School Students Used in Politics: STOP

Maoist students convention

As I am writing these lines, about 50 buses (one of them in the photo above) full of school children in uniform are being rushed toward the city center of Kathmandu. The students inside and at the top of the buses are screaming and, for me, the sound resembles to that of a woman being raped by a murderous gang. No wonder, these students are being taken to the inauguration ceremony of general convention of the Maoist student union: All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU). The scene is simply horrific and I fear possible death of the students falling from the top of the running bus. I am also deeply saddened by the fact that these students are being forced to leave their classes. Their parents sent them school in uniform hoping that they would learn something in classrooms and here they are: forced to take part in a conference of a political organization that, it seems, has very less to do with student welfare. “The main agenda of the convention is political,” I recall what the chairman of ANNISU Lekhnath Neupane said yesterday.

Maoist students convention

I talked to a student (pic, above) from Bode Secondary School, Bhaktapur who was being ferried in a vehicle that belonged to Khopwa Engineering College. “We want complete change in society,” the grade 8 student said. “That is why I am going to take part in the convention today.”

“So you are Akhil Krantikari (ANNISU), right?” I asked.

He gave a though for a few seconds and replied, “Well, yes. I am.”

“Then you are a Maoist, right?”

“Well, not really,” he replied quickly. “Then gave a serious though as if he was thinking, ‘ God, am I going to a Maoist conference?’ “I am not a Maoist. I am going because waha dai le jau bhannu bhayo.[This brother told me to go.]”

As I was talking to the kid, the “brother” (pic, below) came to intervene.

“Are you from the press?” he wanted to know.

“Well, yes.” I wasn’t talking to the boy as a reporter. Everyone has the right to talk to another people on the street, I thought. And I tried to ignore the man.

“Actually, we brought these students with the consent of the principal of the school. We have told him that we will take them back by 4 PM.”

Maoist students convention

Some of the students were excited, I could feel. But at this age, who would not feel excited to bunk classes. But is it okay to use the students in such activities? I see no difference in recruiting underage kids in army and forcing them to take part in these types of political activities. And this is not new in Nepal. In the royal regime, students were used to stand in queues to welcome an autocratic monarch returning from his foreign adventure. Another student organization affiliated to CPN UML is also holding its conference in another city and I am sure they are also doing the same. Several colleges are being shut down for the day because of the conference and the traffic in the city is standstill. Vehicles of difference colleges are being used for the political purpose. It is high time that students, at least school students, kept away from politics. This “raping” of education sector must be stopped.

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70 thoughts on “School Students Used in Politics: STOP

  1. stop! stop!

    Stupid Maoist, don’t you know about children? they want study, they dont’ want your speach?

  2. context

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    Probably you lost second eye too, so you are carrying already stinking Monarchy. Monarchy in Nepal died that very day when present king, working under tacit benefit of doubt, acted an autocrat and tried to dismantle the very democratic political parties who supported him. SPA was right to make agreement with Maoists, otherwise they could be eliminated by that autocrat. At least, Maoists are rebellion but they are one of the people’s party. Yes, to tame the shrew is rather difficult but SPA, and only SPA, can do that, not any one else. If you want good of this country, support SPA to do that irrespective of your political ideology. Political ideology works only in democratic system in which SPA believes.

  3. Lekh Nath Neupane deserves to be hanged for voilating Human Rights.
    Lekh Nath Neupane deserves to be put behind bars for using kids.
    Lekh Nath Neupane deserves to be kicked out of the country for showing his hitler quality.
    Lekh Nath Neupane deserves to be dragged through streets for creating traffic chaos
    Lekh Nath Neupane don’t belong to this country. If I find him I will be the first person to shoot him or chop his head off.
    No one should use kids for political purpose. NO one… I mean no one!

  4. Agree with all the bloggers that the children should be left alone. There should be a law against using children/people under the age of 18 for political rallies etc.

  5. Yes, Kirat.

    I do agree with you that there should be a law against the use of children in political rallies. But law alone is not enough.I don’t talk of dictators but people based political parties must have moral ethics to leave alone the children, especially the Maoists who do not obey the state law.

  6. using the lerning kids in politics is really very low work. there is time for everything the boy from grade 8 should go to school not the rally and stuffs. we see that kids are excited to bunk the classes but it does not means we can misuse their weekness. are elders not fool, when they are being selfish like this? once the kid is use to ths things he will always try to do the same after all kid mentality is easy to change, they will be on the street with falg of differsnt parties shouting, shouting for nothing. they even don’t know why are they doing all this.
    we should think of the future, if the kids who are the future of nation be mislead like this then, our nation is geting dark.

  7. Sorry to say- this Wagle dude cannot take a punch. He wiped out my rebuttal. Talk about Freedom of speech and democracy. All in all, let it be heard that people who speak about war in people’s name and in defence of freedom are the most corrupt and opposite of what they preach. They are far from pratice- that’s the naked truth, its real and here. Hear, Hear.

    UWB: It seems your comment has been accidentally erased. We sincerely regret for that. Please post that again if you have that saved in your computer. Sorry for the hassle.

  8. UWB: Dear Oneeyed, here is the comment you posted and was accidentally erased. Here we post the commnet without changing a single word:

    Answer to demented and deullisioned lot is this. The cry you make for SPA is based on flawed reasoning. SPA by default have now played into the hands of Maoist. The aura of SPA as a democratic and in the government is false. Nor they are capable of providing rule of law or stop inhumane act of herding children against their will and parent’s will by the Maoist tantamount to total surrender. tell me otherwise.

    If you cannot act the act then hand it over to Maoist. Do not play a caricature of holding a mantle of government when you cannot even speak against these atrocities let alone defy. Does being a party afford them the right to abuse citizenry by their inability and inaptitude. All they do is facing saving acts and platitude.

    Like I said there is no one who can guide us from this cesspool and I blame SPA more than Maoist just for the fact they forget their basic principle and allied with the Maoist. If power they are after then let POWER be the determining factor not the empty stance of Holier-than thou shit. Got me by the way I have I see better with one eye whereas I suspect you with four.

    Time to give benefit of doubt to the SPA is long gone, you know it.

  9. Reading all these comment, one thing is sure. . .no body likes these maoists. Then why are they here. They claim that the second popular movement was by them. Can everyone of them once more come out in the street and say they are wrong and they dont want maoists there?

    One example of bllsht

    Few days back one baby dies in Patan Hosp.???? plus people turn up and doc is held guilty . .byt pressure more than logic. Kantipur puts this in headlines. Kantipur TV shows the clippings.

    Med Association investigates. . .says doc was not guilty. Kantipur puts that in 5th page, small heads given. Kantipur TV is numb. And the people who forced the hospital for compensation, walks out with what they want. They dont have to give it back nor anyone questions them.

    Media is bllshtting.

    King. . .what is he to do? The royal take over . .what was he to do then? maoist were destroyig the country and politicians were eating up everything. Would he have been called a good king if he had just sat down and seen everything? He is devil . .we agree. But could we not support one good move and helped him put some spirit into the dying democracy. He just asked for 3 yrs. For 1 year it was all us waiting for him to do miracles. . .were we not? We could have said. . .ok, king, we too work and U too work and let us go to democracy . . and let us end maoism from history of nepal. He was made alone .. .did he not ask all of us to help? He even let us volunteer to be PM if we had guts? But, remember, it was not U nor me who went but a bunch of clowns who turned up . .we all made our country`s govt a joker

    So, who is right and who wrong?

  10. Now that we have “democracy”, I guess everyone can do what they want….. including the maoists
    walking around openly with guns and threatning to kill anyone who does not agree with them.

    long live democracy !!!

  11. Jango,
    Can you tell me why fool King made Giri vc and like gauchan, senate, srish , ramesh nath “Dankas” as Ministers ? When country is dire need of money, this fool King and gunda Paras went for foreign trips for nothing wasting a lot of money? How you can run the country like that ?

  12. govt of nepal is being a joke today. power is in the hands of those who are not worthy of it. i suspect do they have any feeling towards country?

  13. Wagle jee,
    U know better so please tell me what is going on with kantipur.

    Day before yesterday there was the news of this british gorkha family being taken hostage in their own village by maoists.It was posted in and published in Kathmandupost but it did not find its place in kantipur.

    Yesterday the vehicles confiscated by RID (rajaswa anusandhan) were taken by maoists,its in ekantipur and kathmandupost but not in Kantipur.Its actucally a headline in kathmandupost but doesnt find any place in kantipur.

    I am not putting this question personally but if u know wagle jee,what is going on? is this an attempt to show to the expats and NRNs that kantipur is unbiased where as keeping the nepali public unaware of maoist atrocities? very few people read kathmandu post and fewer in nepal depend on ekantipur of news,all they read is kantipur and kantipur is hiding the truth.
    I have noticed similar things in the past but i thought it might just be random incidence but now i am certain this is driven by motive and not a mistake.Wagle jee,u work there so u would probably know,whats going on?? is kantipur turning into a maoist ally or its something else,please enlighten us on that.

  14. I implore to all understand no matter what political divide we may have or deep seated hatred there may exist, this is not the time to bring it forth. As a Nepali its our duty to safguard the nation first, protect our way of life and find a common ground to move ahead. I may not agree with what Maoist are doing or are planning to do but I feel space must be given to them (without the arms)and I also feel the same about SPA as well as Monarchy.

    Lets put a stop to the slide towards anarchy. There will be no winner or loser in the end

  15. Wagle jee,
    Please read my above post and add this to it.See todays Kantipur and ekantipur and then kathmandu post.Why kantipur hasnt given any priority to the news that the containers of RID have been looted by maoists.Why a small column in the finance section.Why not a headline like kathmandu post,or ekantipur.I smell rat here.There is a conspiracy here.
    Is Kantipur cowing down to maoist pressure??

  16. Dear Dude ji,

    I am not an authorized person to answer the questions that you raise regarding the Kantipur news coverage. I am will definitely forward your comment to the concerned person in Kantipur.

    What I can say is that I see no conspiracy in Kantipur giving that much space to that particular news. Its a big newsroom in Kantipur and every section (business, sports, arts and style, feature etc) is responsible for its own pages. Not all placement of the news are decided by the editors. As you can see, that particular news is on the main main page of the business section. My observation is that Kantipur has always raised issues that are in the interest of Nepali people and Nepal and this paper has explicit commitments to democracy and the peace process.

  17. Dudeji,

    You have two chances of seeing print in front page with big bold;

    1. Good thing about India toward Nepal.

    2. Bad topic about the king.

  18. Sorry Prof Pyarelal,

    King did not find U nor any one of us great people writing comments after comments .. .and Prachanda was not a `daka` already to make him the VC, I suppose.

    We are all being irrational just pointing our finger to him.

    King is on the way out. . .we have no point talking about him when other things happening are far worse.

    But, at present we are to be careful about what we are heading to. Not a `daka` Prachanda and not `dakas` maoist . . .where are they taking out country?

    Arey yaar, for peace in our life and our children, euta Gyane ra Paras k aru dui tin otta aye ni palula dukha sukha gareyra. . .hami mah tyeti hutti ta cha ni. . .pahiley yo chor haru lai ta dhabau. Raja chaincha ki chahinna discuss garney tanna time cha. Lagi parau sabai jana within 1 year decision huncha. . .tara pahiley yo maoist haru lai ta falnah sakau. Tyo chai huti chaina kasai ko

    Schooley jiwan mah ta we all sang ni . . mero sir udau, baru tyo sahanchu . .k k jati ho . . .aba ta we are standing in a situation, hami mathi atyachar bhai ra cha bandukk ko bhar mah. Hami tyo sahanchau . .and tini haru ko agadi hami jhukdai chau . . . and now we are dicscussing whether gyanendra was bad or not. . .foolish us.

    Gyanendra raja k, Birendra raja ko bau mahendra raja ni kumm thiyenan. But still mareyra gaye. . .Jestha 19 mah ajja shraddha suman chadauna chodeyko chainau. . .k garney . ..yaha chautari mah baseyra guff haknah we all are ready.

    Birendra ko against mah slogan bhanney, chorr bhanney and overnight hamro hero huney pani possible cha. Hami ta jata bagayo, tyetai bagchau ani desh mah j bhaye ni chautari ko chiya pasal mah gyanendra chorr bhani chiya surkauna pachi pardainau.

    K hami mah himmat cha, tyo din curfew mah bahira niklaney dui tin lakh kati jana ho tyeshko half pani aba ek din maoist ko against mah bahira niklaney??

    Khubb furti lagachan mathi ek dui jana ley . .fought against Monarchy bahneyra. . .ahiley chai somm haru kaha luki baseychan??

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