The Maoists and Attitude Problem

Because of its confusing stand, the Maoist in the past few days is behaving like an unsure and stubborn kid that is throwing everything that handy and in front of him. It is sad that the election isn’t going to happen on June 20 but to try to play politics out of this inefficiency is even more frustrating. What Maoists want is portray themselves as extra revolutionary by quickly forwarding the blame garland to other parties and stressing that they are the only party that wants the CA to happen. And in this drama, their hypocrisy has been exposed. Prachanda says Nepal should be declared republic immediately and if that happens the holding CA election by the end of this year or next year wont matter. Yes, doing away with Monarchy is important but equally important is the election of CA. Electing CA means sending out votes to the Assembly that will not only get rid of monarchy but also work on state restructuring and many other important things. We must keep in mind possible threat from monarchy to our journey to CA but, at the same time, political leadership should move forward from this blame game. Maoists can’t overshadow the issue of CA.

Maoist is the one party that is to be blamed for the certain deferral of the CA election. They are still behaving like a parallel government even after joining the official government. Bullying must be stopped. All the properties and lands confiscated by the Maoists must be returned immediately. The voice of internally displaced people must be heard. There must be limit to the Maoist arrogance. They can’t just take away anyone’s vehicles and use for their purpose. They can’t disrupt the parliamentary proceedings whenever they feel like doing so. Attitude problem is clearly there with the Maoist. They enter parliament with pistol in pocket they don’t learn from their mistakes. That is why their minister behaves like a brat in the cabinet. If Maoist behaves like a responsible and trustworthy party, Nepali Congress and the Prime Minister will be forced to take them seriously. If Maoists are to be compared with the UML, they are already ahead in quite a few issues. Maoists must prove themselves further and win the confidence of skeptics.

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107 responses to “The Maoists and Attitude Problem”

  1. matribhumi Avatar

    “Twenty-nine YCL cadres were mercilessly slaughtered in cold blood and many more were injured by MPRF’s cadres.”

    Man these YCL guys are really dumb, or they have very short term memory. Seems like we need to rekindle some nice old memories again. Where are you MPRF ? Oh yeah, of course you are in madhesh, where people actually have the courage to do something unlike the traditional views of Kathmanduites who watch B4U until their roof falls over their head and then they cry for help.

  2. scoop Avatar

    I will change my e-mail then. Or is someone in UWB using my proxy?

  3. ck2 Avatar

    Frankly, seeing the situtation the article posted by dead on arrival may be the only options left if we want a stable and economically prosperpis region as opposed to a sovereign, volatile and backward region.

  4. W Avatar

    The YCL cadres are just son of whores like Prachande and they were born as a result of womens sleeping with hundreds of people and they are just ruining the country.

  5. Nationalist Avatar

    Mr W,

    You are 100% right that these YCL looters are sons of prostitutes. The MJF cadres should unite strongly to kill all these bastards in order to turn Nepal into a peaceful country. I heard that a incident like that of Gaur is going to happen very sooon to tame these bastards. I have also heard that Prachande is going to be murdered very soon.

  6. Min Avatar

    I also heard that Prachanda’s days are numbered.

  7. sagarmatha Avatar

    Maoist are already swept from terai and now this process will start in other regions aswell. The ethnic groups can play the vital role in wiping out from Nepal.

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