United We Fight Against Communal War in Nepal

Nepalis must be united to stop the jatiya yuddha that is beginning in our country

By Jiwan Limbu
From a UWB reader

“A strike called by the Limbuwan Swayatta Sarokar Manch (LSSM) on Tuesday (12 December) crippled life in nine districts east of Arun River. Today’s strike crippled life in Mechi’s Illam, Jhapa, Paanchthar, Taplejung and Koshi zone’s Dhankuta, Morang, Sunsari, Sankhuwasabha and Terhathum districts. Activists organized rallies and burnt tires on the roads, halting all traffic in the district headquarters. Organizers had called for the strike stating that the comprehensive national peace treaty between the seven-party alliance and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) had ignored their demands to introduce a Limbuwan autonomous region during the elections for the constituent assembly. Limbuwan Swayatta Sarokar Manch, Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajya Parisar, Sanghiya Loktantrik Manch had jointly called for the strike.” -ekantipur news

It is time we Nepalis start talking about these issues seriously – not only concerning Limbuwans but the Sattars, Dalits and other marginalized groups. The current SPA-Maoist agreement is on very thin ice and can cave-in anytime since the whole Maoist revolution was based on many assurances to these groups e.g. autonomous status and a lot of other things. This “bandh” will trigger another and another by various groups who were promised similar things and will soon engulf the nation if a healthy discussion is not initiated. Of course, we have more critical things to solve right now, but instead of ignoring it altogether, we have chances to control it by initiating an honest and a healthy national discussion.

All responsible and educated mass must take up this challenge. We can endlessly talk about ideologies, etc etc, but we must not forget that the root cause of all our woes come from a very unequal and a disparate society and the political leaders who take advantage of it. I have strong views on this that we must make prudent efforts to bring everyone to an equal footing, introduce quota systems across all institutions including serious discussions on state restructuring (because the current set-up won’t work). This Maoist led civil war had a bona fide cause (though not necessarily the means to achieve them): that of fight against inequality, authoritarian monarchy etc. But the fight between Jatis and communities will be worse and uncontrollable that will forever psyche a nation. It will be a sectarian war, one like in Iraq between Shia, Sunni and Turks.

This time it will be a full-fledged Jatiya war. In fact it is already happening. And we must stop it.


Jiwan Limbu, (Patriot in UWB), is a Business Development Manager for a leading IT company in New Delhi. He is from Damak, Jhapa.





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  1. Patriot Avatar

    Bideshi – my comp got fckd so cudnt respond earlier to ur comment “… Now, what’s YOUR solution (and please spare us “intellectual ” sophistries)…?

    Apologies if I served you intellectual sophistries, didnt mean to but got so bored by ur beat around the bush and stupid half baked one-sided comments, decided to admonish u to come to the point.

    While I agree Nepal might not be ready for self govt, are we ready for status quo Nepal (sans the King this time)? You see we have limited option here and while I’d like to indulge in the excesses of imagining that we have surplus choices on different models & systems of governance, the fact is we DONT. thats wht i meant when i tried again and again to tell you to keep the REAL situation into perspective and give an intelligent assessment of our country.

    sure bro, i feel very sad we have so much problems but we will see thru it dont worry. once autonomy is given and dignity of all races restored, we will find a way to unify the country and chart a common roadmap for all that will adress all community’s aspirations and of the nation as a whole. we will have occasional communual tensions but we will learn tolerance and compromise. coz if theres no autonomy there will never be peace bro, think abt it. common think hard … what does your reasoning & logic tell you? look at india how they made it a success, dont quote Yugolavia, dont be a pessimist (btw like Ironic said Yugoslav was a diff case anyway)…

    You see, the thing here is to choose between more problem and less problem. and the less problem lies in giving autonomy, more in remaining at status quo or denying autonomy. now please dont tell me u didnt get it. its really this simple u see. just tell me wht logic tells you that Nepal or any country will ever be peaceful if majority of its people are continually oppressed …

    hope this simple deduction dont sound too “intellectual” of a sophistry!!

  2. King Avatar

    This fire should spread from Nepalgunj to elsewhere in the country, we as hindus should not sit quiet and wait and watch until our homeland is taken away from us. Look at Israel, they are still struggling to have a proper homeland. We have one and at no cost should we let it go. Fight till the end and until we remove every unfaithful unpatrotic individual. We do not need nepali borders filled with pakistani elements that terrorize more and more hindus. We do not need madrassas in these border towns, burn them and destroy these beef eaters before they start to kill us with their fundamental ideals like they did in Afghanistan.

  3. limbuwan Avatar

    arshole dev, u still havn’t got it. autonomous region according to ethncity doesn’t mean that only that ethnic group can live n exploit the resources there. its being declared reviewing the historical, cultural, religious, traditional , linguistic, etc characters of the place. ktm is rich in culture of newari people, language of newari people, history of newari people, so its newa autonomous region but anyone can live there, even get to the top decision making level…

  4. Ironic Avatar

    Yeah Dev, keep on farting from your arse son! If nothing else the stink of your fart is sure to bring communal harmony ;). When and if there does come a time to decided (i.e self-determination for autonomy) make sure to advocate against it (you might piss many of your newari folks, but hey that is your choice and your right).

    “I’m a newar which is a janajaati, but still I do believe in harmony between ethnic groups and I identify myself as a Nepali first.”

    – Good for you! Yeah, I am sure all the “indians” you have met must have told you that they are a Tamil, Gujju, Bengali…etc… in fact I am sure you have not even met an Indian!

    “But if Nepal goes on the way of ethnically autonomous states, then I’ll see to it that people like you are sent out of Kathmandu (Newa autonomous state) to your respective ethnic region”

    – So much for a person who wanted a communal harmony! You have sh*it in your head instead of brains, but then I am not surprised at all, you are a chauvinistic pahade bahun masquerading to be a Newar. Filthy pig, its people like you who have tarnished the reputation of bahuns!

  5. Sasanka Avatar

    Dear Rishi,
    Sorry the Hindu and the Brahmin priests decide nothing in this case, on the question of who is a dalit and so, those are decided by the dalits, The dalit is an identity for a huge mass of humanity that has suffered under the system-, Brahmanism, it is clear. I have not heard or read about the Brahmins deciding what or who is dalit, where you got the nonsense, man you must read the history of the Dalit movement.
    The unity of the oppressed masses is very much important and this has to be borne in mind by the leaders of the oppressed masses that there are not deciding for themselves only but also for the coming generations of the oppressed masses, the future generations would not forgive them if because of their failure to come together, the future generations are deprived of the facilities, upliftment measures and are left in the similar situations that their ancestors were in.
    Dear Ironic, I appreciate your views, what I feel is the oppressed communities must come to a common understanding and have a common list of demands and also come to a common platform, this would be of beneficial to all the oppressed masses.
    The happenings in Nepalguj is because of the short sighted approach and decisions of Mr Koirala and Mr . Prachanda, the people of the plains have the right to protest, they have been betrayed, but they should see who is responsible for all the things Mr. Koriala and Co and so they should be targeted, they can make some holes in the skull of Mr. Koriala and Co and also on the skull of Prachanda for a being (involved or )a partaker in the crime. Both Mr. Koirala and Prachanda have betrayed them.

    Jai Bhim!

  6. tribal Avatar

    who the heck are u threatening with sectarian warfare? Barking dogs seldom bite. You come with whatever you have. We are ready for ya ! How much can you gather? How many people? Are you going to kiss Prachanda’s … for arms? Or will you kiss Indians (icd) when ( icd)falls on you like Prachanda and Baburam did? You abuse other sects and claim to be non-racial? You are one heck of a sick psycho!

  7. dev Avatar

    Ok Ironic jee, that’s your view. And regarding my meeting with Indians, well, I did my undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels in India. During my stay there, I didn’t ask whether someone was a bengali, or a tamil, or a maharastrian. They were just Indians. And not only me, but other Nepalese studying there were just Nepali for them. Nothing like Rai, or Limbu, or Newar or whatever.

    I think people of the so called mukti morchas must learn something from Sikkim about communal harmony, rather than trying to propound this ‘divide and rule’ kind of principles.

    Well you are free to believe that I’m a bahun masquerading as a Newar. Its your personal way of coming to a conclusion. But never think that everyone from the janajaati community believes in these mukti morchaas. There are many like me who don’t believe in the ideologies propounded by communal leaders like Padma Ratna Tuladhar and Malla K Sundar. And communal leaders like them have been mostly losing election in Kathmandu, the newa heart land. That also shows a common newar’s faith in them.

    So rather than just claiming that all the Limbu people want ethnic autonomy, try to find out how many of them are really with you. I think that is more democratic / loktaantric.

    And regarding farting from my arse, well everyone does that. Don’t they ? Or do you fart from somewhere else ?

  8. dev Avatar

    And Ironic jee, there is no need of posting the same thing twice.

    And why are you using so much of “sanskrit” words ??? Have you run out of logic ?

    Though I’m a newar, I don’t have communal feelings like you. I like leaders like Ganesh Man Singh who have some fans from all nepali ethnic groups; and not someone like Padma Ratna Tuladhar who is despised even by many from his own ethnic community. That’s all I have to say.

  9. Patriot Avatar

    The point is not to get emotionally heated up on this issue, though I know its hard to resist. Why cant we suggest some real solutions that will actually work for all. Dev – since you seem not to believe in the autonomy model, can you clearly lay out how it should work. Please be real here coz you as well as i know that geographic based autonomy is not going to work. Please suggest how we can assure dignity of all ethnic groups and a level playing field so everone gets a chance for progress. And while doing so keep in mind the protectionists (who hold the most power today) that will do all they can to maintain status quo. Please refrain form giving utopian answers, but rather a pragmatic one.

  10. tribal Avatar

    ” Please be real here coz you as well as i know that geographic based autonomy is not going to work.”

    How do you know?

  11. Patriot Avatar

    coz it wouldnt be any diff from the current model which was based on convenient revenue generation for kings & feudals.

  12. Patriot Avatar

    geographic based autonomy doesnt address real concerns of people and doesnt safeguard their identity. it will provide many cracks and holes for protectionists and priveledged class to have a field day through mechi to mahakali. come to think about it, its really no diff from the current one, its a top down solution instead of a bottom up which should be the case.

  13. Ironic Avatar

    Dev my son,

    The duplicate posting was not my intention, it happened because of the way this blog operates (you can ask Dinesh for more details).

    “And regarding my meeting with Indians, well, I did my undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels in India. During my stay there, I didn’t ask whether someone was a bengali, or a tamil, or a maharastrian. They were just Indians.”

    – Don’t worry, I spent a good amount of time there as well, most of the Nepalese folks do. That comment about not meeting any Indian was a sarcasm, in case you didn’t get it. However, I am glad to see that you have found the answer to your own question. As you have said, you only met Indian, that is people in India identify themselves as Indian first despite the fact that the autonomous lines in India are divided based on ethnic lines…so tell me now why do you have this problem with Nepal? Is this some kind of mental block?

    – I am telling you again, ethnic based autonomy is not “divide and rule” as you understand it to be. The center is there on the top to protect every individual’s right, autonomy is just a subset of the bigger umbrella. I am beginning to believe that nothing is going to make you comprehend this.

    “So rather than just claiming that all the Limbu people want ethnic autonomy, try to find out how many of them are really with you. I think that is more democratic / loktaantric.”

    – Most of us do, and more are beginning to understand we have to fight for it. Although I spent quite a lot of my time with my community through the organization we have, I will not be surprised if you claim that you know better ;).

    “There are many like me who don’t believe in the ideologies propounded by communal leaders like Padma Ratna Tuladhar and Malla K Sundar. And communal leaders like them have been mostly losing election in Kathmandu, the newa heart land. That also shows a common newar’s faith in them.”

    – Shall we wait for CA to decide on whether newars want it or not? If you folks don’t want it that will be your loss. By the way, in case you don’t know, CA elections are very different in nature than the parliament elections and the outcome can be very different. Now, don’t call them communal, there is nothing wrong in taking pride in ones roots and background, but in contrary you seem to be almost ashamed of being a newar and happy to go around advocating for a culture that really isn’t yours to begin with. Well, at least I am glad that many of us Limbus think a like and want our culture and traditions to be held in par and given equal recognition as the rest. No ethnic group is asking their culture to the dominating one in autonomous regions, they just want their fair share. But you want everyone to be Khas Nepali…so who is communal here? You or me?

  14. dev Avatar

    ok Ironic jee, it’s your choice. You vote for ethnic autonomy. That is what you want. But I don’t want that kind of autonomy. And it’s my view and I’ll stand by it.

    But please don’t generalize that everyone from the janajaati community wants ethnic autonomy (it’s you who want it and may be some others but not everyone). And anyone who doesn’t support this concept doesn’t automatically become a ‘khas’ supporter. You have to understand that much at least.

    And if we have autonomous states based on geography and climate, in what way do you feel that its wrong ? On what basis ? Is it wrong if we have something like a ‘karnali’ state with its capital at Jumla, its own parliament, government and programs, where all the ‘Karnalians’ have equal opportunity irrespective of their ethnicity, language or anything ?

  15. Patriot Avatar

    Dev – I am repeating what I just posted two comments above yours.

    geographic based autonomy doesnt address real concerns of people and doesnt safeguard their ethnic identity. it will provide many cracks and holes for protectionists/priveledged class & bahun culture proponents to have a field day through mechi to mahakali. come to think about it, its really no diff from the current one which was modelled for efficient revenue generation for kings & feudals. geog based autonomy is a top down solution instead of a bottom up (which is actually needed).

  16. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    Even if there is so called Quota in implementation, who will gurantee that people like Gore BDR. Khapangi Magar are not going to take benifit? People like Gore Khapangi, Golche Sarki, Durga Shrestha etc were janjatee and they have been picked up as a Minister. Does that help to anyother Janjatee to uplift their position? Its just a another trik!

    Called it Quota, Janjatee, women and other name, it;s a mere discrimination, A biasness!

  17. Patriot Avatar

    thapa kancha – then why dont you suggest some real solution instead of sweeping it under the carpet in the most obvious manner that befits a typical protectionist who offer similar sweeping comments.

  18. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    pAtRiOt: Everyone should get equal and fair chance , nomatter they are janjatee or Bahuun! No Quota at all!
    Better use your creativity on other things rather to geog autonomy, quota and discrimination! Don’t try to get a share for which you don’t deserve being a Janjatee! The competant and efficient one should get the chance for the right position!
    Think the other way that gonna help all the poor nepali! We are nepali and will remain Nepali! Don’t put your eye on Quota! It is the dirty game and will be advantageous for the selected people onlY!

  19. Patriot Avatar

    thapa kancha – you surely havent followed the thread well to understand why we have been propogating the quota & autonomy theory. We agree its not the best system but please read carefully the discussions above before you make half baked comments. There is a Jatiya war brewing my friend and time is of great essence. You and I cannot stop it unless immediate viable steps are taken. So understand the discussion above before you jump the gun like this, else you just waste everybodys time.

  20. Ironic Avatar

    Dev Jee,

    Patriot and I have explained it few times already why geography based autonomy won’t be sufficient. It does not fulfill various ethnic groups aspirations and their basic rights to self-determination PERIOD! You keep on talking about “divide and rule”, yet you forget that is exactly what you are proposing with autonomy based on geography. You are defining the political boundary so that various ethnic group cannot unify together to promote their culture and voice their needs in the power structure. Khas culture is already dominant in running of the state, starting with language, public holidays, defining the flag and animal of nepal etc. By having a geographical division, Nepal will continue to recognize Khas as the one and only Nepali culture by favoring it among the rest. Secondly, as I have mentioned earlier before, if you are to truly go by democratic norms, it is the right of the individual and therefore a group to determine for themselves whether they want autonomy or not. To not recognize such rights is to violate the fundamental principle of democracy. But of course, if you want to be keep your eyes and ears shut and continue to be an ignorant and pretend that majority of Janjati and Madhesis don’t want it and continue to repeat the same mantra “autonomy based on ethnic lines is not good because its not good”, then you are the KING!. And, of course, you are very well aware of where the King stands in the present day society. You may have a post-graduate degree, but it looks like it was not in social science. If you are interested in learning the core social issues of Nepal, you might want to join the immersion course offered in Yala maya kendra.

    PS Patriot: I make sure not to engage in any discussion with people like Kancha who have a IQ of less than 50. I feel its an insult to my intelligence, I suggest you do the same. 😉

  21. Patriot Avatar

    Thanks for the suggestion Ironic – by replying to kancha i was trying to pre-empt readers like him who come here and rant without understanding the issue. i agree with u on his IQ, lets hope we get better arguments …

    like u said true democracy happens only in an equal and an inclusive society, its sad all who came here with differing views really could not offer convinving/logical views

    such a waste of time isnt it 🙂

  22. tribal Avatar

    Let the war begin. Who’s afraid? No one is. There is absolutely no problem. You will only add to what JTMM will be doing in Terai. All the Nepalese have seen war before. We have seen mayhem and destruction before. It will be nothing new. There was war before and there will be war afterwards. No one will win. Neither you nor any one else.

    Keep on ranting in this blog as much as you want. Keep on issuing threats of jatiya war as much as you want.

  23. Bideshi Avatar

    “If you are interested in learning the core social issues of Nepal, you might want to join the immersion course offered in Yala maya kendra.”

    May I enquire as to where this course is offered and in what language?

  24. limbuwan Avatar

    Limbus are the first settlers of the eastern territory popularly known as Limbuwan. They cleared and cultivated the land over their territory centuries back. They had maintained the autonomy over their land even after the unification of modern Nepal by King Prithvinarayan Shah who formally recognized Limbus autonomy over Limbuwan by granting the royal decree that is considered many scholars as the peace and conciliation treaty. The decrees text is as follows:

    [From Prithvi Narayan Shah To the Limbus of Pallo-Kirat]

    We have received your reply to our previous letter. We desire peace and harmony. Our intent is good. We had afforded you refuse previously also. We have conquered your country by dint of our valour. The descendents of Tutu Tumyang were defeated and the country now belong to us. But you belong to us and we undertake the protection of your kinsmen. We here by pardon all of your crimes and confirm the customs and traditions, rights and privileges of your country. Join our Bharadars and render them assistance. Take care of the land as you did when it was being ruled over by your own chieftains. Enjoy the land from generation to generation as long as it remains in existence. You are different from the 900,000 Rais (Of Majhkirat), because (their) chieftains are to be displaced, but not you. We fully understand your intent. But since truth remained in your heart, there was conflict between Sikkim and us. We have sent our officials there, and you will understand everything from them. As mentioned above, remain under your chieftains and enjoy your traditional rights and privileges and your lands. In case we confiscate your land, may our ancestral gods destroy our kingdom. We hereby inscribe this pledge on a copper plate and also issue this royal order and hand it over to our Limbu brethren.

    Kantipur: Shrawana Sudi 12, 1831 (July, 1774)] (Regmi, 1977).

    Limbus have practiced the autonomy over their land as Kipat System. Kipat is a communal form of land tenure and under this system, land is held on a tribal, village, kindred or family basis and it is usufructuary. The state initially allowed Limbus to maintain rights to their ancestral lands. But later years the state adopted policy of changing the Kipat land into state owned Raikar land. This system was practiced until the formulation of Land Reform Act in 1994. The state neither consulted to the Limbu indigenous peoples on this matter nor provided any compensation to the Limbus. Now Kipat system is practically no more in existence but Legally it is still considered to be valid.

    Retrieved from “http://chumlung.org.np/wiki/index.php/Issues”

  25. Sambhu Avatar

    I think feudal state is needed since every minor ommunity needs to get involved in National level. Up to now what we can see is only peple from Khas (Brahmin and Kshatri) community peple are ruling the the country and almost 90% employee under Nepal Government belong from the same community. It is said that almost around 30% of the total population in Nepal is occupied by only these Khas people.

    But isn’t it true that a single person is counted thrice or four times having homes in different location throughout the country. These people having jobs in entire cities and centres of Nepal are seen throughout the nation.

    Still even after the revolution still the mentality of these 8 political alliance politicians haven’t changed and they are planning to continue the same khas regime throughout the country.

    But what i think is now no more so we people have to force these politicians to have feudal state. From the accident that happened in Nepalgunj was pre planned by these either royal family or these politicians using the administration and police force to divert the oncentration of nepalis.

    And the interesting thing about the Maost Party is to watch whether they are going to fullfill the need of entire discriminated people after the Constituent Assembly.

    From Prachanda statement it seems their plan of taking strong hold over terai region by hook or by crook. I ask Mr. Prachanda why have you failed to take control over Madhes and why have JTTM splitted from your party?

    So let’s unite and construct new Republic Nepal.

  26. sl Avatar

    Hold on,

    Most of you were saying throughout the royal regime and until just several months back that the end to monarchy won’t cause any ethnic problems. It would infact be a uniting factor and great for the nation. I clearly remember people like this big mouth Kirat saying that it was nonsense linking the notion of a republic with ethnic unrest, therefore there was no reason for even a ceremonial monarchy. How easily you forget. Call it supression by the monarch or whatever you wish, but you know it now clearer than ever, without the monarchy there will be ethnic civil war. Buckle up boys and girls. Typical short sighted bafoons. Can’t see beyond the tip of their noses, or should I say can’t see their noses at all.

  27. dev Avatar

    Limbuwan bro, all your limbu kinsmen will be wiped out from Jhapa and Morang (which you consider to be part of limbuwan autonomous state) by the JTMM. Just wait and watch for some more time.

    And in some more time the Sherpa Mukti Morcha (SMM) will start activities like what the JTMM is doing now, and then you will be out of Sankhuwasabha and Taplejung as well. Then wait some more time for the Kochila Mukti Morcha (KMM) and the Majhi Mukti Morcha (MMM), which are slowly gaining momentum in the same region. Just wait for some more time.

  28. limbuwan Avatar

    i don’t think u ever been to any of those places, u know nothing bro’. its ur choice if u don’t like that system its fine. but don’t give bullshits n crap ur own fictions. ur comments r actually of more communal violence, also alliance of janjatis r getting very stronger than ever, we r all functioning under one umbrella including newars. bro don’t whine n howl about wat janjatis r doing, we hav cause n reasons, u flow in ur stream. cause we r one hell of a proud janjatis of nepal, we want to do good n b responsible citizen but not in this crap hindu based, bahunbaad system that is so unfair n oppressing……

  29. dev Avatar

    Well, what I wrote was after I visited Harinagaraa in Sunsari, Paato in Saptari and some other villages in Jhapa and Morang just few weeks back. I have to go to those areas frequently in field visits. And what I was saying was based on what’s happening there due to JTMM. Limbus residing in Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Saptari, Siraha will be soon sent to Ilam, Terhathum and Panchthar by the JTMM. Not only the limbus, but this will be the fate of all other ethnicities staying in those regions. Now don’t tell me that there is no Limbu population residing in Damak, Belbaari, Pathari, Itahari, Ineruwa or even Lahan and Golbazaar. Past is just past. We have to see everything in the current context / scenario.

    What was relevent 300 years back, is naturally irrelevent now. I know Newari language and I grew up in Newari culture, and I respect the glorious past of the Kathmandu valley. This doesn’t mean that I should stick on to the past and start some struggle to declare the Kathmandu valley as Newar autonomous state. In the current day, Kathmandu belongs to every Nepalese of whatever community, and I feel that I must have the right to lead my own life in any way I like, not only in Kathmandu but also in Dhankuta (not only the Limbus). I should not impose Newar autonomy on people of other communities residing here in Kathmandu.

    I think you also stay in Kathmandu. So if Newars in Kathmandu want to make Newari the official language here and want to make the Newari language compulsory in schools and colleges here, will you support it ? But this is what is exactly going to happen in Terai. This will be clear if you happen to find out about the plannings of JTMM.

    Having autonomous states in a country is a good concept, but it need not be based on ethnicity. We need not ape India in every matter. Just look at the United States of America.Are there Irish / Italian / Spanish / African autonomous states ? In this era of globalisation its just absurd to divide people ethnically. But that is what our leaders exactly do – divide and rule.

  30. Patriot Avatar

    dev just shut up and shove ur stupid logic up ur bahunbaad ass. just coz i have taken the case of limbuwan to sensitize problems faced by many other marginalised groups like us you have the audacity to make a personal attack on us? i dont like ur rhetorics of telling us to shut up and be happy of what we have. all we are doing is fighting for our dignity. is that too much to ask ? should we continue living in oppression forever? if u cannot empathise with our problems get out of this thread before i choke u with my bare hands … or with my rhetorics …

  31. Deva Avatar

    I think the Bahuns, and the Chettris, which includes the Sahas and the Ranas, should now quietly leave Nepal and head for India, if it will accept them now. The future will be very messy inside Nepal specially if the recent ethnicity frenzy begins to pick up. The Madhesis will insist on a total monopoly of the Terai, the other races will also flex their racial hatred against these two ethnic background people.


  32. dev Avatar

    ok Patriot jee, i’ll keep quiet. But please leave the Kathmandu valley, which should rightfully belong to the newars. Just leave it immediately and go to your Panchthar or Taplejung or whichever is the original place of your ethnicity. You don’t have any right to stay in ethnic area of other communities.

  33. Patriot Avatar

    thats it dev. u r not only bull headed but u r stupid moronic illiterate idiot who cant tell his ass from his cheeks. maybe u should rub it once in a while to feel the difference. believe me u will be wiser vis a’ vis all the years of education u acquired in ur pathetic little life.

    and i hope u dont have 3 balls down there, with the 3rd one directly connecting to ur brains u knw – coz tht seems to be doing all the talking.

    get our before i blow u with my fart.

  34. dev Avatar

    Patriot jee, u seem really pissed out 🙂 Well what I have said is true. U don’t want to leave Kathmandu or what ? People of other ethnicity have really done ‘shoshan’ of the Kathmandu valley and its rightful inhabitants, the Newars. They have been doing this for last 238 years. Its because of them that Kathmandu has become overcrowded and polluted. Newars are nearly in a minority now. The fertile fields of Kathmandu are all gone now and the holy rivers are stinking.So, now its time that they pack their bags and go back to their respective ethnic places.

    And it looks like u fart a lot. So please go and get checked by a ‘proctologist’.

    p.s. by the way, why are u using too much of ‘sanskrit’ in ur posts ? 🙂 :-p

  35. Ironic Avatar

    Dev here is a certificate of recognition for you. Congratulations!

    You too have an IQ of less than 50 for equating ethnic autonomy with segregation after we have spent countless post of explaining precisely that it isn’t. I suppose you couldn’t hide under your disguise for too long could you? Communal fu*ck!

    Make sure to hang that certificate in your living room so that everyone who comes to your home can see it. 😉

  36. Patriot Avatar

    Ironic – its people like Dev coz of whom our country is so backward. What makes the problem worse is he has a very regressive mindset while he seems to be literate (even though perhaps till SLC …) In a new Nepal we need to watch out for people like him. Certainly he is more stupid than an ass but there are many asses like him out there ….

    Such a waste of time ….

  37. dev Avatar

    ok ok. Its clear that both of u r worried at the prospects of leaving Ktm the capital. But that day will come when you will be sent outta here. I am all for Newa autonomous state from where non newas like you need to be chased off.

  38. dev Avatar

    By the way, if anyone really knows about the ethnic makeup of Nepal, it must be clear to him / her that Nepal is a country made up of ethnic minorities. There are around 100 ethnic groups here. Neither Brahmin / Chhetris / Newars / Limbus / Rais / Sherpas or any ethnic group is in majority here. What has happened till now was wrong. But that doesn’t mean that now 8 – 9 ethnic groups should have the right to rule over other > 50 ethnic groups in the name of autonomy.

    The only ethnic group which is in clear majority here are the ‘madhesis’ with around 35% of the total population (14% Maithili speaking + 12% Bhojpuri speaking + 4% abadhi speaking + 5% Tharus).

    Thus, what I want to point out here is that creating ethnic states on the basis of historical facts is wrong. Even if you want to make such states, this should be made up on the basis of CURRENT CENSUS, CURRENT GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION of ETHNICITIES. Just declaring 9 districts as Limbuwan autonomous state, as was done by the maoists is wrong. How can any community just declare it like that ? If Limbuwan is made in this way, then perhaps the largest city in Limbuwan will be Biratnagar. Maybe Limbus were in majority in Biratnagar (Morang) in the past. But if someone just declares Biratnagar as the capital of Limbuwan, then can you ensure that there won’t be any riots / dissatisfaction like in Lahan? Are Limbus even a sizeable minority in Biratnagar now?

    Just following some political slogans is very easy, but in reality its difficult. Its easy to divide areas into whatever ethnic autonomous states on the basis of history. But past is past, and it can never solve the problems of present.

    And someone was saying that in Limbuwan state, other ethnic minorities like Rajbanshis, Jhangads, Sattars who can’t raise their voice now, will have a better prospect of living. Well, how can one guarantee that ? If this was so, then people of Darjeeling would have happily lived in the ethnic bengali state of West Bengal. What’s the guarantee that Rajbanshis, Tharus, Jhangads, Danuwars or Tajpuriyas won’t have similar fate in the Limbuwan state, like the Gorkhas are having in the ethnically Bengali state?

    Well you can just compare the states of India. Just try to compare Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya or West Bengal – the ethnically made states with non – ethnic autonomous states of Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh Delhi or Goa. And just see the situation of the ethnic minorities within those ethnic states. I think you can at least think openly about this fact.

    If you don’t understand this much, then your IQ is definitely below 70. (p.s. IQ

  39. dev Avatar

    p.s. IQ less than 70 is the cut off point for Mental Retardation, and not 50 (if you don’t know even that much :-))

  40. Ironic Avatar

    Great! now you have started hanging that certificate around your neck. Keep it up, I always knew you had the intelligence to do that. Not only are you dumb, I think you are blind as well. Go back and read our previous posts again instead of repeatedly posting a same argument. The way you keep on reciting your mantra again and again without understanding, I suspect you really are a “pahade bahun” . If you don’t have anything new to add other than the “supposed” plight of minorities with Nepal consisting of 100 different ethnic groups for which we have already given a counter argument, you might as well talk to my hand.

    Here is a standard for IQ from wikipedia:

    “mild mental disability: IQ 50–55 to 70; children require mild support; formally called “Educable Mentally Retarded”.”

    You fall in 50 and therefore it puts you right at the bottom of the retarded club.

  41. dev Avatar

    Well I can’t discuss with morons who simply fail to understand. You have not been able to understand anything that I have said in my posts, and I know that you won’t understand because you are a moron.

    I have just one simple question. In the Limbuwan proposed by our great maoists, the percentage of Limbus is 13%, in Tharuwan the percentage of Tharus is 15% and in Tamuwan, Gurungs comprise 35% of the total population. Now how do you justify 13%, and 15% claiming autonomy, and no one is hearing the voices of remaining 87% and 85% respectively ? I hope you understand this much. But am not sure, You are too imbecile to understand this much also.

    And 1) if you feel that 13% of the total population should get an autonomous state on the basis of their ethnicity in a geographical region, where 87% of the population don’t belong to that particular ethnicity, 2) if you feel that this will bring peace in that supposed region and that there won’t be any conflicts and the remaining 87% will just accept it simply……………Then may Lord Pashupatinath or let’s say your Lord yalambar and Budha Subba help you 🙂 and may they give you this much common sense.

    Your whole argument is based on what was there 300 years ago, you are trapped in a time warp, the sooner you come out of it the better.

    But please go through the current census, at least once, and please try to find out whether the proposed way of divison of ethnic autonomy is justified. But I know that you are totally unaware of it, so there is no point in carrying out further discussions unless your knowledge is at least updated to the 2001 census. I can’t carry on the discussion with someone who is trapped in a 300 year old time warp.

  42. Ironic Avatar

    Dev you really are stupid! The 12-13% as you have quoted is for the whole of Kirat NOT Limbuwan. If you consider Limbuwan only, the limbus make up the majority. You seem to have missed this little detail, but then I expected this from you. With an IQ of less than 50 you are ineducable. Like all true chauvinist pahade bahun, you keep on diverging from the main issue by trying to prove your moot point with baseless arguments. Ok then, lets start from the beginning, tell me what do you understand by autonomy? It seems there is a void in your knowledge in this subject matter to start with.

  43. Patriot Avatar

    Ha ha I am in splits now. Dev is indeed the biggest ass I have come across. Like I suspected he has his brain nerve directly connecting to his balls … ha ha

    How old are you Dev? 10? In that case I forgive you … ha ha

  44. Shaman Avatar

    Limbus are about 1.4% of the Nepalese population and are concentrated in three districts. Two being Panchatar and Taplegunj. Kirats (Rai, Limbu, Sunwar) altogether constitute about 5% of the population in which Rais are dominant with 2.4% of total population and have sizable presence in 9 districts. However, there are about eight distinct dialects among 20 cultural groups within Rai community. Except of Sunwar, majority of Rai and Limbu practise Kirat as religion.

    As for autonomy or declaration of Limbuwan, the present interim constitution has remained silent. Even the great white hope, the Maoists, have not uttered a single word regarding this issue. As of now, this issue has been totally esclipsed by Lahan incident.

  45. dev Avatar

    I have already said that I can’t carry on the discussion with someone who is trapped in a 300 year old time warp and who fails to understand anything sensible. So there is no need to give answers to any of your comments. You can continue with your ramblings as much as you like 🙂

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