Time for Meeting As Madhav Nepal and Prachanda Have Changed Their Tone

Madhav Nepal and Prachanda of UML and Maoist respectively have finally shown the signs that they have cooled down or are in the serious process of doing so. Ever since the election commission expressed its inability to hold elections in June, both communist leaders had lost the control of themselves and were in full swing to say whatever came to their mind. In addition to that Prachanda’s out-of-cantonment army, popularly (?) known as Young Communist League (YCL), was in intimidation spree. The criminal-like activities of YCL are still continuing but the not with the same intensity because the tone of their Supreme leader Prachanda has been changed over the last couple of days. In this whole fiasco, Nepali Congress has again emerged as the mature and reliable force. Too bad for the cause of republicanism in Nepal and the blame solely goes to the shoulders of Madhav Nepal and Prachanda. They must understand that declaring Nepal a republic on paper won’t really make the nation a republic and this government in which Maoist and UML have key ministries have failed to implement many pro-republic decisions taken by the previous parliament. We have already seen that throwing one declaration after another but not caring about implementing them won’t take us anywhere. Implementing those decisions is the key to lead Nepal to republicanism and all of the constituencies of the government have to be united to implement those decisions. Blaming Nepali Congress or Girija Prasad Koirala won’t have positive impact.

While playing all the blame game in the past weeks, we know, both Madhav Nepal and Prachanda knew that fact. They even talked about Left unity which is an impossible thing in Nepali context. But the harsh reality in politics is different. Here, people speak what they really don’t mean and they speak for the mass. They speak what their followers want to hear. And the mass still wants to hear that the election must be held on June, no matter what! And while taking about the Left unity, they only gave opportunity to people like Surya Bahadur Thapa to talk about ‘democratic alliance’. Reactionary forces, in the avatar of Thapa, almost raised their heads when parties were fighting with each other.

Talking about the election dates, all developments are hinting that that will be sometime on November this year. Now Prachanda must stop further bargaining, tell his cadres to behave responsibly and prepare himself for the eight party meeting. Nepali Congress has rightly demanded change in Maoist cadres’ behavior and Maoist must listen to that voice seriously. As long as the Maoists don’t act properly, we will not have right atmosphere to go for election campaign and, without campaigning, election will not be an election.

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3 responses to “Time for Meeting As Madhav Nepal and Prachanda Have Changed Their Tone”

  1. Q Avatar

    Find out how? I’ve never heard of someone else deleting posts who are not the blog owners? Something is not right. The present discussions were getting really interesting. I don’t even see any back up. Get your flipping act in order UWB. It must be an inside job, noone else will know how to get in.

  2. Patriot Avatar

    Get in touch with technical support at wordpress UWB. Its really strange how comments can just disappear like that.

  3. prachanda Avatar

    Pracanda is such a disgrace to the Nepal, more so than Girija. I wish Baburam Kicked his ass. Quick question, who do you think will have the last laugh between Prachanda vs Baburam?

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