Unconstitutional Moves of Koirala Government

By Prakash Bom in New York

The prerequisite directive for promulgating the Interim Constitution 2006 is the arms management of both Peoples’ Liberation Army and Nepali Army by the United Nations. Until then the nullification of the 1990 Constitution cannot be official. The formation of the Interim Parliament with the participation of the Maoist leaderships is legitimate after the activation of the Interim Constitution 2006. Only then the structure of the Interim government cabinet is viable. Under current political circumstances the Constitutional Council cannot be formed for hastily appointing the constitutional and diplomatic statues without these constitutional procedures for the Interim Constitution 2006 to be activated.

It should be obvious to nominee like former chief justice of the Supreme Court Bishwa Nath Upadhyay that such a hasty appointment is premature and constitutionally unthinkable in regard to the Peace Accord and the Interim Constitution. Such an attempt of Girija Prasad Koirala’s government has baffled not only the Maoist leaderships but also Nepali people. What has inspired such move to appoint constitutional and diplomatic statues immediately under the provision of the interim constitution (which is yet to be promulgated) is for all us to doubt the way our main political party politicians think to create new Democratic Nepal.

It is a time for every Nepali to safeguard the preliminary peace and democratic process no matter which political school of thoughts we belong. We must not forget our fundamental responsibility to reach our goal mandated by the people’s movement II for establishing complete democracy with thorough electoral process. This means we must not let the political party leaderships to continue with their old habits of undemocratic political practices to play politics in new Democratic Nepal. This is bizarre to nominate the Shailaja Acharya on diplomatic mission to India, who stood firmly against the People’s Movement II and supported openly the tyrant royal regime. This is dangerous move of the G P Koirala’s government to setup a lobby in India to bring back the king under ceremonial monarchy.

If the sovereignty of nation rest on the people then the nation is not these political parties’ own property to instigate same feudal oligarchic arbitrary decision making process without the electoral consensus of the people. They must realize that the time has changed and Nepali people will stand for their rights just they have done against the autocratic monarchy. The main political parties better change their old fashioned mindset and tradition that is rooted on the feudal oligarchic arbitrary rule of governance.

Since the Maoist leaderships are committed to the electoral democratic political system they must fight back to bring change for institutionalizing electoral procedures with all of us. For instance, if the Interim Constitution provides the provision for Constitutional Council to appoint constitutional and diplomatic statues without the Interim Parliamentary approval through hearing and voting procedure then we must fight back for the amendment.

The best solution to it is the institutionalizing the electoral democratic process for the Interim Prime Minister of Nepal to be appointed through the Interim Parliamentary hearing and voting process. It is only the electoral rights of people that the representatives of the Parliament have won through election have rights to appoint the constitutional and diplomatic statues of the nation.






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  1. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    It is worthless and waste of time to comment on your view!

  2. Soltini Avatar

    Well, this government must wait for important appointments till the interim government with maoist participation is formed. But it seems CPN UML is starting to play politics here. They have encouraged their student union to start protest program demanding appointment of VC in Universities including TU. Education minister is a UML guy and his recommendation has been on hold in PM’s office. So he is trying to exert pressure on PM using students that is very bad. I think that appointment also should be on hold for the time being. We should wait for a few weeks.

  3. Kirat Avatar

    Well one thing is for sure GP Koirala is no statesman, he’s a petty crook in the guise of a politician like all our politicians. Politics the last refuge of rogues and scoundrels…especially true in our dear country Nepal. People, in the next elections please make sure you don’t vote for these crooks-whether you support congress, uml or god knows what. If you do then you are crooks too!

  4. Samrat Avatar

    Ambassadorial nominations is a total failure. Even the UML, a ruling partner, has also protested this saying PM did all this on his own, without consulting them. Koirala is a failure on this.

  5. Afno Kura Avatar

    It is nothing more than the dictatorship of girija. He is trying to be another gyane of Nepal. Although the interim govt is not formed, it is not good that the major posts of responsibilites should be left vacant but there must be consultation and discussion among all of the parties including maoists. It is not the govt only formed by NC or only girija is not the sole responsible and the only one great person of Nepal, it is the govt not only made by the SPA but also it is the govt which is formed by the energy of great peoples’ movement in the Nepali history. Whatever the major decision is going to be made which impacts on the fate of Nepali people, the govt should consult with the opposition party and should be disscussed in parliament even in one party govt, it is the govt of seven parties formed after the great peoples’ movement which has a major responsibility of sustainable peace building and prosperity in Nepal transforming the decade long voilent conflict, it must be responsible towards peoples’ feelings and it must be participative of all sectors.

  6. Orbus Avatar

    Did that article above say “Maoist are COMMITTED to DEMOCRATIC political system ?” really did it say that ? Man are u stupid or blind ? Have u read the news, or do u see democracy in the following :

    1. Maoist guerrillas came out of their camps and brutally thrashed student activists of Nepal Students Union (NSU) and All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) in separate incidents in Chitwan and Udayapur respectively.

    In Chitwan, over 1000 Maoist guerrillas barged into the Rampur Agriculture Campus and thrashed NSU activists injuring 49 of them. The guerrillas descended on the campus on Monday following some differences between NSU and activists of pro-Maoist student union.

    2. Maoist forcefully ransack and manhandle police personel across the counrty.

    3. Maoist still are enlisting young children into their army by going collectively into villages and forcefully abducting kids.

    4. We hate the decision of appointment so HEY ALL NEPALIS YOU BETTER SHUT BUSINESS, SCHOOLS, TRANSPORT, because WE SAY SO.


    or else we will beat you, or worse kill you or destroy your property.

    But the Maoist HIGH COMMAND has no knowledge of whats going on, they deny everything and we believe them. WE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEM.

    FOR F**K sake, these idiots will represent nepal…hahahahahaha. And we will sit and watch while they will do as they please.
    Can someone please initiate the army and kill them mercilessly, as they obviously do not have the same mercy and feelings towards their fellow brother nepali who suffer becasue of their behavior.

  7. shailajaKarantikari Avatar

    thapa kancha: Either you have no brain to understand the logic and rational of the writer or you are the conservative feudal olgarchist which you may not have realized yourself.

    How can the complete democracy can be established without the practice of electoral democracy?

    How can the soveriegnty of people be institutionalized without the practice of electoral democracy?

    If not what kind of democracy you morans think of in Nepal?

    Perhaps you do not understand what it means to practice electoral democracy with the direct votes of the sovereign people of Nepal and the indirect votes of their representative in the Parliament or Constituent Assembly.

    Nepal must abolishion of the arbitrary appointments of all constituent and diplomatic statues.

    Unless thapa kancha father or brother are one of the nominee on the list of GP government, this procedure has to be changed with the tradition of electoral procedure on the concensus.

    If not mindless moran like thapa kancha have to be eradicated like the maleria mosquetoes.

    Here you read more reasoning of the same writer on the http://www.nynepalitimes.com/index.php?action=9&poid=20

  8. asha Avatar

    This Prakash Bom is a real Maoist in the guise of a Maoist.

  9. bhag Avatar

    For the record, Asha, you are real Concubine of King, no disguise, open secret

  10. dialogue Avatar

    how about a little middle way instead calling each other names. Everybody is nepali and so on
    work the peace for 2008

  11. B Avatar

    This bom guy is a real ass. He is as bad as Mr.Wagle himself. What constitution is he talking about? Days of doing things constitutionally are over? these are the days of political decisions. Wake Up

  12. arun Avatar

    Its time to “ghokre thyank” the old, date expired visionless leaders. We still have the same so called leaders from saat saal & satra saal.
    Gyane- Murderer, Smuggler
    Girija- Dhurta, Bhrasta, Pariwartantra
    Prachanda- Terrorists
    Makune-no courage, visionless
    Deuba- Puppet

  13. Kumar Avatar

    What grandpa GPK did may not be acceptable but Maoist should straighten their acts before they point finger to others. They can’t keep threatening and killing Nepali Janta and pretend everything is ok. It is time to set up another commission to evaluate 14yrs of political corruption and Maoist brutality.

  14. sagarmatha Avatar

    When people talk about constitution, it has become “laughing- stuff” now. All present decisions are political decsions not constitutional. So days are gone talking about “constitution”. Whatever the SPAM feels comfortable to them they passed it in the house and immediately stamped it on the bench…that is the present constitution of Nepal…

  15. B Avatar

    Guys, why does this author writes in New York beside his name on the title (Prakash Bom – in New York). What is he trying to potray by this.

    Mr. Bom i think is one of the biggest mistake this site has made. He has also contributed in the decreament of visitors on this site. I think he writes a lot of comments himself under different names. Have you guys noticed how so many comments sound a like now on this site? Since the comments are so similare real honest discussions of yesterdays are over on this site.

    If you read this guys previous posting “susspend Monarchy In Interim Constitution”, you will realize that a lot of comments that supported the author (mr.bom) are so similar that it could not have been written by two different people. This guy should go.

  16. urmilanepal Avatar

    Hey get to the point Nepali assy middle class bokas, try to undersatnad Gorkhali giddy-less macronis – with electoral democratic process – Asha will test the rushgulla of NC. This is what you all bloggers are hanging here to rushgulla chusing.

    You want the political decision in the name of Democracy by the politicians who are afraid of the electoral process once they see they gonna lose it. This is what you wish because your dads are big shots and you want them to be there without electoral voting.

    Along the lime Asha’s way of thinking are not only giddy-less but delibtrately selfish and ragat suchers in the name of Democracy.

    You can cheat one time but not all the time as your legacy of feudal oligarchic. Not it is time for people to drag all of you who do not see the light and meaning of the electoral democracy but want to have Nepali kind of democracy to keep people in the dark.

    You know your Shaila baby not gonna be the ambassidor of India. Got it.

  17. raj Avatar


    It is no more Wgle’s blog site. It is now owned by Prakash Bom by sell or not. It is no more what it used to be. So I rarely visit now here.

  18. urmilanepal Avatar

    who the giddyless are your guys and you suggesting not to visit. Gangoustor you are, tribalist you want to make your guys.

    If they believe what you Raj say to your guys then they may be sheeps of gorkhali. With this kind of dictatorship Shahs and Rajas ruled Nepal.

    If take your durasurwal and topi with you.

    If you do not agree with rational thinking for democracy – then you gukhali-gudigudi – you want your style of Nepali Democracy – matoma suhaune – you get balluwa and sink in the black hole of Nepali traditional democracy – do whatever you like do.

    Darcheruwa for Electoral Democracy…….. get Biharko ladu

    Wagle lai tarshaune Biharigundas

  19. shantikumar Avatar

    Pointless to comment on the BOM trash……

  20. shailajaKarantikari Avatar

    Get to the point and answer following questions those who speak thoughtlessly against this article by making personal attacks to the writer:

    Do you understand what it means Electoral Democratic System?

    If you do not understand this then do you beleive in continuing the feudal oligarchic establishment as it is (meaning let GP Koirala do away with his nominations without the electoral concensus)?

    Do you think GP Koirala’s government should have waited for Interim constitution to prolungated and Interim Parliament to be formulated for hearing and voting process?

    If you do not think then what do you think to have Democracy in Nepal?

    What would be the wisest way to bring Maoists to the competative democratic system through Electoral Democratic Practice or old establishment and tradition of arbitrary decision making process?

    This is my personal remark that those who have gone against the rational of this article either have not understood what it means Democracy or has understood but want to continue as it is with GP Koirala and rest of the outdated politicians.

    Nepal will not do any good either in peace process or economic development or human rights protection unless and until the complete Electoral System of Democratic practice is initiated in every levels of the government.

    So all previlleged brats like will have to compete, give up excessive possession of lands that you yourself do not till the land and so on. However, you will learn to earn honestly through competitions more than confiscations of people’s livelihood from the government. Because you are upperclass previlleged Thalus of Nepal.

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