Maoist Guerilla, Without Guns, Go Out of Cantonments

Stay inside, Behave like Army if you Want to Get Paid Like ArmyThe Kathmandu Post Editorial

Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) fighters leave the Shaktikhor cantonment site in Chitwan to look for jobs outside the camp on Wednesday (21 Feb). The Maoists said their soldiers would begin leaving their camps if the government fails to provide the necessary financial assistance and upkeep. Pic by Binod Tripathi

It is definitely not as simple as it looks. The Maoist cadres who waged guerilla warfare against the government for ten years braving hunger, rain, lightening and risk to life would not desert the cantonments merely for lack of food and facilities. Moreover, Maoist cadres would not dare to walk away simply at the call of Third Division commander Bibidh and without a strong go-ahead signal from the top leadership. Otherwise, it amounts to a revolt against their high command. Whatever, it is a blatant violation of the agreement of 8 December 2006 on the Monitoring of Arms and Armies. The agreement has clearly stated that unauthorized troop movement is a violation thereof. The UN Mission in Nepal has already termed it a violation of the agreement, and also mentioned that Maoist commanders are obligated to ensure that combatants under their command return to the cantonment site without delay. So what prompted the Maoists to adopt such an extreme move at such a crucial point?

The justification offered that the desertion is for seeking a livelihood is not convincing. Finance Minister Ramsharan Mahat has made it clear that the Maoists have been provided Rs 63 million per month to feed their 35,000 combatants in the seven cantonments. This money is at par with the army and police who get Rs 60 per day per head for their food requirements. The government has also provided separate money for infrastructure development, necessary logistics, uniforms, furniture and for miscellaneous activity. In total the government has provided Rs 350 million. So, food availability should not have been a serious problem. The poor infrastructure is definitely snagging the Maoists. Ian Martin, head of UNMIN and special representative of the UN Secretary-General, has also raised the issue with seriousness. However, the living conditions should not be any reason for desertion because the weather has improved greatly since December and January.

There could be two major reasons why the Maoists deserted the cantonments. First, they have been awe-stricken by their loss of control in Madhes. They must have realized that keeping all their political cadres inside the cantonments could cost them dear in the constituent assembly election in Madhes. So, they might have unleashed their political cadres to infiltrate the villages and strengthen the party network. Secondly, they might have felt that the result of the constituent assembly elections for them might be knee-jerk if held on time. As the Maoists are unable to directly broach the idea of postponing the election, they might have taken a detour to meet their objective. There is slim chance that both these reasons are baseless. For if that is so, then the Maoist leadership has lost real control over their cadres. Should this last presumption be correct, it would be more dangerous and disastrous than the previous two.

UN Mission in Nepal: This is a breach of the Agreement

Concerned at Maoist combatants registered with the United Nations starting to leave their cantonment, the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) said Wednesday that it’s a breach of the arms agreement reached between the government, the Maoists and the UN. “UNMIN is concerned that large numbers of Maoist combatants have left the 3rd Divisional cantonment site in Chitwan today,” said Kieran Dwyer, the UNMIN spokesperson, in a statement. “This is a breach of the Agreement on Monitoring of Arms and Armies of 8 December 2006.” UNMIN has also urged the respective Maoist commanders “to ensure that combatants under their command return to the cantonment site without delay”.

The Maoist combatants had announced on Tuesday (20 Feb) that they would walk out from Shaktikhor cantonment in Chitwan, and threatened that their colleagues in all seven cantonments would begin deserting those camps from Wednesday to earn a living. Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara has said that the party leadership allowed the Maoist combatants to go outside the cantonment sites to arrange their own food and lodging. Mahara said they would return to the cantonments “after basic facilities are provided” to them.


23 responses to “Maoist Guerilla, Without Guns, Go Out of Cantonments”

  1. scoop Avatar

    Time for the government to make it clear, if this sort of behaviour is acceptable. We have given the maoists a lot (too much many say), keeping their PLA in the cantonements with the state providing the money is very little to ask for. Trying to blame the govt. for not looking after their PLA is bullcrap. Why can’t the PLA look after themselves after the money has been given already? The govt. shoudl give them a stern warning for a bloody change. If they allow such clear violations, then who is to say they will not do anything they want even after elections are held. These thugs are making a mockery of us all with their arrogance.

  2. scoop Avatar

    Let me reming everyone, the King making the democracy day statement (just words it was) was made out to be such a big damned deal by al, and the maoists PLA walking out of their camps seems to be taken far too lightly? Which is the bigger threat to us?

  3. scoop Avatar

    Where is people like this SOB Krishna Pahadi and his Civic society, – he had stern words against a powerless King’s speech and he has nothing to say to this grave turn of events – ballless, gallless, opportunistuc baun in his silly yellow dress. How can we even take a person like this seriously? – bloody comedian.

  4. Dhrube Avatar

    Scoop asks: Which is bigger threat to us?

    Of course, Gyanendra. Because if he gets a slim chance to strike back, he will do so because killing and murdering is in Your Majesty’s blood.

    But yes, Guerilla’s must be brought back to cantonment site.

  5. scoop Avatar


    really? With what weapon? You’re d#$k? The NA is under the PM. So with what? MAybe you don’t have a di$%? MAybe the King can use your empty head, stuff it with fertilizer and hurl it at us.

  6. scoop Avatar

    On another topic, while the PLA apparently goes hungry, the maoist cadres belonging to different unions are busy organising picnics to feed their faces, how about that?

  7. noname Avatar

    I am back. And I have repeated time and again, do not post logical comments towards any of the SPAMmers here. They would not, they will not react to anything logical.

    Try arguing with a stupid. He will beat you with his crap. (rephrased the entire phrase).

  8. Dhrube Avatar


    Yes, really! The process has just begun. Yesterday, the parliament passed a proposal of public importance. Now the ball is on government’s court. Government must take Gyanendra out of Narayanhitti and sack him from the post of king. Then we will deal with the Maoist guerillas, okay? Don’t worry too much about guerillas; they have left their weapons inside the box. Be assured, Maoists will not dare to get out of the cantonment with Guns.

  9. noname Avatar


    Gawd damned for gawd’s sake. We do NOT want to argue with terrorists and people who support terrorists. There is just one way to deal with you rascals: to kill you all.


    In today’s world, taking on the terrorists HEAD ON is the only solution. The more you cozy up with the terrorists. The more dirty they get with you.

  10. Dhrube Avatar

    And don’t bring out the picnic or whatever and make yourself fool okay? Why do you think relatively poor countries like India or China help other countries even though millions of their own people are under poverty line? Even the US has thousands of homeless folks but it spends billions of dollars in war or international aid. Ring any bells?

  11. scoop Avatar

    Yeah you bugger wugger Dhurbe,

    So I take it you are attending the picnic to feed your filthy face.

    By the way the picnic issue you bloody fool is directly related to the PLA going without food, and also to recent mass celebrations like that of your leader Pushpa. Where do you guys have the money for all this and none for your PLA for one square meal a day you moron? This you fool has nothing to do with millions going hungry in India, but it does have to do with Nepalis going hungry while the government is using tax payers money to feed your army, and you having a ball with the money and not feeding your army to boot, you pathetic sod. Why don’t you clash your balls together and ring your bells. That is if you got balls.

  12. scoop Avatar

    FYI Dhurbe, there are plenty of maoists outside cantonements with guns already. Is your head up your a$$?

  13. q Avatar


    you say :
    “Government must take Gyanendra out of Narayanhitti and sack him from the post of king. Then we will deal with the Maoist guerillas, okay”

    Yeah right! Either you are a maoist trying to pull a fast one, or if you are’nt the question is who will deal with the maoists – you and which gutless wonder from the SPA? Please, we have seen their performance vis a vis the maoist so far. I mean all that is missing from the likes of people like Krishna Sitaula the main person from the SPA side negotiating with the maoists is for him to unzip Prachanda’s pants and give him a BJ in front of the entire population on television while Baburam Bhattarai gives it to him from behind.

  14. Captain Crash Avatar

    It was so big issue when King tried to defend his action, but what about the prachande’s army? Government has been providing the money and all the money is spent on organising rally and hanging poster in the city and distributing the red band and tee shirt. Is that really necessary. Maoist know that they are loosing their grip in terai now they want to unleash their blood thirsty dog in the street. How long you will rule people with the fear? Maoist you dream of New Nepal but is this how you going to achieve new Nepal? It is out of control and stop entrapment. They have already ruined life of one generation with no education and providing gun.

    If you can’t control your army then f*&% off atleast was in control of his army. Prachande can not even control of his own army how is he going to control whole Nepal. It is his day dreaming of New Nepal.

    It is always easy to be rebel coz you don’t have to follow the rule you can always go against everything but when it comes to responsibility they are like scared dog hiding their tail between their legs.

    We don’t want civil war in Nepal god please help Nepali People.

  15. Kishan Avatar

    Once having enjoyed the power of gun and getting rewarded for all those killings and damages, who will like to be imprisoned in the camps? This also goes for the SPAM. Despite all the ill-management in the last 15 years, they still enjoy and have all the power, which is even a lot more than what they had in the past, including the power which used to be with the King. Thus SPAM has been rewarded as well. The loosers are the patient Nepalese as always.

    Fishing in murky water is the game of the day! The longer the situation can be dragged on, the longer the status quo will remain. International organizations also have plenty of opportunities to gain from a such a chaos, as the de-facto and self-proclaimed government will do and agree to anything to maintain their power grip.

    Very depressing haaaanh !!!!

  16. nepali_choro Avatar

    Has the govt or the UN mission publist the list of arms and moaist in the cantonments???
    Where are all the so called political leaders of the maoist???
    If you don’t support the SPAM then form a new party… if you cannot then you are another person without any vision or just another goon from the Gyane circle( or may be a member of MPRF)

  17. nepali_choro Avatar

    What I was trying to say in my earlier posting is that why aren’t there questions raged from the SPA… the maoist leaders should clarify the situation.

  18. BK,UK Avatar


    u act like moriarty,.are u staring moriarty? he prominient US ambasador or are u the same one?

    who are u referng to terrorist?

  19. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Terrorist are Maoist and SPM you asshole !! Get that in brain.

  20. sagarmatha Avatar


    What do you think SPA has that much guts to ask maoist??

    They only can make hue cry against the weak person….

  21. sos Avatar

    The PLA should immediately return back to their cantonments. Their action not only voilates the agreement but raises lots of question about their top leaders intent. They should use the money supplied by the govt. to build the infrastructure rather than acting in such manners.

  22. Moonflower Avatar

    PLA leaving cantonment appears to be part of larger plan of the Maoist leadership. The plan of action may be as follows:

    1. The YCL and the Maoists-affiliated students union created ruckus by going on rampage after the King’s statement.
    2. Pranchanda in his mass rallies have time and again states that people (Maoists cadres) will have to encircle and enter the Palace to drag the King and throw him out.
    3. The Parliament passes a resolution to punish the King for his ‘undemocratic’ statement.
    4. The 4000 PLA soldiers leaving cantonment at Shaktikhor stating amenities are not good. And sadly, Chitwan is quite near the Kathmandu.
    5. The PLA soldiers return to the cantonment giving unrealistic timeframe of two days to improve amenities.
    6. The government cannot improve things within two days which means that these soldiers are out of cantonment again.
    7. The Maoists have had hidden large cache of arms and not submitted to the UN Inspection Team.
    7. They will head towards Kathmandu with the hidden arms in the name of searching better job opportunities to enact their final and brutal action.

    Be careful Kathmanduites…Hard times stare at you

  23. noname Avatar

    Moonflower (13:17:20) :

    Great great analysis and thoughts. The only thing is “be careful Kanthmanduites” should be re-framed to “be careful Nepal”. Nepal is in for a big big turbulent times now that the SPAM warlord, terrorists and their cadres are living the Camps with(out) weapons.

    More and more are leaving the camps:

    22th February, 2007 (Thursday)

    Maoists defect from camps in Kailali as well

    By Bhola B Rana

    Kathmandu, 22 Feb: Nearly 2,000 Maoists have defected from camps in Kailali as well Thursday, Kantipur FM reports.They have gone into nearly villages seeking work opportunities.Maoists are coming out from camps in Chitwan for the second consecutive day Thursday.UN has blamed Maoists for violating a tripartite agreement.
    Government, UN and Maoist representatives are meeting in Lalitpur discuss the desertions.

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