Bahunists and Bahunism: Caretakers of Nepal’s Feudal Tradition

Comment of the Moment: Originally Posted Here by Dinesh Koirala (Courtesy: Sano Baje)

[UWB: We do not necessarily agree with the following piece but decided re-publish it here mainly for two reasons: One, we respect voices from all sides. Two, the article cites two of UWB posts as “excellent examples of Bahunists in action” though the word “excellent” doesn’t come for us as something to be proud of. We are strongly against any discriminations based caste and ethnicity. We support the empowerment of all communities in Nepal.]

For those of us who have lived with this phenomenon all our lives, what is described below is no big revelation. However, for the benefit of those who think Nepali politics boils down to a struggle between Royalists and Maoists, or democrats and autocrats, or centrists and extremists, they are only partially correct. There is one other critical grouping that serves as chief sponsor of the political turmoil in Nepal – the Bahunists.

Who are the Bahunists?

So who (what) exactly are the Bahunists? Well, those who believe in Maoism are Maoists; those who believe in the Royal tradition are Royalists. Similarly, those who believe in the “Bahun-baad” tradition, are the Bahunists.

What is the “Bahun-baad” tradition and who precisely are the Bahunists? Ask any Janajati, Dalit, Newar, Madhesi (or non-Brahmin individual) – he or she will provide you a dissertation on what “Bahun-baad” is and exactly how much damage the Bahunists have done to the idea of liberal democracy in Nepal.

Ask the Chhetris, the Thakuris, the Ranas, the Thapas, the Mallas, the Shresthas, the Tamrakars, the Kayasthas (etc.) the same question, and it is likely they will give you a different answer. Members of these groups are sure to know who the Bahunists are, but they probably don’t understand the phenomenon that well.

Why? Because for centuries, Bahunists have successfully performed as the mechanism that enables (and amplifies) Nepal’s feudal traditions; at the same time, the Bahunists have been successful in portraying the non-Bahunists as either the face, or the victims of feudalism.

Why are the Bahunists so Angry and Dangerous?

It is important to note that not all Brahmins are Bahunists. Just like not all Chhetris are Royalists and not all Janajatis are Maoists. This being said, all Bahunists (like other minority extremists), are bad news. Just like the hard-core Royalists give the Chhetris a bad name, the hard-core Bahunists give the Brahmins a bad name.

At least when Royalists have disagreements with other Royalists, all they do is publish trashy articles about each other in the media. When Maoists argue with other Maoists, the one with the bigger balls puts the other one in detention and then India steps in and sorts things out.

When Bahunists have arguments with other Bahunists, all hell breaks loose – look at what happened when the Bahunists in the Nepali Congress and the Bahunists in the Maoists disagreed – the whole country suffered for 12 years!! This is one of many reasons why Bahunists are bad for Nepal, just like their extremist friends from other camps.

To put it plainly, the Bahunists have functioned for ages as priests and “purohits” (mostly in the houses of high-caste Chhetris, Hindu temples, etc.) during times of unrest and war. During times of peace, they have operated in the shadows, for example, by completely Sanskritizing the exam to enter the Nepali Foreign Service, by excluding members of other ethnic groups and castes from politics, by monopolizing the state’s political beaurecracy, by inserting key Bahunists in the Nepali Police, etc.

The Bahunists’ fathers and forefathers accomplished the process of monopolizing state power (from within government), but some Bahunist off-spring are still angry. Why are Bahunist off-spring so violently against the idea of Monarchy? Because they are now accomplished in their own fields and find shame in the fact that their ancestors were preists in the Palace.

It’s all very simple. Bahunist off-spring feel entitled to respect because of their accomplishments, but are unable to let go of their ancestral pasts and earn the respect just like everyone else. Shame is a powerful driver of hatred, as anti-Americanism flourishing the Arab world has shown. But Bahunists are embarrassed and angry for the all the wrong reasons.

If Bahunists (who have enjoyed privileged existences their whole lives) are angry, how should the Janajati and Madhesi and other minority groups feel at being repressed by the Bahunists all their lives? Remember, it may be a stupid individual like Gyanendra who sits at the wheel of the “ship,” but read history – it has always been Bahunists that have guided and assisted idiots like Gyanendra, navigate the “ship.”

What do Bahunists, Illiberal Democrats and the Ku Klux Klan, have in common?

In Nepal, Nepotism, sycophancy and exclusion all have one thing in common – the Bahunists. With the exception of a few “token” members from other caste groups, Nepal’s politics, Nepal’s education system, Nepal’s public sector, Nepali media, are all completely dominated by Bahunists and their circle of semi-slaves.

When examined according to the dimensions of elite-ness and exclusivity, the Bahunists in Nepal behave much like the Ku Klux Klan (at their height), in the United States of America. The Bahunists look down on other castes, they feel superior to other classes and they advocate Bahunist supremacy, non-stop.

The “beauty” of how the Bahunists operate is that they do so under the idea of democracy, inclusion, equality and social harmony. They project the image that they are for the rights of minorities, that they are for the weak and downtrodden, that they are the most democratic of all groups.

But truly, nothing could be further from the truth. Bahunists act in favour of other Bahunists. They elevate the status of only Bahunists. They represent the very core of what is rotten in Nepal’s democracy. The “Bahun-baad” phenomenon (as propagated by the Bahunists) is the single biggest threat to social harmony, to liberal democracy, to equality, and peace in Nepal.

What do you think Dor Bahadur Bista was talking about when he wrote “Fatalism and Development in Nepal?” Who do you think the International Crisis Group is referring to when they issue statements like: “Control over the peace process has not increased confidence; that all decisions were made behind closed doors by a handful of Brahman men leaves sceptics wondering if ten years of conflict has done anything to change underlying structures.”

Here’s another (more recent) quote from ICG: “So far the (peace) process has concentrated on building elite consensus at the expense of intense political debate or extensive public consultations.”

If you guessed the Bahunists (in response to all three references above), you’re absolutely right.

Who are some of the more prominent anti-Bahunists and why is their struggle not providing results?

What makes the Bahunists particularly destructive is that they are found at the top layers of every political entity in Nepal. They are at the top of the UML, they are at the top of the the Maoists, they are entrenched in the judiciary. In fact, the very core leadership of the Nepali Congress right now, are all Bahunists.

If you ever wondered about why people like Gagan Thapa, or Rabindra Shrestha (or even the JTMM) are so very annoyed with their mother organizations, it’s because they resent being subdued by the Bahunists.

If you’re still wondering why the Madhesi community’s spontaneous uprising has been so full of passion, it’s simple. It’s because the Madhesis resent all decisions of political importance being made by a congregation of Bahunists. It’s because they are sick and tired of Bahunists playing games with the future of Madhesis.

Like the Janajatis, the Madhesis know from experience who runs the mechanics of Nepal’s feudal structure. There might be an idiot at the top of the pyramid of feudalism, but the entire base of this pyramid is full of Bahunists and their sympathizers. Thank goodness Jana Aandolan-II has clarified this beyond any credible doubt.

How do Bahunists react when they face a common threat?

When Bahunists face a threat to their powerbase, they come up with conspiracies. And not just small conspiracies, but elaborate theories that span many years and multiple dimensions. To the Bahunists, any threat to their undemocratic, exclusive, power-base is explained by a sophisticated conspiracy.

Fortunately, over the past few months, Bahunist conspiracies have gotten them into more trouble than they would care to admit.

For example, when the Bahunists came up with conspiracy theories about the Madhesi uprising being part of an elaborate Royalist design, this added anger and fuel to the Madhesi uprising.

When the Maoist Bahunists (yes, the Bahunists are at the top of the pecking order within the Maoists as well) and the Bahunists in the Nepali Congress schemed to discredit the Madhesi movement, the Madhesi movement gathered even more momentum.

When the Bahunists refused to ask one of their own to resign (in order to start negotiations with the Madhesis), naturally, the Madhesis understood exactly how much “respect” the Bahunists have for the Madhesi population.

It is hilarious when Bahunists make statement about how much they have given to the Madhesi community by “allowing” them citizenship rights. This is the Bahunists’ attempt at gaining sympathy from the Madhesi community. Even more hilarious is when the Bahunists claim stake to being members of the Madhesi community (for electoral reasons).

Everyone knows that the biggest threat to continued Bahunist domination comes from movements that demand ethnic assertion, equality and proportional representation – you know, movements like the Madhesi movement and the Janajati movement.

There are thousands of examples of Royalist conspiracies that are outlined by the Bahunists (from within the Maoists and other political groups). In fact, anything that even remotely threatens the Bahunists’ hold on power, is framed as a conspiracy against democracy.

Here are some excellent examples of Bahunists in action:
Janajati Nepal Banda: Royalists in Charge (and Other Headlines)
and “Surya Bahadur Thapa Interview: Hidden Messages?

How do Bahunists react when they are under public scrutiny?

In the old days, if attacked, Bahunists would run back to their priestly duties and seek protection from Hinduism – “respect your priest, do not harm your guru, feed him well, clothe him well, bull shit, bull shit, bull shit.”

In recent times, Bahunists tend to throw money at whatever problems they are having. But when half the country’s population is rising against the Bahunists, they are finding that spending money alone, isn’t getting them relief. This is making the Bahunists extremely nervous.

Another technique Bahunists use is that they immediately mobilize their global Bahunist network, Bahunists in the media, and Bahunists across the political spectrum, to spread misinformation, to sensitize issues and to manipulate (detract) the Nepali public’s mood. As technology has grown and access to information along with it, the Bahunists have mastered the means to amplify their Bahunist cause.

What Royalists failed to understand is the distinction between love for the institution and hatred for the individual; What the Maoists understand (but intentionally ignore) is that one does not have to be a Royalist to oppose Maoist tyranny; What the Bahunists fail to understand is that whether the Maoists come to power or not, whether Nepal becomes a republic or not, the Bahunists are exposed once and for all!!

Forecasting the Future of “Bahun-baad” and the Bahunists

Of course, all “good” things come to an end. With people across Nepal awakening from the Maoist nightmare, ethnic assertion and demands for equality are at the very top of every agenda. People are demanding their rights in the most democratic way possible and such demands have caught the Bahunists off balance.

Being caught by surprise is what is bringing the Bahunists in the Nepali Congress and the Bahunists in the CPN-M together. The merger of the Bahunists from different political leanings is what is fuelling the ethnic movements across the country.

Slowly but surely, the games, the politics, the conspiracies and the machinations that underpin the “Bahun-baad” philosophy and elevate the Bahunists in Nepal, will come to an abrupt end. The days of the Bahunist democracy and Bahunist candidates representing regions that are home to other ethnic groups, are numbered. Just wait till the Constituent Assembly elections roll around.

How will the Bahunists react to this writing?

When the Bahunists read this posting (and they will most certainly read it), I am sure they will come up with one conspiracy theory after another to discredit the ideas embodied in the writing. In reading Bahunist responses, look out in particular for the following themes:

* This is a Royalist conspiracy to bring about ethnic disharmony in Nepal – Right, everything that challenges Bahunist domination is a conspiracy of some sort.

* The writing is completely flawed – it is the Chhetris, the Ranas and the Shahs who are the root of feudalism in Nepal – “238 years of the Shah dynasty, etc. Sure, that is, minus 238 years of Priests and Gurus forecasting the future of the Shah dynasty.

* The ideas captured in this article are designed specifically to derail the Constituent Assembly elections – Why in the world would we want to do that? The CA elections are guaranteed to destroy Bahunism once and for all. If anyone, it is the Bahunists who are eager to sabotage CA elections. Loss of power for the Bahunists, is a certainty.

Watch out particularly for the non-Brahmin authors who comment on the ideas articulated in the writing above. Those will be the most Bahunist responses of all.

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  1. This is By Far the Best Article I’ve Read Here (or Anywhere).
    I Have No Choice But to Admire UWB for Posting such a Hard-Hitting Piece.

  2. People dont have much choice, do they? either GP Koirala, MK Nepal or PK Dahal. jatti jogi aaye pani Kanai chireko, Be it bahunist or bahun-baadist. Gotta vote and pick the best of the Devils. Hmm… out of frying pan and into the fire. lol

  3. Oh another propaganda on UWB. Do that really matter… bahun baad or the bahun-baadist? So the current situation of Nepal is not because of the incompetent politician but because of bahun baadist. This means all those fighting and killing done by maoist was insane. They were fighting for the wrong purpose they should have killed all the bahun….

  4. Not all brahmins are bad. There are good ones as well. However, the writer is right on target in many aspects. The writer portrays the actions and behavior of our bahun leaders really well. Bahunists know who they are. If they were to read this article, it should hurt them.

    No one has articulated the present current affairs better than this writer. From beuracracy to judiciary, congress to maoists, royalists to UML, media to police are all dominated by Bahunists. I would think that with improvment in education and communication, and democracy, other castes and ethnicity will have more access to the power. Nope! instead Bahunists consolidated the power and solidified their base and used everything in their means to keep non bahunists away. On top of that, in every field where bahunists are leading, corruption and nepotism have increased. What does this tell us?

    Kudos to UWB for publishing this article.

  5. How more progressive can you get that some of my nepali peeps?

    Keep on classifying people,it will do so many wonders for Nepal.

  6. जात= जात भनेको मानिस को पेशा हो; जात ले कोहि ठुलो र सानो हुदैन
    ब्राह्मण भनेको सबै भन्दा ठुलो जात भनेको होइन, यो त एउटा अरुलाइ निस्वार्थ आध्यात्मिक सेवा गर्ने, शाकाहारि भोजन गर्ने, आफ़्नो ब्यक्तिगत सम्पत्ति मा कुनै सन्कल्प नलिने पेशा हो; हाम्रो शास्त्र मा भनेको छ;

    ब्राह्मणम् क्शेत्रियम् बिशाम शुद्राणाम परन्तप
    कर्माणि प्रविभक्तानि स्वभाव प्रव वैर्गुणै!!

    जन्म ले कोहि ब्राह्मण हुदैन, कर्म ले मात्र हुने हो; नेपाल को हाल को निलम्बित राजा को राजगुरु, दर्बार का चाकडीबाज तथा-कथित बाहुन हरु कोहि ब्राहम्ण होइनन्; माथिको परिभाशा एउटा पनि उनिहरु सग मिल्दैन; दिउसो राजा को चाकडी मा अनेकौ अपराध बुन्ने, राति राजाले दियेको गाडी मा नोकर चाकर आरे पासी सहित भट्टि मा सेकुवा र बियर धोक्ने, लोभ लालच र भौतिक नरक मा डुबेका पिचाश हरु ब्राह्मण हुदैनन्
    यि भन्दा हिमाल को फ़ेदि को गुम्बा वरि परि भेडा चराउने कर्म योगि ध्यान मार्गि सरल लामा ब्रह्मण हुन सक्दछन्! जन्म भनेको केहि होइन! कर्म को शुद्धता, जिवन शैलि को सरलता र आध्यात्मिक शुद्धता भनेको ब्रह्मण हो; यि पापि राजा को पाउ पुजा गरेर राति व्हिस्कि डकार्ने अनि छोरा छोरि बिदेश पलायन गर्ने मान्शाहारि नर-पिशाच हरु ब्राह्मण होइनन१ त्यस् अर्थमा नेपाल मा ब्रह्मण कति नै बाकि होलान

    हो, तेस्ता राजा का चाकड चोर हरु लाइ गालि गर्नु पर्छ तर यो लेख् लेख्ने लेखक अलि पुर्वाग्रहि जस्तो लाग्यो; नेपाल का चोर हरु लाइ अमेरिका को कु कुक्स क्लान सग अलिक दाज्न मिल्दैन! यि कु कुक्स क्लान हरु भनेका मान्छे को मासु खाने शैतान हुन, तेति शैतान चाहि नेपाल मा ग्यानेन्द्रे र प्रचण्डे बाहेक कोहि छैन

    अर्को कुरा धार्मिक द्रिस्टि ले हज्जारुअ बर्श देखि शान्त् नेपाल मा धार्मिक असहिश्णुता का कुरा पनि न गरिदिउन, है? सन्सार मा क्रिश्चियन् र मुसल्मान हरु १४०० सय बर्श देखि लड्दै आयेका छन्, आज को बिकसित सन्सार, अमेकिका जस्तो ठाउ झन झन् धार्मिक अन्ध् बिश्वासि हुदै गै रहेको छ; नेपाल लाइ यो रोग बाट सबै मिलेर बचाउ
    नेपाल मा पनि सबै को ध्यान राजनिति मा मात्र गै रहेको ले क्रिश्चियन् मिशिनरि र मुसल्मान् हरु पसेर धमा धम नेपालि हरु लाइ धर्म परिवर्तन् को खरिद बिक्रि गर्दै छन्
    यो सम्बन्ध मा चाहि केहि गर्नै पर्ने जस्तो छ, नभये नेपाल को सबै भन्दा पहिला आदि बासि सन्स्क्रिति सम्पूर्ण रुप मा लोप भयेर जान्छ

  7. wow, excellent job, realy liked this article. most of all written by koirala dude. hope the people engulfed in this bahunbad shiiit realize this for wellbeing n better of whole diversely cultured people living in nepal. we all r proud nepalese.

  8. My dear friends,

    This whole world is driven by 3 ‘gunas’ – characteristics. I think you all are comparing oranges with apples. Don’t get mis-judgmental on the professions vs. our innate nature. It is not the Brahmin, Chhetriya, Baisya or Sudra is any hireachical orders. It’s the social doctrine to define labour of division.

    In olden days we were what our professions were. The ‘sankars’- your identiy is all the combination of – your nature. It all comes all from the food that you eat. Who you gang out with, what your education system is. Education here doen’t mean the modern or western I am defining. It could be your home-grown knowledge. Your grand-mother given stories.

    Your thoughts make you what you are, words that you speak makes you what you are. Ravan was a born-Brahmin but look what he has become. Off course he was a great scientist but look what he did to Sita and her pure thoughts.

    The education that provides you fearlessness, unites you with the divinity, teaches you to believe in charity, giving and distributing, compassion to all being, modesty and determination, absence of pride and ego, forgiveness, fortitude and truthfullness. These are the symptoms of a well being. Now look at your surroundings- no matter where you are and identify those beings who you can trust and rely on. Make use of your OWN knowledge and truly identfy now who the real Brahman is. The Buddha within you is what you’re looking for.

    But leave all these places, politics, the country, society, family – that you’ll never find anywhere the true person in your life who can save any other human being. You have to turn towards your own innate nature. It is you who you’re looking for and can represent your inner-self. Be a leader and let this world know that you can give the world a true democracy, you are the one who can give this world a great wisdom of oneness. Rest is all BULL-SHIT.

  9. I had already read it elsewhere. Somewhere I find it little bit subjective without academic vigor. “Bahunbad” or “Bahunism” -this terms itself is a pariah for many bahuns because they perceive that it is a lathi to hit them with. Reasons are obvious becasue Bahunbad is grossly mininterpreted. It is being touted as making Bahuns jobless. This is not true. Bahunbad is divisive, discriminatory and justifies heinous actions of powerful ones. Please give a dekko at my take on bahunbad here.

  10. मनुस्मृति र अन्य हिन्दु ग्रन्थहरुमा उल्लेख गरिए अनुरुप ब्राह्मणहरु भगवान ब्रम्हाका मुखबाट पैदा भएका हुन रे, तसर्थ ब्राम्हणहरु मानव मात्रमा सर्वोत्तम हुन भन्ने सोचाई हाम्रो परम्परागत समाजमा व्याप्त छ । धर्मलाई ढाल बनाउने तत्वहरुका लागी मनुस्मृती र अन्य धार्मिक ग्रन्थका यी शब्दहरु अन्यलाई होच्याउने, खसाउने र समाजमा आफ्नो र आफ्नो जातीविशेषको वर्चश्व राख्नका लागी त्यसरी नै सहायक सिद्धहुन गयो जसरी गाँउघरमा जमिन्दारहरुका लागी तमसुकमा निरक्षर गाँउलेका घरखेत खाने ल्याप्चे सहयोग हुन पुगेको थियो । हुन त, स्वामी विवेकानन्दले बाहुन भनेको कर्मले हुन्छ जन्मले होईन भनेर नभनेका होईनन, तर आफ्ना हाली-मूहाली चलाउनेहरुका लागी न गान्धीका भनाईहरु स्वीकार्य छन न विवेकानन्दकै । यसर्थ, वाहुनवाद भनेको जातीय उच्चताका आधारमा समाजको हरेक क्षेत्रमा हाली-मूहाली चलाउन खोज्ने जातिवादीहरुले खडा गरेको गोप्य सँजाल हो र एउटा सामाजिक वितन्डा हो । भारतमा वाहुनवादका विरुद्ध गान्धी देखि लिएर पेरियारसम्मले आ-आफ्नै आन्दोलन चलाउनु परेका थिए भने नेपालमा पनि वाहुनवादी सोचलाई नष्ट गर्नका लागी प्रयास नगरिएको होईन । तर, हाम्रो नेपाली राजनितिको सन्दर्भमा भने सामाजिक क्रान्तीका नाराका रुपमा समानता, र समावेशीतालाई जति सुकै अँगालेता पनि व्यवहारमा भने वाहुनवादी सोच त्यतिकै हावी छ । पहिले जस्तो तल्लो जात र समूदायका मान्छेलाई सिधै छि:छी: दुर-दुर गर्नुका सट्टा गुपचुप रुपमा केही नबोलिकनै अन्य जातका मान्छेलाई तल पार्ने र आफ्नो जातका लाई माथी लाने रणनितिमा अहिले वाहुनवादीहरु लागेका देखिन्छन । अन्य जात-जातिका मान्छेहरु सत्ता र राजनितिमा पछाडी पर्नुका प्रमुख कारक तत्वका रुपमा उनिहरुका सँख्यात्मक कमजोरी मात्र नभएर हामी नै माथि जानु पर्छ र अरुलाई तल पार्नु पर्छ भन्ने वाहुनवादिहरुका सोच प्रमुख हो ।

  11. This is wonderful article that can very much correspond to the ground reality of Nepali politics and power.

    Just as puritans ( landed in North America from England (Anglo-saxons) to govern the terrory in the name of religion – Christian protestainism so the Bahuns from Northern India in Nepal to rule in the name of Hinduism.

    Bahunsism is the way of life of Caucasian race and Caucains need the power – power of politics, power of religion, power of money, power of sex. Their genes are coded with the power.

    Bahunism have possessed religious and political powers not only in Nepal but in all over south Asia. The most of the religious gurus of India are advocates of Bahunism. Even in Pakistan the people in power both in politics and religions are converted Muslim Bahuns.

    As a matter of fact Bahunists do not care democracy or autocracy. But what they care is the power. If the institutions of the monarchy is going to give them power then they would not mind to call the king the incarnation of the god. Devinism of the mocarchy must assure their power. So the democracy must guarantee their power share in the bodies of government – executive, legislative and judiciary. Those who do not get the power they become rebel to strike the insurgency. The Maoist People’s Revolution is one of the examples even though it has triggered so much positive and negative socio-political outcomes for change in public thinking.

    Bahunism and Hindu:

    Every on knows by this time (at list watching Mahabharata Movie, if not ever read the Bhagavat Geeta) that the attributions of Bahuna or Chetrya or any other family name (caste) are determined by the actions (way of life) of the individual or family or community.

    In none of the Vedic literature the word ‘Hindu’ exists, scholarly evidence are all over the scripts, in the library and the web. The word ‘Hindu’ was given by the Persians to the people of ‘Sindha delta’ in the beginning of the 7th century.

    Refer to Origins of the word Hindu:

    Hindu is derived from the Persian pronunciation of the Sanskrit word Sindhu (Sanskrit: सिन्धु, the name for the Indus River), located in what is now Pakistan.[13] The Persians, using the word “Hindu” for “Sindhu”, referred to the people who lived near or across the Sindhu River as “Hindus”, and their religion later became known as “Hinduism.”

    The hirarchy of Bahunism:

    Upadhya = Pujari, Puraheta (who knows vedas at list karmakanda – family ritual and puja-ajas
    Jaisi = those who did not are degraded as haliya (farmer) of Upadhya

    Kumaiya Bahun: Pandye, Panta, Bhatta, Joshi, Upreti, Paneru, etc
    Prubiaya Bahun: Bhattarai, Dhahal, Koirala, Sitaula, Dhakal, Wagle, etc

    Modern terms: Sharma for all Bahunas

    Since the Bahunism stands for power – any power at any cost with any consipirasy and insurgency! It will be good for all Nepali people if power hunger Bahuna elites seek power through competetive electoral democracy. This will be fair and just for all no matter how much descripancy will be there in the electoral procedures. At list people have chance to compete.

    The best democratic governance system for Nepal is Federal system that will give people right in the most local level to govern thier constituency through the competative electoral procedures.

    This procedures will eliminate the government employees’ appointments by the central governments to rule the constituencies of the nation – unitary or feudal oligarchic system.

    The employees of the local governments in the federal system must be the local residence of the local state. This will give opportunity to all ethnic people to jobs in their own constituencies.

    No individuals from Bhojpur are going to rule Jumla or Humla as state employees. This will eliminate a lot of Brahamins in executive, legislative and judiciary bodies of local government who live in Kathmandu and go to run the district administration, police office and court of Jumla or Doti or Taplejung. The majoriy employees of the current government of Nepal are Bahunasists.

    So there is some hope for Nepali people to share political power with the Braminists. No Braminists will have to seek power competitatively with the list nepotism and favoritism through family lobby – oligarchic lobbism.

    All Braminists democrat, royalists, Maoists, Socialists must see their power seeking genetic drives in Federal Democratic Republic. It is the ground reality that supporting monarchy or any extrime polity will not make them powerful anymore. No matter how extrimely they support monarchy they will have to step down and learn how to practice competative electoral democracy. This is the destiny of Nepal and I am sure they are smart enough to drop all the extrimist attitudes towards democracy for power in the name of the institution of monarchy and Hindu nation.

    In this modern time no Braminists have Vedic wa y of life. If there are in Nepal they will be not more than ten fingures of both human hands. The religion for Bahunists are the means to get power in the society. Everybody knows this plainly.

    Now the competative electoral democracy will be the best means for all Nepali people to get opportunity and for Braminsits to get power.

    If Braminists will find the way to get power from competative electoral democracy Nepal will move ahead for successful accomplishment of CA elections. If not as writer has pointed out the extrist Braminists will try to obstruct.

    I think CA election will be successful and Braminists in majority will support it. But when the time for the restructuring the nation under the Federal Governance Structure might bring problem.

    The Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063 that I have downloaded yesterday has still some terminoligical descripancies especially Bhaga – 18 article 143 and 144 under ‘Local autonomy governance system – “Swayetta Ganatantra and Local Nikaya”.

    It has mentioned that according to the New Federal Structure nation will have “Kirat Ganatantra (Repulic), Madhesi Ganatantra (Republic), Tamang Ganatantra (Republic), Newa Ganatantra (Republic), Tamuwan Ganatantra (Republic), Magar Ganatantra (Republic), Tharu Ganatantra (Republic), Veri-Karnali Ganatantra (Republic), and Seti-Mahakali Ganatantra (Republic).

    I have not understood the ‘Ganatantra’ and with my best knowledge I can translated it to Repulic. In my understanding under Federal System each local state should be called in Nepali ‘Prantiya Sarkar.’

    It is Nepal which will be called ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.’ Such Republic will have autonomous self-governing local state government ‘Prantiya Sarkar.’

    Also, with in the state governments (Prantiya Sarakar) there will be village and city governments which will have to some extend the autonomousity and self-governance status.

    How can this be clear to the Braminists elites in government and politics is challenging. If this gets messed up then Braminists will have old way to get the power. Again the marginalized people will remain behind.

    I hope Mr. Wagle will be able to get authenic information on it to make the young generations aware of the fact so that the fundamental federal structure will get established from the local level of governance in Nepal.

  12. Excelent article.

    Bahunism is pretty dominant all over the government power and polity of Nepal!

    The Federal government system will be fundamental to bring Braminism under fair and just democratic system. Unitary system as feudal oligarchic must be dismantled.

    This will be the solution to equilize the opportunity for all.

  13. This is really a well written and thought provoking article. I have read Dor Bahadur Bista’s book (let me remind people here, that he dissappeared soon after the book was published), but this article really puts the final nail in the coffin. If I could add that as the author has suggested that all Bahuns do not fall under this category, I would also say that there are others who are’nt “Brahmin” who do. Time for the fatalists to let go, then we will truly be a country to speak of – inclusiveness, democracy, and yes giving everybody space and meaning it.

  14. There a lot truth in the article. Well written. Can the author or somebody suggest what to do to resolve the issue of Bahun Baad.

    What do we do?? Kill all the bahuns or put in the constitution that eligibility for member of the parliament should be only non-bahuns.

    The autrocity of the Chettris is non less than that of Bahuns. The bahun baad syndrome should be applied for both these groups.

  15. Now this is wht i mean by catching the bull by its horns … this movement against bahun-baad must continue. they are the biggest obstacle to Nepal’s progress.

  16. I am a bahun and I myself say that let this bragging about caste system dissolve once and for all.

    Instead of giving a person a chance based on caste, let there be selection based on caliber.

    Thats all I have to say and lets not get tangled in some caste issue. Any Nepali must be treated equally and anyone who treats others unequally must be punished whether the person be bahun or chettri or janjati or madhesi.

    Only solution for this is to have the leaders address all the issues and amend the constitution that clearly states no discrimination based on caste. There also must be very strict punishment who exercises this caste system.

    Let us all live in peace and harmony without accusing each other based on caste.

    We are Nepali first and then janjati or madhesi or chettri or bahun.
    We have other issue to resolve like building new Nepal from the root level, striping maoist of their weapons, most important of all provide freedom and basic necessity to people of Nepal

    Jai Nepal and Pashupati Nath le sabai lai buddhi pradan garun.

  17. लेखकको ग्याने बचाउने दाउ ! प्रष्टै देखिन्छ । तर बचेको बचै हो । बिचरा ।
    हुन पनि हो । ग्याने लाई ङ्याक्ने र तिनका बाउ बाजेलाइ सजिलो गरी खान नदिने बाहुन नै हुन् । अनि किन रिस नउठोस् ? तर बाहुनलाई जति गाली गरे पनि बाहुनको केही खुल्किने होइन । किनकि बाहुनको न भाषा छ, न संस्कृति छ । पहिले परम्परामा बाँधिएर (यो खानु हुँदैन, त्यो गर्नु हुँदैन) धेरै कुरामा खुम्चिएर बसेकाहरू अहिले सबै कुरामा फुक्किएर हिँडेका छन् । सायद, अहिले गाइ खानेमा सबैभन्दा ज्यादा बाहुन नै छन् । अन्य जातकाहरू हाम्रो भाषा, हाम्रो संस्कृति भनेर कुदेका छन् । यो बाहुन छेत्रीहरूको र शक्तिमा पुगेका मतवालीहरूको चाल हो भन्ने तिन्ले खै बुझेका ? बाहुन छेत्रीहरू नेपाली पनि छाडेर अंग्रेजीको पछि दौडेदै छन् प्रगति को खोजीमा । अन्य जातहरू उल्टो बाटो हिड्दैछन ।

  18. Hats off for the author for thinking out of the box and to UWB for publishing the article. Not all Bahuns are bad and janjatis and madeshis are guilty of many shortcomings too but what an honest attempt by the author to explain the strange conditions we find ourselves in, in this ‘modern’ day. Hats off!

  19. It is amazing. This is the first time almost all the bloggers have a common view. Are Bahuns really the culprit of the chaos and ill effect in Nepalese society? The religious corruption practiced by the pundits to keep their no-good siblings continuity of the status is and has been the main issue. I do not think we can put restriction to Bahuns not to fight for election. The cultural side of praying and temple duties would still be needed. The answer is to bring up the educational and economic levels of those who are being oppressed and the new political environment is an opportunity. I am hopeful that some of the issues in this regard will be addressed.

  20. “हाम्रा नेपाल का मौलिक धर्म-सन्स्क्रिति लाइ बिदेशि जाल बाट बचाऔ”

    नेपालि दाजु भाइ दिदि बहिनि हरु

    आज २१सौ शताब्दि मा हाम्रो नेपाल को यौटै मात्र बचेखुचेको सम्पत्ति हाम्रो मौलिक सन्स्क्रिति हो! सबै जनजाति हरु एकै हुन र हामि बाहुल्यता मा बिश्वास गर्ने हज्जारौ बर्श देखि धार्मिक सहिश्णुता को सफ़ल अभ्यास गर्दै आयेका छौ
    यस्मा हामि आफ़ै भित्र एक् अर्का लाइ धर्म सम्बन्ध मा गालि गलौच गरेर अधिनायक बादी बिस्तारबादी मुसलमान र क्रिस्चियन धर्म लाइ नेपाल मा नभित्राऔ! नेपाल हिन्दु रास्ट्र हो जहा ओम् कार परिवार सदा सदा शान्तिपुर्वक रहदै आयेका छन्
    अरुकुरामा त हिन्शा भयो भयो, यो यौटा धर्म सम्बन्ध मा नेपाल शान्त रहदै आयेको मा यहा किन “शिया र सुन्नि,अनि क्रिस्चियन र यहुदि” को कहिल्यै नसकिने गोला बारि बर्साउने?

    बाहुनबाद को बिरोध आततायि ग्यानेन्द्र मै सिमित हो भन्ने त मलाइ भन्नु केहि छैन, किनकि पापि को नाश हुनै पर्छ तर यो हिन्दु धर्म बिरोधि अभियानको लागि क्रिस्चियन मिसिनरि हरु ले चलायेको शुरुवात हो भने हामि सावधान हुनु अति जरुरि छ;

    यो जातिबाद को नारा लगायेर हिन्दु धर्म लाइ क्रिस्चियन धर्म सग साट्ने साम दाम दण्ड भेद निति हो भन्ने मा धेरै शन्का गर्नु पर्छ जस्तो लाग्दैन मलाइ! तेसैले यो अन्धबिश्वासि क्रिस्चियन र मुसल्मान धर्म नेपाल पसेर भोलि हुने अशान्ति र धार्मिक लडाइ को लागि हामि समय मै सतर्क हुन अति जरुरि छ!

    याद राखौ यि बिस्तारबादी धर्म हरु को पहिलो निशाना जन-जाति हरु नै हुन्!

    १. अन्ग्रेज हरु ले जहा जहा पाइला टेके त्यहा का आदीबासी हरु लाइ या त निर्मुल पारेर मारे या तिनिहरु सबै लाइ क्रिस्चियन् धर्म मा परिवर्तन् गरे, अहिले कुनै पनि क्रिस्चियन् मुलुक मा आदीबासी भन्ने नामो निशान् समेत छैन

    २. १-२ शय बर्श अघि मात्रै अमेरिका, अस्ट्रेल्या, क्यानडा, साउथ अमेरिका देखि अफ़्रिका का दक्षिणि भाग हरु, र पुर्व मा इण्डोनेशिया सम्म क्रिस्चियन बाहेक का अरु धर्म् लाइ नामो निशान पारेर आदी बासी हरु लाइ या त दास मा परिणत गरेर् क्रिस्चियन् बनाइयो, या लाखौ को सन्ख्या मा मार्ने काम् भयो

    ३. मुसल्मान् हरु ले सातौ शताब्दि देखि दक्शिण भारत मा अफ़्घानिस्तान् देखि भारत सम्म् लाखौ को सन्ख्या मा आदीबासी हरु को बहु सान्स्क्रितिक् परम्परा र बिश्वास लाइ निर्मुल पारी, बयस्क लोग्ने मानिस हरु लाइ मारि उनिहरु का स्त्रि र बच्चा हरु लाइ दास बनायेर मुसल्मान् मा परिवर्तन् गरे

    ४. आज जनजाति हरु भनेको नेपाल मा बाहेक भरत मा पनि मासिदै गयेको छ; कसरि यो जनजाति हरु हज्जारौ बर्श् देखि सुरक्शित रह्यो? किन भने यो सबै हिन्दु धर्म को लचकता ले गर्दा हो

    ५. ब्रह्मण भनेको कर्म ले प्रमाणित गर्ने कुरा हो, यो भनेको आध्यात्मिक चिन्तन हो; कुनै पनि सम्प्रदाय को मानिस् ब्रह्मण हुन सक्छ

    ६. नेपाल को ब्रह्मण बाद वा बाहुन बाद भन्ने तत्व को अस्तित्व छैन, हो, “चाकरिबाद, शडयन्त्रबाद, भ्रस्टबाद चाकरि बाद” भन्ने चाइ छ, र यो भनेको राजाको चाकरि गर्ने मानिस को पर्यय बाचि हो, यो कुनै जात बिशेश होइन, यो शडयन्त्रबाद, भ्रस्टबाद चाकरि बादका नमूना हरु भनेका निरन्जन थापा, पशुपति भक्त महर्जन, बुद्दिमान तामाग, किर्ति निधि बिस्ट, काजि मान कन्दन्ग्वा, पिटर गिरि, लक्श्य बहादुर गुरुग, बद्रि मण्डल, टन्क ढकाल, जगत गौचन, डी बी लामा, कमल थापा आदी आदी हुन्; यस्मा सबै जात-जाति छन्!

    ७. जन्म ले माथिका मानिस जे भये पनि यिनै लाइ भने हुन्छ जे बाद भने पनि! यिनिहरु हुन् “जनताको शत्रु बाद”

    ८. यदी बाहुन बाद् भनेर “आध्यात्मिक मार्गि” पुजा पाठ मा लागेका बाहुन हरु (जाड खाने, अशुद्ध् मान्श भक्श्यण गर्ने, भ्रस्ट ब्रह्मण बाबु आमा को सन्तान बाहेक्) लाइ भनियेको हो भने नेपाल को आध्यात्मिक पतन को पराकास्ठा भयो भने हुन्छ

    ९. सच्चा आध्यात्मिक ब्राह्मण हरु ले नेपाल मा कहिले पनि शाशन गरेनन् किनकि हाम्रो धर्म मा पुजारि को भुमिका शक्तिशालि हुदैन; धर्म मा असिम सहिश्णुता भयेका ब्यक्ति कुनै आध्यात्मिक तानाशाहि हुदैन (compared to Christian and Muslim extremists)

    १०. क्रिश्चियन् हरु को पादरि भनेको राजनैतिक नेता, अत्यन्त धनि सामन्त बर्ग हुन्छ भने हिन्दु धर्म को पादरि भनेको मागि खाने दान बाट पोशित भिक्शु हुन्छ

    ११. आज को २१ सौ शताब्दि मा पनि मुसलमान हरु को पादरि “मुल्ला” भनेको “अनन्त शक्ति” भयेको राजनैतिक् र सैनिक शक्तिको चरम बिन्दु हो; मुल्ला नै सम्बिधान हो, मुल्ला नै कानून हो, मुल्ला नै सैनिक् र सिपाइ हो, हुकुम कर्ता हो; मुल्ला को कुरा काट्नु भनेको म्रित्यु दण्ड हो; यस्ता मुलुक हरु सन्सार मा पचासौ छन्; यो गति तिब्र रुपमा दिन ब दिन् बढि रहेछ

    १२. मुसलमान र क्रिस्चियन हरु को धेरै कुरा मिल्न पनि आउछ; उनिहरु पादरिको कुरा काट्ने कल्पना सम्म गर्न सक्दैनन्; मुसलमान हरु मा पादरि को कुरा काट्नु भनेको आत्महत्या हो; पादरि मुल्ला ले कसैलाइ पनि म्रित्यु दण्ड दिन सक्छ

    १३ मुस्लमान हरु को बढ्दो चाप ले गर्दा आजको शक्तिशालि पस्चिमि रास्ट्र हरु दिन ब दिन दक्शिण पन्थि धार्मिक हुदै गै रहेका छन; बिश्व धर्म को प्रतिस्पर्धा मा चरम शिखर मा पुगेको छ, धार्मिक हिन्शा अत्यन्त रुपले बढेको छ

    १४. तर बिडम्बना के भने यता नेपाल मा नेपालि हरु लाइ हिन्दु धर्मको लचिलोपना ले गर्दा आफ़्नै धर्म माथि प्रहार गरेर आफ़्नै नाश गर्दै छन्; नेपाल को समाज मा युवाको नजर मा एउटा बाहुन को के स्थान हुन्छ? “ए ए ए बाजे एता आउ त!” भनेर चोक मा बसेका अल्लारे बच्चा हरु ले उपहास गर्छन; कोहि यस्तो मान्छे नेपाल मा होला जस्ले आफ़्नो बच्चा लाइ बाहुन बाजे को पेशा मा लगाउने सपना देखेको होस्? जबकि मुसल्मान हरु को र क्रिश्चियन को पादरि को असिमित सम्मान हुन्छ

    १५. हिन्दु धर्म ले अरु कुनै धर्म, सम्प्रदाय को रिति रिवाज को आलोचना गर्दैन, दखल दिदैन, बाहुल्यता मा बिश्वास गर्छ; यस्को उल्टो मुसलमान र क्रिश्चियन् धर्म ले अरुधर्म लाइ आफ़्नो धर्म मा परिवर्तन गर्न् जुन सुकै पनि रणनिति अपनाउछन्

    १६. नेपाल को पतन को कारण बाहुन हरु भ्रस्ट हुनु, युवा पिढिमा आफ़्नो सन्स्कार प्रति आस्था नहुनु, बिदेशको नक्कल गर्नु, हिन्दु धर्म आफ़ै लचिलो हुनु र बहु सान्स्क्रितिक हुनु आदी आदी हुन्

    हामि हरु समय मै सचेत हुनु अति जरुरि छ; हामि ले सबभन्दा पहिला जातियता को बिदेशि ले थोपरेको कुरा सुन्नु हुदैन; काला र गोरा को भेदभाव, धनि र गरिब को भेद बाव बिदेशको कुनै पनि शक्तिसालि रास्ट्रमा आज पनि प्रचुर मात्रा मा छ, अनि यिनिहरु ले हाम्रो कुरा काट्ने?

    हाम्रो सन्स्क्रिति मा धार्मिक पुजारिको स्थान आध्यात्मिक सम्मन बाट सुरक्शित हुनु पर्दछ, चाहे त्यो नेवार पुजारि होस या मगर होस या धामि झाक्रि होस् या बाहुन होस्, सबै शुद्ध् आत्मा हुन्
    हाम्लाइ कुनै बिदेशि धर्म को शिक्श्या चाहियेको छैन; हाम्लाइ हाम्रा देवता हरु नै काफ़ि छन्,

    जयतु नेपाल जनजाति सस्क्रिति

  21. kaale dai,
    Don’t talk like you face. I don’t understand what you are trying to say there. You are trying to spit out just crap?

  22. This is indeed the core of what is rotten in Nepal. The people have never come so close to this and we must use this opportunity to expose and crush this disease from the country once and for all. Again we know these guys will keep evolving and tomorrow will be presented in a different light. The only way to continually check them is for all citizens, across all communities to get decent education.

  23. My two paisas worth – I have nothing to say or add! I really appreciated the article, it sounds to me like the beginning of a New Nepal indeed.

  24. “देश को सन्स्क्रिति लाइ बचाऔ, बिदेशि धर्म भगाऔ”

    १. नेपाल मा बाहुनबाद भन्ने तत्व कतै पनि हावि छैन
    २. नेपाल मा बाहुन ले भन्दा नेवार, तामाग, राइ, लिम्बु, मुसलमान, लामा, मधेशि र अन्य जन जाति ले राजा को चाकडि कम गरेका छैनन्; त्यसैले बाहुन बादि होइन “राजाबादि” भन्ने शब्द लाइ हामि सबैले घ्रिणा गर्नु पर्छ
    ३. यदि बाहुनबाद भनेर हाम्रो “आध्यात्म” लाइ भन्न खोजियेको हो भने यो नेपालको सबै भन्दा ठुलो दुर्भाग्य हुनेछ; किनकि बाहुन भन्ने यदि पुजारि को पर्यायबाचि हो भने त्यो सबै जाति मा हुन्छ; नेवार हरु मा, लामा हरु मा, किरात हरु मा, आदी सबै मा पुजारि बर्ग हुन्छ, जस्को खासै सामाजिक शक्ति हुदैन, मानिस को आस्था मात्रै हो र यो आस्थालाइ जोगाइ राख्न जरुरि छ; यदि यो आस्थालाइ हामिले अपहेलना गर्न थाल्यौ भने नेपाल क्रिस्चियन् र मुसलमान को देश हुनेछ; नेपालका जनजाति सन्स्क्रिति सदासदा का लागि अस्त हुने छन् किनकि हाम्रो आजसम्मको धार्मिक शान्ति को रहस्य साम्प्रदायिक मेलमिलाप नै हो, र क्रिस्चियन र मुसलमान आइ त्यो सब नस्ट गर्न थालिसकेको स्पस्ट छ
    ४. नेपाल धर्म निरपेक्श्य भयेको फ़ायदा क्रिस्चियन र मुसलमान लाइ मात्र छ; यो मौका छोपि उनिहरु रात दुना दिन चौगुणा बढि रहेछन्, आफ़्नो पैसा बगाइ रहेछन् र नेपाल को मौलिक सन्स्क्रिति दिन दिनै नस्ट पारिरहेछन्
    ५. नेपालि हरु लाइ जात्-जात मा फ़ुटाउने काम निश्चय रुपमा उनिहरु कै हो
    ६. हामि सबै मिलौ र यि क्रिस्चियन र मुसलमान हरु को नेपालि लाइ धर्म परिवर्तन गर्ने मिशन लाइ निरुत्साहित पारौ, देश को सन्स्क्रिति लाइ बचाऔ

  25. वाहुनवादीहरु कस्तुरी मृग जस्तै हुन। वाहुनवाद कहाँ लुकेको छ उहाँहरुलाई थाहा हुन्न। वाहुनवाद सोचमा लुकेको छ र यही सोचले हो एकात्मता लादन खोजेको नेपालमा । हिन्दु धर्म र मनुवाद वाहुनवादका उर्वर-भूमि हुन। भारतमा हिन्दुत्वको नाममा जमेको वाहुनवादलाई नेपालमा भेट्टाउनेहरु प्राज्ञहरु नै हुन। डोर वहादुर विष्ट, गोविन्द न्यौपाने, हर्क गुरुङ्ग, महेन्द्र लावती,कृष्ण भट्टचन, प्रा. कमल प्रकाश मल्ल समेतले वाहुनवादका स्पष्ट किटान गरिसकेका छन। त्यसैले, भावनामा बगेर नेपालमा वाहुनवाद छैन भन्नु भन्दा पनि प्राज्ञिक दृष्टीकोणले हेरौँँ मित्रहरु।

    धेरै जसोले वाहुनवाद छैन नेपालमा भन्नाका खातिर यतिजना प्रधानमन्त्री, यति जना मन्त्रिमात्र भएका छन नेपालमा भन्ने गर्छन। यिनै महानुभावहरु नेपालमा जातीयता भन्दा पनि शिक्षा र आर्थिक पक्ष हेर्नु पर्छ भन्ने तर्क पनि दिने गर्छन। वाहुनवादका कुरा गर्ने र मधेशी, जनजाती, दलित र महिलाका कुरा गर्नेहरुलाई वाहुनवादीहरु जहिले पनि विखन्डनवादी भन्ने गर्छन। यो भन्दा अकाट्य वाहुनवादी सोचाई अरु के होला त?

    वाहुनवाद राज्यतन्त्रलाई एकलकाँटे बनाउने निती हो भने आफु भन्दा अरुलाई नस्विकार्ने थिती पनि हो। वाहुनवाद खुल्ला रुपमा सुसँस्कृतताको रुप धारण गर्छन भने भित्री रुपमा ठूलो सामाजिक वितन्डाको रुप । वाहुनवाद जहिले पनि मेरो गोरुको वार्है टक्का गर्छ र आफ्ना भनाई र सोच मात्र अरुलाई लादने प्रयास गर्छ। वाहुनवाद आफ्ना विरोधीलाई निमिट्यान्न पार्न भ्रमको खेती गर्ने देखी लिएर धार्मीक मान्यताका आधारमा सीधै छुवाछुतमा झर्छन। वाहुनवादका रुप कति छन र स्वरुप कति छन भनि साध्य छैन र गनि साध्य छैन। तर, वाहुनवादी कस्तुरीहरु भने अहिले वाहुनवादलाई धर्म सँग जोडने प्रयास गर्दैछन र भन्दैछन नेपालमा हिन्दु धर्ममाथि हमला हुँदैछ भनेर ।

    अव को त वाहुनवादी?
    वाहुनवादीहरुमा वाहुनहरु मात्रै छैनन। नेवारहरु पनि छन, मधेशीहरु पनि छन। वाहुनवाद जीवन दर्शन बनाएकाहरु सबै तिर भेटिन्छन। तसर्थ, वाहुनवाद भनेको क्षुद्र्ता हो, पाखन्डता हो र वर्चस्वता हो। वाहुनवादीहरु काँग्रेसमा छन, एमालेमा छन, र माओवादीमा पनि छन। वाहुनवादीहरु विश्विध्यालयमा छन, बैँकमा पनि छन र निजि स्कुलमा पनि छन। राजनितिलाई पेशा बनाएर आफ्नो दुहुनो सोझ्याउने वाहुनवादीहरु नमरुन्जेल नेता भईरहन चाहन्छन भने सँस्थापनको जस बोेकेका उप-कूलपतिहरु पनि नमरुन्जेल उपकुलपति भई बस्न चाहन्छन। गिरिजाले आफु भन्दा लोकपृय हुन थाल्यो भनेर गगन थापालाई “दरबारीया” भन्नु वाहुनवादको उत्कृष्ट राजनैतिक नमूना हो भने आफुले सँस्थापन गरेको विश्वविध्यालयमा कर्मचारी सँगठनमा आवद्ध भएकै नाताले बुद्धि वहादुरलाई आत्महत्या गर्न वाध्य गर्ने सुरेश राज श्रमाको उपकूलपतित्व प्राज्ञिक क्षे्त्रमा हावी वाहुनवादको अर्को उत्कृष्ट नमूना हो। सँगठनलाई यान्तरिक जालोमा परिणत गर्दै यान्त्रिक नेतृत्व सम्हाल्ने माधव नेपालको वाहुनवादले त वाम खेमामा जरो नै गाडीसकेको छ। विचार होस वा नहोस, ढाँचाकै भरमा राजनिति गर्ने वाहुनवादी नितिले गर्दा नै देश पटक-पटक दुर्घटनामा परेका।

    एउटा कुरामा सहमत छु। वाहुनवादले वाहुनहरुलाई पनि यदाकदा आक्रमण गर्ने गरेको छ। आफ्ना हैकमका अवरोधहरु जे सुकै होसा वा जो सुकै होस, त्यसको नष्ट, ध्वस्त र अन्त्य हुनुपर्छ भन्ने वाहुनवादीहरुले वाहुनहरुलाई नै छोडेको छैन। तसर्थ, वाहुनवादको व्याख्या गर्दा वाहुनहरुमाथि आक्रमण गर्नु भन्दा पनि सोच माथि आक्रमण हुनु पर्ने हो। समावेशीताका नाममा राम्रा वाहुनहरुलाई पनि जबर्जस्ती तल झार्ने काम हुन्छ भने त्यसलाई पनि वाहुनवादी प्रयास मानिनुपर्छ। त्यसैले वाहुनवादका विरुद्ध लाग्नेहरुले आउँदो सँविधानमा निम्न कुराका लागी जोड दिने प्रयास गर्नु राम्रो होला।

    १) कुनै पार्टीमा, कुनै सरकारमा कुनै ब्यक्ति दुई अवधि भन्दा नेतृत्वमा बस्न नपाउने।

    २) नेपालको हरेक क्षे्तरको नेतृत्वले आफ्ना नातागोतालाई आफ्नो कार्यकालमा आफु सँलग्न सँस्था वा निकायमा लाभको पदमा नियुक्त गर्न नपाउने।

    वाहुनवादलाई कम गर्न यी दुई कुरामात्र सँविधानमा आए पुग्छ। निमिट्यान्न त पार्न नसकिएला तर घटाउन भने सकिन्छ।

  26. Is this article figuring only in UWB? I think this needs to be published in all newspapers FRONT PAGE in the country and let people have a national debate on it. The author has truly hit the bull’s eye and it is essential that everybody is aware of it and be a part of this debate.

  27. On the defensive end, some Bahun baadis are now ‘preaching’ on guna ‘charecters’, as seen on the comments above. Of course, preaching is another charector of Bahun-baddis, they just don’t get it.

  28. Is it Bahunbaad, or is it escapism? We have a tendency of lecturing all but taking none. We like to talk to talk. Dor Bahadur Bista is right in many ways, but anyone who reads his book thinks it is the gospel.

    I find it laughable when people think Bahunbaad is systematic and is practiced consciously. A lot of so called Bahunbaadis are in the power because others do not fill-in. Escapism leads, inaction and thus lack of initiative.

    As history is witness, every society has a dominant group at one point or other. So has the world at large. After all everyone follows the rule of evolution, the survival of the fittest. But at after some point, others left behind have to catch up.
    But that’s not possible if all we do is pass the buck to so called Bahunbaddis. Anyway who are Bahunbadis? To me Bahunbaadis are those who assume that the Bahuns have an advantage and give up, or people who overly believe in conspiracy theories and think that can’t do anything.

    Of course, the division of labor and exploitation in the name of religion has given the Bhramins and Chettris and edge in the past. But the access to education isn’t limited to only these group now. Moreover, if you do a demographic study of these group, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that there are almost equal numbers of poor and marginalized in these so called elite group.

    I am not trying to refute the author’s assertion, but arbitrary labeling and lumping does no good to anyone.

    If anything is wrong with our Nepal, it’s the too much talk and too few people to work; It’s the hypocrisy we so willing engage in.

  29. Anyone with the right state of mental equilibrium would apploud the writer of this post. It is in essence is filled with bigotry and hatred towards a particular group of people.Racially motivated articles like this are getting applause here in UWB,irrational logic rules here.Give me a scientific reason to establish your theory of Bahunism and it’s corelation with the present deteriorating situation in Nepal.

    And to the people who praise this article: your mind needs a little bit of tuning and tweaking.

  30. Mr. Shrama,

    Scientific reason? First let me give you common sense and a practical reason – Get out of your caccon and have a good look around you. What do you see? Reason enough?

  31. Well why do we generalize. Yes no one should be averse to the fact that traditional bahuns still exist who still term themselves high on earth but it is not just the mere reason for telling the root cause for everything happening in Nepal is just due to bahuns. I am a bahun but am not advocating the so-called bahunism. We should not forget that we can’t keep all eggs in a basket. The explanation elaborated is no more redundant than the Kiratis and Newars calling them Janjati despite the historical evidence that both Kiratis and Newars have ruled in Nepal as Kings. So let us not particularly point a particular ethnic group as the root of all evils. We should have a common consensus among all of us where we treat everyone equally for good deeds and bad deeds without the repercussions being discriminated on any racial ground no matter a brahmin or the so-called lowest caste. If someone from ethnic minority does something remarkable for the nation or society it should be recognized no less than when it is for someone who is of so-called upper caste not necessarily bahun all the time and if a bahun does a crime then he should be punished equally as others get punished regardless of the degree of discrimination if defined to lower it just for being of a higher caste. But the real problem in us lies between us because we speculate too much and we should not forget one thing that when we favor a particular group or community it automatically means unfavoring others. So other than pointing an individual ethnic circle we should try to maintain an equilibrium within all communities. Some odd trends and traditions will wipe off in due course of time. So a sense of unity should be instilled and yeah with due respect to the author’s write-up who even knows how to analyze the reactions even before people got to read it, if he believes that he is so much of a social reformer this trend of instilling communal feeling should come to an end.

  32. I just wish all the people so much active in writing all these comments be active in their actions.
    I don`t believe in cast system, neither do i believe in RACE.
    Very happy to know that there is so much concern about NEPAL among citizens at leas in a blog.

  33. Dear Ananata,
    Caste to be a division of labour is one big bullshit,it is a known fact that the origin of the castes its four hierarchy and the last the outcastes is the system devised and used by the Aryans to keep the race pure,which later on also became the magical talisman, a magic wand for the Brahmins to derive and appropriate undeserved power and arrogate for themselves all diabolical rights. The racial origin theory of caste is true, the gene tests have proved that, the Aryan invasion is true. The report of the CCMB Hyderabad, India has found that the genes of the so called low castes are more similar to the local tribals of the South India and differs from that of the Brahmins. The writings of the Vedic Scholars too state clearly that the lower castes are the indigenous people of the sub-continent. R.C Majumdar and others too accept that period of struggle between the Aryans and the indigenous people of the continent especially Dravidans, Austrics, Negroids and others. So the damn caste thing is related to race, and in the later periods starting from the later Vedic period it became the means for the brahmins to enslave others and to earn to feed their kids. These things even the revisionists, the hindutvadis accept, that is, the racial differences in caste, tell a Brahmin that his gene is same to that of a Chhamber, would he accept it?, so stop the nonsense of division of labour.
    Gunas- ‘thamas’ and so on, good philosophy but propounded and applied by scoundrels.

    Jai Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar. Jai Bhim!.

  34. Ok i am a bahun too. Like many other bahuns i am not proud of my cast. I went in the aandolan together with newars, madhesis, janajaatis. I know, particularly in the villages of our country, there is religious and cultural demarcation – bahuns are regarded as the highest cast. But is it their fault? Do the supporters of this article know that there are millions of bahuns in this country who live under the poverty line? Arent there so many people of other cast who are the richest businessmen or industrialists?

    I never heard from my parents, my bahun collegues or any other bahun for that matter that we must protect our bahunism. Bahunbaad does not exist. Many must have experienced that a madhesi or newar always give preference to person of their ethnicity and help each other. But bahuns are infamous for “ek arka ko khutta tanne”.

    So where is bahubaad? In fact we have Pariwarbaad, Natabaad, Kripabaad which are crippling our society.

  35. I think we all agree that janjatis and madeshis need to be integrated into the mainstream and the playing field leveled for all. That’s all. So let’s put an end to this name calling crap. It doesn’t help.

  36. The bottom line is, we are all created equal, and we should all treat each other with respect. There is no high-caste or low-caste. In fact, there isn’t any caste. Caste is a man-made concept which should never have seen the light of day. We are all Nepalis. Nothing more, nothing less. Anybody who wants to promote the creation of, or the continuation of, a caste-based society in Nepal is guilty of wishing ill upon Nepal. Anybody who creates a system of social hierarchy in Nepal is guilty of crimes against humanity in general. Anyone who works to remove the vestiges of this ill-conceived system from the depths of our psyche is the true son/daughter of Nepal.

  37. the most progressive n productive will be accepting dalits, bahuns n chettris as equal n not only allowing dalits to access to any religious or social places that was out of bound for them but letting them participate directly in it as well, maybe a priest of a temple. thats the real caste hierarchy problem to b solved but not that janjatis asking for thier demands r racist, dividing nations its thier rights. some make mistaked by including them in caste system as well cause janjatis r never a caste but a nationalitites with distinct culture, lang, religion n traditions n other stuffs. sure there r caste heirarchy probs among newars that they hav to solve….we sure r nepali collectively. think… why still we r so intact n agressive about this stuff even after 300 years of unification, even after implementing one lang, one costum one country policy, even after some forceful hinduism pressure, n other craaaps.

  38. well what do you think? it all goes back to the sankaracharya of south india. nepali kings needed them to rewrite their origin myths – as incarnations of gods so they could rule the diverse lot with iron fists. so ever since the rulers and brahmins have been cahoots – the most enduring partnership. but certainly in recent times this partnership is coming undone. various mythologies – the Mahabharata, Ramayan – are basically the tales of conquests and propaganda by the invading Aryan race. All the asuras – evil – are basically indigenous peoples of Dravidian or Australoid races. All the good guys – good – are the Aryan folks. Next time you celebrate Dashain as ‘victory of good over evil’, you know you are merely celebrating the subjugation of indigenous/tribal/aboriginal peoples by the invading Aryan race. Kiranteshwor – or Kailash or Shiva – is an indigenous icon, probably the only best symbol of Indigenous resistance to the Aryan invasion . After he married a Brahmin girl Goma / Sati, he’s been co-opted as a Hindu God. Well Bahuns they have even co-opted Lord Buddha as one of their own. They have called him an incarnation of Bishnu, just like they said the Shah king of Nepal is an incarnation of Bishnu. The Aryans are wiliest, craftiest, & foxiest race. You can see this in the leadership of the Maoists as well as that of the seven political parties. You can see this in India – Brahmins comprise may be 5-10% of India’s population but they are the ruling elites. Largest democracy – but what a sham! The only way for the marginalised to counter this is to smarten up and to chip away at the foundation of Brahminism, feudalism, caste-ism, Patriarchy, Sanskrit education, and most importantly through fighting for a right to self determination in the emerging Nepali federal republic set up.

  39. we nepelese always want to blame someone and now its bahuns huh???

    well im a proud bahun…and im proud my bahun clan has ruled over a nature everyone would be….but look at other bahuns like Bhanu bhakta ,moti ram ,Laxmi prasad devkota ,all the major doctors,engineers, lawers etc of nepal.

    Im soo proud to be a bahun…

    I have not read such a jealous article ever…just because some people did some shrudeness doesnt give u the right to a tag everyone bad ..

    And the writer seem to have a no knowledge in history i think…was unification of nepal done by bahuns ? was rana kalin a bahuns plan ? the answer is NO!!!

    just because bahuns are educated dont be so jealous…

    Why are there so many tribes and clans ..???…the answer is simple everyone has some kind of “groupism”which is very natural …so why blame only bahuns???

    Please contemplate on it coz u will hurt the sentiments of innocent bahuns and could destroy the harmony of the society too…and please from next time think before u write and do mud slinging on others…

  40. Bhutia makes a lot of sense with his comments. It’s time we marginalized people fought back against Bahun hegemony with our brains rather than our brawn. We got to admit that we don’t use our brains that much…but if we do, I know this from personal experience, we are as smart as anyone. All we need right now is a level playing field. Once this is established it’s each man/woman for himself/herself. Wouldn’t it be so nice to be rid of discrimination in one’s own homeland?

  41. Ha ha ha. Stupid bhotia and kirat trying to out smart bahuns. Do you know what they say “maoists, matawali and mandale are axis of evil?”
    भोटेको बुद्दी पैतलामा होईन भुईमा लौ जा।

  42. mp sharma…look at the condition of Nepal and most of your fellow bahuns…after so many years in power…look at what has happened in Sikkhim…it will now happen in Nepal…I think you bahunists have really outsmarted yourselves this time around! good riddance of utter rubbish like yourself.

  43. in 2007 BS under bahuns and some newars leaders established democracy in Nepal. In 2046 its again bahuns and some newars brought back democracy to the country. In 2063 under all bahun leadership nepal saw loktantra not just for bahuns but for every nepali including you bhotias and kirats. Now what are you complaining about huh? Isn’t that enough for you guys? utter rubbish huh?

  44. it wasn’t the leaders who ushered in democracy. it was the people. the leaders just took the credit for the movement and promptly proceeded to run the country to the ground. these leaders have done nothing for nepal. don’t give them credit where no credit is due. and please refrain from aligning newari leaders with the power-hogs who’ve destroyed nepal.

  45. This SPAM people have divided all Nepalis. For 238 years we were together with one identity! And now we have 28 million identities. This was the Master Game Plan of SPAM..after all they follow Indian National Congress!!!!!

    From being the most peaceful nation in the world to being the worst place on Earth. I wonder if Sudan, Somialia, etc. have so many problems.

    Shame on you all. Shoot yourself after shooting every member of SPAM!!!!! No terrorist is required in Nepal! This is my request and warning!

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