Maoist Members of Interim Parliament

For the record: Ladies and gentlemen, mark these faces and names

By Ujir Magar in Kantipur (via eKantipur)

maoist members of parliament

maoist members of parliament

The Communist Party of Nepal- Maoist (CPN-M) has announced the names of the party’s 73 members for the Interim Legislature to be formed on January 15. Under the leadership of Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, nine central committee members, among others, will be included in the Interim Legislature. The list of the Maoist MPs comprises of representatives from women, Dalit, Madhesi, nationalities and the disabled, among others. Most of the people in the list are local Maoist leaders and members of their different sister organizations. The Maoist parliamentary team includes 29 women, 23 representatives from different nationalities, 19 Brahmins/Chhetris, 11 Dalits, 20 Madhesis, 19 family members of the martyrs, and disabled people, among others.

maoist members of parliament

maoist members of parliament

Similarly, Brahmins/Chettris have been selected from the Terai districts as well. Most women representatives are from the families of the Maoist martyrs. In addition, three members each have been taken from Rolpa and Rukum districts, where the Maoist movement had begun in 1996. Eight, four, three and one members have been selected from the Magar, Newar, Tamang and Limbu communities, respectively. Similarly, two members each from the Gurung and Rai communities have also been chosen.

maoist members of parliament

Representatives have also been chosen from the Sherpa, Rajbanshi, Darai, Kurmi and Majhi communities. Among the four deputy commanders of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army, only Janardan Sharma “Prabhakar” has been selected. Coordinator of the Maoists’ MP selection taskforce, Ram Bahadur Thapa “Badal” informed that the selection was made so as to ensure equal representation. “The selections have been made in line with the party’s policy for a federal structure,” Thapa said, “Special emphasis has been given to ensure the participation of the indigenous communities.”

The CPN-Maoist nominees are:


Krishna Bahadur Mahara Rolpa –
Dev Gurung Manang Nationalities
Dinanath Sharma Baglung –
Matrika Yadav Dhanusha Madhesi
Lokendra Bishta Rukum Nationalities
Hisila Yami Kathmandu Women/ Nationalities
Janardan Sharma Rukum –
Lekh Raj Bhatta Kailali –
Khadak Bahadur B.K Kalikot Dalit
Jayapuri Gharti Rolpa Women
Suresh Ale Tanahun Nationalities
Tilak Pariyaar Banke Dalit
Mahendra Pasvaan Siraha Dalit/ Madhesi
Prabhu Shah Rautahat Madhesi
Ramesh Danuwar Siraha Madhesi
Kamala Roka Rukum Women/ Nationalities
Padam Rai Bhojpur Nationalities
Ganga Shrestha Sindhuli Nationalities
Santosh budha Magar Rolpa Nationalities
Bhakta Bahadur Shah Jajarkot –
Hit Bahdur Tamang Nuwakot Nationalities
Ram charan Chowdhary Bardiya Madhesi (Tharuvan)
Dilip Maharjan Kathmandu Nationalities
Narayan P. Dahal Chitwan –
Bam Dev Chhetri Rupandehi –
Purna Subedi Banke Women
Uma Bhujel Gorkha Women/ Nationalities
Amrita Thapa Syangja Women/ Nationalities
Tank Aambohang Taplejung Nationalities
Dharamsheela Chapagain Jhapa Women
Narayni Devi Shrestha Bhaktapur/ Lalitpur Women/ Nationalities
Saraswati Chowdhary Saptari Women/ Madhesi
Ram Kumari Yadav Dhanusha Women/ Madhesi
Rivashi Rai Udaypur Women/ Nationalities
Satya Pahadi Dolpa Women
Shobha Kattel Chitwan Women
Dama Sharma Dang Women
Uma B.K. Kapilvastu Women/ Dalit/ Nationalities
Manju Bam Baitadi Women
Rupa Chowdhary Kailali Women/ Madhesi (Tharuvan)
Bhagwati Pradhan Sindhupalchowk Women/Nationalities
Devi Khadka Dolakha Women
Kumari Moktan Makwanpur Women/ Nationalities
Savitri Gurung Tanahun Women/ Nationalities
Balawati Sharma Baglung Women
Rupa B.K Palpa Women/ Dalit
Samjhana B.K Pyuthan Women/ Dalit
Sarala Regmi Bardiya Women
Saraswati Mohara Dailekh Women/ Dalit
Ram Ashreya Ram Parsa Madhesi/ Dalit
Tika Budhathoki Salyan Women
Nandi Sarki Dadeldhura Dalit
Mangal B.K Surkhet Dalit
Parshuram Ramtel Gorkha Dalit
Bharat Shah Mahottari Madhesi
Suryanath Yadav Saptari Madhesi
Salikram Jamkatel Dhading –
Parmanand Verma Banke Madhesi (Tharuvan)
Binod Upadhyaya Rupandehi Madhesi
Shiv Kumar Mandal Morang Madhesi
Chinak Kurmi Nawalparasi Madhesi
Ram Lotan Tiwari Kapilvastu Madhesi
Satya Narayan Bhagat Rautahat Madhesi
Indrajeet Chowdhary Dang Madhesi (Tharuvan)
Puran Rana Tharu Kanchanpur Madhesi (Tharuvan)
Purna Singh Rajbanshi Jhapa Madhesi
Ram Bahadur Shreesh Myagdi Nationalities
Sudarshan Baral Gulmi Nationalities
Suryaman Tamang Kavre Nationalities
Khim Lal Devkota Kaski –
Phurbi Sherpa Sankhuwasabha Women/ Nationalities
Sheela Yadav Bara Women/ Madhesi
Basanta Majhi Sindhuli Nationalities







45 responses to “Maoist Members of Interim Parliament”

  1. Vahsek Avatar

    Only to belong to the family of the martyrs’ would not be taken as a criterion for the nomination.

  2. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    Well, the names are out but still I don’t understand how they can be included without being elected by the Nepali junta? I thought that election was the only way to be a MP. Get elected by the people’s vote not by a government which was just given the power not elected.

    But if this will bring peace and prosperity and people can live without fear then so be it. Atleast people can go on with their life without any fear. The only thing that is left after this drama is to have all the involving parties to carry out what they have said and progress to the path of prosperity of the country. Only that would justify this drama.

    Long live peace and prosperity in Nepal.

  3. Rajesh Avatar

    Are they the next leaders of our country?

  4. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    Yeah..we have to atleast survive few more years to see more upcoming drammas!

    What were the criterion to chose the so called MP’s? Being women, or so called madhesi, or even janjaati, or widow/son… of the martyrs makes one competent enough to be a MP? What are the visions and quality of those faces? Where will they lead the country? Does picking few people from those community gonna represent the all of so called Dalits community ..or womens or so far…..?

  5. Patriot Avatar

    This list of MPs is more democratic than the earlier govt’s or the royal govt’s.

    The situation is different so questioning competence of these MPs or the manner they were selected does not lead anywhere. Lets not get into a utopian discussion now. Or else first explain how Dalits that comprise 20% of Nepal population only had 1 MP in the history of Nepal.

  6. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    In the name of the Dalit..we don’t need MP S LIKE GOLCHE SARKI….
    So you are comaring with Earlier roylistic version! I have to say nothing than! But atleast there should be some genuine criteria of selection. Whether there is lack of vison in maoist cell or internal politics or I am afraid that there is no one….
    Many of these faces are good to put an ambush; in my personal discretion! Lets give them a job of making Socket bombs in some premises of Singhdurbar and export those stuffs….. But where to export?

  7. Kumar Avatar

    So there are going to be new faces in the parliament, the question is whose leaving. Or are we heading for bigger non-representation.

  8. gooddialogue Avatar

    refreshment from dinosaurs, god Bless the leaders for doing the right thing. This is the first time in 15 years I do have a good feeling about it.

  9. guyfromktm Avatar

    after using the barrel of the gun to get 73 of their terrorists into the parliament– Matrika Yadav was heard saying yesterday that the use of the gun will not lead to anything– and he was using this to appease the JTMM which has emerged as a major force in Terai– and after basing their “people’s war” on autonomous state, Yadav was also saying that being autonomous for terai is not practical and will be detrimental– we can see how one changes ones spots as soon as one smells power– and now that they are on the verge of entering the parlimanent- they are sounding more and more like Kamal Thapa, Girija, MKP, Rabindra Nath Sharma and the likes– just another set of politicians…

  10. gooddialogue Avatar

    For now this is as good as it gets. Real people.

  11. Raj Basnet Avatar
    Raj Basnet

    Are those pictures of next corrupt leaders?

  12. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    That souls of 14000+ Martyrs are now saying “Is this what we made the ultimate sacrifice for?”

    Was murder of 14000+ fellow Nepalese necessary to get to where Maoists are now, Mr BR Bhattarai and Mr PK Dahal?

  13. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Who will pay for 14000 innocent lives now?

  14. Neil Horning Avatar

    After years and years of incompetence, corruption, and nepotism. Why is competence suddenly the only criterion for the Maoists. If they didn’t have nearly 40% women and a good representation of Dalits What would you say then?

    At any rate, my guess is that they will probably all serve as voting block anyway. I saw no indication that that the Maoists would break with “Democratic centralism.” They will discuss what their policies will be among them selves, and then all 73 will cast the same vote. Thats my prediction anyway.

  15. Rinjan Avatar

    After more than one decade civil war, Maoists have come a long way to represent them in Interim legislature. Past enthuasiam of seeing new faces from the moist’s side who are going to take part in interim legislature has now satiated us. Looking at different new faces for Member of interim parliament, it seems clever use of ways and means by the Maoist party to recognise themselves as an outstanding.
    Only using catchy word “i. e. inclusion” during speech can be easy in saying but it is thousand times difficult if it is to materialise. In that sense, Maoists are i,n some ways able to materialise it. Their performance for this time is really appreciated by all. Now, here question often arises, Has Moist really followed inclusive process? OR they just have done to gain cheap popularity in order to get votes from the people in up-coming election.
    Showing committments by party leaders and to fulfill them are different things when they start deviating. As Moists are especially representing the people from the disadvantaged group, they will not mislead people and always make decision in favour of needy people.
    Lets hope new faces will drive our country in the right track and restore long standing peace in the country and lastly, i would like to congratulate all the people representing interim legislature and wish them best of luck.

  16. Neil Horning Avatar

    I think that Hasila Yami is the person I interviewed about the garbage collection in Thamel. What do you all think? photo n text

  17. sameer Avatar

    The million dollar questin is not who from the maoists are in the parliament but what they do in the future.

    Yes, they have selected people from almost all the casts and creed, but this is their strategy to gain the people’s confidence. But we have to look for the future. Will their representatives really represent their community? will they really do that the people want and not what the “maoists” want? will they try to secure the nations peace?

    That is yet to be seen, but we are positive.

  18. Vahsek Avatar

    The new list of names of 10 is more inclusive.

  19. Neil Horning Avatar

    GuyfromKatmandu, this is the actual quote.

    “It has been proved in the past that the power of the gun is not a solution for all problems,” said Yadav, who was talking to journalists at Kalyanpur of Saptari district on Friday, adding, “Therefore I urge them to come for talk with their agenda.”

    This is not inconsistent or hypocritical at all. Simply because the Maoists believe that political power comes from guns doesn’t mean they believe Guns are the solution to all problems, as is demonstrated by all the smiling faces above. What is hypocritical is the headline that the reporter chose to put the article under.

  20. hell_supreme Avatar

    ……even if the selection was done adequately, the thing missing could be competence, skill, quality and leadership….

  21. Aalok Avatar

    Competence is essential but the competence without the proper concern leads to no solutions. Bringing concern about not concerned of the past has become the major agenda today. So bringing those voices which were never a part of the mainstream will certainly change the stance of the government in its actions and policies. You might see these new policies and actions as just popular move or essential help depending on your positions but it will certainly make people in remote part feel the change in the state.

    Democracy just does not mean MP do whatever they think appropriate. It means they take the opinions of the people whom they are representing and discuss within the political entity they are representing and only make there opinion afterward to include ’em all. Only after they should be casting their vote. This means does it really matters – whether the whole block of Maoist cast vote for one side or they are split in their opinion. Isn’t this what we see in Washington, London, Delhi?

    Representation: In then Rastriya Sava your beloved king nominated 10 people – were these people representing anybody beside king? If yes then why can’t we say that current Maoist rep. also rep.s people. If you are troubled by that then how about thinking 7 party alliance elected them as members of parliament as they use to elect 35 members to upper house from lower house members in the past. Fundamental fact is the power is always shared by those who have it whether it is in America or in Nepal. Moreover the interim parliament – which will have a life of less than 6 months is a forum for power sharing between all parties and is not a proper parliament even though it will bear the legislative responsibility.

    I am happy to see the good representation bring about by Maoist even though I am Bramhin by birth myself.

  22. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    I agree with hell-supreme.
    They are named and on what basis I don’t know. But did maoist considered that they are competent enough to lead the country and looks like they just did so as to buy vote for themselves.

    There are wifes of people who have been killed by maoist in the past and also the army. This just shows that they want vote not the competent people to lead the country. We need educated and knowledgeble people in the parliament to lead the country to prosperity.

    First of all there is no election to elect people on top of that there is no criteria to select people. This is height of incompetence. All the leaders shout about building new Nepal and this is what they come up with to built it with. They are not laying a good foundation on which Nepal can be moved forward. This again lead to same old costom that we have been seeing for past 15 years.

    May pashupati nath help Nepal.

    Well can any one suggest what might be done in this situation???? or you guys are happy with whats going on?

  23. Kirat Avatar

    only an idiot would question the competence of these people considering that the MPs since 1991 have been full time crooks.

  24. s chhantyal Avatar
    s chhantyal

    All the bahuns gonna cry foul now.

  25. Bideshi Avatar

    “only an idiot would question the competence of these people considering that the MPs since 1991 have been full time crooks. ”

    Agreed! Drawing random names from a lottery tumbler would have given us better “representatives” than the corrupt MPs we have had until now.

  26. thuram Avatar

    “only an idiot would question the competence of these people considering that the MPs since 1991 have been full time crooks. ”

    ….ok you had shit since 1991, now carry on and keep having shit…we don’t need competence…just shit

  27. thuram Avatar

    “only an idiot would question the competence of these people considering that the MPs since 1991 have been full time crooks. ”

    ….ok kirat, you had shit since 1991, now carry on and keep having shit…we don’t need competence…just shit

  28. maoist are hell!! Avatar
    maoist are hell!!

    Better dance with this :
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  29. gangster. Avatar

    u r right chnatyaal pats, they will cry all fouls now, that makes me soooo happpyyyyy…..

  30. question Avatar

    Another Bahun mentality. How do we know that they are’nt qualified? Has anybody here met any of them, or has anyone any idea what their thoughts and ideas are? Do you always need a higher degree (even a fake one) to become MP? Or are practical action oriented people required more than the theoritical ones? I personally would not vote for the maoists as I absolutely abhor their methods, but it would be advisable for other parties to folloiw their lead and make sure 60% of their seats are occupied by non-Brahmins.
    Lest we forget this is an interim legislature, and the vote is the ultimate selector for the real parliament. The maoists may have done this for popularity but noone is stopping the other parties to do the same. Very little can be achieved between now and elections, so I don’t see the how this bunch of MP’s is better or worse than the current bunch except that there is a nice ring to it when Bahuns are in the minority.

  31. Neil Horning Avatar

    I think I interviewed one of those people in Thamel two months ago. I just did a comparison on my blog. Click on my name and tell me what you think.

  32. Ironic Avatar

    The person you interviewed is Hisila Yami. She has a degree from IIT. I think there are six of them in India and are THE premier engineering college. These institutions are well known in most part of the world.

  33. B Avatar

    Question, stop this cast thing now! i am sure your’s kindda attitude is not going to help anyone or at least not anyone that has the best intentions for this country. I do agree with you that the bunch selected by the maoist can not be any worse than the ones that are occupying the parliament at the moment. And i also agree that it does look inclusive and it is nice to have common people in the parliament and the other parties should learn something from them. However, i do not trust the maoists as they are continuing their acts of atrocities and they are not being questioned by the present government. I do not believe that these acts will cease as soon as the maoists get into the government.

    But again, people like question should be a little careful while expressing his opinion (although he is free to do as he wishes) as not to generalize the entire cast living in this country. It is perfectly alright for someone to question the qualification of people who claim to represent us and are given salary by the state. You can not blame all the brahmins for what a couple of inept and corrupt leaders have done to the nation. What also needs to be realized is that you either claim that this parliament does not represent the nepali people or accept that they have been chosen by the people. If you do not think that this parliament represents nepali people then the present parliament is not legal but if u think it does, then even the brahmins have been put in power by the people and your racism is not going to change anything. At least not yet.

  34. B Avatar

    Mr. Neil, Maoists do believe that power comes from the barrel of the guns. If you watched badal’s interview on Kantipur television, he explicitly claimed that power can only be achieved through the barrell of a gun but although armed insurgency is a mjor part of change it can not be the only weapon. So, i think you twist and turn words as you like or when you like it but the bottom line is that they still believe that armed struggle is the only way to achieve freedom for the people.

  35. stoic_ros Avatar

    i want to ask with ” question ( 10:44:48)” is their any probs with “bahun”?why you are categorising people by their cast?what i think is the feelings and the behaviour is not depends upon the cast its entirely depends upon the society.dalits people can’t upthrust their life by “aarachan” giving them 33% chance on everyfield govt.have to bring such a policy to make them capable to hold the responsibilty that they get by “aarachan” otherwise only few “dalit” will get chancce remained will get nothing.thier life will remains same.

    and one more think don’t called people by their cast or by their community.remember one most be capable and qualified to hold the position.

  36. B Avatar

    And.. even among the dalits there are descriminations and there are dalits who are untouchables even among them. We need to change as a society instead of blaming one cast against the other.

  37. question Avatar

    God you all sound so defensive like cats in a corner. Listen to yourselves. Tut tut!

  38. gangster. Avatar

    hahaha bahuns r getting it hard now, go on question solta, theres a whole force behind u…..

  39. sagarmatha Avatar

    How SPAM will categories those 14,000 killed in the name insurgencies…isn’t that poved that the barrel of gun took them to their destiny???

  40. MaryMay Avatar


  41. gangster. Avatar

    there was already undeclared war against bahuns, wow, finally it is declared from this blog, prepare to march to the front guys, FORWARD MARCH…

  42. SamFromUSA Avatar

    I think we are jumping to conclusions too early. I will give them a chance to act and show what they are all about before putting any of my critism or praise. Comone people, we had seen enough of Nepali Congress and UML in the past and we know exactly what they are about. Moist deserve a chance to act on their promises.

    As far as I am concerned, it might have been though the brutal force but Nepal has changed a lot in the past 10-12 years. We had finally come out of that ‘King’s Slave Mentality’ where a stupid criminal with no intellect was a king (look at our history) and was going to be a King. The new system at least will bring new people and if we turn out to be lucky, we will get a real leader !!

  43. Ola Avatar

    25% maoists in interim parliament, that is a whole lot better than nothing. For
    now. Long live the april revolution, and don´t stop now. The peoples of Nepal are an inspiration to us all in these dark imperialist ages: Hope to all mankind.
    Ola, Norway

  44. sudan adhikari Avatar
    sudan adhikari

    I am the the relatives of uma and raj kumar bhujel.i want to knw how my father was killed.

  45. sudan adhikari Avatar
    sudan adhikari

    i m greatest lover of maoist as my father was a member of it.

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