43 Killed? Since April Truce? Sad But…

These numbers are definitely disappointing but the situation is not that bad and we are heading for bright days ahead

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) reports in its Human “Rights situation in Nepal” today that as many as 43 people were killed by both the government and the Maoists during the six-months following the announcement of ceasefire in April. 11 were killed by the government’s security forces, 5 by the Maoists, another 5 by resistance groups, 7 by villagers or unidentified groups since April 26 when the truce was declared. 5 died in accidental explosions (of abandoned bombs etc.). According to the NHRC report, despite a significant decrease in the number of people killed in crossfire after the ceasefire, there have been no improvements in the incidences of abduction, disappearances, torture, beatings. The findings were based on the 1158 different complaints lodged at the NHRC.

People dying in peace in definitely bad but the situation is not that bad. It’s improving, constantly, after April. As Nepal government and Maoists are agreeing on one point after another, peace talks are heading towards a successful end. Yes, there are some problems and the NHRC numbers are the proof. Instead of the reports of Maoists forcefully recruiting minors and students, details of how guerillas are living difficult lives in new cantonment sites are coming from different parts of the country. Both sides are engaged into serious talks in finalizing the interim constitution. The UN is slowly starting to takeover the arms inspection duty. The containers where arms will be stored have arrived from India. But the public pressure is very much needed. Nepali civil society must keep constant vigil on the behaviors of leaders who are in power.






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  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Why Wagle Why? The previous format was alot better, why did you have to do this fancy stuff and ruin a simple website?

  2. Anon Avatar

    The format looks pretty good for me. It provides easy way to access the links. Well as Nepal is changing its way to new life why not the Blog that stands for the democracy and Peace.

    Change yourself in changing time. One who coin the saying but does not change is the political leaderships of Nepali Cogress and its old hack cadres.

  3. E.P. Avatar

    Collateral damange, I would say. Its sad but in a situation like this, sporadic violences are certain to happen. Transitions are painful. As a person with keen interest in developments in this country, I quietly pray that people of Nepal will be successful pass through this transition.

  4. Gauri Avatar

    Hum… after WSJ, its the turn of UWB for the new design, Wagle jee?

    These figures are disturbing and sarkar and Maoists need to work together to reduce these numbers to nill in coming days.

  5. Keshav Avatar

    “HUman rights issue” is only the “maagi khaaney bhaando”!!!

    Where are the rights activist when the tyres are burnt –by which poisonous gases are liberated to the air which harm public health and detiorates the environment– in the streets?

    Only killing people is not the violation of human rights. The slow-posoining too should be taken into account as the perpetration of rights.

    You may something about the effects of tyre burning here:http://keshuvko.wordpress.com/2006/12/08/tyre-burning/

  6. Anno Avatar

    Too SAD…

  7. Niranjan Avatar

    I like the new theme… it looks fresh, clean and elegant.

  8. nepali Avatar

    With new theme auta naya naam pani rakhna paryo dai, “United We Blog! For a Federal Democratic Republic Nepal”. Context has changed a lot since UWB came to existence, like if it was made in RANA era then it would have been “United we blog! for a discrimintaionless Kingdom of Nepal” and if it was made before 1990 it would have been called “United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal”, yes democratic is bottom point but no one can be satisfied only in it from now on. 😉

  9. nepali Avatar

    like say ??? ?? ????? Democratic Nepal ? ??? ?? ?? ????? ??? ????? Federal Democratic Republic Nepal ???????? ???? ??? ?????????? 🙂

  10. Anno Avatar

    Good Suggestion for name change: UWB for DRN

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    Whatabout making a new commission about 43 people killed since April so that all previous and new culprits can pay the price for killings..

  12. Afno Kura Avatar

    I also support the idea of name change UWB for DRN. Well, it sounds more better and effective in current and future era of our country.

  13. NoPolitics Avatar

    All died in the name of democracy … compensates for 19 ‘shahids’ killed for ‘great’ cause – life of people are needed to uphold and keep running ‘democracy’

  14. guyfromktm Avatar

    its sad that while serious issues like killngs and disappearance are being discussed, the self-procalimed “intellectuals” are more concerned about the new look of UWB. The fact of the matter is that there has been NO let up in abduction, coercion etc— whether we like the human rights body and its work or not that is the reality. So for people who have been suffering over ageas, any kind of change, structurally or otherwise, will not affect as much as our photo-opportunity hungry terrorists, corrupt and autocratic powers to be would want the people to believe. And now, Pushpa Kamal keeps talking about his “aspiration” to become the President of Nepal, Girija never talks about stepping down and never told the public who the second in line is, MKP sees “conspiracy” in virtually everything unless the news even remotely talks about him becoming the new Prime MInister and the pro-palace groups are buys creating anarchy in the country hoping that they will see some kind of resurgent monarchy. Quite a sad picture when it is for the people, as they say, that all revolutions including the April revolutions were fought but it is them that will never bear the fruit of. Let our leaders continue to go around the city in the gifted, snatched or bouth with corruption money FWDs, there is no light at the tunnel for most of the suffering Nepalese.

  15. guyfromktm Avatar

    I should add that the DRN might be more like People’s Federal Democratic republic of Nepal…. good luck!

  16. nepali Avatar

    “I should add that the DRN might be more like People’s Federal Democratic republic of Nepal…. good luck! ”

    guyfromktm, can you explain what r u saying?

  17. manan Avatar

    Apparently, according to a recent poll taken by Kantipur, the people are not ready for a republic yet……

    68% want the ‘King’ to remain the head of state. So there you have it. No republic, not for the present time.

  18. nepali Avatar

    manan, nepal will not go to republic, do you know why? because kantipur’s poll has already decided….hahahahah….lol…huuuuuu……R u currently in Teku, lalitpur?…lol. Aba raja badi haru ke teti matra ta aas chha ni kasle raja chahincha vani dela ani makhha parula vanne. Yeshle ta malai magh 19 ko samarthan ko lagi radio nepal le yesto vaneko yaad ayo “Aja …. school, Mechi anchal ka yek school ka pach jana teacher haru le patrakar sammelan garea 19 ko kadam lai samarthan gareka chhan.,,,, Aja janakpur ka dui barista (purana) neta haru ….. sharma, …. katri le patrakar bakteba marfat magh 19 ko samarthan gareka chhan”…. sayad yeshilai hola yo hindi ukhan baneko “?????? ?????? ???????? ?????”

  19. nepali Avatar

    “?????? ?????? ???????? ?????” correction

  20. NoPolitics Avatar


    You remind of the great Nepalese hypocrisy… As long as Kantipur was criticising the King, it was reliable and unbiased news… When the news is not of your liking, then Kantipur is biased… You have one vote and others also have vote…When there will be Constituent Assembly elections or Refrendum, you get to decide … Till then its no luck for you to kick the King out

  21. sagarmatha Avatar

    According Sagarmatha FM, there are cases of more than 100 people killings after April revolution. No one is concerned about it, people here talking about green and black treating them as dogs like 13,000 dead body. If culprits of Janandolan-2 have to be punished then why not the ruling government or culprits for this killings? Why not the families of those killed are getting 7 lacs? I repect those who had given the life against the autocacy rule but same treament should also be needed to those 13,000 people and those killed after April revolution.

    It is quite surprising even no other human-right organizations and so-called civil society are raising the voice loudly against it. It means SPAM has right to kill the people in the name of peace and democracy?

  22. Bideshi Avatar

    Nepal will return to full scale war as the opposing sides realize that their differences can not be reconciled.

  23. Mero Kura Avatar
    Mero Kura

    Good , very good. All nepalese should be killed because it is still not enough laughting sound of Nepalese political leaders…people were killed,but leaders were still in the high position with Mercedez Car…Nepalese people were not guilty but slay them down whoever come out against….but sill the leaders were talking only talking….never ending talking…having negotiating with Nirdosh Nepalese blood tea….any one you nepalese here are brave enough to finish them all dirty rotten no worker brain leaders ???? NO…. SATIDEVI LE SARAAPEKO DESH YESTAI HO….ANIKAAL…….Long live Yamaraj !!!

  24. shantikumar Avatar

    Do We really think that when the arms are under so called “UN Management” the atmosphere of fear and extortion created by Prachanda will disappear during the elections…….

    Maobadi thrive in ANARCHY and the JUNGLES….very difficult to imagine how so called “free and fair” elections will prevent them from having their way…

    They have come so far without winning any elections…do you think they will step back if they lose an election …and more important will they allow anyone to vote against them in the elections??? Sure they would have learnt a lot of tricks from the Indian Leftists…

    Can we really trust Prachanda who can do a 180 degrees turn from Maoism to democracy for the sake of power…

  25. nepali Avatar

    NoPolitics, where did I say kantipur is biased? I love kantipur!! And remember kantipur’s poll has also limits, polls by kantipur is not a national election, that has it’s limits, if 5000 peoples took part it’s 68% becomes 3400, so it is just a poll for poll, not for decision. decision is that we can make seeing how nepali people talk, what people at your office say, those at your college say, those at your home say, those at street say, those at foreign say, those most of(not one) newspaper, and other media say, and seeing all what your heart says. you must stay at root and smell.

    It’s for sure you may have been staying somewhere in some palace and smell a pleasent perfume, take a news paper and if it supports your view say it’s great, otherwise say it biased, Remember “one can never decide”, be it a newspaper, read and develop sense inside yourself, you must not belive any particular one, nor hate it saying biased. And todays voice is REPUBLIC a FEDERAL REPUBLIC, A FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NEPAL!!!!! You can pretend to be deaf but closing your ears alone doesn’t stop people talking, closing your eyes alone doesn’t make a day dark.

    Our chairman Girija is not able to stop our voice in congress itself, who the hell today is stronger then girija? Sense it yourself, no one this day in the earth is made to save the king! Now come on, don’t sing the british anthem.

  26. limbuwan Avatar

    rebellion has begun in its full, it has been going on sicne prithvi narayan shah united nepal but neglected the people living there, favouring only thier types. strike called on dec 12 in not the end, its the beginning, no more betraying game by those politicians, no more tolerance from our side, no more…..

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Raja Raja Raja thats all you damn morons talk about here. In the mean while the Maoists are causing mayhem and continuing their terrorism. The King can be removed with one refrerendum what the hell is the big deal. While you dwell in the past the Maoists are runing’s Nepal’s future.

  28. nepali Avatar

    wagle dai, where from all these dirts get collected at your blog? I mean where do they come from? Is it like palace is hiring some people! I see people in no other blog talk like this!

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    tell me what is wrong with what I have said. no other blog? how many blog do you go to?

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    palace is hiring some people? I could say maybe the Maoists are hiring some people as well?

  31. manan Avatar


    I agree that polls can be wrong, and whether the poll relates to facts on the ground depends on the way the sampling is done, and where it is done. Is Kathmandu representative of Nepal as a whole? Probably not. But as long as we cannot conduct a proper scientific poll in Nepal, we have to rely on polls like Kantipur’s. Better to get something half right than totally wrong.

    I don’t want the monarchy around, but in a democracy we have to respect the will of the people. If you can conduct an unbiased, Nepalwide survey that shows people are ready for a republic, then go ahead and do it, and then maybe we can get rid of the monarchy. But for the time being, as long as we are not sure, it stays. If removing the monarhcy was really not what the people wanted, and we go forward and do it, we might feel the brunt of the peoples’ anger for a long time to come.

    I dont think the palace is in a postion to do any more ghapla-giri. As long as Tulsi is out…….

  32. Sushma Avatar


    Can you post the link of the Kantipur poll here and let us read what you read. I haven’t noticed the poll though I consider myself a regular of Kantipur.

  33. Kirat Avatar

    It’s sad that even after the ceasefire that so many people have been killed. Makes you doubt the intentions of the Maoists and the ability of the SPA to handle them. But I think that the truth is that the Maoist leadership do realize that this is the best that they will get out of their revolution and will not now go back to the jungle. Whether they are in control of all their Maoist cadres or not is doubtlful. But then the Maoists split in such a manner is a much weakened organization-whether the SPA will be able to deal with the factions that may emerge or not and how helpful the army will be if it comes to this is up in the air.

  34. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    It is scary to think that Prachanda cannot control his militias. I think he can and he is allowing these incidents to continue just to gentaly remind people that they shouldn’t be taken lightly. I think the SPA have done what they can. They have provided Maoists funding to feed their cadres, some of the cabinate ministers have publicly condemed the Maoist actions… etc. It’s really up to the Maoists to prove themslves now and it doesn’t look good. Because if they do poorly in these elections they will just break in and take their weapons… or maybe they don’t even need to do that since they already have stacks hidden away.

  35. manan Avatar


    I’m feeling a little to lazy to find the link right now, but you can rest assured that a poll was taken, with the results that I described. Its somewhere on Kantipur, I saw it myself.

  36. Sushma Avatar

    Well, then can I say Gorkhapatra had taken a poll in which 95 percent people said that they wanted to get rid of monarchy? I am also feeling little bit lazy but you can rest assured someone must have seen such poll by themselves in gorkhapatra.

    Please, Manan give me a break and don’t write anything without solid backup.

    Anyway, my feeling is that we must not continue with monarchy becasue we need a change and fresh start. That’s it.

  37. nepali Avatar

    palace is hiring some people? I could say maybe the Maoists are hiring some people as well?

    Maybe, that’s why I was thinking why are Maoists getting sick in camps, thanks for revealing where budget given by govt. is going…..lol

    so, Bhudai why are you alone so aggressive aren’t u seeing dirt in comments? there is no need to you alone get red, I am talking about most of the posts not a specific one, that red cloth was not shown for a single bull.

    And I think you gotta google one page further to find out some more nepali blogs to comment, and a news for ya…there are lots of them nowadays.

    sushma, thats what..same question. Rather I had seen a survey by human right bodies… or something like that a week ago saying some 85% voted for no king in (KTV), It was said to be conducted in many districts among thousands of them, and that survey is still on. (though it is not my justification, republic is wish of people and needs no justification of some survey)

  38. nepali Avatar

    Click in above my name, about a survey taken in December 2.

  39. Sushma Avatar

    Thanks Nepali,

    Hello Manan ji,

    Here is what I saw clicking on that link. And that took me to Kantipur page:

    87 percent Nepalis favour democratic republic: Survey

    Kantipur Reprot

    KATHMANDU, Dec 2 – 87 percent of the people in Nepal favour a democratic republic system of governance, while 13 percent support monarchy, according to a privately carried out survey released today.

    The Informal Sector Service Centre (Insec), a prominent human rights watchdog, in its recent survey conducted in 56 districts, published Saturday said that the survey was based on views collected from more than 17,000 people.

    The report said 5 percent of the people favour a constitutional monarchy, while 8 percent said that the king should be given a ceremonial role.

    >>5 percent for constitutional monarchy and 8 for ceremonial. Even if you combine, it would be 13 per cent.

    Nepalis, mostly uneducated, don’t even know how bad the kings have exploited the country for centuries. Many of them have been brainwashed with this slogan that king is god.

    So if we clarify people about misdeeds of monarchy in the past two and half centuries, the percentage of supporters of monarchy will go down to 2.

  40. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Look Nepali, I don’t know what your position is but I am not a Royalist. I just get a little annoyed when all people do is talk about the King when I think there are more pressing issues to deal with.
    And you might also be intersted to know that several weeks ago there was in fact someone from the Maoist party on this website answering questions etc. I forget his name.. he stopped coming after a while. I am sure some of the other bloggers remember him.

  41. nepali Avatar

    I know Bhudai that you are not hired guy, but somewhere in your almost all comments spooky smell comes out, as if it is burning in failing to redirect people’s mind. If people want to talk against monarchy, there must be a strong feeling behind, deep in their mind that is cooking since more than 200 years of slavery, and that is more painful than single or few deaths. Think that they might be more sensitive to death of dignity rather then that of a body, and that is justifiable. You need not decide which issue is more important to them, people were dying, are dying, will be dying concern is of number, and that is sure to decrease when flowing issues will be settled.

    And talking to Maoist answering questions, I think there is no problem in it, and I am sure that he/she may not have been hired either that is a big party, and supporters are spread around, and after all it is a party, a school of thought, not like a family institution, which should not be given importance in national level. As I am near to Nepali Congress (but not girija), others can be from any school of thought for nations good. But group of henchman united to bask heat of power of a family cannot be considered a party for good of nation or school of thought. It is basket of greed not school of thought.

  42. Bideshi Avatar

    “Can we really trust Prachanda who can do a 180 degrees turn from Maoism to democracy for the sake of power…”

    All communist nations have “Democratic” in their names. It means nothing and elections are sham with only one name on the ballot. Prachanda would be quite happy with such a “democracy.” There has NEVER been a democratic change of power in a communist nation. The leaders either die or are deposed by other communist big shots. The people have no effect on this process at all. The people have no guns and no rights.

  43. nepali Avatar

    Even Prachanda must have known already that 180 degree turn is must, but who mentions it while in war? I hope he was visionary enough to know the power equation even then when he started war. They wanted to take benefit of unexplored system, between those poor people who are frustrated with the clumsy vision-less democratic leaders. And the best thing is communism is best to listen, and worst to implement.
    Don’t worry we the democratic wing are not that weak, Congress will always be heavy enough in front of communist to at least maintain to avoid system change, making 180% change in any new communist rebellion if necessary. And to remind you even current royalists parties will join this side of pure democratic wing, at era republic Nepal.
    At first poor Nepali peoples with UML along with Maoists don’t have proper knowledge of communism, they find it something like democracy. Till the day they have only seen democracy at it’s worst form but not communism at it’s worst form, most of them are supporting UML and Maoist because they don’t know communism. Means they support purely democratic but communist in name parties. I too wonder why those shameless leaders don’t change name of their communist party to republican party or something like that? even though they understand that it can be really embarrassing for their cadre at future to say democratic communists. So that they wont ever again have to say nonsense like “System gradually changes from democracy to communism”.

  44. nepali Avatar

    180% = 180 Degree (correction)

  45. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I think you get that smell because I really don’t have a high opinion for the political forces in Nepal – not the King, Maoists and certainly not the SPA. I would tell you what I think about the congress party but my comments are sure to get moderated and it will probably not appear. However, that’s just my personal opinion. I do think for now the congress party is our best bet.
    I am curious though how you are close to the congress party and not close to Girija Babu? Are you a Koirala?

    Anyway, on the monarchy issue. I think this issue has become like how the some Africans blame all their problems on the British colonists.

  46. raj Avatar

    Bhudai Pandit

    At last you threw away the royalist garb. Thanks for that.

    Now to second point. As all royalist do, you, too,like to portrait every one, who supports liberal democracy in Nepal, a Koirala or a fan of Koirala. You should be very allergic to Koiralas as most of the Shahas, Ranas, Thapas and other old royalists are. You don’t have to hate Girija Koirala as he is a passing phenomenon as all party leaders do in democracy. In multiparty democracy, both, bad and good, people come to power and they are elected or rejected in course of timely election. You know that very well .

    Yes, there were two bloggers here claiming themselves Maoists but they were very naive to be taken seriously. I think they were self proclaimed without Maoists’ permission and had to be withdrawn. Forget them and please come to second topic.

    Maoist should come to the political mainstream without their Mao’s destructive ideology. Half of the way they have come and second half, other parties and we all should pave the way for them. Of course, this should be honourable, face saving accepting those good issues raised by them. Monarch could do that but he lost that credibility and faith among warring parties trying to illiminate them. And now, irrespective of our likes or dislikes, the only person to lead the whole gang for that holy purpose now is Girija. So for the good cause, spit off the grudge and, at least, try to give a lip service to Girija’s effort.

  47. nepali Avatar

    I’m not koirala, though neither I like koirala. Being near to congress doesn’t mean being near to koirala, and if I was to reveal my identity here then you would not have to ask for it. But yes presence of koirala has effected both positively and negatively at different times of my and my father’s life.

  48. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Well I just assumed that since the Koirala clan pretty much dominates the congress I was just curious.
    Raj, you still need to get some more sleep and recover from the all-nighters, caffine – overdose etc. Read my post S L O W L Y . I don’t like Girija but I also realize that he is the best bet right now. Didn’t I say that the congress is the best option right now. That doesn’t make them good. I think the congess is a worthless incompetant koirala monopoly. But that’s my personal opinion.
    Maybe its just you but I think most people in Nepal are not big fans of the SPA. It’s the only democratic choice we have so I guess, in a sense, beggers can’t be chosers but that certainly doesn’t mean they are any good.

  49. Bideshi Avatar

    “Anyway, on the monarchy issue. I think this issue has become like how the some Africans blame all their problems on the British colonists.”

    Tell me of even one African nation that is better off now than when the European colonialists were there. Just one. Any one. Anyone?

  50. Kirat Avatar

    wow-Bideshi you really know how to make racist statements. sure the Africans seem to make a mess of things but it’s not like that for all of them-Namibia, Botswana and Zambia to name a few are doing pretty well.

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