Koirala: King's Actions Leading Nepal to Republic

Prime Minister Koirala has changed the tone on monarchy which is a welcome move. He most come forward more clearly, precisely, and strongly.

Finally, the man has said something important about monarchy in Nepal. This is very crucial and we applaud Koirala whatever he spoke today in his hometown Biratnagar. The time for celebrations hasn’t come yet but all roads are leading us to that direction. Koirala said that the nation was heading down the path of republic because of king Gyanendra and added: The king himself had cleared the way for republican setup in the country because his [Democracy Day] message was aiding elements engaged in “destabilizing” the nation. Koirala was speaking to journalists in Biratnagar today. The Prime Minister said that the king had misinterpreted his call for allowing “space for all”. “If the king and crown prince are willing to give up their throne by their own volition … a new environment can still be created,” the PM said. Asked why republic could not be announced through the Interim Legislature-Parliament straightaway when the king had “cleared the path” to this end, the PM said that the position of the king would be decided only after the Constituent Assembly (CA) since it had already been agreed to let the first sitting of the CA decide on the matter. Stating that the actions against the king had already been initiated, ekantipur reports, PM Koirala further said that the king’s privileges are being curtailed and property investigated. The parliament has already directed the government to take action against the king after the widespread condemnation of the royal statement.

Prime Minister’s thoughts on monarchy come at a time when the Maoists have been stressing on declaring Nepal a republic right away via the parliament where as second largest party in the ruling Seven Party Alliance (SPA) is pressing to replace the present king with his grandson. And, of course, overwhelming majority of people is strongly favoring Nepal sans monarchy.

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52 thoughts on “Koirala: King's Actions Leading Nepal to Republic

  1. “If the king and crown prince are willing to give up their throne by their own volition … a new environment can still be created”

    What does it mean???

  2. I always thought Koirala was a great strategist… and that as such, he is indeed a master in hiding his game…

    Coming back in Nepal winthin a couple of weeks after seventeen years, I look forward to taste the present atmosphere…

    I am a mere foreigner, but I cannot help loving your country… which I consider being the one of my heart.

    aka Pascal Dai, from France

  3. “The king himself had cleared the way for republican setup in the country because his “Democracy Day” message was aiding elements engaged in “destabilizing” the nation. ”

    This is not true. In democracy everyone has right to speak. There should be CA before setting up for REPUBLIC.

  4. Divyabachan

    “space for all”

    wait …wait….., you mean, everyone will be accomodated in space ?

    What is the Problem, Mr. Gyan do not want to go to space? … oh may be he likes to be on ground.

    Koirala has planned for “space visit”,… But who will pay the fuel bill, and rocket fare…

    Great Koirala great…. send every one to space, and who will be left by, only you.

  5. PM Girija,

    You should put Gyane, paras, Ex coas Prajjwal Rana, Ex COAS Pyar jung, General Shanta kumar malla, and others in jail immediately for ploting to wipe out late king Birendra’s family including Prakshya.

  6. I have a question for general Shanta Kumar malla: How much did you get from murderers Gyane and paras? You just made poor Raju karki a skapegoat in the royal palace massacre. Don’t worry, one day people like you, prajjwal, and pyar jung will be brought to justice. You are the ring leader of corruption in the Nepal army.

  7. if girja is right, then the king should be hanged. if not girja, prachanda, makuna should be hanged.

  8. I don’t know much about Nepal’s political environment, but as an outsider looking in, these are my toughts:

    The King, tough “powerless”, is the only person standing in the way of a complete Maoist takeover. Abolish the monarchy and the Maoist leader will move into the palace president/dictator and dominate. The squabbling politicians will be maimed politically (and probably physically as well). Nepal should learn from Cambodia in the 60s and 70s. Their King made some questionable decisions and Pol Pot came running in with his red flag. A third of the population was wiped out and Cambodia became a complete pariah state. Twenty plus years later, who do the Cambodians look to for guidance? The ceremonial monarchy and their old king.

    The SPAs response to the King’s speech is full of fear. If people are to believe that the royal takeover was necessary, they will start asking why. When they go to answer why, they’ll realise that it was because of what the politicians did or did not do during the “democratic” era of the 90s and people will want their heads.

    The Maoists will not help Nepal. They’re a fighting force and will fail miserably at governing. Their dogma is old and does not fit in with modern politics.

    The SPA loves to be protected by democracy but they don’t know what their responsibilities are under a democracy. Give them time, and you’ll have a military coup within another 10 years just like in Bangladesh. People in Bangladesh were so fed up with the political parties, their corruption and mismanagement, they fully support the current “cleaning” drive by the military and their puppet civilian government.

    I’m not saying the King should be left alone. Leaving too much power in anyone person can be very dangerous. The King is human and will be tempted to abuse his power. He should be left where he is. His position should be mainly ceremonial but he should have some reserve powers to keep the politicians in check.

    The government should be run by elected leaders. But give the King the authority to call snap elections. This will keep the politicians on their toes. The King can hold the door open, but it will be up to the people to kick them out. Do not give him the authority to rule by emergency decree. That authority should be left to the King and the elected leaders with the consent of Parliament and only for a specified time.

  9. There you go. We have another sane mind (Bengali Friend) speaking. Way to go bengali friend (21:39:35) !

    The problem is that we have 300+ SPAMmers and their manifestations and puppies hovering around and the sane voices know that arguing and fighting with dogs is no good.

  10. bengali friend you do not understand the current polity of Nepal and its past premitive history. Even you have the knowledge of it you do see the fact. Instead you are reflecting your on pobia of Communism.

    NPRF guarentees you that there will be a model of democracy that non of the south Asian cournty has it in its complete form as soon as the institution of monarchy with its ILLEGITIMATE king and prince are terminated.

    The illegitimate because the way he became the king – killing the ligitimate king and his entire family with Macbethian plots and scams – consipiracy. He blamed the innocent prince the murderer.

    He has record of such crime committed in the past:
    —-He is responsible of killing Madan Bhandari & Archit- the UML Leaders
    —-He has killed many innocent Nepali people since the time of his father

    Finally he killed the king, his step brothers and sisters and entire family of the legitimate monarchy of Nepal.

    His son the illegitimate prince is murderer – a public murder he has done it and he has been directly involved in the massacre of the ligitimate monarchy and his entire family with the mask of prince Dipendra,

    How can you think that he can be protected Nepal from propogated communist phobia?

    You will see that the Maoists become real socialist-democrat of Nepal.

    If you are not Nepali then you do not know the social, ethnical and economical problem of Nepal – that which have so much to do with the feudal olgarchic Hindu regime.

    You owe apology to Nepal and Nepali people by spreading unnecessary fear of Communism that is due to the Maoists.

  11. nepali people rights forum ! you are blind ! you are sincere ! you are innocent but you r stupid. you can not trust maoist. first we must defeat extremist then feudalist structure. please do not believe propoganda stuff.

    prachanda is blabbing ! do you have any idea hows their life even without helding power? if its happen you cant imagine their rure. please donot trust buffenery talk.

  12. Nepali People’s Righs Forum complete approves the PM’s thought and feeling for the Nepal and Nepali people.

    It is time to declare Nepal “from the Interim House of Representatives” – THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF NEPAL. At this critical time Palace is busy hiring notorous gangs to kill the political leaders of Nepal.

    Make no mistake about it that the Gyane and Pare are busy to kill the leaders that they have targeted. If this accusations of the Maoists is proved right and NA is supporting the evidence then the institution of the monarcy must become the history of Nepal.

    Gyane and Pare must be brought to justice – no impunity should be considered at any cost.

    This will pave the way for the ethnic uprising to establish people’s rights for every Nepali citizen.

    The political developments has made the PM to speak on this matter. He must have the evidence that the palace is engaged hiring gangs to kill main political leaders and civil society leaders.

    The unknown party to took the responsibility of putting the bombs in the houses of the civil society leaders – ‘Janattantric Nepali Party’ is the gang of Palace.

    This very critical political development in the nation.

  13. Frankly, its appaling how SPA-M have been calling for G’s blood and making all closed door decisions amongst themselves. Also, thank god G has stopped spewing idiotic comments and letting Thapa do all the talking. Looks like Thapa is on is way to save monarchy in some form if not G or Paras. But in this power struggle between monarchists and bahunists, where do we Janjatis, Madhesis, Dalits and other marginalised groups figure? Its sick to watch these bastards play with our futures and distract us from real issues that actually concern us. They still think we are at best good to sit behind the fence and watch this elaborate drama. We are sick of it. Times have changed and if these leaders continue with their cheap tricks, there will only be more trouble for Nepal in the near future.

  14. I am getting really sick of all these SPA, Maoists and Royalists. Given a chance, Prachanda will be Pol Pot, G will be Idi Amin and SPA …. hmmm … I have a special name for them – Leprosy!

  15. Yet Another Bahun Maneuver!
    Girija has used the Monarchy as a Bargaining Chip. “The Maoists will Behave if Girija Agrees to their demand of Republic”. What a Joke!

  16. Too many ‘weirdos’ here speaking against the SPA and the Maoists!?!????

    These masked and hired weirdos are royalists!

    For Nepali people now is time to be free of the weirdos and their werdo Gyane and Pare. Pare is active with these werdos.

    It is informed by the NA that there are many paid weirdos of Pare online – mostly on the blogs and nepalnews.com

    This is big time for these online weirdos to make bigtme money off the Pare.

    Nepali people have to fight together with their SPA leaders and cardes and with the Maoists to declare Nepal ‘The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal’

    The Maoists leaderships know in their guts that no past Maoist type communism will do good for Nepal and Nepali people though they have used the revolutionary name and tactic.

    Nepal is unique in time and space, and with its multi-dimensional geography and diverse communities. Without the support of the international communities in aid and trade there will be no development of all spares of human existence.

    Nepal thus need mixed economy with global partnerships especially with our neighbor countries, southeast Asia, EU and America.

    The dream to fix Nepali and Nepali people in control under communism is to try to build the castle in the sand.


    These online gundas are just making money on Pare with false hope and promise.


  17. We the patriot nepal people are with NPRF.We fully support ur demand of “The FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF NEPAL”.

    Nepal should be declared REPUBLIC rightaway if Interim Parliament claims to represent all the General Nepali People.

    Just as a curiosity, is this NPRF a new party in Nepal?Is it going to contest CA Polls ?? Plz light us.

  18. NPRF, i hope, you post all these comments out of your boredom, and you don’t mean them. if you really do, then i am sorry that you are a dellusinal young man, or more of a pre-pubescent youth. Well, I understand your urge and appriciate your zeal to right the wrong. But, your conviction has blinded you, believe me with that attitude of fighting spirit, you are not going to get anything done.

    and, i really really, hope you are a prancing pre-pubescent youth in some attic pounding away on keyboard to kill your boredom. if not, then i shudder at the politiking of Nepali youths.

    well, you seem more astute in nepali politics than your average countrymen. but you have missed the point by few miles. with the same note, i can make the argument, how wonderful it has been Jyoti Basu’s reign over West Bengal over the decades.

    As much as Basu and gangs are fighting for their status quo in Bengal, so is the royals in Nepal. No one is stopping anyone (on your premise king checking and balancing other reactionary forces), let the dice roll. We have seen thus so far, with decade of fighting and thousands of death, if some more for the change–SO BE IT.

    Nepal, hasn’t seen the Janajati uprising yet.

  19. 3 weeks ago it was found that 10 Maoists were sharing one weapon in peoples’ war (khai ma pani hanaun, haina aba mero paalo, la la tellai han, haina tellai etc etc)

    2 weeks ago comrade Prachanda, our savior, said that no there were more weapons, some were swept by floods and some were set to fire by NA. He was almost going to say that had we not lost all our weapons we would have never joined the peace process but he realized that he didn’t have to say that. One lie was enough.

    1 week earlier prachanda says that the palace is going to assassinate American officials and that he will present the evidence ‘soon’

    I don’t know what happened over the weekend. Perhaps a clever comrade realized that it will be more sensational to spread the rumor that palace is plotting to kill all political leaders than to say that they are going to kill Americans. So, now a change in plan and they produce a CD which is supposed to be an ‘evidence’ that the palace is hatching a conspiracy.

    All this reminds me of a story I had read when I was a child. It was about this farmboy who shouts ‘bagh aayo, bagh aayo’.


    It has come to terminate all the royalists paid puppet – Choar of Nepal. NPRF IS A TERMINATOR that has come to flush out all the royalists on line who do oppose the Republic setup.



  21. I support in constitutional monarchy and a regional autonomy………… always did and will. I do not support the full power should be in the hands of always abudant corrupt politicians.

    Had there even been a couple of clean politicians in my knowledge who genuinely loved the country, i would perhaps had thought otherwise. But from the day i began understanding the political arena in Nepal a tiny bit, I have not known or heard any clean one…. Madan Bhandari they said was a good one but he never lived to show what he could had done.

    I am a janajati…..I am a proud LIMBU. No one in my family tree has ever worked for the Government of Nepal or the royals of Nepal in any capacity. I have always hated the old national anthem of Nepal and had a view that should had been changed. Its good that it changed. But still i support in constitutional monarchy. You dont have to be a royal nuthugger to support the monarchy.

    Bahunism led to this situtation in nepal. That is my belief and conclusion. I aint saying bahuns inheretntly are bad . There were many bahuns and actually a whole lot of bahuns that have been the pride of nepal regardless of caste or region. From Laxmi prasad Devkota to Dr. BHagwan Koirala, bhanubhakta and many many more. But the “ism” of bahunism is what led to this situtaiton of nepal.

    Janajatis were/are fool to believe in Prachanda. Commie thug. Looter and murderer.

    I do not support a particular king, i support the institution. King G had a good idea but a poor execution that was it and he is paying for that. Throw away the system and whole Nepal will pay.

  22. I support Sandhyaa Rai’s comments which are very relevant in this blog


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    Now let me make a point here on another most sensitive issue, which is on its way to destroy us

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    Let us all be aware that we are on the verge of extinction
    A majority of our jana jaati people live in the remote places, they are not educated and they are poor. so our people are being fed with the expansionistic Bible, which means that our tradition is being erased away. Our people are being lured inot their profitable business, with their candies and chocolates, when the government is doing nothing to protect our ignorant people.

    Let us remember, our janajaati people are the original and indiginous people of Nepal, and our culture is unique, and it exists only in Nepal. But we are now under attack by the missionaries, and people are falling prey to massive conversions. The government MUST ACT to save us from such conversions.

    Let us thwart them and prove the world that our heritage is not superstition but the reality of the Universal Existential Meaning.

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    What a bunch of incompetents, SPAM leaders?

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  24. The day when the monarchy is abolished, Prachanda will stand up like Saddam Hussein. SPA leaders will have to run or hide from Prachanda’s militia. Declaring Republic now will empower Prachanda and Moists to rise and the country will be put into a huge mess.

    We all hate King Gyanendra but this institution is needed inorder to stop Maoists from taking over. Believe it or not!

  25. King is no more in use.
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  26. This statement comes from GPK to divert the public’s attention from the Tarai unrest and he seems to be successful somewhat.

  27. Today, i am really happy although GPK has made such statement so lately. Anyway, now i am confident that the republic is no far. I think that those Gyanbahadur and his ass son have to be thrown out from the country by hanging backside of the donkey. So, for that reason i am not with Mr PM (they have to stepdown ownself).

  28. ya rite girija …u tell them to stepdown and they will step down…how foolish r u Mr. G ? do u even know tey call u “pilandhare bahun”….

  29. Killing of a Nation by the hands of SPAM will hit us in the face like two ton truck soon. Just be prepared. For people like us- its time to get out if you want to have a simple life of job and security.

    The appetite for destruction is unstoppable. This ain’t the time to share the afterglow, we are becoming a nation that has no future. All the best to everyone.

  30. I’ve been telling you all along – the maoists are up to no damned good!

    Thousands of combatants, arms outside cantonment site: Prachanda

    With the Maoists facing criticism for their ‘low weapon count’ during registration, Maoist chairman Prachanda has revealed that they have thousands of combatants and weapons outside the cantonments not registered with the UN.

    Maoist chairman Prachanda (File Photo)
    Addressing a mass meeting in Baglung on Monday, Prachanda said that these combatants and weapons were not registered as they “couldn’t meet United Nations standards” to be registered with the latter, reports the Kantipur Daily.

    He further said that they are facing problems for the management of weapons that are not registered with the UN.

    Prachanda also disclosed that Maoists still have sufficient technical human resources outside the cantonments to launch “massive attacks” simultaneously at several places on a single night.

    The Maoist chair also warned that they will launch streets protest and protest in the parliament for a republic set up if the elections of the constituent assembly was not announced soon.

    “We launched our movement with just two 3-0-3 rifles and home-made weapons. Now we have registered the weapons as per UN instructions. However, thousands of weapons that we could not register as per the UN’s requirements are still outside. We are facing problems with their storage,” the Maoist chairman said.

    Earlier, addressing a mass meeting in Butwal Prachanda said, “…the rivers swept away our arms and fire burnt them down…” as people from every quarters of society raised questions about their intention of registering “very less” number of weapons in comparison to their combatants.

    “Besides combatants staying inside the cantonments, we have a large number of weapons and skilled manpower who are able to make such weapons and launch simultaneous attacks at several places on a single night,” the paper further quoted Maoist chair Prachanda as saying. nepalnews.com pb Mar 13 07

  31. Once the monrachy will abolish, these SPAM start to fight each other like enemies of war, which is being marginalised by “Hauguzhi of royalists”. Their whole attention divert to make themselves powerful and rule the country. The tussle will start from Girija and Prachanda about ruling the country and their model of democracy. Similarly, I don’t think the fire of ethnic crisis will be settled down in future looking at the behaviour of the SPAM’s neglecting and suppressing others. SPAM’s might is right only works till monarchy-as-a-vilian to democracy exist. Once that abolished each and every sectors start to raise the louder voice than now for their space in the authoritarian power which is being dominated by particular caste. The issue of royalist infiltration will be demolish and all have right to raise the voice and cannot be sidelined as of today. So, I feel that the message of Girija nothing but to divert the attention of the peoples’ frustration toward government.

  32. When the King spoke – irresponsibly, according to SPAM – his statement was made into such a big issue. And now Prachanda and his band of brothers blurt out things that, to me, are no less ridiculous and irresponsible than the king defending his coup-de-tat.

    Even the talk about “declaring republic” before the CA elections is ridiculous and insulting to the Nepali electorate. How do these self centered vultures know what the people want if given a chance to express their views freely and fairly?

    We may be a poor country, but we are blessed with a lot of doubles – double standards, double whammy, double edged sword and doubly irresponsible behaviors. Great!


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  34. B Pahade: NPRF fully agree with your reasoning on the issue of ethnic civil rights that we are all Nepali and all our civil rights have to protect and our civil liberty has to be guarenteed constitutionally.

    This is the truth and our ground reality we must all focus for the national solidarity for our Nepalihood and Nepali nationality.

    The question of religion (you may have thoght already) that need much more clarity or reasoning that we can evolve or transdenct out ethnic and cultural values from the most modern, scientific, and humanist perspectives.

    As you have pointed out our socio-economic castes are – “literate and illiterate”, “educated and uneducated”, “moderately educated and poorly educated” thus “have and not have.” We all know the intellectual development or education is the only resources that can guarentee human to uplift his or her suffering – poverty, ill-health, social conditions and so on.

    But our culture and way of life in general in every day practice runs opposite of our humanist objectives. We do not think if my neighbor becomes educated, rich and healthy will uplift my burden living in that neighborhood versus living with uneducated, poor and sick neighbors.

    Thus if I am rich or well-off and educated what should be my foremost wish -“may my neighbors and their childern be educated, rich and healthy.” I do not think this is the fact of our Nepali everyday life. I wish Nepali all over the world woudl think in humanist way as much as they think for their own children and family.

    Culturally and ethnically we have been living in Nepal in very primitive tribalist way – backbiting and leg-pulling over the cliff? Therefore, what we need in Nepal is the HUMANIST MODERNISM – that means:


    This is viable if our national resouces are managed in a local level by the elected representatives of the people, meaning establishing Federal Governance Structures that will decentralize state power and responsiblity for nation building from the local level.

    If our national building objectives are towards the humanist modernism then RELIGION will have very little role to play in our culture, ethnic and social lives.

    –First, we are human beings – thus our basic human rights for survival with decency has to be established.

    –Second, we are Nepali citizens – thus our civil liberty has to guarenteed under the constitution of our nation.

    –Third, our social: cultural, ethnic and individual beings – thus our civil rights have to be protect constitutionally.

    Finally, we have to be able to understand that all religions are created by man to fantacize the human existence with devine attributions to the existence. Thus man has invented ‘GOD’ in his own image – this is humanist percepective. But we hunestly think over this fact you may see some insight and this does not mean we have to dismantle our cultural and ethnic values or way of life.

    Therefore, one man’s god is another man’s devil – that’s why religious fanatics fight against other religion. It is also fact that ONE religion cannot rule the society or whole mankind.

    Therefore, in Vedic schools of thought there are different point of view regarded as valid arguments – plurality is the essence of Vedic way of life. Which has very little significance in the contemporary Hindu practice.

    Therefore, Nepal as nation must remain SECULAR so that all religions or human faith, believes and arguments must have be respected with each other with their civil rights protected by the constitution.

    We must with our new Democratic Nepal estblish ‘Federal Democratic Republic’ that will respect basic human rights in our everyday life; that will guarentee our civil libery; and that will protect our civil right laying the modern foundation of the HUMANIST SECULAR society.

    This must be the objective of our new constitution that will be drafted after the elections of CA.

    Remenber the Vedic way of life is based on humanist secular society and so the Buddha’s teachings. There should be place for all diverse human way of life.

    In order to protect our culture we have to transdent or evolve from our narrow primitive way of life to modern humen development. This will enrich our culture and ethnicity. We mus be literate and educated to be what we are – human being, Nepali citizen and individual that belong to certain ethnic culture or religion. But we must meet our preriquisites.

    This the campaign of the Nepali People’s Rights Forum online.

    Through this forum
    – NPRF will eradicate ‘Arbitrary royalist comments, arguments and logic”
    -Royalists are those who maintain status quo of feudal oligarchic socieity and governance and support the illegimate monarchy that came in power with the massacre of the legimate king of Nepal.
    -Identify that the contemporary Nepal’s only problem is the feudal oligarchic establishment in the mindsets of ruling elites in power.
    -This forum will broaden the Nepali percepective for the humanist, federalist and republican persepectives.

    Let us move on with our contemporary evolutions

  35. The Nepalese People have now crossed “the point of no return”. The way forward is now only total amalgamation with India. This is the only means of ensuring the the People of Nepal do not suffer any longer.
    Jai Hind


  36. NPRF,

    you are great. I would like to know your views on the proposition of Nepal joining the republic of India as one of its states. Because of federal republic structure, there will be governance by the elected representatives. Since Nepal would be part of India, there will be no threat of any royal takeover. Nepalese people will have easy access to the educational institutions of India also. It’s not like Nepalese will be treated as slaves when they become an Indian state. They will be as much of an Indian state as uttar pradesh, maharastra, kerela…you name it. I think that everything that you have demanded can be fulfilled with the master stroke of assimilating Nepal into India. Why don’t you start a campaign on that ?

  37. long live king and monarchy……………thats the ultimate need of the country ………..he had made a mistake once he wont repeat it again he should be givena chance once again……………..all party govt shud be formed with the kings involvement that leads to new and fruitful nepal………..parties made mistakes, king made mistake……….and now thye shud work together

  38. NPRF bros,

    Do you trust maoists? What makes you think that…these people will safe guard us? Both of the NA and PLA were assholes involved in rapings…beheadings…killing teachers…I can never trust them….We should get extremism out of Nepal whether it be in the form of monarchy or military….

    I don’t want to vote for republic nepal rightway either…it will certainly make prachandan the boss….and the very day republic is declared….I’m damn sure…maoist militias will be coming out with weapons they hid from the UN.

    Maoists are the only ones who are going to get benefits from Republic Nepal. They are using poverty..and trying to outrage the minorities…and create havoc in country.

    Is NPRF associated with maoists?…I’m 70-30 on this…70(yes)

  39. Girija is happy when he gets power. But he still has not think who would be his successor? After Girija who is going to be the head of the state? definately it seems Prachanda. But what about NC after that? Have they ever turn their head around? I still feel that Girija is Hawaldar for not building his successor and his party powerful. It is for sure that this country is going to be ruled by Prachanda in very near future but what will be his strategies of ruling is yet to be seen??

  40. When you give devil (SPAM) his dues the only thing that we will get is antithesis of democracy- evil regime that believes in its righteousness, self serving mega tendencies, and slaughter of common man as stepping stone to attain dictotorial stature in guise of mother of all democrat.

    All the things that are contrary to norms of democracy and rule of law is prevalent in Nepal. Speak of assembly, not an elected one, speak of mandate of the people, not earned by election, and speak of rule of law in Nepal, not independent as supposed people’s andolan is the barometer and benchmark of legal view and action. So in the end- all that there is one party edicts and ruling. So is it any wonder Maoist are angry with 7 parties. They are playing their game.

    The whole affair has been as one of the Indian TV serial at the cost of normal life of a Nepali- no security, no empowerment, and no rule of law. All that happens is in Baluwatar and Singadurbar- a far, far removed from the reality of man plouging his land in Chitwan or for that matter is neighboring district of Mankawanpur. Welcome to New Nepal.

  41. Maoists put registered arms on display at Shaktikhor camp

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, March 14 – The CPN-M on Wednesday put the arms and weapons stored in the containers at the third division cantonment at Shaktikhor, Chitwan for display before journalists.
    Amidst widespread speculations that Maoists have put only primitive, hand-made weapons purchased from India in the containers instead of the modern weapons, the Maoists for the first time have publicized the weapons.

    In a press meet organised at Shaktikhor in Chitwan Wednesday, the Maoists opened up the containers and put up the registered weapons for display before journalists.

    The press meet was organized today also to publicize the total expenditures made till date, the number of cantoned combatants and UN registered weapons at the PLA 3rd division camp.

    During the programme, Maoist deputy commander Ananta conceded that CPN-M Chairman Prachanda’s recent comments that Maoist were still in possession of unregistered arms were true.

    Ananta further said that the government should immediately reach an agreement with the UN to have the remaining weapons registered and added that the Maoist PLA was in accord with the CPN-M’s politics.

    In addition, Ananta claimed in the last four months, expenditures in the 3rd Division camp had reached Rs 100.95 million while the government had provided only Rs 59.51 million adding that the camp was still in debt amounting to Rs 50 million.

    According to our correspondent Madhusudan Panthi, it was also informed that out of the 706 registered weapons, 616 were in the containers, while 75 were being used for camp security and 15 more for the security detail of the camp leadership.

    Likewise, it was also revealed that the Maoist fighters were still in possession of bomb-making materials including gelatin, soda, detonators, electronic detonators, sockets and sulphur.

    Division commander Bibhid said that a total of 5,966 combatants – 5012 men and 954 women – had been residing within the cantonment after the registration.

    Likewise, 60 unregistered children under the age of five are also living in the camp.

    The third division camp even has three schools, a hospital and a playground.

  42. Oust the disgustingly corrupt, and destablising monarchy.
    Nepal is poorer than China and India as these vampires have sucked Nepal dry, we need the People’s leaders, not some rich fool who tortured and killed his people in huge numbers

  43. I’m not sure if the King will easily give up his power if people’s choice would be to remove him from kingship. What if he denies or uses forces again? Has the current government or maoists have thought about these consequences?

  44. Note that Nepal is the country of Nepalese people. It is not Girija’s or Prachanda’s or Maoists’ or Gyanendra’s country. The will of Nepalese people must be respected whether or not to keep King on the throne. Gyanendra should give up his power peacefully if Nepalese people decide not to keep him on the throne.

    Its very urgent for Maoists to move very quickly in the path of construction and peace. They should not forget that they have chosen violence in order to come to power and have become successful. They will only continue to become successful in the long run if they accept and implement peace across all levels of their leadership.

  45. first we should kill all royal family.girija and other politician then make a new nepal with out bhrastachar,fullof deshprem and very innovative with no jatibad
    then only our country be very good place to stay.
    here all politicians and king r after power and money then how can nepal be developed.
    they can kill own bro/sis and other relatives for power as our king did

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