History in Nepal: Interim Government With Maoists Takes Oath

By Dinesh Wagle
[Here is details of what happened in parliament today And here is list of ministers]

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala resigned from the post of Prime Minister today only to be reappointed, this time by the parliament, to the same position within half an hour. [Historically, PMs in Nepal have been appointed by the king.] Prime Minister Koirala, who is also the acting Head of State of Nepal because the king is constitutionally in the state of suspension, is heading an interim government that has several other parties -most notably the Maoist, former rebel- in the cabinet. Koirala, appointed for the record 6th time as the Prime Minister, first took the oath in Parliament and administered the same to his ministers. Before all these developments, Nepali people saw intense meetings of parties to finalize the details of the coalition. Some unexpected problems emerged as parties saw some portfolios were removed (the disappearance of the post of Deputy PM hit the Amik Serchen’s Jana Morcha the most).

I am thrilled to see the Maoists MPs taking oath of the ministerial posts. The induction of the Maoists in the government has sent waves of hope to Nepali people who are desperately looking forward to the successful completion of the peace process. There are some people, most notably the royalists, who are firmly against the Maoist involvement in the government. Also the United States is against it. According to news reports, American ambassador James F Moriarty yesterday met Prime Minister Koirala in the latter’s official residence and suggested to drop the idea of inducting the Maoists in the government as it would be dangerous to until they surrender all their weapons. That might a point to be noted but weapons are not only the major problem right now. We believe that the Maoist presence in the government will help in making the peace process a success to that many people who suffered during the decade long insurgency would not have to suffer again.

[A personal note: I am the happiest man today! Lately I have been seeing some commentators branding me as Maoist mouthpiece or pro-Maoist which, I think, doesn’t deserve to be dignified by my response. I think I should be the one who is firmly against the Maoist induction in the government- but I am not and I have reasons for that- because just a day before yesterday my parents returned from the village after local Maoist cadres didn’t let them stay in home. Wagles had recently gone to Duragaun village of Ramechhap district to claim the property and home that always belonged to them but was captured by the Maoists for the last several years. The local Maoist cadres didn’t return them the lands, didn’t let them use their property and didn’t let them stay in the house. News reports that came from Manthali, the district headquarters, and appeared in several newspapers in Kathmandu three days ago suggested the local Maoist cadres came to my home and forced my mother to leave the home. The district leadership stated that they didn’t have the policy of not returning the properties and assured that they investigate the matter.

As a member of the family, how do I feel about that incident? Obviously, I am outraged and I feel this is a violation of the agreement that the Maoist signed with the government. At the same time I strongly want to believe that this is an isolated case and that Maoist will soon be able to solve this problem. I want to believe that Maoist leadership is fully committed to the peace process and competitive politics. I want to give them the benefit of doubt for the sake of the peace process. That’s what as an individual I can do and as a family we can do as a contribution to the peace process. I know how much difficulties my family has been facing because of the capturing of the land and property. Let me look it from the-glass-is-half-FULL angle. For me and my parents, to be able to go to home is itself an achievement and we are hopeful that we will see more improvements in coming days. I am sure there are many people out there who would be happy in sacrificing their personal interests for the broad national interest. I wish all the best to the interim government. We must be able to vote in the election of Constituent Assembly in 20 June, yes, without any fears.]






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  1. hell_supreme Avatar

    It seems to be a good sign. But we have to wait for the action, meaning, how the interim govt will function. Also i hope there are no ulterior motives. Hoping for peace and prosperity.

  2. sagarmatha Avatar

    congratulation Girija for being PM many times and solely ruling this country since 1990…with the following outputs;

    1.for making economy failure
    2.success in sending more than 5 million people outside the nation to become labour in other countries
    3.success in bringing red flag in Nepal
    4.dividing the nation
    5.heading country toward more ethnic crisis and civil war

    But still hope for the best with this new solely strong interim government of spaM and look forward to see “New Nepal” for all.

  3. Everest Avatar


    Actually all those things happened especially after Gyanendra did the massacre drama and captured the throne as part of his grand conspiracy against democracy. So you must be thankful, if you really want, to your master in Narayanhitti than blaming to Koirala.

    But, yes as you said, we still have hope that we can send this despot to hell by our votes in CA election.

  4. Deva Avatar

    “The King is dead; Long Live Prachanda Pratapi Bhupati”.

    I sincerely hope that we Nepalese are not now cheated of all our natural resources, WATER, by our great magnanimous beloved friend from the South.

    Will Girija be shown the new treaty that Bhutan signed with India recently, I wonder!

    But be warned, the next government in UP will not be the Indian Congress.
    Is this a sign of the future og Delhi also?

    Food for thought.


  5. Kirat Avatar

    Deva-you want the country to fail just so your pet theories can be proved right? That’s the spirit of all Nepalis I guess!

  6. Tika Avatar

    Exactly! Girija family is earning more than Killer Gyanendra, the Girija family is like our KING gyanendra, nothing different between Girija and King gyanendra..yes the country was destroyed by Girija..he kicked Own party Leader Ganesh Man Sigh..after that he kicked again His leader Krishna pd. Bhattarai….then what can we aspect by this Girija?

    Well he is a platform of his daughter Sujata to earn money in this country..beware this Girija will make our country more destroy…

  7. Swaraaj Avatar

    To read the post “Nepal’s Ultra-Leftists Opt for Democracy” please click here http://themoderatevoice.com/general/11847/nepals-ultra-leftists-opt-for-democracy/

  8. 223 Avatar

    HA !! HA!!

    Maoists attack town on Bihar-Nepal border
    Shyam Kishore Singh
    [ 1 Apr, 2007 0113hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

    SITAMARHI: In a raid with their trademark surprise element, more than 100 Maoists descended on Rega township in Sitamarhi district along Bihar-Nepal border and opened fire a little past 7 pm on Saturday. The number of casualties, if any, could not be ascertained immediately.

    Muzaffarpur DIG Gupteshwar Pandey, Sitamarhi DM Suman Kumar and SP M R Naik had rushed to the spot with reinforcements.

    While no official version of the incident was available, unconfirmed reports suggested that the Maoists had come from Nepal.

    Rega is barely 15 km from the porous border between the two nations. Report reaching Patna said the Maoists also looted a bank and laid a virtual siege to the Rega police station during the operation.

  9. sagarmatha Avatar


    The way you blamed to the dead monarchy for everything shows how “Nalayak” you are and how much eagerness to support your Malik “Prachanda ang Girija” for present and future misdeeds? Gyanendra did the mistake he got the punishment and I accept it personally but what about your “Malik Prachand and Girija”? We expect nothing just hope your “Malik” will not kill and torture in the name of politics. That is all..

  10. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    Finally, maoists converted to the government body from the rebel group. Well, this is a great development in the history of Nepal. Really, today, i am also feeling a great happiness inside me. Hope that everything will be fine as per the dream of we Nepali people. Now, the challenges began. It is not so easy task to complete the CA election within the given date in peaceful environment. Here may come many more threats and challenges which are beyond our thinking. The enemies of the people and the elements which don’t want to see the CA election in our country as well as the foreigners who can’t see the Maoists in the government may play the role of obstacles in the process. Whatever happened and happening is nothing but what may happen is the thing to be taken seriously. So, there is the need of understanding and good coordination between the parties in the government. And, the people also have to show their passion and have to support the government to fulfill it’s responsibilities with the best effort by their side.

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    And we have guts to say that king gyanendra did the great msitakes and he is getting the punishment and which should be deserved at present context…Do you have guts to say that your “maliks” are also doing the mistakes?? if you say they are 100% right then just go to lick their feet….and wait for their more quarrel in future powr lust…

  12. Everest Avatar

    “Gyanendra did the mistake he got the punishment”

    Babu Sagarmatha,

    First part of your statement is right and you are dead wrong on your second remark. Don’t try to save your “dead” donkey, brother, he hasn’t been punished yet. The punishment will be served only when he is dragged out of Narayanhitti and flushed out of the country. The punishment will be served only when all the properties of the biggest landlord will be nationalized. Then you will be correct in your second statement.

    Regarding my “masters”, I think they are here to stay. And jointly they will change the face of Nepal and liberate it from the clutches of the 238 year old tyranny of the Shahas. If the royalists try to play the game and come as obstacles in holding CA elections, then we will declare Nepal a republic in the next two months and show your master the exit gate. Now be cool and wait for that day.

  13. Baje Avatar

    Mr. Wagle, thanks for sharing your personal account. You are indeed a great man for the taking the moral high-ground. Yes, your family was wronged, and yet, you have managed to forgive in the name of a higher objective. Yes, you have demonstrated selflessness of a variety that most humans do not have the capacity to exhibit.

    But recognize this: appeasement is not compromise and exhibition of your morality on this blog is an insufficeint condition for sustainable peace, security and with it, vibrant democracy.

    The Maoists have finally joined the government but free and fair CA polls (whether by Royalist instigation or Bahunist conspiracy), is still not an achievable objective. Just as the term “democracy” has different meaning for our brothers/sisters in grey, “free and fair” elections for them, is when they win. Should elections results not favor them, it’ll be another conspiracy.

    Prolonging a situation premised on the Maoists holding the country hostage to the idea of peace, is harly a reason to pat ourselves on our backs (simply because the peace process is moving along). The process itself is much like the concept of velocity (vs. speed) – we need for both the direction and rate to be defined. The flow is definitely present, the direction, the months ahead will tell.

    But with large swaths of the population (quote) “waiting for the Maoists to lay down their arms to avenge 12 years of mistreatment and suppression” and asking to be armed (in the complete absence of state security, law and order), it’s hard to keep patting Girija and his clan on their backs.

    What we’ve been delivered is a hope that is based on the following question: “well, what else could we have done?” – the question itself says it all. When leaders fail to produce options, the facade of success ultimately unwinds with time. What the politicians say in public, still sharply diverges from what they say behind closed doors – about the Maoists, about the process, etc. This is something to keep in mind.

    The Maoists have received the last benefit on a long list of doubts since the signing of the 12 Point Agreement. With their inclusion in the interim cabinet, their luxury of opposition has ended. Now neither the Royalists, the Bahunists or the Maoists will be spared by the Nepali people.

  14. julum Avatar

    like wagle, my family too has been the maoist victim. we’ve not been thrown out of the ancestral house like wagle but the torture, humiliation or the trauma that we underwent is nevertheless is alike. and one of our relatives was murdered by the sick maoists and a few physically impaired. yet i welcome the maoists’ coming to the power. when they say that they want to enter a competitive politics they must be given the opportunity. thats what i think.

    many of the commentators here i think are never ever been affected by the maoists violence. because the bloody maoists never targeted rich and powerful living in the safe heaven in ktm (those commenting in this site are either in foreign countries and a few are in ktm). so they don’t know what is to live under the tyrannies of the terrorists. we are hoping against hope that things will improve; they will also realise their mistakes and win the heart of the people.

    my guess is that most of those venting their anger against the maoists inclusion are children of those who have hitherto been sucking the nepali people for long and now that their days are numbered they are angry.

    it doesn’t matter much for me whoever comes to power provided i could enjoy my fundamental rights envisaged and guaranteed by the constitution.

    i am optimistic of the positive outcome of this event. may peace prevail!

  15. Captain Crash Avatar

    wagle ji what u r trying to say is u are sacrificing your land and property for the peace of the country but what made the country… you and me ask your parent how they added all those property for your future… and not all are able to do so.. please dont write such things supporting the monoply of the maoist. let them know that what is acceptable and what is not. It is not necessary to write your personal note….

    [A personal note: I am the happiest man today! Lately I have been seeing some commentators branding me as Maoist mouthpiece or pro-Maoist which, I think, doesn’t deserve to be dignified by my response. I think I should be the one who is firmly against the Maoist induction in the government- but I am not and I have reasons for that- because just a day before yesterday my parents returned from the village after local Maoist cadres didn’t let them stay in home. Wagles had recently gone to Duragaun village of Ramechhap district to claim the property and home that always belonged to them but was captured by the Maoists for the last several years. The local Maoist cadres didn’t return them the lands, didn’t let them use their property and didn’t let them stay in the house. News reports that came from Manthali, the district headquarters, and appeared in several newspapers in Kathmandu three days ago suggested the local Maoist cadres came to my home and forced my mother to leave the home. The district leadership stated that they didn’t have the policy of not returning the properties and assured that they investigate the matter.

    it is stupid to accept those things while there are still lots of royal and rana’s property that should be nationalized.

  16. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Wagle: After all the Maoists have put your family through you are still optimistic. It’s good to be optimistic but its not good to be so optimistic that you start distorting reality and start hallucinating. What makes you think the Maoists will give your land back to you? They didn’t do it since sgining the peace accords so what makes you think they will do it now? They are even more powerful and even if they decide not to return property who is going to stand up to them and tell them they are violating their agreements? And will they care? Errr… I think not.

    Julum: you are contridicting yourself. You first say that the Maoists haven’t affected KTM elites. Then you say these same people are then ones venting their frustrations against the Maoists. Get out of your wrapped thinking for a second. You think the Maoists will stop the elites from sucking on the Nepali people. You are also a fool it seems. Because I have news for you. All it means to have the Maoist join the government is that there is another worhtless, incompetant political party in Nepal. That’s all.

  17. yacc Avatar

    Choosing the one “Fools’ day” of the year to declare the interim govt. and cabinet – just fate or a deliberate act?

    Anyway, it is certainly a move forward and I wish a good luck to everyone for peaceful and prosperous Nepal.

  18. Kirat Avatar


  19. matribhumi Avatar

    There are two facts about Nepal:
    1. There will always be hungry ministers
    2. There will never be peace as long as there are hungry ministers who are swines.

  20. An American Friend Avatar
    An American Friend

    Mr. Wagle,

    The best of luck to you and your country. Your blog is a fascinating read and very inspiring.

  21. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Julum: I admire your fortitude. I respect how you are turning the other cheek. I agree this is somewhat of a positive direction. But it still remains to be seen how the Maoists will bahave in the coming months. Until then I will continue to be very skeptical. You see I have toruble understanding why the Maoists will now adhere to the peace agreements when they have clearly ignored it in the past. Clearly they see that there are no reprecussions for not following an agreement so why will they change. Please do enlighten me anyone – if you have an answer.

  22. Nepal Freedom Avatar

    While I sincerely hope that the new government brings some stability and peace to Nepal I have some questions:
    1. Why no posts in the government for Prachanda (Peace & Reconstruction?) or Baburam (Women, Children, Social Justice?)
    2. Why is an important ministry such as Education combined with Sport (!!!)
    3. Why is Agriculture ministry seperate from Soil & Forestry ministry?
    The construction of this government seems designed to meet the needs of the politicians rather than the needs of the country.

  23. bridohi Avatar

    Future scenario of Nepal is that an aging PM Girija will pass away soon due to health complications (No wonder he is trying to hold to Ram Chandra Poudel of NC as his back up in the new Cabinet). There will be more chaos & instability.

    Guess who do you think will be the next PM? RC Poudel, MK Nepal? NO WAY. While all the dogs will be fighting for scraps, the hyena is looking from the outside & licking its chops… It will be Mr PK Dahal.

    The Interim Constitution gives the PM immense power, de facto Head of State, Head of the Government etc until the CA elections is finalized & a new Constitution if formed. There is a lack of checks & balances in the interim Constitution which enable the PM do declare a republic if so desired. Hell with the CA elections.

    Welcome to the dictatorship of the peasantry & the proletariat. What they could not achieve with guns, will be achieved through legal wranglings.

    Jay p path. Hail to the chief.

    Rest of us “kumlo bokyo dakshin tira.”

  24. pawan Avatar

    “We believe that the Maoist presence in the government will help”
    who exackly do you mean by “we”. You dont mean all maoists victims are you?

    ?????????? ??????? ????? ????? ????? ? ???????? ????? ????? ? ??? ????? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ????? ?? ???????

  25. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    There are many intellectuals in this forum who have posted along the lines of guilty being punished. There is an air of pride in the fact that we are going to abolish Monarchy. My suggestion is that lets not be so ridiculous, shameless and hypocritical. On one hand we may have paved the way for getting rid of the king, but on the other we have rewarded the murderers and terrorists with more power. Yet we see this compromise as justice and dare to celebrate it, as if we had always viewed this outcome as the ideal one-as the victory of good over evil. There is something fundamentally wrong here. It’s unfortunate. There is a famous proverb in Hindi “sau chuha khake billi haj ko chali” that is “the cat went on a pilgrimage after hunting hundred mice”. Yeah sure, Maoists will deliver ‘free and fair’ election. I will look forward to the day when our children will be educated under the Maoist curriculum a sample of which was also published in Nepali times a couple of weeks ago.

    In time of distress nothing provides greater solace than wishful thinking. So, lets carry on with masteurbation.

  26. Rohit Avatar

    How about this article Wagle sir?


    Title- Nepal’s attention turns to King

    1. Every new political chapter in Nepal in the past has been fraught with problems and the new chapter that began on Sunday is unlikely to be different.

    2. The first question is, whether the election will be held in time or not. Only two-and-a-half months are left to prepare. And almost all deadlines agreed by the political parties so far have been missed.

    3.There are also sceptics who believe the election may not happen at all due to the politically sensitive issues involved.

    4. However, the largest party with the most significant political clout, the Nepali Congress, has still remained ambivalent on the issue of monarchy.

    5. However, there is growing concern in some sectors that the total disappearance of monarchy in Nepal where political institutions are still weak could deepen the country’s woes.

    6. Given the recent emergence of new ethnic and regional tensions, which have already claimed dozens of lives, critics say the transition to the republican set-up at this stage could be going too far too early.

    7. However, many believe he still wields considerable influence within the army, which they say, has remained loyal to the King.

    8. India long advocated constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy in Nepal. However, in recent years it has maintained neutrality on the issue of monarchy.

    9.As it stands, the monarchy seems to be completely sidelined but ironically it is around this institution the entire Nepali political world is revolving.

    10. King Gyanendra is seen by many as a stabilising force.

    (The last one below King Gyanendra’s photo)

    PS- K esta article haru hamro Nepal ko public opinion shape up garne kaam ma influential hudaina? Hajur harule esto article lekhneharu ko samarthan ya birodh ma ya esko chirfaar garera kei lekhnu mildaina? bbc jasto media ma esto khal ko kasto kasto chitta nabujhne khalko article padhda malai ta jaro aauchha bhanya. Dinesh dai ko jo bichar. aru le pani lekhnu hola bhanne chahanchhu.


  27. matribhumi Avatar

    Thank Your Shekhar- and for those that think Maoist will change…HERE IS a LAW-MAKER, hehehehehehe a law maker…

    KATHMANDU, April 1 – Maoist lawmaker Lokendra Bista – who hit the news headlines on February 26 for boasting during a meeting in parliament that he had a pistol in his pocket and using abusive language – did it again Saturday. This time, he vented anger on a taxi driver just outside Singha Durbar.
    At around 11:00 am, Bista delivered three punches to the taxi driver outside Singha Durbar south gate. Bista became furious with the cabbie when the latter demanded a “certain amount of taxi fare”

    Though the cabbie apologized after the first two punches, Bista could not resist landing another one in the face. Even earlier on February 15, police posted at Singh Durbar gate seized a pistol which Bista was trying to take into parliament with him.

  28. matribhumi Avatar

    Is this Freedom ? How are the Maoists any different than Gyanendra? Read below and decide. I guess Wagle and Neil are the “unbiased” journalists for the Maobadi who obviously report what is “actually happening”

    DADELDHURA, April 1 – Scribes in the far-western region have recently intensified threats and actions against journalists working in the region.
    Recently, local Maoist leader Bijay Sundar publicly threatened to evict all journalists of the district, one week after threatening to kill Daya Ram Pandit, a journalist working for ‘Baitadi Sandesh’, after demanding Rs 400,000 from him.

    Maoist Bajura Secretary Milan had threatened to kill Pandit, who is also chairman of Bajura chapter Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) after summoning him to the party office.

    According to veteran journalist of the region Chhatra Saud, Maoist threats against journalists intensified after Maoist Supremo Prachanda blamed the media of “being astray”, while visiting the region recently.

    Moreover, Maoists’ blatant attack on the press was also evident when Lekhraj Bhatta, the Maoist far-western in-charge warned of “physical action” against Khem Bhandari, editor of ‘Dainik Abhiyan’.

    Similarly, another group of Maoists also publicly threatened Shyam Bhatta, a reporter with Samaya weekly, at a press conference.

    “This is a fresh example how much journalists in the region are intimidated by Maoists,” said Ramesh Bista, central member of FNJ and editor of ‘Loktantrik Bimarsha’.

    Similarly, self-acclaimed “republican” political leaders of the region also have not lagged behind in issuing threats against journalists. According to Dil Bahadur Chhatyal, Kantipur Daily’s Doti correspondent, he was repeatedly attacked after writing a news about access for Dalits to the local Saileshwori temple.

  29. matribhumi Avatar

    Video- not available at websites of Neil and Wagle–


  30. deubakobau Avatar

    I think both the “G”‘s are too be blamed for the wrongs of Nepal. Both lacked poor leadership when they could change Nepal for good. So we need to root out both the devils.

    If Girija had the way, he would still be the PM of Nepal from the grave.

    I hate these leaders who always underestimate Public Sentiment.

    Girija said once- ” I am a leader, people follow me, not the other way around” shows his true idendity. He thinks people are sheep and he is the herdsman. This attitude is predominant in all leaders, to a great extent in Girija. We know what happened to Gyanendra, and we will have to see what happens to Shree 8 Girija in the days to come.

  31. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    I think this blog should stop accepting names like “deubakobau”.

    “Deuba” definitely refers to Sher Bahadur Deuba, and he has already placed his name in Nepali history.

    He is President of Nepali Congress (Democratic), and is ultimately going to be the president of Nepali Congress once they get united. Both parties have strong support bast in Nepal.

    Its not a question of whether one likes him or not, its derogatory to use such term……..stating the name of somebody’s father in Nepali culture.

    One of the things I liked about Sher Bahadur Deuba when he became a Prime Minister, is that he hails from one of the remotest areas of Nepal, and his father is an ordinary village fellow, who speaks in Dotteli.

    I am bit shocked that people can even use such terms, on his father even, who must have suffered a lot because, with Sher Bahadur Deuba being the person who has spent more than 10 years in Prison due to his support for democracy, in Panchayati time.

    Let us not use such terms which you would not like to be used on yourself.

  32. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Fair enough – we shouldn’t go after his father.
    However, Sher Badhur Deuba deservs much much more then being called names. This moron, idiot, sorry excuse for a human being is about the most pathetic leader in the history of Nepal. You are right he has put his name down in the Nepal’s history as being the dumbass who played right into Gyanendra’s hand. In effect he bent over and handed democracy to Gyanendra on a platter.
    I am not even going to mention how worthless he was as a leader. And let’s not forget how he made fun of the Maoists when back in the day when the Maoists wanted to negotiate. School children in the future will certainly have a good laugh in school learning about how idiots like Deuba was head of a political party – I just hope they realize it was a true story and not a joke.

  33. TheWho Avatar

    The day the maoists implement their “revolutionary” curriculum, I am out of this country with my four years old daughter.

  34. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Pundit I am very sorry that you are so ignorant about Nepali Politics.

    I can understand that some pathetic people like you can do nothing than to blame each and every leader around.

    Grow up, Pundit, and get out of your keyboard and see the reality in Nepal.
    Go to the rural areas of Nepal and ask them who Sher Bahadur Deuba is and you will get the answer.

    We need a political leader who have got base in people, and who can go against autocrats like Girija Prasad Koirala.

    Update your information and knowledge !!!!

  35. Vahsek Avatar

    I liked what Bijukchhe, Chitrabahadur KC and Pari Thapa said.
    Also what Pashupati Shushere and SB Thapa said.


    baff re, sabai jana darsanik bhaera po ho ta desh bigreko…..

    kaam chhain koi pani gardainan, kura sabai kaa meetha!

  36. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Stop Violence:
    Why don’t you consider changing your name to “Stop Stupidity” ? It would definetly suit you alot better.
    Look I understand you must be one of those Congressi chumchas/ Sher Badhur Chumchas but you should get off the keyboard and see this idiot for who he really is instead of gloating about his rural roots. So who the hell gives a rat’s a*ss that he came from the villages? What does that matter?
    What matters is what kind of a leader he was, how he helped Nepal, what was his contribution to Nepali politics and development?
    Maybe I should also ask the villagers what Sher Badhur did for them?
    What do you think they would say to that?
    So what kind of a leader was he? He was an indecisive weakling who contributed NOTHING to further Nepal’s development. Since you know so much about Nepali politics tell me one achievement he accomplished?

    He was too much of a FOOL to see that Gyanendra was manipulating him. Let’s not forget that HE dissolved parliment on Gyanendra’s recommendation. What a fcuking idiot. Luckily his wife had some sense otherwise this fool would have definetly sold Nepal to India if the Indian PM had asked him to.

    “I can understand that some pathetic people like you can do nothing than to blame each and every leader around. ”

    Well what do you expect me to do when all our leaders are the ultimate slime of the Earth?

  37. waiba Avatar

    Dear everyone, wide ranging opinions, views and discussions here proves how strongly we care and feel for our country Nepal. Peace process has begun and each of us must do whatever we can to make the peace process work.

    I know, the peace has eluded us in the past, and prospect of achieving it still doubtful; we nevertheless, should not quiver from wanting peace. To relentless pacifists and ardent self doubter Mr. Bhuda and othersi, please least you can do is give a benefit of doubt, and release positive energies that you have been suppressing within you. Peace is a process; if we believe in it, we can certainly acheive it. Let’s sends positive vibes, best wishes not dark, gloom and doom views and energies.

  38. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Waiba: if it helps you sleep at night we will give the Maoists the bebefit of the doubt AGAIN. Don’t forget, Waiba, that I gave them the benefit once already. I know you must think people like me are after blood, violence and carrnage but that is not true. But okay let’s give them the benefit – besides what else can we do?

  39. waiba Avatar

    That’s right, what else can we do? There isn’t much we can do except to give peace a chance as many times as needs be.

    Please don’t be so hard on yourself, once or twice is never enough, How would you feel if you were only give one change to succeed in whatever you did, say example of riding a bicycle. It takes many trails and error before you can fully perfect it. I think same analogy can be applied to peace.

  40. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Ok Waiba don’t push it now. Sure we will give the Maoists a chance to prove themslves. No one is asking for much – just stick by the peace accords, control your jungalis goons and don’t carry guns into the parliment. That’s all. If the Maoists still fail to adhere to these basic rules then we should not to rule out putting the military option back on the table. We all want peace but the Nepalese people cannot just sit back and be a bunch of pacifist and allow the Maoists to walk all over us. War is sometimes a necessary evil – Don’t forget, Waiba, that it was war that ended Slavery, facisim, Nazism and Communism. Even Shri Krishna urged Arujun to fight a war. So push it, Waiba, and say we need to give peace as many times as possible.

  41. Rame Avatar

    We have become cowards. We are no longer the gorkhes we used to be. Wagle is a coward, because he can not fight for his land and he is covering his cowardice with a tone of sacrifice. It is people like wagle who discourage other Nepali people to fight for what is theirs. We hide our cowardice by sentences like, ” violence can not be a solution or we should look for a peaceful solution”. Although i agree that peaceful means are to be aimed for as much as possible but to cowardly give away all our belongings and property to the maoists out of cowardice and this simply takes away our significance as a nation. Prachanda chor le aile pani arkako gadi ma ghumi raheko cha? It is prachanda that is the parasite of this nation and the article on BBC does hold some truth. Maoists condone the indian encroachment of Nepal. Have we ever heard any maoists complain about the invasion of the indians into the nepali teritory? Did spaM complain when indian officials entered Nepal to beat up nepalis or shot them? Yes, we have all turned cowards. We are spineless. We do not deserve respect because we do not respect our selves. We have become beggars on the street. The government begs the international community to make ends meet, Maoists loot from people and if you take a closer look, every one in Nepal is asking for other people’s money (OPM). We have no pride. We don’t know what is wrong and what is right. we do not even consider killing of another innocent Nepali people as wrong. We are not affected by the suffering of others. In conclusion, we do not deserve anything good.

  42. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Just refresh my name DOA- thats how I see it.

  43. sagarmatha Avatar


    I have different opinion than you. So, discussing with you make no sense to me at this time. I will discuss with you about the same topic after 2 years. But don’t run from Nepal by telling it is unsafe to stay in Nepal and we have no future. I have lots of friends who are sticking on the same points like you but they left Nepal. I still ask them if you trust Girija and Prachanda who are supposed to make this country Switzerland then why you are leaving to become slave of others. It clearly means that they don’t trust internally although tries to defend them. But do you agree in one thing “whatever good and bad in future of Nepal Girija and Prachanda should take the responsibility”. Can you make guts atleast to agree this point????

    Bye for now

  44. mila Avatar

    Girija becomes a prime minister! Again! I bet there’s nobody else in the world who’s been given as many chances as Girija babu. Do a fact check and see if you can find anyone who’s been allowed to become the prime minister of any country six times. Don’t look at the number of years someone has held on to the post–that may actually be interpreted as an achievement and a proof of popular support. See if there’s any world-leader who has actually been the prime minister of his country six times. Then think about how lucky we must be to be the citizens of a country which will nominate/elect the same scoundrel to the highest office in the land that many times. And that leads on to the bigger question. A person who commits similar crimes over and over again is a recidivist. Does that mean that by committing Girija to this position , again, we have all become a nation of recidivists?

  45. B Avatar

    Mila or Maila,

    I absolutely agree with you. It is almost funny really, that a person has been made the pm of nation six times and even funnier is that he is not popular at all. It is so stupid that it is dangerous.

  46. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Bhudai Pundit,
    Thanks for proving my point that you are totally ignorant about Nepalese politics.
    You state that all leaders are slimy, then who the hell do you think is running the country.
    Regarding Sher Bahadur Deuba, he has lead the democratic revolution against Panchayati Regime as President of Nepal Student Union, and endured multiple years in prison when you must have been a tiny winy baby.
    Its due to Deuba that Nepali Congress were able to win 18 out of 19 seats from Far Western Region.
    He was the only Prime Minister who was able to control the army even at difficult times of civil war when people like Girija Prasad Koirala had to resign due to incapability to control armed forces.
    His party is the first party in Nepal to include compulsory representation from Karnali Anchal and from Janajatis in the Central Committee.
    It was his party, among with other six parties which did the movement against King Gyanendra due to which morons like you can freely express thmeselves.
    I could write more but for an ignorant like yourself I dont think I should waste more time.

    Hey Bhudai, I know people like you living in foreign land as a STUDENT supported by money earned by god-knows-what-means will do nothing else than to go after their vested interest.

    So carry on Bhudai, keep on shouting against all the leaders till your relative becomes a Minister or Politcal Appointee !!!!

    Keep writing, its April Anyway !!! So fools like yourself should freely express themselves !!!

  47. B Avatar

    Stop violence,

    Stop this nonsense about deuba immediately. Enuff is enuff. The guy has been fooled by girija, he has been fooled by the maoists and has been fooled by the king twice. The bottom line my friend is that ” he is a fool”. forge about what he did before he got to power. All leaders have contributed before they have gotten to power. The real test is what they do once they are in power. What are his contributions to this nation as a prime minister or a mp?

  48. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Please don’t waste your time talking to a Congressi chumcha. He/She is a congressi chumcha for crying out loud – that should speak volumes in itslef. “Stop Violence” is probably the 5 people in Nepal who thinks Sher Badhur Deuba is a good leader. Considering that Sher Badhur Deuba’s intellect is at the level of a monkey imagine what level his followers are at. What’s really ironic about “stop violence” is that he/she thinks I am the one ignorant about Nepali politics.

    “It was his party, among with other six parties which did the movement against King Gyanendra due to which morons like you can freely express thmeselves.”

    Was it not him who dissolved parliment because Gyanendra asked him to in the first place? Hhahaha you think Deuba lead the movement against the King? Who the hell even takes (besides you) Deuba seriously? He is the biggest JOKE in Nepali politics. Get that into your head.

    “Hey Bhudai, I know people like you living in foreign land as a STUDENT supported by money earned by god-knows-what-means will do nothing else than to go after their vested interest. ”

    Oh please don’t speculate so much and debase yourself because you have run out of arguments. You don’t know where my money comes from. Not everyone gets their money like Nepali politians okay. There are alot of hardworking Nepalese in the world who earn their money legitimately with hard work. I know that must be really difficult for you to understand or believe. Besides even if I/my parents wanted to earn money using questionable methods I don’t think its possible because our political leaders have already sucked the country dry.

  49. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Oh and by the way “Stop Violence”: even if one of my relatives becomes a politians and they act like an incompetant fool who contributes nothing towards the country, hands over power to a dictator, creates the largest ineffective cabinate in the history of Nepal, makes fun of maoist insugents at a crucial time etc. then I would not hesitate for one second to critisize him/her and admit just how worthless they are.
    I am not going to try and defend them and make myself look like an idiot at the same time. Too late for you I guess.

  50. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Stop Violence:
    “You state that all leaders are slimy, then who the hell do you think is running the country.”

    Unforutnely these ‘hungry monkeys’ otherwise called Nepali politians are running the country. Look where we are today – one of the most poorest countries in the world. Unfortunetly it doesn’t matter to the average Nepali that Sher Badhur Deuba came from the villages. That fact doesn’t put food on their table.

    But one more point. I have no vested interest in saying one political leader is better then the other. I think they are just all equally bad – you asked wh
    if I were to make a list of leaders. I would definetly put Sher Badhur Deuba right at the bottom!! The very bottom. I would even put MKN a point above him. That’s how useless I think Deuba is. DEAL WITH THAT!

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