School Students Used in Politics: STOP

Maoist students convention

As I am writing these lines, about 50 buses (one of them in the photo above) full of school children in uniform are being rushed toward the city center of Kathmandu. The students inside and at the top of the buses are screaming and, for me, the sound resembles to that of a woman being raped by a murderous gang. No wonder, these students are being taken to the inauguration ceremony of general convention of the Maoist student union: All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU). The scene is simply horrific and I fear possible death of the students falling from the top of the running bus. I am also deeply saddened by the fact that these students are being forced to leave their classes. Their parents sent them school in uniform hoping that they would learn something in classrooms and here they are: forced to take part in a conference of a political organization that, it seems, has very less to do with student welfare. “The main agenda of the convention is political,” I recall what the chairman of ANNISU Lekhnath Neupane said yesterday.

Maoist students convention

I talked to a student (pic, above) from Bode Secondary School, Bhaktapur who was being ferried in a vehicle that belonged to Khopwa Engineering College. “We want complete change in society,” the grade 8 student said. “That is why I am going to take part in the convention today.”

“So you are Akhil Krantikari (ANNISU), right?” I asked.

He gave a though for a few seconds and replied, “Well, yes. I am.”

“Then you are a Maoist, right?”

“Well, not really,” he replied quickly. “Then gave a serious though as if he was thinking, ‘ God, am I going to a Maoist conference?’ “I am not a Maoist. I am going because waha dai le jau bhannu bhayo.[This brother told me to go.]”

As I was talking to the kid, the “brother” (pic, below) came to intervene.

“Are you from the press?” he wanted to know.

“Well, yes.” I wasn’t talking to the boy as a reporter. Everyone has the right to talk to another people on the street, I thought. And I tried to ignore the man.

“Actually, we brought these students with the consent of the principal of the school. We have told him that we will take them back by 4 PM.”

Maoist students convention

Some of the students were excited, I could feel. But at this age, who would not feel excited to bunk classes. But is it okay to use the students in such activities? I see no difference in recruiting underage kids in army and forcing them to take part in these types of political activities. And this is not new in Nepal. In the royal regime, students were used to stand in queues to welcome an autocratic monarch returning from his foreign adventure. Another student organization affiliated to CPN UML is also holding its conference in another city and I am sure they are also doing the same. Several colleges are being shut down for the day because of the conference and the traffic in the city is standstill. Vehicles of difference colleges are being used for the political purpose. It is high time that students, at least school students, kept away from politics. This “raping” of education sector must be stopped.

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70 thoughts on “School Students Used in Politics: STOP

  1. there should be education in politics not politics in education..
    i hope someone guns down these maoists.. one by one in cold blood..

  2. Those above students were stopped in Maitighar by police. Police didn’t let the bus come forward so those were taken from maitighar to singhdurbar, putalisadak by walking in this hot day. Small students were using umbrella and were searching for shade to protect themselves from the Sun. They were changing some slogans that i bet they don’t know the meaning too.
    How do maoists intend to change things like this. they are gatherring mass by collecting students from their school. Maoists are afraid that their “Bhasan sunna” there won’t be lots of crowd so they did this i guess.

  3. Knock… knock…. knock…. where r u ?

    -civil society!!!!!!!
    -Human right groups!!!!!
    -democratic leaders!!!!

  4. Pundit where are you,

    Where are your “covil society leaders”? Where are your teachers? Where oh where are your responsible civil servants? Forget about mentioning our so called political leaders – they are the biggest Ba$tards along with these Ba$tards!

  5. I hope that this upcoming talks will be the final one. Even if it takes them days they should thrash everything out. Get your bloody issues resolved because we don’t want more talks after – enough is enough. The disagreements in talks are being used by both parties to fulfill their own agendas and to break the codes of conduct. Enough. If it fails bring out the army.

  6. yah..
    the government should not fear the maoists.thinking if they do smth then the peace talks will fail …
    when one feels insecure in their own house and there is no guarante of security by the state itself then its useless to go to the talk table..
    if the maoists understand the languge of gun and bloodshed only then lets do it..we will kill 10 maoists for every single innocent nepali they kill
    and how can they say there are nepali janta ko party ? when the janta itself dont wana see them anymore and takes them more of a nuisance than a liberator…
    prachanda can give his “guff” in kantipur all the time but no one believes him
    its time to revolt agaisnt the maoists fellas..
    lets take up arms and fight them..
    an eye for an eye a ear for ear..
    dherai sahi sakyo maobadi haru ko aatyachaar..

  7. The government must take this issue with the Maoist leadership. This shouldn’t be repeated in future.

  8. harkee dai namaskar,

    i totally empathize with your frustration and anger: an eye for an eye, ten Maoists for every one innocent life.

    I will join your crusade, but first give me assurance of these:

    1. How would we (you and I) know, every Maoist we kill, deserve a bullet or better gouging their eyes out (an eye for an eye)? Out of ten dead, not a single is innocent?

    2. Who provides the list of the names, that we are going to strangle with our (yours and mine) cold hands?

    3. How do we make sure that their brethrens and children would not seek retribution and come after our (yours and mine) lives? Can I put some bullets in their heads too? So, that I don’t have to live in fear?

    4. After the crusade is done, who would be our masters?

    5. Should I consider my carnage to bring peace and prosperity as my humble duty? After its accomplishment, should I go about doing my old profession (carpenter, bus driver, teacher whatever I was), should not I deserve a piece of pie too? In fact it will be my rightful pie, would you give me the guarantee of that?

    6. After all this, wouldn’t not you and I be dreaded and feared as much, if not more than Maoist themselves?

    7. Will we be able to sleep at night, knowing that we help usurp one evil to welcome another?

    Waiting for your assurance, until then I have started oiling my rusted guns and whet my machete.

    Let’s kill some commies!!!

  9. Maoist are not problem they are only the byproduct of problem,bad governance.Untill and unless bad governance is changed to good governance,this type of criminal groups(because they force their will on other)will take advantage and give trouble to general people.How can we axpect murderers to follow human right and child right.

  10. I just listened to an interview of Maoist leader Dev Gurung in BBC Nepali Service by Rabindra Mishra. Gurung addressed today’s program of ANNISU.

    That was so fantastic interview, one of the best I have ever heard. I mean the questions were brilliant and answers were the dumbest ever. Mishra asked the question that everyone in Kathmandu today wanted ask. Questions from Mishra were like slaps on Gurung’s face. One slap after another in the form of question and I really enjoyed. I wish I could have given some real slap to Gurung and Maoist leader for using students in such a bizzare manner in their political program.

    Gurunng was a total dumb and couldn’t defend Akhil’s exploiting of children. He claimed they were all members of the organization. What a blatant lie! Bul—–. I really want to give a real slap to that bas—-

  11. I used to meet a woman in her thirties running a tea stall with her husband at every morning tea. She was a woman always silent, never laughing, not even smiling.Last week one morning when I came for my tea at her place, I found her very happy and asked her for reason. She smilingly said, “My son has returned back. Last year he was taken to Maoist army.” How old is he? I asked. She replied ‘ He is running 15.’ That meant he was taken when he was running fourteen. I did not believe the mother at first instant because I thought that whatever Maoists may be they can not be that cruel to take a 13 complete boy to war front but when I saw her son no bigger than my 11 running lad and who hardly looked more mature than my own lad, I was stunned. Few days later the mother was gloom again and I knew the lad had gone. Sympathetically I asked her why she did not stop her son. ‘How could I?’ she replied, ‘When we two were alone I asked my son if he wanted to go back to Maoists army, he bitterly cried. His grown up comrade who came with him never left him alone. Could he live if he had disobeyed their order? ‘

  12. Everyone who cares about our future generations, about the future of our country sould start stoning the so called National Human Rights Organization, UN Human rights, Civil Society. We will have to teach them a lession that earning $$$ simply does not mean that you shut your eyes to everything Maoist does. Let this not end here or else we, our country will have no future. I appeal every Nepali to stand against violence and raise their voice against what happened today. Again, lets this not end here.

  13. I think every Nepali should fight the Maoists.They must be cornered. Actually they are not educated peple except a few. If we have to fight for 50 years against them we have to fight. The Girija way takes you neither “there” nor “here” situation. You see how they are “negotiating” with the Maoists.So there are so many cruelty they have done to the people. If we do not raise our weapons against them now, tit will be too late. NC should also prepare their Tarun Dal with guns, UML also should be ready and NA should help all those who want to fight to save our motherland.

    But still I think, we have to wait for the results of the summit. If it fails,then there is no alternative to fight them and finish them.

  14. Get one thing straight guys. There will be a lot fo bloodshed before anything ends. So, start preparing yourself. Get Khukuri’s, Khudas, Sticks anything that you can protect yourself with. What happened to the poor 70 years old dairy owner, will start happining to a lot of people, and if it happens make sure you give it back, so that next time the Maoist thinks 100000… times before even touching anyone in Kathmandu. All the best guys.

  15. Dinesh, please spare us this bleeding heart journalism. “The students inside and at the top of the buses are screaming and, for me, the sound resembles to that of a woman being raped by a murderous gang.”

    The photos show them having a happy day, much more joyous than they would have sitting in a stupid half equipped classroom being lectured by a semi-literate underpaid bahun teacher. And if you attend any of these programmes, it’s a darn sight better for them. Or you know better after your US visit sponsored by the US government through the US embassy in Kathmandu?

    In any case, spare us your bleeding heart.

  16. Mera pyara Kathmandu Bassi,

    Apathy and selfishness of urbanites in Nepal especially ‘Kathmandu bassi’, gives me nausea, even though I am one of them. Of all epiphanies, atrocities of Maoist is the latest one to dawn on them, as if, hoards of Genghis’s barbarian nomads have started pillaging them in surprise.

    Well, you and I together decided to cower and cringe in our comfortable urban cocoon, erstwhile rural areas where engulfed in mayhem/chaos. We were so indifferent and complacent that the killings taking place was not in Nepal but was inside TV’s CRT, as if, Rolpa/Dolpa/Jajarkot/Sankuwasawa are just patches in map far away form Kathmandu. But when that fear or prospect of fear started knocking on your own doors, some how it became more imminent and relevant, thus solved urgently.

    When gun wielding delusional zealots were operating from the jungle and making the rural Nepal their killing fields, that was fine with you until they started rubbing their shoulders with you in gallies of Kathmandu.

    It did not happen overnight, it was long coming, and indeed it took ten or so years to get to Kathmandu. I am sorry, your beloved Kathmandu/Biratnagar/Phokhara have changed since your long slumber.


  17. my only dream to make nepal better

    scarp politics in school/ college and universities and make them institution for education….’

    i dont mind to gundown all who come to interfare

    hope we all share this dream

  18. Royal rRegime royal regime ma yesto hunhtyo usto hunthyo kasto hunhtyo bull pess………..

    the students i know were used sometimes to greet the king and stand in a line for sure yeah…. but them were in no fing way used for political indoctrination.

    the people will always in all countries get the governement it deserves…. and right now i am very sure that nepal deserves Maoists….. and then all the nepalese can fku their own arses….. i am starting to hate my own nation because of the bunh of bahun thugs…. and sadly i cant so shit.

  19. give everybody a piece of sweet, and everybody is happy….take away that sweet..and they will hunt for your blood!!!

    it means in a poverished country like nepal…mony, power, position is a very hard thing to achieve easily. So maoists are fighting for it….but it does not seem easy..and the players are plenty and all r salivating!!!

  20. I only wonder about the role of civil societies. Everyone are looking for big piece of cake when there is interim government. Want to suck nepal in form of getting some prestigeous roles or big tenders. Some are looking for ambassador, some are looking to be in cabinet. Today these people from civil societies sees maost as hot cake so they are behind maoist and if tomorrow king doe some big coup then they will be behind kings. They are people who can sell their mothers, sisters and wife if you give them some opportunities.

    I only ask them who declared them leaders of civil. Why these people who runs behind the dollars and whose family are far beyond the impact of the civil disrupts, whose children don’t study in normal public schools, be our representative of our society where more then 80% people are suffering from poverty. Why not pick up a person selling vegetables and fruits in a street or poor farmer in our village as a representaive of our society. The people at the current scene are only representative of the remaining 20% elite peoples centered only in ktm.

    How can these people raise voice of child rights as none of the schools where their children are studying is forced by maoist to come and take part in the rally.

    Nothing to talk of maoist whose leader thinks that ‘more the weapons bigger the share from the state’.

  21. 19th September, 2006 (Tuesday)
    Maoists pounce on India, other details

    By Bhola B Rana

    Kathmandu, 19 Sept:

    India rulers, who call themselves democratic, have shown their true character by arresting and detaining CPN (Maoist) senior leader C P Gajurel in prison immediately after his court release, Maoist mouthpiece Janadesh said Tuesday. He was arrested three years ago from Chennai Airport, Tamil Nadu, on the pretext of travelling on a forged passport. Police arrested him from prison Monday after a local court ordered his release. Family and supporters of Maoist leader Gajurel had gone to the central jail to welcome him; Gajurel was dragged and arrested by police, one expatriate Nepali told Janadesh. It has now become inevitable to struggle against the naked and crude American imperialist intervention in Nepal’s internal affairs and integrity, Janadesh added.

    US Ambassador James F Moriarty last week flew in a Nepal Army helicopter and toured villages of west Nepal and tried to derail the ongoing peace process through his speeches. This prompted calls for his expulsion from the country. A national hatred has swelled against Moriarty.

  22. Kathmandu, 18 Sept: National conventions of student organizations affiliated to the CPN-UML (Maoist) and CPN-began in the capital and Chitwan respectively Monday. Maoist dialogue team member Deb Gurung inaugurated the Maoist students’ 17th convention at the Open Air Theatre while CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal launched the four-day convention of a union of his student loyalists. The union will elect a new leadership. Maoists transported students in uniform from schools in the capital as well. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) confirmed the bussing of Kathmandu to the rally.

    Maoists, as feared, didn’t force taxis off the streets and their buses were parked inside Tundikhel. Maoists parked buses on the road around Tundikhel when a convention of their trade union was launched at the same site earlier this month causing huge traffic jams and inconveniencing Kathmandu residents. Adoption of a democratic republic will be the agenda of both the students unions. MAOIST WEAPONS LUST Inaugurating the CPN-UML student conveantion, Nepal said as soon as Maoists “give up the lust for weapons peace talks will come to a conclusion,” Nepal said, according to Radio Nepal. “No responsible political party can run an army or a court,” Nepal said, according to Radio Nepal.

    Nobody will accept despotism, he said and added he was ‘encouraged’ by Sunday’s meeting between Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist Chairman Prachanda.

  23. Nepai doc you are absolutely right while mentioning that Maoists are the biggest problem this country has ever seen

  24. I personally also fought against the king’s autocratic movement. But, sad!!! maoists terrorists are blackmailing whole country these days. now i have come to the conclusion that parties and the king mist be united, the king must assure parties that he is ready forever to be satisfied with ceremonial role and maoists must be punished. Prachanda is another form of idi amin, the human eater. prachanda is another pol pot.

  25. “I personally also fought against the king’s autocratic movement.”

    No, you never fought for democracy or against the king because if you had, you wouldn’t have talked in such a reactionary tone.

    “parties and the king mist be united,”

    What do you mean by this? United? Are you dreaming? Who the f- is king? He is nothing and he shouldn’t be given any place in politics. Parties can handle it all on their own.

    “the king must assure parties that he is ready forever to be satisfied with ceremonial role”

    Assure the parties? Come on, don’t dream. Gyanendra Shah is no one to give assurance. He is a d-o-g kicked out by people from their house. Satisfied with ceremonial role? Ha ha…you are his noker coming here with a faint hope of saving monarchy in Nepal? There is no meaning of if Gyanendra is satisfied or not.. A revolution ousted him and the institution of monarchy must be abloished.

    The process of democratizing army has already started… so there is no need of king for a single second in this country.

  26. Samrachana,
    before blaming anyone nokar or else, use your mind. i can abuse you too, but i will not.

  27. Samrachana,

    The only thing ever democratized in this country is/was and will be only corruption and that is it.

  28. Corruption! Easy word for anti-democratic forces in Nepal. While blamding democratic government for being corrupt, they forget how much corruption was rampant in Panchayat. Plus, in Panchayat, there was no free press and the press couldn’t report anything on the topic. Whatever we know about corruption in Panchayat days was from unofficial sources and from direct conversations with people.

    But in democracy, goverments worked under the direct scrutiny of free and vibrant press. Every single case was reported and anti-democratic forces started saying: look, how much corruption in your democracy.

    Compared to the corruption in kings’ rules, curruption in democracy was nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And we were seeing decrease in curruption in democracy.

  29. Nepali Keto,

    I regret for you felt abused but I was just saying that you can’t be in between: yeta na uta. You have to take side: democracy or king. You can’t claim yourself democratic by advocating for space to king. Even Girija Prasad Koirala can’t do that.

  30. Samrachana,

    What is this about, everyone who criticizes the government being anti-democratic? So if, the panchayat people were corrupt, why did not the spa procecute them after 1990? what is this? so, we should not complain, when leaders are corrupt? These, people have no argument than “anti-democratic forces” cra*. Have fun.

  31. I am not saying everyone who criticizes this government anti-democratic. What I am saying is that person is definitely anti-democratic who thinks that king is better than political leaders and express their frustration saying baru raja le garne thiye.. Kings did for decades and we were always in pre-historic phase. Why don’t you talk about dramatic change in health, education and development sector in democratic times and only chant the corruption thing all the time. Do you realize how much progress Nepal did in the first 10 years of democracy?

  32. Samrachana

    Education: More than 60% of students do not attend classes but just sit for examinations. so, i think you can imagine the quality of students we are producing today. The world is changing and is changing fast. The fact that we now only have 8 planets instead of 9 which we always thought as fact proves that the world is everchanging and the survival depends on ability to adapt to these changes. To change one subject in our curriculum today, it takes at least five years (becuase there are so many affiliated collges) and by the time it is done, it becomes obsolete. By the age of 16 (sometimes less than that), our children are forced to choose between science, commerce and arts. If they realize that they do not actually like commerce after their +2 (they are usually only 18 then) they will not be able to change their faculty for the rest of their lives. In other words, they go on studying what they despise and their career would be the same. Colleges (affiliated) have nothing to do but collect tuition fees and run classes. The fact that the teachers are judged by the number of students who passes the exams forces the teacher to teach them accordingly. So, a large portion of class time is devoted to providing notes and taking down notes. Students do not buy books and learn their notes by heart. Which also promotes absentism as, they can copy notes from their friends. You could be surprised to know that a lot of the students do not even know how to read a book. Even if they are studying at masters level, you hardly see them reading a book. So, the teachers give note, students learn it by heart. The teacher earns his reputation and student earns the certificate and so on and on.

    Hospitals: you must have heard about a lot of malpractices in hospitals lately. Even everest nurshing home was almost burnt to the ground by the loktantric agitators. Then there was this recent one at norvic, where the doctor operated wrongly resulting in the death of his patient. He is still free to practice. Mis diagnosises are plenty to be found. Most of the Nepalis, if they can afford it, take their loved ones to at least india, if and when they are sick. Even our leaders go to india for even a general check ups.


  33. What do i do about a fake doctor? why are my comments taken out? His name is Dr. P.P sharma. Ask him for all his certificates (including SLC and ISC) and you will the see the fake one yourself. I have even reported him to CIAA and NMC and nothing happened. What do i do please advise?

  34. Its pitiful to see school children being MISUSED for political matters. Instead of teachiing them PEN IS MIGHTER THAN SWORD, moaists are urging them to PICK UP KHUKURI !

    day by day, we are moving towards DARK PIT !

  35. Vinit,
    Go directly to Maoists DPM and Health Minister Amik Sherchan. He is the only guy who can solve your problem in the whole of Nepal. There is nobody like dynamic a person like him in Nepal.

  36. I have tried contacting Mr. Serchan but he is too busy. He does not have time for me. If only i could get his email address or something, you know. But thanks for the advise any way, pyarelall

  37. i am willing to say lets END anytype of kingrule…but the question everything going to be fine after that??..

    .i think NO….with salivating indi-bhaiyaas, salivating jungle-comrades, salivating various other communist factions, salivating semi-democrats….it will definitely be another somaliya, rwanda…sudan….

    So giriza is right in trying to get all the players of the game together so that a COMPROMISE is made for a free and fair elections which will decide the fate of the country with other major issues.

    Just shouting for “ganatantra” and away with “rajtantra” is NO WAY going to solve any questions…

    Even if we hypothesize that ganatantra will will still benefit the HAVES and the people who are shouting hoarse for ganatantra (mostly HAVE NOTS) will still be shouting in the streets with no achievement,in poverty and in pain.

  38. Samrachana’s blurbs:

    “No, you never fought for democracy or against the king because if you had, you wouldn’t have talked in such a reactionary tone.” – Please explain what you mean by reactionary in this context, and if you cant, please refrain for dropping words that you constantly hear in media such as reactionary, regressive, etc.

    “I regret for you felt abused but I was just saying that you can’t be in between: yeta na uta. You have to take side:” then he in another post he writes, “I am not saying everyone who criticizes this government anti-democratic. What I am saying is that person is definitely anti-democratic who thinks that king is better than political leaders and express their frustration saying baru raja le garne thiye.” Well so much for democracy and our rights.

    “More than 60% of students do not attend classes but just sit for examinations. so, i think you can imagine the quality of students we are producing today.” – Are you one of them?

  39. When the king sat on throne under benefit of doubt, he had only one option – ceremonial monarchy in democratic Nepal but he lost that oppertunity due to his over ambitious jeal and so,it is useless to harp on monarchy, the symbol of feudalism.

    Also, Nepal without the monarchy does not mean one party dictatership in form of Maoism. If any Maoist supporter can prove their Jantantra is not a dictatorship, I challange them to do so.

    Third, if corruption is not of Maoist political system too, how the families of Maoist party leaders in Mao China, lived a lavished life and that of the poor Chinese peasants was no better than that of slaves?

    Finally, the SPA though has many a drawbacks is far better, due to their peaceful action and democratic idealogy, than those above two dictatorial systems.

    You can choose one, democracy or dictatorship.

    I am for peaceful multi-party democracy. What are you for?

  40. Raj:
    You hit the nail in the head. No matter how worthless the current leaders of the SPA are, people must realize that the SPA is the only middle ground and viable choice for Nepal’s future.

  41. rdr,

    that is not a viable solution to anything. Radical ways only lead to more radical byproducts. To neutralize one radical “maoists” we got another one “autocrat”. Now to neutralize the radical you are advocating, who knows what new radical will generate. Soon there will be no more common ground in Nepla, but only radical views. Your suggestion will only foster disintigration. I would support it if it could work but unfortunately it doesnt.

  42. Hukum bakseko chha:
    Hami sarkar ma gaye pachhi Helicopter ma rakhera lagumla ni ta. Ahile ko lagi bus ma lagnu paryo.

    Mane padhera pani kohi thulu hunchha, yo padhai ta Punjibaad ko jad ho, hami ta maobadi sichyaa dinchaun, tesko lagi ta iniharu lai jangal ma lanu parchha, nepal ma tessai hami 2 crore ko militia banauna bhandai chhaun.

    Bhavisya ma hami yesari nai sabai lai jungle ma lagera Militia training dine chaam…….hamro sarkar aye pachhii,……..tesko lagi tayar rahanu……ahile padhnu parne awasykta chhaina yo punjibadi sichyyaaa…..!!!

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  44. Wagle Sir, off course, if you ask the guy if he was a maoist, he will not say that he is even if he were a maoist.(Esp. if his picture is also taken to be put in public such as your blog) Why? Because it is not the same as replying to the question ” You are a a Kangresi, right?” or “You are an YeMaLe, right?” Kangresis and YeMaLes, they got no problem. But as for Maoists, who knows tomorrow the peace talks might be abandoned, then the Maoists will be declared terrorists, rewards will be set up to bring them “dead or alive.” Now you don’t want anybody to persecute you, do you? Esp. if you are a nobody(which you are not, cause if you ever get arrested all these human rights organisations, and journalists’ organisations will protest for your release). Now this guy, he’s not a journalist, not a top level leader, nor is he a well kown figure. So, if he ever gets arrested in a situation like state of emergency, then nobody will know his whereabouts. He might not even be added as a number in the “body count.” So, next time if you ask a person if he is a Maoist, do consider also the difficulty level of your question.

  45. Breaking News!

    Following thought was found in forum, It is real story, This is the situation of whole Nepal. Guys lets do some thing for better nepal.

    Your family could be the next target.
    The maoists are moving very fast instilling a sense of fear across the capital with their exploitation and lootings. They have been gradually destroying the sense of security in the capital. Now that they have unfettered access to all establishments and households, they have been seeping into the everyday lives of people through plain exploitations.

    The law is playing deaf to all Maoist actions. After Maoists have come into the political mainstream, life in the capital is slowly turning into a state of lawlessness. Maoist cadres have been entering households and looting with the help of guns and knives. If anyone resists they get severely beaten up.

    These maoists looters mostly target well to do houses and enter in groups mostly at night. There have been some looting during the daytime as well but most of these victims do not report to the police for fear of more retaliation. The looters warn them not to report to the police otherwise they would come back to bomb their house.

    The maoists are trying to control business functions as well as seen in their attempts to close up different industries. There have been cases where they have physically attacked business owners for not doing as told.

    What kind of democracy is this? Gradually the maoists are seeping into the everyday life of the capital and that too not by popular demand but by forceful exploitation. Today one person’s house gets robbed. Tomorrow another person’s house gets robbed, but noone speaks out because of fear of retribution. One day it’s going to be your house and believe me that day is not far.

    The victims consider them lucky to have gotten away without any physical injuries or with their lives intact. What about the emotional scar that they carry with them for the rest of their lives? Who is to blame for this? And who is going to take any action against these looters?

    Things are getting serious in the capital now. Every one who is a middle class or upper class is a target of these atrocities. The widespread tales of looting is mostly kept a secret but chances are you already know someone personally whose house has been robbed or exploited under the threat of lethal arms.

    I have always been raising a red flag to the coalition of Maoists with the SPA because once the Maoists got into the capital, things were not going to be good. But now it’s too late for that, they are already in the capital and their exploitations have begun.

    What can be done now? What can we do now? We have to think of something before it’s too late. We need to mobilize some kind of defense against these armed looters.

  46. To those who say SPA are better option just becuase on the middle path and they are quiet and are democratic- get shock of your life. THEY ARE NOT. I blame SPA more than the Maoist for this mess. Ask me why? They had the moral ground to democractize, execute and integrate democractic norms in our life but they opted for quick solution and joined hands with the devil. Now devils does what it does best(kill, torture, extort) and SPA is a partner- more culpable then Maoist just for the fact they committed Cardinal Sin.

    How blind can we be- all the writing is on the wall and people here still debating this and that- you talk about school children, just you wait, they will drag even 70s and 80s year old to work for them. If we continue to deny the fact as SPA has been doing, the end is a nightmare in waiting.

    Who the Fu-k has answer for this mess, no one and who do you think is gonna guide us out, no one. So unless we learn to be pragmatic and see reality eye to eye not blow air with sermons and anti-this and anti that, time may not show kindness which we expect being cocooned in this blog site or four room walls.

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