43 Killed? Since April Truce? Sad But…

These numbers are definitely disappointing but the situation is not that bad and we are heading for bright days ahead

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) reports in its Human “Rights situation in Nepal” today that as many as 43 people were killed by both the government and the Maoists during the six-months following the announcement of ceasefire in April. 11 were killed by the government’s security forces, 5 by the Maoists, another 5 by resistance groups, 7 by villagers or unidentified groups since April 26 when the truce was declared. 5 died in accidental explosions (of abandoned bombs etc.). According to the NHRC report, despite a significant decrease in the number of people killed in crossfire after the ceasefire, there have been no improvements in the incidences of abduction, disappearances, torture, beatings. The findings were based on the 1158 different complaints lodged at the NHRC.

People dying in peace in definitely bad but the situation is not that bad. It’s improving, constantly, after April. As Nepal government and Maoists are agreeing on one point after another, peace talks are heading towards a successful end. Yes, there are some problems and the NHRC numbers are the proof. Instead of the reports of Maoists forcefully recruiting minors and students, details of how guerillas are living difficult lives in new cantonment sites are coming from different parts of the country. Both sides are engaged into serious talks in finalizing the interim constitution. The UN is slowly starting to takeover the arms inspection duty. The containers where arms will be stored have arrived from India. But the public pressure is very much needed. Nepali civil society must keep constant vigil on the behaviors of leaders who are in power.






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  1. nepali Avatar

    Bideshi, your country has problems doesn’t mean someone should colonize it! Even until last breath one has dignity, but I don’t know about you.

  2. Mero Kura Avatar
    Mero Kura

    a week ago saying some 85% voted for no king in (KTV

  3. Bideshi Avatar

    That’s the second time you have accused me of racism. It seems that if you dare to speak the truth here you will be labeled a monarchist, racist, agent for India or America. There are African nations that are doing well post-colonialism, such as Tunisia for instance, but you will call me racist for pointing that out since they are Berbers rather than Black Africans. It is not race, it is culture. It is not DNA but the values that people are given by their parents and society that make the difference.

  4. nepali Avatar

    “It is not race, it is culture. It is not DNA but the values that people are given by their parents and society that make the difference.”

    Bideshi, I completely agree with you, but this cannot justify the colonization.

  5. nepali Avatar

    also rather their culture be not as good as ours or that of Britons but ruling them by a person out of culture can worsen the existing problems

  6. Kirat Avatar

    Hey if there are any Maoists reading this blog, why do you call bandhs and destroy ordinary peoples lives just to protest against a govt. that don’t represent the people any way!? Don’t give me that crap that we must all make a few sacrifices for the greater good bull! You are supposed to be for the people so why do you make them suffer so much? You think that this bandh will hurt the businessman/govt. official/minister as much as it hurts the daily labourer who along with his family will probably go hungry today?

    You Maoists are just as bad/worse as the rest of the SPA bunch. Lying hypocrites.

  7. Bideshi Avatar

    I am very proud of the Nepal people and the fact that they have never been colonialized. It shows in the national character. It is a large part of my belief that Nepal can never become Somalia or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Nepal’s people have more character than that. But the Maoist’s guns and gangsterism can overcome through violence and intimidation any ammount of unarmed character. They have no intention of renouncing violence and joining the legitimate democratic process.

  8. Kirat Avatar

    Hey Bideshi-I calls it as I sees it. If the superpowers had not been playing their politics in africa they would not have had some of the problems they do at present. also a lot of their problems, like those in the middle-east, can be directly be attributed to the colonizers who drew the maps and bunched different people together forcefully, favouring some and neglecting others thus creating unstable structures which were bound to collapse and create chaos. if the swiss banks refused the dictators money maybe it would have changed things a bit.

  9. Bideshi Avatar

    And India would not have the rail system, business infrastructure, justice system and constitutional government it enjoys today. Do you imagine that India would have been better off had it remained under the Mogul conquerors?

  10. Bideshi Avatar

    I am not at all a colonialist. I see the stark contrast in character between peoples that have remained independent and those that have given in to subjugation. Even nations that have gained materialy from being colonized have lost much in national character and spirit. Nepal is one of the few that has stayed free of foreign domination. I hate to see Nepal now give in so easily to a gang of terrorists after all she has gone through all these years.

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