Koirala: King's Actions Leading Nepal to Republic

Prime Minister Koirala has changed the tone on monarchy which is a welcome move. He most come forward more clearly, precisely, and strongly.

Finally, the man has said something important about monarchy in Nepal. This is very crucial and we applaud Koirala whatever he spoke today in his hometown Biratnagar. The time for celebrations hasn’t come yet but all roads are leading us to that direction. Koirala said that the nation was heading down the path of republic because of king Gyanendra and added: The king himself had cleared the way for republican setup in the country because his [Democracy Day] message was aiding elements engaged in “destabilizing” the nation. Koirala was speaking to journalists in Biratnagar today. The Prime Minister said that the king had misinterpreted his call for allowing “space for all”. “If the king and crown prince are willing to give up their throne by their own volition … a new environment can still be created,” the PM said. Asked why republic could not be announced through the Interim Legislature-Parliament straightaway when the king had “cleared the path” to this end, the PM said that the position of the king would be decided only after the Constituent Assembly (CA) since it had already been agreed to let the first sitting of the CA decide on the matter. Stating that the actions against the king had already been initiated, ekantipur reports, PM Koirala further said that the king’s privileges are being curtailed and property investigated. The parliament has already directed the government to take action against the king after the widespread condemnation of the royal statement.

Prime Minister’s thoughts on monarchy come at a time when the Maoists have been stressing on declaring Nepal a republic right away via the parliament where as second largest party in the ruling Seven Party Alliance (SPA) is pressing to replace the present king with his grandson. And, of course, overwhelming majority of people is strongly favoring Nepal sans monarchy.





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    hey foool neplase, when will you wake up!! dont you know gyane and prachanda has made a grand plan. The thing happening in nepal is also a grand plan. Just see and watch but before I want to declare that prachanda is going to support king gyane. Because Gyane wants every properties of Late king Birendra and Prachanda is getting some % from the property. Maoist is a party belongs to Gyane. You don know the cheap politics.

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