Baluwatar Talks, high hopes

Very much unlike the interview of Prachanda which expressed doubts even in the occuring of the Summit Talks, both the SPA and Maoists have expressed hope of its success. At the end of the meeting which lasted for around 9 hours the two sides released a press release. “The draft of the interim constitution was presented before the top leaders of the seven parties and the Maoists at the meeting today,” the release states.

It further adds”At the meeting, issues like interim constitution, election of constituent assembly, implementation of past agreements, arms management, relief to conflict-victims, socio-economic transformation and restructuring of the state were discussed in a cordial atmosphere.”

It concludes stating that the discussion was positive with the signatures of government talks coordinator Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Maoist talks coordinator Krishna Bahadur Mahara. The talks will resume on Oct 10,2006. However with the no concrete agreements in issues like arms management little can be said of outcome of the talks.

The reporting of the Summit talks as published in Ekantipur

KATHMANDU, Oct 8 – The second round of high-level talks between the seven-party alliance (SPA) and the Maoist rebels ended inconclusively Sunday with both sides agreeing to resume talks on Tuesday “to finalize the contentious political issues.”
The leaders of both sides said that they were close to a common agreement which would possibly be reached in the next session.

In the first day of the summit talks that lasted for nearly nine hours today, the top brass leaders of the SPA and the Maoists discussed the draft of the interim constitution submitted by the government and rebel talks teams but did not reach any formal agreement on any issues.

Fresh talks between the two sides will resume on Tuesday as they could not arrive at a consensus on the key contentious issues including the position of the monarch, interim legislature, and government, among others.

Leaders of both sides have, however, expressed satisfaction over today’s talks saying they were held in a cordial atmosphere.

Member of the government talks team and Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Pradeep Gyawali said that he was hopeful that Tuesday’s meeting will be fruitful in reaching agreements on all the issues.

He said that today’s talks were close to a consensus and that all differences between the SPA and Maoists would be sorted out by the next meeting.

“We (the SPA and Maoists), during the meeting today, entered into the major political agendas but did not finalize any of the issues that have remained incomplete in the draft interim constitution,” said Gyawali.

Talking to eKantipur over the phone, Maoists’ second-in-command and a member of the 10-member high-level rebel talks team Dr. Baburam Bhattarai said today’s talks focused on finalizing the incomplete draft interim statute, modalities of the constituent assembly elections, arms management of both the state and the Maoists, and the socio-cultural restructuring of the state.

“We (the Maoists) have stressed on the package deal, which includes the key political agendas including the future of the monarchy, interim government and arms management issues, among others, with the seven parties’ government,” said Bhattarai, adding, “We are hopeful the next meeting will finalize all these issues and the talks will be meaningful in achieving a political way out.”

According to a an earlier statement issued by both talks teams today, the meeting concentrated on finalising the agendas such as interim constitution, interim legislature, modalities of arms management and future of the monarchy, assistance to the victims of the conflict, socio-economic restructuring of the state, among others.

“The talks are moving ahead positively,” said the statement signed by the coordinators of the government and rebels talks team, Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Krishna Bahadur Mahara respectively.

The meeting also discussed the issue of finalising the dates for the constituent assembly elections.

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67 thoughts on “Baluwatar Talks, high hopes

  1. Kaji is fool who thinks that he knows everthing.We should not be happy without knowing about the internal matters of the talks. What is happening ? nobody knows. If killers like Prachanda and baburam do not agree to laydown the arms with a time table, then we are back to square one which is a real possibilty. We must prepare for full scale war instaed of having CA elections. If despite all the opportinities given to the Maoists (by the people) who are only operating on the threats of a gun,they do not agree to laydown the arms, the only alternative to the State and the people is to finish them off by military means.

    We can not be behind in economic development and whole generation of people’s life has been ruined by the Maoists.You go to Mysansar and see how a Nepalese has been buthcered by Islamic terrorists in Iraq Just two days ago. Why this Nepali had to go to Iraq for earning his livelyhood. People like Kaji do not understand these things who are half-educated idiots.

  2. Hey Kaji,
    Gyane has already been sidelined and I don’t believe he can ever bounce back. If he bounce back also we have the kick ready to throw him out of the ground. That is not problem.

    I don’t have no vested interest, neither I am rajabadi nor maobadi. I am Nepali junta who has been directly or indirectly suffered due to the conflict like many others.

    You say that now Gyane has not been given any chance to bounce back.
    BUT you are giving maoist a chance to bounce back. Till now they were confined to outside of KTM or to remote village. But now they would be right in the Rajdhani and god knows what will happen. Since they have the gun they might go back to jungle for some silly reason. Like wise we cut down all the path leading to kings bouncing back we should do the same thing with maoist that is disarm them and all Nepali junta are ready to accept them as legitamate political party if they are willing to work in aspiration to the people’s desire.

    I am not confused but clear in my stance. There cannot be peace with arms around..
    It will be like giving king a chance as of 1990 revolution. We took the power from king but allowed a path from him to get back. Lets not do that same mistake again.

  3. Kaji:
    Yes I do have a vested interest! That interest is to see a peaceful and prosperous Nepal.
    Look everyone is giving the Maoists the benefit of the doubt right now? I hope the peace process will be succesful just as much as you do. No one wants to see more violence and killings of Nepalis.

    However, I also don’t want to float in the clouds of unrealistic optimism. I don’t know if you read nepalnews news but this morning I was reading that the Maoists have captured 6 cargo vans and demanded 1 lakh from each van. The NHRC is having trouble convincing the Maoists to release abducted people, they are exthorting money from tourists… these incidents are not a good indication and it raises some serious concerns.

  4. Maoists have captured six cargo vans coming from Tatopani, Sindhupalchok district, on the Arniko Highway.

    The Maoists, who have been collecting ‘tax’ from passenger buses and cargo trucks plying on the highway for some time, took the vans under control Wednesday afternoon near Dolalghat, Kavre district, reports said. They have demanded Rs.1 lakh from each van.

    The rebels had set up their ‘checkpoint’ at Dolalghat two weeks earlier and have been collecting Rs 20 to 50 from each passenger bus plying on the highway.

    They are also learnt to have imposed Rs 500 tax on each foreign tourist visiting the area

    so much for the peace talks morons..
    baluwatar maa matra peace vayera..nepal ma peace hundaina..
    let this talk fail miserably..we will go to war against the maoists..

  5. pandit: i read them all.
    i don’t mean your concerns are najayaj. but you also have to realise the gravity of the problem.
    no insurgency is same but perhaps it is better also to compare our home grown insurgency with the insrugencies at other part of the world. try to just go thru some of the experiences of other countries. then perhaps you’d understand what i mean.

  6. Kaji:
    I know that this Maoist insurgency cannot be solved through military means alone. I am not a neo-conservative advocating the use of brutal force to solve this problem.
    However, I am not sure how much we can trust the Maoist and what these
    ‘talks’ is going to accomplish. The Nepalese people have given the Maoist the benefit of the doubt but what have the results been thus far? Rural Nepalese continue to live in fear and terror. Baburam, Prachanda and Mahara in the meantime are smiling for the cameras and seem to be totally oblivious to all these issues.
    Yes we should negotiate with the Maoists and the SPA will have to make some concessions but it is also high time that the Maoists stop mucking around and live up to their end of the bargain. Do you not agree Kaji?

  7. And Kaji if it is other insurgencies you are talking about then may I draw your attention to the Shining Path in Peru (an insurgency with draws many parallels to our own)? Are you aware of how the Peruvian government ended that conflict? The police captured all the top leaders while they were in the meeting.

  8. I thank bhudai for giving the example of Shining Path of Peru. They had killed about 70, 000 people in Peru but when all the leaders were captured they vanished easily. That is why I wonder why our Army of 90000 could not once capture Prachand and Baburam even once during ten years. From this the competence of the army can be estimated. They lack intelligence capacity or the King and political leaders had given orders not to kill or capture them because of their vested political interests.
    Politicians thought that they can make money if this insurgency continued. King thought that he can prolong his rule by cititng Maoists terrorism as the reason etc. UML and other communist parties thought that they are Mitra Shakti.That is how a Mouse became a Monster.Actually no political force was serious to solve this problem earlier.

    All the political and Military high ranking officaials of the country have very good relations with weapons Mafia of the country. If we can really an indepenent commission to examin who were helping the Maoists at the initial phase of the insurgency, the results will be very interesting.But who will do that ?

    Later these Maoists are doing their crimes of rape, looting, extortion and killing by threats.I am for the Perunian solution to the Nepal”s maoists problem.

  9. Prachanda seems pretty happy with the talks so far. Sincerely hope that things work out and that the Maoists are sincere about ending their violence. Compromise on both sides is key. I’m sure the royalist bloggers on this site are disappointed right now.

  10. Manan,

    Your still stuck on reverse gear buddy. This is nothing to do with royalists. The King is a long time gonner. We are now on third gear so start playing catch up . This is now a war betweeen the “haves” and the “have nots”, and according to the maoists standards you are most likely in the “haves” section. So don’t be too thrilled, because even you are in the
    “and they don’t even know it” category.

  11. I guess summit is talk about sorting out who is the loser and winner in this mess as per Kirat and Manan. See, they are no different then the you-know-who. These guys attempt to read the real situation boils down to axe to grind but unknown to them their glee will turn sour in New York minute as talk conclude. False assumption on the part of Kirat that Prachande’ is sincere is like saying “don’t worry, be happy” to a goat in slaughter house.

    Days are not gone they just come around with different shades and colors- you’d be happy to join as wet puppy when they shrivel up your balls to size of a peanut, that is you still have them then.

    Anyways, learn to live and let live on your own terms rather than on others. Days are numbered for high flyer(banker), designers suits and cockeyed (feet in Nepal,walking in US) wallowing in vindetta intellectuals. Free rigning spirit will make a landing soon and collateral damage may be you and me. Don’t worry, you give them the benefit of the doubt and better learn to live with it and not die each second with a thought that you bought it on to yourself.

  12. “From the April revolution we SHOWED the Maos that you DON’T NEED gun to topple a despot or bring changes in the polity!”

    No, what was shown was that the Nepal Army was not ordered or willing to shoot down it’s own citizens, friends and family. The Maoists will have no such moral restraints.

  13. Bummer, Am I? not the least. We all are in the same soup bowl,waiting for hammer to fall. Don’t act pretentious, it does not suit you.

  14. Pontiff, you find my sentence in #66 pretentious. Wow you can really read between the lines. You are right, we are in the same soup whether things work out or not. However I foolishly choose to be optimistic while you intelligent people can worry yourselves to death. Maybe the sky is falling!

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