Peace Process Politics: Questions

Cease fire extended but why aren’t Maoists allowing internally displaced people to go back to villages?…. Last Friday’s talks were cancelled because the SPA leaders realized that they hadn’t done enough homework…Excuse me…Peace talks is not your old school class room.

By Dinesh Wagle
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There are so many questions arising in my mind regarding the most important political development in the country. What is latest on the peace process? Where exactly the process has reached at? What is happening with the Interim Constitution Draft Committee? What will happen now in political scenario? Two days ago, members of civil society, who jointly agitated with Seven Party Alliance against the royal autocracy, launched fresh rallies intending to warn the ruling SPA. What will be the impact of those rallies at a time when members of parliament (from SPA) have started condemning civil society members for being too quick to voice their protest? Where will this fresh division lead? Today’s Kantipur publishes a Reader’s Letter in which the writer details Maoist activities that are clearly against the code of conduct agreed by both the rebels and the government. The writer asks to the member of civil society why they aren’t protesting those Maoist activities. Yes, why?

Second round of high level talks scheduled for last Friday was abruptly cancelled because the SPA leaders realized that they hadn’t done enough homework on how to present themselves at the table. Excuse me, you didn’t find time to do homework? Peace talks is not your old school class room where you folks used to cheat teachers most of the times and get failed in the exams. This is about running a nation damn it. What is the status of homework by the SPA? What is the deadline for that homework to be finished? It can’t go on and on, can it? If it were like that, these leaders would extend the deadline forever because they want to rule the country forever. They are already acting like as if they will be continuing this government for the two decades. Why the government is taking so much time to move the peace process forward?

What the hell the comrades are doing other than extending the ceasefire today? By the way, what will be impact of extension? What are they actually doing to keep reactionary forces away from, according to them, hatching any conspiracy against the peace process? They are only expressing concerns. Can talking alone prevent the peace process from being derailed? Most importantly, why aren’t Maoists allowing internally displaced people to go back to villages? Why aren’t IDPs being able to claim their houses captures by the Maoists? Why aren’t the rebels letting IDPs to claim the land even after repeated complaints from the leaders of Seven Party Alliance?

Folks from UN have landed in Kathmandu and started meeting with top Maoist leaders. What will happen? American Ambassador James F. Moriarty, back from his country, has renewed his threat: America will not recognize the government that has Maoists with arms. What will be this statement’s implications? First arms management and then Maoist participating in the government is the stand of SPA. Will the UN be able to help Nepal get out of this confusion? What do you, the Maoist comrades and the SPA, exactly mean when you talk about arms management? Can’t there be same definition of arms management for both sides? Will UN be able to bring both sides together so that they agree the common definition of arms management?

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35 thoughts on “Peace Process Politics: Questions

  1. Well, what did you expect from the maoists, spa and the indian intermingling. What code of conduct are you talking about there is no rule of law in this country. It is an absolute anarchy here. Nothing needs to be followed in this country except for the Indian ambassador. As soon as Mr. Moriarty is back from the US even, Mr. koirala’s health has improved. What in fact do you want our government to do when they can not even move an inch without the permisson of US or India?

    As far as biasness of the civic society (and other various social organizations) is concerned, this was also said by the previous government but everyone rediculed the claim. The problem with our society is that it is ok as long as it serves ones interest and if it does not then it is wrong. So, why are the spa so infuriated when they used the same civic society people it was ok for them to be biased. It was even ok for the human rights groups to be biased. So calm down, we have seen this before. And after all, in our modern completely democratic Nepal, don’t we all have the right to protest, call bandhs, close industries, write whatever we want, lie, decieve and so on and on.

  2. Dineshji,

    You have spoken my mind. Thanks

    I also read in between the lines that if US in this case Moriarty would not agree on the outcome of the peace agreement, country called Nepal would go into deep trouble because uncle Sam does not agree. This argument I do not agree. I would take issue raised by Moriarty as a gentle reminder rather than the threat because if I am in his position than I have no choice than speaking what Mr. Moriarty has said. Americans cannot accept radical communism which I totally agree. The issue is that at least I am convinced that this time around Maoists are much more serious to sit in the table and come out with a solution than our SPA leaders. This is an opportunity, which I believe need to taken seriously. I have started being pessimistic with the two-minded nature of SPA leaders.

  3. Dinesh has spoken about what most people are thinking about. I am alarmed at the way the SPA leaders are going back to their old ways of incompetence and lack of sincerity. I am very suspicious of the Maoists but I believe they have no choice but to look for a settlement now. The fact that the Maoist comrades are violating the code of conduct agreed on shows how Prachanda and co have lost grip of their own cadres. I am glad that the UN delegation are here. But the suspicious manner in which the GP sent the letter inviting them makes me worry. What was the need for such secrecy? Also why were the Maoists not consulted? How can we expect the Maoists to agree on the terms of UN mediation when they are not consulted on it? I don’t like the Maoists but if you are asking them to co-operate on a UN sponsored mediation surely they must be consulted? I smell a rat.

  4. “I am alarmed at the way the SPA leaders are going back to their old ways of incompetence and lack of sincerity.”
    When were they ever competent or sincere?! They are hopelessly corrupt power and wealth grubbing leeches.

  5. Well, Ideology of Masoist Terrorism based on communist which has been proved failed in the all the communist countries even so called China and Russia adopted capitalist Market Economy so that this terrorist group of Nepal wanted to preaching What? I think, mass mudering 13 thousands or more innocent Nepalis, kept them in Kal kothari rest of the life.

  6. call it quirk of post modern–global politics the child (UN) conceived from going to bed together of different nations after WW II has turned out to be an utterly lost youth, though full of altruistic/egalitarian ideologies.

    personally, i like idea of UN, more a less a good example of democratic practice but on the flip side—as slow and inefficient as bureaucratic hippo but, can’t expect anything better from such a mammoth institution.

    and it always dazzles me to read, as if ‘UN’ is the awaited messiah to salvage us from our miseries. when everyone is lost in the billow of mistrust caused by power struggle in Nepal, no outside party seems as viable as UN to mediate the present crises.

    just like any marriage counselor, his/her work is to advice you, but if you visit the whore house right after your counseling session, nothing can save your marriage or your wife sleeps with your neighbor the same night.

    UN or no UN, all these mofos will turn Nepal into a WHORE HOUSE. after all everyone is fighting to be the ‘PIMP-Minister.’

  7. Very well said yahoo and Kirat.
    I agree. Girija inviting the UN without consulting the Maoist is beyond me. And then Prachanda worte that letter to Kofi Annan negating the contents of the Prime Minister’s letter.
    However, the main issue right now is the decomissioning of arms by the Maoists. I somewhat agree with Mr. Moriarity that the Moaist in government with all their arms is really unacceptable.
    But I read a good editorial in the Nepali times which I highly recommand.

  8. Bhudai, It would be wrong on the SPAs part to inlcude the Maoists in the govt with their arms and suicidal to let them contest the CA with their arms. But I believe the SPA unity is disintegrating rapidly and they are merely keeping a facade to fool the public because they too are very scared of the people and rightly so. However I wish this fear would make them do the right things instead of just trying to put up smokescreens. I am really losing patience with Girija.

  9. The govt & the SPA is ill prepared to mediate with the Maoists as they do not have a vision, leaderhip & intellectual depth to match Maoists. SPA, parliament & the govt appear at odds many times, there is no internal communication system between them. They need to have 1 spokes person, not, some party leaders rattling off their own agenda… It is evident that Maoists speak with one voice, they have an agenda & have better PR skills. The SPA could learn some this techniques from the Maoists.

    However, I am glad to hear that SPA has decided to postpone their summit do to some more homework. I would rather have them take a little bit more time rather than make any agreements with the Maoists in haste. After all, this is our future. I am willing to be patient a little longer as long as they come up with the right agreement that is beneficial to the country.

  10. “Lebanonization of Nepal”

    If the Maosists are permitted to join the interim govt or the interim parliament without disarmament, we will have another Lebanon in the making at least internally within Nepal(it may not have international repercussions as currently in the Middle East). The current Labanese government consists of a coalition of democratic parties & the radical Islamic party Hezbollah which did not disarm before joining the government.

    (1)Weak Govt: In Lebanon there is the official Labanese govt & a parallel Hezbollah one. We will have a very weak central govt as the SPA will not be able challenge the Maoists.

    (2) Weak Leadership: As in Lebanon, leaders of the official govt will have to play seond fiddle to the Maoist leadership. Pushpa K Dahal & his Maoist leadership will call the real shots.

    (3) Country Divided: Hezbollah controls South Beirut & Southern Lebanon due to their weapons. Likewise, Maoists sphere of influence is already the 70% of Nepal, ie, rural areas, it will be their stronghold further dividing the nation.

    (4) Parallel Services: Just as in Lebanon, we will witness both govt and Maoist social services program with their own private agendas that will hinder total development of Nepal.

    (5) Stretched Resources: The people, workers & businesses will end up paying up extortion, taxes and donations to the govt & the Maoists as it is happening.

    (6) Int’l Pariah: If the Maoists join the govt without disarming, the SPA+M govt & Nepal will be isolated. US, EU & India all have voiced their opinion about the Maoists participation in the govt without disarmament. We will resemble another Middle Eastern country, Palestine which has a radical separatedly armed Hamas govt. We are a resource poor country with a large population dependent upon foreign aid in spite of all the rhetoric. The ordinary people will suffer not the netas.

    Maoists need to look for their own interest by denoucing violence & toning down their rhetoric. This is also in the interests of the people & the nation otherwise we will witness suffering in a grand scale.

  11. hi,
    Have u guys read today’s editorial of Kathmandu post? Maoists seem to be trying to learn too much about medical practice.If they really want to join the peace process why should they try to do so.And how can they forcibly just send illtrained people to be trained with docs.Whats happening to our country?

  12. The Maoists are afraid to leave their arms because if they do that, they will be beaten up by the villagers with laathis.

  13. The Nepalese People have suffered for too long due to the foolish rulers of our country. The political leaders too are not only incompetent but also crooks. The Maoists on the other hand are blood sucking terrorists. So where does this leave the people of Nepal? It is high time that we fotget these political bafoons and ask India to pass a resolution in the Indian Parliament to accept the amalgamation of Nepal into the Indian Union. This is the only way for the Nepalese people to breath a sigh of freedom, security, and economic prosperity.

  14. Deva, yeah right! More than 70 million Indians live in absolute poverty. Thats almost thrice our population. Besides your Maoists wars have been going on for more than four decades! Laloo Yadav? No thanks!

  15. I hope that peace process will go smoothly and here, both parties should relax their demand. Govt. should not act as an agent of king.

  16. i will fight till my last breathe if nepal was to be amalgated to india.

  17. “And how can they forcibly just send illtrained people to be trained with docs.Whats happening to our country?”

    Any of you who have followed my posts know I am opposed to the Maoists. Here, however is one of those issues where they have a valid point. We train doctors at government expense (with much favoritism in candidates)only to see them get on a plane and leave Nepal forever to America or Europe. They refuse to work in the villages. The Maoists are right to train village doctors.

  18. I am a Nepali living in the USA. Nepal should find it’s own destiny without giving a shi*t about what Moriatry says. He is just an embassador and he does not make American foreign policy. He is free to rant ofcourse, but his words should not be taken as if it is spoken by the god. May peace flourish in my lovely Nepal.

  19. As the US ambassador he is not speaking for himself but from the official position of the U.S. State Department. If he says the U.S. will not recognise a Maoist government he is speaking from some authority, not just his opinion. From what I have seen of Bush’s foreign policy it is clear that they will not work with the Maoists who are considered by the U.S. a terrorist organization. They have attacked and killed U.S. embassy staffers here you recall. George doesn’t forget.

  20. Prakash, You are fortunate to have the opportunity of living overseas. When you have finished your studies, or made your fortune, or accomplished whatever you went to do, please return to Nepal and bring back the skills and knowledge you gain to help us build a new Nepal. Please don’t stay in America and forget about where you came from as so many have done. Please.

  21. It is late and no one else is posting but I want to respond to the question of why the Maoists are not returning the land they have seized. It is a fundamental part of communism that there is no private ownership of land. All land belongs to the “people”, in other words the communist government. Land re-distribution from the “wealthy” to the landless will be the insurmountable obstacle to any integration of the Maoists into Nepal government.

  22. The Maoists know that the only reason they have power today is because of their guns and violence. If they disarm, they know not even a dog will follow them. Moreover, people will beat them to death.

  23. What are Maoists without guns? They are far less than the king without the army. SPA has to run between these two guns and disarm them as well. Fanatics dream of dismantling monarchy within a day and disarm Maoists too. If you look at activities of Sansad within this three monts, you may find the process of decomissioning of well established monarchy in Nepal. Process of disarming of Maoists is just beginning. Can you believe Maoists inviting UN at this very point? They straight forward would have rejected it. As UN is here, Maoists have to talk, discuss and propose a modality of arm management. I don’t like Maoism in place of Monarchy or vice versa because have lived in both of them. If you like, God help you.

  24. I read the reader’s letter to Devendra pandey ( member of civil society) in kantipur today. He asked MR Pandey where is the voice of civil society when Maoist violated agreement made with SPA. He listed down the actions of maoist like abduction, forceful donation, illegally use of private vehicle, killing of civilian and those actions been carried out by Maoist almost everyday since they sign peace deal with SPA and civil society is absolutely silent as if they havent seen anythings.

    I don’t understand what is the moral responsibility of civil society when people still suffering from Maoist rough treatment? Or there responsibility towards people only applied when R(NA) mistreat Maoist cadres.

    I think this civil society is form just to protect Maoist and promote there activities. I haven’t heard single voice from this civil society when Maoist intends to go in CA elections with their arms. How could people vote fairly when there is fearful situation?

    Why not civil society pressures the Maoist to disarm before the CA election? Instead they are stressing government to conduct the CA election ASAP when Maoist still carry out their old activites openly with their arms in different part of Nepal and civil society is silent to speak against them.

    The members of this civil society are bunch of thugs who give impression to international community that they are fighting for civil right by doing all this street demonstration and in return they get hefty money from them.

  25. Well, i think if disarmment was to be made an issue it should have been done when the 12 point agreement was being signed. The fact is the initial agreement that the spa made with the maoists clearly states that the arms of the maoists were only to be surrendered to the UN for the period of CA. The entire INternational Community was happy with that and in fact that was what the complete democracy was then.

    So why are these foreign powers making such a big deal out of this now. Yes the danger of a maoist take over is more real than ever but should not these things have made their way up to their brains when the 12 pt agreement was being signed. Can you imagine how many more Nepali lives will be lost if the Maoists are forced back to the jungle now? This situation could have been avoided by just being a little more careful while the 12 pt agreement was being signed. SPA do not have the right to betray their agreement now.

    Anyway, i think the International Community, India, SPA and the Maoists are all in it together. Their main goal was to take away the army from the king so that the super powerful parliament can make any decision in the interest of some of these foreign powers. Of course, they just need to find a way to deminish the moral strength of the cadres of the maoists. I think they all look pretty happy and confident to be thinking about another war.

  26. SPA does not have the mandate and Maoist do not have the moral authority so in a sense government is suspended. Therefore, the visit and counter visit by foreign leaders and by SPA leaders shows the nakedness of politics that is romtely controlled and manipulated. To place a trust on SPA or Maoist with situation so fluid is to invite catastrophy of higher magnitude- may be there is a “grand Design” to subvert the sovereignty and nationhood of Nepal, who know?

    Can anyone fingerpoint where the nation is going? Do you think that the process or acts or decrees mean anything -legally speaking as well as practically. I see no impression of our so-called-helmsmen charting a course. The situation is dangeriously getting out of hand with too many voice and little concret actions. Will anarchy be far behind?

  27. I think it is time to state the bottom line:

    Disarmament before any elections.

    Let’s face it everything depends on whether the maoists have arms or not.

    Further, an issue raised before and revived today by many is that CA elections can decide who will represent us to craft the new constitution, but let each and every citizen cast his or her vote separately in a referendum to decide whether we retain monarchy or not. Leaving it in the hands of the SPA etc. as we have seen is ridiculous especially when most of them have already decided to take the republican stand. With the level of incompetence and I hear back to mangalman ways of behind the scenes corruption especially with regard to personell transfers from here to there within govt. services, we have to really keep ourselves alert. The more the people can decide on vital issues on a one person one vote criteria the better.

  28. The strategies of SPA is totally vague and visionless. Not only they but they are compelling the people to head toward uncertainty. They should be clear about the hurdle of the arms before the 12 point and 8 points agreement. They are the one who told to attack security forces before to make JA-2 success and now they are telling that is the hurdle for them. And now they are coming to the point of no-return. At the same time maoist are very clear from the begining and said that they would manage their arms in CA, but not diarm themselves. Now the parties are trying to play the trick on them, although we support for their disarm and peace. Why SPA had not made it clear before? The time will come SPA will be like pendulum in between two arms if they just go like this. It is confirm that Nepal army too will not support them in dire needs, if they want to use against maoist. So from the very begining of 12 points agreement, I feel that SPA are playing politics like a child game of no return. People weree frustrated with them before during 14 years, but with their assurance of peace and democracy people started to think them positively. But looking at the present scenario, again frustration started to groom-up among the people. The end point is democracy is the must but the handling leaders are immature to lead the country.

  29. Well, the spa have done themselves harm by constantly attacking the NA while announcing absolute forgiveness to the Maoists. The maoists are and were attacking and fighting a war against the state while the NA was defending the state. Of course there were abuses, illtreatments and even crimes committed by the army but to accuse the whole institution of being murderers, rapist and so on will not get NA on the governments side. The culprits must be prosecuted but with due process. To say that the NA (while it was RNA) was only protecting the king and not the people is bound to backfire. It is absolutely ridiculous to assume that all the army men who fought against the Maoists (puting their lives on the line) were only inspired by the Rs.5000.00 salary they got and their anti Nepali aspirations. We need to realize and admitt that even army officials who lost their lives fighting the maoists are martyrs too whereas, SPA only recognizes those who get them to power as martyrs.

  30. if spa does require to send the NA to fight against the Maoists again, will the NA fight the rebels or shake hands with them. What is the point of giving ones life away in the name of the country and be accused of being murderers, rapists and so on. What does democracy mean to the armies any way. They just need a government which will motivate them, support them. And of course, there should be a system of punishing the perpetrators of human rights.

    If and when spa does send our NA to fight against the Maoists will they now act differently as they are now under the parliament or will armies always be armies?

  31. b,

    Although NA is under parliament, but when parliament (SPA) tells them to fight against the maoist. First of all they scare for being culprits of killing maoist and future punishment. Second, in heart they are not satisfied with parliament (SPA)because SPA always taken them in negative sense, so they first question themselves what is the use for sacrificing for the sake of SPA (parliament) by killing own countrymen. They did in the king’s rule just because they were loyal to the king since the 237 years of unification, even tomorrow they might not give damn to the king also so why to SPA. So, if maoist return to the battle field it is going to be a real civil war and country will be disturbed for 20 years.Most of the NA might happy to join hand to PLA instead of supporting government. At the end there might be no way for SPA instead to bring Indian army to suppress. But that also not work, so very tactical game SPA should play at the moment.

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