Pressure Politics: No Good For Peace Process

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

It’s becoming clear that Maoists are focusing themselves in the politics of pressure and their recent activities are alarmingly contradictory. On the one hand, they never stop talking peace and saying feudal and monarchical forces are active in derailing the peace process and on the other hand they state protest programs in front of the army and bring their guerillas (in their words injured and incapacitated) in the capital city and hold public meetings. It seems that they are just trying to exert as much pressure as possible to the government. Yes, this government of Girija Prasad Koirala, who is hell bent on saving monarchy, definitely needs pressure but the way Maoists are exercising is not right. It will only harm the peace process. I have heard Maoists leaders publicly accepting that their cadres have violated the code of conduct. “Yes, there are some cases [of violations] on our part,” said Dev Gurung, a Maoist negotiator recently. “But they are nothing compared to the violations from the state side. Ours are on small scale and the state is ignoring the code of conduct on political level.” Violation must not be measured in scale and there should not be any excuse for this.

To be honest, I support the government’s decision to mobilize the armed police in the city as long as they don’t invite any misfortune. I have felt that they are being too arrogant and demanding. Yes, I agree they are fighting for peoples’ right and they want reform within Nepal Army no insane king can overthrow a democratically elected government in future. But what about their army? Are they serious enough to reform their army and separate them from political ideology so as to make them professional and independent force? Maoists should learn to behave responsibly.

While stressing on the need to quicken the peace process, Maoists are also constantly threatening of another April Revolution type of uprising. It gives comfort to hear from the rebels that they will be holding peaceful protests instead of going back to the violence if peace talks fail. But why talk about those protests when you are currently holding peace parleys? Isn’t that contradictory and confusing?

There are some serious mistakes from the government’s side as well. The government is frustratingly slow on its efforts to finalizing the interim constitution and going toward the election of constituent assembly. It is giving the impression that it wants to change and doesn’t want to move forward. If that is the case, Maoists would be right in holding peaceful protests in the near future and government should take responsibility if the peace talks fail. Maoists also need to explain to their cadres and government should provide them some space, some reason to stick to the peace process and safe landing.

For the record: The Press Conference

When Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the chief Maoist negotiator and spokesperson of the party, started press conference the day before yesterday apologizing to reporters for the poorly organized show, I remembered that day when Prachanda, the Maoist chairman, started his first ever public speech comparing the utterly disorganized press conference to that of the state of the state of Nepal. I was sure someone would remind Mahara his chairman’s statement on that day. Reporters faced difficulties in hearing what Mahara and his comrade Dinanath Sharma was speaking and photographers had to push each other to get a clear view of the leaders. Soon after the conference started, it rained. Journalists were outside and leaders were under shade. Mahara had to stop the lecture and we all went inside the office of Maoist negotiating team’s public relations office. There is always an excuse for such mismanagement. “We are still rebels,” Mahara defended later when a journalist reminded him what Prachanda had said in Baluwataar. “We are not in the government.” But the comrade, for the moment, forget to mention that the same party claims to have running the parallel and new regime.

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35 thoughts on “Pressure Politics: No Good For Peace Process

  1. Hey Suraj,

    Glad to read your comment. Honestly, this is not an anti-Maoist or pro-anything article. As a positive thinking person forever, I really don’t believe in negativism. As a journalist, while writing, I have to point out both good and bad aspects. And I also have to maintain my own beliefs and principles. I tried to say is that the recent Maoist activities are contradictorily and harmful to the peace process. I have also criticized the SPA government for their sluggishness regarding peace process. Man, let’s meet and talk about the future of Monarchy. It’s been long time we haven’t seen and I love hearing your arguments.

  2. Wagle,
    According to yourself, you are not anti or pro maoist or anti or pro SPA or anti or pro army as you claim to be such a balanced and professional person, however, I doubt you can deny that you are definitely anti-monarchy. So if you are the harbinger of professional and balanced views, why does it not extend to your views on the monarchy?

  3. I am not the supporter of the King. If you are the supporter of a King who tried to take all the Nepalese to Karnali nadi and submerge them all with him. He was the foolest of the fools.What he should have done was to talk with the 7 parties before they could have pact in New Delhi.Now the Maoists think that Jana Andolan was successful because of them. SPA think that we are the ones who made it a success. Then whom to believe ? I personally think it was avarage villagers who made it successful. Koirala and Sitaula did a blunder by giving a olive branch in each steps of negotiation and Maoists are going to “finish” these two guys in near future.

    That was how Mao captured China and I had to flee to Taiwan.

  4. Maoist are very clear in their strategies and end-goal before and even today. But these SPA leaders are either fool or very confused. They already got hints from international communities whom they should make tie-up, I feel both king and SPA (specially congress and UML) are fool in this case.

  5. Maoist are very clear in their strategies and end-goal before and even today. But these SPA leaders are either fool or very confused. They already got hints from international communities whom they should make tie-up, I feel both king and SPA (specially congress and UML) are fool in this case. Maoist are very clever to make all fool and I still feel that they will win the game (but how long might only be the question) and general people are already made up their mind to surrender them and accept their rule.

  6. Wait and see, you will be able to see the real face of maoists. yes, king did mistake, but prachanda had done crimes. you are forgetting the criminal and punishing the mistaker. it is irony that journalists, ngo activists and so called civil society leaders are playing role for supporting maoists and in future these three sections will be the first to be victimized by maoists. “afno khuttama afai bancharo hanne” haru!!!
    maoists will stop even your blog.
    let’s wait and see.

  7. I totally agree SPA are ill prepared for anything and any process that should be happenned. But why maoist are threatening to kill nepal army while they are now in their barrack? SPA has been too flexible to maoist, if maoist really want peace why are they doing “mero goru ko shorai takka” they should also be flexible. SPA are taking too long to write intrim constitution, why cant maoist bring their version of intrim constitution which will also help SPA. Now the big thing is SPA dosen’t want to bring maoist with their armed rebel to the the intrim government while maoist don’t to disarm themself to run the intrim government. If maoist want to reform the state structure for the constituent assembly why haven’t they brought forward their policy of change to people. They have the policy to run the country in fear. And as nepali leaving in fear is our greatest fear. If and only if maoist can confirm that they can confind their rebels to camp as of army every thing rest can be handled with mouth. What we need now is a leader with great communication skills and leadership which is lacking in SPAM. The problem is not SPA but the maoist as they are rebel. Maoist publically accept themself as rebel. The rebels like to think of themself as “independent”. They have infact merely adopted a knee-jerk reaction to whatever “law” is set before them. They are prime candidate of reverse psychology. SO if ones who tell you you’re no good are no good, then somehow, that makes you good. somehow. Rebels will break a rule just because it’s a rule. They claim “Rules are for fools!” They consider agreements of any kind, including ones they make involving things they want to do – as rules. They claim they have no firm commitments in life, only options. As in case of Nepal many rebels got into the rebellion business for good reason, they were rebels with good cause, But for now SPA has been doing what they wanted so Rebels without something to be against are sad sight. They wander arroung. They mutter themself. They hope something will go wrong so they can be against it. If maoist really are committed to peace they should confined their army to barracks and bring their solid policy to people not by threatening to uprise in urban area. They have totally forget that it is the 20% of the urban that is currently running the country. So maoist should show some commitment to people.

  8. We, the nepalis are gasping for sigh of relief; a great relief when permenant peace prevails in our nation. The SPA, maoists and the king are all selfish predators. It’s time to put nation’s interest above your own penchant for power, and let peace be blessed upen our mother land. It’s every ordinary nepali citizen’s birth right. SPA, MAOISTS, ROYALISTS, don’t tamper with our right to live in harmoney. Work urgently for peace!

  9. I blame the SPA. Why are they dithering on these crucial issues? On the Maoist protests and violent acts the SPA should have the guts to come down hard on these instances. The Maoists must be shown an iron resolve by the Govt. on such issues and that of the arms management but the Girija led SPA is spineless and seem only to care to hold on to their position of power for as long as possible. The Maoists sensing this frustration of the public are trying to capitalize on this. Who really cares about the country and it’s people right? SPA, Maoists they would readily sacrifice us Nepalis for the power they crave.

  10. hey everybody,
    debate can be done for good intension.
    something about maoists,
    they are continuously saying that their amry(jana-sena) won’t be placed in the camp till constitution assembly. they always blame SPA for delaying the talk process but what are they doing, gheraoing amry headquarter, using school kids in demonstration, looting, forceful donation,etc. just to create so called pressure.
    yes, they are rebel group, but this does not allow them to defame the governing system of the country, it could be awkward for them to gherao the army headquarter using the school kids, capturing the forestry check post and asking taxes for them.
    singing and dancing with weapons in the streets does not respond to the logical revolution. they don’t believe Nepalese people in the sense that people are fed up of monarchy.
    things change with time, Prachanda admitted that he worked together with King Birendra and more with Dhirendra(he says he has letters now also) this proves that more than logic and reality Maoists are just saying and doing whatever so that they can make people follow them.
    Prachanda speaks with rage and in strong voices about missing-people and challenges the disclose them but does not admit that it was their past activities that compelled security forces to capture and it was the untoward remarks that irated the security personnel to become brutal.
    Arms management could be done in their favour also, with the help of UN or others orgs, but they don’t believe people will help them to come to peaceful politics.If not then why do they delay in such process.
    Maoist leaders seem ok,but what about their cadres and followers, what they behave like.

  11. nepal can be either angola, zimbawe or south africa, it all lies in the hands of the leaders not the jantas, realities lies far beyond the theories

  12. dinesh dai,

    kura strategy ko matra hoina, things are going out of limit, somebody I think … Gurung senior leader of congress today in pokhara said that nepal needs king to save the country and further said that girija thought well before saying monarchy needs space. What all these things shows? things are getting more dangerous and sounds like some grand design that maoists smell before us, govt. is itself stinking even at our level think how much informations might maoists might have got, it must be much more then what we know? in this way govt by being afraid of maoist and making them away from peace talks they are making maoist stronger and stronger, girija and co are making democratic force weaker and weaker by using his extra old mind and expired knowledge.

  13. The Maoists’ strategy is as clear as it can be. They fought for years against what was a relatively stable and strong regime, and now that they’ve decided not to fight, they find themselves against a weak and confused government. Old aspirations, that may have been laid to rest, are bound to rise again (when they think how easily they can get what they wanted in the first place). They are just trying to undermine the government in front of the people and make it accept its every demand. They’ve got no intentions of commiting themselves to the peace process, they may as well go back to the jungles. Don’t be surprised tomorrow if they ask the government to buy them a helicopter.

    And by the way what moral authority do the Maoists have in questioning the state and the army over the disappearance of civilians over the last few years?

  14. Wagle, sometimes I just can not help laugh on your statement “Violations should not be measured on scale..” This is preposterous. Who said violations should not be measured on scale, is this wagle hypothesis. Violation should be measured on the scale, we ought to do so 100%. What Dev Gugung said is correct. You (SPA) deviate from political agenda and spend all your time and energy buying time to save the monarchy and compare this with trivials? What nonsense… It reminds me again my hypothesis that “those without gray matter go to politics and journalism”

  15. hey, i think mr. wagle is expecting and hoping too much from the lal salaams. Their litmus test is when they would down their arms and come in front of nepali people. That will be time to gauge their popularity amongst the people. God help the day they do that. They would be stripped twice and ripped apart by the nepali janta who have suffered just about too long by their imposition of their fanatical fascist ideology.
    they are also claiming that they are a parrallel government. what is this nonsense?
    a party which threatens , kills and extortions nepalese claims that they form a parallel government? are they trying to say that they want to rule over nepal.
    They should get one thing very clear – NEPALESE PEOPLE DETEST AND ABHOR MAOIST- that is 110% true. In reality they do not have even 10 % support in the country.

  16. Maoist should stop threatening the government ,the nepali people and the king with their bullshit rhetoric about how they will create disbalance in the cities. if they want to go for war i think they should simply call for it. the state is prepared and they know that all they can do is create disturbance. Defeating the state is a very far-fetched idea for them.
    and by the way if the nepalese have to choose between maoist and the king – it will be the king.
    and stop harrasing the king – he may be down but not out , this institution has been disgraced so much by the maoist and opportunist like MKN that even nepalese are beginning to get irritated by this. it seems all they care about is how to throw the king.nothing for the people. Nepalese should wake up and come down to the streets – this time to protest the extortion, threatening and killing of the nepalese.
    one cannot help but laugh to see the maoidadis like mahara and hisila protesting against the disaapearance of the nepalese during the war. LOOK WHOS TALKING?

  17. after all those years of atrocitiesm, murder and loot, there are still some people who think gyanendra and paras as symble of unification. how can people like KB Gurung and likes can still see these murderer, pathetic lier, cruel dictator as the symbol of unification. its plain insane.

  18. Girija’s leadership has always been disaster in the History of Nepal. His government’s snail pace is going to lead the country into disaster. On the otherhand, Maoists are all over now in the capital. They are not listening to the government’s request to lay down their arms. How can they, when their only source of power is their gun. Maoists don’t want to lay down their arms, government can’t include them for Constituent Assembly election with arms, this means the country is in a standstill. If the Maosits won the country will be ruled by aggressive, selfish, full-of-themselves leaders who will wreck the economy, destroy industries, kill rich people, rich landlords or industrialists. If they loose they will pick up arms and start killing and looting once again.
    So the best alternative to get the country out of this darkness is to assasinate the Maoists leaders. Why not we assasinate the leaders like Prachanda, Baburam, Kriishna mahara. Once they leaderless, government can mobilize army in full swing and this is degrade the cadres mentality and force them to hide. We then empower villagers to stand strong against the maoists and fight whenever needed. Appoint intelligent people in villages to act like CIDs to inform the army. I am sure within six months we will get rid of the maoists once and for all.
    The maoists leaders don’t deserve to be politicians. they were terrorists, and they are terrorists and they will always remain terrorists.

  19. Maoist is not a political party. It’s the occupying force in Nepal. Only way to deal with them is having strong National Army.

    SPA has clear choice. Either bring Maoist into main stream by forcing them to dismantle their PLA or simply hand over the government to them.

  20. “they may as well go back to the jungles.”

    Why should they when they have won? They need only declare victory,officialy occupy the KTM Valley and begin arresting key members of the defeated former government.

    Only the Nepal Army supported by the people can change this situation from what it is.

  21. Dear friends,
    I have read your articles throughly, I cant change anyone thinking as they think by their own mind. But In my mind comes one thing: That moist has no long vision for the welfare for the country and her people. So, don’t hope anything from these slaughters. They cant give anything to Nepali people but take forcefully whatever hardearned you have.

  22. Common sense,
    I think you have well said but who will dare to do it ? I am always for what you have said. It is better to capture them and put into high security prison for life after a trial. i always praise Fujimori of peru for capturing Chairman Gonzalo and other some members of the Shining path. But in our country, there is no Mai ka Lal who has drunken Mother’s milk to do it.

    I always supported Pruvian solution to Nepalese problem.That is the only way otherwise you can’t control them through negotiations. Prachanda and Baburam can be intelligent but you can not control the people like Pasang who have the habits of looting and extorcion which will continue to a decade and more.These are all uneducared and unemployed youth who were tapped by the Maoists. If you give gun and appoint him the Commander, you can rape, kill, loot and what not. the Only way is to capture the leaders and they will agree to hand over arms.

  23. Just a few maoist atrocities happening today (everyday there is something or the other):

    SURKHET , Sept 6
    Maoists demand 50 percent collection from NEA & NT.

    BARDIYA, September 6:
    Maoists abduct 3 minors in Bardiya (All girls: 2 are 15 years of age and 1 is 14 years of age).

    BHARATPUR, September 6:
    Madi blast victims left in lurch.

    “Still with broken legs, Adhikari’s still can not move his body because of the back injury. He says that he has already sold all his land for his treatment.
    Even 16 months after the incident, 12 of the victims of the tragedy are still undergoing treatment at their own expenses, according to Chairman Prem Raj Timilsina, of a local committee formed to help the Madi victims.”

    39 people were killed in the blast, another 72 people were injured, many cripplingly.

  24. hey read those wagle street journals ?
    i think this guy is some weird psycho who writes a two page blog about his new found love with a LG mobile.. he is nuts…

    i think the army should do a coup now..take power from this worthless government and show the maoists whos the boss

  25. Yes, the army should take over the country and then hunt for these Maoists leaders. Shoot them on the spot or assasinate the leaders. Leave the cadres leaderless and then something can be done. Otherwise, these Maoist Terrorist will always create chaos and reign supreme in the leaderless country like Nepal. Who gives a damn about Girija.

  26. In order to counter the Maoists agenda, the government, the Parliament, the SPA & the civil society needs to unite.

    The democratic constitutional forces need to have one voice, one agenda and a PR campaign–peace, security & democracy–put national interests first.

    Maoists are organized & well oiled machine. SPA on the other hand is fragmented with internal squabble & petty bickerings. If there is an election for the CA, even if it is free & fair, & the Maoists win, then, they will have the right to rewrite the constitution, laws & implement policies. If the SPA cannot have a voice in the CA, then, they along with the country is doomed.

    SPA & the democratic constitutional forces need to unite have a common agenda to provide an alternative vision for Nepal–a free democratic society that values life, liberty, equality & right to property.

    SPA needs to emphasize that they speak for the people. After all, they were elected by the people as opppossed to the Maoists.

    The SPA needs to stress peace & security & outline that they have accomodated the Maoists to the optimum level. However, the Maoists have not reciprocated. The SPA needs a PR campaign to counter the Maoist propoganda.

    However, this may be wishful thinking…

  27. i am kina glad the king could make it to indra jatra today …
    was good to see him in public after so many days..
    hope he is thinking of some plan to counter this mao bullshit that we are seeing everyday

  28. Well guys, i think the us is going to intervene before something big really happens. Mahendra was supported by the us for reasons of containing the communist forces. This time around the US may not support the king. But what about an army take over. Everyone keeps saying that this katwal guy is loyal to the monarch but why should he be? Does he need to be? why would he revive a dead monarch when he has the opportunity of being the president himself? Just think, he was a nobody (would have ended up nowhere because of poverty) but the king M took him under his wing. He should have retired had King G not amended his date of birth. His life is like a fairy tale like those of all famous dictators. It feels like he is destined to a great role. I think he might jus ask the king to leave for england, imprision all political leaders and declare himself as the president of the state. I am only assuming here though and this is only a possibility if things get out of hand and that the US actually backs him for stability.

  29. The U.S. will do nothing. It’s a no-win situation for them. The Nepal people can’t make up their mind who to support from one day to the next. If the U.S. supports an unpopular government and the Maoists take over, the U.S. loses. They will never side with a communist terror organization, so they have no horse in this race. The U.N. is not coming to the rescue either. We either support our Nepal Army or get used to “Lal Salaam” instead of Namaste.

  30. professor is right. The peruvian situation was one of revolutionaries now historically speaking it is being referred to as ‘ terrorism’ . I think poverty makes many maoists but when leaders are put to lifelong prison, look in Europe they are changing the constitutions because they must get rid of terrorist elements so you take out a few civil rights that would make that impossible.
    Unless all maoist leaders work towards progress and harmony of Nepal get rid of them in prison please.

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