Save Rhino: Let This Animal Live


a rhino. murdered in chitwan, nepal
This rhino was found dead in a jungle in Chitwan. Pics by Narayan Sharma

a rhino. murdered
Poachers cut it’s horn and legs

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log (A blog for an animal)

What’s your relationship with a rhino in a jungle in Chitwan, Nepal? Nothing personal? You might be true but if there is something called humanity that must be extended to the animals of this world as well. You can see double standard in me because I am a non vegetarian. I eat meat just like vegetables but that doesn’t mean non vegetarians shouldn’t take part in campaigns to save Rhino (I don’t eat Rhino meat though). I was in Chitwan last week to report about International Elephant Race. A speaker in the prize distribution ceremony said, “When I was child, I used to hear the slogan “Save Tiger”. Now we don’t have tigers [in big numbers] anymore. Now we are saying “Save Rhino”. If we just talk and do nothing we won’t be able to save rhinos and we will start saying “Save Chicken”.” The speaker received clapping from the crowd as everyone in the ground (where elephants raced) seemed to be agreeing with him. Barely a week after that, we were told yesterday forest officials in Chitwan found a dead poached two weeks ago in the jungle not far from the ground. (see box news)

As I have mentioned in this article, the elephant race was overshadowed by the peoples’ concern about the safety of rare rhinos of Nepal. Everyone talked about the need to save rhino. (Tourists come to see rhino by riding elephants, they said, and we must the animal.) Hoteliers in Sauraha, tourist district in Chitwan, are seriously concerned about the recent increase in rhino killing because they feel their business will be jeopardized if tourists stopped coming to Chitwan. People are killing rhino for meager Rs. five thousands, some said, and those killers don’t know that what they sell for that amount will be sold in for thousands of dollars in international market. “We should find the poachers and provide them alternative jobs so,” another opined.

rhino in nepal
One horn rhino of Nepal like this one is being killed every week or so as Nepalis quietly watch.

I heard all sorts of conspiracy theories related to rhino poaching. One man said, “Have you given a thought why rhinos are being killed one after another after democracy was restored in Nepal in April?” He suspected that some regressive and royalist elements and smugglers having old connections with THE “murti chor” and “khag taskar” [idol thief and rhino horn smuggler] are doing all this in a coordinated manner to make it appear that the democratic government is unable to save rhinos. Some blamed Maoists for creating unnecessary obstruction to National Park security and compromising security of rhinos. Some blamed Nepali Army for not doing enough patrol in the national park and nab the poachers. “Those people who are creating hue and cry are behind rhino killings,” said one skeptic.

Whatever the conspiracy theories are, one thing is clear that political will power to save rhino is clearly lacking. It feels strange to talk about political will power in an article about rhino but this is true, if all local political players are united in their crusade to save this animal, we won’t have to turn the pages of books to show our children a rhino.

Amnestied rhino poachers at it again

By Pragati Shahi

Rhino poached yet again: Chitwan forest officials informed Tuesday (Jan 2) that they found a dead rhino two weeks ago at Saktikhor VDC. “The rhino was killed by poachers and its horn and hooves were missing,” said Babu Ram Bhandari, district forest officer. The spot where the poaching took place is nearby the Maoist cantonment at Saktikhor. “It’s about 100 metres from the main camp,” said Bhandari. Similarly, CNP officials have found an injured female rhino with a calf. The rhino has injury to its horn. How it was injured is not yet known. Rhino poaching has become rampant in recent months. Twelve rhinos have already been killed during the last five months alone.

In another development, two of the nine poachers released from jail on September 19 under a general amnesty by the cabinet were nabbed by security forces at Chitwan National Park (CPN) a few days ago, along with poaching equipment and guns. The duo, whose names are mysteriously being kept secret by the Park officials, have been detained at CNP head office at Kasara, Chitwan.

“It’s true that the duo are under our detention,” said Tikaram Adhikari, Project Manager at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC). But Adhikari said he didn’t have the names of the poachers and referred to Laxmi Manandhar, spokesperson at DNPWC. When contacted Manandhar said, “The files have been misplaced. I have to find them first to tell you the names.”

The cabinet’s decision to release the notorious poachers on the occasion of “Democracy Day” drew widespread flak from conservationists and the like. This is not the first time that a poacher released un der amnesty has been found poaching again. District Forest Office (DFO) guards had arrested four other poachers a week ago. “Among the arrested is Sukaram Bote, who was also released from jail a few years ago without completing his term,” said a DFO source. (source)

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123 responses to “Save Rhino: Let This Animal Live”

  1. frnak Avatar


  2. billynomates Avatar

    What the fuck is wrong with people… there’s barely any rhinos left in the world its literally by the thousands now, and people do this to them?

  3. RazirothC.Wesker Avatar

    Esto Es Increible, Ni Los Rhinos Pueden Vivir Tranquilos. Por Que Las Personas Son Tan Abusadoras Con Los Animales? Que Ganan Con Eso? People The Animals Need Love… Yo Por Lo Menos I Love Animals, Yo No Podria Vivir Sin Ellos… Take Care, See You Around…

  4. Dialogue Avatar

    rhinos and also women they kill.
    not nice not good.
    fundraise some prisons.

  5. Sheppy Avatar

    The poor thing. Unfortunately its crime was being made of meat.

  6. entertainment ground Avatar

    these poachers will never learn, today it’s rhinos, some years from now it would be dogs or even cows, just for the sake of money they would even go for their family members as well. pathetic…

  7. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Under the circumstances, the poachers did the right thing, I suppose. They know how hard it is to save life from dangerous animal like; Tiger, Rhinos, elephants, etc etc.

    As chinese say “Human comes first than animal” that’s right. We need to supply them the sufficient necessities for locals.

    I know its sad to see any animal killed like that, but what can yo do? what the alternative to hard life. That’s supposed to be government’s responsibility and they are the one to be blamed and they are accountable for this.

    Should we keep these animal healthily?, by risking our/villagers life in danger? or should we keep these animal for Tourists?

    Don’t talk like British, they are protesting in Beijing for the student who got killed by Bulldozer…, as if the British never killed/shoot anyone!

    Stop complaining…, supply solution by understanding their problems.

  8. entertainment ground Avatar

    i have read several of joti’s comments, but this one is really weird……

  9. stef Avatar

    hey joti from schot land HOW CAN ANYONE JUSTIFY DOING THT???!!! its cruel and people like you make me sick i am 13. i understand right from wrong. how is cutting off a rhinos horn and feet normal?!! how do people need those things to live if they really needed it they would have taken the meat, but they just took the valuable parts this absoloutely infuriates me and i cant believe tht aNYONE could be blind enough to see the good in this??!!!!

  10. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland


    You are just 13. you should be doing other activities like other 13 yrs kids do.
    This place is strictly for adults. So don’t waste your time on thinking what is good and what’s bad. “Chote muh, Badi Baat”, why don’t you spend time on playing games like ; tennis, football and golf.

    good luck,

  11. entertainment ground Avatar

    this one from joti is even more weird……. hey stef, at such a tender age you have realized what’s wrong and what’s right, it’s great. keep that up..

  12. Arya Avatar

    One girl was weeping because she was raped. Perhaps if she might not have got those organs, she may have been not tormented like that.

    when i thought so, even RHINOs was crying like that, if they had not horns, they may have been alive.

    You are thinking about animals when people do so misdeeds with their family members, their parents. See so many people going to “house for old”. Hardly a human being is caring about other human being.

    I can only paraphrase one quote by Shiv Khera -If your neighbour is looted in the night and you dont go to help him, then tomorrow you may be similar victim.

    Unless humanity for all is kindled in the hearts for all, it would be difficult to tackle such problems.
    or rhino killing may stop today but only with the start of other crime and that may be more heinous.

  13. john maina Avatar
    john maina

    let there be laws that govern the Rhinos.i.e special care should be given to the animals in that we know they are most wanted by foolish people who dont see the importance and the input we get from the nature, they only want to feed their stomach out of stealing and destruction of nature.Strict measures should also be taken to anyone who is caught up poaching, that the rest are gioing to fear .Rhino ‘s like other wonderful animals HAVE a right to live!!!!!

  14. Jazzie Khan Avatar
    Jazzie Khan

    This is fuckin so sad!!!!!! The People of Nepal should get together and find who these poaches are. Its so heart-breaking to see that rhino just there, bleeding, legs cut off and dead

  15. Rayne Avatar

    Poaching is illegal and is it’s not in Nepal it should be. Just because they’re animals doesnt give anybody the right to do this.

  16. Emma Avatar

    Who could do this!!!!
    These animals never did anything to poachers
    its distgusting !!!!!!!!
    i hope they get caught one day”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. abi Avatar

    that shit is not right i hope thay burn in hell 4 what thay did.

  18. Ippo Avatar

    That is SOOO mean!! Why’d they cut off his legs? D:

  19. ranjit Avatar

    Produce 10 more Jotis and the world will soon come to an end, Rhinos, elephants, humans, politicians, maoists, everyone!!!

  20. Lola Lee Avatar
    Lola Lee

    awwww…. this is sad

  21. linz x Avatar
    linz x

    save the rhino
    what did it ever do to you
    how would you like it if some one cut you up for no reall reason
    its noot righ
    the people betta di a slow painfull death and the rote in hell fukin twats

  22. cha Avatar


    if we have people like “JOTI” then this world would have been peaceful, never had to see these things!

  23. xhin0o! Avatar

    so fucking sad 😦

    i love rhinos and this makes me sad 😦 4 real

  24. Saint199 Avatar

    You don’t need to read the text the pic’s say it all…

    We should find the poachers cut their legs off and pull their teeth out…

    something must be done…

  25. amber Avatar

    oh my gosh this is so mean!!! what in the world, who would ever do this to any animal. i mean SERIOUSLY!!!

  26. jacob Avatar

    i am soooooooooo angry that people would do this
    i h8 them they should be killed ALL OF EM
    noboady should do this 2 animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do what u can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i h8 people who do this the should be killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no joke

  27. whateva Avatar

    gosh..thts awfull..doing tht for meat and money….if they do it to harmless animals….they should have it done to them…they’ re the real beasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Heather - England Avatar
    Heather – England

    Joti- You are talking complete and utter horse shit.

    The Asian rhinoceros species are some of the most endangered animals in the world. They are rare and shy creatures. Poachers purposefully seek these animals out purely through greed.

    Its the same all over the world at the minute; everyone is looking out to make a quick buck. An alternative to hard work you say? Have you never heard that hard work is honest work? These poachers are being selfish- killing animals which are not their own and selling their body parts. Plus, how are these animals putting anyone in danger by being left alone? If we were talking about tigers or leopards maybe I could understand this, but these rhinos are not attacking people. Its the other way round!

    You speak as if the Nepalese people are pitiful for not living the same life as you. Their way of life should be respected! They have pride in their nation! You also talk down to children like they are dirt. You act like it is a bad thing that a 13 year old wants to know that these things happen in the world and to speak out and say that they think it is wrong. It is a very good thing. More young people need to know that horrible things like this happen in the world, then they might be able to save them when they are older.

    The Nepalese need to cherish this animal. England used to have big animals like bears, wolves, wild boar and giant deer, but we hunted them all to death hundreds of years ago. The people of Nepal must protect their animals, or one day they will be gone forever.

  29. Arthur Studholme Avatar
    Arthur Studholme

    Personally, I love rhinos more than anything on the whole entire world, and, when i saw this picture i almost cried. I mean, those stupid poachers should burn in hell and face never-ending pain. The rhino population is decresing rapidly because of this! I think it is appauling and, quite frankly, sick.

  30. Arthur Studholme Avatar
    Arthur Studholme

    I think that the people of nepal should torture and kill al rhino poacher, or for that matter any poachers, as to scare the poachers out of doing it… DISGUSTING.I think poachers should think about the sadness they cause and the pain theat those poor rhinos suffer from when those stupid, stupid poachers go and kill tham…. HORRIBLE!!!!!

  31. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    By getting very weak/worthless comments from people who read my comments, made believe that this blog wasn’t suitable for me anymore and therefore I decided not to bother to any of comments made by thick people and on the other hand, by participating (wasting my time with the thought less/straight-forward people) in this blog also made me realized/believed that I am so different (strong) from other participants…I mean intellectually!!! To sum up about my characteristic, I believe in different things and have a complete opposite sense of understanding than these people!!!
    And I am so proud of myself that none of these (yours) negative thoughts/comments about my view, neither break my heart nor send negative forces on me, nothing can touches me…mentally, I am too strong for that!!!

    So far, I managed myself to stay in complete absence from this blog. But today, I happened to open this blog by mistake and my eyes caught above comments made about me. For the last time, I like to spare some of my thoughts about what defines HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, HELL, PAIN, AWFUL, HARMFUL etc etc for me and what these mean to me; >>>>
    >When educated people of developed country ~ America, supported war in Iraq!
    >when American soldiers torture another human beings (not animal…like Rhinos!) inhumanly !
    >when I see / hear fetus get killed due to bombing (chemical reaction) in mother’s womb!
    >when I see, innocent (people killed) children walking with one arms, leg and with no arms on the street of Afghanistan!
    >when I see, Iraqis fate have been decided by USA
    >when I see, developing countries have been forced to comply/adopt an International laws (one sided,…which is made for USA/UK)

    not only that but (just the one example)

    >when I see, father (white father / from England/ developed country) made his own daughter to conceive his child —-that is even worse!!!

    so, HEATHER – England, grow up and be ready to face the reality, stop talking ..>utter horse shit !

    It’s not our problem to save the Rhinos or take any responsibilities to save the Rhinos for you !!! Why don’t you people (educated from developed country) save the Rhinos in your own country “England” ? your government or you have/can afford everything ???

    I am not supporting Poacher, it’s sad! but as you can see they are uneducated people (even NOT literate by Nepalese standard/language) they made a mistake!!!
    it’s our / Government’s responsibilities to educate and make them aware of these issues!!!

    Yes, every one loves animal not only you do ARTHUR Studholme!

  32. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    come on UWB…don’t you know that Obama is a president of USA now? ….let it go!!! don’t be scared!

  33. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    of course, it should be “soldiers in Gauntanamo Bay”

  34. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    UWB, i don’t know what you are waiting for? …comments awaiting moderation for 24 hours?

  35. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    …and still not published?

  36. Ha ha Avatar
    Ha ha

    Good one Joti- Scotland! Very good!

  37. jake-Canada Avatar

    To stop, if the government really wants too, all they need to do is start an environmental organization. An organization that goes out and tranquillizes the rhinos and cuts off the horns. Why would poachers kill a rhino that has no horn? The feet must surely not be worth the prized horn. I think the rhino’s wouldn’t mind losing their horn instead of their life eh.

  38. A random douche bad Avatar
    A random douche bad

    Ow, that hurts me on the leg.

  39. xxxEllenxxx Avatar

    omg this is so sad ilove rhinos:(
    fav animal:)

    y do thay do this they wudnt like it…
    the people that hav dun it

  40. olga Avatar

    This is abslolutely sick and insane to slaughter these innocent creatures. The humans'(If they can be called that, or rather two legged monsters) greed has no limits. Sometimes I think people are the worst species on this planet.

  41. kelly Avatar

    I can not understand how someone can do such a cruel and horrible thing to a poor creature. These people should die and be ashamed of themselves. Everyone pays in life and these people are going to get a little taste of their own medicine.

  42. Nellie Avatar

    that is the saddest thing i have EVER seen in my life!!

  43. marcel tim inra Avatar
    marcel tim inra

    this people must die their are so unsensible

  44. Ed, member of the human race, British, European Avatar
    Ed, member of the human race, British, European

    Personally I think you need to look at similar issues on a world-wide basis. How do you stop Afgan farmers growing Heroin? Easy, pay them to grow another, more valuable, cash crop which we Westerners buy direct from them. They benefit -more money- we benefit -no heroin.

    In a similar vein: Tourism in Nepal needs to ensure foreigh money coming into the country is distributed fairly -affluent workers and farmers don’t need to poach; The population as a whole needs to be educated on the benefits of protecting and conserving entire ecosystems -what will bring tourists to the region in the future?

    And finally, the world market in poach animal parts needs to be shut down. Chinese medicine isn’t the only factor, but it is a key factor. Any society that claims it is educated but insists ground rhino horn is an aphrodisiac must be slightly retarded scientifically. I mean, rhino horn or human hair and nails… it’s all the same protein you muppets! Eating your nail clippings does not give you a perpetual erection (unless you have some strange sexual kink). Why would rhino horn?
    Europe and the US have very strict laws regarding the import and sale of these items. Many more nations have laws concerning their import but not their sale once they are in the country. These coutries need to have more international pressure put on them to close these loop holes that encourage poaching, smuggling and sale of items from Protected species.

    And finally a personal message: Joti, if you feel so strongly that the Western world has it all wrong, and you are so proud of your cultural roots, why are you living in Scotland? Which is a part of The United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Which in turn is part of the European Union. If our system is so wrong, leave and join a coutry where your “right-thinking” and “mental strength” are appreciated…

  45. ed, member of the human race, british, european Avatar
    ed, member of the human race, british, european

    Oh, and South Africa developed a very good anti-poaching system to protect their nation parks. Very well paid rangers, who shoot on sight anyone carrying materials used in poaching or protected animal parts.
    It works for them… they now have an over population of protected elephants and rhinos in their national parks.

  46. ed, member of the human race, british, european Avatar
    ed, member of the human race, british, european

    And a personal message for Joti from Scotland

    If you despise the Western world and their way of life, why not leave Scotland -part of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and head back to where your “mental strenght” and “right-thinking” will be appreciated?

    Or is it Joti you have an undisclosed financial interest in Chinese Medicine? That insists ground keratin is an aphrodisiac? And for those not familiar with what keratin is, it is the protein that makes hair and finger nails… Oh, and Rhino horns. Makes no odds what mammal you are, the protein is all the same.

    Many years ago most of the developed world closed its doors on imports of protected animal parts… Then we passed laws where the sale of materials from protect animals is illegal… Much to the upset of Chinese herbalists who can’t sell tiger and rhino parts without facing heavy fines, confiscation of property gained through illegal sales, and prison time.

    Maybe more nations need to follow this route, and close the door on the final use of these animals?

  47. kiera Avatar


  48. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    ya kill those poachers ……… cut their legs, hands

  49. SULLI Avatar

    Kill The Bustards

  50. SULLI Avatar

    kill the kunts

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