Exposed: Indian Group Behind MPRF

The local administration claims that yesterday’s sit-in protest by Seema Jagaran Manch of Bihar (India) on Indian side of the border supporting MPRF was enough to justify the earlier suspicion of infiltration of Indian nationals in rallies organized here by MPRF in the past.

By Binod Bhandari and Bhim Ghimire

BIRATNAGAR- At a time when speculations are rife about the involvement of people from neighboring India in violent rallies of the Madheshi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) in terai districts, an organization based in the Indian state of Bihar staged a sit-in in the Indian side of the Jogbani border point “protesting police crackdown on Indian nationals during MPRF rallies and expressing solidarity with MPRF’s protests”, Wednesday (28 March). The sit-in by Seema Jagaran Manch, Bihar, has not only confirmed the involvement of Indian nationals in violent MPRF rallies, but also raised questions over the type of nexus the MPRF has with the organization. Customs work was halted as agitators prevented vehicles from plying via the border point. On a normal day, around 300 goods trucks pass through the point while the Customs Office collects at least Rs 18 million in revenue.

In a statement, the Manch also accused Maoists of attacking Indian nationals with the help of police in Biratnagar, Gaur, Birgunj and many other places during MPRF’s protest programs. “The sit-in at the border point is also aimed at exerting pressure to stop the Maoists’ ongoing expansion of their organization in India in recent times,” said Bhanu Prasad Rai, chairman of the organization. He also clearly said that his organization “fully supports MPRF’s movement in the Terai”. The local administration claims that Wednesday’s sit-in was enough to justify the earlier suspicion of infiltration of Indian nationals in rallies organized here by MPRF in the past.

On January 31, two Indian nationals- Dalbal Tiwari and Rustam Miya- along with half a dozen other MPRF cadres were injured in a clash with police at bordering Materuwa area as protesters tried to snatch weapons from the police. On that very day, Sub-inspector Nareshjung Karki was brutally killed as MPRF cadres stormed the Budhanagar police post. Local authorities also claim that a large number of Indians had taken part in the violent demonstration at Singhiya Bridge area on February 7 where two MPRF cadres were killed in police action. Meanwhile, police claimed that MPRF cadres and leaders were also present at the sit-in. MPRF’s Budhanagar chairman Prithvi Chanda Sah, Biratnagar-22 chairman Mahesh Shah and many cadres of Amaduwa village also participated in the sit-in, police sources at bordering Rani post claimed.


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  1. Neil Horning Avatar

    Yet more evidence I can link to from this page.

  2. XYZ Avatar

    Exposed. Exposed. Exposed. Exposed.

    Maoist Support from JNU (Jawahar Lal Nehru University).

    SPA-M agreement in Delhi Durbar.

    Koirala hailing from Banarash University socity.

    KP Bhattari hailing from Banarash.

    All SPA in Delhi while exile.

    Gyanay is suported with Indian Extremist.

    India & Indian behind all the Nepalese success or failure.


    65 Lakh works in India, working as bahadur.

    Manisha Koirala” Great Grand Daughter of Koirala Family in Mumbai

    Pashupati Rana daughter married to Indian Minister’s grand daughter.

    Lakhs of Nepali in Indian Army.

    India & Indian behind all the Nepalese success or failure.

    Exposed. Exposed. Exposed. Exposed.

  3. replytoall Avatar

    If India is behind every other sh#t ,good or bad, that happens in Nepal and Nepal and Nepali can do nothing about it except complain then its about time to hand over the nation to the Indians with red ribbon.

    Binod Bhandari and Bhim Ghimire, kudos for your great “investigative and revealing” article.

  4. noname Avatar

    XYZ (14:30:36) ,

    Good one.

  5. Nepali Avatar

    Mr. XYZ hope u were given name XYZ because of no identity of ur parents,is it so? well what the hell u mean by 65 lakhs nepalese work as Bahadur in India, where did u get this great information, which gates are these bahadurs guarding in india, why did u bold the word bahadur, i m so fed up with some of u guys who is all so happy and doing their best to tarnish the image of ur own country . may god bless in changing this fuckin mentality of urs.

  6. samana Avatar




  7. B Avatar

    did not the indians organize sit in protests during the april revolution as well? Did not Yachuri Support the April revolution as well? Or are these idiots saying that indian interference is only good as long as it meets their vested interest?

    And yes, good one XYZ

  8. Patriot Avatar

    I dont doubt MJF is heavily infiltrated by Indians, but its authors’ childishness to proclaim such a thing simply because their fellow Biharis across the border expressed solidarity. I mean who wouldnt? but to go the extreme of assigning this as the most compelling reason is a causal flaw. Again, nothing wrong with the central point, just the way it is delivered.

    More compelling is this article that came few days back where MJF’s students front broke ties with its parent because the former was involved in non-political activities.

  9. Zealot Avatar

    the india is behind in the every event of nepal- its natural, we have open border with this country, i know everything about my friend’s family who is my neighbour because i frequenly go to meet him and he shares all matters with me, and between us, we can help each other. here, help is not equal mostly his help is greater than mine because he knows many things and he has got many things than me. but, i’m not supposed to act in a way what he wants that he helps me. i don’t know, knowingly or unknowing why persons XYZ and B are singing good songs for India, specially those groups who killed brutally killed nepalese womens and men in our own land, who are also in the direction of partitioning nepal into many parts. i request XYZ and Bs to state points after considering your own house. Nepal is our house, and we are recognized as Nepali throughout the world, remember you will have to live inside a house with hole in the ceiling if you guys keep stating these kind of sentences, i don’t think we can live in such kind of house. its upto you guys to choose which one but if you choose the way which is against many, then definitely you have future ahead of loss, loss which you will face in front of your parents.

  10. Rame Avatar


    All the political movement in Nepal, including Shah Dynasty that gave a present day form of Nepal, is influenced by past and or present India. This is no secret, back in 1990’s NC leader used to go to Inidan leader Chandrasekhar even for their internal dispute…, funny, that Chandrasekhar was a hero in Nepal. Things are no different with jan andolan 2, little known comarades of India, Mr. Yachuri and Mr. Karat are hero. So, in a sense MRPF having a link with Indians is no big issue.

    Talking about Gaur incident, it is no secret that Maoist had brought their cadres from elsewhere (Dang, Salyan, Gorkha….,), their stronghold. Probably, some of these maoist were trained killers of PLA. Now, going geographically, gaur is much closer to Indian border than Dang, for example. In this sense, I don’t see any difference in maoist bringing their killers from outside of Gaur to MRPF getting their goons from India (if they ever did so..?). Afterall, both MRPF and Maoist brought them from elsewhere and for carnage and we are making big issue of this, just beacause, maoist are in the government and a losing side now.

    Indian goons are no big deal in Terai, even GP Koirala ( current PM of Nepal) uses them for winning election. Reciprocately, Indian politician in Terai, uses people from Nepal during their campaigns. This kind of reciproaction is not limited to politics but day to day life and is actually a life-style of Madhesis. Maoist in the past have also used Indian goons in many of their activities in the past. I just remember, Mr Prachada (Asshole…,) telling that it was Terai people helping get them explosives from India. Common people, it was not Indian government who passed explosives from India but it was outlawed Indian organizations and criminals who passed those explosives to maoist. I also remember Mr. Prachanda claiming that Maoist used these explosives to win against RNA (they have around 1:10 gun:men ratio, officially). Well, Indian goons are in great demand in Nepal……, funny isn’t it? They help change Nepal politican systems.

    Coming back to Gaur, if Maoist thinks madhesis can’t kill their cadres then they are wrong. Simply wrong….., Gaur, incident can be summed up simply as a result of maoist provocation (dadagiri) in disrupting MRPF meetings in Nepalganj and Bhairahawa. It was their stupidity, to not learn from the Lahan incident where they were chased by locals. Eastern Terai is not for Maoist, period. They can show their Dadagiri in Kathmandu, to tharus in western terai and to Pahades. Gaur incident will be repeated if ever maoist show their dadagiri in any other municipality in eastern terai.

    I don’t see any damage done to nepal sovereignty, if even MRPF got some of their men from India. Nepalese sovereignty is in danger, if and when, Royal Army chief Mr. Thapa gets his daughter married to Indian, Nepal powerful law makers get their daughters as a gift (sorry…. get them married) to Indians and when Nepalese Royal Family have their queens coming from India. Infact, all of these marriage are for political lobbying. These political lobbying has been used by rulers of Nepal in the past and this questions the sovereignty of general nepalese. Bihari goons killing 28 maoist is nothing compared to the damage of lobbying.

    Definitely, loss of life is a sorry incident and there in no excuse for that.

  11. NepalBlood Avatar

    Is this supposed to be UWB’s Investigative Journalism?
    When about 40 people in Terai died after the Lahan incident, didn’t the Government decide to call them Martyrs and Compensate them? To Buy them Off. Not one Politician expressed any Sorrow or Outrage over the Murder of the Policeman.
    Now let’s see if the our Govt has the Courage to Confront the Indian Embassy over this ‘evidence’.
    Besides, the Maoist Leaders spent 8 out of 10 years in India during their Terrorist campaign. The first SPAM meeting before the April Movement took place in Delhi under Indian Supervision. SPA leaders Run to Delhi every other week to get Instructions and Blessings. That indian jackal Sitaram Yerchury was here, in our Sovereign Nation, imposing Indian Designs. In a Haste to Appease India, Our Govt has handed out hundreds of thousands of Citizenship Certificates in Terai without verifications.
    And Lastly, Girija the Vulture was born in Patna, BIHAR. Has anyone checked to see if he has a Nepali citizenship card?

  12. sonam Avatar

    everyone useses India help. When Nepal is in strike, we go through India, when Nepal is in Janandalon, Karan Singh comes to defuse the situation,
    Dr. Baburam gets his PhD in India, Even King Gynandra studied in India, When parties are outlawed, eveyone of the party stay in India,
    Democracy in Nepal started when India stopped supplying petrol and disel in 2046.
    Maoists stayed in India for shelter and medical.
    kantipur paper was started by Goenka (Indian).
    Nepalese go to India for religious as well as employment.
    People of terai identify more with India than Nepal, so there are bound to be movements from both sides of the border. Not a big deal in an open border.

  13. madhesi Avatar

    The Indian government has tripled its development assistance to Nepal during the Indian fiscal year 2006/07 as part of India’s assistance for ongoing peace process in Nepal.

    India’s total development assistance amounted to around 3.5 billion rupees during the period, which ended in March 2007.

    Pranay Verma, economic consular at the Indian embassy, informed that India has proposed development assistance worth Rs 2,208 million to Nepal for the fiscal year 2007-08.

    He also said that India’s priority on large-scale infrastructure development projects would continue to be taken up on the request of Nepal government.

    Small, grassroots level community-based projects would also get a due importance, he informed.

  14. madhesi Avatar

    Oye Prachanda used indian soil to get to where he is now. All the leaders in Nepal were educated in India, without india Nepal is nothing.

  15. madhesi Avatar

    Indians from the borders feel close to the madhesis and understand our plight, so why are you pahade’s concerned if they help us ? Of course they will help us, we are from the same race does not matter if we live in different countries. If Bhote jati gets harmed then other bhote will come does not matter if that bhote lives in China.

    Why are you blaming the entire country of India, who provides us with everything that our leaders have promised but never given.

    I am glad they came to help us and should come to help us…so that we can send these Maobadi to the pahad where they are welcomed.

  16. Kirat Avatar

    Look at the posts-SPA, Madeshi, Maoists and Royalists all justifying Indian help to achieve their selfish, narrow goals. Losers.

  17. Prajwol Avatar

    It’s pretty obvious, India, as always, want’s to remain ‘Big Daddy’.

  18. madhesi Avatar

    the media reports that the president of the MJF, Upendra Yadav, has sneaked to Delhi, is not at all a new phenomenon in Nepal. Recall, the SPA leaders played politics by being in New Delhi in order to bring about a total collapse of the royal regime. So what is the difference? All Nepali roads end in Delhi. This is a fact, let’s admit the fact. So what is the harm that Yadav went to Delhi? No surprise for the analysts.

    Be that as it may, the reports that the MJF cadres created panic among the Gaur population last Wednesday and did sadistic acts can’t be absolved from being brought to the book, if found guilty. Let’s wait until the probe commission submits its reports of the horrifying incident.

  19. Vahsek Avatar

    Not only an Indian outfit, but also the Indian establishment may have role in the Gaur incident.

    Why BSF now in the border? Why doesn’t it stop goons entering Nepal with arms?

  20. Zealot Avatar

    You Madhesi Borther better to opine rationally- i can guess the depth of your knoledge. its simple principle, nothing can exist in alone, you beleive it its scientific and natural. if you say a kind of naive statements- one thing is nothing in front of other then people can give you one best title, Murkha in typical nepali language, i don’t know what they called in your community.

  21. sonam Avatar

    Every superpower wants to play in their backyard and India is no exception.
    India political Parties helped the Congress
    Indian political parties helped the UML
    Indian political parties (banned) helped the Maoists. The Naxal movement, the father of the Maoists started in India
    The RPP is helped by India
    The king in times of problems takes shelter in India.
    Now we have the Forum being helped by India.
    Yesterday it was Karan Singh & yechury, the problemshooters
    Now it will some one else as problem shooters.
    No big deal, India starts the problem and India will solve the problem may be after taking a couple of rivers.

  22. Patriot Avatar

    Its obvious Nepal will never progress until India doesnt stop its grand design. Will the CA change much, I doubt. The only solution will be strong and visionary leadership that will be able to play the China card carefully, while not inviting them overboard. But then China is focussed on more important things and Nepal is not worth the possible standoff with India (as KG realised). I dont know much about Bhutan but I sure know India treats them better than they do Nepal. Cant we work out something like that? I may sound naive but the way I see things is India will never let Nepal live in peace. Fcukk

  23. Kirat Avatar

    Patriot-India treats Bhutan favourably because India realizes that the Bhutanese will always put their own country’s interest first. Can’t say the same thing about the Nepali people in power-be they the SPA, Royalists, Maoists or Madeshis. These people would sell Nepal for a pittance without hesitation. It’s a certain type of people who do not what the word ‘self-respect’ means because they have never had it.

  24. Kirat Avatar

    typo ‘who do not know what the word ‘self-respect’… ‘.

  25. manan Avatar

    Bhutan is a pseudo-country.

  26. Kirat Avatar

    manan- how is our dear Nepal different then?

  27. Rame Avatar

    Patriot and Kirat:

    Indians treat Bhutan better than Nepal because Bhutanese has sbmitted all their hydroelectric might to India. Bhutanese selling price of power to India is probably lowest power sale in the world. In fact, it has done better for Bhotes (from Bhutan) as they themselves could not develop their resources and are now enjoying the $$$$ from India beside a patronage as well. Let me tell you, Bhutan officially generates more power than Nepal and has hydropower potential not very less than Nepal.

    What India is interested in Nepal is the “WATER”, India’s largest population are in UP and Bihar and they depend on Nepalese “water”. In the past they have changed political system in Nepal and was able to make some deals (eg. Koshi, Ganadaki and Mahakali). However, their formula seem to be failing now and so the disturbances in Nepal.

    Indians are also interested in Nepalese Hydro Power.

    What we actually lack is a leader who can make a good deal of our water, benefitting both Nepalese and Indians ( off course we have to benefit these suckers… or they will keep us disturbing). A better deal may help us in both selling our water and a patronage of Indians and hence peace.

  28. Kirat Avatar

    Rame-such a wise one you are. So Bhutan submits all it’s hydroelectric power to India and in the process provides better electricity to it’s citizens than Nepal has ever managed to do so and also in the process gets $$$ from India! Those Bhutanese Bhotes must be really stupid huh? Not bright like our own Nepali Rame!

  29. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Last time I checked Bhutan’s foreign and defence policies are controlled by India.

  30. XYZ Avatar

    Exposed. Exposed. Exposed. Exposed.

    Hey you so called pure breed of Nepali, You should be ashemed, that Indians has to come front to teach you the democracy.

    What is wrong in organizing peaceful protest ? Who told to fire Ramesh Mahto in Lahan ? what was the crime of MPRF , when they were arrested in kathmadu ?

    Why are people not allowed to do peaceful rallies ?

    What is the need of daily curfew ? Daily prohibitory order ? Daily warnings ?

    Think before asking, Do you consider madhesi to be close to you ? Madhesi are more proud to be with its culture, which has florished from Mithila to Birat to Kapilbastu to Awadh history.

    Please don’t try to blackmail, who is madhesi’s best well wisher .

    madhesi knows, who can lend them medicine, and who can give them bullets on the chest. This has again got very clear in Madhesi movement after Lahan incidence, and Nepalgunj Riot (Dec 06).

    Also, keep in mind, there are 60lakh more proud madhesi’s, who are still not Nepali, by your arrogant assuption of citizenship. Where is the difination of inclusiveness ?

    Exposed. Exposed. Exposed. Exposed.

  31. manan Avatar

    Bhutan is a pseudo-country because it is just not viable as an independent entity. A remote, land locked country with 2 million people closed to the outside world, a single runway for an airport.

    India keeps Bhutan independent for its own amusement.

  32. Patriot Avatar

    manan – then by your logic how different are we? Infact its unfortunate our leaders counld not strike a deal with I

  33. Patriot Avatar

    I am not sure if I understand the above arguments clearly but what is wrong in striking a mutually beneficial deal with Indians? Coz I see our leaders use this Indian fear syndrome and India bashing to remain in power. Other hand India is also irked and keeps creating instability.

    Also I dont think any country can exist in isolation, atleast not a landlocked and weak country like ours. Our best bet is to coexist with India even if it means ensuring them that we will always keep their interests in priority (of course next to ours). I dont know if its so simple but then I am no foreign affairs expert.

  34. ???????????? Avatar

    “?????????? ????? ????? ????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?????? ???? ????”
    ? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??

  35. XYZ Avatar


    The government has been printing the SLC question papers in India for the past many decades, except last year when the question papers worth Rs 2 crore were printed at the government-owned printing house, Janak Sikshya Samagri Kendra (JSSK). However, following a leak of the SLC question papers last year, the Controller’s Office this year again had them printed in India. (THT)

  36. ???????????? Avatar

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    ????????? ?????? ??????-

    ?? ????? ???? ????????????? ????????? ?? !

  37. Charitrawan Avatar

    Thanks for this joke.

    Prachand always says “reactionaries, royalists and hindu fundamentalists and AMerican Imperialists ” are behind anything he does not like.

    If he dislikes this SMS joke, he may tag you with one of the above titles.

    Are you ready? 😛

  38. matribhumi Avatar

    I have never stood this mentality of blaming India for all our problems. Blame india becasue Hrithik Roshan said something bad about Nepal, blame India becasue Salman Khan said something. Its like we are waiting to be insulted so that we can quickly blame and say this is becasue of India.

    Do we not realize that our leaders are CORRUPT and that WE lack national pride and love, WE lack nationalism. And showing nationalism does not mean we bark against India and blame it for all our woes. It means:
    we pay taxes,
    we do things for the country than just rip open the telephone boxes when we are angry or burn government property or damage infrastructure like the Maoists did for over 13 years for their political gain.
    It means we look beyond our selfish or our parties political gain.
    it means we do not touch administrative positions where people get appointed based on education rather then being a relative of a minister
    it means we do not bring education and students into politics

    That is nationalism and WE lack that, our leaders LACK that, becasue at every point they do no think how it will harm the nation but rather benefit them.

    How much respect do these leaders that represent you and me have in India…NONE. They lick indian asses for their gain not for Nepal, but them doing so means Nepal as a nation does it and it means and looks like all Nepalis do it. They represent us, whether we like it or not.

    If there is no respect for these leaders there is also no fear for India who decides to behave in the manner they wish.
    Govt officials are held ACCOUNTABLE for taxes
    we contribute and government reciprocates by contributing back.
    we behave like a united country…not like neighbours who throw out garbage outside their house in the street.
    We become socially responsible and moral citizens.

  39. sonam Avatar

    The problem is Our leaders are too dependent on the Indian leaders and always guided by their views. During the British Rule in India, the british had a resident in Kathmandu. The job of the resident was basically to advice the govt on policy matters, or to influence the govt on behalf of british India.
    This trend has continued till now, the Lainchaur Darbar is too powerful and beleive they have a right to advice, influence and controll Nepal.
    Being lanlocked, Nepal has very little options, but to cooperate and work with India.
    As India moves towards being superpower, they will be requiring water. As for Hydro Electricity, they are not interested as electricity can be generated more cheaply from Nuclear Plants. It is the water they want.
    With Nepal being Federal, India job becomes much easier and controll of Terai, whether we like it or not will rest with India.

  40. kalu pande Avatar
    kalu pande


    MPRF euta hauwa ho, opportunists ko dalla ho. so my dear friends be happy cause they aint no shit…

    hehehehehe hahahahaa

    I am just so happy.

  41. B Avatar

    Zealot, I dont know why you dont seem to read our comments before you accuse of being a pro indian. The fact that India exploits every situation Nepal to meet their own self interes is only natural. But it is the responsibility of our leaders to not let India have those opportunities at our own expense. All countries look for opportunities to exploit another nation to safe guard their national interest. However, in our case, all leaders look for opportunities to present this nation on a platter to other big nations to meet their own material and political self interest

  42. Kirat Avatar

    Shreee Shrestha-Nepal’s domestic policy right now is de facto controlled by India.

  43. Kirat Avatar

    manan-you know that your argument holds very little truth-however one thing Bhutan has done that I would never like Nepal to do is to handover foreign affairs and defence to India as Shree Shrestha rightly pointed out.

    I have never been to Bhutan but from what I hear from people who have lived there and from articles on the country it is far better managed then our country (the smaller population helps but is not the only reason). When it comes to looking after their own they put us to shame.

    Patriot-you hit it on the head about what sort of people always stir anti-Indian sentiments and for what purposes.

  44. vivek sharma Avatar

    Let us all get together and boot these Indians out of Nepal. Maoists should take the torch in front, supported by the UML and the NC and the Nepal Army must organize a public rally in front of the Indian embassy against India’s repeated assault against Nepal and the Nepalese people. Only then will the MEA give a statement saluting the Nepali people for their exemplary bravery and courage shown. Otherwise what is this? All the time they are after us conspiring against us. Since 1950 to 2007, they have consistently wanted Nepal to be unstable so that they can manipulate within the Nepali polity. This is the time to act against them. Enough is enough. The Monarchy cannot do this because it has never had the courage. Only the Maoists and the parties together can do this like after signing the Tanakpur and Mahakali treaties.

  45. sonam Avatar

    My beleive is that Nepal must for the next 10 years concentrate on Economic development. Unless our economy improves, we will always be at the mercy of the Indian, and they will get a chance to play.
    Problem is that all the political parties have different economic agenda, and hence the problem. Right now there is no substitute for globalization. We should concentrate on our main economic advantage, that is tourism and hydroelectric.
    We should lease the major hydroeletric project to foreign countries for a period of say 99 years (Like China did with Hong Kong), after leasing we could buy power at a subsidised rate from these parties.
    Another factor is that the tax on motorcars (about 110%) is too high. This must be reduced to about 10%. More people will buy cars and to manage these vechiles, people will start working more. Right now due to the tax factor only a few privilaged people can afford cars. As for gas, Let the Indian companies open retail outlets in Nepal. The Indian companies will import and sell the petrol products, and the Govt of Nepal will gets its Tax. The Nepal Govt. saves precious foreign currency, which can be used in other sectors.
    Today Nepal is more or less a failed state, in this scenario, We must have a Finance Minister who is willing to take risk and become unpopular for the sake of economy.

    Once our economy improves, there will be less chance of other countries intereferring in our internal affairs.

  46. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I have a better idea:
    let’s all get togeather and boot idiots like vivek sharma out of Nepal.
    We should then have the Maoists (holding a torch) follow him. Behind the Maoists the NC, UML, Gyanendra.
    Wouldn’t Nepal just be a Switzerland after that?

  47. matribhumi Avatar

    I agree Vivek, but the problem is during the rally the parties will fight against one another

  48. Kirat Avatar

    thank god this sonam person is not the Finance Minister!

  49. replytoall Avatar

    The only solution for everything in Nepal is to find out the maoists,also they already have registered themselves and kill each and everyone of them.

    the camps they are in right now….bomb them. Kill the maoist, kill the problem.

  50. Rame Avatar


    Hya saathi, Resources ta utilize hunnu parcha, hamro kura ta sahi bargain ko ho.
    Aaba hamra Koirala bandhu (tyahi MP, BP ra GP) haru le ta political favor ko badla ma Bhutan bhanda sasto ma diyo ni baba hamro nadiharu. Ke garne raja, diye ni nahune, nadiye na hunne.

    Tyasalai, ali kaam batho banna khojeko ni.

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