Comrades Close Down Kathmandu

maoist kathmandu valley band

A scene from todya’s Kathmandu Valley Band by Maoists. In Gongabu Both pics by Suresh Nath Neupane

As if the city was their small shop and they were the shopkeepers, Maoists comrades have pulled down the shutter of Kathmandu. Vehicles that were on road until an hour ago (10 AM) have now suddenly disappeared. All of a sudden, Maoist cadres have taken over the “control” of the road even as Nepal police are showing their presence. People are now forced to walk on the streets. Thousands are stranded in the bus stations. Maoists said that they called the instant banda (closure) of the Kathmandu Valley to protest Nepal government’s decision to nominate 14 ambassadors for different countries including the US, India, China and Russia. It seems that the list has only the names associated with ruling parties Nepali Congress, CPN UML and Nepali Congress (Democratic). A few are from civil service. Maoists are set to join the interim government to be formed within weeks if everything goes as planned and it is obvious that they are angry with this childish decision of the current SPA government. Maoists must be accepted as crucial element of the governing structure in Nepal. There is no way Nepal can move ahead sidelining Maoists. The government has nominated staunch royalist like Sailaja Acharya and kept Maoists in dark about the nominations. And general public has to suffer because of the government’s foolishness. Yes, Maoists could have become more responsible and voiced their protest in other ways. Why can’t they hold bhok hadtal (fasting) or sit in protest? Bandas are bad. They hurt people. But we see the government more responsible in creating this situation here. Why on earth Maosits were sidelined in those crucial nominations? The government must backtrack from these nominations and move forward taking Maoists into confidence.

maoist kathmandu valley band

In Gongabu.

The ambassadorial nominees are:

1. USA–Dr Suresh Chalise (PM’s foreign affairs advisor)
2. UK–Bhagirath Basnet (Acting Foreign Secretary)
3. India–Shailaja Acharya (NC Leader)
4. Belgium–Pramesh Hamal (CPN-UML leader)
5. Russia–Surya Kiran Gurung (Parliament General Secretary)
6. Japan–Dr Ganesh Yonjan (Conservationist)
7. Thailand–Navin Prajkash Jung Shah (Former VC of TU)
8. China–Tanka Karki (CPN-UML leader)
9. Pakistan–Bal Bahadur Kunwar (Former MP, NC-D leader)
10. Bangladesh–Pradip Khatiwada (MOFA Joint-Secy)
11. Saudi Arabia–Hamid Ansari (Associated with TU)
12. Qatar—Dr Surya Kant Mishra (University Teacher)
13. Myanmar–Guna Laxmi Sharma (BK) (Health Ministry official close to CPN-UML)
14. UN Mission in Geneva–Dinesh Bhattarai (MOFA Joint-Secy)

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106 thoughts on “Comrades Close Down Kathmandu

  1. This Neil Horning is so wraped up in his who killed how many that he has become diorentated. What he needs is a round of canning by a singaporean cop.

    To that clown who was giving a speel about foregin aid:
    Foregin aid is a load of horse crap! You might come from a country that gives foregin aid but I know very well how the foregin aid business works. And its just the biggest load of bull sh*t…. out of the $10 million or whatever amount your government gives 80% of that will be spent on salaries of staff (expatriates), salaries of workers at the head office etc. basically about 5% of that money actually goes where it is suppose to go… even 5% might be pushing it. The whole foregin aid business is just a way create employment for your people so can come to a third world country and live like a King.
    Your country on the other hand looks like a savior and when they impose trade barriers to protect your farmers and local industies no one says sh*t. So if you are sipping on your $3 latte and listening to your ipod and thinking how your tax dollars are saving the world .. think again buddy!

  2. will the terrorists who have so much been used to use of force ever entertain any form of bandhs that may be called to vent discontentment of the people during the time the terrorist may be holding power in Nepal(if that day ever comes) or will they use their usual violent means to smother any voice that will be raised agaisnt them? Will the aspiring-president-to-be Pushpa Kamal ever allow tyres to be burnt on the streets to protest against any myopic decisions that he might take? Remember what happened in Kupondole not so long ago? Locals had come out to proterst against the terrorists atrocities and they were chased away by the maoist militia hooligans. It may have been People’s revolution, but what has hasn’t subsequently is not at all for the People. It is only for those who have power. And temporarily, it is the terrorist who seem to be pwoerful enough to be calling all the shots. But, for how long?

  3. here is what Pushpa Kamal so predictably said:
    “If someone takes our flexibility for the peace process as our weakness … we are ready to take strong action at any time. If the government continues to break agreements from the higher level, we are not only compelled to practice patience from our side,”

    what he is forgetting is that both SPA and his terrorist group are forgetting that the silence of the Nepalese people also can’t be taken as intimidated or flexibility– if either SPA or the terrorists or SPAM together, go against the aspirations of the people, then we will all be forced to come out to the streets and ensure that the likes of Pushpa Kamal, Baburam, Girija, Mahara, Ram Kumar, MKN, Oli, Amik and other corrupt fatsos will join the ranks of Gyanendra in oblivion. So, don’t think the people will just bow to every draconic doctrine that either SPA or the terrorists will coem up with. If we need another name-the-month revolution to get rid of all of these dishonest people, then let there be it.

  4. Bhudai I’m not sure why you think I need a caning when you fundamentally agree with me. The tourist is out to lunch. I would say the only thing from America that may have done any good in Nepal is the Peace Corps. That was pulled out for no particularly good reason.

  5. “That was pulled out for no particularly good reason. ” Mr. Neil, the Maoists murdered two American Embassy staffers in cold blood in Katmandu. Do you think that Peace Corp volunteers in the rural areas would have been any safer from the terrorists? Your preposterous allegations are laughable. What planet are you from?

  6. “Remember what happened in Kupondole not so long ago? Locals had come out to proterst against the terrorists atrocities and they were chased away by the maoist militia hooligans. ”

    My how the times have changed. In the days of Madhur Rana ,”Maharaja of Kupondole”, the hooligans would have been severely dealt with and never threatened society again. Today the Police and Army are hiding behind walls in fear of the criminal gangs of terrorist thugs. It is like in the last days of Rome with the barbarians at the gate and the corrupt senators and generals facing their miserable ends. The dark age of barbarism that followed the fall of Rome and civilization lasted a thousand years. Nepal is now facing a dark age worse than anything known under the Ranas or Shahs.

  7. Neil: I am sure I do, I just sort of over reacted on that post – wasn’t really thinking.
    I don’t blame foregin aid for ruining Nepal or anything… I just get a little peeved when some people put up this attitidu that their country is like the savior and we Nepalese should feel really grateful because he/her tax dollar is used to provide aid to Nepal.
    I don’t understand why you think they were pulled out for no reason. Given the security circumstances what do you expect?

    GuyfromKTM: I sure you are right man. These damn Maoists come out of the jungles and now these fcuking junglis want amabssadorial positions in important countries? So now we are going to send communist murderers as our ambasssadors? I have seen the SPA nominations and some of those nominees are incompenant nincompoops however, they are still better than any dman Maoists!!

  8. Shaileja’s men are all with arms in this blog. What the heck is going on here? Don’s you see the bigger consiperacy here? “Rajdu” Niyukti is just a tip of an Iceburg you stupid bootlickers

    Bunch of idiots here with no brains. Cursing maosits for no reason whatsoever. These are the people who sent hoologans to the otherwise peace-full rallies. The Kingg and his hench men were involved in tyre burning and igniting the people. People like Bhudai Pundit be feeling pain as their says are over and millions of rural people will prevail. Kamal Thapa’s brother thapa kancha will be put in trial for his deeds and people like Bideshi should better remain in Bidesh…you are no good for Nepal and Nepal do not need rascals like you. Like Neil said US has always remained problem for Nepal

  9. Neil Horning: Your mind is crooked. The Maoists are the ones to start this war. before 1996, the army was inside barracks playng volleyball. They were not killing anyone. Were they? So, the 13,000 people that were killed in the decade long war were ALL killed by the Maoists.

  10. bhag:
    I am sorry for my mistake, you are the ones with all the brains. The Maoists are doing a wonderful job! I don’t know why I am cursing the Maoists “for no reason” – just a temporary moment of insanity I apologize. I should thank the Maoists for their struggle, hard work and dedication. They have helped rural Nepalis. After the Maoist movement started the lives of rural Nepalis have improved thousand fold. They are the true heros uplifting the ‘people.’ All that stuff about the displaced, tortured people, the destruction of insfrustuture, abduction of school children etc. are just lies created by the King’s henchmen to dicredit the Maoists. I don’t know why I believed those lies.
    We should have people like you running things in Nepal. Nepal would be like Singapore in no time.

  11. asha:
    I tend to agree with you but the way in which the RNA conducted itself was not correct either. The RNA is rigged with many problems and some major reforms are needed. While they didn’t start the war, they abused their powers in the villages. For the villagers the Moaist and the army were euqally brutal. Being an agent of the state this is unacceptable from the RNA.

  12. “like Bideshi should better remain in Bidesh…”

    I’m so sorry Bhag Bai, it’s too late. I’m already legal Nepali now and you’re stuck with me.

  13. Bedeshi:
    That is a little too drastic. The army is a very sensitive institution and any reform that is made has to be done very carefully and sensibly.
    What needs to be done here on out is that promotions for ranks above Major needs to be based solely on merit and nothing else. Reforming the NA needs to be done over time.

  14. So typical of Mr. Pundit. When none of the institution in Nepal works, he wants NA to be reformed. Do we have a functioning Judicial System? A functioning democracy? A funcitioning education system? A functioning police department? a functioning road department? a functioning health system? And you want the NA to be reformed? Look, NA is not going to work properly as long as we are going to act like complete failures in other departments. NA is as Nepali as we are and if we can not uphold other institutions, i do not think NA will be able to reform their institution. After all, how can the NA be competent when the rest of the country is celebrating incompetency as our heritage, culture and religion. Nepalis are good at making the worst decision ever possible and it is going to remain that way for a while now.

  15. Hey guys, why not even change the name of the country? Who named us nepali anyway? Nepal was not created by the people so why not have a new name as well?

  16. B:
    Here we go again. But I have to agree with you on this one for the most part. However, I do think that some refrom can be made to the NA… at least some good steps can be taken. I think appointing Kutuwal was not a bad decesion.

  17. I can’t understand why we keep talking about reforming (whatever that means) the Nepal Army. If the likes of Octogenerarian Girija et all. can still be active in politics, why should anyone above major resign from the army? I don’t see the logic behind it? Is it because they are more likely to eb pro-royalist? Well, you have trained them to be pro-royalist for so many years so what do you expect. But the answer doesn’t lie in getting rid of them– that is none of their fault– teh fault lied in the system and they were jsut part of it. In the same note as someone ahs already pointed out earlier we need to reform just about everything in the country including the parliament and how it is run, the judiciary, how corruptiion is tackled, collcetions made by the parties including the Maoists, how people protest, responsibility of the political parties while they are ruling and while in the opposition, use of arms to show discontentment, how rights of the individual mean nothing until they form a violent crowd of protesters, how the college students are misused for politicla purposes, how the government spends tax peys money to dish it out to terrorists and for forgeign trips… the list can go on and on. Just by blaming everything on the army doesn’t absolve the corrupt and the terrorists from all the misgivings and unlawful acts. They need to take responsibility for teh pwoer they exercise and need to be brought to book for non-performance. And what about people’s rights? When will be able to live a life without fear and our children live a life full of opportunities. I am sorry, but reforming the army will have nothing to do with it unless we have committed leaders who are not at the helm because of the power of the guns or from monies paid out from corruption they have indulged in. We need people who mean business and aer committed to change Nepal– not break it into pieces. SO, the likes of Girija, Amik, Pushpa Kamal, Baburam, Hisila, Sujata, MKN, Oli and teh gang certainly don’t fit the bill. They all, too, need to take (early) retirement from politics, reform teh politcal system and let other insitutions to also go trhough the reform process.

  18. Guyfromktm:
    Good points but I think you are taking this a little too far.
    No one is blaming the army for everything and I certainly am not saying that just because the army comitted human rights abuses it absolves the Maoists – heavens no!
    The suggestion made by Bedeshi was an exaggeration… But let’s not also lose sight of the fact that the army is a very important institution given Nepal’s current socio-political situation. And contrary to what Mr. B believes the army is far more important then the deaprtment of transportation – especially now.

    Let’s also call a spade a spade and agree that the army was UNSUCCESSFUL in fighting the Maoist insurgency. They simply could not fight the Maoists effectively and they killed, abducted, tortured, raped many innocent people in the process. In a war where intelligence is crucial, the villagers simply did not trust the army to give them information by risking their lives.
    Now, personally I think this peace process is very unstable and any moment fighting could resume. If we want to the army to more effective in fighting the Maoists, the NA does indeed need to make some major changes.

  19. “… Is it because they are more likely to eb pro-royalist? Well, you have trained them to be pro-royalist for so many years so what do you expect.”

    It’s not just because they are pro-royalist. It’s also because many of these officers have been promoted becaused of their relation/connection to the Palace. Which was fine before but now when the army actually has to fight an insurgency and you have leaders who don’t have the field experience and tactical competancy then there is going to be problems.

  20. Budhai;; you are missing a very important point here about the contributions of teh then Royasl nepal Army– they weer able to contain teh insurgency to a great extent- true that they have been hoowinked in several battles, but they were definitely winning the war– there were times when almost all of the Maoists attacks were being foiled… even the Maoists had come out with statements that said that it had become very difficult for them to even stay (let alone strategize) in Kathmandu for more than a week at one go. The Maoists had several times called to move the war from rural area to urban areas and we heard many times Pushpa Kamal talking about ‘nirnayak dhakka” or antim dhakka” but that never really materialized. However, the Maoists were fighting the battle on two fronts– political and military while the royal nepal army was ony fighting it on the military front. On the political front it was the democratically elected government, the pro-royal government and later the governmetn headed by the King that failed to perform. There came a point in time when the Maoists thought that they can never get what tehy want if they continued on with their Military battle because it wasn’t a battle tehy were going to win. That’s why they used the shortcomings of the SPA to make them succumb to their inherent greedy behavior and manipulated it to take the political battle as their main agenda. The weakness in both the government headed by the King and the corrupt nature of the Political parties helped them gain ground very quickly. Even Pushpa Kamal has accepted this in public interviews. Now, to say that the royal nepal army didn’t win the war will be injustice to all the bravery they showed during those years. True that they also ndulged in many human rights violations, but they were the only thing standing between a Nepal as we know it now and a complete take over by the terrorists. Please, give credit where its due.

  21. “Do we have a functioning Judicial System? A functioning democracy? A funcitioning education system? A functioning police department? a functioning road department? a functioning health system? And you want the NA to be reformed? ”

    Can any of these defeat the Maoist gangs except the army? That is why reform must begin there.

  22. “GO to hell, moron. Your gra’ma is waiting for you ”

    And the best part is that since I am a well educated moron you may end up having me as your beloved Hakim…

  23. guy:
    I will give the army some credit sure. However, I do not entirely agree with your assessment of the RNA’s performance. The Maoists controled much of rural Nepal (especially Western region) with Rolpa as being the center and the army was not able to contain the Maoist’s influence in these areas. Western Nepal was/is Mao-land… But they army was also not able to capture their leaders and we didn’t hear of any major successful operation against the Maoists in all those years – actually I can think of one but you know what I mean. The RNA was just aerial bombing entire villages …
    I don’t think you can just say that because the Maoists were unable to attack KTM the army was successful.

  24. Hey Bhudai-so now you finally agree with the reform of the NA! Well better late than never. A professional NA would have blasted the Maoists to peace long time ago.

  25. Kirat I have heard there are many ayervedic medicines for memory loss.
    I have ALWAYS ALWAYS advocated the reform of the NA.

  26. Thank you for that comment tourist… what a great help. Thanks for letting us know – we were under the impression that things are just dandy.

  27. Bhag, I have nothing to comment on your absurdity! I hail from some remote part of country. I undersatnd and gone through the ordeals that you moron idiot can never feel! They are terroists and you a**hole look the movie OSAMA! Thier degree is different but are on the same path! You do not understand the pain of we the PEOPLE due to those terroists! You are the asshole and mule! Look your face in the broken mirror!

  28. Bideshi and Bhudai,

    “Can any of these defeat the Maoist gangs except the army? That is why reform must begin there. ”

    I have never said that the NA does not need any reforms and indeed they do. The only thing is, it is impossible to reform the NA unless we start reforming the entire nation. Unless the politicians start showing their sincerity toward this nation the NA can not be reformed. It is impossible. Yes, education system, health system and many more departments can play a vital role in defeating the maoists but you guys would just need to open your eyes to see the bigger picture. The problem with the NA is no different than any other NEpali problems. We, Nepalis, are bad managers and that is the major problem whether you talk about GPK managing the country or COAS managing the army. My point simply was, NA can not be reformed when the country is being run by corrupt politicians or when other national institutions do not show any committment towards the nation.

    I know people like pundit would say that the americans have already lost their war in Iraq which i am sure americans would not agree with. Yet, the americans continue to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent iraqi people (including other abuses like rape and torture). And they started the war in 2001, i think. The worlds most powerful country in coalition with other powerful countries and yet the atrocities and abuses are horendous (and of course only 10% of these atrocities are exposed thru media) and yet these most powerful countries in the world are yet very distant from victory that Mr. Pundit has envisioned for our beloved NA. And yet the NA only got what 2 years of war with no amount of internal or external support.

  29. But try to reform PLA first then R(NA). I think that will bring peace in Nepal. Maoist are threatening to the people and SPA by showing their strength. Even today aroud 11 O’Clock, maoist militant groups walking in que from Tripureswor to Tundikhel in civil dress to show the strength. The message was they are still in Kathmandu. Mentally people are not secured with this peace accord with thinking that it might be just agreement in piece of paper.

  30. A young guys motorbike (pulsar) was burn on this particular bandh. He had just bought the bike. He said ” i went out of my home with my bike and i came back with just the keys” and he was crying when he said this. The government has money to give the maoists that they once considered terrorists but they would not compensate people whose vehicles are burnt by them. Maybe the government should announce bandhs like curfews on all media and out on the street as well just a few hours before the bandh. People can just go around torching someone elses property and abusing someone elses rights like that. This is not loktantric at all and this is what i meant with the NA reforms. We need to reform the whole society, we need to change the way we think (maybe for that GPK needs to be autocratic for a while and sobeit). We do not even know what prajatantra, loktantra or democracy means. We do not know what human rights mean and the responsibility that democracy entrusts on each citizen. For us, democracy simply means our right to protest out on the street, our right to torch someone elses property and our right to collect bribes from the innocent civilians. These are the only changes our present leaders can bring to our country. Our present leaders must go, to even be hopeful about this nation. Our leaders are incapable or donot have the know how to think more than street agitation. They are even incapable of writing a proposal and that is why they sit in their heated offices and talk about politics the whole f###in day.

  31. B:
    For a start stop speculating the working of my mind okay? Who made you a mind-reader? And plus your comment about me thinking the armericans are lossing the war in Iraq makes no sense. What does that have to do with anything? But if you cared to read the news you would see that even the americans are worried about their performance in Iraq.

    I can kind of understand what you are trying to say but Mr. Kutuwal can still implement some changes and reforms independantly of the SPA and other institutions in Nepal. The army cannot afford to sit back and wait till things are perfect to start implementing changes. I agree the major refoms will need political leadership and support and the monkeys running Nepal cannot be trusted with this task. But I don’t like your complacent half-hearted attitude. Furthermore, I resent your comment that Nepalis are naturally bad managers. I think not! Just because our currentl poilitical leaders are selfish, greedy idiots you cannot just genralize that to the rest of the population.

  32. Mr. Pundit,

    If you think that our NA soldiers would happily give their lives away on the orders of GPK while the leaders are busy looting money from the people, you must be joking. What complacent half hearted attitude are you talking about? There is no space or place for complanceny in Nepal at the moment. Time is ticking away, while leaders and ministers sit at home waiting for another round of negotiations. What you fail to understand is the patriotism can not be installed into people like some kind of software into a pc. You can not train NA into loving their country. It takes a collective effort from the entire country. And if you think the government will be successful in singling out NA as the only institution that needs reform in front of the entire world, i have my doubts. I am not saying everything should be perfect before we start reforming army, and i think it is you who is seeing sentences that are not present. What i did say, instead, was simultaneous effort should and can be made to reform various aspects of our society. Let us say for start, the government saying that even the maoist will be punishable by law if they take law into their own hands. May be our government should send out a message like, if maoists kill innocent (innocent or otherwise) people they will be prosecuted against. What do you think Mr. Pundit? Our government has withdrawn all its cases against the maoists for their previous crimes but what about crimes at the moment Mr. Pundit? How will the army feel if they are prosecuted against for the mistakes they have made but the maoists are awarded for their atrocities and abuses? But yes, Mr. Katuwal can still independantly implement some reforms and i agree with you on that one as long as NA, as an institution, is not humiliated infront of the world.

    As far as managers are concerned, we do not have good managers Mr. Pundit and we do not understand the importance of managers. Our culture is such that, if you child does well in studies (in SLC) then parents force or at least pressure their kids into studying science, if they are average into commerce and if they are bad into arts. I think that is also a problem that needs to be addressed. And you know our eductation system. Students do not even need to go to colleges to pass the exams and get certificates. If Indian and Chinese investments come into Nepal, they will be hiring managers from their own countries simply because we would not have efficient human resources. I am not saying that Nepalis are naturally bad manager, oh no! The best managers in Nepal are natural managers. The problem is we have not been able to produce great managers or good managers who are not naturally gifted at it. What did you mean by my attitude being complacent or half hearted? Very weird remark, i would have to say.

    And congratulations on americans being worried about their status in Iraq. It is a great victory for Amnesty international UNHRC. Hurrah! But i simply mentioned the US army in iraq to stress the fact that the media can make a war heroic or demonic depending on their vested interests. Even your language seemed to justify the war. UN wants our NA culprits to be prosecuted in civil courts but people illegaly imprisioned by the US in Guantana mo bay will be tried in military courts. Once again, we can not congratulate and express our admirations for organizations like UN and amnesty international enough.

    Why in the world would we need ex gurkhas involved in management of maoist arms? This i sincerely do not understand. Now, ian martin travels to india everytime he needs to discuss Nepal’s situation. Our prime minister reciever indian foreign minister at the airport. Have we already become an Indian state?

    So mr. pundit, don’t get mad get even. I will not stop trying to speculate the workings of your mind because i am at the liberty to do so. “who made you a mind reader?” well to this, i would say it is indeed a good question but the one that i do not have any answers to. If you want me to change who i am just to make you feel more comfortable i would just say, we are not on that level yet.

  33. By the way sagarmatha, i totally agree with you. It is difficult for people like you to express your views now, i understand. As soon as you criticize the spa or inquire on the need to reform the maoists before the na, everyone starts calling you a royalist. Now it is almost like a test for everyone, you would either have to support the SPA or the maoist OR criticize the NA to qualify as a non royalist.


    “Maoist affiliated ANHWU closes Pokhara hotels, restaurants indefinitely
    Fraternal organization of Maoists All Nepal Hotel Workers Union (ANHWU) forcibly shut down all hotels and restaurants in the tourist town of Pokhara indefinitely from Friday.

    Maoist affiliated workers have forced hotel and restaurant owners of the lake side area to down their shutters, reports said.

    According to entrepreneurs, 400 hotels and 300 restaurants have been closed due to the strike called by the pro-Maoist labour union.

    President of Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal, Pokhara Chapter, Shree Lal Subedi said that the strike caused loss of over 10 million rupees per day.

    The ANHWU called strike demanding appointment letters and identity cards along with a minimum monthly salary of 5,500 rupees. The protestors warned that they will not stop the strike until their 16-point demands are fulfilled.”

    Next time the Maoists are constipated and their sh*t does not come out, please make sure they blame all the “saag” vendors in the city and then ensure that so saag is sold on the streets for an indefinite period until they can poop.

  35. AND WHOEVER WROTE THIS ATRICLE INITIALLY, CUT THE CRAP and here is thr truth finally out in the open. Maoists WERE NOT SIDELINED, but were consulted, stop your stupid speculation and realize that MAOISTS themselves are not united and the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. One is busy wiping the arse while the other is shaking hands.
    “Earlier, talking to a delegation of human rights activists Prime Minister Koirala reiterated that he had nominated the ambassadors and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) chairman only after talking the issue over with Prachanda. Rights activist Charan Kumar Prasai quoted the PM as telling them that the government had made the decisions through understanding. “

  36. Nepal, this is the funniest place on earth and if we are lucky enough to survive, will see the craziest thing! Good luck!

  37. Bhudai-you should take the medicene yourself. You were always like ‘this is not the time for reform’.

  38. My voice from outside: Asha et al. take me as a Royalist too. It’s much better to be in the Right side of the Law then to be on the side of the terrorists.

    Definition of Royalist: A person who believes in law of land, democracy and peace.
    Definition of SPAM: Terrorism

  39. Horning,

    Just a couple of words for you :

    Totally brainwashed by your maoist buddies. You really know how to pull out numbers from your ar$e. 4000 thousand killed by maoists and 8000 thousand by the state!!!! – I wonder who was counting? Another Maoists propoganda. The fact is thousands were killed and we really don’t know how many by whome and how many were common people and who were the maoists? But the fact remains the maoists began the war with guns, not the state.
    The maoists had a ridiculous 40 point demand. Their agenda was simple “fast track to power”- Elections was not working out for them. Guns seemed to be the logical path. Frighten people and get attention.
    “3 non negotiable demands” – my grandaddy’s ar$e, it began with 40 non-negotiable demands. Horning you seemed to make a little sense sometime back, but I think now your really full of $hit.

  40. Oh yeah Horning,
    The peace corp that you applaud was pulled out because your buddies the maoists were threatening their existence in Nepal. Or have’nt your buddies told you that yet? So please don’t claim “no particular good reason”? You’re a really red rascal are’nt you?

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