Images of Celebrations in Nepal

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Butwal: Local Maoist leader Suman puts tika to party cadres before a victory rally started here. Pics by Dipendra Badulwal UWB photo blog

People from all walks of life take part in various victory rallies organized throughout the country. The best thing about these victory rallies was the impressive Maoist participation. Prachanda had given them so much luring slogans that some fear if he will be able to keep all his cadres under his leadership and bring all of them in the mainstream politics. No one wants Maoists to be split and one group continuing the fighting. In today’s rallies, Maoist cadres were the most jubilant and the party led several rallies and mass meetings in various places.

[Meanwhile the UN has suggested the Maoist leadership to establish cantonment in places with access to road. Ian Martin, the UN envoy for Nepal peace process, told this in a meeting with Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal) and four deputy commanders. Martin also told the Maoist leaders that the distance between army barracks and Maoist cantonment must not be in the distance that could be covered by the arms of both sides.]

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Palpa: Flags of various political parties on a tree. Pics by Madhav Aryal

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Palpali people taking part in victory rally and mass meeting.

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Maoist district level leader Sijal addressing Palpa rally

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Maoist cadres celebrating the agreement in Butwal. Pic by Dipendra Baduwal

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Sindhuli: BP Highway Transportation Committee organized a candle light ceremony in Loktantrik Chautaro in Sindhuli. Pics by Raj Kumar Karki

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Representatives from eight parties, lawyers, university teachers, businessmen, journalists enthusiastically lit the candles.

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Bara: People taking part in a victory rally in Jitpur. Pics by Upendra Lamichhane

nepal celebrates historic agreement

nepal celebrates historic agreement

nepal celebrates historic agreement

And in Baglung:

nepal celebrates historic agreement

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106 thoughts on “Images of Celebrations in Nepal

  1. In Cambodia, when Pol Pots Communist Gurrillas increased their influence in Capital, people of Capital had welcomed them cheering “Peace is here”………

    In a matter of hours, Communists imposed curfew in the Capital and forced people to go inside their houses AT GUN POINT.

    Within months, thousands of people from Capital were forced to vacate their homes in Capital and go to rural areas to work, which was almost same as Hitlers Concentratioon Camp for Jews.

    It didnt take much time for people to realize the horror of communism in Cambodia but by that time Pol Pots Commmunists had managed to kill MORE THAN 20 lakh of their own citizens, ordinary Camobdians.

    I see same story repeating in Nepal, of course in slow motion as people are more vigilant THESE DAYS. However, if Maoists are not opposed in the same way as the brave people opposed them in Kupondole at least, then they can be a real disaster from the country.







    Cambodia Year Zero

    1975 – Lon Nol is overthrown as the Khmer Rouge (Communist Party) led by Pol Pot occupy Phnom Penh. Sihanouk briefly becomes head of state, the country is re-named Kampuchea.

    All urban dwellers are forcibly evacuated to the countryside to become agricultural workers. Money becomes worthless, basic freedoms are curtailed and religion is banned. The Khmer Rouge coin the phrase “Year Zero”.

    Hundreds of thousands of the educated middle-classes are tortured and executed in special centres. Others starve, or die from disease or exhaustion. The total death toll during the next three years is estimated to be at least 1.7 million.

  3. all i see in the pictures is a few hundreds..or thousands of ppl who are not forget the population of Nepal is in millions…maiosts…stop using the media to escalate what u dont have or never will.


    This is not the victory of the Maoists; it should not be taken as the victory of Maoists. It should not be taken as the victory of VIOLENCE.
    But unfortunately, it will be interpreted so because had Maoists not killed so many people, had they not been so CRUEL and RUTHLESS, there would be no political change. They made the cruel king step down, they made the international community including India and America bow down. so why not worship VIOLENCE?
    In the next couple years, Maoism will culminate into EXTREMEST violence, rampant kidnappings, killings, and all kinds of violence. Nepal will BLEED. Then they will be flushed out totally, after half the population is either forced to migrate or get mutilated and killed in their own house.
    One of the most effected will be Hindu Non-Violent Culture. It will be replaced by Muslim Mafia and Christian fundamentalists. Nepal will bleed in religious war for ever.
    The symptoms of the religious suicide of Nepalese has well begun. And such violence will be legitimized.
    Read below:
    ??????? ?????? ??????? ??????????? ?????: ??????????? ??????

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  5. And some vigilantes are still trying to use red scare to restore their lost paradise. If maoists try to use force, their existence will just be a part of history thats for sure.

    It is not a time to speculate the worst things. We have already suffered for a long time, let us think something positive. Can’t this be a new begining of our future? Well, if you don’t like maoists (or any other party) you can express that via ballots. Ballots are powerful than bullets. Don’t give statistics of death tolls coz nobody is clean (including your grand masters).

    This time the maoists have come to an agreement. Now everybody should abide by those clauses. Anybody who turns back should be a$$-whipped.

    Great applause to the political parties and maoists for this historic agreement. It is the victory of people. Let this be a foundation of new Nepal.

  6. Give me a break, these are all Maoists cadres or the party people not “people from all walks of life” as you suggest. Take off your tinted glass, see things for what they are.. enough of misleading blogs!

  7. I thought the nation should be celebrating. But the nation is not, only the maoists are celebrating, why? Because the deal was signed according to their terms and conditions and liking. The SPA lost this round. The nation could lose much more. From a rebel group in ceasefire, they have now become a authorised group still with arms. They can now show a government badge to walk into our homes and not just a party letter. Check out the news, many of the core fighters have gone underground, not ready to go into cantonements, only new recruits and the rag tag cadres will be placed in cantonements. The hard core are out and about and dangerous, this is when the army should put their foot down as I am sure many will be recognised by them. This is now the most crucial phase for the citizens of this nation, heads up my friend heads up!

  8. Maoists won. Royalists and SPAs lost. What Maoists did not gain in the last election they gain with the power of the guns and gundas. Maoists used to be the small section of the big Nepal Communist party. Now they are going to get same numerical representation without election in the coming legislative body as the parent Nepal Communist Party. It’s a sad day for Nepal. It’s sad day for peace and democracy.

  9. It indeed a sad day for Nepal in some sense – when this agreement seems to suggest that VIOLENCE works. Killing people in the name of “suraki ko safaya” and killing people for being from “purano satta” is the way to go to the top.

    Violence breeds violence and I don’t see it is going to end there, Agreement or not –

  10. well its sad (or sadest) day for darbariya buggers. not for the rest. they see in it a dawn that will bring democracy, peace and prosperity in nepal. hope is rekindled in all. and when there is hope, nothing is impossible.

    and we believe new nepal is possible. we’re already marching towards making new nepal, where all are treated equally regardless of their caste, creed, sex, religion, etc.

    we request all to come forward in making new nepal.

    p.s.: there’d be room for you buggers, but if you dare disrupt the peace process, you’re doomed.

  11. Here is some of other point of view from Janadharana

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    ( ???????? ?????? ???????? ????? ???????????? ???????? ???? ???????, ?? ??? ????????? ??? ????? ?????? ?????? ?????)

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  12. Many of the people thought pepole would come to the street for the celebration in mass with “deepawali and sindhur”, but which is not happened. There is no doubt that maoist celebrate because they became one of the top party in sits without election. It shows that the future democracy will be totally gunda raj, but lets be optimistic also if they changed the character. The only unimaginalbe thing is if they badly loose the constitutional assembly what happened to their strategies? Will they accept it easily??

    I feel pity to UML in this agreement although Congress is hoping to win with the tussle between UML and maoist in the election. How much maoist muscle worked in the future is the question mark…but we should be happy that atleast in peace agreement occured in paper and hope to see in reality also…

  13. I wonder if the SPA feel like the carpet under them has been snatched away without them really noticing? 73 seats in the house for maoists plus 48 so called civil society who are mainly maoists anyway. That is 121 seat for the maoists. They have a majority 121 out of 330 seats. We have created world history, a majority in parliament for a group without casting a single vote!!!!!!!!!! Believe me the maoists will now delay the CA elections for as long as possible. Long live democracy!!!!!!! No need to stand in line to vote, no need to spend money on elections etc. etc. Maybe we could let the Indians walk in as well, then there will be no need to govern and spend money on things like the army etc. etc.

  14. To say that SPA lost in the agreement and Maoist won is preposterous. Yes, you can say reactionary/royalist forces lost pathetically. The remnants of such forces will be eliminated completely in the next six months. The need of the hour was to move forward and the agreement has laid the foundation for the journey ahead.

    I am happy to see Maoists celebrating today. They must celebrate. But reactionary/royalist forces want Maoists cadres to condemn the agreement and restart the war. Why? Because reactionary/royalist forces will find breathing space only in the war.

    Look what Gyanendra, the most prominent symbol of reactionary forces in Nepal, is doing now? He is keeping quiet, hiding behind the high walls of Narayanhitti palace and eagerly waiting like a jackal to sabotage the peace process. If he were serious in contributing in the peace process, he would have announced abandoning the palace and dethroning himself. That’s the best he could/and still can do and wash away all the sins he committed in the past several years. If I were Gyanendra (hell, I don’t want be), I would have renounced the crown for sure. Its is undoubtedly glorious to be a sovereign citizen of this country than be a villainous and guilty monarch.

    Now is the time to celebrate and, Cheers!, lets to and take part in victory rallies.

  15. What does ths word bugger means? You seems to have using this a lot. Is it a part of Maoists’ revolutionary vocabulary?

  16. SL- ditto, bud. One more thing is this- from now on what you speak or write can be the reason for treason. What I want to say is- they made the King mother of all Dictator but they have seen nothing yet.

    I guess to be patriotic, nationalist, believer in our heritage, pride in our culture is wrong thing to do these days- hope what goes around comes around, its a truth.

  17. The owners and bloggers/article contributors of this blog seem to be complete dead horse arse. Even to an outsider like us this is clear. I could tell you definitely that people abroad have realized that things happening in Nepal are mere gimmicks and fakes.

  18. You people will be eating your words sooner than later, when you realise albeit late that the maoists have taken everyone for a nice little ride.
    Even newspapers in neutral nations like Canada are laughing at out agreement, saying they have never seen something more ridiculous and one sided.

  19. sunaina, nice comment.

    it is high time that we all nationalist forces unite in transforming our society. making it prosperous from poor.

    you darbariya dalals, bark. and bark. bidheshi ko bhada majh, and bark.

  20. What a pity!

    Maoists’ murderers whose hand are tainted with 14000 fellow innoncent Nepalese’s blood call themselves nationalists ..

  21. What the f–ck Maodadis takes us for? Go and wash you hands and place your forehead in the feet of your master- INDIA before you try to talk sense with us here in Nepal. Traitors, slime of this earth- we can see right through you- All your talk about “new Nepal” is full of shit and does not hold water. Its India who played with you, made you act in their behalf, and you talk about “New Nepal,” doesn’t you have any shame, killing innocent Nepalese in behest of India. How fool can you get?

    India wants to break Nepal into small parts by touting idea of Federalism in the basis of Caste based Autonomous regions- and then one fine day they will walk in under the mandate of UN to supervise and to control the mayhem that will follow. By then you will singing Bande Mataram- so long fools.

  22. Why can’t Maoists claim themselves nationalists when the descendents of those butchers who cut the nose and ears of the people of Kirtipur tirelessly claim themselves Super Nationalist? Plus, the murderer inside the Narayanhitti palace never stops claiming himself THE biggest nationalist. Maoists are far better than those killers. Maoists did a political movement and we have seen such movements everywhere in the world.

  23. Here is True story

    copy from Himal

    Revolutionary ways

    “Is this how you’ll run things in your people’s democratic republic?”

    Bang! Bang! Bang!” Someone is knocking loudly on the gate. “Come on down right now,” commands a sharp-eyed boy, wagging his index finger.

    “We’re revolutionaries,” he introduces himself, “from the Maoist student union. We are raising money for our convention. We are bringing 2.5 million people into Kathmandu. We need your donation.”

    “All right,” I replied, “first explain to me what you understand by ‘revolution’, then we’ll talk about donations.”

    The boy isn’t listening. “If our party hadn’t helped, the Jana Andolan would not have been successful, our people’s army had surrounded Kathmandu then. We used to be in the villages, now we’ve brought the struggle to the cities. Villages sacrificed their sons and daughters for the revolution, now it is time for city-dwellers to make the sacrifice. We have the vision and ability to build this country,” he said sounding like an inept tape recorder. “You know ours is a party with more than 13,000 martyrs. It is now our work to bring their dreams to fruition; that is why we need your support.”

    I try to reason with him: “Those 13,000 people are not your martyrs—they are our martyrs, they were Nepali citizens. Your party was just the medium.”

    The boy isn’t interested. “Tell me how much shall I make the receipt for.”

    “Five rupees,” I say, “that’s all I’m giving you. That is what Prachandaji said on television, that all donations are voluntary. I’m just following his instructions.”

    “You are insulting our party, our convention, our leaders, and cadres and you are insulting our people’s democratic republic. We can come after you at any time, you know? We can do anything to you.” His angry face, if not his literal words, conveyed this clear message.

    “Look, we see your leaders on television everyday now and you are disobeying their instructions. Besides, by terrorising the people you and thousands of others like you are embarrassing your leaders. If you get your people’s democratic republic, is this the way you will run it? Are you going to win over the people by seeking their suggestions and letting them lead you, or are you going to terrorise and intimidate them like you do now?”

    I look out at the streets, wet from last night’s rain, and continue: “If you are nice to them, the people will ask you to lead them, but if your behaviour and ideals hurt them, no matter how much you paint the place red, it won’t make a difference.”

    Suddenly, the kid mellows: “What to do, dai, we can’t be nice to everyone.”

    My lecture was going full steam now. “People have doubts about your party, but they also have hopes. But you make or break your party. I suggest you mend your behaviour and not taint your party’s image. There are many hard-working, good, self-respecting people in this country. Treat them as such, learn from them. Nepalis are fed up with the status quo, there is a bush fire sweeping the land and it will incinerate the stinking pile of garbage in our society. And from the ashes will rise a new, just, prosperous Nepal so future Nepalis can live with happiness and pride.”

    The boy has a far away look on his face when I ask him: “You have three hundred?”


    As I climb the stairs, I hear the boy telling his friend: “He really blasted us, yar.”

    I gave them a Rs 500 bill and took back the three Rs 100 notes. “The 200 is my contribution to your cause. If we believe in you we may give you 2,000, 200,000, two million, two billion. I wasn’t angry at you, I was just expressing the wishes of the Nepali people. Don’t let us down.”

    Like disciplined students, they leave, lost in thought.

    Raamesh is a veteran musician and singer of 30-year old hit Gaun Gaun Basti Basti. This is a true story and an abridged translation from Himal Khabarpatrika.

  24. Your ignorant comments are not even worth replying, so I won’t honor you one with.

  25. No,no you don’t have to respond. I understand your embarassment. Even [icd] like you are embarassed to defend Gyanendra and his khandan. That’s the change we have experienced in the recent months. But the ultimate goal of Nepali people is to eradicate (or change for the better) people like you who always advocate for one-man autocracy at the cost of democracy.

  26. For all those pressing the panic button-remember things could have been much, much worse! Ofcourse things could have been much better too but looking at our country’s history of overwhelming under achievement I must say this peace deal is impressive!

    Let’s stay positive and see if it works out.

  27. kirat,

    dont bother. these bunch of gyanes dalal wont understand your rational arguments. 95 percent of these buggers came from families who got to acquire the wealth and position just because of their bau baje’s dalali of darbar. lent them vent their frustations.

    kaag karayera pina nasukne bhaye, kamilale sarapera hatti marne bhaye, dherai kura hunthyo!

    come on buggers, it good to vent your anger. it will be good for your health. go on. (see, we care!)

  28. Must say am impressed with the Maoists who had asked for Re. 100 and a blanket per house to sleep in our neighbourhood school. Because the aam sabha was cancelled they returned the money and the blanket today! Wish all Maoists were this civilized!

  29. Helicopter you are spinning out of control not even the US believes your Pol Pot crap

  30. Every one who opposes Maoists, are lebelled Durbaria dalal.. it shows their limited thinking.

    These Indian datal Maoists whose tongues are all black beause of continuous licking of their Indian Masters’ boot have to put the country down and made us Nepalese even miserable than we were ever been.

  31. In welcoming the peace pact,China has said the “insurgents” to the Maoists in their official statement.They used say terrorists before. They never call them Maoists because it is an insult for the name of Mao.

    Look guys, from the above, I wanted to prove that they are no real Maoists but an outlawed armed gang who can be called anti-social elements or insurgents.The chinese statement is very important for all.

  32. The Chines people support the Maoists just look at Chinese internet sites especially China’s Red Flag site

    The Chinese Government has changed it position on Nepal’s Maoists and Pyre Lall being the intelligence agent for CIA should know this but his masters have not told him of contacts between CPN Maoist and the Chinese Government.

    As usual the Professor of crap is behind the times – His world has already gone and hopefully so will he..


  33. Prof. Pyare,

    The government of China or their official news agency Xinhua never useed the term ‘terrorist’ to refer to Nepali Maoists. They always use the word ‘insurgents’ or ‘anti-government guerillas’. You might want to check your facts again. [Oh yea Chinese haave said that Nepali Maoists are not the followers of Chairman Mao.]

  34. Hopes are high and fears are understandable!

    Seeing all these enraged comments of the royalists, it becomes even more evident, that there has been great progress right now.

    Maybe the old powers are not seeing it, but now there are negotiations.
    The ‘tit for tat’ killings have stopped.

    At times when the Maoists have started their war, voicing opposition could end in having car accidents or being poisoned or lost forever.

    Then followed more than ten years of an ever increasing cycle of violence. Hopefully this cycle can be broken now.

    The reactionary forces will try everything to make the experiment a failure, just to start this vicious cycle again.

    It is of highest importance not to go back to that kind of primitivity.

    May wisdom guide the new generation in Nepal to gain their aim of a federal republic in a nonviolent way from now on.

    To reach this, all crimes from both sides of the civil war have to be brought to court. There may not be impunity for revolutionary or state crimes, commited in the last years of lawlessness.

    Kings have always been a costly affair to the simple people, the last king of Nepal simply became too costly to keep. His son was the best argument for the rebels.

    Nepal needs the change, may it continue in a nonviolent way!

    AHIMSA knows: Kings are history!

  35. Maobadi,

    Your comments are full of empty Moabadi rhetoric. Anyone who dares to question or disagree with your radical violent ideology is labelled a darbariya, reactionist, anti-people & revisionist. Its childish & lacks logic.

    In a democracy, tolerance is key to stability. Everyone is free to have their views even the royalists (even though I do not agree with them). So instead of labelling people royalists with whom you do not agree with, WHY DON’T YOU please forth your agenda–economic policy–to help develop Nepal.

    As for labelling someone darbariya dalal & bideshi ko bhanda maaj, especially the latter one seems quite ironic for a party that espouses to uplift the exploited & under class… Besides, if it was not for the Nepalis who go abroad to work menial labour, Nepal would have drowned in economic depression. There would be no Maobadis, Loktantrabadis, Khaobadis, Rajabadis etc etc…

    Maobadi you should thank all those hard working bideshi jo bhanda majne people who have kept the country afloat through their remittance to make it plausible for Maos to come to power.

  36. Excatly brihodi.
    And Mobadhi why do you think Nepalis go abroad to wash dishes and work in 100 degree heat of Arabia in the first place? It’s largly because the Maoists have stopped development works, destroyed our tourism industry, displaced thousands of people etc. Anyway despite all this everyone is willing to give you guys the benefit of the doubt. But if you guys continue your ways and don’t give up your violent and intolerent attitudes then you will face the wrath of the Nepali people!

  37. I may agree with khursani but Chinese govt. never supported the Nepali maoists.They even disowned their activities.About the crap’s saying that Red flag site’s support, I really don’t know about it and don’t want to know either about the activities of the killers and rapists.My point is that you should not try to capture the politics by killing in the 31st century.It is the insult of Nepal and nepalese in the international community. Like sarki ko chhoro said they want to win hearts and minds of the people by guns and knives.

    May be to win your hearts and mind, first they want to see scientifically what is the state of your heart and mind by killing you. Because they believe in scientific politics.

  38. If the Maoists were to win the hearts and minds of people they would not have brutally murdered thousands of their fellow Nepalese willy nilly. They are psychopathic killers and they will SAY and DO anything necessary to attain power. This is their tactics.

    Only a gullible fool will trust what they say.


  40. birodhi, pundit: i’m not branding you guys as dalals. but there are also pyare, jesus, and the likes who are nothing but dalals.

    we always welcome rational comments.

    birodhi, read the interview of prachanda in the other posting, you’ll get some answers.

    the remittance has been impt for nepali economy, i dont deny the fact. but why after all those guys go to do menial jobs in extreme climatic conditions risking their precious lives? it is not because of the state’s inability to provide jobs back home? and why can’t we do that? i’ve sympathy to those who go to gulf and other countries. but those who flock here to do darbar’s dalali are not from that class.

  41. KO HO TYO MAAO jesus bhanne BAADI? kyaaho tyo “jesus” bhaneko? maao baadi le pani deutaa maanchha? jesus ko artha thaahaa chha?

  42. Jesus, clam down man. Look we are all cautious about the Maoists. But we should give them one chance. If they abuse this trust, I am with you.

    Look Mobadhi, my question and problem with you guys is this: it seems that Prachanda has promised a whole lot to the cadres. But redistribution of land, more equality etc. are things that takes a very long time with the proper economic mechanisms to accomplish. You cannot just do it overnight. If you guys start to sieze lands, nationalize businesses etc. it will be disasterous.

    Also you and Prachanda both seem to be so sure that you will get over 50% of the vote in the elctions. Suppose you guys don’t. Like I am fairly certain you guys will get like maybe 30% at the most. What then? Are you guys going to accept that and continue to be legetimate political force or go back to the jungles?

  43. Well cut the crap,
    It seems as if you dont much about Communism if you dont know about your uncle Pol Pot. When you go back to Nepal from wherever you are enjoying your US Dollars as a Maoists Refugee, you should ask your Maoist Uncles in Nepal, from where they got their source of inspiration.

    It will definitely be worst Murderers like Stalin and Pol Pot. (Of course, you will call them your Communist Leaders)

    Maobadi, I hate the Darbariyas of Nepal much more than you do and am just a DEMOCRAT.
    However, I have seen what democracy and freedom means to you. For you and all the autocratic commmies around the world, anybody who opposes you and exercises their freedom becomes an enemy and a vigalante. Whereas you murderers (who must be using the computer now from the money stolen by your Maoists Uncles by terrorizing Nepalese people) are in fact the real vigilantes, and are nothing but a bloody parasite for Nepal.

  44. look pundit: we haven’t talked about seizing the lands. we’re even giving back the previously seized lands. so dont worry. it will be done on rational basis. no cieling will be set.
    re: industries; even prahanda has made things clear about this. no nationalization. but we wont allow tax evasion. new progressive taxes will be imposed. more industry than commerce is our need. but all we have are ‘brokers’ not real industrialists. commerce has only forward linkages, industry has both forward and backward linkages, and is the backbone of the eonomy.

    re: votes. we’re hopeful that we’d win. if not, we’ll have to abide the verdict of people. we’ll try to reach out to them. no jungles, this time. we’re giving up our arms, man! why don’t you understand that?

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