Buddha Boy Bomjan Secure!

nepal police security to buddha boy

With 39 policemen guarding him from 9 AM to 5 PM daily, the meditating Buddha boy of Bara district, southern Nepal, must be feeling secure under the tree these days. A security committee formed to protect the boy gives him security in the morning and evening. Ram Bahadur Bamjon was seen 18 days ago after he disappeared from the meditating venue a few months ago. The committee has said that number of people thronging in to the venue to get a glimpse of the little Buddha has decreased. Ram Bahadur sports long hair these days. Pic by Updendra Lamichhane






57 responses to “Buddha Boy Bomjan Secure!”

  1. Ananta Risal Avatar
    Ananta Risal

    I fully agree with Bubblebomb! He is the bomb- if explodes in the right place and make Nepal – a new entity and take in the right direction. Other bombs were just physical – Bubblebomb has a new intelligent bomb- can explode in your heart and brain! Foolow his train !

  2. Thebuwane Avatar

    Do not waste time on this , leave him alone. 2550 years before even nothing happend while prince Shidhartha was meditation in jungle . just keep quite everybody should go back to your work. Mind your own business.

  3. Zeyar Avatar

    Buddha is just a buddha. Our Buddha is not a god. dont confuse other religious. Our Buddhist have no god.

  4. worldpeace Avatar

    At every end is a new beggining, let it be remembered

  5. Elf_chick3 Avatar

    Ppl really need to leave this kid alone. He needs to be at peace, meditation is very hard and needs concentration. And u can become a Buddha at any age it doesn’t matter. Look at the first Buddha he did it in like six years so whether he’s a Buddha or not, ppl should leave that poor boy alone. I wish him luck, louds of it!

  6. melemchi boy Avatar
    melemchi boy

    let’ s hope that second Buddha will bring peace in Nepal.And we will have peace forever.

  7. mintu Avatar

    the latest on the boy
    How does he defy all known science

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