Maoist Comrades, Catch Your Ears and Say Sorry

Maoists protest alleged arms import

Say sorry comrades: Based on their poor and false intelligence, Maoists created havoc in Kathmandu traffic today by blocking vehicles and burning tires on the roads. This photo was taken this afternoon in Kalanki, Kathmandu.Pic by Subash Chandra Bista via Kantipur

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

It’s official: That was one of the worst intelligence failures of CPN (Maoist). Comrades miserably failed in guessing about what really was inside the Nepal Army vehicles coming to Dhading from India via Birjung. Because of their childish speculations, improper reactions and subsequent hue and cry, thousands of Nepalis had to face difficulties because there were no enough public vehicles available on the streets of Kathmandu. Many people were blocked in various highways because of sudden and irresponsible strike called by the rebels. Today’s was the classic case of kaag le kaan lagyo bhandai ma kan chhamna chhadera kaag ko pachadi daudane.

I am eagerly waiting to see Barsaman Pun aka Ananta dismissed from his post and demoted a level. [Pun, if you don’t know already, is the Maoist party’s central regional in-charge and deputy commander of PLA in the region. He is the one who claimed that four Mine Protected Vehicles, 20 mini trucks, 2 trucks and five jeeps were carrying arms and ammunitions.] He should be punished for creating unnecessary havoc, creating publicity stunt and demonstrating unethical attitude while his party is negotiating peace with the government. Pun is not alone in this stunt and those who are responsible should be punished as well. Maoist leadership should publicly apologize for this fiasco. Pun reminded me former Secretary of State Colin Powell (one of my favorite personalities) who infamously organized a power point presentation in the UN arguing that Saddam Hussein was actually pursuing nuclear ambitions to hit America.

The alarming thing is that even after the independent Ceasefire Monitoring Committee (CMC) has verified that the army vehicles were not carrying arms and ammunition, Pun and other leaders of Maoist party are emphasizing on their false intel and repeating that the government lied. I really don’t think the government has lied in this case. Yes, the way it handled the situation was questionable but I don’t think folks in the government are preparing a war with Maoists. What would have happened had it publicized about these army vehicles in advance? Who would have abducted those empty vehicles? There is no harm in letting people know about the activities of army. SPA will be wiped off from the government if they are thinking fighting. Maoists don’t have to disrupt the traffic, people will come in their defense if this government, at this situation, starts the war or launches preparations for fighting.

This incident reaffirms the belief that the peace process is incredibly fragile and needs to be handled with extreme care. The government, we know, is too slow in the process but Maoists should also stop overreacting. Calm down comrades, calm down and focus your mind in creating favorable atmosphere so that internally displaced people can return their home without fear. Oh..yea, meanshile, you can also send some comrades abroad to take training on gathering intel which will help you avoid embarrassment like you faced today in future.

Here are the glimpses of the leads related to incident:

Government-imported arms entered Nepal via Birgunj: Maoists

KATHMANDU, Sept 13 – The Maoists have claimed that a huge cache of arms and ammunitions, imported by the government, entered Nepal on Tuesday. According to Maoist central member Barshaman Pun alias Ananta, four Mine Protected Vehicles, 20 mini trucks, 2 trucks and five jeeps carrying arms and ammunitions from India entered Nepal via Birgunj and arrived at the Nepal Army barracks at Gajuri, Dhading district, on the Prithivi Highway at 9 pm Tuesday.

It’s not clear, however, whether the arms and ammunitions are the same as those reported to have landed at Ahamedabad of Gujarat, India, on a Ukrainian airliner, recently. Ananta, who reached Gajuri “soon after learning about the incident”, informed that Maoist cadres and supporters have gathered in front of the NA’s Gajuri barracks so as to prevent the weapons from reaching Katmandu. He also informed that his party has called for a nationwide chakkajam (traffic halt) today (Wednesday) in protest of the import of weapons by the government.

“This is a serious violation of the Ceasefire Code of Conduct by the government,” Ananta told ekantipur over the phone this morning. “We demand a UN or any other reliable international body inspects the Gajuri barracks,” he added, “We will not let the weapons reach Katmandu.” (source)

Army vehicles brought in to dispatch UN troops: Govt, India says reports baseless

KATHMANDU, Sept 13 – The government on Wednesday slammed the allegations of arms import from India as “baseless”, and clarified that the vehicles had been brought in to transport Nepali soldiers as UN peacekeeping forces to Lebanon. The government also said it was unfortunate that strikes founded on baseless rumours had taken place and urged the Maoists and other concerned parties stop such activities. Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula made the comments at the Wednesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives. “The talks of weapons entering Nepal are just rumours,” Sitaula said.

According to a government decision, 33 army vehicles had been brought in to help dispatch the 850 peacekeeping troops being deployed on the UN’s request, informed Sitaula adding that the vehicles had been in the process of getting a paint-job. The home minister also requested the Maoists not to harbour any suspicions regarding the army vehicles on their way to peacekeeping duties adding that protests and strikes would only serve to complicate matters.

Stating that the government remains steadfast towards upholding its commitments, Sitaula said, “The government cannot imagine going back to war.” Previously, members of the parliament Raghuji Panta, Mahendra Poudel, Lilamani Pokharel, among others, had demanded activities of the HoR be halted to let either the home minister or the defence minister present clarification regarding the “alleged arms import.”

Baseless reports: India

Meanwhile, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (IMEA) refuted the Maoists claim that a big consignment of weapons entered Nepal from India on Tuesday. In response to a query on news reports in Nepal about trucks allegedly carrying arms from India to Nepal, the Official Spokesperson of IMEA clarified that the reports were baseless. “The news reports are baseless and there is no truth in them,” said Navtej Sarna, the spokesperson of the IMEA.

Earlier, this morning, the Maoist rebels claimed that a huge cache of arms and ammunitions, imported by the government, entered Nepal on Tuesday. According to Maoist central regional in-charge and deputy commander Barshaman Pun alias Ananta, four Mine Protected Vehicles, 20 mini trucks, 2 trucks and five jeeps carrying arms and ammunitions from India entered Nepal via Birgunj and arrived at the Nepal Army barracks at Gajuri, Dhading district, on the Prithivi Highway at 9 pm Tuesday. The Maoists also called for a strike outside the valley against what it calls “massive import of arms cache” by the Nepal Army from the country’s eastern frontier. (source)

Nepal Army vehicles not carrying arms: Ceasefire Monitoring Committee

The Ceasefire Monitoring Committee (CMC) has said that the army vehicles that arrived in Gajuri from Birgunj Tuesday evening were not carrying arms and ammunition. Talking to Nepalnews after carrying out a preliminary investigation in Gajuri, Tara Nath Dahal, one of the members of the CMC said no arms were found in the army vehicles. He also added that the CMC is continuing its investigation.

A team of the monitoring committee had reached Gajuri this morning after the Maoists claimed that arms and ammunitions had arrived in Gajuri, Dhading at 9 p.m. Tuesday. When contacted by Nepalnews, the Directorate of Public Relations of the NA also stated that no arms have been imported. The Maoists have claimed that the government imported arms in four armoured carriers, 20 mini trucks, 2 trucks and five jeeps. It was reported last week that a large amount of arms and ammunitions landed at Ahamedabad of Gujarat, India, on a Ukrainian airliner. (source)

Maoists announce strikes against “arms import”, govt denies allegation

KATHMANDU, Sept 13 – The Maoists Wednesday called for a strike outside the valley against what it calls “massive import of arms cache” by the Nepal Army (NA) from the country’s eastern frontier. Labelling the alleged weapons inflow in the face of the on-going peace talks “a direct violation” of the cease fire code of conduct, the Maoists have halted all traffic in various Highways through out the country since this morning.

[By the end of the evening, Maoists have called off the strike, reports a UWB blogger.]

The Maoist camp meanwhile has said that the CPN-M is “investigating” the allegations. Maoist Spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara said, “We are currently trying to find the facts behind the allegations,” adding that if the NA has indeed imported the arms cache, it will not be allowed to enter the capital. (source)

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90 thoughts on “Maoist Comrades, Catch Your Ears and Say Sorry

  1. D Wagle:
    Thanks for your report. But let gajadi remind you about the news report that was published in today’s kantipur. did you read it? doesn’t it say that the arms indeed was imported?

    people woulnd’t have believed if only the maoists have cried foul. but kantipur also without verifying, without casting a doubt, reported that the cache of arms entered to nepal.

    The maoists were not and are not credible or trustworthy. So it doesn’t matter much.

    But what about kantipur? Lets see how kantipur clears itself off from such baseless reports.

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  3. Dinesh dai,
    I expect your answer, but please remember don’t try to be negative at me just to be negative, try to think as you normally do.

  4. Dinesh, to quote you ‘SPA will be wiped off from the government if they are thinking fighting.’ I hope the SPA is not as naive as you (really sometimes you come across as quite stupid). SPA had better be ready to fight the Maoists because it is really looking like the Maoists have no intention of following any democratic norms.

  5. After you have returned back from US (by cordial invitation of US Government), your voice has really changed. These days, I feel like Moriyarti is speaking through the words of Dinesh Wagle.

    I am not telling it just by keeping concern over this one particular blog, I have noticed it from a long time before on your blog. And, this blog is only one more example of your changed blogging attitude.

    I also believe that this event was one of mistake of Maoists. But, I do not keep such extremely nagative feeling for them. And, I would like let you know that neither I am Maoist supporter nor any of their Gurrillas.

  6. Maoist Propaganda

    By Keshuvko

    “The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.” — Aldous Huxley, British novelist and essayist

    Look at the propagandistic Maoists now.

    With the jejune information from their roughhewn “intelligence,” the Maoists brought the traffic at different highways and major cities to halt today, burnt tyres and created an environment of uncertainty among the general public.

    In today’s issue, The Kantipur Dainik published news that the Army vehicles loaded with arms and ammunition that probably were imported recently are heading towards the capital city. The news somewhere insinuated that the government has breached the agreement with the rebels by importing the arsenal.

    This news latter turned out to be false. The vehicles that the news mentioned and the Maoists said are for the UN mission. But, no arsenal in them.

    Once Jim Callaghan, a British statesman, in his speech to the British Parliament said, ““A lie can be half-way round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”

    May be the Maoists took the news for reality. May be they were the “source of information” to the Kantipur journos who without verifying the matter “broke the news”.

    But the news and the reaction by the Maoists to it created confusion in the country.

    This confusion not only created inconvenience to the general people, it also showed that how volatile the condition of the country is.

    May be the Maoists are trying to pressurize the government if they got any chance; may be they have decided to carry out the psychological warfare side by side.

    May be some of trigger-friendly comrades are trying to find out the way to run away from the peace process. May be their information was wrong.

    May be it’s all publicity stunt; they just wanted to propagandize on every issue related to the National Army and later on cash in on the volatility of the national political scenario.

    Comrades if this time the scoop was not your strategy to create red-sensation, your habit of making idle speculations need to be changed.

    Russian novelist Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn has written somewhere: “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.” And, we are not different from that of Aleksandr’s allusion.

    If you are serious about the real problems of the country and if you have sincerity for the establishment of peace, give up cheap propagandas.

    Can the Maoists who better understand the language of weapons decipher what this means?

    “I give you bitter pills in sugar coating. The pills are harmless, the poison is in the sugar.” –Stanislaw Lec in Unkempt Thoughts.

    And hope all will try to understand:

    “Propaganda is that branch of the art of lying which consists in nearly deceiving your friends without quite deceiving your enemies.” — F M Cornford, British philosopher.

    If the Maoists are really trying to transform into a poltical party from armed rebels, they need to be noetic and whatever they do or say needs to have a solid ground.

    People are tired of unjustifiable activities by you! No unfounded comments now!

  7. hehe…Wagle gets from either sides; regardless of what he writes, my sympathies. I guess Wagle’s inconspicuous label makes readers uncomfortable. So, I see people throwing stones at him. But do not worry my dear Wagle! Even gold has to go through fire to hone its quality– ‘soon lai pani kasi ma jannu parcha.’ Someday do us proud by wining ‘Pulitzer’ or some equivalents for reading your blog. But the short coming of wining some epaulets is that you turn into decadent like ‘The Dixit Brothers’.

    Anyway, how I pine for these senseless rants, I try my best to keep away from these pseudo-intellectual discourses, but I my urges prevail my self restrains.

    I don’t believe in chakra of reincarnation, but if that’s the celestial truth, I have decided not be born as a mutt or a tire in my next life, at least in Nepal. Tire has a higher purpose of its existence in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal that is: to voice your dissent for anything and everything. An ultimate arsenal to make your voice heard, apparently tire speaks the loudest.

    I don’t understand why the idea didn’t dawn on me, while I was a kid to burn my bicycle tires in front of my yard to protest my dad’s refusal to let me in the house for having flunked in exam. In retrospect I should have burnt his motor-bikes tires for his tyranny. In fact every family should have a good stock of tires of all shapes and sizes to express their feelings over dissents/discourse/arguments.

    For instance, all wives; burn Atlas cycle tires, if your husbands refuse to buy you a sari, and graver matter needs bigger and more ominous tires, burn Ashok Leyland tires over your spouse promiscuity. So that the noxious billow of smoke can smudge their faces with black soot for infidelity.

    Come to think of the dual nature of tires, we will do away with flowery garlands from now on upon taking any public offices, instead we will use Avon cycle tires for the purpose, if they fail or falter to deliver their promises, we will just light the tire around their neck.

    Ah! We Nepali are very innovative people. We will re-invent wheels just to burn tires!!! If the burning tires are not loud enough to make your grievances heard, at least it will choke the person dead.

    But I wonder, why have not King, Girja, Makune, Prachande, Babu Ram not asphyxiated yet with the noxious fumes of those countless tires.

    P.S: I promise to tell you, why not a mutt in next life in Nepal, if i feel get bored to death next time and come around UWB.

  8. The right thing for the Govt to do would have to inform Maoists about the truck movements. However, Maoists have gone completely overboard on this pretext.

    If Maoists are going amok over this issue, then we should do chakka jam over Maoists raising forceful donations, abductions, and killings during the ceasefire. I am not a fan of NA and they are guilty of many atrocities but during the ceasefire, it is the Maoists who are doing most of the human rights violations. Next Nepal Bhandh should be against the Maoists.

  9. wot u r trying to say i really didnt get mr wagle. how can u say that the information was wrong? do u believe full fledged democracy will be established in the country like this?

    dont try to justify the rNA things as a spokesman of currupted and butcher top gangs.

    u kind of people only realise wen rukmangat katwal will open his KATTU and show.

  10. ????? ?? ?? ?? ??????? ????? ??????? ?????? ??? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ?? ????????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ???, ?????? ???????, ? ????? ????? ????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ??? please write your own mind. don’t be copycat. We are eager to read your own views in your way. thik chha if you put what other have said along with your own view, as you put kantipur news in qotes.

  11. Maoists cripple nation for empty trucks


    KATHMANDU, Sept 13 – Out of the blue, Maoist rebels took to the streets, burnt tires, blocked the movement of vehicles including ambulances, and prevented movement of journalists for hours throughout the country on Wednesday. They brought the nation to a virtual halt for the wrong reason because they were protesting against a government move which appears to have not happened. Kathmandu alone witnessed truck and bus-loads of rebels chanting slogans from the morning against ‘import’ of military hardware, armed personnel carriers, tankers and jeeps through Birgunj-Hetauda-Narayangad-Gajuri route.

    The rebels’ protests escalated throughout the country by the afternoon. The government, however, said, yes the vehicles came, but they were empty ones to be sent to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

    What’s most ironic about the whole episode is that Maoists are still unwilling to buy the clarifications on their “false” allegations from the government, the National Monitoring Committee on Code of Conduct for Ceasefire (NMCCCC) and the Indian Government, among others. In a statement issued this evening, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said the clarification from the government was “completely dramatic and a sham”.

    “This maneuvering of arms and neglect of negotiations are clear signs of [the government’s] serious conspiracy against people’s desire for democracy and peace,” he said.

    Earlier today, Home Minister Krishna Sitaula had told the House of Representatives that reports on arms import were “false”. “In fact, they were empty trucks and anti-mine vehicles (AMVs) meant to be sent to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) with 850 soldiers and five new Mahindra jeeps for the army’s different units,” said Sitaula, who is also the chief government negotiator for holding dialogue with Maoists.

    Sitaula said there were 15 trucks (2.5 ton capacity) and 9 AMVs being taken to Kathmandu to paint them with UN colors. Two containers and two 7.5 ton-capacity trucks were returning to Kathmandu after supplying some logistics to army barracks outside Kathmandu. Sitaula also informed there were 62,600 blank cartridges in the trucks being carried to Kathmandu from Bhimphedi for Fulpati celebrations.

    Sitaula’s statement in the House came after ruling party MPs demanded the government’s clarification on reports of the “huge cache of arms and ammunition being carried to Kathmandu”. They also forced the speaker to adjourn the House meeting for an hour before Sitaula appeared with the statement.

    The MPs said the matter was serious as it could derail the peace process if the army was really carrying arms from outside the country. The Maoists, without confirming the report, called a transportation shut down.

    Meanwhile the Parliamen-tary peace Process Monitoring Committee today held a meeting to assess the Maoists’ vehicular strike. Kamala Panta, a member of the committee, said the meeting expressed serious concern over the vehicular strike called by Maoists. “We discussed why Maoists called such a strike merely based on a rumor,” she said.

    NMCCCC finds vehicles empty

    After visiting an army barrack in Gajuri where the vehicles were kept this morning, an eight-member NMCCCC team found all the vehicles (15 new trucks, five new jeeps, seven Armed Personnel Carriers, two old trucks and two containers) empty.

    According to an NMCCCC statement, the team found in one of the containers “plastic dummy-bullets” to be used for Fulpati celebrations, while there were a few already-used bullet cartridges in another container.

    The statement has also quoted Major Tanka Prasad Bhatta and Major Sitaram Dahal of the army company as saying that the army base was used only as a transit point to park vehicles and “there were no weapons”.

    Completely baseless and untrue: India

    Allegations from Maoists and some media reports that the vehicles were loaded with weapons from India prompted the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu to refute the claims. “These allegations are completely baseless and untrue,” an Embassy statement said. “This has also been corroborated by the delegation of the Ceasefire Code of Conduct Monitoring Committee visiting Dhading [Gajuri] to inspect the vehicles.”

    The facts confirmed by the Embassy’s own investigations, according to the statement, are: (1) Eight ‘Comet’ trucks of Ashoka Leyland were cleared from the Land Customs Station, Raxaul on September 5; (2) These are open trucks with no cargo of any kind, “and certainly no arms”. They are also not mine-protected or armored trucks or vehicles, as has been alleged by some; (3) The consignee of these trucks is stated to be Nepal Army.

    “Indeed, no arms whatsoever have been supplied by the Government of India to Nepal since such supplies were put under constant review on 1 February 2005,” the statement concluded.

    Protesters block UN vehicle

    According to a report from Banke, protesting Maoists prevented a vehicle belonging to the United Nations, which was carrying medicines for flood victims of Bardiya district. The vehicle — with number plate 66-1-1206 – was stopped at Khajura at 9:30 am. Though the vehicle waited for about half an hour seeking Maoist permission to go, the rebels turned down the request and the vehicle returned to Nepalgunj.

    ‘Army had informed press’

    BIRGUNJ, Sept 13 (PR)- Security sources here revealed that they had requested local journalists to inspect the 21 vehicles prior to their dispatch to the capital on Monday.

    The vehicles, which the Maoists claimed were used by the government for bringing weaponry, were brought into Nepal via Birgunj customs some five months back. The vehicles-16 trucks and five jeeps- had been kept at the distribution depot of Nepali Army barracks here.

    “I had telephoned and requested journalists to check the vehicles before their dispatch as earlier photos of a security team were published with the caption – ‘security patrol’, when the personnel were actually going for firing training,” said Puskarjung Thapa, chief of the local Kalijung Battalion.

    “However, no one turned up saying that they believed us,” he said. The empty vehicles were sent to Kathmandu with necessary security arrangement, as per directives of the Army headquarters, according to him.

    On Monday evening, they stopped at Chitwan barrack and headed for the capital along with other old vehicles on Tuesday. There are eight more trucks in the NA barracks here.

    Most of the weaponry of the army has been brought into the country from this route.

    The Kathmandu Post

  12. Mwha Wagle ji you talked may mouth and the tukka you used “kaag le kaan lagyo bhandai ma kan chhamna chhadera kaag ko pachadi daudane”. People have always been like this used by politician. Maoist are not really prepared for peace. Prachanda clearly told that he wants new born nepal so he is f#%*ing nepal now to be a father. They are the one who believe gun, bomb, killing, extortion will bring peace in nepal. What kind of Nepal maoist is expacting? It is clear that people leaving in fear cannot progress much. And due to this war almost one generation of peoplw will be happy to carry guns instead of going to school and getting the education. They have been enjoying the instability of the country. Peace for them is a five letter words which has no meaning.

  13. Yahoo Jee,

    I really liked your following quotes;
    “I don’t understand why the idea didn’t dawn on me, while I was a kid to burn my bicycle tires in front of my yard to protest my dad’s refusal to let me in the house for having flunked in exam. In retrospect I should have burnt his motor-bikes tires for his tyranny. In fact every family should have a good stock of tires of all shapes and sizes to express their feelings over dissents/discourse/arguments.”

    I hope people really get what you are trying to say though.

  14. down with “f***king* prachanda!! he is a curse to Nepal and and it is time someone got rid of this pest.The whole world and nepal is tired of this hooligan who thinks the violence he perpetuates is correct and any one who defends this is an enemy. In this case he is the enemy of nepali people on the whole.
    whoever said that the army does not have the right to import arms for its security.dont expect them to import dal-chamal!
    The governement should have the balls to tell these bunch of rats called maobadis to check their own backyard. and that the army will not stop to bring in arms or ammunition to protect the nation!!

  15. To “100% Congressi (not necissarily Girija badi)”

    I am slightly disappointed that you felt anti-Maoist sentiment in the writing above. As a professional reporter who also happens to be a blogger, I feel that it’s my duty to point out wrongdoing of both sides of the negotiating table. I don’t write to please people, not in newspaper and not in web sites and I don’t suppress topics to please people, not in newspaper and not in web sites. I try to deal point by point. I request you to go through the post against to find out the fact that I haven’t criticized the whole party but blamed one person (Pun) for acting on wrong intel and disproportionate reaction. I firmly believe that yesterday’s was the case of overreaction from the Maoist side and this is not helpful in the peace process.

    I agree with you that the incident also hinted what might happen if anyone acts against the peace process. Yes but at what cost? The whole nation came to standstill for no serious reason. And that wasn’t really necessary because it was already a known thing that people would react harshly against anyone who acts against peace process. I am not saying Maoists should keep quiet and confine themselves in jungles. No, they should be vigil and active in keeping track of government activities. While doing so, they should also look at their activities and make sure that they are not harmful to people.

  16. The country is negotiating a important turn in history, and every thing done by the government and the Maoists should be to promote trust and reliability, not their opposites. Make this country every Nepali’s. Let those who are not in government or those who do not have any job, hopeful of the future of this country, not the opposite.

  17. – Maoists in Morang have warned the authorities of severe consequences if they reestablish police posts and small customs, while in Arghakhanchi the rebels beat up a Nepali Congress cadre Monday for not paying “donations”. In Morang, authorities have not been able to implement their earlier decision to reestablish police posts and small customs in the rural areas, due to threats from the Maoists.

    “A meeting of all security agencies of the eastern districts had decided to reestablish police posts and customs one by one. But because of Maoist threats, the decision could not be implemented,” a security source said. The rebels have warned that they would start abducting policemen and customs officials and even wage war against them if the offices were reestablished. In the eastern districts alone, 331 police posts and five dozen small customs were relocated during the Maoist insurgency. In eastern Balkot VDC-2 of Arghakhanchi district, Maoists Monday evening brutally beat-up local Nepali Congress cadre Durga Bhusal, for not paying donations. Earlier, on Sept 8 too the rebels had captured and thrashed Bhusal with rifle butts. The rebels this time have also charged Bhusal of informing media about the earlier incident, family sources said. A local FM station had broadcast news about Bhusal’s beating. The rebels have been demanding Rs 24,000 from him. The incident has terrorized the entire village.

    Also, Maoists recently abducted 13-year-old Ameet Bhattarai of Bakhara village, Bangal-5, in Arghakhanchi. Bhattarai was abducted when he had gone out to fetch water, family members said. He is an eighth grader at local Saraswati Lower Secondary School. Bhattarai’s family members have appealed to human rights workers and journalists for the release of their son. “We have already requested the Maoists to let us meet our child once, but they did not listen to us,” said his mother Basundhara, adding, “earlier they (Maoists) used to say that our son is with them, now they even deny having him. We just want to see our child once.” In Mahottari, Maoists have not made public the whereabouts of local businessman Sambhu Yadav and Indian national Chandreshwor Shah, whom they had abducted from Dhirapur VDC a week ago.

  18. Maoists are terrorists. They are blackmailing whole country. Prachanda is incarnation of Polpot. He is satan, demon. He likes human blood. He eats human flesh like Idi Amin.

  19. Anyway yesterday was a great joke in the nation. But those who were suffered with it were already suffered. And Kantipur got good advantages of selling its newspaper isn’t it?

  20. What are the maoist crying about now? Although it is all rubbish, why should’nt the NA import arms ? Have the maoists kept their end of the bargain as far as the ceasefire codes go? They still kill and extort with their arms in tow. Our army needs ammunition not only for the repeated threats by the maoists but for national security as well. What use is an army with no reserve ammuniution – we may end up having Bhutan take us over if we are to follow these maoists, but more seriously – not to mention other potential threatening armed groups like the Terai Janmukti Morcha who by the way had a very successful Terai Bandh program yeasterday. The maoists have still not struck a deal with the government, and their day to day activities makes a joke of the ceasefire, so until they abide by the rules they should just shut up. Again I add – I hope the army is bringing in arms.

  21. I hope it is’nt a case of knowingly diverting the attention of everyone while the maoists themselves have slipped arms through the border from some other point while the chaos is going on.

  22. Many of the smaller border points are manned by maoists and they do not allow by use of threat the presence of security or customs. Who is to stop them from slipping in arms? Who is monitoring the maoists?

  23. Desh barbad hundai chha sathi ho, maobadi bhaneko nepal khatam parna uthaieko saitani dasta ho

  24. I admire Mr. Wagle’s professional journalistic manner and applaud his attempts at objectivity. However, ideological bias is always present and often unconscious. To wit, it is rather odd to consider a completely understandable error (about something which , given the deadlock and stasis of the peace talks and the clear attempts of the Nepali Congress to save the monarchy no matter what, as well as the appointment of a man guilty of supressing the democratic revolt with violence as head of the NA, would be utterly possible) to be some great violation on their part: at worst it was a terrible inconvenience and one that produced more of the awful smell of burning tires. Also, I question the objectivity of NmMr. Wagle’s outrage at the demonstrations staged by the Maoists no matter how militant they seem. After all, the right to protest should be guaranteed and if the Maoists wish to stage demonstrations (as long as they do not intentionally do violence), they should be suffered as the price of real democracy.

    So, like the above Ananta Bhadra Lamichhane, I sense a growing tendency to greatly exaggerate the damage and danger of the Maoists’ miltant reaction to events which, in any case, are not by any means “human rights violations” or such serious breaches of the peace. Mobilizations of their cadre and of the people for political purposes or even burning tires should be seen as a legitimate part of the game.


  25. Iskra,

    I think you do not understand the term “violation of human rights” which does not necessarily only have to do with violence. Look, my right to walk, drive or ride freely without any fear was violated. The tyres of course can not be any helpful to the health of the general public. Democracy also means respecting the rights of others. It also costs the nation a lot of money lost dues to inconviniences caused by bandhs and other forms of strike. We should not make these a part of democracy, not at any cost. Look, this country has already suffered a lot economically (bandhs have cause us more economic loses than the war itself) loses due to bandhs announced by parties in the past. The sad thing is, it looks like it is going to start again. If the maoist cadre feel they need to protest against the government, it is their right to do so. But not by infringing on our rights to live and die normally or naturally.

    Mobilizations of their cadre and of the people for political purposes or even burning tires should be seen as a legitimate part of the game.

    Look this is no game. The existance and the future of our nation is on the line here and this is certainly not a game.

  26. I used the term “game” really as a synonym for politics. I am sorry it was taken literally.

    But there is a more substantive issue: the right to protest; the right to organize and rally the people; the rights of the democratioc forces to block the machinations of the Army, if or when they manifest themselves, with civil resistance.

    Many here have expressed the wish that the Army really was getting new armamnets from abroad clandestinely. I am aware that there is a great deal of pro-monarchy, anti-democratic opinion vopiced on this blog, but this kind of thinking is trhe real threat to peace.

    The Maoists should be kept in the loop so that a movement of military materials is not something which is carried out behind the backs of the either the MAoists or the SPA.

    I understand that many here have no other thught than seeing the Maoists crushed by the NA. Naturally bloggers represent a most privileged sector of society and it is in defense of theior class interests that they voice their hatred of the popular movement. But those of you who rise above this — and there are many — should realize the role that the bandh has played in bringing to a head th ecrisis of the monarchy whioch had become the crisis of the nation. And, yes, it was the people’s war which in its persistance created the present opening for democratic renewal. Now the task is to cra\eate unity among the democratic foces and , among them, the Maoists.

    You may not like them, but if they can transform themselves into a parliamentary force and incorporate their army into the NA as they wish to do, they will be a potent and legitimnately democratic force corrective of those tendencies in government who would compromise with the most reactionary forces still grouped around the monarchy and the armyand liquidate the hard won gains of the people’s movemnt, of the SPA and the Maoists..


  27. iskra, what are you on? Please spare us your text book lectures. The protest in the streets against the monarchy in April was justified. Nepal was caught in a deadlock then with a dope king least bothered about establishing peace or any democratic norms or finding any solution to the problems that gripped the country. This is different. How can you compare the two? Everyday there is some sort of charade by the Maoists-bandhs and violence against those who defy them. Sure let them call for a bandh, their supporters can shut themselves down and the public who support them can follow suit but if you really care about the democracy that you espouse do I also not have a democratic right to defy their bandh and carry on with my daily life without the threat of violence being inflicted on me? Why are there beliefs or policies enforced on the general public? Why always the easy resorting to violence. There is nothing democratic in the manner in which the Maoists are carrying out their protests.

  28. Iskra,

    You say that ideological bias is always presnt, your words not mine, and it is glaringly apparent in your case.

    You also state “The Maoists should be kept in the loop so that a movement of military materials is not something which is carried out behind the backs of the either the Maoists or the SPA.”

    But, who is keeping the rest of us in the “loop” as you put it regarding the maoist activities of extortion, threats and murders? Who is checking the maoists while they conveniently check on our security forces? The plain and unbiased answer my dear friend is ABSOLUTELY NOBODY.
    How do we know that the maoists asre’nt bringing in arms? The security forces are immobilised. Maoists have said they have got their militia in the Valley, who was checking on that?
    As for your rant on the rights to protest, yes you can go protest in places made for protests but not by burning rubber in front of peoples houses, blocking roads and distrupting daily livelihoods of people and causing general economic stagnation and the halt to the rest of our human rights to go on with the right to live as free citizens while you make your protests. What about the rights of school children to have an education without being dragged into politics and without distruption? Do you have any notion of what these rights mean or are your rights geared towards the rights of political parties and their right to anarchy while you shove the rest of the majorities rights up our behinds?

    And Iskra if you think that by your bosses Prachanda and Baburam coming into the parliament, means an end to the thuggery and thugs they have created you must be in la la land. Even this bloody duo cannot stop what they have started. I’m afraid it is well out of their hands as well, and as long as they go along with their thugs they are fine company but the moment they begin to talk commin sense they will also be history.

  29. Maoists do have a right to protest, freedom to gather & voice their opinion in a democratic society as long as it is within the scope of the law. No one, NO ONE has the right to take the law unto their own hands. Calling for a bandh & threatening people if they do not abide by their call for strike is against human right & goes against tolerance in a pluristic society. The glue that binds a civil society is a thing called tolerance. One has to tolerate another individual even if that individual does not agree with you. If the Maobadies have the right to protest & call for bandhs, then, if I should have the right to go to work, right to earn a living, right to to free to disagree with them.

    May be the government should have informed the Maoists, media, UN & human rights organizations about the movement of the military transports (a Birgunj based army officer claims he did invite the local media but no one showed up) to eradicate suspicions & unnecessary blockades to the peace process. The government & the NA could have done a better PR management in this issue. Nevertheless, the Maoists’ call for a strike & their eventual refusal to believe is a mockery of monumental level.

    Yo hallai hala ko desh….

    Nothing has changed. Revolutionaries are all about changing the structure of the state & society, but, have yet to revolutionize their minds.

  30. ISKRA,

    How do you call the Maoist movement in Nepal currently popular. Or are you just calling it popular because it is a peoples movement, hence the populus, albeit popular. If you are calling their movement popular due to media reports or poli sci books then, it is not really “Popular” in the scense that people like. It started out of the populus but not generally that it is popular but by textbook terms it is a popular movement. Try to analyse you own writing before posting, popular in the context you are saying is not the same as a “popular movement”.

  31. A movement that is popular with the masses can be a popular movement

    A textbook popular movement is not generraly popular with the masses

    Iskra, next time you get an urge to diverge you intelligence, verify it.

  32. Kirat,

    “Nepal was caught in a deadlock then with a dope king least bothered about establishing peace or any democratic norms or finding any solution to the problems that gripped the country. This is different.” technically Iskra has a point here, even though I hate to agree it. See from a maoist perspective protesting against democracy or oligarchy or anything but communism or maoism is justifies. Their ultimate goal and right path to which they have not question otherwise is socialism, just like for you it is democracy. You and I are blind, just as much as the Royalists and Maoists. We have our beliefs, in human rights, they have their beliefs too.

  33. This looks like a Mandale blog…..most of the bloggers here has some relation with Army or Palace..Where else can you find mandales these days …In wagle’s blog No wonder these priviledged class would cry foul on every bit of Poor Nepali rising for the cause…. The more you moron egg head cry, the better it is. This is the proof that GanaTantra is so close

  34. There are huts being built in Nepali territory by India. Government, nor any organizaiton is speaking against it. India Ambassador Siva Shankar Mukherji, the other day, gave away a cheque of 100 crore to the Government, and the next day he took more than 200 crore worth information from Primeminister GP Koirala the next day. The Maoists should find this as opportunity to prevent from the encroachment of Nepali land and forceful constructruction of huts. Can not they go and make people aware on how to protest against the encroachment. This will provide them 60% more support in addition to what they have now.

  35. Titephapar well said

    Who cares for Nepal.
    Both SPA and MAoists are busy fighting for power.
    That is their only goal.

  36. Mustread,

    Don’t bore us with your mandale etc namecalling. It is soooo yesterday and has passed it’s sell by date a couple of times.

  37. By the way,

    Read todays Nepali Times headlines for you thick heads who think everything is hunky dorey. This is what I meant by who is checking the maoists – NO F@#$%^G BODY! Not even Comcrack Prachanda and his bulldog Baburam.

  38. Prachanda can be badly exposed if there is no talks with the govt for one month. Even Maoists cadres will move away from him. There is a chance of division and mutiny inside their ranks and files.Because, no believes Prachanda words when he says that there is no extrtions, abductions and killings. The communists are always like that.Or no body cares about Prachanda’s instructions. All Maoists are hungry. Dashain is approaching near and they do not have money.There would not ba any surprise if the news comes about the assassination of top leaders of the Maoists by their own cadres.

  39. The maoists are running out of money. Not because they don’t have the money, but the leadership is busy hoarding loot for themselves and are relying on “donations” to feed and keep their army. An Indian press once said the CPNM are the richest communist party in South Asia, well the leaders are probably rich, but they are showing a reluctance to distribute their “fixed deposit” loot – just in case.

  40. DIN DAHADAI KHULA LOOT IN NEPAL… I am quite surprised to know that we have government and parliament still functioning.

  41. Maobadi nangidai chhan. Maobadilai support garneharu atmaghati mirkha hun. Aba deshma Girijababule bhanejasto ceremonial monarchy rakhera aghi janu parcha.

  42. Sometimes I think the Kathmandu elites and their retinues must be living in a bubble.

    People speak as if the Maoist movemnt was created out of nothing,from ideas, and imposed on recalcitrant reality. The reason the Maoists held the majority of Nepal is because they and they alone recognized how deep and entranched and dreadful were the hopeless lives of the rural poor and gave them hope and strength and a vision of the future.
    With your head in the sand, it’s as if for most of you the unchanged rural povery of the masses of Nepal does not exist or is irrelevant and had nothing to do with the degree of support the Maoists had and the strengths they were able to mobilize against the RNA.

    Nepal’s crisis is not a crisis of the political clases. Nor was it essentially a military or police problem. It is a national socio-economic crisis of stagnant poverty, the deepening of the gap between the city and the countryside, the plight of landless or indebted farmers elking out a living (or, worse, not),of violence born of oppression and of neglect.

    Now, hopefull, there can be a parliamentary road beyond this, but it will have to involve radical reform. If that fails there will be a resumption of civil war for sure. NO ONE WANTS THIS, except perhaps the King and his supporters (and some of the nut-cases on this list).

    This is not a time of “business as usual” and if it is treated a such, if such is your expectation, that “civility” will suddenly reign (franklt where it didn’t even before) then you do not understand that Nepal is at a turning point and that this situation will bring out the best and the worst, the good and the bad, in all parties. But maybe at least it can be sorted out in the NATIONAL interests, the interests of the WHOLE nation.

    Mark R.

  43. Iskra,

    Great points man (or a woman). Well, see we need to actually have an election to determine who is actually supported by the majority of people. An party’s support does not necessarily mean willing support as fear plays a big role in this. However, if majority of the people are behind the maobadis, why do not they lay down their arms? The SPA might betray them you say, but if the people are behind them then why do they need to worry? If SPA tries to betray them (after they have laid down their weapons), then you can have revolution III (whatever that means). However, the fact that the maoists do no want to lay down their arms mean that, they either do not have much public support or they do not believe in people’s power. I think they are afraid that once they lay down their arms, they will be chased out of their villages and worst still, most of them will be killed by the same people they are claiming to be on their side.

  44. mitra ho, bhramma napara. maobadi bhaneko cia le create gardieko atankakari dasta ho. dheraijanalai jhukyauna safal bhaiko chha. yo na kunai rajnitik uddesya bhaiko ho na arthik samajik kranti ka lagi aiko, yo ta careerist, satta pipasu, drabyapichas gang ho

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