Exposed: Indian Group Behind MPRF

The local administration claims that yesterday’s sit-in protest by Seema Jagaran Manch of Bihar (India) on Indian side of the border supporting MPRF was enough to justify the earlier suspicion of infiltration of Indian nationals in rallies organized here by MPRF in the past.

By Binod Bhandari and Bhim Ghimire

BIRATNAGAR- At a time when speculations are rife about the involvement of people from neighboring India in violent rallies of the Madheshi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) in terai districts, an organization based in the Indian state of Bihar staged a sit-in in the Indian side of the Jogbani border point “protesting police crackdown on Indian nationals during MPRF rallies and expressing solidarity with MPRF’s protests”, Wednesday (28 March). The sit-in by Seema Jagaran Manch, Bihar, has not only confirmed the involvement of Indian nationals in violent MPRF rallies, but also raised questions over the type of nexus the MPRF has with the organization. Customs work was halted as agitators prevented vehicles from plying via the border point. On a normal day, around 300 goods trucks pass through the point while the Customs Office collects at least Rs 18 million in revenue.

In a statement, the Manch also accused Maoists of attacking Indian nationals with the help of police in Biratnagar, Gaur, Birgunj and many other places during MPRF’s protest programs. “The sit-in at the border point is also aimed at exerting pressure to stop the Maoists’ ongoing expansion of their organization in India in recent times,” said Bhanu Prasad Rai, chairman of the organization. He also clearly said that his organization “fully supports MPRF’s movement in the Terai”. The local administration claims that Wednesday’s sit-in was enough to justify the earlier suspicion of infiltration of Indian nationals in rallies organized here by MPRF in the past.

On January 31, two Indian nationals- Dalbal Tiwari and Rustam Miya- along with half a dozen other MPRF cadres were injured in a clash with police at bordering Materuwa area as protesters tried to snatch weapons from the police. On that very day, Sub-inspector Nareshjung Karki was brutally killed as MPRF cadres stormed the Budhanagar police post. Local authorities also claim that a large number of Indians had taken part in the violent demonstration at Singhiya Bridge area on February 7 where two MPRF cadres were killed in police action. Meanwhile, police claimed that MPRF cadres and leaders were also present at the sit-in. MPRF’s Budhanagar chairman Prithvi Chanda Sah, Biratnagar-22 chairman Mahesh Shah and many cadres of Amaduwa village also participated in the sit-in, police sources at bordering Rani post claimed.


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  1. sagarmatha Avatar

    -2007 democracy came due to full support of India.
    -2046 democracy came because of economic blockade by India, which became more effective than others.
    -Mr. Sitaula went to Delhi durbar to request for economic blockade to Nepal to success april revolution.
    -8 parties signed the agreement in the presence of Indian leaders.
    -Mr. Situala requested to Indian Embassador as Home Minister and leading democratic force to support to bring republic in Nepal.
    -Prachanda and his friends tagged as terrorist activists were hiding in India since ten years of their revolution.
    – Maoist got arms and other supports from India (although not indian government).
    -April revolution was successful due to full financial, physical and moral support from India.
    – Now they are supporting MPRF their own relatives and very near neighbours….I think MPRF definately going to be success in their demand…who the hell leaders have got to criticise India? The question of sovereignity of Nepal lies with India not with these filthy leaders..

  2. Kirat Avatar

    As long as we so willingly let them India will always play a big role in Nepal. There needs to be a change in culture amongst the Nepali political players…but with them not caring but much about Nepal or their fellow Nepalis I can’t see it happening soon. This is what happens when cunning and trickery are valued more than honesty and integrity by our own people. Who among Nepali political players has ever been rewarded by it’s people for beng honest? In many ways it is our own fault.

  3. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Bunch of cry babies- that’s all. India is India but why Nepali cannot be and act Nepali. SPA are stringed puppets of India so is Maoist but do not blame India- when you avail the opportunity to them to use you, they use to their benefit. I would do the same, won’t you? Doesn’t anyone know how India has played its role in Nepal, go ask a rikshawalla, he will tell you. The point is when you do not believe in yourself and your country- its the neighbors who reap the windfall. By the way Indian establishment also views Nepali leaders as one of the “most ungrateful” lot.

    The expose’ is nothing but a cheap thrill that boils down to lack of conviction and confidence of Nepali, especially of leaders who can easily sell their patriotism and nation’s pride in wink of an eye.

  4. sagarmatha Avatar

    Democratic terai liberation front (Jwala Singh) declared terai as an independent country. They divided terai intor four states; Tharuwan state, Abadhi state, Bhojpuri state and Mithila state. They intended to do their own CA election with their own participation for the preparation of their own constitution. They are installing their own flag in terai. Their programmes includes celebration to holiday and bandh.

    These goon gang lead by Girij are after lust for power.

  5. Wagle ki Duniya ! Avatar
    Wagle ki Duniya !

    Wagle, the prostitute journalist with no professionalism shoots his own foot.

    Wagle, if you ask an american to just GUESS what country you are from, I am 100% sure they will guess you are indian. NO ONE gives a shit about Nepal believe me.

    Madhesis will rule the pahades just by sheer numbers AND the geography. Smart bahuns embrace the Indians, stupid ones act like Prachanda and the writers of this article.

    I ask Wagle to:
    stop using OIL from Indian oil,
    stop using Gas from Indian Gas,
    stop riding on TATA bus,
    stop watching ZEE TV,
    stop working for India funded Kantipur,
    Stop using the new FIBER optic internet provided to NTC by India,
    stop Riding HeroHonda,
    Stop Riding Maruti Taxi,
    Stop eating Balwaan Chhaap Khaini !
    Stop eating SALT in your food,
    Stop drinking Frooti,
    Stop watching Indian Movies,
    Stop using Nepali Rupees which has NO CONVERSION in the international market but is tied to Indian Rupees at a set 1 IRS = 1.60 NRS for ever !
    Stop using CloseUp toothpaste made in India
    Stop using Iron Rods for the foundation and Dhalaan on your house !
    Stop using Vikram Tempo

    WAGLE and the writers of this BLOG, if you DONT stop using ANYTHING that has to do with India, you are TRAITORS and you also are being supported by ROyal or regressionary forces and are part of a grand conspiracy.

    by the way your beloved Leader Girija owes his LIFE to indian doctors at AIIMS you idiot.

    Don’t even bother replying, just go to sleep tonight KNOWING you are a slave of the Indian master in Delhi. Go get drunk on San Miguel Beer from Philippines and beat your wife because you can’t do ANYTHING about it !

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I agree with Kirat. I am really getting sick of this India blame game. Who doesn’t know India is a powerful influence in Nepal? Who doesn’t know India does all it can to exert influence and meddle in our internal affairs. It tries to do that in Bangladesh (less sucessfully), Sri Lanka, it controls Bhutan etc. We really need to move past this. I put the blame entirely on our brain-less, ball-less political leaders. It is because they are so damn incompetant and slimy that India walks all over us.
    I am getting tired of complaining about the SPA.

  7. Nepal India Avatar
    Nepal India

    By going through all unhealthy comments and allegations targeted at Wagle and other writers of the post above, I am compelled to say something. The report above doesn’t say that Indian government was sponsoring the pro-MPRF meeting. It talks about Hindu fundamentalist angry with the current administration that declared Nepal a secular state doing all this to create instability in Nepal. I am sure not all of these groups work in coordination with the South Block or whatever. It seems some bloggers above (in the comments sections) confused about Indian government and Indian group. Indian group can be anything from Indian Maoists to Indian criminal gangs to Indian Hindu fundamentalists. When anyone says that such groups, not the government, are involved in creating destability, then he/she must be talking about the need for the governments on both sides of the border to jointly act against any such forces.

    Nepal and India have close cultural ties and open border but that doesn’t mean media can’t report on the anti-social activities of the non-governmental groups in both sides of the border. When it’s been proved that Indian Hindu fundamentalists are active to destabilise in its neighbors land, India must control those groups. And yes, the same applies to Nepal as well. So I think it’s not about boycotting Indian products but accepting the right to maintain harmony in each other’s land.

  8. sonam Avatar

    we can’t change our neighbours, so we are stuck with India.
    I beleive the economy of Canada is influenced by its southern neighbour, US. Similar in the case of Nepal. We should look at how canada & us manage their relations and from there we could develope a model here too. Lets us the world bank or the IMF to send some experts to advice us.

  9. Patriot Avatar

    If everything happens in a fair manner then post CA Nepal should be on the right track. But if these same old leaders try to hijack the peoples decisions again, we must drag them all out in public and stone them to death. All of them – Girija, Prachanda, Baburam, Deuba, Makune all these bastards.

  10. matribhumi Avatar

    This is the irony, I guess there were NO Good enough NEPALI GUYS for Devyani so her dad had to go to India and find one for her.

    Need india for everything.hehehehehehe

  11. matribhumi Avatar

    Excellent Comment Wagle Ki Duniya…..Thank you, very well put for those that hate India.

  12. matribhumi Avatar

    I hope this Neil guy is using American made stuff in Nepal…lol

  13. manan Avatar


    Come on. Do you think Bhutan could exist independently? With India’s help, they expelled the most dominant potential political force in the country, the Nepalis.

    If India was to take its hands off Bhutan ( very hypothetical, I know ), the country would collapse. Nepalis would return, I think.

    What does Bhutan have that would enable it to exist independently? At least Nepal has a few institutions. And we’ve adapted to the world ever since we ceased to be the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ in 1951.

    So we joined the world fifty six years prior to Bhutan.

    Whatever way you look, Bhutan is not a viable country. It is so unsure of its existence that it kicks any citizens that might pose the remotest threat.

  14. Wagle ki Duniya ! Avatar
    Wagle ki Duniya !

    Dear Readers mentioning about Bhutan this and Bhutan That about Nepalis there.

    Let me tell you one thing. about 99% of the SO CALLED NEPALIS iN BHUTAN are of the BAHUN caste who tried to take over Bhutan that rightfully belongs to the ethnic tibetans.

    Similarly, Bahuns in Nepal itself are trying to do the same thing by taking over all the ethnicities but Madhesis will NOT stay put.

    Watch out Bahuns, at least the Bahuns from Bhutan had Nepal to come back to, but if the Madhesis kick you out, you will be stuck in Jajarkot or Rolpa or somewhere like that as refugees !!

    Fix your ways, let go of your lazy ways of trying to make others work for you and you will survive or you WILL LOSE.

    Wagle, same to you. I despise you for trying to brainwash people of Nepal. Anyone who is not Bahun will know what I mean, and believe me there are more non-bahuns than bahuns. Just be careful.

    Change your last name to Sharma like ex-President Shankar Dayal Sharma of INDIA !!!!!!!!!

    hehehehehe and you claim you are Nepali??

  15. What hindu FUndamentalist? Avatar
    What hindu FUndamentalist?

    To all who try to blame this uprising on HINDU FUNDAMENTALISTs:

    – Would you rather be ruled by a Christian fundamentalists that walk around freely in Nepal opening churches and converting the poor HINDU citizens?

    – Do you KNOW what the Hindu leaders want and why they fight? For your own heritage and identity so one day you might not be speaking french with the last name “johnson” like people in Haiti or in Africa.

    – So opportunist Bahuns don’t convert to Catholicism to become the first OFFICIAL BISHOP ordained by the Vatican in Nepal… WHY Dont you blame CATHOLIC fundamentalist for anything?

    – Hindus are GOOD people and hinduism is probably one of the few religions that is pacifist and peaceful overall and doesn’t have PREACHING enshrined in it’s to-do-list as a Hindu.

    you should SUPPORT the hindu right if you want any identity left in you. India is India today because of hinidu rights or long time ago it would have been swallowed by other big countries. Thailand is Thailand not because of Christians, but the Buddhists asserting their rights and identity.

    Bahuns out, Hindus in. Long live Hinduism. now lets go kick some Bahuns who eat pork

  16. NepalBlood Avatar

    Thanks ‘What Hindu Fundamentalists?’!
    My Sentiments Exactly.
    The Hindu Revolution is going to Happen for sure. Incidents like in Gujarat, India in 2002 shows that the Hindu Fighting Spirit is still alive. 1000 years of genocide, mass murders, torture, rape, terrorism, forced conversion of Hindus by Muslims and defrauding, degradation, encroachment and deceiving of Hindus by Westerners, Seculars, Opportunist Bahuns – And Guess What? WE ARE STILL HERE. WE WILL RISE UP.
    A handful of Maoists have achieved so much. We, Hindus, are so many and everywhere. We are Hurt, We are Angry. And we want to do something about it. All we need is a spark. The Ensuing Fire will Consume all the Enemies of Our Great Religion.
    Beware, Secular Pimps. You will face the Brunt of our Wrath.
    Jaya MahaKali.

  17. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hindu boys: Calm down. What seperates Hindus from all the other religions (Jeudo-Christian religions) is our ability to be peaceful and our ability to turn the other cheek. It takes more courage and will to turn the other cheek then to relatiate with the sword. So let’s calm down and try to keep religion out of this conflict – we already have caste and ethnic issues to deal with. We certainly don’t need to add religion to that mixture.

  18. sonam Avatar

    Hindus are the most tolerant people in the world. No wonder the Muslims and the Christains took advantage of us. Now the Christians with their INGO, NGO and dollars are the main reason for making Nepal secular.
    Whether Nepal becomes a secular state or remains hindu state, should have been decided by the CA., but the idiot politicans in order to impress their white masters did not even wait for the CA.

  19. Kirat Avatar

    manan-how easily you say that Bhutan would collapse without Indian help and forget the present state of our own country . As some other blogger mentioned under this article we are in reality reliant on India for almost everything. Where do we get our oil from? Do we build our own highways? What percentage of our annual budget is composed of aid and grant by foreign donors? What institutions does Nepal have that Bhutan does not? Look I think what they did to the people of Nepali origin in their own land is criminal and the world more or less has turned a blind eye to that crime. But compare Nepal and Bhutan with cold facts and without emotion and they top us on almost all counts in factors that count for the ordinary citizen…like better health and access to health services…better public and civic amenities…better access to education…better per capita income etc. Sure we have the potential to lead them by miles but the sad reality right now is that they are leading us by miles!

    Go ahead call Bhutan a pseduo-country if that satisfies your sense of being a Nepali (how sad you need to resort to that) but I gather you do not live in Nepal … how eagerly our patriotic Nepalis flee our country given every opportunity to make a living elsewhere… unlike the Bhutanese.

  20. manan Avatar

    I think Buddhists are more tolerant than Hindus.

  21. Prabhu Magar Avatar
    Prabhu Magar


    if you say buddhists are MORE tolerant than hindus, what are your comments regarding the harboring of the entire Tibetan government in Exile in INDIA!.

    India has been so good to the buddhists, and remember that Buddha himself was a Hindu prince.

    Regardless, it is not the Buddhists that are taking over Nepal, rather Bahuns who in theory have already LOST their bahun status since they drink alcohol and eat RAAGA ko MAASU etc, yet shamelessly wear the Janai (sacred thread)

    BAHUNS are the Biggest hypocrits of Nepal at the moment. Look at Girija.

  22. Kirat Avatar

    Mr. Magar- you think India gave refuge to the Tibetans out of kindness/love? How old are you? Five?

  23. AlwaysSmiling Avatar

    Wagle ki Duniya ! –

    The way you’re putting things make it seem like India is donating these products to Nepal. We’re paying for everything including your sand with cement, stones with rice, inedible materials with ripening fruits, venomous vegetables, milk, unqualitative hardware materials, etc. We are paying for all these crap with our hardearned money, our rivers, and most of all, our peace.

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