think only for ourselves and our little comforts. We rarely do anything for the greater good at the cost of some inconvenience to ourselves(simple things like refusing to get in a queue). It is no surprise that our leaders are just like us -selfish and callous about the needs/convenience of others.

  18. q Avatar

    Re the sandalwood job by YCL,
    These maoists not too long ago were cutting down forests and smuggling and selling them themselves, or taking cuts from wood smugglers. I would not be surprised at all if this is just a scam to try and show a good face, since one of the thugs is the Minister of Forests no less, – how difficult would it be to do such an operation?
    Have people also noticed the clearing of the maoist victims at teen kune? Another job by police after pressure from the maoists in government no doubt, I think the victims are too embarrasing for them.

    Again, catching sandalwood smugglers (most probably an elaborate show) can be done by police, but I wonder how the YCL’s burning of govt. buildings, stealing, threatening, extorting, vandalism anmd yes murder etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. can be covered up by them, difficult even with one of their own as Minister of Information.

    The thug in the Ministry of Forests by the way has asked why the American’s have’nt left if they still call these goons terrorists (I would personally remove the label and replace it with “goons and thugs”, terrorists usually have brains), I ask the thug boss who then if nothing else would issue the priceless and popular US visas etc. – himself or do we have to run to the Delhi US embassy for visas at great expense, after all even thugs like Ale Magar (who was refused a visa, what a moron to try an attempt such a thing in the first place), from his party were desperate to go to the US, and there are so many like this Bom guy who posts articles here who live in the US and enjoy theiir freedoms while posting their two sh1ts worth here!

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but forget the YCL, I’m even getting sick of seeing the likes of Minister of deforestation Yadav making childish – no I take that back not childish – baffoonish statements as well.

  19. Patriot Avatar

    I agree on the petrol thing Kirat. I believe if efficient management is introduced NOC can still offer subsidized rates. In India its the retail price that is INR50. Lets say NOC buys at INR40. Add 2/- to overheads and govt can still afford to sell at INR42/- (= NR67/-). After sometime, increase it slowly and thats profit for NOC.

    Smuggling can also be effectively controlled via schemes like coupon system where say consumer pays INR 50/- initially and receipts/coupons can later be redeemed thereby leaving no incentive for smugglers to funnel it back to India. Its a technical management challenge but with right leadership and vision, very possible.

  20. AHIMSA Avatar

    Cheaters or self-cheaters?

    It is surprising, that most bloggers are pretending that before the Maoists and their YCL started to do what they are doing, everything was well in Nepal. The armed forces have never been corrupt, there hasn’t been any blackmailing, no smuggling and no violence were existing in Nepal, before the Maoists and their youth wing started all these crimes.

    So i guess either these bloggers have a very short memory or they themselves were involved in these crimes and are now pretending that before everything was okay.

    Nepal has always been a paradise for criminals of all kinds. They even could enjoy protection by the police and army, if they paid some amount to the right people.

    So do protest against illegal, violent and criminal activities by the Maoists, but do not fool the readers by pretending that before everything was okay.

    It was absolutely horrible even before the Maoists were existing. They have gone underground after the secret service murdered a revered and loved communist leader in a fake car accident.

    True, there is no use to exchange one evil rulership with another, but before the Maoists came into existance Nepal was already completely infected by violence, state crime and impunity of the security forces.

    The problem in Nepal is, that all are believing in violence as a tool to reach their aims. Follow the example of Mahatma Gandhi, practise strict nonviolence and you will create lasting change in Nepal.

    Violence can only be overcome by nonviolence!

  21. Baje Avatar

    It matters absolutely not that this site endoreses one person or the other or one point of view vs. another. It’s apparent to everyone what the logical connection (common denominator) between the cheif contributors to this site, the Nepali Congress, the UML and the Maoists is. But that’s a topic for another time.

    More important is that the Nepali Congress is finally bleeding and getting a good taste of what it’s like, to be on the receiving end. This party should have been so much more moderate during Gyanendra’s time, than they were. Had they done so, they would have toppled any autocratic ambitions Gyanendra had, without a single death – forget 21 killed in the name of these idiots coming to power.

    So, the concluding point is this – it’s great to see at least the relatives of the Nepali Congress Committee members finally coming round and understanding what the Maoists are truly about. The sooner, the better, for everyone.


  22. replytoall Avatar

    My question to all the bloggers here!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys have always said that the King of Nepal was evil dictator, tyrant and what not……………

    Ok….just give few reasons for that notion………….

    238 years of this and that? forget that………….. just talk about Gyanendra the King, the so called evil tyrant….

    the only thing I see as a fault of KG is increasing money for the palace…………. well that was a big blunder and a mistake and he should answer that………except for that can anyone explain the reasons for him being labeled a tyrant!!!!!!!!!

  23. noname Avatar

    I am still saying that SPA is a bigger criminal than Maoist and YCL. SPA and Girija is trying to clear his path to dirty glory by putting all the blame on Palace and Maoists. SPA is the biggest criminal and is very dangerous. Beware of it even though no one dares to publically criticise it because SPA and Girija has bought everyone with his ill-earned money!!!!!

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “We all knew the Maoists could turn out into such thugs”

    Kirat, I sincerly think very highly of you but I disagree with this statement of yours! You my friend did not believe or say this. Not to get petty and digress from the real issue but nonetheless ….

  25. NepalBlood Avatar

    Yet another anti-loktantrik article. This royalist website is going to get shut down and somebody is going to get hurt.

  26. guyfromktm Avatar

    yeah, it’s very loktantrik to say that everyone who points a finger at all of the failures of the current government and parliament is very un-loktantrik. This is exactly the king of competeitive loktantra that teacher Pushpa Kamal and ceremonial Baburam had been talking about. Now, how ex-army turned YCL gang are out in the streets terrorizing people but to point that out is very un-loktantrik. This is the kind of anarchy that people were looking for during the April uprising against an “autocratic king” and 238 years of whatever it is that they are protesting against. And now, this government full of terrorists and corrupt thugs have completely failed the people, the parliament which is swallowing millions of our taxpayers money has been stalled for more than a month and the corrupt cabinet which lives on our money again, hasn’t even met for a long time. And the YCL continues to go on rampage. When will the people come out to the streets to make this group of terrorists and thugs accountable? This situation is slipping into complete hopelessness due to the “asakshamta” of these terrorist and corrupt thugs… it is time we did something about it to turn it around!! Else these thugs have no inerest to carry out CA, or to give up the powers they have accidentally achieved. They are busy doing on foreign trips and amassing huge amounts of money– not at all focussed on the plight of the people.

  27. bridhohi Avatar

    Somalia in Making:

    On one hand, we have the Maoists with the YCL as the de facto para military force terrorizing people & on the other hand, the Terai based JTMM & other groups are also doing the same. The Rule of Law in non-existent in Nepal. We are seeing a Hobbesian nightmare–survival of the fittest (in our case, those who have weapons & use violence). The ultimate misunderstanding of Loktantra.

    We also have Janjati based groups calling for their separate federalist structure. Pretty soon, Tarun Dal may come out of hibernation & even Madales. If every ethnic or ideological groups want their separate federalist enclave, it will be self-serving mentality. This short-sightedness will give rise to War Lordism in Nepal. IF THERE IS NO TOLERANVE, WE WILL BE BACK TO “NEO-BAISE & CHAIBISE RAJYAS” RULED BY WAR LORDS…

    You know who is just sitting there & watching? The king. The longer it takes for THE CA elections to take place which now is around Nov. 07 at the earliest, the better for him. The more erosion in law & order situation, it benefits the king. Wasn’t this the strategy Maoists had used from the jungle? Just wait & be patient while Kathmandu self-destructs.

    If there is a free & fair election, I doubt the Maoists will get the majority. It seems their strategy has shifted to creating mayhem & instability so they can use it as a bargaining chip to have a republic. But, will we trust them?

  28. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-I only gave the Maoists the benefit of the doubt, nothing more. But don’t you think the selfish attitudes of our leaders merely reflects the selfish character of Nepalis in general?

  29. q Avatar

    So AHIMSA therefore you mean what this so called revolutionary, people centred, anti feudal, new Nepal building, anti corruption etc etc etc party called the maoists and their thugs the YCL are doing is justified because others did it as well? Is that what you are trying to say? I do not think anyone has a short term memory, but maybe your memory should be jogged that people were killed and died for these maoist saying that they were going to do this that and the other. They claimed that they would do so much if the people backed them, and what have we got? No one is pretending anything AHIMSA, except the maoists. People here have always criticised every regime, and following the article on this stream we are also criticising a self proclaimed peoples saviour for being nothing of the sort. Let me again jog your memory, about 10 years ago I remember clearly how the maoists when they had not yet gone into their killing and murdering ways, they were doing a good job of raising awareness without violence, all of a sudden after King Birendra’s death they changed their strategy -this is where they went wrong and where their leaders were exposed as just power hungry thugs as opposed to leaders who really did know their a$$ from the moon. Except of course with the label of crooks like every other regime they also have the distinction of murderer as well to their bio data. You go on about Gandhi – well if the maoists had stuck to their non violent ways like in the beginning they would have got where there are today and further, but this time with our support. Now they are despised.

  30. sagarmatha Avatar

    I think this blog will be shot-down very soon.

  31. scoop Avatar

    TKP editor must know that if it wasn’t the fear of YCL, mandales will be vandalising their property just as they did before. Mandales will be breaking skulls of SPA goons who do anything for money. Thank YCL for keeping these goons in their places.

  32. q Avatar


    Oh yeah the same mandales who vandalised the TKP offices before YCL existed, or is it the same mandales who vandalised the offices even during the Kings absolute rule? I don’t know the TKP offices look alright from all this vandalism, but maybe after the YCL get a shot at vandalising the offices like the govt. building they have been burning down and the statues of historical dead Kings while in government, they will do a good job for all to see and notice. Same with the breaking skulls theory, I guess the mandales did not do a good job of breaking skulls before the YCL came about, maybe the YCL will do a good job while in government and go even further like killing 60 year old labourers. What do you say?

  33. sagarmatha Avatar

    Time to attack physically to NC and media, now they are the two barriers for their dead ideology in 21st century.

  34. sagarmatha Avatar


    why you are so confused with the democratic norms ?

  35. republican Avatar

    why doesn’t UWB talk about how Hisila Yami is deprieving the Kathmanduities of drinking water. the [icd].

  36. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    The selective condemnation by TKP is their forte. Did you see they did not mention statues of Kings being toppled by YCL. So if one is right then another cannot be wrong. Get a grip. That’s the reason Media houses have had a field day in conjuring up biased and overtly lopsided reports- that is actually propaganda rather than news. The Kantipur is classic in this. Ho, where are you Ed Murrow, when we need you.

    As for Kirat- giving benefit of doubt is always risky. I have had long and acrimonious spat with you in this very site with a different name. I always believed that once this menace is uncorked there is little we can do other than despise its very existence. We are at stage where only thing we can do is write comments with a heavy heart that it is all in vain. I also abhorred SPA who preferred to shake hands with devil, knowing they were devil. The nakedness of their greed for power by any means (without an iota of best interest of the country) is crux of the matter.

    We should never forget we are one- a Nepali first. Times may be hard but if we shore up our nationalistic fervor where there is equal right and opportunity – we might come out unscathed from all the artificial issue such as Ganatrantra, Pahade, Madhesi, Limbuwan, Chure Bhavar etc.,

    But first as stated before- there should not be selective or preferential agenda, be it condemnation or reward. Lets learn to see pride in what we are as one rather than disfranchised lot where only way out is through blazing guns and goons.

  37. bhariya Avatar

    ????? ??????? ????????????? ???????? ????? ????? ??? ?? ????? ????? ???????? YCL ?? ???????? ?????? ????? ???? ?????? ???????

  38. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    I don’t get it – when prachanda spoke (it was in May 14th, Kantipur) that he had killed people at behest of SPA during their so-called-janyudha and will not take their names now- noone picked up and raised it as an issue. I simply do not understand this. So are we now immune to this these sort of things? Why is this???

    No wonder- YCL are so brazen.

  39. Kirat Avatar

    DOA-those who said don’t trust the Maoists have been proved right. I can admit that. But really they had to be given the benefit of the doubt at that juncture-with a back up plan if things went wrong. Where I really miscalculated was that the SPA would have no back up plan if the Maoists refused to follow the rule of law.

    With changed circumstances we change our opinions. I would say that the political parties opposed to the Maoists must now form an alliance with the king to get rid of the Maoists scourge. Not an idea I personally like-but the matter is bigger than personal likes or dislikes. Hopefully the King is a little wiser now and will take the chance to redeem himself if it comes.

  40. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Kirat- well said and as you have rightly said’ we should all look at bigger picture rather than personal likes or dislikes.” You admission shows you are a man of intelligence and courage.

    I hope I could be able to say the same thing to Maoist, YCL and SPA. I guess not a fat chance on this.

    Take care.

  41. noname Avatar

    SPA and Kantipur and the Himalayan Times are big chors. In India the TOI is the biggest chor. Did you read TOI? It has written that Nepal is trying to throw away Bhutanese in Nepal and is handling them roughly. I mean damn it TOI and Indians. It was your bloody country that aided the Bhutanese government to persecute the Nepalis in Bhutan.
    TOI writes all sorts of dirt against HM and everyone in order to spread it’s and India’s dirty propaganda.

    TOI is a completely anti-Nepal newspaper and it (just like Indians) thinks that it can play and sling all sorts of mud on Nepalis. Kantipur (in nepal) is the servant of TOI. Trivedi is the editor of Kantipur. He is a bloody Indian. And then there are 4 other Trivedi members who actively work at Kantipur and spread the Indian propaganda through it!!!!! Beware of Kantipur. Dinesh wagle is just their slave (he needs to feed his belly). We should first prosecute Kantipur and throw it out.

  42. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “But don’t you think the selfish attitudes of our leaders merely reflects the selfish character of Nepalis in general?”

    Kirat, once again I don’t want to get into the petty things but did we not have a huge discussion once about this very topic? Remember how you kept on insisting the people could be relied upon to act as a check and balance mechanism etc. Well where are the people then? I agree with you, it does reflect the selfish attitude of Nepalis in general. Hence the need for other instituions that can potentially act in that regard.

    I have also long come here and talked about how much of a threat the YCL are until I was blue in the face. Finally it seems people are taking notice. I must say I, for once, am please that UWB has endorsed this article. The YCL needs to be stopped at all costs! The SPA needs to use Mr. Bush’s rethoric and warning the Maoists “you are with us or againist us” and really nip this in the bud. Threaten to unlease the NA if necessary.
    I liked your eariler comment. It does seem to me that the Maoists are now pushing the SPA closer to the King.

  43. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I also agree with the eariler comment. The King once again has the ball in his court. Man this King is one lucky son of a bit*ch.
    By birth he had no chance of ever being King but he became King twice!

    He took over of Feb 1st and then was a total fcuk up. Now again he seems to be getting another chance. What he really needs to do now is to work with the leaders of the SPA and lessen the suspicion and distrust they have amongst each other – and the King needs to be proactive on this.

  44. Min Avatar

    Melamchi project is cancelled due to the arrogance and stupidity of Hishila Yami. She deceived the citizen of Kathmandu. So, what we need to do is hang Hishila Yami in Tudhikhel upside down. Then, each citizen of Kathmandu should be allowed to kick her head until she dies. This is what happens when a maoist is included in the government.

  45. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-yep. I placed too much trust on the goodness of our Nepali folk. It seems we need someone with a stick to direct us all in the right path…but that’s like waiting for the messiah!

    You think given the chance the King will do the right thing this time around? I believe he is so arrogant he only listens to yes men and doesn’t like any advise that might be right but against his thinking. Not at all a sign of a good leader.

  46. Animal Scientist Avatar
    Animal Scientist

    According to scientific research appeared following results:

    1. No brilliant people found in Nepal.

    2. See 99.8% of Political leaders’ knowledge standard lower than local animals.

    3. See 98.4% of political leaders are infected by Indian blood including bloggers here.

    4. See 3 in 4 Nepalese are hatched by Indians

    5. see 99.99% of Maoists concern, and thirsty for the power and looking for brain washing youth. After labutary blood testing, it appeared that 100% of Maoists are loyalty,Love Nepal as their own mother and their instiction to change into modern Nepal for sure, sooner or later,eventually.

    Those are all facts of “Nepal National Scientific Research for Development” (NNSRD).

    website: http://www.NNSRD.org

  47. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    No doubt about it: this King is the biggest idiot of a human being. Let’s hope he has learnt his lessons. He should be thinking in terms of becoming a ceremonial monarch and remaining in Nepal with some respect and dignity. He needs to get this intention across to the SPA if he hopes to alliviate their suspicions and build a coalition against the Maoists. That’s his only hope and I quiet frankly that’s Nepal’s only hope as well.

  48. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    And one more thing: Nepali folk are still good people at heart but yes we still need someone with stick and a laat to guide us…. at least till we are able to think and behave on our own.

  49. chor Avatar


    Speak for yourself idiot. KG in a ceremonial role!!..what have you been huffing..Trying to substitute current YCL with Paras whose mentality is worse than that of YCL’s…Kings are never answer to any issues but are root of all the issues. Brush up on global histories and come back and open your mouth if you must.

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