Save Rhino: Let This Animal Live


a rhino. murdered in chitwan, nepal
This rhino was found dead in a jungle in Chitwan. Pics by Narayan Sharma

a rhino. murdered
Poachers cut it’s horn and legs

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log (A blog for an animal)

What’s your relationship with a rhino in a jungle in Chitwan, Nepal? Nothing personal? You might be true but if there is something called humanity that must be extended to the animals of this world as well. You can see double standard in me because I am a non vegetarian. I eat meat just like vegetables but that doesn’t mean non vegetarians shouldn’t take part in campaigns to save Rhino (I don’t eat Rhino meat though). I was in Chitwan last week to report about International Elephant Race. A speaker in the prize distribution ceremony said, “When I was child, I used to hear the slogan “Save Tiger”. Now we don’t have tigers [in big numbers] anymore. Now we are saying “Save Rhino”. If we just talk and do nothing we won’t be able to save rhinos and we will start saying “Save Chicken”.” The speaker received clapping from the crowd as everyone in the ground (where elephants raced) seemed to be agreeing with him. Barely a week after that, we were told yesterday forest officials in Chitwan found a dead poached two weeks ago in the jungle not far from the ground. (see box news)

As I have mentioned in this article, the elephant race was overshadowed by the peoples’ concern about the safety of rare rhinos of Nepal. Everyone talked about the need to save rhino. (Tourists come to see rhino by riding elephants, they said, and we must the animal.) Hoteliers in Sauraha, tourist district in Chitwan, are seriously concerned about the recent increase in rhino killing because they feel their business will be jeopardized if tourists stopped coming to Chitwan. People are killing rhino for meager Rs. five thousands, some said, and those killers don’t know that what they sell for that amount will be sold in for thousands of dollars in international market. “We should find the poachers and provide them alternative jobs so,” another opined.

rhino in nepal
One horn rhino of Nepal like this one is being killed every week or so as Nepalis quietly watch.

I heard all sorts of conspiracy theories related to rhino poaching. One man said, “Have you given a thought why rhinos are being killed one after another after democracy was restored in Nepal in April?” He suspected that some regressive and royalist elements and smugglers having old connections with THE “murti chor” and “khag taskar” [idol thief and rhino horn smuggler] are doing all this in a coordinated manner to make it appear that the democratic government is unable to save rhinos. Some blamed Maoists for creating unnecessary obstruction to National Park security and compromising security of rhinos. Some blamed Nepali Army for not doing enough patrol in the national park and nab the poachers. “Those people who are creating hue and cry are behind rhino killings,” said one skeptic.

Whatever the conspiracy theories are, one thing is clear that political will power to save rhino is clearly lacking. It feels strange to talk about political will power in an article about rhino but this is true, if all local political players are united in their crusade to save this animal, we won’t have to turn the pages of books to show our children a rhino.

Amnestied rhino poachers at it again

By Pragati Shahi

Rhino poached yet again: Chitwan forest officials informed Tuesday (Jan 2) that they found a dead rhino two weeks ago at Saktikhor VDC. “The rhino was killed by poachers and its horn and hooves were missing,” said Babu Ram Bhandari, district forest officer. The spot where the poaching took place is nearby the Maoist cantonment at Saktikhor. “It’s about 100 metres from the main camp,” said Bhandari. Similarly, CNP officials have found an injured female rhino with a calf. The rhino has injury to its horn. How it was injured is not yet known. Rhino poaching has become rampant in recent months. Twelve rhinos have already been killed during the last five months alone.

In another development, two of the nine poachers released from jail on September 19 under a general amnesty by the cabinet were nabbed by security forces at Chitwan National Park (CPN) a few days ago, along with poaching equipment and guns. The duo, whose names are mysteriously being kept secret by the Park officials, have been detained at CNP head office at Kasara, Chitwan.

“It’s true that the duo are under our detention,” said Tikaram Adhikari, Project Manager at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC). But Adhikari said he didn’t have the names of the poachers and referred to Laxmi Manandhar, spokesperson at DNPWC. When contacted Manandhar said, “The files have been misplaced. I have to find them first to tell you the names.”

The cabinet’s decision to release the notorious poachers on the occasion of “Democracy Day” drew widespread flak from conservationists and the like. This is not the first time that a poacher released un der amnesty has been found poaching again. District Forest Office (DFO) guards had arrested four other poachers a week ago. “Among the arrested is Sukaram Bote, who was also released from jail a few years ago without completing his term,” said a DFO source. (source)

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123 responses to “Save Rhino: Let This Animal Live”

  1. jocelyn Avatar

    this is crime. how mean

  2. jocelyn Avatar


  3. Taylor McArthur Avatar
    Taylor McArthur

    This is absolutely unacceptable and very, very cruel.
    Whoever did this should be killed or in prison for life.

  4. voteecology Avatar

    Instead of voting wrong or right talking bad or good, take care each other and vote ecology.

    1. Courtney Avatar

      wow, what i pointless sentence; not really even a complete sentence. What are you trying to say? I dont get it.
      Learn the English language, please!!

  5. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    ed, member of the human race, british, european

    You are talking like the leader of BNP *Nick Griffin* the most hated person In the UK right now. Urm, its a shame people like you are working (could be….looks like!) for human race, of course, its BNP!

    Where were you when hundred and thousands of Tamils were killed and are living in hell, doesn’t it hurt you? or is it too political issue? that’s didn’t even shown in TV in UK !!!

    Why don’t you go and help people of Nepal in the India-Nepal boarder where women and children are being raped by bunch of Indian thugs.

    you know, i work in a small restaurant in Edinburgh. I provide good service to all the customers with my best politeness but in return, i get paid very small money and from the customer i only get so much humiliation most of the time *f..words, go back to your country, you are taking our jobs” etc etc

    After assessing my expenses such as council tax, income tax, gas & electricity, rent and deep recession !! now i came to the point that i should go back home maybe that will change my perception about people like you???

    I am so afraid of you, what if you close your door for me (or Nepal)???

  6. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    you have raised a very good point! yeah, why would poachers kill a rhino?? or why would anyone kill a rhino??

    Government in Nepal is rubbish, changing in every six months and do you think they care?

    I like the Idea of An organization that goes out and tranquillizes the rhinos and cuts off the horns but its the same thing, isn’t it? the party must have done that way and the people who are with weapons came to fetch the meat ! ha!

    your question,” Why would poachers kill a rhino that has no horn?”
    Oh dear! the horns were already taken off by Chinese paying a lots of money to the Government officials !!!!!

    So dramatic huh?

  7. windam Avatar

    My deeply condolences to these poor creature..

    I think we must change people’s mind personally. Starts from our friends and family.. Because if all human respect nature, there won’t be a case like this.

  8. Get In Nepal Avatar

    Wow!!!! Interesting topic and interested people. I must say one of the hit post. I agree Save Rhino!
    Actually i was also happy to read news about “Global Tiger Workshop”.
    We should preserve everything!

  9. amy Avatar

    the rhinos there are not real , although this is happening in the world and it needs to stop !

  10. Batrisyia Binte Ahmad Avatar

    Many people should not kill the animals just for the sake of the task or other stuff. People should appreciate the nature of animals. True we are scared of them, true we are not friendly to animals but at least we should not kill the animals anyhow. Appreciate the nature of animals around the world.

  11. matthew Avatar

    aww thats sooooooooooooooooooo sad.

  12. kimberley Avatar

    i think its just a waste of time killing animals that arent over populated, i think we should have a complete rhino breeding reserve, its time someone showed these pochers what they’ve done to our precious animals because what happens after all the trees are cut down the animals are going to come for us, and they will kill us all so just leave the poor animals alone, they may not have their own voice but thats why people like us are here, we are responsible for everything that breaks the natural cause of life, its time we start taking actions and fast stop the killing!!!!!

  13. lucas Avatar

    rhino’s suck

    1. rhinolover Avatar

      if rhinos suck, then why see this blog?

  14. Jolie Avatar

    idiots. poor rhinos. I almost cried when I saw this.

  15. upol Avatar

    vary sad ………..

  16. shiva Avatar

    In my view, the people who use to kill animal are not educated and may be most of the villagers are also not educated so i think they don’t know about the importance of animals. So to give the information about importane of animals WWF or government have to launched awareness program in villages. and Nepal’s government have to provide free education to the poor people and if possible should provide free education in villages.

    The animals of this country is decreasing day by day and increasing rare animals due to the poor security and co ruption . To protect rare animals and plants government have to make strong security system and should punished to those employer who are involving or helping to poachers. If the same condition is going on then the animals which are in list of rare animals or plants like in plants: yarshagumba,panch aule,serpentina,padamchal,golden michelia etc and in animals clouded leopard, bengal tigers,red panda, giant pied hornbill,one horn rhino,asiatic elephant,asiatic rock python etc will be extinct within few years. So government have to give attention in those things not in nonsense politics and not in prime minister’s sit.
    Government have to increase national parks and conservation areas to protect rare animals from being extinct and to protect other animals as well as rare plants . and need to make strick laws for poaching and tight security to protect wild animals from being extinct of rare plants and animals.

  17. shiva Avatar

    what is the weight of one horn rhino plz some answer my question i m waiting

  18. Suraj L Mishra Avatar

    Ram Ram Ram
    Bechara Nirdhoos …. Mara Gaya …. Aur Hum bus Dhekte Raheeeee….

  19. nesta Avatar

    those people who kill animals for money are totally heartless and should jailed and fined

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