Buddha Boy Bomjan Secure!

nepal police security to buddha boy

With 39 policemen guarding him from 9 AM to 5 PM daily, the meditating Buddha boy of Bara district, southern Nepal, must be feeling secure under the tree these days. A security committee formed to protect the boy gives him security in the morning and evening. Ram Bahadur Bamjon was seen 18 days ago after he disappeared from the meditating venue a few months ago. The committee has said that number of people thronging in to the venue to get a glimpse of the little Buddha has decreased. Ram Bahadur sports long hair these days. Pic by Updendra Lamichhane

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57 thoughts on “Buddha Boy Bomjan Secure!

  1. it seems odd! 39 policemen guarding him from 9 AM to 5 PM daily!!!
    there is no meaning to provide such a big security for nothing. our govt who can not give proper security in the capital city itself, giving such a force for that!!!!!

  2. I still doubt what the Buddha Boy is going to achieve through his continuous meditation ? Today’s world and especially our country Nepal requires a different Buddha, an individual with vision, insight, wisdom and equally practical and plausible ways to put them in motion so that his achievements could count for our progress and development. Aren’t I right?

  3. why cant people leave him alone… i cant understand what’s all the fuss about…he is doing what he think is right and if it is his wish to be left alone why the f**k is everyone thronging the place…he is just a human being ….he is not GOD…not yet at least…he’s got sword to defend himself his sister and friend to assiat him…then why 39 policemen…it is just ridiculous…and by the way he is NOT BUDDHA …so stop calling him that it takes a loooooot more than this to become buddha…he may be in his way to nirvana but that does not make him buddha he has his own name and identity…spare him that at least…

  4. 39 Policemen guard him from 9 AM to 5 PM. What will happen during the period from 5 PM to 9 AM. Nobody talk about that. That is the secret in this whole story. After 5 PM all 39 policemen go home !!!!

  5. in my opinion why are they giving security him 9 to5 only? if you want to make him secure provide your service 24 hour if it is not possible leave him alone ”IS HE UNSAFE ONLY ON DUTYTIM’ and another thing that peoples are saying him a God but he is not any god just a Tapaswi.

  6. I wish more thing come out about him. I had spread this news to my friends in India and they were really amazed by hearing it. I always wanted to see more information about it how it can be true from the medical point of view.

  7. you peoples have not lost even one coin, if the police are gurding him also fine grija parsad koirala gurd him for whole the life insted of nepal maosit

  8. well,

    after a long time he must be feeling a bit secure. but one thing has to be kept in mind that commerciliazition should not be allowed or ppl to be around him too much which may disturb him and hence let to his disappearence like before.

    take care

  9. “Why does the tapaswi need publicity?”

    Errr… he doesn’t need publicity. He hasn’t asked for publicity.
    But I think 39 policemen might be a little excessive….

    “I still doubt what the Buddha Boy is going to achieve through his continuous meditation ?”

    Enlightenment maybe?

  10. I think it is not our job to ask, what the boy is going to achieve. If he is happy with choosing this path of life, we shouldn´t bother him with criticism or with admiration. Besides, what is the definition of enlightenment or Buddha.

  11. hi we said lot we heard lot, but lest say for a while if he is god or not what ever is he we dotn need to provide any aramy or police if he wants to be medation let him do it even build a good house for him make their own arrangement. but nopolice atlist wasting about 80000 rupees for one man. nowaya. and lets not make fight in this issue public in nepal if u go to urin who ever walkign behind u they go to urin so we are that waya ( Veda) so just forget it will go awya with in itself

  12. I think it is not worth discussing about this amount of money. To be honest I don´t know what the security is for but if we start thinking about economy….
    Just think of the number of tourists and journalists, who will enter this area.
    If he really gets popular even outside of Nepal, it could only be good for Nepal to have another Lumbini (if we are talking about money).

  13. I am really confused about that boy. What he wants? what he likes to achieve? Is he really doing all these things to be ‘another buddha’? Is it neccessary to provide 39 security personnel for just a one boy where there is no any security of all the people arround the country? Who knows the exact reality of that boy? Let’s hope that everything will be clear in the near future. May be, he is right but why commercializing and why so much publicity? And, why disturbing that boy who needs peace to do meditation? I do not believe in god and do not believe in ‘chamatkar’ so i am not being able to understand about ‘buddha boy’.

  14. Bhudai Pundit, I agree with you.
    People love to talk about something uncommon.
    He, a teenage boy, started doing meditation–giving up ghar-baar. Ani media lai khaaja bho vyaapaar garna.

  15. HUna ta to inform others is the job of the media .

    “Buddha boy” “new buddha” etc titles were given my the media people to make their story sensation. Some others who wanted to cash in on Bomjan’s being uncommon.
    Don’t you agree?

  16. This is how the religiously traditional feudal minds of the government employees who are appointed to rule the people of the districts work.

    Who has given the mandate to guard the so called Buddha boy with 39 police men? Is it the mandate of the political authority or the centrally appointed government employee? We have to find out?

    If the district CDO or the governor has been elected by the people to form the body of the district administration (cabinet); if the DSP or SP or SSP has been elected as sheriff of the district by the people to handle the law and enforcement of the district (with federal decentralization democratic principle) then such waste would be questionable by the tax payers of the district and would need the electoral counsel decision from the district assembly.

    Since such is not the case of the feudal oligarchic government establishments the decision to keep Budha boy with 39 police security there is no one who will take the responsibility.

    If anyone who take such responsibility will not be punished becasue the government employee is the one who is protected by the link of his nepotism and favoritism,

    This is how Nepal has functioned and our northern neighbor states of India has the same government tradition.

    The history have proved that the teachings of Buddha which has been more adapted as modern as the Existential philosophy of modern Europe; as modern as the cognitive psychology; and has given vision and way out of the darkness of the organized religions among the intellectuals of the modern world in South Asian coutries like in Nepal is taken as just prayer and puja.

    Enen in Bhaghvata Geeta it is said that the faith or the believe that is devoid of reasoning has no Dharma. Dharma is not prayer and puja. But Dharma is the inevitable truth and the men who live a life without reasoning or whose thought, speech and action contradict themselves plunge into the wheel of their own consquences.

    The suffering of men is within his psyche. The greater the number of the self-ignored population in a soceity the deeper the backwardness.

    Men of Dharma – meaning whose thought, speech and action are integrated in their everyday life style have the vision for the society where they live in.

    This is the society Buddha teaching meant to create. Instead what happened in south Asia, especially in Nepal, Tibet and India the primitive religious practice of the local community took over the Buddha teaching turned into the pujas and ajas, yantra and mantra, superstitions and sacrifices.

    When we gonna stop sacrificing animals in the open temple. As south Asian caste system voilates Human Rights of each other and so the tradition vooilates the Animal Rights.

    You know the modern Democracy the Animal Rights legislations have been drafted. Perhaps the feudal traditionalists of Nepal will soon have to confront such legislations too.

    They these killers will say O’Bhairava, O’Kali it is curse to have Democracy in Nepal.

    The modern Democracy say if you wish like to eat the meat of the animals like chickens and goats you have a right it but the meat has to be processed hyginically from the buchery.

    But with you desire to eat meat you do not need to sacrifice to God. That has no rational of whatso ever.

    39 police guarding Buddha boy is the result of the errational mind that have been brewed with suprestions, irrational believe, or fallowing the trend for granted without single pulse of thought.

    So what you do? The founders of Democracy like Socretes said you must question the status quo and initiate the dialogue.

    Nepal is just waking up and has to go long way but she does not need to travel like the Columbus who took the boat to discover new world on the face of the earth.

    Things are right up front of Nepal and it is majority of Nepal need reasoning to get our act together – thought, speech and action.

    So let see how you initiate dailogue with it as blogers for Democratic Nepal.

  17. Vashek: I agree. The Buddha Boy hasn’t asked for anything. It’s the media and other curious people who are making this into a frenzy. The Boy just wants to meditate.
    Come to think of it, 39 policement might not be that excessive considering the amount of tourists and other people who will attempt to see/touch/disturb this boy. Besides our worthless currupt policemen have nothing better to do. Believe me they do more harm doing their usual police job…

  18. wow,
    jhapali girl…
    ur comments r really nice yar….
    i fully agree with u ..

  19. Oye Chitwane Boy,

    U use your own brain and comment about my comment. It’s not neccesary that u have to agree with me. Elaborate a bit with your head!!

  20. dear jhapali gal…
    is it necessary to have a FARAK MAT everytime?? hami nepali yehi bhayera bigreko……
    u seem so proud of ur brain…….lets meet saturday 1 pm at KUNAI THAUN ma ani have discussion…….u’ll get to know mero brain kati 6???

  21. Hearing news of Bomjan’s back, in other way, indicating stable peace in the country is not now far away. Return back of an angel of peace has again revived the hopes of Nepalese. Respecting the interests and desires of all Nepalese people , our political leaders should materialise peace process in very near future for the sake of country, rather than their own and their parties.
    It is also happy to hear that, this time security forces and the local people collectively giving protection to Bomjan for 24 hours. We should always keep in our mind that this medidating saint needs cool and peace environment. Otherwise, we again will have news of his disappearance. So, lets keep the environment peaceful and let him medidate uninterruptedly.

  22. He is meditating. Let him meditate. Don’t comment. Our comment does not count for him. Security as such may not be important. But we ought to try our best to keep knowledge of where he is. He is OURS. Gem of the whole world, onlu born in Nepal.

  23. I think he is living his own life. why man are haresting him and giving him security.

    He can safe his life . why we are distrubing him.

  24. The problem happens to be that people will go and try to touch him, worship him, stuff pedas into his mouth etc. Hence, I don’t think having the security there is a bad thing. But people in general should leave him alone.

  25. u dont have 2 read Shakespeare’s ‘Much ado about nothing.’
    as Bomon issues has been a close instance to us

  26. Guys visit krishna sen online to find info on maoists MP list. Its interesting as there are about 10 Bahuns, and rest (63) are Janjatis that include 20 Madeshis, and 30 women. WOw

  27. He has already decleared that he is not buddha. Why we are calling him buddha. But it is true that he is doing that what buddha had done to get GYAN. It is challenge to not only the neplese people but the whole peploe of this world who believe in science. Science is powerful or the sprit. How he gets energy to stay there????????????

  28. its doesn’t seems good that 39 police man is providing security for a so called “buddha” boy , but why only for 09-05 pm ? does he also get salary from the govt. of nepal ? it seems that he is doing govt. duty with more securities than even of ministers of nepal.

    i was against of this “buddha” boy.and think now the govt. have to bring out the fact related to his life otherwise people will make the jokes in the name of real “BUDDHA” like “sardar ji”.

  29. I actually don’t think he CHOSE to do all this. Whatever he’s doing and whatever is happening was meant to be and meant to happen. From what I read about, he got bitten by a poisonous snake and received no medical attention for it and he doesn’t eat nor does he drink. If I stay outside for a day or two I will be dark as hell but his skin is so light and his hair is not that long. (Unless thru those dark hours when nobody is around, he goes out and gets a fade or so) My brother’s hair will grow longer than his in a month or two and this boy has been out there nearly a year???? Things do happen to certain people…and if not, how do you think Jesus or Buddha started? Started from somebody being someone right? I don’t think the boy asked for protection. I think he is being protected because others think he will be disrupted by the public and afraid something might happen….I don’t know. From the last picture I seen of him, he looks really healthy. He acutally looks atheletically fit for somebody that doesn’t eat or drink.

  30. Lick the budda face up and down and all around…then go eat some peanuts and pop balloons…

  31. Maybe we should all do the same.

    Or maybe just follow an example or two, like shutting up for a while, for example.

    Maybe the boy thinks there’s enough people talking rubbish around him, so he has decided to meditate.

    I really hope this boy pulls through, he might even become a beacon of this world, after all, we haven’t seen anything yet. He’s just “thinking” for now.

    Tell you what though, I bet he doesn’t feel so offended by the armed protection as some people in this forum

    ‘ vot a vest ‘

  32. leave him be. let him do what he wants. he has not harmed anyone and he’s not trying to convert anyone to his way of thinking. he’s found his path and he’s bold enough to follow the path less trodden so let him be.

  33. If all the people replying with opinions were to meditate like that young man, they would perhaps find how futile what they say is. That young boy is not talking. He’s just sitting. That is on the road to enlightenment.

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