Petroleum Price Hike Protest and Blame Game Politics

Update (Aug 20): The government has taken back the decidion to hike petroleum price.

Chinese tourist Clover

Lucky to be in Nepal? A Chinese tourist whose English name Clover means lucky poses for camera in Tinkune, Kathmandu as she was walking from Bhaktpur to Kathmandu today after traffic was abruptly halted because of sporadic protests against hike in petroleum prices. On the background could be seen tires set ablaze by protestors. A student of Media and communications in Xiamen University of Fujian, China, Clover came Nepal two weeks ago with her parents. She had been to Bhaktapur in the morning to see the Durbar Square when traffic in the city was normal. “When we tried to return after the sightseeing,” she said while walking on a hot day. “Cabs refused to take us back to Kathmandu.” The family is staying in a hotel in Thamel.

19-year-old Clover said they went to “the beautiful city of Pokhara” and Chitwan where she saw several rhinos. “But I couldn’t boat in Pokhara as it was raining,” she said. “It was an interesting day today,” she said about the protest and the experience of walking while crossing several blockades on the road. She also didn’t forget to share the stories of encountering Maoist cadres on way to Kathmandu from Tibet. “They wanted money from us,” she said. “But our driver said that we couldn’t pay. Then they left us.” Clover and her parents will return to mainland China via Tibet on Sunday. Pic by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle

Today saw Nepali politics’ one of the naked games of blaming others for unfavorable decisions when Nepali Congress issued a statement saying the government’s decision to hike the price of petroleum products yesterday was against the people. Another member of the ruling Seven Party Alliance, Nepal Worker and Peasants Party has also expressed its unhappiness over the government’s decision to hike the price. CPN UML, second largest partner in the government, is also understood to have blamed the government for the hike. Even the minister who was directly responsible for raising the price, Nepal Sadbhavawana Party (Anandidevi)’s Hrideyesh Tripathi has also reportedly expressed his ignorance about the hike. College students affiliated with CPN UML are on the streets burning tires and vehicles and they are demanding that the must leave the government. Continue reading Petroleum Price Hike Protest and Blame Game Politics

Kathmandu Catwalk: Nepal Fashion Week

Designers in Nepal Fashion Week

Creative Smile: Young designers from Janakpur showcased their creations for the first time in Nepal Fashion Week. From left to right: Shephalika Kamal, Preeti Jalan, Rinku Sen and Hima Manandhar. All pics by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal (Saturday Blog)

Last week saw Nepal’s one of the biggest fashion and lifestyle extravaganzas when nearly two dozens of models paraded in front of hundreds of trend conscious spectators wearing beautiful outfits crafted by 134 designers from around the country. Third edition of Nepal Fashion Week (August 10-14) showcased traditional, fusion, western, Indo-western and casual wears. Saris of different designs were major attraction of the show as majority of designers included the best wear of Nepali women in their list of creativity. Over the years, fashion industry in Nepal is growing along with the interest and awareness in general public about the designer clothes. That could be visible in the growing number of aspiring fashion designers who enroll themselves in various fashion designing institutes sprouting all over the major Nepalese cities. Continue reading Kathmandu Catwalk: Nepal Fashion Week

Nepal Peace Process Update: Maoist Atrocities Hit New High

Mithu Gyawali

After they killed her husband Shusil Gyawali, a displaced citizen, Maoists attacked Mithu by Khukuri (Nepali knife). She was taken to Bheri Zonal Hospital in Nepaljung. Pic by Janak Nepal via Kantipur

With the killing of Sushil Gyawali, a Nepali Congress activist, at his home in Bardia, and other atrocities committed by armed Maoist cadres in the past few days, we need to ask Prachanda, the rebel’s supreme commander, several questions: Comrade, are you really serious in bringing peace? Were these incidents of killing and atrocities happened on your order or these are just examples of the failure of chain of command in your party? Are you sure your cadres are following your orders? Or is this just a ploy to exert pressure on Girija Prasad Koirala for his remarks on space to the king?

Mamata Dawadi
12-year-old Mamta Dawadi of Birenchowk, Gorkha district, cries in front of journalists on Friday after she successfully escaped from Maoist captivity. Maoists had abducted her three weeks ago and severely tortured her in captivity. Pic by Damodar Neupane (see related report inside) Continue reading Nepal Peace Process Update: Maoist Atrocities Hit New High