History in Nepal: Interim Government With Maoists Takes Oath

By Dinesh Wagle
[Here is details of what happened in parliament today And here is list of ministers]

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala resigned from the post of Prime Minister today only to be reappointed, this time by the parliament, to the same position within half an hour. [Historically, PMs in Nepal have been appointed by the king.] Prime Minister Koirala, who is also the acting Head of State of Nepal because the king is constitutionally in the state of suspension, is heading an interim government that has several other parties -most notably the Maoist, former rebel- in the cabinet. Koirala, appointed for the record 6th time as the Prime Minister, first took the oath in Parliament and administered the same to his ministers. Before all these developments, Nepali people saw intense meetings of parties to finalize the details of the coalition. Some unexpected problems emerged as parties saw some portfolios were removed (the disappearance of the post of Deputy PM hit the Amik Serchen’s Jana Morcha the most).

I am thrilled to see the Maoists MPs taking oath of the ministerial posts. The induction of the Maoists in the government has sent waves of hope to Nepali people who are desperately looking forward to the successful completion of the peace process. There are some people, most notably the royalists, who are firmly against the Maoist involvement in the government. Also the United States is against it. According to news reports, American ambassador James F Moriarty yesterday met Prime Minister Koirala in the latter’s official residence and suggested to drop the idea of inducting the Maoists in the government as it would be dangerous to until they surrender all their weapons. That might a point to be noted but weapons are not only the major problem right now. We believe that the Maoist presence in the government will help in making the peace process a success to that many people who suffered during the decade long insurgency would not have to suffer again.

[A personal note: I am the happiest man today! Lately I have been seeing some commentators branding me as Maoist mouthpiece or pro-Maoist which, I think, doesn’t deserve to be dignified by my response. I think I should be the one who is firmly against the Maoist induction in the government- but I am not and I have reasons for that- because just a day before yesterday my parents returned from the village after local Maoist cadres didn’t let them stay in home. Wagles had recently gone to Duragaun village of Ramechhap district to claim the property and home that always belonged to them but was captured by the Maoists for the last several years. The local Maoist cadres didn’t return them the lands, didn’t let them use their property and didn’t let them stay in the house. News reports that came from Manthali, the district headquarters, and appeared in several newspapers in Kathmandu three days ago suggested the local Maoist cadres came to my home and forced my mother to leave the home. The district leadership stated that they didn’t have the policy of not returning the properties and assured that they investigate the matter.

As a member of the family, how do I feel about that incident? Obviously, I am outraged and I feel this is a violation of the agreement that the Maoist signed with the government. At the same time I strongly want to believe that this is an isolated case and that Maoist will soon be able to solve this problem. I want to believe that Maoist leadership is fully committed to the peace process and competitive politics. I want to give them the benefit of doubt for the sake of the peace process. That’s what as an individual I can do and as a family we can do as a contribution to the peace process. I know how much difficulties my family has been facing because of the capturing of the land and property. Let me look it from the-glass-is-half-FULL angle. For me and my parents, to be able to go to home is itself an achievement and we are hopeful that we will see more improvements in coming days. I am sure there are many people out there who would be happy in sacrificing their personal interests for the broad national interest. I wish all the best to the interim government. We must be able to vote in the election of Constituent Assembly in 20 June, yes, without any fears.]






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  1. Patriot Avatar

    For me its really hard to pinpoint just Deuba when 99% of all leaders are just as bad. Girija sure is the smartest but the damage he has done is the most. Also I think all politicians start well, its only when they come to responsible positions they falter. Surely Deuba was the wrong man for the job and in politics who wouldnt use someone who is such a dumbass. But then all PMs didnt do much except contribute toward to culture of corruption of all forms. Deuba was just the unlucky ass who got more than he bargained for.

    Wagle & Julum – I empathise with you guys and I truly hope you get your properties back. Fortunately my family was never subjected to Maoist atrocity, which perhaps has kept my judgement free from hatred. Lets all hope for a new beginning.

  2. gm Avatar

    Stop Violence,

    Deuba is the worst politician even by Girija standard. He does not have brains nor does he have balls. He might be a nice guy but with no ethics, lack of intelligence capacity, and his laziness, and inefficiency, we have reached this stage. He is easily swayed by corrupt insiders and he does not have enough weight to stir the complicated politics of Nepal. Here is his record.

    1) It was during his primiership that corruption got out of control. The tax free Pajeros for MP’s was his government’s idea.

    2) He is the one who started the trading of MP’s sending 5 of them to Bangkok during no-confidence motion to save his government

    3) One of the biggest blunder was when he did not even attempt to conduct local election and instead appointed local government, causing power vaccum at rural areas, which shifted power form political parties to Maoists

    4) He was the prime minister when the Maoist problems started. He chose to use force rather than negotitation and we all saw the result.

    5) He was the prime minister who could not hold the election and recommeneded the King to dissolve the parliament leading to King’s takeover.

    6) He was naive enough to take the King’s bait for the second time just to be kicked around and humilated again.

    7) Corrupts like Khume, Chrinjibi Wagle, Gacchadar (I think Khume recently moved back to Girija’s Congress) are members of Deuba’s Congress. He does not have balls to do anything or he does not have any ethical standard to think something must be done.

    He might have stayed in the jail for a long time, won many seats in the western Nepal, but the bottom line is he failed to lead Nepal. Under his watch, Nepal became more corrupt and unstable. We saw him being manipulated by everyone from King to his wife, his rich Rana relatives to Chiranjibi Wagle and Khume and everyone. Compared to what went wrong during his watch, his accomplishments are miniscule. He is not a leader. He should be barred from ever holding a leadership position in Nepal.

    Many Nepalese including I had a lot of hope from him over the evil Girija and the commies. But he failed miserably in every aspect. We cannot take chance with this guy again.

  3. manan Avatar

    I agree. Deuba is worthless. He is a man utterly without any direction. At least Madhab Nepal can lay some claim to being a communist.

    Deuba, what is he? A pawn, nothing more.

  4. B Avatar

    MKN is not a communist. he is an opportunist without brains. He has taken the uml from being the most popular party when king took over to the third largest party in Nepal. Only an idiot like MKN can do that.

  5. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Who do you think modernized the arm forces of Nepal that you are bragging about? It is Deuba who equipped Nepalese Army with modern equipments, it was he who obtained Night Vision Helicopters. Why do you think Maoists gave up the civil war? Is it because they suddenly decided to be NON VIOLENT or is it because they concluded that they cannot do anything against Nepal Armed Forces.
    Maybe you would consider that it was his mistake to try to reconcile King, democratic parties and the communists? However, looking at the current situation of the country, it seems as if the country would have to take the middle path that he had once preached anyway. Reconciliation seems to be the only solution for Nepal to prevent it from being the next Iraq or Somalia.

    And what UML and Makune are you talking about. Makune and UML are the ones who supported Deuba in his government. Had Makune had any guts, he would have taken the post of PM himself.

    Sorry guys, the country still needs the democratic middle path. So your dream of communism and armed government will always be a dream !!!

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Stop Violence:
    Now you are just embarrassing yourself. I don’t suppose the concept of shame really means anything to you since you are defending someone like Sher Badhur Deuba but let’s deconstruct your post for a minute.

    “Who do you think modernized the arm forces of Nepal that you are bragging about?”

    Are you on crack? Where have I bragged about the armed forces of Nepal? For your information the NA is in terrible need of some severe institutional reforms. You must be the most ignorant fool on the face of this planet if you think the RNA was successful in fighting against the Maoist insurgency. The RNA was an utter failure. It is an institution that is rigged with in competency and fraught with problems. 90% of the top brass are morons who are there because of their last name and nothing else. The Maoist army which was comprised of 20 year olds were whipping them. Let’s not even get into this so as to save you further embarrassment (although there is little dignity to be save at this point).

    So what if Deuba bought new vision helicopters? Who THE HELL CARES you moron? You think that contributed to Nepal’s socio-political progress? You think the fact that he bought a few helicopters and received kickbacks even remotely justifies Sher Badhur’s role in Nepali politics?
    You must be living in another country called Nepal. Either that or your are ingesting a certain type of mushroom that is making you hallucinate. Hehehehe you think Sher Badhur Deuba was the reason the Maoists decided to put down the weapons? Oh my God! You are NO DIFFERENT then the Maoist cadres that Prachanda has brain washed with his communist ideology. At least, from a theoretical stand point, communism is appealing. But how a person can be so THICK-HEADED to believe that Sher Badhur Deuba was a good leader is beyond me. The ONE person in the world who would still think that would be his own mother. So are you his mother? That’s about the only explanation I have.

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    By the way dimwit,
    “Sorry guys, the country still needs the democratic middle path.”

    No one is saying we don’t need a democratic middle path. What we are saying is that Sher Badhur Deuba is an idiot, worthless politian. Nepal would have been alot better off had he not entered politics in the first place.
    We aren’t against democracy but we are against leaders like Deuba.

  8. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Bhudai, you are real daft. Seems like you are the one who is in high here.

    I am not saying Sher Bahadur Deuba is God or the best leader in the world.

    You complain of Deuba, show me one amongst the leading politicians who is better than him.

    So, I regard him as the best amongst the pack who may be able to govern the country.

    Where do you think are you going to bring the leaders for the country? From Bhudai’s MORON-state.

    All I am saying is that amongst the leaders existing in the country, he is the most suitable. Especially amongst those who have been the Prime Minister, he is the only one who has been able to govern in co-ordination with Armed Forces, Bureaucrats and other political parties.

    I doubt that some of you believe in democracy, democracy does not mean misusing the freedom of speech to call each and everybody a MORON.

    Well MORON seems to be the only word that you know, and you just blamed the Nepalese Armed forces, whereas even all Maoists have publicly commented that the reason that they chose to form alliance with the political parties is because they realized that they are never going to get any significance with the armed movement.

    I am surprised tha some people have such low memory !!!

    So you can retort back to stating so what Sher Bahadur did this….so what military did this…….so what all of them did this………they are all morons…….just keep repeating this till you suffer from chronic depression.

    Finally Wake up !!!

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Stop Violence:

    How many times do I need to keep spanking you before you finally concede?
    Now you are changing the goal post to get out of that ridiculous argument you tried to put forth eariler. Before you were going on and on about Sher Badhur Deuba’s rural roots, his supposed reform of the RNA and his brilliant ability as a statesman. Now you have finally dropped to ‘at least he is the better of the current political leaders.’ It’s an improvement but still far off the mark.
    Well given Nepal’s current political circumstances Sher Badhur Deuba would be the absolute WORST person to become the PM for the reasons listed here:
    1. No one takes him seriously
    2. He is too indecisive
    3. He gambled away democracy once to Gyanendra already
    4. He was too much of an idiot to see that Gyanendra was manipulating him. If he couldn’t even see something that obvious how is he going to be able to deal with Maoists, Madeshi situation?
    5. Basically he is a weakling who commands no respect. I am no fan of Girija but at least Girija has some balls.

    Hopefully you can see why your vinaju/dai/bhai/gijazu or whatever would be highly unfit for political office.

    Where are we going to get political leaders you ask. Well that’s the problem we have in Nepal right now. There are no promising young political leaders in the horizon. As a nation that is our misfortune. Now this doesn’t mean we pretend that what we have is great and delude ourselves into becoming complacent. Who says I am depressed. I am not. I am merely pointing out what’s wrong. That’s the duty of a responsible citizen in a democracy. A responsible citizen doesn’t look the other way and fabricate idiotic facts to support a corrupt, worthless leaders just because they happen to be related to them.

  10. gm Avatar

    Agree with Budhai totally. Sher Bahadur may be a nice guy among the politicians.

    However, the problem is he is the most incompetent of all the politicians. I think his biggest flaw is his inability to grasp the seriouness of the issues at stake and his lack of urgency.

    He became prime minister at least three times. If the only good thing to his credit is buying night vision helicopters, then it is a shame. It is not even an achievement and it is not his idea at all. RNA wanted night vision helicopters all along, and he gave an approval to buy two of them. Americans paid for them. Now, can you call rubber stamping as an achievement.

    It is not that he can govern with coordination of armed force and beauracrats. The truth is he gets influenced by all the corrupt beauracrats, politicians like Chiranjibi Wagle to Khume, corrupt generals, and businessmen. How dumb could he be to allow tax free Pajeros to MP’s? How dumb of him to do nothing to prepare for both national and local elections? I still remember he was not doing any preparation to hold the elections and when the time expired, he just dissolved the House. How dumb of him to have all the corrupt ministers in his Government? How dumb of him to be kicked out of the Govt by the King not once but twice? How come he did not sense what was coming? How could he be in such an oblivion?

    We all suffered a lot because of Deuba’s ineptness. Many people including I will never forgive him.

  11. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Pundit !!!
    The more you speak the more you show your ignorance. So, now you are even posting comment in the name of “gm” !!!

    HERE IS MY CHALLENGE TO YOU BUTTHEAD, I WAS ALWAYS REFERING TO DEUBA BEING THE BEST AMONGST THE Nepalese politicians all the time, if you think that you have got some brains then provide me the name of a single person that you suitable from amongst the current leaders.


    Girija may be your choice, but just to refresh your memory Sher Bahadur Deuba became PM for second time because Nepalese army refused to follow orders of your baje Girija when he was PM.

    Moreover, he is fully autocratic in running his handful of Chaite Congressi supporters who remain in his party !!!

    If your person MAKUNE had had any balls he would have been the prime minister of this country now, however all he can do is show towards Sher Bahadur or Girija when it comes to handling responsibility.



  12. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hahahaha Stop Violence you are just so pathetic. I really pity you. It must be frustrating to go around and support Deuba since I am sure you get similar responses. Now you are accusing me of being gm? LOL. You think I am the only person in Nepal who think this way about your beloved Deuba.
    Anyway I already stipulated why he would be the ABSOLUTE WORST PM for Nepal. But you haven’t bothered to actually respond to the specific points. You see people like Deuba and beneficiaries like yourself have always managed to get away without any accountability. Answer the question. Respond to the points with counter-arguments. Don’t recycle my jokes. In fact please don’t even attempt to be funny because you are too slow witted.
    You want me to provide you with a single name? Once again let me ask you. Are you on crack cocain? Can you read? I just said in my post that any other leader would be better then Deuba. Do you not understand this? Go back and re-read my posts S L O W L Y.


    What does that mean? You need to wipe all that foam ozzing out of your mouth and make some sense when typing a response.

    Again you are just debasing yourself. I was never glorifying Girija or MKN. Once again, dimwit, READ. I don’t where you went to school but they obvously did a terrible job on your reading/comprehension ability.
    I wasn’t glorifying Girija or MKN. I was saying they are bad but they are better then Deuba. That’s how bad I think Deuba is. It’s hard to sallow that isn’t it? Yes your vinaju or whatever is an IDIOT.

    Don’t tell me what to do. If I wish to come here and thrash your pathetic arguments it is my perogative. We live in a democracy in case you forgot. Yes even though Deuba tried to gift it to Gyanendra we still managed to salvage it.

    And don’t call the leaders “your this your that”. I hate all of them. But the lesser amonst the evils. Now before you get mad and piss all over your pants, please spare me some courtsey and respond to the points/arguments. Because I have no interest or desire to converse with a moron like yourself. Oh and that’s not my favorite words. It just happens to come up alot when I deal with certain people.

  13. matribhumi Avatar

    Bhudai and the other dude, I hope Girija and Deuba are paying you significant amounts for all that labour you have performed to come up with arguments including the mudslinging that you have done on one another.

    A perfect example of how youths in Nepal are being manipulated by politicians who have no ethics of politics.

  14. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Ki na puwaahkha bholnu paryo tapai lai?
    Where the hell did you pop out from? Don’t come in the middle of the discussion without reading any of the posts and make a grand statement.
    I wasn’t supporting Girija. My argument is simple that anyone is better qualified to lead Nepal then Sher Badhur Deuba. This clown (Stop Violence) happens to be related to Deuba so he requires no monetary compensation for his chmcha giri. Matribhumi please read the posts before making a comment that makes you look stupid. The only reason I am not lamblasting you is because you are a sensible person so I like to give you the benefit of the doubt.

  15. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Now you are even hallucinating that I am the relative of Deuba !!!!

    Just answer one question if you have the balls, name a Nepalese leader apart from Deuba who is suitable to govern the country !!!

    Ask your uncles, aunts, cousins etc for support. Hell, in fact ask all the Koirala Clan……..Girija, Sailaja, Ladija…, you definitely must be a supporter. I hope you are not related to them !!!

    Matribhumi, I am just a concerned Nepalese who is worried about lack of bad leadership in Nepal, and thinks that we should pursue middle path of democracy and reconciliation.

    I understand that Deuba still has some corrupt polticians in his party, and him related to a RANA is not that helpful for his image. I however, see Deuba and his party Nepali Congress (Democratic) as the only one amongst the four leading parties which might be able to bring together the completely divided country !!!

    Of course, I do not support any corrupt leaders who are currently in either of the parties, Nepali Congress (Democratic) or Nepali Congress (Undemocratic) !!!

  16. shantikumar Avatar

    GIRIJA must give way to DEUBA…old GIRIJA must not be allowed to create a new dynasty..he really does not have time for much else…

  17. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Dear Stop Violence. Or should I just call you “Stop writing stupid sh*t”?

    I understand that generations of inbreeding and alcohol abuse must have impaired your brain but you ask me again for the 100th time:

    “Just answer one question if you have the balls, name a Nepalese leader apart from Deuba who is suitable to govern the country !!!”

    I have said repeatedly over and over and over and over that anyone else (including Girija, MKN or anyone from the SPA) would be suitable to govern Nepal. THAT IS AN ANSWER TO YOUR question! Don’t ask the same question again because I have answered it enough times already.

    Again, dimwit, I have over and over and over and over that I am not related to any politician in Nepal. I have no vested interest in seeing one leader over the other. But I just think Deuba is the absolute WORST political leader in Nepal and possibly and the planet.

    Why will ask my uncles etc. for support? Support for what? You need to cut back taking crack cocain so you can make some sense once in a while.
    You just spurt sentences that have no relavence. Again support for what? What are you taking about?

    What’s funny is that you don’t seem to have an answer to the fact that Deuba was so easily manipulated by Gyanendra. You have no answer to the fact that he was so mentally incompetant that he was so easily fooled by the Palace. Your response is that he bought night vision goggles for the RNA.

    Listen, let me give you some advice. Please just go and watch Indian idol and soap oprahs on Zee TV and leave politican discussions to us okay? It’s clearly not your strength.

  18. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Also I am done conversing with you. Deuba will never be PM again and he will go down in the history books as being the dumba@ss who played into Gyanendra’s hands. The minister who created the biggest most useless cabinate in the history of Nepal. The idiot who made fun of the Maoists and ignored them at a crucial time, who approved Pajeros for all MP’s etc.
    So please continue to post posts here and everywhere and make yourself look like a fool. Please go ahead.

  19. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Bhudai Pundit,
    I used to think that you are interested in Nepalese democracy, but by observing your narcistic comments…….I can see that you have an autocratic mentality and are no differnt than other bunch of your Koirala Herd.

    Dont waste too much time on internet, unless you are paid by Wagle to be a Comment Moderator here or you have your own vested interest.


    I used the “Night Vision” helicopters as examples only to refer to the fact that this had happened due to Deuba’s success in diplomacy and foreign relations.



    YOU prefer Girija, who by the way, has been the sole reason for failure of democracy in Nepal. Makune, keeps following either Deuba or Girija, so I have nothing to say about this pathetic man and his fellow communists.

    Well, Bhudai, you are just a kid, so go and play with your GameStation.

    Last thing you can do is just check the names of leaders in “Rato Kitab”, which is the only comprehensive list of democratic leaders who have faught for democracy in Nepal, and you will be surpised to see the list of leaders that are in Nepali Congress (Democratic), only corrupt ones remain in Nepali Congress. Five Past Presidents of Nepal Bidhyarthi Sang are in Nepali Congress (Democratic) as compared to 1 or 2 in Nepali Congress. What do you make of this??

    If you dont know whats “Rato Kitab”, then you must be too young, first grow up and then continue reading all the comments in this site and Mysansar for five yeaer and then you might be able to talk about politics with me.

    You can keep commenting to further prove your ignorance !!

    By the way, you wrote about Arju Deuba having some sense, however, I think she is still very very very new and needs to learn a lot to undeerstand ABC of politics. I heard that she is a good social worker well thats another issue.

  20. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    By the way Girija will also go down as being a failure and parasite to Nepal. But Deuba’s section in this history books will be worse that’s all I am saying.

    Sorry, now I will let you make a fool of yourself. Please post another comment. I can’t wait to read it.

  21. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    One thing many so called democrats forget is that if you believe in democratic system, one needs to get and select leadership from amongst those choosen by people.

    Its nothing but autocracy for Nepalese people to cling on to only such leader who can promote dictatorship……..and reject others who might be more fruitful.

    You can see that leaders in developed countries easily give up their post, once they complete their allowed tenure, however we still have undemocratic roots due to which people still go for Girija…..or even Sujata, the lauda mastermind.

  22. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Well, Bhudai, you are just a kid, so go and play with your GameStation”

    My my my aren’t we funny and original?

    Oh so now you are so desperate that your only line of defense and argument is that I am young. I wonder what you will come up with next?
    Listen ‘Stop Violence’ I am far too smart for you. You have already proven that you are simply incapable of debate. You still haven’t answered by critisim of Deuba for his seer stupidity in bending over for Gyanendra and handing democracy in a platter to the Royal Palace.

    Anyway it was nice reading your comments. On the subject of being young. I think the very problem in Nepal is old or “bhuda khada” political pundits like yourself. You knowing so much about Rato Kita has made Nepal the poorest country in the world. It has runied Nepal and today it is a hot bed of instability and chaos. Nice Job dimwit.
    The first order of business should be to rid Nepali politics and political commentary (although yours can hardly be called commentary) of Bhuda Kada, outdate, morons like you. Your time is over. Please retire and watch who wants to be a millionaire. You have done enough harm to Nepal and the Nepalese people.

  23. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    You are real moron.

    I am not that old but at least am aware of politics to the extent to say that you dont know anything. I stated u as kid because of your attitude not because of your age. Age wise, I might even be younger than you.

    I am not a political expert or political analyst, but know people that they are just phoneys and fake by litenign to them.

    And you are definitely one of these phoneys.

    It was statement made by jealous people like Sailaja that Deuba handed this and that to Palace.

    Deuba has been the one who has been victimized the most by Palace, how can you say that he handed it !!

    Go on keep commenting to show your political ignorance.

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Stop Violence:
    You have your head so far up Deuba’s chaak that you have lost all prespective.
    You think because Sailaja said that Deuba handed power we beleive it. Heck no.
    We all know that Deuba dissolved parliment on the recommendation of Gyanendra. On the recommendation. How much of an idiot do you have to be to do something like that?
    Now don’t try to solicit sympathy by saying Deuba was a victim of Palace conspiracy. Deuba is an idiot to being with and he has no balls to stand up to the King. That’s why the Palace played him like a fool. For the King it was like taking candy away from a baby. And despite this record you think Deuba would be suitable to lead Nepal given the even more complex situations that have cropped up? What if Deuba handed all powers to Prachanda based on Prachanda’s recommendation?

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Anyway I give up. There is no point debating these issues while the Maoists are running the country into the ground. As much as I loth Sher Badhur Deuba I would still rather have him come to power then Prachanda or Baburam. Right now the Maoists are calling all the shots and that should be of greatest concern to all of us.

  26. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    I think you finally got the point here is saying that you would rather prefer Deuba coming to power rather than some violenence seeking crazy leaders.

    Its pathetic that we dont have fool-proof leaders, however, lets also accept the fact that we have to select from the ones who are politicians, and thus Deuba comes as right person for me.

    I however appreciate your prompt response to comments. Keep commenting as I might not be checking net during Easter Break. Need to live my life as well man !!! Hope you do the same !! Happy Holidays !!!

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Fair enough. Let’s leave this issues at that. It’s been a good debate.
    I hope you don’t take some of the stuff I have said personally. It’s just a heat of the moment thing – nothing personal.

    Have a blessed easter.

  28. matribhumi Avatar

    I am a Royalist because I am anti-Maoist. I definitely support the MJF for what they are doing in challenging these goons.

  29. matribhumi Avatar

    It must be a sad day for people in the Nepal Army who devoted their lives in serving the country and the powers with their lives in threat for 13 years. Now they have to salute the same “goons and thugs” that killed their fellow brothers.

    A very sad day indeed.
    Long Live the Nepalese Army, the soldiers who are the real Martyrs.

  30. Krishna Kanta Adhikari Avatar

    This is a crutial time for Nepal. Every political party should ready to hold constituent Assembly.

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