Nepal Peace Process Update: Maoist Atrocities Hit New High

Mithu Gyawali

After they killed her husband Shusil Gyawali, a displaced citizen, Maoists attacked Mithu by Khukuri (Nepali knife). She was taken to Bheri Zonal Hospital in Nepaljung. Pic by Janak Nepal via Kantipur

With the killing of Sushil Gyawali, a Nepali Congress activist, at his home in Bardia, and other atrocities committed by armed Maoist cadres in the past few days, we need to ask Prachanda, the rebel’s supreme commander, several questions: Comrade, are you really serious in bringing peace? Were these incidents of killing and atrocities happened on your order or these are just examples of the failure of chain of command in your party? Are you sure your cadres are following your orders? Or is this just a ploy to exert pressure on Girija Prasad Koirala for his remarks on space to the king?

Mamata Dawadi
12-year-old Mamta Dawadi of Birenchowk, Gorkha district, cries in front of journalists on Friday after she successfully escaped from Maoist captivity. Maoists had abducted her three weeks ago and severely tortured her in captivity. Pic by Damodar Neupane (see related report inside)

Here we present news reports of Maoist atrocities in the past few days. (source)

Rebels Kill Nepali Congress Man

By Janak Nepal

NEPALGUNJ, AUG 18 Maoists Thursday night stabbed to death Sushil Gyawali, 41, of Motipur VDC, Bardia at his home. The armed group of rebels also attacked Gyawali’s wife Mitthu with a khukuri, seriously injuring her, as she tried to stop them.
After killing Gyawali, an active member of Nepali Congress, the assailants had dragged his body to a nearby cornfield before fleeing the scene. The incident occurred around 11 pm.

Mitthu, who has sustained deep wounds on her arms and legs, is undergoing treatment at Bheri Zonal Hospital in Nepalgunj. According to police, she has identified two of the attackers as local Maoist cadres — Dhan Bahadur Tharu and Prabhu Tharu.
Meanwhile, security officials stationed at Basgadi Bazaar, with the help of locals, arrested the two rebels allegedly involved in the murder.

Locals claim that the rebels killed Gyawali “fearing he would expose their timber smuggling racket.” The apprehended Maoists, who have confessed to the crime, said that Gyawali was killed because he had been spying on them, police said. Meanwhile, locals in Motipur VDC have been taking out rallies against the killing, blocking the East-West Highway.

CDO, Others Held Captive By Maoists For Hours

By Shankar Acharya

BARA, AUG 18- A group of Maoists including some local villagers Friday took the Chief District Officer (CDO) of Bara district along with some security officials, engineers and 10 media men into control for two-and-half hours following a dispute over dam construction at Jamuniya River in Laxmipur Kotwali area.

CDO Bhola Prasad Shivakoti, other officials and journalists had visited the area to inspect the construction site. The rebels and the locals insisted with the visiting team in favor of constructing the dam at Mahendra Adarsh VDC instead of at Kotwali.

CDO Shivakoti stated they were confined inside Janaki Oil Store from 12:30 to 3 PM. Those captured were Ali Akhtar Husen, district chief of the National Investigation Department, engineers Rama Nanda Yadav and Shiva Chaudhary, journalists Shatrugna Nepal, Sujeet Mahat (The Kathmandu Post), Pankaj Shrestha (cameraman of Kantipur TV), and Ram Sharraf (photojournalist) among others.

The Maoists and villagers misbehaved with media men according to journalists. They snatched Sharraf’s camera, 1,000 rupees and a diary and later returned them to him.

Minor Tortured In Maoist Captivity

By Damodar Neupane

GORKHA, AUG 18- A minor who was abducted by Maoists three weeks ago from Prithvi Narayan Municipality in Gorkha district has fled Maoist detention and arrived home safely. Mamta Dawadi, a 12-year-old girl, was abducted by Maoists on July 27 from her house in the municipality. (see the photo of Mamta above)

She said she had been abducted to recruit her in the Maoist army. She recalled being subjected to harsh physical and mental torture during detention. She was taken away from the house by a woman leader of the CPN-Maoist called Shobha Lamichhane, who said she would buy slippers for her in the local market. Shobha is also a distant relative.

Immediately after Shobha bought slippers for her, 15 personnel of the “Peoples’ Liberation Army” of the Maoists abducted her.
“I had told her to buy me slippers at Birrnchowk bazaar near our house, but she took me to Gorkha bazaar,” she said, “Then she took me to Chhepetar.”

She was ordered to tell her mom over the phone that it was not abduction but a rebellion in favor of the Peoples’ War. “They said they would kill me and throw my body into a river if I refused to obey,” she said. She also said they did not give her food and did not let her write letters to her mother. According to her, she beat her and when her body was bruised, they provided her medical treatment. She is still taking medicines.

During her stay, the Maoists also briefly trained her about weapons. “They assigned me jobs like cleaning and carrying weapons. They threatened to cut my nose if I refused.”
At last she escaped from detention with the help of a Maoist cadre. The Maoists have been claiming she joined them voluntarily.

Locals Of Siraha Rally Against Maoists

Lahan, Aug 18 – Locals of Siraha district organised a protest rally against the Maoists on Friday. The villagers from different VDCs of the district thronged the district headquarters Lahan and chanted slogans against the Maoist atrocities.The villagers were carrying placards that read “stop the atrocities”, “follow the code of conduct”, “reimburse the victims”, etc.

Organised in reaction to the seven-hour-long scuffle between the Maoists and Janatantrik Mukti Morcha on Wednesday, the locals said that they were against any sort of violence in the district. After the protest rally, the villagers submitted a memorandum to the District Administration Office demanding the control of Maoist atrocities and increase in police vigilance. (source)

Human Rights Bodies Denounce Murder By Maoists

KATHMANDU, Aug 18 – Human rights organizations have expressed serious concern over the murder of Nepali Congress cadre Sushil Gyanwali by Maoists at Motipur VDC of Bardia district Thursday night. They have also said their attention has been drawn to the attack on an Insec (Informal Sector Service Center) vehicle by a group in the Bansgadi area of Bardia. According to a joint statement issued by Defend Human Rights Movement (DHRM) and Insec, the vehicle was heading for Motipur VDC to investigate the murder.

The two organizations have said they are concerned that the Maoists are giving continuity to such condemnable acts in breach of the 25-point Code of Conduct worked out with the government. They have also said that attacking the vehicle deliberately means disrupting the investigation of the murder and called on the Maoist leadership to make clear their views on the incident. (source)

Armed Maoist Patrolling

Armed Maoist troops patrol the East-West Highway at Chandranigahapur in Rautahat, Friday. The rebels have recently set up a camp in the area. According to Maoists’ “western sub-bureau” member Arabandi, armed rebels were mobilized “to check” the increasing incidence of robberies along the highway and in adjoining villages. Pic by Shiva Puri via the Kathmandu Post

Prachanda, the Maoist Leader, Directs Forces At Kami Danda (source)

KATHMANDU, Aug 18 – Maoist supremo Prachanda on Friday returned to the capital after giving directions to the Maoist army stationed at a temporary barracks in Kami Danda, Kavrepalanchowk.

Prachanda and number two in the Maoists’ ‘chain of command’ Dr Baburam Bhattarai had arrived at Kami Danda on Thursday.
According to the Maoists’ Third Division Commander Bibidh, Prachanda directed the Maoist army to remain disciplined and cooperate in the peace process. He also informed them about the UN team’s arrival in Nepal to supervise and monitor the management of arms. Prachanda and Dr Bhattarai also had discussions with the Third Division Commander separately.

Armed Maoists Can’t Be Treated Like Political Party: Prime Minister Koirala

By Madhav Ghimire

BIRATNAGAR, Aug 18 – The Maoists cannot be recognized as a political part until they give up arms, Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala said here on Friday.
“We cannot take the Maoists as a political party as long as their cadres carry arms,” said Koirala, talking to party cadres and journalists at his home where he has been staying for the past five days.

Koirala said the government and the Seven-Party Alliance have been making enough room for the Maoists to convert themselves into a political party. “Our collaboration with them is possible only after they gain the status of a political party,” he added. Koirala, however, went on to say the peace talks would yield a positive result. He also claimed that Nepal’s success with peace talks would be an exemple for others as well. “It is time for all forces to enter a peace process. We are waiting for the arrival of the UN force,” said the octogenarian leader. He said he has asked the Nepali ambassador to the USA to create a conducive atmosphere for the departure of the UN team to Nepal.

Koirala also asserted that those proved guilty of suppressing the Janaandolan will not be spared. “Let the commission complete its task first.” (source)

Govt Seeks Maoist Suggestions On Camps

KATHMANDU, Aug 18 – The government has asked the Maoists for their plan on where and how camps for the rebel combatants are to be set up, Home Minister Krishna Sitaula said on Friday. “We have demanded proposals on the places for setting up such camps,” Sitaula told the Peace Process Monitoring Committee of the House of Representatives. He was informing the Committee about progress in the ongoing peace talks between the government and the Maoists.

Sitaula, who leads the government negotiating team, said the places and process for setting up camps for the Maoists will be decided through bilateral talks. “There has been some delay in receiving a proposal from the Maoists since they are in internal discussion on the issue,” said Sitaula.

Sitaula said three agreements — on ceasefire, peace and human rights — will be signed within a month. By that time, the UN team will be here on the ground.

Sitaula also said the process of finalizing the interim constitution was delayed due to delay in reaching a consensus among the seven parties in the alliance, and with the Maoists on core issues like the modality of the constituent assembly elections and the interim legislature. Sitaula urged the MPs to put pressure on their respective parties to reach agreement on the fundamental issues to be included in the interim statute. He also said the dialogue teams will start looking into the statute draft within eight days. Meanwhile, Responding to queries from MPs, Home Minister Sitaula informed the House of Representatives Friday that 53 police posts out of 1,116 that were relocated due to fear of Maoist attack have been restored to their origional places. (source)

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22 thoughts on “Nepal Peace Process Update: Maoist Atrocities Hit New High

  1. All these headlines suggest that Maoists are not serious to the peace process and they are here to play the game. As a peace loving citizen, I don’t want to believe this. This, for me, is the last chance when everything seems to be favorable to the peace process. Both sides need to be careful and, more urgently, Prachanda needs to give serious thoughts on whether his cadres are following his orders. That’s a very important question raised by UWB. People who don’t want this problem to be solved peacefully are active and we the leadership on both sides needs to be aware of that. KILLING SHOULD BE STOPPED.

  2. There are two important things which are neglected by the government:

    I. Daily killings, abductuin and extortion by the maoists despite code of conduct and many points agreements with the SPA and the government.

    2.There is no coprehensive agreement beween the government and the maoists covering all aspects of the problems in nepal. There is an a five-point agreement but this is more confused one as regards the arms management.This was sent to UN but UN might be confused.

    Other point is that corruption is continuing as for example in the propmotion and new appointments, if the money is not delivered there would be no promotion or appointments.

    If people were enthusiastic due to the success of Jana Andolan II I found people are equally frustrated to see above anamolies. Whole of Nepal is frustrated about the way situation is handled by Koirala and Sitaula.The resolution of the problem is at snail pace so everybody is frustrated.

  3. Maoists are not serious about peace process
    else they should have stopped killings of inocent people. We have never heard a maoist punished whether it is Madi incident or so many similar incidents.Top boss are not punishing them beacause they are the source of their earning.
    Maoists cadres are group of stupid people. You can say
    they are looters, killers or whatsever. They are not figting for the people. They are fighting for themselves and killing poor people.
    If there is third revolution in Nepal it will be against brutalist Maoists.

  4. Maoists don’t surf blogs, neither they listen radios or tv or do read newspapers. They just read Mao’s red bood or like so. So, what we say in blogs, newspapers,tvs or radios can hardly effect them. They call themselves a state within the state as the sandal wood smugler and killer Birappan of South India did for more than a decade against a whole army of Indian police. Definition of their moral standard is very skewed too. Love affair between grown up people is immoral for them but abduction of a 12-year old girl child and torture her if not raped, kill an unarmed person and seriously wound a woman sleeping in home with killing intention fall within their moral code. In the whole they are presenting themselves a rouge and cruel state within this state. The most likely they want to return to jungle where they can do what they like without ogling eyes of the whole world and looking or better, creating a pretence for it. If they will go this way they reach nowhere but to a pitfall. That is for sure.

  5. Now dashain is nearing and prices of petroleum products have been raised.

    Maoists are abducting and killing.Nepalese people can never celebrate dasin in peace and stability in the country. SPA can not pressurize Maoists all these atrocities. I think all Nepales should rise against these terrorists to bring peace in the country.

    I ask all sensible Nepalese to do something against Prachanda and baburam to save the lives of all Nepalese.

  6. All these just reiterate the fact that maoists are barbaric animals and should be eliminated by whatever means necessary.

  7. They are terrorist and how can we expect the goodwill for the genreal people. Now they are showing thier real face to the world. They are doing these activity on the name of “suraaki safayaa”.

    Come on guy you will be next target from the terrorist maoist.

  8. All these were known to Girija babu very earlier that is why he does not want to give all the space to Maoists only but some to king as well. Maoists are never behaving as a trustworthy political force so far.

  9. Kalupandi I wish your namesake was alive today to lead our disillusioned army against the Maoist gangsters.

  10. Everybody knew a long long time ago,including KANTIPUR,that maoists are a group of ex criminals and we can never trust them.But with the king phobia running high they just went around hugging the maoist dogs,even kantipur looked like maoist mouth piece,its just been two days that it looks more like national news daily.
    We cannot trust maoists,only way to deal with any terrorists is to KILL them.They are BORN TO DIE.Look at how LTTE played the peace game in srilanka and we all know how moists tend to follow LTTE.

  11. These Maoist are getting out of control. They are turining into thugs/gangsters. Girija must assert himself and demand from Prachanda and Baburam that such atrocities must stop immedietly. Right now that bastard Prachanda has been enticed by power and legitimacy. The last thing he wants to do is go back to the jungles and hide for the rest of his life. Girija should use this as a leverage to get concessions…. Or alternatively arrangements should be made so that Prachanda, Baburam can be assassinated when the Moaist leaders are having a meeting.

  12. US can go after OSAMA,Israel can go after Nashralla,Srilanka after Prabhakaran why cant we just hunt down the maoists?
    By the way guys lets email tough questions to the so called Prachanda,the dog who ruined our motherland.He is giving live Q and A on sept.8th on bbcnepali sewa.long on to and email the questions.

  13. The SPA should have the guts to go after these Maoists thugs who have violated the agreement within which they were allowed to come overground. Those who were responsible for the above mentioned actions should be rightly treated as the criminals they are. But we all know how gutless the SPA is.

  14. If the maoists so coolly accept the removal of the red corner notice and the terrorist tag leave alone all the agreements they signed, then their cadres have to go by the law of the land as it is today. They cannot be making their own rules and they have to be punished for breaking laws like everyone else. If they feel otherwise then they should break their agreements and the peace process and the red corner notice and the terrorist tage should be reinstated.

  15. I don’t know whether Girija has done good or bad by having agreements with the maoists. But Maoists leaders must take resposibilities of killings and abductions of the innocent people one day.

    The same Girija, Army are responsible for commissions of importing arms of the Maoists. The customs people were used to give commisions to Girija from the arms imported for Maoists. Girija is a hoax. He is still running the NC with this sin money. He was total failre four times and I do not believe this time. Now he talks about saving the country ? This is his own making.

  16. This is a country where bus drivers back over people once they hit them (I heard about drivers doing this long before it was in the paper). How can a nationwide armed group be expected to be saints?

    The Army rapes women and buries them in the forrest, beats up police for enforcing the law, shoots vilagers on suspicion for 10 years, police run prostitution rackets and only the Maoists are commiting “Atrocities.”

    Whats the solution here? They arn’t going to go away by yelling at them. They arn’t going to give up their arms before they’re in the government, and they were winning the war before the ceacefire.

    It seems to me that Koirala and others are trying to stall the Maoists entry into the government just long enough to hurt their credibilty with all these newspaper accounts.

    I don’t know if it will work, but it’s a completely cynical enterprise.

  17. Neil I agree with you. But what’s wrong is wrong. Two or more wrongs will never make a right. If the Maoists really want our support they should take the higher morale ground. But they don’t seem capable of that. If that’s the case what’s the use of all the fuss that they are creating?

  18. two hundred or so years of history tells us that nepali people are fierce and wild. PN Shah, Jung Bahadur and his successors. well that was past, but have its people learned anything yet. NO. look at Royal massacre. look at daily cruel voilence and hysteria on the street. i believe that the Prachanda and Baburam are the culmination or aggregation or institutionalization of that history.

  19. Forget the maoists, lets get this leftist, Che idolising, hippie, Neil first. I am so sick and tired of him that I might just track him down. Not kill of course but you know, a missing ear or two might be enough for him to mind his business and head home. They dont let nepalis tourists and students make get politically involved in US then why is is little vagabond be treated differently.

  20. I fully support culture; these hippies are giving us lectures on how to solve our problems.

    According to my info, actually Girija and co, Makune and co., and Deuba and Co are making money in this difficult circumstances for the country.

    What i want is either Girirja should be able to handle this situation or Maoists should take over completely. Let us see how Maoists run their Government ?

  21. ooy jtha haru niel bhanne manche gau gau dulera info batuleko cha, truth dekheko cha face gareko cha nepal ko timaru hbanda ramro sanga. aafulai maan lageko ko lekhcha jatha haru lai kina gidihavs vako.

  22. Welcome to the NEW NEPAL !

    This is just the beginning. We shall eradicate all who OPPOSE us and our policies !! Nobody can do anything to us !! All borgois pigs will be killed !
    Long live Prachanda path !

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