Suspend Monarchy In Interim Constitution

As ruling Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and Maoist leaders are on the verge of issuing a new Interim Constitution for Nepal, I feel compelled to say that monarchy must be suspended in the statue. Here is why.

By Prakash Bom in New York

Historical Peoples’ Movement II in April reinstated the dissolved Parliament and proved that sovereignty rests in Nepali people, not in the monarchy. The parliament since then has significantly put cap on traditional power enjoyed by the monarchy in Nepal. The interim constitution, without doubt, will be a document of political compromise between the Nepal government and the Maoists rebels. Whole Nepal is heading for the Constituent Assembly elections and the country has unanimously decided that the first meeting of the constituent assembly will decide the fate of monarchy. That is why it is absolutely necessary to suspend monarchy in the Interim Constitution. Only the suspension will ensure the free and fair election.

The interim Prime Minister whose main objective is to accomplish free and fair elections of constituent assembly should be the head of the state during interim period. Even the peace accord that was signed by the Prime Minister and the Maoist Chairman talks about the first meeting of CA deciding the fate of the monarchy. The failure in suspending monarchy in Interim Constitution means continuing king as the head of the state. Monarchy in present context is a guilty institution. How could a guilty institute or a person be given the opportunity to enjoy power? This is will against the general rules of justice. That is why the monarchy must be suspended.

The history has proved repeatedly that the monarchy is for absolute power. Only under the pressure of peoples’ movements the monarchy has accepted that the people of Nepal are sovereign. International community, including India, could not convince the feudal oligarchic monarchy to believe in people power. Kings tradition of governance is to rule from above the law. Kings can strike back any time. Democracy will be in danger always as long as there is king in the palace.

Nepali Congress party leadership, especially the Girija Prasad Koirala group, has constantly voiced its support in continuing monarchy in Nepal. Is that just for the shake of party’s political power? Will supporting continuity of monarchy in Nepal benefit the party? Young generation in and outside Nepal is demanding convincing answer. To continue with monarchy also means directly undermining the aspiration of people to guarantee their sovereignty from successful CA elections. Young leaders and cadres of political parties must raise their voice strongly. This is the time to do something important for people. To keep quiet on this issue means to push the country backward.







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  1. Tana Avatar

    Well, I think this time around Mr. Bom has some convincing arguments. I hadn’t thought like that before and I think I am for suspension of monarchy till the first meeting of the constituent assembly. I see no harm in this to all sides. People will decide and their decision will be supreme. We must all respect their decision. If they vote in favor of continuing monarchy, okay, monarchy will stay in Nepal. If they don’t vote, monarchy will be scrapped. To let people cast their votes without any influence of monarchy (I am pretty much sure monarchy will mobilize its resources), monarchy must be suspended.

    I also liked the idea of Prime Minister assuming the head of state till the election. Who will be the head of state after election? People will decide.

  2. Anno Avatar

    Suspend Monarchy! Prosecute its members! Especially Father and Son.

  3. Gauri Avatar

    My vote, in this election of whether to suspend monarchy or not, goes for the suspension of the Gyanendra raj. I join to the voice: suspend monarchy in the interim constitution.

  4. keshuvko Avatar

    I think no role should be given to the monarch in the interim constitution. In a sense, the monarchy should be suspended.

    But what If the army starts obeying the king, at the time when the Maoist arms will be locked up, and go against the decision not to give him any role?

    The parties and the Maoist should not rule out the possibility.

  5. Kushal Avatar

    “But what If the army starts obeying the king, at the time when the Maoist arms will be locked up, and go against the decision not to give him any role?”


    I agree with you in your doubt. But in that case another popular uprising is inevitable. Actually, I think another jana andolan is where we are heading to. That will be the last fight against monarchy. Generals in Nepal Army know that if they dare to act against the SPA government or follow signals from palace, people will come out of their homes for the last struggle and that will wipe out all the feudal forces in this country. But I think generals aren’t that fool to follow signals from Gyanendra. Gyanendra has no other option than to renounce the crown or be kicked out of the palace (in mild word, first suspended and then the abolished).

  6. Anon Avatar

    With all this procedures of UN and the Peace Accord signed between 3 parties if the king and the army attempt to wipe out the peace process there will be end of the monarchy forever.

    At this point the American interst in South Asia can not help army and the king to take that step. India has no such position to bring horror in South Asia where cooling down Nepal Maoists means settling with the Maoists in Inida.

    Nepali Maoist party will help India in the future to settle down with the Indian Naxalists by brining drastic changes in the social policies.

    This is the time for Nepali SPA leaderships to be courageous to suspend the monarchy at this point and time. If not the monarchy will eat them up soon.

    SPA leaders are frightened jackles of Nepal.

  7. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Democracy will be in danger as long as there is king in the palace.

  8. samrat Avatar

    What a hilarious comment by Anon that “Nepali Maoist party will help India in the future to settle down with the Indian Naxalists by brining drastic changes in the social policies”. It will be the other way around: Nepali Maoist party will help the Indian Maoists to come to power by the same tactics applied by them in Nepal. They will kill 13 thousand Indians, loot and extort money, burn trains and ambush Indian policemen like they are currently doing. And now with the help of the Nepali Maoists, their leaders can hide inside Nepal.
    Suspending monarchy will be like making Nepal another Afghanistan or Iran. And there will be no return.

  9. asha Avatar

    A gallop poll conducted by a biased news channel such as the Kantipur said that 60 percent want the King to be Head of State. What more do you want?

  10. Anon Avatar

    Suspending monarchy will bring peace and democracy in Nepal. Since the monarchy is the guilty institution which has committed human rights violations it will be self-destructive to the political parties of Nepal.

    For Samrat to keep the monarchy as the head of the state you will have to wipe out all the political parties who seem for the Federal Democtratic Republic of Nepal. To restructure means to wipe out the governance traditon of the feudal oligarchic monarchy institution.

    So, speak with logic that can proof that Nepal will become Afganishtan without the king being head of the state. If you do not have logic then you are arbitrarily conditioned to be the puppet of the royalist or you are the royalist or parasite who wish to live on someoneelse expenses.

  11. GolD Avatar

    Time and again I hear that the parties decided to ‘END’ monarchy in Jana Andolan II, but if you go back and carefully read the agenda for Andolan, it never mentioned ‘REPUBLIC’ word.

    The cry now is just due to Maoists. I do not understand why all the parties are following maoists’ agenda.

  12. Anon Avatar

    People do not this king because he is not lagitimate. He killed his the entire family of king Birendra or not but it seems he staged it. People believe he did this because the way he treated the deceased bodies of royal family.

    People do not like his because he is a corrupt businessman who used to smuggle and was a members of drug cartel. The army officers were royal to him because they used to make money from him. He is the one who manipulated the income of UN army service men.

    Even king Birendra was there he was the underground encharge of the army and the royal politics. That’s why people want to get ride of him.

    Secondly the way he become the absolute king and supressed the people in the movement and he is guilty of human rights violations. Sooner or later he will be indidate by the international court if he is found guilty.

    Girija is trying to save him from all this even by trashing the acheivements of people’s movement II.

    I personally believe he should be abolished. Nepal should be the Federal Republic of Nepal. This will give many honorable nepali citizens from different walks of like and ethnic background to be the president of Nepal.

    The tradition of the institution of the monarchy is corrupt and does not deserve to be continued.

  13. nepali_view Avatar

    “….he is not lagitimate”

    Then was Jana Andolan legitimate? On which constitution of muluki ain it is written that Andolan is legitimate?

    On what basis maoist are now joining govt? Is their so called PLA legitimate?

    the base on which u wrote the whole comment itself is baseless..

    Nepali people are always after “jasko sakti usko vakti”.

    “…guilty of human rights violations”
    What about ‘madi bus explosion’?, what about ‘maina pokhari bus firring’? what about ‘kajol khatum who died in the buring bus in highway’? all done by ur great comrades.??? why they get prize of “satta” for such a gross voilation of HR? Just read wagle’s next blog abt 43 people killed and tourtured by maoist even after truce called first by them (MB’s)

    want more??

    SEE with both open eyes not with the colored glass!

  14. Disarm Avatar

    “Then was Jana Andolan legitimate? ”

    nepali_view, I think you are not supposed to be here. You must have some basic knowledge about how revolutions work to take part in discussions like this. No hard feelings though. Revolutions are launched on any legal basis. People come together to change laws. But individuals must always work under the law. King is an individual who represents an institution called monarchy. Being an individual, king must be held responsible as per the law for any mistakes he commits. He came to throne under dubious circumstances and started dismantling democracy in a planned manner. He must be brought under justice. For that, he must be suspended first. Clear?

    About Madi attack, that was horrific and Maoist leadership has said sorry about that. That must be investigated and guilty must be brought to the justice.

  15. Unveil Avatar


    “Generals in Nepal Army know that if they dare to act against the SPA government or follow signals from palace, people will come out of their homes for the last struggle and that will wipe out all the feudal forces in this country. ”

    what if the army doesn’t directly come to the street but instead supplies arms to a group who wants to safeguard monarchy in the country, and that group instead of resisting you to the government installations starts acting like the Maoists, what if they come to your home abduct you threaten you for going against them do you think you can come to the street against such a force I know the answer “NO you cannot” how many times have the people of Nepal come to the street against the autocracies of Maoists, people will come to the street only when they know that the opponents are bound to the human rights. So don’t give us that sh!t of another Jana Aandolan, everyone knows what made the king to step down, it all depends on the likes or dislikes of RAW and I guess such a situation in Nepal would be really appreciated by them, ultimately what they want is unrest in Nepal.

    And i see it (So Does Girija) coming if the king is not given space, So the wise decision would be to give the king his space and discourage the royalists and make a bargain point with the king, he won’t speak or conspire on whatever the government does to the army and in return he would retain the crown. The king has no options either. And once you are done with the structural change in the army with the King’s consent maybe we can decide if we really need the king or not.

  16. Surilo Avatar

    How long do we have to suffer and bear the cost of keeping this white elephant called monarchy? See this news and decide yourself:

    Royal carcade snarls traffic

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Dec 14 – Traffic movement in the Ring Road area was largely paralyzed after security personnel blocked vehicles citing security concerns of the royal couple who were attending a wedding ceremony at Chhauni Wednesday evening.

    Military police had arranged ‘A’ grade security escort for Queen Mother Ratna, King Gyanendra and Queen Komal to the wedding ceremony of the grand daughter of one Dharma Rajya Laxmi Devi Chand at Chhauni this evening. The escorting began from Narayanhiti Royal Palace at about 7:30 and continued through Lazimpat, Maharajgunj, Dhapasi, Swoyambhu and finally to Chhauni.

    Vehicular traffic along the road section was brought to a complete halt much before the royal escorting started from the palace. Traffic police had barred large vehicles from entering the Kalanki-Maharajgunj area since afternoon. Ordinary public were inconvenienced as thousands of vehicles were left stranded for over an hour along the road.

    Even as the reinstated parliament scrapped almost all the powers of the king, the ordinary public in Kathmandu is yet to get relief from the troubles caused due to every royal visit.

    राजाको सवारीले घन्टौं जाम

    कान्तिपुर संवाददाता

    काठमाडौं, मंसिर २७ – सर्वसाधारणको विवाहमा सहभागी हुन राजदरबारबाट निस्किएका राजारानीलाई गन्तव्यमा पुर्‍याउन सुरक्षाकर्मीले गरेको दुईतर्फी बाटो बन्दले बुधबार साँझ चक्रपथ क्षेत्रमा हजारौंलाई घन्टौं सास्ती भएको छ ।

    राजा, रानी र मुमा बडामहारानी स्वयम्भू छाउनी निवासी धर्मराज्यलक्ष्मीदेवी चन्दकी नातिनीको विवाहमा जाँदा सैनिक प्रहरीले ‘क’ श्रेणीको सुरक्षा दिनुपर्ने भएपछि यस्तो स्थिति आएको हो । साँझ साढे ७ बजे राजदरबारबाट हिँडेको सवारी ताँती लाजिम्पाट, महाराजगन्ज, धापासी, स्वयम्भू, सीतापाइला हुँदै छाउनी पुगेको थियो ।

    दरबारबाट कारगेट छुट्नु अघिदेखि नै त्यस क्षेत्रमा दुईतर्फी बाटो बन्द गरिँदा चक्रपथभित्रका अधिकांश क्षेत्रको ट्राफिक व्यवस्था खल्बलिएको हो । सवारीका लागि कलंकीदेखि महाराजगन्ज क्षेत्रमा दिउँसैदेखि ठूला सवारीसाधन गुड्न दिइएको थिएन । साँझ त्यो क्षेत्र पूरै खाली गराइएको थियो । त्यसको असर चक्रपथका अन्य क्षेत्र र सहरका भित्री ठूला-साना सबै सडकमा परेको थियो ।

    लोकतन्त्र बहालीसँगै राजाका सबै अधिकार कटौती भए पनि सवारीका नाममा सर्वसाधारणले पाउने हैरानी टुंगिएको छैन । सवारीका नाममा गरिने सडक बन्द र हैरानीप्रति सर्वसाधारणले पटक- पटक विरोध गरे पनि सरकारले विकल्प खोजेको छैन । सार्वजनिक सवारी साधनमा खचाखच बसेका सर्वसाधारण साँझको सिरेटोमा घन्टौंसम्म रोकिनु परेपछि आक्रोशित भएका थिए । साँझको गन्तव्यमा हतारिएका वृद्ध र बालबालिका चिसोबाट अत्यधिक प्रभावित भएका थिए । जामका कारण र खुल्ने समयको जानकारी नपाएका यात्रुले रोकिएको स्थानबाटै सञ्चारमाध्यममा सम्पर्क गरी गुनासो गरेका थिए ।

    यसअघि दसैंको कोजाग्रत पूणिर्माका अवसरमा भक्तपुरका लागि भएको राजाको सवारी चलाउन घन्टौंसम्म अवरुद्ध गरिएको ट्राफिक व्यवस्था सुचारु गर्न सर्वसाधारणले नारा जुलुसै गरेका थिए । सर्वसाधारणलाई हैरानी हुने गरी सवारी नचलाउन गृह मन्त्रालयले वैकल्पिक व्यवस्था गर्ने प्रतिबद्धता जनाएको थियो । उसले वैकल्पिक व्यवस्थाबारे सुरक्षा निकायलाई अझैसम्म निर्देशन दिएको छैन । ‘सामान्य हिसाबले सर्वसाधारणलाई दुःख नहुने गरी एकतर्फीमात्र सवारीसाधन रोकेर सवारी चलाउने सहमति भएको थियो,’ काठमाडौंका प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारी स्थानेश्वर देवकोटाले कान्तिपुरसँग भने- ‘किन दुईतर्फी सवारी रोकेर सर्वसाधारणलाई दुःख दिन्छन् मैले पनि बुझेको छैन । अर्कोपटक यस्तो दुःख नहुने गरी सच्याइनेछ ।’

    I am fed up with all this. I hate monarchy.

  17. bengali_friend Avatar

    you don’t think traffic will be stopped for a democratic president? please, VIP’s, or VVIP’s in this part of the world, will always get certain ‘benefits’ regardless of their title. large and unnecessary motorcades is just one benefit.

  18. arun Avatar

    Right on surilo, Another reason why monarchy should be suspneded and gyane and his family sent to exile in their rightful ancestral palace of gorkha.
    And bengali-friend, trafic does not get disrrupted for half day for VVIPs except gyane. During Bire’s rule after 2046, traffic did not get disrrupted like this.

  19. NoPolitics Avatar

    City-bred elites, jamming keyboards at 50 wpm neither wipes out monarchy nor makes it stay… SPA and Mao has already agreed in India that the King will stay no matter what you [icd] scream and shout about or what you think or you like or dislike Gyanendra or Paras … The discussion is useless because neither you nor anyone here decides the fate of the nation … It is likely that half of you will show your asses and catch next flight to India when something happens and half of you are somewhere else (not in Nepal) … Maos and SPA are simply playing a game to make believe lots of things thats not going to happen… this is a hogwash

  20. Afno Kura Avatar

    The monarchy must be suspended till the first meeting of Constituent Assembly decide it’s fate. And, there should not given any chances to mobilize it’s forces. Whatever the people decide about it’s future, it has to take on head. If Gyanebahadur and his vigilante groups try to interfare by any means than they should have taken on custody currelntly at that moment. Now, about the role of army’s ganerals, I don’t think that they are too much fool that they like to go SATI with Gyanbahadur. Why we should fear from army which are made for our protection and which runs from our taxes ? We have to grown up courage to keep them under people’s power control. If that institution or Gyanbahadur again try to do coup or try to interfare in politics than definitely here will another Jana Aandolan and this time all of them will be thrown into the Saptakoshi.

  21. Unveil Avatar

    “Why we should fear from army which are made for our protection and which runs from our taxes ? ”

    My dear why did Nepalese fear from the Maoist who claimed to be fighting for the ordinary people and they too ran their organization from your money, I know you won’t fear from the army till it is an organized national force and is accountable to the people but once they turn to be like Maoist I doubt u will show enough courage to stop them.

    “SPA and Mao has already agreed in India that the King will stay no matter what you [icd] scream and shout about or what you think or you like or dislike Gyanendra or Paras ”

    i think that holds some truth

  22. sagarmatha Avatar

    Afno kura,

    Isn’t it the autocratic for not giving chance to put his or their version infront of people? If maoist can be given chance to change into democracy then why not others? Its upto people whether they like or not. Still I believe refrendum is the best option in the democracy to decide. Otherwise the trend will be developed like what we hated autocracy.

  23. Afno Kura Avatar


    Yes, i have also fear from the both armies. But, what i meant is that parliament has already brought the national army under its control so now we have to be able to ride the system of the national army as per people’s wish. And, in the case of Maoists armies, the top most leader of Maoists, Prachanda has already committed towards the people that their armies and their weapons won’t be used now further if the CA election will be held fairly and if they have no any threats.

    “SPA and Mao has already agreed in India that the King will stay no matter what you [icd] scream and shout about or what you think or you like or dislike Gyanendra or Paras ”

    There may be some truth but this is not public yet and no any leader has expressed such things in publicly so, we also have to stop to make it wide. And, i think that all things will not be as their wish without people’s support. We can protests and can made them compelled to do as per our wish.

  24. arun Avatar

    “SPA and Mao has already agreed in India that the King will stay no matter what”

    That is the reality. It is and always have been and always will be India who decides what happens in Nepal. And our visionless and corrupt Kings and politicians who are very happy to follow them.

    And what does Janata do? They follow these visionless and corrupt kings and politicians. Why???

  25. Afno Kura Avatar


    I also think that the best idea and the option is referrendum to decide the fate fo Monarchy. But, in the current context of Nepal, our government and rebellion group are already agreed on the first meeting of CA to decide its fate so it may not be fruitful to have more discussion on it.

    In the case of “chances to the Gyanbahadur”, i am against of it because he has to be punished rather than given chances. Why he should given chances to be purified from the killings of so many peoples. And, it hasn’t been clear about the truth of royal massacre incident. How can we file the case and how it could be clear about his role and involvement on that case if there is power on his hand? And, whatever the conditions and issues are growing up now a days its all because of him.

    In my perspective, here is no any use and importance of monarch. People of Nepal are tired and they have no anymore capacity to feed the “Seto Hatti ko Bathan” while there is no sufficient foods for themselves also.

  26. Mero Kura Avatar
    Mero Kura




  27. urmilanepal Avatar

    Read the original article of this blog of Mr. Bom published on guest column

    Based on his argument it is true that making the king head of the state during interim government whose responsibility is to successfully accomplish the constituent assembly election is self-destructive to the nation’s democratic acheivement from people’s movement II. Then he argues how could the king who will be the head of the state in interim government can be voted to decide the his fate by the first meeting of the constituent assembly.

    He further argue that how can a king who is found guilty of people’s movement repression by the HLPC be the head of the state in interim government.

    He blames Nepali congress party that advocates the agenda of making his the head of the state during interim government. People and cadres of political parties have to take the street soon to prevent such decision of SPA, especially Nepali Cogress party leaderships from making such blunder.

    He thinks these Nepali Cogress party leadership do not mind to cross the achievements of the people’s movement before their political agenda.

    Now it is time for Gagan Thapa and other Nepali cogress young leaders to bring the people on the street against old hacks of their on party, similarly all young leaders must take the street.

    This is very urgent now in Nepal that Nepali congress party can make a mistake. Therefore the Inetrim constitution has been delayed from finalizing.

    All of you who now Gagan Thanpa, UML student leaders, Maoists student leaders to convey this message to take the street AGAINST THE AGENDA OF Neipali Congress to make the king the head of the state.

    Well, this not only the time to dialogue on the blog but to act and contact student leaders and people to come to the street for against the agenda of Nepali cogress to make the corrupt and criminal king the head of the state.

    Let us act and bring people on the street. This is what is important now for the nation.

  28. shantikumar Avatar

    Some of the posters have got a ONE-POINT silly Formula–ABOLISH MONARCHY and NEPAL WILL BECOME HEAVEN……these people are spreading rumours about the palace killings ..sometimes blaming monarchy and the past history of Nepal and at others blaming King G personnally….

    blaming history is blaming our own fathers, grandfathers and ancestors..worst form of masochism ….these are weird perverted hateful biased keyboard activists sitting safely away from where the Maobadi have been creating terror

    These people are high up in society, have been close to the palace and the establishment but have felt slighted by the palace sometime..

    These people were praising Kantipur sometime ago and are now accusing Kantipur of bias when he reported that 60% people want the monarchy to continue….
    These people can keep shouting from the rooftops but realism on the ground does not change..

    Ordinary People are not fools..but these keyboard activists want to take such momentous decisions as abolition of monarchy without asking the People…..

    ….and so called “leaders” like Prachanda are already looking at Presidentship and the Narayanhitty for residence!!!!!!!!!

  29. urmilanepal Avatar

    shantikumar once Nepal becomes the member of Rome Statute Gyanendra Shah will be indidate to the International court for human rights violation, smuggling and drug cartel. The Interpol has the record.

    We cannot be proud of such a person who staged the royal massacre to become the king. He is the illegimate king who have no heart to be shame of his own brother’s family massacre.

    If the birth record of Gyanendra Shah is traced with DNA he is the illegimate child of Mahendra and physical son of Ratna with whom Mahendra had a affair. Gyanendra Shah is the step brother of king Birendra.

    King Birendra could have brought full democracy with his will. But it was the threat of Gyanendra Shah with the corrupt army offcials to prevent that course of history. Had the king Birendra a chance to bring full democracy without the Gyanendra Shah’s threat to block it with the corrupt army officials support, the monarchy had made the history of democratic with international dignity and great respect to the dream of king Tribhuvan.

    The tyrant king of Nepal is Mahendra who staged to kill his father in Switzerland to prevent Democracy in Nepal to come. Mahendra is the first child in Shah family who married Rana blood. Before that all shah kings were married to Indian princes.

    So curse on your history and contaminated history of your current kings. The future of Nepal is in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal which will restructure the state to abolish the tradition of Rana and Panchayet from the root of governance.

    Therefore think twice to support the guilty institution of the monarchy which is on verge of the trial in the International Court against the mass human rights violations.

  30. shantikumar Avatar

    urmilanepal…Since you presume to be Nepali WE are ASHAMED to READ ALL the NONSENSE you have written.. I dont want to stoop to your level otherwise I tell the truth about your progenitors but nevertheless please,.

    Please have your own DNA test done…..

    Sometimes blaming Birendra ..then praising Birendra but blaming Gyane..then going back to Mahendra..then blaming Rana blood……then revering Tribhuvan..why did you not go back 238 years to pin the blame as some of your kind have been doing earlier….

    Such stories can be told to the illiterate ..not to the readers of this blog….
    Why dont you ask Political Judge Raymajhi to try Gyanae for Murder….Why does not Prachanda ask for this trial before anything else……

    No one can stop Democracy..WE all Want Democracy…but We dont want falsehood nor an edifice built on falsehood which your kind are attempting…..

  31. urmilanepal Avatar

    Nepal is neither your own property not Gyanendra’s nor Mahendra’s. You must have heard the signing of the interim constitution. The sovereignty rest on the people of Nepal and they will decide that power with electoral procedures.

    The Kalanki or rascals of the Shah dynasty are Mahendra, Ratna and Gyanendra. They are responsible for the suffering of Nepali poeple because they follow the footsteps of the Rana regime or the feudal oligarchic logistics of the governance.

    Gyanendra is the son of Ratna. That you cannot know unless the DNA of Ratna and Gyanendra is tested. Are they willing to test their DNA? Never. Because they are the master of denial and so you are and so the Hindus who believe in the superstitions are.

    Any Vedic thinker who have read the six philosophies of Vedas – Samkhaya, Naya, Mimansa, Videsika, Yoga and Vedanta will say all the gods of Hindu are the characters of the puranas, epics and stories.

    Purana was the great literary works of the sage Vyasa, so is the Mahabharata. Ramayana is the literary work of sage Balmikhi. These are greatest literary works on the face of the earth in the evolution of the species mamal called human.

    How come you can make your king the incarnation of the god Visnu, the protoganist of Visnupurana, and supporting actors of all puranas? Is not this matter of believe and therefore it is superstition?

    In the changing time the Hindu will have to rethink in the light of Vedic philosophies. For your informations non of these school of thought of Veda believe in the personification of the god.

    Shamkhay believes in the elements, intelligence and energy, Visesika believes in ‘pramanu’ atom, Vedanta believes in the science of knowlege, Yoga believes in mastering physiology to connect with the universal energy.

    Objectives of Vedic school of thoughts are to make human enlightened or develop awareness and intelligent to uncondition the conditioned mind so that it can see thing as they are on the univers. To be enlightened means to see things fearlessly to confess the self-ignorance and arrogance.

    You and Nepali royalist Hindus who worship your king as god believe in SUPERSTITIIONS… I say why? The answer is you desparately desire to put Nepali people in ignorance to continue is with your power to rule over and over.

    Sorry times changing and whether you wish to change or not it will eventually wipe out your suprestitions and backward traditions, caste system (humanly unthinkable and horribly inhuman).

    By the way there are no caste system in the Vedic schools of thought.

    So why not test the DNA to find the truth.

  32. urmilanepal Avatar

    The previous response was for shantikumar. Shantikumar read my previous response and see what you think. You want honest dialogue lets have it.

  33. Mero Kura Avatar
    Mero Kura

    “leaders” like Prachanda are already looking at Presidentship and the Narayanhitty for residence :- This is all about 95 % Nepalese people wanted to be so.

  34. shantikumar Avatar

    No Nepali believes that King is God….so no need to harp on this irrelevent silly point..

    …but till just about yesterday all these (and that includes you) so called leaders were in agreement with the divine rights argument only to keep the rest of the poor people from the non-privileged groups under control through ignorance. (privileged were all these who are now shouting against the King) …

    The same people, and that includes YOU, are trying to again keep the people in ignorance by telling truths like King is not God which even the most ignorant Nepali already knows and spreading untruths and rumours like Ratna, palace massacre, DNA testing etc etc…

    … the 60% Nepalis who voted for the King did not do so because they thought they were voting for God but they were voting for an institution which brings stability and direction in their lives and governance and which brings moderation and balance unlike your Leaders who sway with the wind and change colors like leaves with the seasons…from communism to terorism to capitalism like Prachada!!

    I again say, “YOU get your DNA tested..I am sure you have Prachanda’s father’s blood in you..”

  35. B Avatar

    I agree with shanti kumar and urmila nepal seems completely high on some kind of political drug. This site is becoming a bore man. All comments seem to be written by a few people using different names. They all have bad english too. Except for those who disagree with the writer, all the other ones seem to be written by a hand ful of people. This Mr. Bom guy has been criticized a lot for his lack of vision and understanding of Nepali politics, may be he has started writing comments in agreement with his own article.

    And shanti kumar, do not stoop to the level of This site is trying to scare away anyone who criticizes the spa by calling them royalist. May be you should not write for a while but just keep an eye on this site just to see if it gets any weirder.

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