Maoist Madness: Crazy Comrades Stop This Nonsense!

CPN Maoist must halt its anti-peace process activities immediately and apologize to the general public for creating havoc which casts doubt over their seriousness in ongoing peace efforts

their son abducted by the maoist

Where is their Son/Husband, Maoists? Residents of Khaduwar village in Banke district are in sad mood after Maoist started taking away teenagers and children to recruit in their Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA). One of them is Khu Bahadur Nepali whose whereabouts is unknown. His mother Sabitri (right in the photo above) and wife are worried. Pic by J Pandey

There is a saying in Nepali that burning candle becomes extra bright seconds before dying. Is CPN Maoist that candle? If not why they are behaving like so? Why are they are continuing harassing general Nepali public even after signing a pace agreement with the government? They are forcefully abducting teenagers to recruit in their army, torturing people in the name of Peoples’ Court, threatening villagers to provide them food and shelter, extorting money from tourists and threatening journalists who write against their party. In the past few days, these Maoist activities are increasing alarmingly.

Maoists in Biratnagar, Itahari, Ilam, Tehrathum, Sankhusabha, Sarlahi, Dang, Banke and other districts have abducted teenagers younger than 16 years to recruit in their Peoples Liberation Army. In Itahari, they have threatened to take physical action to a journalist for writing news critical to the party where as in Udayapur they have intervened in a cultural program. In Manthali, the district headquarters of Ramechhap, they Maoist has arrested and tortured two in charge of murder, according to locals. In Kumarwarti VDC, Nawalparasi, Maoist cadres have forcefully taken away farmers’ rice. They have abducted three minor girls in north-eastern Samjong VDC of Dhading district. Those girls, all 14 years, have been identified as the 7th (Dilmaya Himrung and Gorimaya Lama) and 8th (Phulmaya Himrung) graders in Chautara Secondary School. Parents of the abducted girls have demanded their safe return.

In Deuri Bazar of Udayapur, Maoist’s Kirat National Liberation Front intervened in a cultural program organized on Tuesday night, arrested artists and spectators for two hours and ordered for the program to be stopped. In the program organized by Naulo Bihani Sanskritik Abhiyan, four people including Front’s Jeevan Kirati intervened, said Mohan Gole, chair of the Abhiyan.

maoist giving verdict

Indrajeet Chaudhari, Cheif of the Maoist Peoples’ Government, makes public the decision about releasing Balibhadra Rana, Mayor of Tribhubannagar Municipality. Balibhadra Rana with his relatives after being released by the Maoist. Pic by Sudarshan Rijal
freed from maoist captivity

Maoists have arrested two people of Kuvu Kastali village in Ramechhap district for their alleged involvement in the murder of Bishnu Ghimire in Khiji village of Okhaldhunga district. Maoist cadres have said that they will be handing over the two to District Police Office, Ramechhap after investigating.

In Sarlahi, Maoists have taken away hundreds of youths to recruit them in their Peoples’ Liberation Army. After Maoists promised to pay Rs. 7 thousands (one hundred dollars) per month and guaranteed future postion in the national army, many parents permitted their children to go with Maoists. “I am not sure if they will recruit me in PLA,” said a youth. “But I am going with them hoping that I will be enrolled in Nepali Army and get salary.”

However, the Maoist leadership has denied having any recruitment drive. District In charge (Sarlahi) Prabhat said that the party was just organizing organizational campaign under as per the earlier announcement of the party. Saying that expanding the organization was aimed at improving party’s position in the upcoming election, Prabhat said, “We will continue expanding organization, reforming and increasing the number of cadres.”

In Terathum, 40 boys and girls have ran toward Maoist cantonment after Maoist promised them attractive salary.

maoist commander with UN official

In Sankhuwasabha, Maoist has continued recruiting in PLA. In the photo above, a reble poses with a UN official who was there to visit a cantonment site.

In Pokhara, Maoists have started making hotel and restaurant laborers their cadres overnight and taking them to cantonment site. They took more than 200 laborers from hotels and restaurants in Pokhara on Wednesday alone. They were taken to the Maoist cantonment site (see pic below) at Chirtung village in Palpa. Laborers were boarded into a bus with the license plate number Ga 1 Kha 1891.

Maoist camp palpa

Maoist PLA members take part in a regular exercise in Chirtung Danda of Devinagar VDC, Palpa district. The fourth division of PLA will be kept here as per the agreement between the government of Nepal, CPN Maoist and the UN. Pic by Madhav Aryal

In Morang’s Sundarpur and Dulari villages, more than a dozen school children have been forcefully taken away to recruit in Maoist PLA. Parents staged a sit-in for about an hour in front of the office of Maoist eastern command at Salakpur.

Meanwhile, reporter of Gorkhapatra daily Ambar Khadka and Suman Puri of local Udghosh daily who had been there for reporting were threatened by the Maoist. “We can do anything to you if you write news about this,” a reporter quoted Tulasi Sinkhada, chief of Dulari Village Peoples’ Government and Sundarpur’s Agni Sitaula, threatening them.

In Gothgaun village of Ramechhap district, Maoists barred children from meeting their parents. Those children were being taken away for recruitment.

This blog is based on reports by Kantipur journalists from around Nepal





33 responses to “Maoist Madness: Crazy Comrades Stop This Nonsense!”

  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Maobadhi – where are you? What is your response to this? And this coming from Kantipur/Wagle who are closet Maoist sympathizers. It must be serious.

  2. Santu/Sydney Avatar

    You are acting as if Maoists murderers play by the rule? Wake up!

  3. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    Time and time again the Maoist are proving that we cannot trust them.

    Maybe one year ago a Maoist leader was declaring that they were not recruiting children but in front of him were two child soldiers with guns to protect during this speech.

    The leaders Prachanda & Co has no control over their cadres or they has a political strategy to making nice and positive statements and doing the oposite.
    What kind of future for Nepal they have in mind as they are in the Government?
    What is their program for reforming the State?
    What is their program for the economical future of Nepal?
    What about respect the human rights of the Nepali people; what they have in mind with that?

    Never I was hearing any serious statement from their side about above subjects.

  4. Bideshi Avatar

    The Maoists have won militarily since the Nepal “Government” threw in the towel and the Nepal people stopped supporting their own military. No one is in a position to stop them now and they will do as they please.

  5. Bideshi Avatar

    The U.S.A. government will continue to regard the Maoists as terrorists, which is what they are and gangsters also, so we cannot expect much help from the international community with Hamas, oops I mean Maoists, in our government. We are paying the price for not supporting our own security forces and thereby handing victory to the gangsters.

  6. scoop Avatar

    I’m telling you buddies,

    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings! These maoists are up to no good!

  7. sl Avatar

    Bhudhai pundit,

    I think the party removed maobadi for incompetence and is giving him a grilling. He may be back with a fresh kick up his back side to buck up or they may place another propoganda attempter to challenge the free peoples net.

  8. sham Avatar

    Suddenly defenders of mao are missing…what the heck is happening…of course, readymade justification will be presented…in the transition period, these minor glitches happen but there is no need to worry…

    I suggest “defenders of mao” to stop theorizing and put u r words into actions.

  9. Sagarmatha Avatar

    Don’t worry PM and Home ministers are happy with their sits nd power….who is going to listen the voice of the people…

  10. FreedomForAll Avatar

    Maoist and their worthless chief Nobody (callig himself prachanda)are criminals.
    A new pol pot comrade killer is on the way in Nepal.

  11. noname Avatar

    Earlier the Maoists were fighting in Chappals and now they have a full fledged uniform. Wait till they linch you and your family. They have done so to a lot of Nepalese I know. You Nepalis are such dumb heads. I repeat: Some (not all) of you Nepalese can’t distinguish the right from the wrong.

  12. FreedomForAll Avatar

    Noname has right.
    Somebody has dumb head. Who is this prachanda?
    Hi was NEVER elected from Nepali people to be politician. He is person out of law!
    But you can read something like that: !?

    Prachanda at International Mountain Museum – 4 October 2006
    Maoist Supreme Leader Prachanda made a surprise visit on 4 October 2006 to our International Mountain Museum IMM, Pokhara. Pachanda was very much impressed with our development and management of IMM as an asset to Nepal and similarly to the world, and assured his cooperation for further strengthening the programs of IMM in the future.

  13. Kumar Avatar

    Like they say, if you kill man you are a murderer but kill many you are conqueror. So finally Maoist are in parliament. Parliament seems to be the place where every crooks and villains end up if one evades the law long enough. Lawbreakers are becoming lawmakers. I wish it were so in other fields too; by that standard I would be a math teacher or maybe more.

  14. Backdraft Avatar

    Raise Hell and you will be awarded- now that’s the message transmitting everywhere. Unlucky two policemen got beaten up by the Maoist for mistakenly doing a right thing by arresting two Goondas .Now how is that for “loktrantra”- anytakers beside the SPA and Maoist and local Dadas.

    Lets think- if situation gets real like the wild, wild west where clan, gang, and traid is necessary to survive- what will become of us- extinct or endangered? Answer all you keyboard thumping people.

  15. dakre Avatar

    either this is to show that maoists are in considerable numbers or it is a plan to end up in total control…..lord knows the truth….

  16. Guyfromktm Avatar

    The Maoist has their standard answer to this news– that this is being done by elements unknown to them in order to “defame” them. Yeah, right, all the extortions, hooliganism, abductions and now, corced recruitments are all done by “other” elements and the Maoists are the most choko and committed to Nepal and its causes. Pushpa Kamal first sold Nepal to India by negotiating with them before the accord and today, he is going on a trip to laud the same Indians whom he was projecting to be “enemies” of Nepal and teacher Pushpa Kamal used to deplore the Indians only because he would get popular support within Nepal. And now he is on a sine qu non trip to glorify India as a new super-power. While is he boarding a comfortable flight dressed in a blazer, his cadres are busy luring people to join the PLA so that these new recruits can be shown as the PLA force that will end up in the cantonment. Then the real killer, the real terrorists will be walking the streets of Nepal scot free, ready to pounce on anyone who even remotely against their ideologies. This is the kind of competitive multiparty system that Puspha Kamal has been talking about since long.

  17. Puwai Avatar

    Perhaps the answer to this issue has already been given by Congress Secretary Ram Chandra Poudel – “during peace process both sides are supposed to not recruit their army”.

    Could the Maoists’ activity be be to counter the activities of the military who are also recruiting their men?

  18. Gharti Avatar

    I agree that MAOISTs are behaving like burning candles that become extra bright seconds before dying. Why do they have this lunatic behaviour if they would like to go for peaceful election and expect vote from the People? Will antbody vote for them if they continue like this. I assume, they can not leave the bullet, they think that they will be gone if they quit the bullet.

  19. aasabadi Avatar

    Let’s give few more months; Permanent peace will be stablished and these dark days will be a history.

  20. G. Palpali Avatar
    G. Palpali

    Girija’s bad governace helped create MAOISTs and brought us so much of miseries. After Prachand joins his hand with Girija, I predict Nepal will be destroyed beyond repair. So I appeal Nepali People, journalists and Civic Society to be extra visilant to monitor their activities.

  21. prism Avatar

    My take is that the Maoists are on recruiting spree because their actual number of fighters is below than their claim of 35,000. So to make their numbers (and remain a credible military threat), they have to recruit.

    That also explains why the Maoist commander refuted the claims of the recruitment. They are not adding to their number of 35,000 fighters. They would rather recruit than reveal their actual number.

  22. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Maoists are real black beasts. be cause, what they are doing now is to bring all the students in cantonments and keep their fighters outside cantonments.They have already put real weapons like AK 47 and MI 16 under the ground in the forests. They will show to the UN monotoring team only 303 Rifles which do not work and put in the lockers. They will continue to give trouble to the people with their threat and intimidation of abducting and killings.

    But once the peace deal is signed (?) Girija should ask the Prachanda directly whether he would stop all the atrocities on the people or not ? If not he should mobilise the army once again. Because the atrocities of the Maoists is intolarble for the people. Nobody can continue like this if we want to call ourselves a civilsed nation.

  23. raj Avatar

    Bhudai Pandit

    You caught maobadi on wrong foot and Maoists withdrew him out of blog. I feel sorry for that poor maobadi who has face now his own collegues for answer.

  24. ME Avatar

    Day of seven party is gone if they don not response on current maoist act.
    Its time to say good bye to all political forces. That day is not far away when maoist declare the COMMUNIST REPULIC OF NEPAL. On that day even Mr wagle cant run his blog.
    In my last comment I mentitoned One dictator gone (Mr G shah) another arriveed ( mr prachanda).
    Lets get ready to sacrifice everthing.

    Three big cheers for prachanda man!!!!
    If you dont say this word you cant survive in nepal

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    That is a pity. How can the Maoist become a democratic party if they cannot face public scrutiny and critisim? I also read they thretened a journalist somewhere for writing critical articles.

  26. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    Where is maobadi today? Is this what they say is commitment to peace.

    When this sort of terrorist activities still continue then what is the meaning of the peace that was signed.

    I have been saying that terrorist can’t be trusted at any point. The only was these thugs can be tamed is by brute force. Wipe them out once and for all so that the remaining innocent don’t have to suffer.

    Top level leaders are busy trying to act as if they are commited to peace signing the deals but the implementation is on totally opposite way.

    Well I still see civil war looming in the horizon. If the arms are also locked they are going to force fully take it away and resume voilence as only fraction of arms are going to be locked up. They are definitely going to come up with some bullshit reason to resume fighting.

  27. manan Avatar

    I don’t think the Maoists want to keep fighting all the time. C’mon, its been ten years now. Who wants to keep figting forever?

    And the fact is that they don’t have much of a support base either. Unlike in Palestine where the population supports the fighters so they can go on fighting, the Maoists in Nepal are increasingly relying on force recruitments. Even they know that can’t last forever.

  28. bridohi Avatar

    “Kukur ko puchar lai bara barsa dyangro bhitra rakhe pani sidha hundaina!”

    This summerizes the Maoists of Nepal. There is no way in hell we can have a free & fair election if Maobadis are not controlled.

    Who let the dogs out… oof oof…
    PK Dahal yo!

  29. Kirat Avatar

    That kukur ko pucchar analogy goes for almost all the major players in Nepal.

    By the way the dogs were let out by the incompetence, corruption and apathy of the politicians and the quite connivance of the palace.

  30. scoop Avatar

    All we hear these days is the mantra of peace at any cost. I am good for peace at a price but peace at any cost?

    Looking at the way the maoists are carrying on, there are two conclusions, one is that they are fooling us all and the second is that they are fooling their militia and cadres.

    You guys take your pick and come to a logical conclusion?

  31. Sagarmatha Avatar

    What is the cost of sacrifice of the SPA, general people and king in the name of peace???

    The most easiest way to bring peace is to surrender all and let them rule solely.

  32. pontiff Avatar

    How can you stop a crazed tiger during his feast. Stop this nonsense would have made sense before but now it just a silent scream.

  33. dialogue Avatar

    Is there any statement at all from Prachandra dai about the cruelties?

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