Young Communist League Rally Against Gaur Killing

By Neil Horning

Part of a Nationwide rally of the YCL took place in Pokhara today. Office Secretary at the Maoist camp near Prithvichowk, Kiran Thapa, gave me a few words about the program. “This is a program against the Gaur violence. We demand the government investigate, and find out who is innocent and who is guilty. We are in favor of American people but against American imperialism. We are in favor of democratic Americans. People don’t have a good understanding of us. We are not traditional communists. We are in favor of Democracy. We heartily request all people to support our movement. We hope our movement will establish peace and a better environment all over the world.” [In Kathmandu, Jana Astha weekly reported on Wednesday, royalists unsuccessfully tried to infiltrate into Tuesday’s YCL rally in the city but police foiled their attempt.]

Asked if the Maoist were happy with the new ministerial posts Kiran said, “We are happy, but we want this government to have constituent assembly elections in 2064 BS. There are many journalists who do not have a good understanding of our party, and people who don’t understand much, believe them. Journalists who don’t look deep, think our local workers are in favor of violence, but they are only in favor of democracy and against monarchy. Please express to the world that the Maoists are in favor of real democracy. We are against Monarchy, Expansionism, and Imperialism. It is right to rebel. Rebellion is always a right. Under any government the people always have the right to rebel.”

The focus of the event might have been about the violence in Gaur, but the mood was definitely not. In contrast to the funeral march in Kathmandu, the Maoists at this function seemed a lot less angry, and much more enthusiastic. They were definitely having fun.

A speech at Prithvichowk to get everyone excited.

Many different Maoist organizations wear the YCL uniform. A group of Muslims from Miyapatan, about 3 km outside town was present.

Far right: An underage PLA member I interviewed in July of 2006, now wearing the YCL uniform, helps lead the chants. The YCL obviously includes ex-combatants

the 35-40% representation of women in other Maoist organizations continues in the YCL

At Mahendrapol a water fight erupted.

An appropriate choice of shirts.

Area in charge, Gyan Bhadur Koirala, oversees water distribution

District committee member, Com. Bishnu (Far Left), and an area in charge await their turn to speak.

Funs over, now clean up the flags

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67 thoughts on “Young Communist League Rally Against Gaur Killing

  1. “We demand the government investigate, and find out who is innocent and who is guilty.”

    There is no need to investigate anything. You damn Maoists are guilty… Wait till Prachanda sells himself out. You idiots will be on the streets with an outdated ideology and would have wasted all your time.

  2. Piss off, these pictures are of soldiers not of ordinary people, be it females or males, foremost they are no different than hooligans and thugs who have had things fed to their mouth by looting people for the past 13 years. They do not know the value of working nor do they understand the concept of a civilized society where one behaves in a civilized manner. Their act is of intimidation, fear and threats that has guaranteed them everything up until the Gaur Massacre.

    It is a massacre, but it was long due for these soldiers who have no sense of civil liberty and responsibility that comes along with it. No matter what the human rights activists say, and mind you these same activist have overlooked the human right abuses that these YCL people have done for past 13 years and focus on one incident is patehtic and ridiculous.

    I say we need more of these massacres and the first one to be massacred should be the Home Minister, protector of the YCL and Maoist thugs.

  3. “It is right to rebel. Rebellion is always a right. Under any government the people always have the right to rebel.”

    Agreed, and thats what MJF are doing, rebelling perhaps not in the fashion that you wanted, but that is rebellion against your atrocities so how is it different you idiot ?

  4. “We are against Monarchy, Expansionism, and Imperialism.”

    Big words come from people with little balls.

  5. The words then become a whimper when they are grabbed and squeezed which is just what the MJF did in Gaur. Long needed and more to come if YCL continues to do what they did below:

    “Maoist cadres thrashed five pro-UML transport workers in Jamal of Kathmandu on Tuesday afternoon. They were beaten by Maoist cadres on issue of parking. The workers of Nepal Independent Transport Workers Organisation were thrashed for parking in the Jamal zone. The organisation has accused that in recent days, the Maoist cadres only allow drivers close to them to park in the area.”

  6. Another request to the deaf who only will listen when Gaur is repeated

    “Amid criticism that Maoists are continuing their excesses even after joining the interim government, Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel has urged the Maoists to stop threatening and terrifying people.”

    WE NEED MORE GAUR…to have these bastards listen and fear us.

  7. The ever famous Sitaula, once again:

    “A day after Home Minister Krishna Sitaula said that the government will now take severe action in order to maintain law and order, chief of Nepal Police has ordered police officers to act tough.

    Summoning all senior police officials to the police headquarters on Tuesday, Inspector General of Police Om Bikram Rana asked them to take any action to create conducive environment for peaceful elections.

    Rana ordered the officers to stop rallies, demonstrations, bandhs and blockades.”


    However, on the same day Rana instructed his officers to stop rallies and demos, the youth wing of the Maoists – the Young Communist League (YCL) – held rally in the capital demanding action against culprits of Gaur killings. The YCL’s rally thoroughly disrupted Kathmandu’s traffic for hours.

    Welcome to the autocratic rule of the Maoists, MJF should go underground and start guerilla warfare if these Maoists go this direction.


  8. I posted this message before and I am positing this again:

    Neil, are you another David Hicks or trying to be Daniel Pearl? Of course, you are new David Hicks.

    What do you think of yourself? Reporters like you sucks. Do you dare to write against your fellow soldiers who are killing innocent people in Afghanisthan and Iraq? Nah.. you can’t.

    Watch out, your next destination will be non other than Guantanamo Bay.
    Leave our country, we donot want guys like you. You are good for nothing.

  9. If you were going to go to the trouble post that message again, you should at least have taken the time to revise it so it didn’t look crazy.

  10. hey hicks, crazy you or my writing? your government listed maoists in a terrorist’s group and you are maoists’ press editor, right? so.. who is crazy?

  11. I would like to know the Visa status of Horning. This thing is going over the head for anyone’s liking.

  12. Goons rule the roost and roster(neil) is there to lend a support. There is no end in sight unless snake heads are cut off. Thats the truth.

  13. I encourage you to look into my Visa status. I also encourage all of you to keep exposing yourselves in my posts. Your mindless rants are at least as informative of your mentality as my reports on the Maoists are informative of theirs.

  14. Gaunle, I agree with you, born of another David Hicks. This guy is just a shit, a clever mouse.

    Hey Hicky, bug off from my country. Tell me, how much you are paid by Maoist? Oh Hicky, is Mr. Mahara your Uncle?

  15. Niel, is it true that many westerns believe communism is fourth bible(after judism, christianity, islam)?

  16. And you are happy because prachanda is trying to make it our fouth Veda huh?

  17. “We hope our movement will establish peace and a better environment all over the world.”

    I like it.

  18. I think they should be made ruler of this country instead of all BUDHA KHADA of SPA. Isn’t it Neil ???

  19. Gunel and the likes:
    What the hell is wrong with you people? Why the hell do you care about Horning’s visa status? What the hell does that matter? You think because Horning doesn’t report this incident it doesn’t happen? This is an indication of how the Maoists have indoctrinated all these young men/women. Instead being argry and outraged at that you clowns start attacking Horing.
    Some of the posts above like from Nepali are just shameful. How old are you guys?

  20. Neil- is doing a great job as a part time free lance but his over the top left leaning sound offs are getting quite stale. Nothing personal but his white trash statements speaks of his own background, you know what I am talking about, don’t you Neil.

  21. Neil, thanks for addressing the request of Kiran to spread the word to the world that the Maoists are for Democracy. I didn’t know that until now. Did you?

  22. The YCL is all over the world even in USA. Their motive is to struggle for socialism which they think “it offers young people a future and free education and job for all”. According to their views socialism has real solutions to the problems of capitalism. But it won’t come by itself. It will come through the struggles of the people and those who consciously work for it.

  23. Sagamartha, the Maoist youth group in the U.S. is called the RCYB ( Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade). In most locations of the the U.S. They are lucky if they can get 10 people to show up at a rally. The exception is an area of L.A. called Watts where they may have hundreds. There, they were instrumental in inciting portions of the L.A. riots of the early 1990’s.

    They also were instrumental in the creation of the band, Ozomatli, that everybody here has been raving about recently.

  24. As long as they indulge in peaceful demonstrations I guess its ok. Maoists have a long way to go in learning democratic ways of life. Just sexy slogans wont do.

  25. Not a dawg listens to Ozomatli. Just cause a foreign (Phoren) they came during the rule of Government of terrorism the warlords are trying to justify their reign as peacefullness.

  26. “We are happy, but we want this government to have constituent assembly elections in 2064 BS. There are many journalists who do not have a good understanding of our party, and people who don’t understand much, believe them. Journalists who don’t look deep, think our local workers are in favor of violence, but they are only in favor of democracy and against monarchy. Please express to the world that the Maoists are in favor of real democracy. We are against Monarchy, Expansionism, and Imperialism. It is right to rebel. Rebellion is always a right. Under any government the people always have the right to rebel.”

    There is a saying “Face the music” ofcourse “Under any government the people always have the right to rebel” but they don’t have to carry guns and intimidate people, you don’t have to rule the people on fear……. “Face the music”

  27. noname: just wait till I find out who you are and then print your posts and send it to Mobadhis.

  28. I don’t agree with what Horning says sometimes, but his reporting is quite sound. When he’s not opinionating he’s quite okay.

    On the other hand, noname and the other lowlifes are giving Nepalis a bad name. These dirtbags should create their own nuthouse blog and post their idiocies there as much as they want to.

    I’m a little tired of these nutjob royalists now. The Maoists appear to have seen the folly of being out of the mainstream (though they still go of on their insane rants now and then) but the Royalists will never learn. Too thick headed.

  29. Well that’s what generations of in-breeding and alcohol abuse does to you.

  30. Neil: you are the coward person I ever known! You support terrorism but cannot say it openly! Cmon… say here that you are Terrorist!

  31. i come around UWB once a while just to check on how our youths are politiking, and the level of civil discourse always disgusts me. This post is the finest example.

    I read the post, where Mr. Horning has just reported the event devoid of his analysis/opine. Why the personal attack on the author? If you have something to say, come up with a convincing argument relevent to the topic being discussed, polemic is fine as long as their is substance to it.

    Now, even if Mr. Horning writes a report filled with his opinions, what’s wrong with it? He is free to do that, and you can disagree as much as you can without slinging muds.

    Further what does it matter who covers the event–american, nepali, bangladeshi? As if nationality of the reporter would make the report more accurate.

    People who drop comments here with their immaculate english ndoubtedly belong to the priviledged class compare to the rest of the country. After decades of education, if this is your level of civic sense and intelligence, what are you whinning about those Moabadis who even didn’t have formal education and their conducts.

    They had guts to go out in the streets, applaud to Mr. Horning as well, while you pound away on the keyboards from your cozy attic of your daddy’s home. Only similarity between Maoists youth and your lot is that you guys are dumb as s**t, but hang on there is a good news, there is one difference too, while they are brave you are coward, nontheless STUPID.

    all the patriots, and the bleeding hearts for motherland, do her a favor, don’t open your yap, unless you got something sensible to say. Nepal will do just fine without your STUPIDITY.

  32. Yawwwwwwwwwnnn
    Lol another person with civic sense… Mr JPT… Its the person like JPT, who is the main curse for Nepal. they give support to terrorist, whatever they are doing! What a shame!
    Wondering when all these cancers be wiped out and there will be peace and progress!

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  35. JPT:
    I agree with you. I am not in favor of these personal attacks on Horning as much as I don’t see eye to eye with him on many issues. Some of the bloggers have no argument except to call him a terrorist. It’s pretty pathetic really.

  36. JPT,

    This is not a gathering of high intellects here. At most it is a place for people to vent their frustrations during very difficult times for our nation, whether they be in Nepal or abroad or in their daddy’s attics. Just as Mr. Horning has all the right to write as he pleases in this BLOG so do the commentators, the moderators are present to discard what they please. I do agree that the comrades were brave to do what they have done in one context but in another angle, how brave is it to pick up weapons and terrorise the countryside of unarmed villagers. For me the brave are the ones who stood up to armed goons from the maoist and also the government who had no weapons to speak of but their belief in peace.
    Many lost their lives. Also, may add that you really underestimate the maoists level of education – they have plenty of what matters to them as taught by their leaders – totalitarian communist thinking. A little knowledge may be dangerous but do you think they care?

    I hope this will not lead you to calling the madhesi forum youth brave as well for standing up to the maoists resulting in recent massacres. Like I said there is nothing brave in killing, threatening and beating unarmed people maoists or non.

  37. I am the one to say Neil a new david hicks. Of course he deserves this new title. I have read most of his articles and I have found all of them in favor of Maoism. He never tried to reveal the dark side of Maoist in Nepal, why should he?

    Yes, he is educated and has a degree from good university but as being an educated writer/journalist he should have basic ethics of journalism.

    You all bloggers now believe me as a royalist? Nah.. I am victim of Maoist. I do not believe these maoist thugs nor do i believe that selfish king. You guys all have those ill nepalease mentality. You people never want to accept the reality. Most of the people from village they do not support maoist thugs nor they are follower of that bloody king and when they oppose maoism, you put them in royalist’s category, right? Shame on you…

    Mr Neil, you have done a great favor for Maoism and of course this will highlight your career. But, you have never realized how much yellow journalism residing within you. I will not be surprize if you replace your uncle “Mr. Mahara” from being Nepalese Media Minister. But, time will reveal the facts of “David Hicks” out of you.

    I respect Journalism, even I have met few BBC reporters. I have seen how hard they work and their report is truly realistic, unbiased and with deep analysis. But in contrary, Mr Neil’s writing doesnot resemble the simple realities of Nepal.

    Mr Neil, you can find out the core difference between Daniel Pearl and David Hicks, as one being neutral reporter and other the freedom fighter of Taliban. Neil, which one you want to be?

    Its easy to write against someone, its even more easy to write in favor but its the hardest thing to write the reality. Neil, you choose the easiest one. I guess you have watched that movie “Caravan”. The dialogue between the son (monk) and Thinle, as the son says ” My master taught me one thing, when there are two ways to choose, always choose the hardest one”. So its up to you to choose. Which one you prefer: “David Hicks” or “Daniel Pearl”

    Reality bites.

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  39. I agree with gaunle,

    If Neil wants to report like he is a mouth piece for the Maoists, which he has been doing consistently and he is allowed to, of course now that there is “Freedom” in Nepal to do so. However others then can and also have the right respond to him as if he were a mouth-piece of the terrorists rather than an innocent reporter.

  40. What about the maoist’s atrocities during their so called people’s war. They have raped women and killed them with tortoures? didn’t they tortoured innocent teachers inhumanely and killed them, they have decapitated innocent people in front of the victims family, they have chopped off army personnel (something Khadka he was a Major) in fifty pieces. Their ruthlessness still roam vigorously around them and now they are rallying because some other gangs like them did the same to them. Nepalese wait and see the worst is yet to come when these political parties and maoists start campaigning for the election..

  41. Neil,

    I read your many articles about the maoism. That is your right to put your opinion but I just wonder about you what really do you want to see in Nepal???
    1. communism
    2. liberal communism
    3. Competitive democracy
    4. Centralised democracy

  42. Reality Bites aka Mr. B and Gang

    Yep, UWB is hardly a fire-side for sensibles to have a discourse over the warmth of the fire. Well, people might be mighty frustrated, but that doesn’t mean you throw your poo at anything/everything.

    For argument sake, Mr. Horning might be an unofficial spoke person for the Maoist, even if he is one, what’s wrong with it? If reality hasn’t bitten you yet, wake up before it gobbles you, Maoists are in mainstream politics, regardless of your liking. If you feel Mr. Horning is promoting Maoists agenda through his reports and columns here and elsewhere, if you so passionately dispise his/Maoists politics/views, least you can do is come up with conter arguments showing why Mr. Horning and his bosses are wrong.

    As you pointed out blogs for everyone, so is for you. If you are not militant type to promote/shove your ideology/opinion/politics through arms, you might be of intellectual type, why not shut Mr. Horning with your write ups/columns/analysis. By doing so, you might give a voice to disarray youth who align with your thinking, who spawn this blog.

    but, if you are incapable of any constructive contribution, least you can do is not poo-poo around.

    beware! lest the reality bites your rear contracting rabbies….

  43. I haven’t read any other article by Mr. Horning but i thought i sensed sarcasm in this one. So i don’t really understand the personal attacks on a journo.

    “We are in favor of American people but against American imperialism. We are in favor of democratic Americans. People don’t have a good understanding of us. We are not traditional communists. We are in favor of Democracy.”

    Read – “We are confused mere mortals whom higher beings are taking for a ride. We’re not communists. We’re just whatever the politickos tell us we are. Of course we support democracy, but who says we can’t disrupt day to day life of other citizens if we want to have a little fun, a water fight even? Democracy gives us that right.”

  44. Neil,

    What I read is; The task YCL is to mobilize growing numbers of class conscious working and student youth in the daily class struggle and for Communism. The Young Communist League is an organization dedicated to fighting capitalism so that the wealth is held in common. One of the objective of the Young Communist League is to educate youth so that their anger can be used to build a socialist society. In addition they are working to the control of alcohol/drugs, racism and discrimination.

    Can you tell me whether Young Communist League formed in Nepal is different than USA?? It is indpendent body in USA what I heard. It is devoted to interest of all young people and is dedicated to revolutionary cause of the working class. Their objective is to mass tranfer the capitalism through mass democratic struggle into socialist society.

    But what about in Nepal??? Maoist are ready for CA election through free and fair democratic norms which means they are ready to accept the result. The question is what they will do if they got low numbers???And also what happened if they won by vast majority?? do they change Nepal into socialist country telling that majority are supporting their ideology?? Although you are from another country, but I think being a very closely monitoring the maoist, you can give your verdict and maoist mastermind plan.

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