Dateline Kathmandu: Quotes And Headlines Of The Day

Quote of the Day (#1):

“You should pressure the Maoists to make public about the status of abducted people before asking the government. Call off the stir and instead, pressure the Maoists to publicize whereabouts of people disappeared by them.”

-Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala (as quoted by a family member of the disappeared person this afternoon). Koirala said that the government would make public the whereabouts of those disappeared at the hands of state only after the Maoists disclose details of those they have disappeared. (source)

[The Prime Minister couldn’t be blamed for making such statements because the Maoists are intensifying their policy of double standard politics by encircling the army headquarters while negotiating peace with the government. This should be stopped along with extortion and ‘taxing’ Nepali people.]

Quote # 2:

“The Maoists have disappeared 152 persons and killed 24 abductees. As the Maoist supreme leader Prachanda, during an interview with Kantipur Television, pledged to make public the status of the abductees if this is sought, we appeal to the Maoists to publicly disclose their status,”

– The National Human Rights Commission. Asking the rebels to immediately disclose the status of the abductees, the commission sent a name-list of the abductees to the rebels’ secretariat and urged the latter to immediately provide details about them.

[Prachanda, please respond!]

Quote # 3:

“I do not think the Nepali Army will back the King in seizing power in the future as the army has also learnt lessons from the recent Jana Andolan (People’s movement) II. [Katawal] has expressed full commitment to the people and democracy during his swearing-in ceremony [on Sunday]. So, nobody should harbour any suspicion about the army’s duties and responsibilities,”

– Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat. (source)

[Nothing but a telling example of how power corrupts people. If you sack him from Ministry and throw him on the street, Mahat will be the first person to protest the appointment of Rukmangat Katwal as the chief of the army staff. This bearded agent of royal interest in the government has forgotten that king Gyanendra had expressed the same kind of commitment to the people and democracy when he stated the coup in Feb 1, 2005.]

Headline Of The Day:

INDIAN ENVOY MEETS PRIME MINISTER: Indian Ambassador Shiva Shankar Mukharjee Tuesday met with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala at the latter’s official residence in Baluwatar and discussed Maoist arms management, the upcoming SPA-Maoists summit talks and the proposed unification between the Nepali Congress and its breakaway Nepali Congress (Democratic), among others. Mukharjee suggested the PM that the unification of the two congress parties would be “pivotal for the consolidation of democracy.” (source)

[A day after handing over a cheque of Rs. one billion that was supposed to be without any conditions, here you see the real motive and strings behind that sum of money. And we were happy seeing those headlines this morning that told us yesterday was historic day because we received largest sum of grants from bilateral donors including Asian Development Bank. Anyone talking about preferring investments to grants?]

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55 thoughts on “Dateline Kathmandu: Quotes And Headlines Of The Day

  1. Its high time that the government breaks the ceasefire because this is not a ceasefire at all. The Maoists are just misusing the name of ceasefire and carrying out extortion, abduction and what not. They are also opening military camps in and around Kathmandu. What is this? They seem to be gearing for a violent takeover of Kathmandu very soon. Before it is too late, why doesn’t Mr. Koirala do something?

  2. Wagle ji,

    It is better that you stop spreading propaganda against Maoist party and its leaders. It is not good. You should help us throw the feudal forces from Nepal and help create better enviromnet for poor Nepali people. I hope you understood me.

  3. Bidroha, Your post to Wagle reads like a thinly veiled threat to do him harm if he does not desist. This shows your true Maoist character.

  4. Nowhere in the world comminst rule have been successful. Take the remaining three countries:
    China is literally no communist country. Only the leaders are communists and people are capitalists.

    Cuba: it is said that thay are good in Education health and sports but there is no breakfast, lunch and dinner. In North Korea, they have nuclear weapons and missiles but people are dying of hunger. They are eating green plants and grass.

    I ask this bloody prachanda, what you want to do with Nepal after you become the PM or President ? what is economic agenda for progress of Nepalese people ? When you come to power all foreign aid will stop and embassy will go away and What the people will eat ? Same as in N. Korea ? Grass and herbs. For how long ?

    It would be recipe for desaster. It will be ripe for Indian intervention.Can you Maoists give the anwers to the above questions ? You guys must be tackled miltarily. Only 50,000 people taking hostage of whole country of 24 million. You are aided by Indian government. Maoists are one of the branches of Indian RAW.

  5. hey wagle jee, u started to vomit poison against maoist now. what kind of future do u see in nepal boycotting and criticizing maoist whose overall objective isnot against grossroot nepali people? dont analyse rNA will work for nepali people rather than for king. how can u say that? do u believe rukmangat katwal. do u know his background? right after they take control over maoist arms, they will show u wot they do if u dont realise now but it will be too late.

    girija is a actor of foreign force. its a trick just to delay peace process and plan to betray nepali people from behind the curtain.

    wagle jee, girija is not good to anyone except to his daughter sujata. he can kill his collegue for his goal. its past experience.

  6. Peace will be gone in near future from nepal…. according to

    the armies are bringin in arms in ktm valley

  7. It is too late for the government, SPA & the Parliament to stop the “prachandic” (thundering) storm that is looming over Nepal. The government, SPA & the Parliament were too eager to please the Maoists without giving great thought to the Peace process. Negotiations is about give and take. In the Peace negotiations so far Maoists have gotten all they have wanted–withdrawl of the terrorist tag, freeing of Maoists prisoners, freedom of movement & ceasefire. What has the government & the people has received in return, nothing, zero. Instead, we have witnessed a rise in insecurity, instability, forced donations, abductions & threats to livlihoods. In essence, a mobocracy & veiled anarchy.

    Girija making a stance now is like a sinking ship. He & other leaders should have thought before about national interests before making bedfellows with total strangers in a political arena.

    We are now at the mercy of the Maoists as the government & the SPA concentrated on defanging the security apparatus without giving a single thought of “what if..?” Security forces are demoralized & are unresponsive. We see a spate of robberies, murders & violence on the rise.

    This is what happens when we have a short-term vision for the nation.

  8. Well the Maoist think they have not got anything until their political demands are met. But I agree. The continuing autrocities by the Maoists is really unacceptable. Girija must really put his foot down and demand this stop immedietly. Prachanda and Baburam don’t want to go back to the jungle as far as I can tell because they have seen that they cannot win military means. Unfortunetly, Girija babu was not able to leverage this to his advantage.

  9. Wagle,

    Nothing but a telling example of how power corrupts people. If you sack him from Ministry and throw him on the street, Mahat will be the first person to protest the appointment of Rukmangat Katwal as the chief of the army staff. This bearded agent of royal interest in the government has forgotten that king Gyanendra had expressed the same kind of commitment to the people and democracy when he stated the coup in Feb 1, 2005.

    Harsh words Mr. Wagle, real harsh words. C’mon man, see this entire episode from another angle too. What would all the agitating MPs or even brats like you have done had you guys been in the government in the first place? The same thing as the current government has done. This aint no any classic case of power corrupting people rather I see this as an example of reality setting in. The government has been correct so far in dealing with the army, if it wants the army to change its attitude, it should change it’s too. And I’m glad at long last the government believes the army is its. Disbanding (though out of the question) or overhauling or even some extreme changes to the army in a situation as precarious as this one will only rankle the top army establishment and once again sour the relationship between these two cornerstones of the country. Forget a##$@*!s like Amik Sherchan. What popular support has this guy got? He doesn’t even deserve to be an MP, let alone be the vice premier (and you know who put him up there, don’t you?). Mahat is just being practical, its b#$$*&$ds like Sherchan who are corrupt, corrupt mentally that is. Look at him, the vice prime minister of the country and he comes out in the open slamming the government’s decision. What the f*$#k was he doing when the cabinet was deciding on this issue?
    And by the way, we’re always clamouring on as to how the army has always remained away from the people. Now that the army is trying to change itself, are we changing our attitude towards it? C’mon Wagle, lets give Katwal and Co. a chance. First of all let’s believe that Nepal Army is ours, the rest of our concerns will take care of themselves.

  10. Wagle was chased away from his own village by Maoist. What could he do? If you have small grey matter in the thick skull of yours, you should know that Government is a responsible/answerable body and rebels are not. It is the duty of the government to find even the Maoist disappeared people. Girija is behaving like a another rebel outfit bargaining with Prachanda. Next he will tell Maoist, please make public all the money you looted and we will make public the amount we SPA earned from corruption. What a disgrace !

  11. What PM told is 100% correct. As he has to save his arse to hold the position coz he is head of Army now. We all know that maoist will never disclose all the people they abducted and killed and so PM don’t have to disclose either. Regarding the MAHAT I think he is the person who makes me proud coz he is educated person holds Phd degree problem with him is he is politician. Of course nothing in this world is for free every single breath you take and every single step you make you have to give something so whatever mukherjee told is right. They want nepali congress to be the most powerful party in nepal which will make their dream come true of having two pillers in nepal Monarchy and democratic party(pupet). Did you hear what Maoist leader told in BBC interview “He is Fu*&%#ing nepali people so that he can be father of new born nepal” now may be we should start thinking about that…

  12. Bideshi,

    That wasn’t threat to Wagle ji. I was just reminding him his duty. I personally don’t believe in threats and, in this case, I know him well. We are actually friends though we strongly disagree with each other in our discussions about many political issues. I strongly feel that he should understand the importance of Maoists in Nepal and realize what they have done to Nepali people in the last decade. The party has made Nepali people politically aware about their rights. The party has destroyed the feudal web in the society and liberated people from the clutches of suppression and oppression that were there in Nepali society for centuries. We are fighting for the rights of people putting our lives at risk and intelligent people like Wagle ji should learn to appreciate this.

    Let me tell you Bideshi that until a few months ago I was living in jungle without eating and sleeping properly for days. Why? I can have a nice job and have a good life, if I want, in this bourgeois environment. But I don’t want to be selfish. I want to make better the life of those millions of Nepali brothers and sisters who don’t have the luxury of sending their children to school and eating nice food twice a day. That is why, to fight for those poor and oppressed ones, I joined people’s war. That was five years ago. Now the party has decided to negotiate peace, some feudalistic forces are trying to push it too hard and send it to the jungle again. These elements feel that their very own survival will be in danger if peace is restored in Nepal.

    The problem lies not in the arms but in the bourgeois mentality. Okay, let’s say Maoists surrender the arms and act as per the terms and conditions of the government. Will that really solve the problem? No. Maoists started the peoples’ war with khukuris and lathis, not with AK47s that they have now. If the political issues are not settled, the problem will appear to be solved for one or two years. Then another group will emerge and take up the arms. Then the same cycle will repeat in Nepal. So to avoid such arms uprising in future, all contentious political issues must be resolved. Once political issues are finalized arms issue will be solved in a jiffy. Tell me what danger lies in for the government in solving the political issues first? Maoists will not take over the government when political issues are finalized.

  13. What will Prachanda(Maoists) give to this country? A North Korean style Juchche? A Castro type rule? A Khmer Roge type massacre? Or a Jyoti Basu type revisionism? Till now they have promished all needy to give all what they want. Maoist leaders project themselves as very sensitive(Prachanda’s Kantipur interview), peace loving people in TV screen but their cadres kill pregnant women, dalits in villages and abduct people in broad day light and threaren people of death who try to resist them. Leaders are mum about these horrific atrocities. Can leaders of progressive government(as them call themselves) behave like this? They and you, who are supporting their blunt actions and Wagle too(who hardly dares to critisize the Maoists for their action while he does frequently to SPA. I don’t know why?)should know that people do not want monarchy and they do not want Maoists’ dictatorship too. They are not ready to throw one and get another.Armless SPA is dismantling the power of monarchy.Maoists should disarm themselves too piece by piece.They,guns in hand, can not order the SPA what the kings many a times did and tried to do. The solution is Maoist should dotermine to disarm themselves in accordance with SPA.

  14. By the way the chaps who go on about the maoists and creating awareness and then justifying arms – All I have to say is that the social ills have been highlighted by the maoists through violence, but now they have been heard and are at the correct political platform as albeit the leaders of the maoists wanted to be on top. So is’nt it the correct time to give up arms? If it was the awareness they sought they have got it, and if it is the political platform they were seeking they have got that too, so if they are to prove to be the correct party for this nation, they have to now lay down arms and convince the people through the ballot that their political agenda is the correct one for this country – Not by holding guns and the threat of using it.

  15. Further,

    The way to prevent future groups to take up arms is precisely by maoists setting the example and doing so now, than working towards a better Nepal so that people do not have to resort to arms in the future. Examples are not set by holding on to the guns even when the maoists have reached the political platform they seek and have been heard, and by continued threats, murders and extortions.

  16. For the maoists comrade Bidroha who says that the cycle of violence can repeat, I say the maoists have already set the wrong examples by delaying the arms issue and the cycle has infact begun – What do you think the Terai Janmukti Morcha are under Goit? Also, I think it will be wise for both the maoists and the government to include groups like these in the peace process as well. After all Comrade Bidroha, it is you who said the maoists just began with “khukuris and sticks”,- the Terai rebels already have guns!!!

  17. Tires are burning in many place of Kathmandu now…it has been heard even people are being blocked in so many places and cannot move…the situation is moving toward out of control…

  18. I don’t think it is up to the maoists to dictate the political agenda for the country, nor is it up to the maoists to say a bourgeois mentality is the problem not arms, I think the people of Nepal are the best judge of what political agenda is good for them and what mentality suites them as individuals. And is it not enough for the maoists who claim to be the great liberators of the people and working for the people that 99.8% of the Nepalis they claim to be working for want an end to the violence and want the maoists to give up their arms? I don’t think you need a referendum or anything of the sort for this fact.
    If the maoists cannot even listen to an overwhelming (almost absolute) request of the people of this nation to lay down their arms, who can trust them to listen to other more contentious demands which goes against their communist propoganda theories?

  19. Mr. Pundit, the objective of guerilla war is not to defeat against the state but instead not to lose. The state army loses until it defeats the insurgents and the insurgents win as long as they don’t lose.

  20. I stop commenting here. Moderate voices are being lost and only the extreme left / right wing people are commenting.


  21. Comrade Bidroha,

    I don’t know what propoganda your leaders are feeding you. But while you claim to be the pole bearers of the poor, your cadres are extorting and feeding themselves every day at the cost of the poor from their kitchens. Maoists cadres are forced to be fed in the kitchens of the poor, do you bloody care whether their children have been going hungry at the expense of feeding your murderous mouths? Your proganda just sounds good on paper, but that is the limit to it, in practicality you are nothing but a bunch of murderous, blood sucking thugs with mouthfulls of propoganda to sound good and righteous. Unfortunately, comarade words don’t make reality, but actions definitely do.

  22. At present, Maoists will be the most popular party among the people it they give up their arms. But they can not because they have no where to send their aroused teenager gunners. With or without Prachanda, Baburam, Badal, Pasang or other Maoist leaders,another insurgency is inevitable and even these leaders may fall victim of those guns, if politicians at both sides do not play wise.

  23. The middle or moderate path is the best way to resolve issues. The government have fulfilled many demands of the maoists. Not only the government but more so the Nepali people have just one major demand – lay down arms. This is the middle path. Political agendas can be set and reset over time with good governance and peoples participation through democratic elections and ingoing participation thereafter – it will be foolish of parties of the future not to pay heed to the people if they have genuine demands. Just by setting the political agenda now does not mean it is the holy grail and it does not mean that it cannot be revisited and remodelled with the passage of time. But the laying down of arms and peace is something that does not need revision with the passage of time. It should be our mantra and maybe our natioinal motto should be Peace and non-Violence in the footsteps of our great son Gautam Buddha.

    However, it seems the maoists are trying their level best to make the security forces make an error so that they can call off the cease fire to go for their October revolution. Of course. to the citizens of this counbtry it seems that the only one abiding by the cease fore is the securtiy forces. The maoists in effect have already broken it, they have with the threat of guns extorted and murdered, you don’t need the maoists to fire several rounds of an automatic gun at unarmed civilians or unprovoking security forces to prove that a cease fire is broken. They have nothing to fire rounds and rounds of machinery at anyways. So in effect they have broken the ceasefire. The security forces can only be applauded for their conduct since the so called one sided cease fire. Although I would implore the government to make use of it’s police to control the empty headed anarchy and crime.

  24. “If the political issues are not settled, the problem will appear to be solved for one or two years. Then another group will emerge and take up the arms. Then the same cycle will repeat in Nepal”

    thats very much true..
    a fren of mine in the army was repeating the same thing few days ago…
    but i seriously think the maoists arms should be managed first before any peace talk is held.
    the arms are the BIGGEST obstacle to peace talks….
    let them disarm first then we can talk with them..
    otherwise the poor villagers who have already started uprising against the maoists with the same khukuris and lathis..will sweep away the bullshit propaganda maoists have been trying to feed the local nepali janta

  25. If I was Prachanda/Baburam Bhattarai I would be worried. I can sense the ordniary Nepalis getting fed up with their antics.

  26. Ck2,st,scoop,Captain Crash…
    All the bunch of hypocrates, acting as if they are talking the reality.U traitors should know what is the GAME behind this all Delay in the peace process and the Propogonda of Maoists disarming at any cost.Its all according to the GamePlan of US which sees any fukcing thing right that favours its interest.
    And mind it,Remote is with US..Girija is just a TapePlayer.

  27. Yeah what is happening to the peace talks? Why does it keep getting delayed? Should it not be given top priority? I don’t like the Maoists but I don’t like the way the SPA are going about this either. The way I see it, the Maoists hands are tied, they are just bluffing about resuming the insurgency. With the king out of the way the US,UK and the Indians will back the civilian govt. to the hilt if it comes to resumption of hostilities-and hopefully Katuwal will prove to be a better military man than his pathetic predecessor. What worries me is the dithering SPA, just as before we had the dithering KG.

  28. A big disaster is ahead..

    If Peace process is further delayed & SPA continues to act like a Puppet of US, with the tempt of securing their Power in Nepali Politics from Uprising Maoists Influence>> then surely their is going to be a big Bloodshed in near future…

    I am worried how many innocent and peace loving Nepali are going to be sacrificed for this mere foolishness of SPA.
    Be AWARE NOW !!

  29. Truth,

    All I can say to you is you can shove it up your ass. There is no use trying to tell people like you anything. You cry for peace talks and blame the government for delaying, and when they go for it in haste you criticise the govt. for not doing enough homework and hurrying at the urging of the maoists. If you fence sitters think the arms issue is not the number one agenda and at the centre of the peace talks then what the hell is? The word peace itself revolves around the fact that there has been armed conflict, it is’nt there because parties have disagreed with each other on the debate table with a war of words. Please don’t mention the term hypocracy when it should be reserved specifically for your type of thinking. Bloody fence sitter.

  30. See Arms & Ammunations of NA that recently arrived in Gajuri & on its way to Capital..

    Other side, Maoists are clear with there October Revolution if Peace Process didnt solve political agendas..

    All as wished and GamePlanned by US..

    More Violence seems inevitable..

    Seems only SPA can SAVE COUNTRY from this Disaster..
    Behave Responsively !
    Move Peace Process ahead !!

  31. scoop, your broadside against Truth aside aren’t you getting frustrated with the SPA’s dithering on the Maoists issue? In my opinion doing ‘proper homework’ does not mean taking a long time to do something but taking the matter seriously and studying the issue with top priority. SPA is clearly not doing that but resorting to delaying tactics while the countrys situation gets worse. Don’t forget the SPAs mandate is not to run the country but to try and find a neogiated settlement with the Maoists. As long as they try their best I will be happy with the SPA even if it fails but they clearly are not doing this.

    The SPA needs to bring in the umbrella guarantee of the UN as a fair abritrator (accepted by Maoists) and tell the Maoists very clearly that without an arms surrender that the elections to the CA or an interim govt. including the Maoists is a no go. Fullstop. They can argue about other things but not this issue. But I really can’t see the SPA trying hard enough on this matter. Look did KP Oli really have to go that stupid NAM summit? What’s the priority here?

  32. Truth,

    The arms coming in has been proved wrong. It’s a load of maoist hogwash propoganda. They have been in the spotlight of late regarding their issues of extortion, murder, arms, dissapeared people etc. so they are now trying to find any lame excuse to divert the negative attention towards some other non existent issue away from themselves.


    These things seem slow and frustrating, but if both sides are serious with this peace deal, I rather they do their homework and take their time rather than rushing into a hasty deal a la the 12 point agreement.
    Also rememebr the SPA are made up of 7 very different political parties while the maoists are just one party headed by a dictatorial figure. I am sure everyone will agree that it would take the SPA longer to do their homework and not the maoists. I remember the parliamentarians and the so called civil society representatives constantly complaining that the Sitaula led peace talks group did not consult them and went in to the talks too hastily. We need to really know the inside stuff before we can pass judgment on such issues. I have’nt heard the the UN singing any praises for the maoists and their heavy handedness to rush into the peace talks either. Infact, I have heard the UN representatives say that the process realistically can take up to 2 years and we Nepalis should not be misled to think that these things can be solved in several months.

  33. scoop, yeah I get what your are saying. But still for me it is not a question of time but priority. Remember the SPA are there to discuss peace with the Maoists first and foremost. I just don’t feel they are doing this properly.

    As regards to the arms import I hope it is true that the govt. has imported arms. Why shouldn’t they when the Maoists refuse give up theirs.

  34. Listen Guys, I obviously think GPK is taking the entire stand he can at his age. If it not be him, Nepal would have long been a socialist Republic of Nepal. Although I hate his character and don’t trust a penny on him, I have no choice. One we rather die then to be ruled by a communist.

    Today I saw bus full of school children with Women Krantikari banners on them being taken to some place. I had email the pictures to Author from and he has posted the pictures to his website. You guys should go and check it out. You will realize even the school children are not spared now. Children are the easiest picks, not being able to judge they will surely think Prachanda or Baburam are their heros, ideals and should follow their path.

    Where are the originations like PABSON and N-PABSON now? Should not they stop Maoist from interfering with schools kids? What about human rights and ICRC or UN!

  35. Its hard to be a moderate in a polarised country.Though wagle is not a true moderate or a liberal journalist as his tilt towards the left was just too well evident during the days of the jana aandolan but still he says what he sees.
    I dont know how this bidroha guy can claim he is a friend of wagle,may be once in a while he calls and threatens him.If at all he is,wagle would do better without his friendship i guess.

  36. I hate Khagendra Sangraula. No, no, not for his ideology or his writing, the guy is a great writer and a good thinker too. He just happens to be the most pathetically pessimistic chap that resides on the god’s earth today. I bet he looks both ways while crossing a one way street. Sometimes I wonder, reading his piece of end-of-the-world or nothing-is-good crap (crap? as I said earlier not literally though), how many sanguine souls must this bastard have corrupted? Looking at the hordes of them arriving here, his disciples that is, there might as well be a school of them, the sorry arsed wet blankets. And I see this fella calling himself Truth to be one of them. Hey Truth, keep your cynicism with you for a while mate. Don’t worry about what India or the US can do to us, it sure can’t be any worse than what we’re doing right now and please, for god’s sake believe in people power.

    And as for Kirat or for that matter most of the people here, hell guys stop clamouring about the delay in the peace process. What the fuck does a delay in the peace process suppose to mean? No one thought it was going to be over within days, this bloody war that is, did we guys? It will take time, but it will, it definitely will be settled this time around.

  37. What is amazing amongst our SPA leaders who themselves are a party to the government & the Parliament, verbally blast the very government they represent. What an irony? Mr Sherchan & Nepal practise this two tongued soap opera to an art form. They would get the Oscars in heaps…

    Then we have major political leaders like Nepal, Dueba & Oli going abroad at this critical juncture. They should be at home trying to fix a broken house. Where is their committment to the peace process & the people whom they aptly remind that they represent the people. The love of foreign trips amongst Nepali politicians have not been lost–“Kag karaun dai garcha, pina sukh dai garcha.”

  38. Birdohi, Or is it Bidrohi???

    We all know these seven parties have forked tongues.I feel Maosists are also also “Yautai dyang ko mula”. Today the Maosists declined that they didn’t called the strike, it was peoples’own will to protest the arms convoy.After that declaration , the Newa Mukti Morcha called off the strike and the chakka jam. What a shame.

  39. About the alleged ‘forced donations’ and ‘extortions’:

    First of all, we don’t want to collect tax but solve the political issues immediately. Solving political issues means issuing the interim constitution, forming the interim government and the interim parliament. Once we are part of the new government, Peoples’ Liberation Army would be provided with budget from the state exchequer and there will be no need for Maoist party to collect tax. Chairman Comrade Prachanda has repeatedly stressed on this fact in his statements and interviews. This is as simple as this: solve the political issues and collecting tax will be stopped. The party needs to feed the PLA just like the government is feeding RNA.

    In Baluwataar meeting with Girija and seven parties’ government, Chairman Prachanda said that interim constitution should be issued within 15 days. Who delayed that? Who is obstructing the formation of interim government? Who started acting according to the interests of foreign forces? What happened to the 12- and 8-point agreements? We are genuinely interested in the peace process. That is why all leaders of the Maoists party are in cities. We will not return to the jungle. We will flush out the anti-peace and anti-democratic elements from Kathmandu.

  40. Bidroha, are you really a Maoist? If you are stop beating about the bush. You guys have extorted money from so many companies already. If you need the money to feed your PLA just demand it from the govt. You will get it. But it’s not that,is it? I agree the SPA are a lame excuse for a proper govt. or even a proper representation of the people but who are you guys? Going by your present actions just a bunch of organised thugs. This is a good opportunity for your party to influence Nepals future as per your beliefs but no all you guys seem capable of to make your point is violence.

  41. Quote – Unquote”: Nepali Politics in Black, White and Grey

    “It must be ensured that the Nepali army won’t harm democracy, won’t hatch conspiracies and won’t organize (any) coup. For this, armed forces must be democratized. The weapons of the Maoists should be kept in a ‘locked up’ position.” – UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal in “Combat Law.”

    Interpretation: Coming from the one man who took the initiative and exercised his constitutional powers (when Defense Minister) over the Army, this statement makes a lot of sense. It would be even more powerful if Mr. Nepal pledged to take part in the democratization of the army by teaching his contemporaries and his successors what it means to be an effective Defense Minister.

    As the only member of Parliament to have ever forced an Army Chief into early retirement, Mr. Nepal has much credibility. One may deduce that his credibility would be even higher and his contribution material, if Mr. Nepal took a step beyond simply identifying what’s wrong, to explaining how to fix the problem.

    As a senior leader in the SPA alliance, taking a more self-deprecating approach that acknowledges first the harm that his own generation has done to Nepal’s democracy and then moving on to explain how the Army can be further democratized, would probably yield more meaningful results.

    The Nepali people have heard time and again that the SPA leaders have “learned from their past mistakes.” The debate on what the Army has done wrong and how to fix it should be had hand-in-hand with what the SPA’s past mistakes were and what steps the SPA leadership has taken to rectify its internal shortcomings.

    The fist item in the order of merit begins with a lesson on how political consensus should be democratically garnered when it comes to the issue of mobilizing the State’s armed forces. The second item should discuss what it means to commit the Army to war and then to shamelessly deprive it of support. The third item (applies specifically to Mr. Nepal) pertains to lessons of mutually acquired trust – this means not involving the state Army in petty partisan politics by intentionally denying it access to intelligence that would otherwise serve the Army’s anti-insurgency campaign. And the list goes on.

    As for Mr. Nepal’s awkward statement on what to do with Maoist arms, let’s pretend it was an honest mis-quote. Because it’s hardly a balancing act to chastise a rebel outfit that specialized in killing UML cadre (and subsequently in degrading the UML’s vote bank) with words that have no practical value, while the military that bled to ensure that people like Mr. Nepal and his political cohorts remained in business, are termed undemocratic, conniving and potentially detrimental to democracy.

  42. “We think the parties and leaders are like servants, while the masters are living abroad.” – Maoist Strongman, Pushpa Kamal Dahal in “Combat Law.”

    Interpretation: Yet another provocative statement coming from a man who is allegedly a newly born champion of peace and democratic discourse.

    The choice of words are extremely interesting. In describing the “parties and their leaders” as “servants” and their foreign benefactors as “masters,” Mr. Dahal displays two simultaneous emotions: First, he exhibits the application of terms that only a very feudal mindset could conjure and second, he re-exhibits his utter disdain for political parties and their leaders by applying derogatory terms to describe a perceived relation that threatens Mr. Dahal’s political agenda. (How an individual who openly views his democratic contemporaries as “slaves” will actually function in state of democratic equilibrium is a topic of discussion for another time).

    The analogy that Pushpa Dahal uses is an excellent display of the type of contradictions that have always plagued Maoist rhetoric. Putting aside the feudal mindset that Mr. Dahal is apparently absorbed in, an allegation that the parties are doing the bidding of foreign powers is a colorful accusation indeed.

    But what of the advice that Mr. Dahal takes from foreigners in the Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) or the dictates he follows from CCOMPOSA (Collective Campaign of Maoist Parties of South Asia)? Using his own analogy, is Mr. Dahal also a “slave” to his foreign “masters” too or is he exempt from his own logic?

    To place matters in deeper perspective, it’s supposedly alright to live in India (for an expanded period of time) at the Indian government’s mercy; it’s alright to forge an alliance with the SPA (at the Indian government’s insistence) and it’s perfectly alright to beg the UN to come and help sort out the mess in Nepal.

    All these examples are inapplicable to the “master-slave” analogy because the Indians didn’t have anything to do with the 12-Point agreement (even though the Maoists were on Interpol’s wanted list at the time while parlaying openly with party leaders in the heart of New Delhi) or because the UN is being invited to Nepal at the Maoists beckoning. Not quite.

    With the predictability that emerges from prolonged exposure to the mind-numbing ill-logic that is Maoist logic, Pushpa Dahal may even claim that in the examples above, the Indians and the UN are in fact, all Nepalis on some level. Not exactly.

    This is how Mr. Dahal has to be gradually welcomed into the mainstream. Here, Mr. Dahal will get the best of all worlds. The media hype, the glamour and with it, the acrid criticism that allows one to taste the humiliation of being called a moron, when one runs his mouth like a moron.

    If it’s alright for the Maoists to answer to the beck and call of their radical outfits across the globe, it’s equally alright for the parties to listen to advice from Nepal’s well-wishers abroad.
    Also, if Pushpa and his gang ever want to end the feudal mentality they so avowedly fight (even as their only goal in life remains to weild state power), a good first step to take would be for the Maoists (starting with Pushpa Dahal) to step out of the feudal mentaility themselves.

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