Attending A Maoist Mass Meeting in Pokhara

Maoists organized a massive rally and mass meeting in Pokhara a few days ago and Neil Horning attended with his camera. Here is his report:

When I told my classes I was taking a day off to go to Prachanda’s speech on March 8th. They asked “Why? You can’t understand what he says.” I didn’t really have an answer, other than it would be pretty silly to call myself a Maoist expert and not go. Needless to say, I now feel justified in attending. Much has been made about some of Prachanda’s controversial statements, but I haven’t seen much else covered. For those who want to know what actually happens at these events, the following is my account of the day. On the corner of Halanchowk, lakeside, the Hoteliers Union was getting ready. They had a band playing traditional horns.

While taking photos at the intersection, I made the last minute decision to try for a press pass from the Maoists, and I had to run for a while to catch the bus. It must have looked pretty ridiculous. When I got to the office I was incredibly lucky to have Com. Karan show up just as they were asking for my credentials. Apparently he wasn’t unhappy about the interview we had done two weeks previously, as he made sure I got a press pass without too much trouble.

The streets on the way to the event were decorated with multiple red gates. Some of them did not have enough red cloth to cover the supports, so the Maoists had asked locals for foliage in order to cover up the supports.

Some of the tree owners had complained to me the previous day about the Maoists asking for such things. I asked them if the Maoists had asked first, or if they had threatened. They said that the Maoists didn’t threaten but it was unwise to cause problems with them. This is becoming a constant theme. The Maoists are probably being honest when they claim that donations are voluntary. What they don’t realize (or at least don’t admit) is how many people give them support because of intimidation without that intimidation being overtly communicated. I am sometimes reminded of a “Protection” racquet. In the movies the thugs that come by don’t say “Give us money or we’ll break your thumbs.” They say “Otherwise who knows what can happen? You never know when someone could get hoyt.”

While police managed the traffic in town and directly outside, all visible security at the event was provided by Young Communist League (YCL) volunteers. Nearly all of them were armed with a crude lathi, but none of them were armed with anything more. The YCL was distinguishable by their white t-shirts emblazoned with Prachanda’s image and the YCL logo, as well as their red visors. The red visor was quite a practical consideration on the part of the organizers, and I wished I had one for most of the day.

There were about 3 different first aid stations managed by a Maoist medical group I had not known about. They had a flag depicting a stethoscope with a white star. The man in charge of the particular desk shown was Remesh Parajuli. He said the organization was called Creative Research and Social Service, and he was its president. According to him, they conduct parasite research on the basis of a school service organization in the western region. They have a focus on preventive medicine, and recently they had been going to schools, testing the student’s stool samples for parasites, and informing them of preventative hygienic habits. They were going to do this in Pame, a local town on the other side of the lake, the following day. Those familiar with the history of Maoist china may be reminded of the barefoot doctors program here. It will be interesting to see if more of these programs develop in the future.


At noon, when the presentation was scheduled to begin, there were only about 2,000 people clustered around the stage, but the YCL volunteers were lined up in a grid. Marches from various organizations or localities streamed in for the next couple of hours, filling in the grid.

These marches filled the Mahendra highway extending in both directions from Pokhara stadium.

Soon there were what looked to be between 50 and 100 thousand people in the assembly area outside the stadium.

The YCL were not only providing security, they were also lined up in ranks near the beginning of the presentation.

These YCL were obviously not amateurs. They looked about the same age as the PLA, and when they were given calls from the stage they all stomped in unison as if they were well drilled. They did this as Prachanda arrived near the side of the stage in his SUV motorcade. Shortly afterward a chorus came on stage to sing the Internationale, and everyone on stage stood up and raised their fist in a “Lal Salam” for the duration.

When I entered the reserved media area the Maoist media liaison introduced me to B.B. Bista, who was writing for a local Nepali language paper, and asked him to translate for me for the rest of the day. He told me who the different leaders who spoke were and gave me the gist of what they were saying. Com. Anil, commander of the western region said a few words first. “We have a new purpose, and a new ideology. We are going to change Nepal for the better.”

Hitrej Paudel, Gandaki Region In Charge, was next. He emphasized that Prachanda was born in Kaski district and that Babaram Bhatarai was also born in the western region. He said the program was very important because Prachanda was going to tell everybody what they would do in the future. He ended by proclaiming “We are guided by Marxism Leninism Maoism, we are fighting to be free, and we are going to make a new Nepal.”

Immediately dancers clad in fatigues and various cultural garb swarmed the stage waving red flags and singing, “We have come with a message of peace. We want to move forward in a peaceful way.”

At this point, what was apparently a Maoist affiliated martial arts team took the place of the YCL ranks. It was announced from stage “We want the masses to play sports. We don’t need weapons to protect the people. We can use our body too.”

The Martial Arts team then set up various objects to break, some of which would have questionable safety standards in the U.S. Large clay urns filled with confetti were held aloft by one member sitting on another’s shoulders. These were broken with jumping spin kicks. Wooden posts were propped against the shoulders of comrades lying face down, in order to be broken with shins. They also broke stacks of cinderblocks with their forearms, broke a bundle of florescent lights with a back flip, and burst a full beer bottle with a bare foot.

Next up was a long procession across stage of ethnicities from the western region doing traditional dances. I only recognized that there were Gurung from multiple regions as well as Tamang and Magar represented. One precession had flamboyant costumes with black and yellow striped canes, and they were sporting banners that said “We kill the enemies of the Nation.”

Some sang a song with the lyrics:

We need a new government.

We are ready to sacrifice for a new government.

We are suffering from bad government.

Only the CPN (Maoist) can give us a new government

If we all work together we can reach our destination

During a lull I decided to go outside the press area and see what others attending the rally had to say.

After climbing to the top of an embankment to get a panoramic view, I talked to an older man from Lamagau in Tanahun district; 40km from Pokhara. When asked why he was there, he said, “Just to see Prachanda.” He wasn’t particularly interested in the rest of them. A woman who happened to be from the same area said she was there to see the Maoists as a whole. She had marched with one of the groups.

A second girl named Ashmita said she was a student who came from school in Pokhara to see the rally. At first she said that she had just come to see them; that she was just curious. But, after a short time, she confessed to supporting them. A third girl interviewed had a camouflage handkerchief on her head. She said she liked the Maoists when asked if she supported them. However, when asked what she liked about them, she said “I like the dancing.” She didn’t want to say if there was anything she didn’t like about them. The man with the red visor who kept following us around may have had something to do with that.

The most interesting person was in a group of 3 old guys. He was from Parbat District, about 60 km away, and he was 82 years old. “I used to live in Pokhara, and I was back in my village before I came to the rally. The trip was awful. I was throwing up all the way, and I never want to move again. I want to die here” he joked. “What the Maoists are saying is good, so I’m happy, and I’m waiting to see their good work. I want to see if they will do it or if they will say one thing and do another like the other parties.”

There was no indication any of these people hade been forced to attend. However, a student of mine had a relative staying with her that said the Maoists told her she “must come” (otherwise, who knows what could happen). It was clear that a large portion, if not the majority, of the crowd were from rural areas.

On the way back to the stage the receptionist from the Pokhara Maoist office near Shrijanachowk stopped by. Not having been able to talk to her with a translator before, I asked her what it was about the Maoists that attracted her to them. “They are helping people, supporting people, and capturing goons who are hurting people.”

Behind the stage, an 11 year old dancer dutifully refused an interview. “I am a small boy, and I have to talk with my senior before interviews.” He confidently declared, before strutting off.

A female YCL volunteer had perhaps not been coached as well. She said that she had been in the YCL for three years. That’s interesting, because according to my friend in UNHCHR the YCL was a defunct organization that has been revived recently. It’s likely this girl was a militia member for most of those three years. Although, when asked what she did before the YCL, she said she was a student. She also started talking about why she joined the YCL. “Many women were suffering from the old government, so we are fighting for freedom.” Just then a male member came over and cut us off. He suggested we interview someone higher up.

Another flag waving group singing “long live Prachanda Path” preceded Baburam Bhattarai. Most notable about Bhattarai’s speech was that he never looked down. It was all memorized, and at a relentless tempo. Notable quotes:

“We are brave and intellectual. We are intellectual and brave.”

“Our leadership is the best leadership of south Asia.”

While he was speaking the journalist next to me went up on stage and took a photo of him with her cell phone camera. No longer self conscious about my own camera, I realized I could go up on stage as well.

Prachanda, Anil, and Hitrej Paudel took just a second too long to look awake.

Following a break for more dancers, Prachanda took the podium, flanked by two armed guards. For some reason B.B. Bista was taking notes in English, so I copied them with his consent:

-We are facing a tough situation. We did our best.

-Political parties are like animals. We are not slaves

-We have a clear vision to build a new Nepal

-We fought against terrorism

-I’m telling you honestly [regarding the registered weapons numbers] we can’t change the truth.

-I request all not to forget about our golden past. The king threw out the political parties. We gave them space, and a chance to change politics. Why do they want to forget history?

-We are doing all this for peace.

-We have a golden history and we have a beautiful future. No one can forget this truth.

-We did good work. But, bad people are trying to cheat us.

-I’m willing to give my life, but I will never give them a chance to cheat us.

-The old government is worthless. We must make do for ourselves. We must not give them a chance to kill our people. We are brave Nepalese. We are not cowards. We need to protect people’s rights.

-The CPN Maoist is the power of people. We speak the voice of the voiceless people.

-Bush has no vision. America is playing the role of destruction. We love American people, but we hate American Foreign Policy.

-What is our New Nepal. How will our New Nepal be? We have everything we need to utilize our resources. We have Nepal’s beauty. We can change our country from poor into rich within 5 to10 years. We can do it!

-We are hard working. We are happy with our family.

-We realize the people’s aspiration. We have bright vision. I know you want to go home, and we do too. That is why we are doing our work in the night. Don’t worry we will not go to the jungle.

-You must understand. We want peace. They want to see us go to the Jungle. America wants to see us in the forest. We want to stay in the heart of the people.

-Bad people [Americans] try to teach us to be good. What madness!

-Our war is more difficult now than in the past.

-Yesterday G.P. Koirala was good, but tomorrow I don’t know.

-They are trying to kill us. The King and his group are trying to kill Americans and they want to accuse us.

-We know their plan. We know killer Gyanendra and Paras.

-We want to throw the king out.

-Please listen to me. I’m speaking from my inner heart. I can’t lie to people. If you curse the Maoists, then the king will love you.

-but don’t worry, the king will go to America soon. No, Saudi Arabia.

-We will return peoples property. Please don’t die with the King. Someday Nepal will be a prosperous country.



Obviously, there is something lost in the translation. The crowd was not ecstatic, but they responded well, and the speech was surprisingly humorous. For a few lines a good chunk of the press section burst into applause — something I wasn’t particularly expecting. The lines accusing the King of plotting to kill Americans and promising to return confiscated property were the ones repeated in the paper the following morning.

Prachanda’s retreat from the podium was instantly followed with a first-rate dance routine. It was a PLA cultural squad, including central cultural squad leaders Rita and Pralat, dancing with Khukuris. Most cultural squad dances can look like amateurish affairs; with dancers out of sync and martial arts moves awkwardly incorporated. This certainly was not one of those.


The crowd that gathered around the stage to see the dance was led in one last chant, and then Prachanda along with all the central leaders were whisked away in their SUV motorcade, with the YCL and the crowd waiving passionate goodbyes.






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  1. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    This is a Report for terrorist, a report by terrorist and a report on terrorist! What a weired country this is, where you can find unmatchable freedom for terrorism!

  2. Nhorning Avatar

    So much freedom for terrorits that a terrorist supporter can charge a reporter of producing a report for terrorists, by a terrorist and on terrorists!
    What a weird country this is, where there are no major parties who have not engaged in terrorism!

  3. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Ha! Terrorist is terroist by any other names! Shame on you that you sponser terrorism for your private benifits! There is never short of such a sick person like you on this earth ! It’s a kind of defective gene ( you can say defective birth!) of humankind! I know you can’t admit this! But this is the truth! Reality bites Mr Horn!
    Osama probably thinks that he bombed twin towers for the good purpose! Taliban also believe that there actions were good and so does the Pol pot, and not to forget Prachande! Some do it in greater degree and other less! But they are all the updated version of terrosim! Windows 98′ , 2000, 2003, XP, And VISTA!! These all are for the same purpose Mr HORN! Just a different Version!

  4. Kishor Avatar

    Any reporter would be a “terrorist” then. I believe that there is some sort of press freedom in Nepal. Let them do their job. Its the reporters who brought Prachanda’s new statement in the media (and he is in a lot of trouble just because he didn’t think before speaking).

  5. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    You just go through the Mr Horns previous reporting threads! Its a matter of fact, a great concern that how media presents the story! Reporter needs to present the right story in the right way! Yellow reporting may cause a great havoc. Mr Horn is not a reporter, just a mouthpiece of terrorism!

  6. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Why there is such an enormous extent of disorder in Nepal? Why ? Why???

    Because of lawlessness!! The person who slaghtered more than 13 K of lives and make deep suffering of uncountable folks has been praised and highlighted by some reporters! Lets take action against those culprits!

    Why they murdered such a vast number of people and what the country gained by their bloods? Why so called reporter have never asked and published a report for this question?? Mr Horn , go and ask Mr Prachande about what was the particular benifits for nepal from the blood of more than 13 K lives? Why those folks have been murdered who does never known the politics and maoism?? Why they choose to murder rural poor folks? Do you have a GUTS ? You so called REPORTER?? What is reporting? You don’t know at all! Its good for earth if you stop sponsoring terroism!

  7. manan Avatar

    I wouldn’t call the Maoists “terrorists”. They’re just a bunch of thugs. But the Nepal Army ( especially when it was the “Royal” Nepal Army ) was no better.

    Villagers were as scared of the Army as they were of the Maoists. And that’s the bitter truth.

  8. Captain Crash Avatar

    It looks same as it happened on 46 saal aandholan…. big promise, big talk. They talk “we are not slave”— but they are taking hostage of whole country and making one independent country a slave of Maoist ideology… which is a failed ideology.

    “We fought against terrorism” -more then half of the country’s infrastructure was flattened and 14000 killed…

    “We are doing all this for peace.” ohh yes if you keep killing people in the name of revolution one day there will be peace of course, coz there will only be your die hard loyal carade left after killing all other.

  9. savingnepal Avatar

    Mr. Author.

    Very informative article, thank you. I think you missed a minor fact though, The highway you mentioned as “Mahendra Highway” in Pokhara is actually “Prithvi Highway”

    Ironically they are both named after the two TYRANT Kings of the past who sucked the blood out of the Nepali people.

  10. ???????? ???? Avatar
    ???????? ????

    Your are giving the terrorists the oxygen of publicity.

  11. B Pahade Avatar
    B Pahade

    “??????????? ????? ?? ?????? ? ?????? ???? ????? ??????”

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  12. Suntali ko Bau Avatar
    Suntali ko Bau

    Jamai Raja

    Kina Bahulayeko? Dakshina Pugena? Lau Lau badhai Diula, dollar ma diula arko pali. Dollar le hudaina bhane lat diula saaale jwai lai

  13. Kishor Avatar

    Neil is doing a gr8 job.. Keep it up dude.. He is different from those bureaucratic “morariarties” and free from any directives from the government. He is definately not a mouthpiece of the maoists (read all of his post). He is a foreigner in Nepal and has spoken whatever he has seen so far.. “we are as others see us”..

    and those who blame prachanda alone for 13k murders be fair.. well hes guilty for few ks murder but the rest of them you can’t blame on him coz those were killed with the order from the then heads (deuba, KG, TG, KT etc etc)… be fair.. and remember people will punish all the murderers, don’t worry about that.

  14. Nhorning Avatar

    There is a version of this article with too many photos Here

  15. ???????? ???? Avatar
    ???????? ????

    I saw the so called CD by Paras put forward by the Maoists.. see it for yourself in

    I will reserve my comments

  16. pontiff Avatar

    Neil- all I can say is you must be aware of naked truth. Don’t deny the fact that these people are running on empty.

  17. Ramhari Avatar

    The maoist knows how to make ULLU to all?

  18. Terra Incognita Avatar
    Terra Incognita

    No matter what the Supremo commits and says extortion, abduction from Maoist has ended; it has not ended. They are still captivating people in the name of social reform just to free them after they get money in return no matter the demand can now be negotiated to 10,000 with them from 100,000. The story is same. A bunch people shaking their shoulder and raising their fist claiming them to be the builders of New Nepal doesn’t build New Nepal. No one can forget how they have destroyed old properties of Nepal in the name of their so-called People’s War. Everybody knows it is Chair’s War. When they were in parliament, they could do nothing so all they did was played with the sentiment of ethnic minorities (you can see a large populace of their militias, combatants comprise of ethnic minorities) and the recent inception of fractions in their ethnic groups is an evidence of how they used simple-minded people and neglected them and it is creating tensions one after another. They describe other autocratic but the snaps enclosed above with the YCL cadres with batons trying to make a sense that the territory belongs to them well defines who is autocratic. They are no more than hooligans who think that just having a red band around their heads they can invade anyone’s place and take control of anything. We can see the YCL cadres consist of people with long hair and ear-rings (I have no discrimination for them because it is one’s individual right) majority of the YCL cadres are seen in such outfit whereas these Maoists were once upon a time who claimed to be the rule makers of the society with their so-called Vata aviyan for people having earrings and long hair and who went to measure the length of the skirt and fitting tendency of the jeans that girls wore. So if this is their rule as per people’s aspiration it is no more than false promises and before Prachanda makes his fist and claims to be a revolutionary communist he should get rid of his splendid Rolex watch which costs more than 600,000 Rs and his Mont Bloc Pen that he signs accords with so much pride. It is just the supressed fear of the general citizens that they don’t speak and these people who extorted money, looted banks, foreigners and recent news of their hidden treasures well defines if they are short of cash but they still say that their combatants had to come out of the camps due to poor facilities. These people who were living a miserable life in Jungle for 12 years where basic amenities for people over their where they took shelter forcibly is still a dream now want each and every facility just because of the fact that they have guns in their possession. All in all until and unless CPN-M has a change in behavior than it really doesn’t matter what they preach. Their militant philosophy is existent everywhere which even their central leadership cannot deny. So it is a positive move that they want to join the political mainstream but their attitude is still the same and they are not less brutal than any gruesome person or community can be.

  19. Haisanlu Avatar

    Well done Neil an interesting report

  20. Nhorning Avatar

    “You just go through the Mr Horns previous reporting threads!”

    Good suggestion! Anybody who wishes to do that can find them here:

  21. yyac Avatar

    The more I listen to Prachanda and the other maoist leaders, the more I think that they have the case of verbal diarrhea – they just speak of things that comes to their mind without any conviction,proof, or accountability.

    The mass meeting that Neil reports of, I see nothing but a big expenditure and forceful gathering of people. Sadly, this trend was not started by the maoists as the SPA have always gone this way to “display their strength”. Displaying the strength to whom – the general people by disrupting their everyday lives by dragging them to the cities, disrupting the traffic and economy, the schoolchildren by bringing them to such meets. And don’t even get me started on the bandhs!!

  22. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Terrorism Rules! At least at this moment! Down with Prachande the murderer!

  23. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    ???????? ????: The content of the CD was So Funny! I can’t believe…. a good joke so far!
    But still some defective gene lauds their action!
    Yeah, love is blind and those junk who loves terrorist …. definitely love and make a way from it!

    The right palce for these terrorist group is inside the cell, not the public plateform!
    I still wonder WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!! wHO, WHO ??

  24. HIV Avatar

    why making a fuss of the cd?
    propaganda matari hunchha yar jahan pani

  25. Suntali ko Bau Avatar
    Suntali ko Bau

    Suntali ko Pooe

    Jawai Saheb,

    what ever happened to the last installment that you got from Mahilo-Sahu. Do not smoke “kalo-Padartha” too much. Chhori le Dukh Pauchhe. Murti chorne kam pani chodna paryo. Kookoor jasari bhukera matra kahaN hunccha. Aaba ta timra din gaye jasto chha ni. Kaso?

    BTW you do not know how to write “Poi” or “Poee” Gadha

  26. matribhumi Avatar

    Neil, I could not but help notice the biased view that you are trying to present in this report. I am sure you will be a good reporter or rather a perfect spokesperson for the Maoists and their leaders who speak such hogwash. It is unfortunate that the current lawlessness in the country has allowed this bastard to speak such words of “calling political parties animals” with whom he actually pretends to be negotiating. Please tell your leader while you lick his rear that he can only fool the elderly from parbat and thousand others who came there “without being forced” to come.

  27. matribhumi Avatar

    I am confused, I thought these individuals who were doign drills and martial arts or that dude wearing the army like dress on stage were supposed to be in cantonements where they are being fed at a price of 40 Crores of ruppes on a daily basis so that they can come out and do crap like this. Cheating should be these killers who are equally responsible for slaughtering people and consistently intimidating and terrorizing them.
    Returning to the jungle, these bastards will never return, they are too tired and do you think prachande wants to give up that ride in the SUV ? SOBs all need to be hanged till death.

  28. Nhorning Avatar

    But, what are your true feelings? Don’t hold back man. Let it all out.

  29. Kaite! Avatar


    You are just a “wannabe commie” with all the worldly material goods at your disposal. Your ego, I’m sure, is in a feeding frenzy. People like Wagle and other leftist propagandists are very much willing to provide you the platform and status you so very much crave.

    Don’t need Freud to analyze you, bud!

    You should be sent to Pyongyang to see exactly what a totalitarian communist state really looks like.

  30. noname Avatar

    whoever wrote this article is greadest person even seen my life. he is trying to glorifying this murderer as a leader. shame on you.

  31. guyfromktm Avatar


    Neil, please don’t make Nepal a dumping site for all the discards and losers from the west. We don’t need parachute journalists like you who turn into a Maoist expert (not sure what it means) and then continue to act like they understand the Maoists like no one does. We don’t need your justifications to change our minds about the terrorists. Please go home and cover the problems there, that is if anyone there cares to read whatever it is that you write. Not sure what you were trying to prove by inerting six pictures for teacher Pushpa Kamal in one artice, are you being paid by the Maoists to do a little PR for damage control by the terrorists to restore some lost “popularity” and minimise the notoriety they are gaining by the day? BTW, are you still on tourist visa in Nepal?

  32. Baje Avatar

    I think this is an excellent report. Thanks for whoever it is, that got it out.

    I am espeically heartended to see pictures of people celebrating, dancing and performing martial arts. Very impressive indeed.

    But the thing that caught my attention most was that it’s still a bunch of Bahuns, flanked on either side by people of janajati origin, who “happily” did all the dying, who did all the fighting and now, are happily being the chowkidars for our dear Maoists in Pajeros.

    A lot less has changed than we could care to collectively believe.

  33. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Again: A Report for terrorist, a report by terrorist and a report on terrorist!

  34. matribhumi Avatar

    Neil, and the people who have started this website. I believe that you are deriving your funds from the Maoist central committee to utilize this as one of their ways of spreading their propaganda and their issues. Shame on you.

  35. Chanda Avatar

    Neil sir, well done!!!

    first time i have seen this site, fanstatic. i cannot believe, you have such a knowledge about nepalies politics. i can only say that amazing!!!

    nice report.
    keep it up…….

  36. NHorning Avatar

    This article and the article on my website are now identical. So there is not need to follow the link to the article on my site (though you are quite welcome to).

  37. abc Avatar

    Ur blog seem to suck now. No updates. No posts for days. Do something about it.

  38. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Good Job Neil. I often don’t agree with your views but I still have to give you credit for all your reporting.

  39. Special Avatar

    I think United We Blog should restructure their slogan and start saying “United We Blog for Prachandapath”.

    Thanks for allowing such a huge promotion for Maoists. This is your democracy where Terrorists are given such a huge space.

    Son of a !@#$$%%! UWB

  40. Special Avatar

    Thanks Mr. Neil Horning! You have done a great job by supporting a BIG LIAR like Prachanda! Go ahead and inform us even more on what Prachanda eats, where he sleeps, where he shits, what he smokes. You are playing with the life of poor Nepali people! Shame on you Kuire!

  41. guyfromktm Avatar

    Neil, please don’t continue to make a dumping site of losers and discards from the west….

  42. evanescence Avatar

    Viewing all these comments, a thing is for sure that the privatised media is giving an unnecesary coverage to the Maoist meets. These won’t garnish your blog, Mr. Wagle.
    Try and do something that brings sensation in the youth to uplift the deteriorating state of the nation.


  43. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    guy: it seems to be that you are in a state of denial. I can understand your frustration with the Maoists but I don’t see why you are mad at Neil. You think Neil reporting here is Maoist Propoganda? Tell me do you really think the people who visit UWB are Maoists or they will be induced into Maoism by reading this report? Just because Neil doesn’t report this incident doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The Maoists are becoming ever more forceful and powerful. I would rather be updated on their activities then pretend nothing is happening and prance around.

  44. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Ha! Pedicure, menicure, puttycat doll!
    What is the measure of becoming ever more strong and powerful dude? You seems to be encouraged by your Masters speech that they you owe many weapons and other resources outside the camp? Don’t rely on that power dude! You will fall on your head one day!
    What the hell is that mean? A straight threat! Shame on you all terrorist folks! Mr Horn is juat a moist mouthpiece and it seems perfect for you terrorist! Stop terrorizing!

  45. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Horn and UWB!
    Instead of spreading peace , you’re spreading anomosity!

    What’s wrong with the you UWB mama?
    People living like aint got no mamas
    I think the whole worlds addicted to the drama
    Only attracted to the things that bring you trauma
    Overseas yeah we tryin to stop terrorism
    But we still got terrorists here livin!

    you’re followin the wrong direction
    Wrong information always shown by the media
    Negative images is the main criteria
    Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria…. “Black eyed peas”

  46. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Suntali ko idiot. You have just sunken to the ultimate low. You clown, are you accusing me of being a Maoist? Shouldn’t have even dignified your post with a response.
    Maoists are powergful right now. They are running the show. It sucks but that’s the way it is. In case you haven’t noticed the SPA are all holding their di*cks looking at Prachanda’s face.
    How insecure are you? You think this report on a blog will change people’s mind about the Maoists?

  47. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Hello Puret or pandit jee! Its such a shame that I’m writing for you mean person! Your view is always rustic and worth for direct trash so far! Don’t get fooled that you write something notable! Get out from your dirty pond and see the world! But I know, you cannot, because you are a frog!! Whatever, Yeah stop giving pundeitaee!!!

    You, Horn and UWB all you gentlemen ! Stop your propoganda for your Master! Your Master doesnot deserve any reporting but desreves a trial against humanity! What a shame!

  48. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    What you think about those Maoist militia and all those cadres you gentleman FOOL DAE PUNDIT??

    Do you think they know the politics? Do you believe they all were aware of the maoism and FUNNY prachandapath?? They all are brainwashed and infected by your Masters!!
    You all UWB team, your blog is dedicated for brainwashing and infecting to the young minds whomever possible! Shame on you so called gentlemen! Stop the ultimate misuse of the MEDIA!!

  49. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Suntali ko poop: please leave this site then. If you are so immature that you can’t handal a report about the Maoists just leave. You contribute nothing to th discussion. Why do you even come here if you think this is all Maoist propoganda? A closet Mao maybe?

  50. JPT Avatar

    i don’t understand one thing, people at the center and the right, keep calling the maoist “Terrorist.” that’s a very lazy and linear label to give to invalidate the whole socio-economic situation of nepali people in past/present, what started the insurgency to begin with.

    did they use “Terror,” to achieve their goals, yes they did. but simply labeling them “Terrorist,” wouldn’t make their fight for equality in resources/opportuity any insignificant even though they are way off the mark ideologically.

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