The Maoists and Attitude Problem

Because of its confusing stand, the Maoist in the past few days is behaving like an unsure and stubborn kid that is throwing everything that handy and in front of him. It is sad that the election isn’t going to happen on June 20 but to try to play politics out of this inefficiency is even more frustrating. What Maoists want is portray themselves as extra revolutionary by quickly forwarding the blame garland to other parties and stressing that they are the only party that wants the CA to happen. And in this drama, their hypocrisy has been exposed. Prachanda says Nepal should be declared republic immediately and if that happens the holding CA election by the end of this year or next year wont matter. Yes, doing away with Monarchy is important but equally important is the election of CA. Electing CA means sending out votes to the Assembly that will not only get rid of monarchy but also work on state restructuring and many other important things. We must keep in mind possible threat from monarchy to our journey to CA but, at the same time, political leadership should move forward from this blame game. Maoists can’t overshadow the issue of CA.

Maoist is the one party that is to be blamed for the certain deferral of the CA election. They are still behaving like a parallel government even after joining the official government. Bullying must be stopped. All the properties and lands confiscated by the Maoists must be returned immediately. The voice of internally displaced people must be heard. There must be limit to the Maoist arrogance. They can’t just take away anyone’s vehicles and use for their purpose. They can’t disrupt the parliamentary proceedings whenever they feel like doing so. Attitude problem is clearly there with the Maoist. They enter parliament with pistol in pocket they don’t learn from their mistakes. That is why their minister behaves like a brat in the cabinet. If Maoist behaves like a responsible and trustworthy party, Nepali Congress and the Prime Minister will be forced to take them seriously. If Maoists are to be compared with the UML, they are already ahead in quite a few issues. Maoists must prove themselves further and win the confidence of skeptics.

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  1. Patriot Avatar

    “Prachanda says Nepal should be declared republic immediately and if that happens the holding CA election by the end of this year or next year wont matter”

    You are right Wagle. This truly exposes Maoists hypocrisy. Looks like they are more interested in sidelining monarchy then holding CA. Sure, they might a have a reason that monarchy can create trouble so is necessary to declare republic, but to say that “once monarchy is gone CA can be held anytime” is careless and in a way exposes their intent.

  2. Shreeya Avatar

    This is not the way to behave. How can you misbehave and use foul words with the nation’s Prime Minister? If Matrika Yadav is so concerned about the army hunting wild boars, why doesn’t he utter a word on the 13 thousand that he has killed since 1996? Should the Prime Minister be going around blaming the Maoists for unleashing a reign of terror since 1996? Yadav should be sacked from the cabinet.

  3. T Avatar

    Maoists are just sons of guns and they will never change their behavior because their party consists of khate type of people. They also look nervous these days because they know they do not have any hold in Terai. So, what is their future?, go back to Rolpa, their place of origin.

  4. Rame Avatar

    So, who is and has and have behave properly in Nepal?
    GP koirala, common…, he is an assHO*E. It was this man who started downfall of democracy in Nepal.
    Maoist is behaving exactly the same way as GP Koirala did in early 1990’s…, so what is the fuss?
    Have we forgotten the first democratic government (after 1990) that Mr. GP brought down?
    Mula, maobadi lai badaune ra bhau dinne paani tyahi mula GP ho ra he did it for his personal benefit.
    The reality is we have very bad prime-minister, this man (GP) has failed to even mantain unity in his own party, and therefore, expecting that he knows to behave in commulative period as now in Nepal is useless.

    Afno party, aafu sangai jail gayeko lai sangai laana nasakne le aaru sanga milera kaam garna sakcha bhaneko? yee kha…

  5. Nepali People's Rights Forum Avatar
    Nepali People’s Rights Forum

    Party politics must end and restructuring of the nation with the federal governance that give people self-governance rights to manage their governments must be the strategy of the political party. The old way of any party will not fit in the modern Nepal.

    Nepali people have fought for the new democratic Nepal that give chances for the people to participate in the nation building process. The elites of the government with their politics anf karmachritantra must come to halt.

    Party which understant this will succeed with Nepali poeple.

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Electing CA means sending out votes to the Assembly that will not only get rid of monarchy but also work on state restructuring and many other important things.”

    Nearly correct. Don’t be so sure that the CA elections will necessarily opt to get rid of the monarchy. Let’s not speculate too much – that’s what the elections are for. However, I think the SPA got it right this time. CA elections cannot be held in June.
    This behavior from the Maoists doesn’t suprise me one bit. I have been saying for months that the Maoists are just uncapable of functioning under a democratic framework. Now this obviously doesn’t mean we should resume war immediately. We should give the Maoists a chance still but we shouldn’t give them a chance like you are doing currently. The PM and the SPA must first categoriacally condem Maoist behavior which has been unacceptable! And they need to be given a much more stern warning. It seems to me that the Maoists have become way too cocky – they orchastrated the April revolution so now they think they are capable of doing anything. Basically, I say we put the military option back on the table and let the Maoists know that it is an alternative should they decide to continue acting like a bunch of jungalis.

  7. Ahimsa Avatar

    Cowards are ruling in Nepal.

    The old parties are simply too afraid to fullfill the wish of the majority of the Nepali people as they fear to be swept away with their master, the criminal king of Nepal.

    To allow all Nepali to define their new constitution the old powers must be stopped from holding on to their chairs in their ever obedient way.

    Nepali want a republic. Federalism is the right way to adress ethnical and regional problems. This can only be done by drafting a new constitution.

    Postponing the Constitutional Assembly only serves the purpose of bashing the Maoists and prolonging the rule of the old ‘royal democratic’ powers.

    America and India want a weak Nepal. Their strategy is to provoke the Maoists until they make major mistakes and can be separated from power again. They need more time, as until now the Maoists have not gone into the traps they built.

    Nepali civil society must stand up again to express their will peacefully in the streets. If politicians do not work according to the wish of the people, they are betraying the people.

    Get up, stand up, don’t give up the peaceful fight for a federal republic of Nepal!

  8. mynepal Avatar

    Ahimsa, please go and lick prachanda and his chamcha’s gaand.

  9. gm Avatar


    Building new Nepal does not mean giving power to Prachanda aka “Car thief” in a silver plate. It is a shame that Maoists want Rs. 5,000 for Maoist militia per month as pocket money when the country is almost bankrupt and hard working Nepalese are finding it hard to survive. Do they think money grows in trees?

    On top of that they do not want to pay taxes on 400 vehicles they are bringing from India. Finally, we are making King to pay taxes, which is a good thing. However, they do not want to pay tax. This is ridiculous. Are we just seeing a change in power from one dictator (king) sucking Nepalese hard earned rupees to another dictator (maoist)?

    Your rhetorics of old power and new power, federalism, republic will have no meaning if you are not honest and respect other people’s rights as well.

    It is a shame that our country is in this state. However, if we have to know our President as a car thief and murderer, it will be unbearable.

  10. sonam Avatar

    Maoists know the people will throw them out of the govt once the polls are held. Their only hope, stick with the present system (without elections) and collect a lot of money (through forced donations + tax payers money).
    A lot of maoists have to buy gold silver ornaments for their family members, have a nice house, have a vehcile , have mobile phones, tv, etc. All these costs money. These money can only be obtained with a gun. So they think they are the most superior people in Nepal. Without the gun, their attitude will be in the dustbin.

  11. b Avatar


    Yeah right! And what kind of federalism you have in mind for nepal to be decided in a couple of months and whoelse know about this model?

  12. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit


  13. Deva Avatar

    We knew all along that the Maoists were nothing but a bunch of criminals out to plunder the Nepalese nation stateby threats, coercion, kidnappings, and murder. It is unfortunate that the King, the various political parties, and the people did not unite to face this threat. Now it may be too late; they cannot be checked by our political parties, and the Nepalese people will have to pay a very heavy price to beat some sense into their head. A Federal Republic, democracy, or the rule of law all sound hollow now to us.

    We now need to ask ourselves whether we the people of Nepal will be better off living under such leaders or whether a complete amalgamation with India is more desirable. We need to be clear whether the slogans of nationalism, independence, and sovereignty are still valid or have they lost the appeal they once had for the Nepalese. Ultra nationalism is perhaps the worst form of exploitation forced on any people by crooked politicians.


  14. sagarmatha Avatar

    How foolish is Girija!! he is in the mood to give same salary and facilities to PLA and treat them as government unit very easily without knowing pros and cons. Which he might be thinking everything he is giving from his pocket and salary. As long as he finds the chair all the means and modes are OK for him. Does he has brains that what happened next even to NC once PLA be treated as goverment unit and merged it into NA?? He is one of the stupid leader in the world who is making red flag stronger and own party weaker.

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    Furthermore, Girija had already provided Rs 550 million to the maoist and which is not enough and demanding 500 million more. This comes around 1 billion to the maoists, a single party which is turning to the democratic process. The party who is having 35,000 arms force with more than 100,000 unarmed force including Rs. 1 billion legal money of the government (with more illegally collected money and with all facilities) can be danger for other parties in the coming election. It is pity for his own party and and others (specially competitor UML) for not having atleast of 10% of such facilities. What peace deal he has in mind with other rebellion groups of terai if they comes to the table? It seems either he is being fooled by Mr. Sitaula and Prachanda or he is just providing all the things to save his chair and power. One day he and his party will realise his vague strategy, but maybe too late.

  16. scoop Avatar

    Who wrote this piece? Was it UWB and Wagle? Come Come, you are the “benefit of doubt people”, so why so sour? Think of it this way, the maoists were murderous terrorists not long ago and now they are just thugs and petty thieves, that is an improvement, would’nt you agree????

  17. Ahimsa Avatar

    A strong attitude is needed to create change in Nepal! The old leaders, who have bowed to monarchy all their lives, are unable to do that.

    Maoist violence can only be controlled by a united civil society. To divide the people along the old party lines is the concept of the monarchy.

    To shy away from declaring a republic means to give in to monarchy and to betray the people, who stood up as they understood that monarchy is the major reason for the missing progress of Nepal.

    End monarchy now or the next generation will also be raised as servants and slaves having to keep their mouths and minds shut, if they are facing their master.

    P.S.: It’s true, most Maoists are immature politicians, but at least they are no cowards, like so many other politicians in Nepal.

  18. guest Avatar

    of course Maoists are not cowards.

    They are murderer?

  19. lahure_dai Avatar

    The ball in in the maoists court. they have to prove themselves.

    the nepalese ppl and the world is watching. they have to change how they do their daily acitivities. just gheroing the cabinet will not do. also goes to their other activities as well.

    maoists don’t waste this opportunity.

    jai nepal

  20. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    I just don’t understand by the meaning of letting Maoist PROVE themselves. Is it for them to toe the line of SPA, Civil society or general population? C’mon, cannot act that naive. They came with one intention and one intension only- that is to rule not be dictated or act with civility or win an election- so get a grip, people. By giving them chance to prove themselves- we are at a crossroad where nothing is worth a while. Talk about SPAM and Loktrantra and you get the feeling that all is mafia styled governance that makes the law by themselves and start a mob war amongst themselves and within themselves. Citizens are left in the lurch, high and dry. So much for mainstreaming of Maoist and old culture politics with horizon limited to my relatives, my party and my rent-seeking tendencies.

    A failure indeed with closure coming up soon.

  21. Kishan Avatar

    It is pity that so many Maoists cadres fell prey to ulterior motives of a few. Thousands got even killed. The approach of gaining power through criminalization of the disadvantaged and vulnerables is not new. Hope the cadres will realize the difference between right and wrong paths. Regret to see that such ‘no-coward’ cadres are being manipulated in the name of some freebees and false power gained through threats which cannot sustain in a civilized society. Killing, threatening, bullying, robbing, cannot be considered bravery by any definition.

    It is the impunity, provided by the evil alliance of the power-grabbers to these misguided folks, which is falsly projecting them as the heros. This tandem is likely continue to perpetuate the power grab so far the folks remain vulnerable to be exploited and misguided.

  22. Shreeya Avatar

    I like this new name: “Car Thief”. Chairman Car Thief – Of course.

  23. sagarmatha Avatar

    The slogan of the CA of the maoist seems nothing but just hollow concept to abolish the monarchy and divert the attention of the poor masses and made them confused. The spaM is finding CA barrier to their existance and full-control over others in delima. That is why they are not only postponding it by blaming others but in near future they started to make propoganda about irrelevance in Nepal. The delay of CA election is nothing but cheating mind of spaM in solving the ethnic crisis.

  24. scoop Avatar

    After hours in moderation for god know’s what I am reposting.

    Who wrote this piece? Was it UWB and Wagle? Come Come, you are the “benefit of doubt people”, so why so sour? Think of it this way, the maoists were murderous terrorists not long ago and now they are just thugs and petty thieves, that is an improvement, would’nt you agree????

  25. Ahimsa Avatar

    It is true, violence, killing, threatening, high-handedness, extortion, abduction, all these are no means of political development.

    But who wants to really pretend that these methods are used by the Maoists only. Everyone who now cry foul because of Maoist violence have got their current positions exactly by the help of such means.

    Nepal is a country infected by violence from top to bottom. It is true, the ancient tradition of violent rulership cannot be overcome by exchanging one violent ruler with the next.

    But the structure of impunity has not been developed by the Maoists, it has been created by a monarchy, which cannot be criticized, which cannot be brought to court, which by the constitution is above the law.

    Without finishing this root of evil Nepal will never be able to overcome the deeply rooted culture of violence.

    15000 deaths in civil war are such a great tragedy, that civil society has to stop anyone, who wants to continue with such evil.

    The Maoists have started to abandon violence. Their failure to do this more radically, more successfully may not be the excuse to push them into the djungles again, which will just create the enviroment for a prolonged rule of the former unable powers.

    The parties have robbed the state, they have amassed illegal wealth, they have misused development aid to increase their own wealth. They have by no means the moral authority to criticize the misbehaviour of the Maoists. It is just an attempt to cover up their own years of continued failure.

    Stop party politics now, join to abolish monarchy and really build a new Nepal.

  26. Kishan Avatar

    Did we see the logic of dismissing the argument for holding referendum by Minister Poudel? Nepalese people are unable to make the ‘right’ decision through referendum (apparently royals will influence the votes or Nepalese are foolish), only elelcted CA members will be the wise ones who will take just the opposite decision on their behalf. This is what we all are aspiring for – genuinely represenative democracy in which leaders hijack and manipulate their position to take just opposite decisions which they already have decided on behalf of general Nepalese by proclaiming themselves as the true leaders who are yet to prove their own legitimacy. At least that is what the experience shows and proves. Very pity and hopeless…

  27. replytoall Avatar

    Maoist are “people’s voice & mandate”. Now, Nepal and the people of Nepal lets have some fun.

  28. Nhorning Avatar

    This is the exchange yesterday between Kiorala and Matrika Yadev. Who has an attitude problem?

    PM Koirala: You shouldn’t have spoken about NA, which is under the Defense ministry.

    Minister Yadav: I spoke what I saw, and I think it should be stopped in the new political situation.

    PM Koirala: (Interrupts) It was not the right place to say so. You should have told the Defense ministry……you could have talked to me.

    Yadav: I have the right to give people the right information… I can’t lie to people.

    Koirala: You keep quiet.

    Yadav: No, I won’t …I will speak and it is my right… can’t tolerate tyranny.

    Koirala: You go now.

    Yadav: I won’t, because you didn’t make me minister.

    Koirala: You go to where you came from.

    (Based on what some of the ministers told the Post about the altercation)

    Minister Yadav walks out of the meeting. Some cabinet ministers, puzzled over the heated altercation between the PM

    and Minister Yadav, look at each other. Others begin whispering.

    After a few minutes, all the Maoist ministers say they can’t attend the meeting. And they also walk out of the room.

    The cabinet meeting was postponed till Thursday.

    A minister, preferring to remain unnamed, said, “The Eight Party Alliance doesn’t have the culture of alliance.”

    He said Yadav also failed to give proper respect to the PM and the PM too shouldn’t have spoken to the minister in such a harsh tone.

    “The PM treated the minister as his party’s man,” he said, adding, “He shouldn’t forget that it is a coalition government and all the ministers have equal respect.”

    Minister Yadav at a function on Tuesday in Kathmandu had said the Nepali Army (NA) was involved in poaching wild animals. He also said, being the Forest Minister, he would try to control it.

    Later in the evening, Maoist Chairman Prachanda and Dr Baburam Bhattarai met with Prime Minister Koirala and told him that the alliance should not suffer due to technical issues in the cabinet.

    “It was a technical issue and had to do with different styles (of the PM and Yadav),” Prachanda told media persons after the meeting.

  29. sonam Avatar

    so now the maoists are getting a golden handsake of Rs. 3,000 each.
    Mr. Chairman, this is loot of the public money. See what is hapenning in bangladesh. Someday same thing will happen to you.

  30. NepalBlood Avatar

    Scoop: good observation!
    Chabi Lal (or his gang) have come a long way. From cutting the throat of a 80 year old man tied to a pole ……to…… stealing a vehicle. At this rate, he will become a pickpocket by the end of this year.

  31. guyfromktm Avatar

    Neil.. according to the exchange that you posted, it is Yadav, Pushpa Kamal and ceremonial Baburam that have an atitude.. for once I laud Giddhey Koirala for showing a terrorist the door…

  32. Nhorning Avatar

    Yeah, I kid in my class said the same thing today. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  33. sonam Avatar

    Thanks koirala for standing up to the former terroists turned politicians.
    Keep up the good work GP.
    The Forum will take care of them in the Terai and you finish them in kathmandu.
    Whatever is left, the people will finish it in the CA polls.

  34. comrade Bhayankar Avatar
    comrade Bhayankar

    I don’t understand why everyone in this forum is making such a big deal out of Prachanda having a rich man’s car. He is the leader of a great and glorious party that has freed us from the clutches of evil Monarchy. Because of his great contribution to us he deserves some privileges. In fact he deserves more than this. I also appreciate one of the posts above that reports what the PM and Yadav actually said to each other. Now we know who has the attitude problem.

  35. manan Avatar


    I suppose you applaud Yadav for ‘speaking his mind out’ or some such thing. You bought that, didn’t you? Yadav sounded brave and heroic to you, didn’t he? To take on Koirala?

    This was the funniest bit: Minister Yadav: I spoke what I saw, and I think it should be stopped in the new political situation.

    Either Yadav is lying or he’s dumb or he’s desperate. In any case, its pathetic. The nation doesn’t have enough problems that its got to put sandalwood smuggling at the top of its priorities? And a Maoist is going to bring law and order to the country? Koirala was right to tell the guy to go back to where he came from.

    Its about time someone dealt firmly with these idiots. I applaud Girija for doing just that. We gave these Maoist nutcases enough concessions. Time to be firm now.

  36. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Horning: how can you be so sure that was in fact the exchange. Besides when you are a minister there are certain protocols, rules and regulations you need to follow. You can’t just go around blabing anything you want. Does Yadav have hard evidence to back up his claim?
    I HAVE BEEN SAYING OVER AND OVER AND OVER, the Maoists need to be delt with far more sternly! They have become too cocky. They orcastrated the April movement and so now they think they can do anything.

  37. manan Avatar

    Good work cops. At least there’s some semblance of law and order in Kathmandu ( if nowhere else ), I am happy to know.

    Boo hoo, Prachanda. Go and cry, you parasite.

  38. gm Avatar


    Please do all the civilized Nepali a favor and go back to jungle.

    It is ridiculous that you are trying to justify Maoist violence, abduction, extortion by saying that political parties were involved in corruption. Maoists party is the richest party right now due to extortion, and loot.

    I do not know any leader whether royalist, congress, communist or any other party who are driving stolen cars besides your party leaders.

    And your Maoist party want to bring 400 cars from India tax free? We have to pay tax in our car and you want to drive cars without paying a tax. Where did you get money to buy all those cars? Where did the money come from for all your elaborate rallys, banners, and posters. No other parties are as extravagant as your party. The money comes from either the loot or from blackmailing the Govt. The money you get from the government is also our tax money.

    So please stop justifying your murders, extortion, loot, abduction. The next struggle is going to between civilized Nepalis and uncivilized Nepalis.

  39. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    To build a new Nepal the Maoists and only the Maoists need to stop their violence. The SPA is worthless and incompetant but they are not violent. Their cadres don’t go around extorting and looting people. Their cadres don’t beat up businessmen. At the very least we need stability before we embark on economic and social development.
    The Maoists have abandoned explicit violence but implicitly all their artocities have not abated one bit. They seem unwilling and uncapable of functioning under a democratic framework.

  40. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    incapable i mean.

  41. byas,usa Avatar

    Gee ree jaaa should know that Maoist are not his ‘chamchas’ who will lick his shoe heel. Well done comrades. Fightback !!!

  42. Patriot Avatar

    Good job Girija in showing Maoists the middle finger. Bad job Girija in creating them in the first place.

    Good job Maoists in doing your job the way it should be done. Bad job Maoists for continuing to behave like gundas.

    Please fight with each other and kill each other and free us all from your tyranny.

  43. True Maoist Avatar
    True Maoist

    I agree, Maosits are doing well, in pushing toward peace, and friendship, but we must not punish people for being different, unless that difference is bullying, or oppressive, and that includes for every group, but we should allow homosexuality, different languages, different ways of living, for a equal and free society. that crushes real inequality and creates a land of equal respect, homosexuals, should not be pushed to relationship which make them unhappy just as us heterosexuals should not be forced to marry men, or even women unsuited to us, it should be a free anti evil society not anti inoffensive stuff.

  44. Ahimsa Avatar

    Crimes must be prosecuted. But corrupt rulership prosecutes only the crimes of the opposition.

    The Maoists are taking bribes too. They spare the ones who pay, they punish the ones who don’t pay. They are not better than the ones they criticize.

    But who established that corrupt and violent culture? It is the monarchy, who has in centuries brought Nepal down to where it is now.

    Forget partypolitics now and join to get rid of the criminal king and his evil system. End monarchy now. Then start to build a truely new society.

    Nepal is a country of young people, let these young people build a new Nepal, they are wishing to join the civilized world by leaving behind the spoiled culture of their ancestors.

    Nepali youth is now educated enough to create a modern state, but the path must be cleared of the major roadblock monarchy, which always has been and still is protecting and nurturing the culture of impunity, corruption, blackmailing and betrayal.

    Join above party interests and declare a republic!

  45. Ahimsa Avatar

    More than 200 years ago in Nepal a terrorist group under the leadership of some ‘Shah’ came from the remote hilly areas and by ‘the power out of the barrel of the gun’ conquered the peaceful kingdoms of that ancient time. Still the offspring of that terrorist is ruling in Nepal, it is time to end this terrorist regime now.

    People of Nepal unite to end monarchy now!

  46. Avaya Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit,

    It seems to me that you want to show you are only the smartest guy in Nepal! What an irony! You mention that a “new Nepal” would be possible if Maoist stop their violence (re: replying Ahimsa). You may be partially correct but my question is why we could not have new Nepal before Maoist started their violence? Why Panchyat could not establish a just society, why we had poverty and rampage corruption at that time? Do you have answer? Don’t show your smartness by giving “illogical” logic. You look another idiot in Nepal. STOP doing so. You don’t need to give clarification/argument on the conmment of other people if you have no idea.


  47. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am not trying to ‘show’ I am the smartest man in Nepal. I don’t understand what gave you that impression from my post. In fact to show that I am not smart I actually don’t understand your comment.
    Look there were many problems during the Panchayat era. I don’t think panchayat system is the optimal mechanism of governance. But irrespective of how much curruption there wasn’t the kind of violence, bloodshed and brutality that we see today – is it not so? But I’ll stop right there because I don’t understand what your point is.

  48. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I think you have it wrong. Frist the people of Nepal need to unite and end the Maoists. The people of Nepal need to unite against their brutality and junlagli-ness. There after we can talk about the Monarchy. Get your priorities in order.

  49. gaunle Avatar

    As if Neil was sitting next to Yadav in that cabinet meeting. Which portfolio do you hold, Neil, if you were present in that meeting?

  50. guyfromktm Avatar

    Neil… I teach too like you say u do and a number of very young and naive kids too feel like you do.. so u r right….. everyone can have an opinion… but if you stand for something then come out and say it.. don’t try to act neutral but continue to suggest how strategic, bold and correct the Maoists are and have been…. they are terrorists after all and the monkeys are now taking the country down the path of destruction.. you, as a self proclaimed expert of Maoism but self-denying supporter of the Maoist may see some positives into it but I certainly don’t…. and that is my opinion again,…. am sure, you have yours on this one too….

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