A Year of Democracy (Loktantra) in Nepal

Leading the nation to the Constituent Assembly election by addressing demands raised by various interest groups and move the peace process forward are the two biggest challenges for this year.

We have come a long way in the past 12 months. The peace process, started immediately after the successful peoples’ movement (April Revolution), is also on the right track. The most important thing that people of Nepal have gained in the past 365 days is the HOPE for bright future. As the daily routine of killings and counter killings stopped and the former rebels started storing their guerillas and weapons in the UN monitored cantonments and containers, Nepali people started planning for future. Well the peace is being restored, they think, now is the time to think about future and talk about business. The situation is not as bright as many would have liked to have. Business performance and economic indicators are disappointing because the driving force that is politics is not in stable condition yet. Certainly there are hurdles and people are aware of that. The country is reeling from the decade long violence and no one can do magic tricks to bring it to total normalcy. Political parties aren’t getting full marks for their performance though the credit for brining the peace process this far definitely goes to them. There is no sign that parties have learned from their past mistakes but there is no alternative of political parties. Likewise there is no choice for the political parties other than learning from the past.

People across the nation are celebrating the first anniversary of the reinstatement of the democracy in the country beginning today. To mark the Democracy Day (Loktantra Diwas) tomorrow, three-day-long celebrations will have various programmes organized throughout the country by the organizing committees in the respective regions. Last year on this very day, the April uprising was at its height, which forced King Gynendra to bend knees to the people power. The following day – April 24, 2006- people succeeded in gaining back the sovereignty, freedom and democracy that were seized by King Gyanendra on Feb 1, 2005. (more)

April Revolution that forced the despot Gyanendra to surrender to people and restore democracy (loktantra) was the combined voice of progressive Nepali people but that wasn’t the end. Many commentators have already noted in this forum that the revolution was just a beginning of the new phenomenon- demanding rights. Who is not demanding rights today? From indigenous people to the people of Terai to people of inner mountains to dalits to, well, you name it. Leading the nation to the Constituent Assembly election by addressing these demands and move the peace process forward are the two biggest challenges for this year. Some of the demonstrations have turned into violent killing field and Maoists, the other half of the peace process, are still resorting to bullying tactics. Both of these issues are sensitive and fragile. Unity among the eight political parties will be the key in addressing both of these issues. If we are successful in facing these challenges, days ahead are, yahoo!, OURS!

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60 thoughts on “A Year of Democracy (Loktantra) in Nepal

  1. Public service announcement:
    The author of the above article has asked me to let all the readers know that he was high on crack when writing this piece. Furthermore he states…”Please don’t take anything written above seriously. It’s just another worthless piece that is so common on UWB. We don’t really care for terms like research or responsible journalism. Actually all we here at UWB care about is the despot Gyanendra. We believe that’s Nepal’s biggest obstacle and problem right now. Once we get rid of the monarchy the YCL will start to behave themslves, the Madeshi will stop causing disruptions, the Maoist excesses will stop and all in all Nepal will turn into a paradise. But anyway I have said enough…”

  2. ..ya in various respects loktantra have come…definitely less loktantra for average people and more for leaders….things are changing in better direction…bus has recently reached in karnali too…development programme starting to accelerate…bus what about the education sector and business sector….leaders are only ready to let go any thing only through their path…that is they need every credit for doing even small things……
    look at Girija,being mentor of T.U, P.U, and others he doesnot appoint VC,registrars…because he cannot lead the educated ones and he fears other parties will get credit if something good comes out there…,sitaula is busy in his men into police and army force…his nepotism rules….what the hell with these leaders…..country is subjected to change…but whatever rule is their in the country….bad people never change…….
    …many things have changed, u ,i and we….but not some people who were to be changed…

  3. The worst thing that happenned during this 1 year was the launching of the terai movement. There is no celebration of the “democracy day” in the whole of the terai on Baisakh 11. They have called it a “black day”. From one insurgency, we have moved into another.

    I see no reason to celebrate. Only a handful of people who have gained politically, financially during this 1 hopeless year will celebrate and bring out a rally in Basantapur where peanut vendors will again make money.

  4. and guess what, this tikay parliament and the government jointly run by the very corrupt and the terrorists have decided to halt Nepal for yet another day by declaring a national holiday for something that the majority of the country isn’t even ready to celebrate… this is yet another pat on the back for onself by this group of thugs.. they are sitting in the parliament earning the daily bhatta while suspending all parliamentary activities in the name of protesting and all hte ministers are busy raking in large sums of money from the national resources and the country isn’t going anywhere, for the past two months, it has been one step forward and three step backwards, and yet the thugs see a reason to celebrate by declaring a holiday.. shame on them.. it is time for people to come out to the streets to put pressure on the thugs so that they at least earn their living rather than just sit on their fat butts to ruin this country.. we need to raise our voices before Nepal goes further down the dran.. let’s save this country.. this government has failed in ALL accounts…

  5. here is a reason to declare tomorrow a holiday:
    Parliament stalled again

    Lawmakers from Terai disrupted today’s sitting of the Legislative Parliament demanding that the government annul the recommendations of Election Constituency Delimitation Commission (ECDC).

    The House sitting was adjourned after the Madhesi MPs gheraoed the Speaker’s rostrum and started chanting slogans. They said they would not allow parliamentary proceedings unless a new ECDC headed by a Madhesi representative is formed.

    They also demanded independent inquiry into the loss of lives and property in recent agitations in Terai.

    The ECDC had submitted its report to the government on April 12, suggesting 240 electoral constituencies in place of the existing 205 constituencies –where direct voting will take place in the forthcoming constituent assembly elections.

    The commission suggested the government to add 28 constituencies in Terai on the basis of the increase in population and 7 constituencies in hilly districts.

    The Madhesi MPs had disrupted the parliamentary proceedings on Thursday as well putting forth the same demands. Earlier, the Maoist MPs had disrupted the House proceedings demanding public apology from the government for the police raids in the offices of Young Communist League (YCL), the Maoist youth wing.

    After continuous disruptions, Speaker Subash Nemwang had held series of meetings with political leaders including Home Minister KP Situala in an attempt to resume normal parliamentary procedure.

  6. does loktantra exist in nepal?

    i agree with guyfromktm.
    “here is a reason to declare tomorrow a holiday:
    Parliament stalled again”

    i add some more reasons:
    sujata and hisila have been MPs

    prachanda’s gang looted mr. shrestha’s car etc etc

  7. All I have to say is that Prachanda had promised that he will make Nepal a switzerland in 10 years. One year has passed and now we have 9 more years to do the job.

  8. Are you guys not fed up of hearing the word “LOKTANTRA” “NAYA NEPAL” “SAMBIDHAN SABHA” and so on……

    What has changed so much that one can assume that Nepal is moving on the right direction???? the maoist terrorist have come to join the government!!!! is that it??????? The whole freaking Bir Nepal and Nepalis are such that they happily accept the bunch of thugs as their saviour and ruler……….

    Maoist have joined the govt but now here you got the Terai sheet going on…………. the Janajatis are taking the same route and rightly so…………. loktantra or whatever is not only for political people and one particular community………… Nepal has not yet seen the end of violence and tears………… more is to follow and sadly it is coming…………….

  9. Excellent first comment Bhudai…
    I agree, the King is not the problem at all. He is the least of problems, perhaps when people feel smore and more insecure, they may go to him for help. I hope they do, judging the crisis, He is much better than any of the others that we have or will have.

  10. Loktantra….really are the people really ruling ? This is the question I want to ask the writer of the article ? Are they ruling ? or are they fearful, and downtrodden by guns and goons brought by the Maobadi.

  11. Loktantra… you decide?

    I was in nepal in December, well after the revolution and all – technically during loktantra time. I had to go to airport to pick up my mom who is old and was traveling alone. Guess what, wasn’t allowed to the airport!!! The police wouldn’t let me through the gate down at the ring-road. Well, the maoist insurgency was over, and things were supposed to be peaceful and all right. But, a citizen isn’t allowed to airport which is a public place…

  12. लोकतन्त्र हो कि खोकतन्त्र हो बुझ्नै सकिएन |
    जताततै लूटतन्त्र छ |
    नेता नेता बिच फुट्तन्त्र छ् |
    काटि कुटी हेर्ने हो भने राजतन्त्र नै ठिक |

    २००७ साल पछि पनि यस्तै भद्रगोल भएको थियो रे हजुर बा ले भनेका | त्यसै राजाले २०१७ लिएका होइनन् रे|

  13. Well said, Bhudai.

    Well said तोरी लाहुरे
    जताततै लूटतन्त्र छ |
    नेता नेता बिच फुट्तन्त्र छ् |
    काटि कुटी हेर्ने हो भने राजतन्त्र नै ठिक |

    २००७ साल पछि पनि यस्तै भद्रगोल भएको थियो रे हजुर बा ले भनेका | त्यसै राजाले २०१७ लिएका होइनन् रे|

    Rest of you dream on …

  14. I have not read all comments yet .. wait for few more well done(s) ..

  15. Prachanda feels seven parties agreed in haste

    On the eve of first anniversary of Loktantra, Maoist chairman Prachanda said that he feels the seven parties had agreed in haste last year to end the people’s movement.

    Addressing a party cadres’ training programme in Kirtipur on Monday, Prachanda said that the democratic republic could have been established last year itself had the seven parties decided to carry on with the agitation.

    Prachanda mentioned that though the two major demands of the movement were establishment of democratic republic and holding of CA elections, leaders were ignoring these issues.

    He added that left forces should now make republic a basis for their unity. He urged his cadres to be ready for any eventuality while declaring the country republic. He warned to unleash street agitation to defeat reactionaries’ conspiracies against republic. nepalnews.com sd Apr 24 07

  16. That above post just disguts me!! He warned to unleash street agitation? He urged his cadres to be ready for any eventuality? What the hell does that mean?
    The SPA makes me sick. What the hell are they all waiting for?
    If Prachanda talks like this how can we expect the YCL to behave? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! People need to unite and stand up to these Maoists!!

  17. The precusor to things to come, really. Prachanda can never take off his coat of rebel, if he does he is irrelevant. Girja can never exercise his credential as a democrat for his not- Madhav is sore pussy and does not even have party under his wings. So take your pick.

    All we need to do is have feet on the ground and see reality as is- not get hyped into a frenzy. The schim that SPAM has bought into this country is more harmful them anything. King G only had a rule of 15 months and they have made demon out of him but when actual demon and SPA are in the government and has already passed 12 months- there is nothing to show for but more unstability, loss of security and actual divide in all from geographical, caste, communities and even sectors of work. You tell me -do we need freedom without security and a country or otherwise.

    Lets not be another cambodia, Afghanistan, USSR, Chechneya, Rawanda, IRAQ, Palestine, Cuba, Uganda, Ivory Coast while we still have time.

    As for celebration- it is much to do about nothing. You glorify your deeds to show off or hide your insecurities. And that is that.

  18. We have come a long way this author writes and he or she is right on the button – Moving in circles is the longest way!

  19. The communist parties are talking of a united front, which seems good, but including maoist murderers is this front is a bad idea. They will just use the rest of us to get to where they want and then discard. Prachanda was cpzy with GPK and kept MKN at a distant the past year to get into parliament and government, now that he is in, he will discard GPK and go with this united front tactic, if our leader MKN falls for it there will be no more UML.

  20. if minds are sane, the mission noble, the deeds pure..then we can really celebrate ganatantra/loktantra….

    …..otherwise it is just a name………the rose is beautiful even if u call a rose a hitler….sane people dont go by names they go by action…….
    …also eradicating something completely may not be the right solution…..as some new cancer can always grow….
    ..i believe in unity, reconciliation, brotherhood….not mobhood and insecurity……

  21. We already saw the clear picture of spaM’s rule, especially maoist behaviour of ruling the country. What change we got in real life is becoming question mark day by day.

  22. Loktantra in my ass. I am going to the rest room to release Loktantra.

    From the above comments it seems that the Author of this blog and his SPAM warlords are the only ones enjoying Loktantra.

  23. New Nepal’s Politicking Grasshoppers

    My Grandfather used to encourage me when I was a kid with this old story……

    “The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long building his
    house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the
    ant’s a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away. Come winter, the
    ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper has no food or shelter so he
    dies out in the cold.” Now as my grandfather is gone so seems his moral

    New Version of the old story in the 21st Century

    The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his
    house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the
    ant’s a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away.

    Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and
    demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed
    while others are cold and starving. KANTIPUR, AJTAK, DW, CCTV 9, BBC, CNN,
    NDTV, NTV show up to cover the footage of the shivering grasshopper, next
    to the video is the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with
    food. The World is stunned by the sharp contrast. How can this poor
    grasshopper be allowed to suffer so?

    Sujata Koirala quickly wraps up her morning breakfast at the Yak and Yeti
    and arrives at the spot with a congress flag to stage a vehement
    demonstration in front of the ant’s house.

    Krishna Pahadi goes on a hunger strike at the Maitighar Mandala along with
    other grasshoppers demanding that grasshoppers be relocated to warmer
    climates during winter.

    The EU criticize the Nepalese Government for not upholding the fundamental rights of the

    The Internet is flooded with online petitions seeking support for the
    grasshopper (many promising Heaven and Everlasting Peace for prompt
    support as against the wrath of God for non-compliance).

    Hrydayesh Tripathi after parking his big Land Cruiser in a safe shelter
    demands for “grasshopper’s inclusion in the parliament”. At his advice
    MP’s staged walkout from parliament.

    Comrade Prachanda after learning that the creatures called grasshoppers do
    exist from Comrade Baburam, released a press statement highlighting the
    contribution of the grasshopper to the communist movement in Nepaland
    immediately called for “Nepal Bandh”.

    Madhav Nepal summoned Mr. K.P Olli to Baku Durbar and orders to passes a
    law through the cabinet preventing Ants from working hard in the heat so
    as to bring about equality of poverty among ants and grasshoppers or else
    threaten to walk out of government.

    Gagman Thapa and Raj Kumari Hari quickly burn 100 tires in protest and
    called for allocation of ten percent scholarship to martyr Grasshoppers
    children in school and colleges.

    Finally, five retired judge of Supreme court Judicial Committee drafted
    and submitted the Prevention of Terrorism Against Grasshoppers Act
    [POTAGA]”, with strong recommendation to implement before winter.

    Mr. Giri Prasad Koirala on the recommendation of high level commission
    makes Special Reservation for Grass Hopper in educational Institutions &
    in Got Services.

    The ant is fined for failing to comply with POTAGA and, having nothing
    left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the
    Government and handed over to the grasshopper in a ceremony covered by
    Image channel exclusively.

    Krishna Pahari calls it “a triumph of justice”. Gagman calls it
    ‘Socialistic Justice’. Maoist calls it the ‘revolutionary resurgence of
    the downtrodden’ Ban Kid-moon invites the grasshopper to address the UN
    General Assembly.

    MANY YEARS LATER…. somewhere around in 2030

    Since then, the ants have sold their last remaining of whatever they had,
    borrowed some money and migrated to the US. Many of them started
    successful careers in some reputed US Companies and some started business
    of their own.

    President Chelsea Clinton sent a letter of appreciation to migrant
    Nepalese ants for their contribution toward US economy. Back in Nepal
    people are celebrating, since the dissolved house has been recently
    reinstated after janandolan-8 and the “people’s government” was formed…
    newly appointed Minister for education Gagman Thapa puts a garland around
    the statue of a martyr grasshopper killed recently in a “brutal” police
    shooting during police post attack…they observe a minute of silence and
    vowed for “Super New Nepal”…..KMC truck is seen down the road collecting
    the remains of recently burnt tires

  24. I keep hearing of loktantra day and everthing. But how about having a day to remember all the victims of the Maoist autrocities? Remmeber when 50 innocent people died in that bus explosion? And let’s not forget the thousands more. Since its loktantra and anyone can establish a holidy I say we make a national day of mourning for the day the Maoists joined the interim govt.

  25. In fact I say this loktantra day should be a day of national mourning – since i think it was a tragedy.

  26. UWB continues to prove its worthlesness with shitty and immature articlies like these.

  27. I hate Gyanendra as much as anybody here, but right now, he’s not the problem. Lets not try to deflect the blame elsewhere, people.

    We’ll have all the time for Gyanendra bashing after we sort out our very messy current situation. Which, I figure, is going to take a long time. Ideally, we should do away with Gyanendra once and for all. That way, these incompetents wouldn’t have anyone to blame. But we’ll probably have to live with Gyanendra for awhile, so that can’t happen. In that case, let’s toss him aside, and decide what to do about the Maoists and the Madhesis, who are the real problems.

  28. the website savenepal.org is amazing. Neil and Wagle should visit it perhaps.

  29. Can we send videos of Maoist atrocities to BBC ? I am just trying to see what would be the best way to expose these Maoist in the international communtiy about their real behavior/values/morals.
    I think it is important for the international community not to believe them and their intentions and support parties that will voice against them.

  30. This is my gift to Neil and Wagle.
    Please send this video to as many people as you can. It is for the sake of children of NEpal.

  31. This must be how Maoist’s pracice loktantra from the Tourist. Here is Maobadi asking for fee from tourist:

  32. prachanda personality cult are throwing the bottles and brick to rc paudel. does this mean we already started culted personality to the power? absolutely not.
    this so called leader who has made political organization by atrocity and murder, this guys says he wants absolute loktantra !
    is this types of loktantra we are looking for ? absolutely not.
    loktantra is not only what prachanda ,socalled civic society or ***tipur says loktantra should be based on whole people’s consent or views.

  33. mynepal: I think that’s a great way to expose the Maoists for who they are.
    Reember youtube as a medium as well. But I like the BBC idea too. Plus you should send stuff to Indian news channels who are always looking for a good scoop!!

  34. Why not pundit, then the whole world will telecast the maoist atrocities. The media would have exposed the maoists if they wanted to. However, they would not want to go against the interest of India and Us in this region now would they?

  35. Gyanendra really messed things up with his arrogance. However, it is clear that he is the least of this nations problems. I really do not understand what we were celebrating yesterday, with prachanda’s goons lining up the front row seats throwing things at Ram Chandra Poudyal. Loktantra can onle be achieved with the following –
    1. Making the King powerless (which has been largely achieved) and then the people voting to keep or discard him.
    2. Maoists thugs giving up violence, intimidation, arms completely (still a long way to go)
    3. Parties discarding their old ways of supremacy over the rest of us and an end to corruption and recourse to justice.

    I’m afraid only point no. 1 has been dealt with, the rest are still big hurdles for loktantra.

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