Now, Nepal Wants To Hear From King Gyanendra Shah

“Pashupati ko bayan bhayo, aba tinka pati lai bolaunu parchha,” said a friend of mine this afternoon. After thinking for about a couple of seconds, he continued his remarks as I could see anger in his eyes. “Tesko bayan ta malali lina man lageko chha.” [As Pashupati has been interrogated, he said, now is the time his boss is summoned. I want to interrogate him.] My friend, a reporter, was talking about the necessity of summoning and interrogating Gyanendra Shah, the king, by the High Level Probe Commission for his role in suppressing the historical peoples’ movement of April. The commission today interrogated Pashupati Bhakta Maharjan, Principal Chief Secretary of Gyanendra Shah who chaired an autocratic government in 2005 after successfully hatching a conspiracy against a democratically elected government in 2002. He tried with handpicked prime ministers for about three years. Maharjan, it seems, read out the script that we already knew about. We knew that he would act innocent (he said he worked as a bridge between the king and constitutional bodies and didn’t play any role in suppressing the peoples’ movement) and try to play the blame game.

I couldn’t disagree with my friend. The need of the hour is to interrogate King Shah and let the people of Nepal know why and how he suppressed the April Revolution that nearly overthrew him from Narayanhitti palace. We also need to know from Mr. Shah why those 24 innocent and unarmed Nepalis were killed. Krishna Jung Rayamajhi, the chairman of the probe commission today said that the chairman of the autocratic government would be interrogated. Some people are already seemed to be elated saying that the interrogation of Maharjan itself is historical because this is the first time that any probe commission has interrogated King’s most senior lieutenant. But that is not something to be proud of. Even Gyanendra’s possible interrogation should be taken as normal procedure. We should celebrate the victory of Nepali people only when king gets punished for what he did in October 2002, Feb 2005 and the next 15 months and in April 2005. I have heard some talking about the protocol of the head of state and king and I have told them that Gyanendra has no moral rights to continue his role as the head of state. The voice raised in the April Revolution is enough to prove that he must be stripped off that title and made a normal citizen before giving verdict. –By DW

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144 thoughts on “Now, Nepal Wants To Hear From King Gyanendra Shah

  1. How come the Maoist leader looks so well dressed and well fed? Where is he getting the money if he doesnt work?

  2. Yes, Prachanda should be punished. It was the demands since 2052 BS. There was red corner notice. If someone has anything in the brain, one should have known this, but why they were not punished/could not be punished but welcomed to baluwatar? And, Prachanda becomes a leader whose agenda is the agenda of Nepal. So what you do? And, how do you compare with King?

  3. I do not know why many of the bloggers are attacking DW for the article. In nepalese history grilling of Gyanendra Shah would be a benchmark meaning that nobody is above the law and therefore the article is very justified.

    Issue of grilling Prachanda/Baburam, SPA leaders and others for their wrongdoing parallally should proceed.

    The comments made by Bidrohi (26 above) is very logical but where is the answer. For me answer to the problems identified would link to how well the grilling process of Gyanendra proceeds. This is the beginning of New Nepal. I am optimistic.

  4. Hello all this might be a little off the topics but I want every one to have a look at todays Kaantipur Daily in which there is a congrats given to Shitashma Shah where its mentioned shree panch shahajadi.

    But according to the house proclamation recently there are only 5 shree panch in the country (King , Queen , king’s mother , kings soon and one I am not sure ). SO there are only 5 people who are shree panch.

    But in the Front page of September 2 2006 Kantipur Daily there is a congrats given to Shitishma with shree panch written on it.

  5. straight up….. people who died in this so called janaandolan 2 i dont even think they are martyrs….. them are some ignorant innocent brainwashed bunch of young blood “wasted” who could had done smth with their lives..

    i have always thought and still think that the reason for NEpal being in this situation is unemployment….which came because of bad governance….. thanks to the 10 -12 years of the bad people leading the nation…. frustation……is the key….. ask any mkfr in the street pelting stones that what would he choose going to the USA or staying in nepal and keep of doing what he is doing…. 99% will choose to go to the USA…..

    just throw 50 free visas to USa in ratnapark and i bet u ll see a freaking big time bloodshed…. did u see the line when peeps wanted to go to Korea… man that tells it alll……

    Raja muji is just a bali ko boka and nothing else…. a sacrificial goat for the bullshit the leaders have done all their term in the governemtn and also the failure of the people to choose the right leader….. Girija is a the fkig Pm for the 5th time in some 14 years…how much bull is that..???

  6. the topic is:
    To Hear From King Gyanendra Shah
    and the people want some more infos too about the royal massacre and about the strange final disembarking of the princess into lake Rara from a helicopter

  7. even when we think the monarchy should explain for its wrong-doings, we are seeing the extreme-leftists being now strong in urban areas. Soon they will be at ur doorsteps asking for a levy……i wonder wat will happen then…..

  8. Scr*w Gyane. Just make sure that the Nepal Army is no longer loyal to him. That’s his only weapon. If this is done we can all stop flogging the dead horse that is the Nepali royalty.

  9. Hey UWB does anyone have more info on the plane load of arms that were headed for Nepal but got stopped by the uglies?

  10. Now the political situation in Nepal is fluid and confusing than before. Let us discuss how to manage the arms of maoists and that is only topic of concern for all nepalese. We have already tamed the PAAGAL King and We need Maoists to tame for our future.

  11. Yes, I want to hear from those that have killed 13 thousand people before hearing from King G. on the death of 19 odd -Khates who would have died anyway through the bullets of the Maoists.

  12. Please do not be dis-respectful of those who died in the Janandolan. Khates or not I salute them. It is because of their lost lives that we now at least have a chance to move ahead as a nation. Whether we as a people have enough brains to grasp this opportunity remains to be seen but an opportunity which was not there before the Janandolan nevertheless does at present exist.

  13. I guess its all talk here. The real issue of Maoist arms decomm is non issue but Kangaroo commission and half baked interim constitution is the front page news. As maoist sit back and plan their final takeover of Kathmandu, I am not kidding, by, on or after Dashain. The sermons and the slogans that we see here will die a violent death. Prove me otherwise but its here. We, the keyboard punching dudes and dudettes, will quietly let out a muffled cry but thats about it.

    When you fail and act smart by ignoring the burnining issue- you are bound to get it hard and fast. Cannot act over and above when what is transpiring in Nepal now is all at the hands of Maoist- say in government, businesses and even in your communities. Forget about their past atrocities, wait for the new wave of reign of terror for city dwellers like us as we are the real enemy of the Maoist – be rich or poor or magar or Shah. The whole issue boils down to mind control by force and coercion- and they will get it only by intimidtion and brutal threats. By the way never forget about their past atrocities if you see the day after all this.

  14. All reports, every one,from the UN, and Human Rights Organizations around the worlk report the RNA as having been a big part of the killing of over 13,000 in Nepal.

    How can anyone bleame these deaths on the Mabadi alone and turn their back on reality.

    A thoughtful reply would be refreshing !

  15. Its sad that people died during the protest in April but what about all the people killed by Prachanda? Why don’t we interrogate and punish Prachanda, why go after the King and all his people? Why the politicials are putting so much emphasis on Jana Andolan II? Shouldn’t they be planning for the future of the country? They are rather going back and digging the past. This is so typical of us Nepali!! No matter what…we will never learn to move forward…we will always get stuck in the past. There are many grave issues to deal with and Rayamajhi is heading a committee that sounds like a broken record…let’s grill King and his people and have fun, let’s grill King and his people and have fun…and on and on and on. Its amazing how Nepali Government functions!!

  16. yea I agree Prachanda should also be grilled. But so should the King and the political leaders…

  17. Mr Vandeveer,
    The issue here is Maoists have targeted and killed people, even those who were unarmed and had done no harm to anybody.

    What you must understand it (and I am sure that you understand it) is that Maoists have killed unarmed people, people who were more than 70 years old, people who were in Bus on the way home, people whose son/daughter were in Armed Forces or Police forces. They have specifically targeted political activists and this has continued even after declartion of this SO MANY POINTS agreement.


  18. No Sir Mr. Nepal,

    That is NOT THE ISSUE.

    The “Issue” ( in my opinion for respectful discussion) IS that Nepal in 1990 had a
    so-called “democratic revolution” that was abused by, espically GP Koirala and the Duplicate King Gyanendra.

    #1) The RNA proved to be more hostile and dangerous to the masses than the Maoist i.e-killed, raped, abused, disappeared, tortured ect.ect.. while the Duplicate-King was in charge, and espically the Nepali congress turned it’s back and fought the UML for their share of CORRUPTION, while the masses had little place to turn save to the Mabadi.


    #2.. Now is “NOW” and the SPA seems so stuck in the corrupt-past that they, like the Duplicate King are in the process of surrender to the Mabadi…

    I hope my analysis is WRONG !!

    Why DON’T WE have a day of music and respectful in Kathmandu in a few weeks and RESPECTFULLY EXCHANGE THE VIEWS OF ALL WHO WILL SPEAK ??

  19. haha pagal Vander…the maoists were the big chunk of people who died so the army killed the big chunk but army didnt kill unarmed people like maoist did.
    And by the way what are u doing here propagating maoism.Go and try doing it in your country if u have balls.

  20. The RNA killed many “Unarmed civilians” and called them Maoist.
    Please do not believe the propaganda, look at the WELL DOCUMENTED reports by the UN and Amnesty International.

    If you fabricate-history it helps no one.


    I WILL not ever get the needless brutality I saw committed by the Police and RNA this April in the streets of Kathmandu…

    I am NOT SUGGESTING THE MABADI ARE “GOOD GUYS”….. but if you want to be more than a cheer-leader it must be agreed…..

  21. oh so then u have balls all right.

    have you ever tried to preach maoism in your country.Try doing that.Blog in CNN 360 like this.We dont need you,we already have enough foolish people here.


    I’ll leave you to play-with-your-balls if that is your choice. If this is all you can do for Nepal, if you think you add more than grade-4 foolishness, what-to-do ?

    Good luck…

  23. of course it will be only good for us if a pseudo journalist like you leaves our land.You were the one who said Nepal king is running away in asian age and it became a hot issue.You knew you were lying but you said it coz you are taking money from the maoists.
    How on the earth can you say u are not preaching maoism.Read your own posts you idiot.We Nepalese dont interfere in the politics of other countries so you too learn from us and shut ur ugly mouth up and go to your own country.We dont need you and ur idiotic,outdated ideology.Go to china instead where u are acting as a part time missionary!!
    I know u inside out bro and your friends,dont try to lie all the time.

  24. Nepalese have served in more UN actiona than any other nation as well as in the British, Indian, and other armies.

    If you have some FACTS, you have not shared one here. You come here like a BaBu looking for attention…. I want wast time on such.

    Ps take your “missionary” crap and put it where your head is… UP YOUR REAREND !!

  25. Michel the liar,

    well however much u lie,ur stints in liberia and china are an open book.By the way I challange you to authenticate ur following article and say how it was true and how shameful you should be to lie so openly and why we nepalese people should not push ur ugly head inside ur arse!!

    Nepal King Plan

    And ya come back home to USA.Stand in times square and yell i am a communist,maoist.Do that if ur hairy balls are ur own.

    Nepalese army has worked on UN mission not just sneaked into someothers nation and spread rumours.It has worked for humanity and peace unlike u who preaches hatred and spreads rumours.I dont know after this article who would want to listen to you.

    GOod luck you idiot.I dont have idle time to waste on you!!

  26. See Guys,
    It’s very simple:
    by the so called janaaandolan, Nepal hasalready lost it’s sovereingty. King’s mission was heroic for nation and to save severignty, but later stage we must agree that he made some mistakes.

    But he did not killed people.

    Now the question is : The murderer of 15,000 Nepalese are being prized, garlanded while the army, police and the people who fought for the nation, sovereignty and justice are being humiliated, and so called democrats SPA are kissing terrorist’s ass and Indian’s ass.

    This is the biggest unfair game is

    the day will come when all these anti national elements will be crushed by people, when we say people not necessarily those handful terrorists and their supporters and the supporters of the indian bistarbaad.

    So it’s the time for us for King who have sacrificed for the nation to cooly think and act.

    Evil is evil..the brighter day will come to expose everything.

  27. I agree with VanDeVeer here that there is blood on everyone’s hand. However, the brutality and the intentional autrocities the Maoists have commited far exceed what the SPA, RNA/King has comitted. The Maoists are still not learning from their mistakes. They continue their kidnappings, exthortions etc. I agree the RNA also comitted many offenses by please don’t compare them to the Maoists.

  28. everybody says they r fightin for the right and freedom of the PEOPLE…but in reality they are fighting for their own SELFISH interests. So if you are supporting any of the 3 forces (king, SPA, maoists, other countries)..u r a complete idiot… the TRUTH….fight for the TRUTH….that is, EXPOSE THE TRUTH !!! Think for the well-being of the country…if it becomes sick with too many diseases…it will die….and YOU will go SATI (die together) with it.

  29. I think the maoists have the most blood on their hands. Arguing against this claim is I’m afraid showing the most support for them as well. People like Vandeveer do support the maoists. If you had seen his posts last year it is clear he supported them. Nowe he is changing his tune slightly because he has realised that the maoists are not these saviours of the poor and downtrodden he falsely had hoped they were. It is amazing that he puts the maoists in his list of murderers, although they are still at the end of his list, when they should without flinching be on the top of everyone’s list.

  30. How can we compare maoist with army?? Its not whose hand is bloody,the point is who made every one’s hand dirty.Who started war is a democratic country where everyone’s voice was heard.Stop this nonsensical talk Michael and go to ur own country and preach.Probably ur republicans are more right with than our king and u can talk ur crap there!!

  31. It’s all well and good for the UN human rights to investigate the abuses on the part of both the army and the maoists (although I have only heard endless references to the army only and very little to the maoists – time to highlight the maoist human rights abuse report). However, why I am writing is not so much about the past, what about the present? Why does’nt the UN human rights fellows highlight what is going on today? I think the army in the past have behaved deplorably in certain instances, but it was a time of war. But, today they are conducting themselves like officers and gentlemen, while the maoists were deplorable during their war and even right now as I write. Can’t the UN Himan Rights watch act now, to stop all the maoist extortions and murders happening this moment? I hope the UN are’nt too busy only talking about the past, while abuses are happening left right and centre under their noses as they read lines from their report!

  32. Maoist kill pregnant woman, child dies after flood in western Nepal, 100s lose their home in landslide but what the hell? Its not in my backyard. Why are we so caught up in this mess and forget the daily chore that a common Nepali bears. Listen all, if we want a better Nepal, learn to see things in better perspective and get your hand dirty. The change you talk about is not gonna come from you sqanky clean offices or homes, the ideas you preach will never leave this blog site and nation will pass by like a ghost ship on a high tide. Maoist feed on these discrepancies- it will better not to let them get the benefit. We should correct our misplaced priorities, NOW.

  33. i think wagle’s moderation can be compared with “autocracy” too
    he wants us to write what he wants to hear
    he wants to publish the blog what HE thinks are politically correct..
    he cant take any criticism
    he wants everyone to think like him .. 😀
    he wants everyone to blame the king even if a flood hits the nepal

    btw a fren of mine was asking why dont we call wagle’s pati ( owner of kantipur ) for public discussin on his part of spreading rumours and biased news everyday.. 😉

  34. there is a saying, ” jisney kabhi paap kiya na ho…wahi doosreko patthar fekk sakta hai”

  35. Bhudai Pundit

    As D.MICHAEL VANDEVEER is not a Nepali and can not say what he likes to say about his country, he can blow his air about our country as he likes but you can not blame unarmed SPA for hienous crimes done by RNA and Maoists. Out of the thousands of the murders, those of teenager Maina Sunwar and pregnant Fulodevi Yadav are classic examples of such crimes by those two armed groups. Where can you blame the SPA for killings of innocent people? Just give me one example.

  36. bro it was in SPA’s time they didn’t agree the same shits put forward by maoists that they r shouting for now. instead they asked india for ammunition, logistic and training assistance, got INSAS, trucks, helis and asked USA for M-16 and military training, got some gunship helis from other countries as well, so who really escalated the violence??? when they were fighting with aged old rifles and muskets with less casaulties. and now modern weaponry which actually was indirectly supplied to maoists cause as soon as RNA was issued with such weapons maoists got hold of it by winning some battles. now they r equipped with exactly same assualt rifles like of army M-16, G 36, INSAS, GALIL, GPMG, only AK 47 were being bought. so, who really did escalate the violence, american and indian imperelist, SPA, maoist or royals…..?????

  37. Gyanendra shah, the drug dealer, idol thief, and Birendra’s family killer, which 100% People of Nepal know, MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE JUSTICE. He must EXPLAIN himself why he did what he did.
    1. Why did he pull out idols from temples and smuggled them abroad when he was a prince?
    2. Why did he deal drugs, wich his accomplice Daud Ibrahim and other Musalte mafia?
    3. Why did he kill his own brother and his bhauju, and bhatija bhatiji, knowing he would not last as a king for long?
    And Prachanda Maharaj has no reason to smile his victory, he is not less a culprit-the killer of thousands of innocent and poor nepalese. He should also be dragged to the court and prosecuted along with Gyanendra.

    If we must have a ceremonial king, we must organize a “historical race” a running competition in Tudikhel and whoever wins as Drabya Shah did, will be crowned as the powerless ceremonial king of Nepal.

  38. I think people should prosecute Girija and top officials from 2052 to 2059 when maoists imported massive mount of weapons. They do not have only the weapons looted from the NA.They imported a lot through India and abroad. A high level inquiry commission must be set up at least to find out who were weapons mafia in the country who let this happen. The PMs,C in Cs, IGPs and all the chiefs of security agencies of that time period. Because they could not protect the Nepalese people. Even Girija blamed the bureaucrats of Finanace Minsrty at the customs points with India responsible for that.But indirectly rhose bureaucrats were giving their contribution to the Nepalese Congress to be posted in those points. Now also, if you do not give money you do not get any lucrative postings. that means the situation is worse than post 1990 period with Sujata and Dr. Mahat, even Sitaula are spearheading to amss money by corruption.What do you say ? In the foreheads of Nepalese, it is still written a decade or so of sorrow and grief to come. There can not be any lasting peace in Nepal as long as Girija is alive.

  39. When Maoists launch their armed revolution (their words) at that time Nepali Congress was in the government. Since then the people who are killed by the Army and Police Morally the ruling parties have to have moral responsibility. All killed by the army or police were not Maoists. These Royalists on this blog have to accept this truth. But I know they can’t accept it because it is the matter relating directly to their god father, the King. Who of you u r, I think blogging from Kathmandu and depends wholly on the news given in the different papers. You may even blame me a “Maoists” for my such comments. But I know what I am and I don’t even need to say whatever is said by these Royalists. As a Nepali I love my country and I lope peace. To bring peace in Nepal, maoists should come on the surface and it is the work of the ruling parties how they bring. For One thing I openly support the Maoists agenda and that is “Election of Constitutional Assembly”. This is the time for all of us, the Nepalese people to make their own country by their own hand. These Royalists may say that how their will be free election when their is the weapon in the hand of the maoists. The same question can be asked to the SPA and the Royalists to because RNA have weapons and mostly they have been used for the protection of the king only, now declared Nepal Army (I think only KAGAJ KO GHODA)as it is still RNA. It is if accordance of the declaration is the army of the government. I think both the armies should be disarmed for certain time. So far as concerned to Maoists, come to the village, you guys we can show how strongly and how do we oppose them with empty handed. We do not afraid of them, but during the king’s rule, all the people used to vacant the village market whenever army entered their. The most important thing we need to think is that “Where a son of general people can reach, their anyone of us can reach, but where the son of Gyanendra reach, we can not reach.” I know at present also he is taking 22 crore rupees of Nepalese people of which I too is paying rs. 7.50 for him. Why should I pay? 22 crore is not little amount. Royal family is the leach to suck the blood of Nepalese people and now it is the time to overthrow them. This is the only way to bring the country in peace, prosper and developed so that we can freely say “Jay Nepal”.

  40. How can a foreigner write whatever he likes about some other country and still boast about it??
    Isnt it time that we got rid of this kind of people??

  41. Raj:
    How can you forget that the SPA authorized the infamous operation ‘Kilo Sierra’. That was one of the most brutal operations where hundreds of innocent Nepalis died. Don’t forget that the political parties were the ones that insisted on unleasing the NA but King Birendra refused until he finally gave in.
    Are those enough examples?

  42. desh bhakta:
    anyone can write anything about anything. it’s called a democratic society! if you don’t want to read vandebeer’s moaists propoganda then don’t read his crap but don’t tell him he can’t write about something just because he isn’t Nepali.

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