Prachanda In Baluwataar, Parleys Peace With Prime Minister

Finally, Prachanda, the Maoist supreme leader, is in Kathmandu is holding talks with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in the latter’s official residence in Baluwataar. A large group of journalists is curiously waiting outisde the residence. Dr Baburam Bhattarai, second to Prachanda in the party hirerarchy, is also present in the meeting. Since both sides (government and the Maoists) have agreed in principle on holding the election of constituent assembly, it is widely believed that they are talking on the process to reach there: formulating an interim constitution and an interim government. This is the first time in the history of a decade long Maoist “peoples’ war” that their supreme leader has come to the talks table. People are extremely hopeful yet a bit skeptic about the success of the ‘Peace Summit’ considering the procedural difference between the two sides.

The Historic Eight-point Agreement
Reached between the ruling Seven Party Alliance and the Maoist party.

The Eight-point agreement reached between the seven-party alliance and CPN-Maoist following summit talks between the two sides at the Prime Minister’s residence at Baluwatar on Friday (June 16, 2006) is as follows (Unofficial Translation)

1. Effectively and honestly implement the 12-point understanding reached between the SPA and Maoists in November last year and the 25-point Ceasefire Code of Conduct signed between the SPA government and CPN-Maoist on May 26 this year

2. Commitment to democratic norms and values including competitive multi-party system, civic liberties, fundamental rights, human rights, press freedom, and the concept of rule of law and Carry out each other’s activities in a peaceful manner

3. Request the United Nations to help in the monitoring and management of the armies and arms of both government and Maoist sides for a free and fair election to the Constituent Assembly

4.Guarantee the democratic rights achieved through the 1990 Popular Movement and the recent historic People’s Movement; draft an interim constitution based on the 12-point understanding and the ceasefire Code of Conduct; form an interim government accordingly; announce the dates for constituent assembly elections; dissolve the House of Representatives through consensus after making alternative arrangement; dissolve the People’s Governments of CPN-Maoist

5. Decide issues of national interests having long-term effects through consensus

6. Guarantee the fundamental right of the Nepali people to participate in the constituent assembly elections without any fear, influence, threat and violence. Invite international observation and monitoring during the elections as per the need

7. Bring about a forward-looking restructuring of the state so as to resolve the class-based, racial, regional and gender-based problems through constituent assembly elections. Transform the ceasefire between the Nepal Government and CPN-Maoist into permanent peace by focusing on democracy, peace, prosperity, forward-looking change and the country’s independence, sovereignty and pride, and express commitment to resolve the problem through talks

8. The government and Maoist talks teams have been directed to accomplish all tasks related to above-mentioned points without any delay

Interim Constitution Drafting Committee

A meeting of the government and the Maoist talks teams held at the PM’s residence at Baluatar after the conclusion of the Summit Talks has decided to form a six-member “Interim Constitution Draft Committee” under the coordination of former Supreme Court justice Laxman Prasad Aryal.

Senior lawyer Harihar Dahal, lawyer and human rights defender Sindhunath Pyakurel, President of Nepal Bar Association Sambhu Thapa, former attorney general Mahadev Yadav and lawyer Khimlal Devkota are the members of the committee. Devkota is the Maoist representative in the committee.

“The interim constitution draft committee has been formed as per the eight-point agreement reached between the SPA and the Maoists,” member of the government talks team and Minister Pradip Gyawali told reporters at the press conference at Baluwatar.

The committee will submit the draft of the interim Constitution to the government and Maoist talks teams within 15 days.

A historic new experiment: Prachanda

Addressing the press conference, Maoist Chairman Prachanda called the ongoing peace process “A historic new experiment of the 21st century.” “If the peace process becomes successful then Nepal could achieve development and prosperity in the next 5 -10 years,” he said.

Saying that the parliament, people’s government of the Maoists and the current SPA government should be dissolved within one month’s time and that an interim constitution and government should be formed, the Maoist chairman said sustainable peace could be achieved through constituent assembly elections.

Prachanda also said that the constituent assembly elections should be held within a year’s time. “The process of dissolution of the parliament, people’s government of the Maoists and the current SPA government will begin once the interim constitution is drafted and the process of formation of interim government begins,” Prachanda further said.

On the issue of ceremonial monarchy, Prachanda asserted that his party was in favour of a democratic republic but other parties were free to go to the Constituent Assembly elections with their own views about the monarchy.

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121 thoughts on “Prachanda In Baluwataar, Parleys Peace With Prime Minister

  1. Monarchy, the only symbol of feudalism in Nepal, is fading if not will be totally wiped out. A never elected Damodar Shamsher was more powerful than elected Surya Bahadur Thapa even in that feudal Parchayati raj and his brother Sachchit Shamsher tried to be so in Gyanendra raj. That will be never be now. Even if a military general or a Maoist commander takes over the power, he will not ask for his hereditary right as the kings do.

    Second, SPA and the people had to choose one among the two devils and they chose the Maoists because the King harassed, cheated and insulted them once and again. Maoists has two prove their credibility among people. Even as established institution, such as our monarchy, could not rule this country alone, will the Maoists be able to do so without strong support of Nepalese people and without good will of international community. If they could do so, they would never have come to a negotiated solution. As they come, they will change themselves to fit in a democratic system. Some bloggers here has either party phobia or trust to nobody or royalomania or disgust towards democratic system. Nothing can be done to them.

    Some bloggers here are victim of Indo-phobia too and feel the monarchy a symbol of our nationlism. They also take the parties as Indian agents. They are ill people living under an invented fear of their neighbours in isolated domain of their own with few selected people or they are escapists who try to flee somewhere very far and brag and spit at their neighbours here. The Nepalese has to live with their brother and sister Maoists at their doorstep and the Maoists have to do the same. The kings and royalities have never to do so and so, they have to go. This is 21st century reality.

  2. The end has doomed all of us. The name of Nepal has roots to ‘Nemuni’, an ardent Hindu follower. So, Nepal’s name is derived from Hindu religion. Lets change the name of the country to Neo-nepal. God Bless to all
    Neo-nepalese. But, we have already proclaimed indifference to Gods. So, no Gods can save us. Finally, the grand finale will be the Constutuent Assembly.

  3. I think it is Ok to have a secular state because all religions would be equal in the eyes of law. Before, Hinduism had priority over other religions under the Constitution. It breeds harmony among all religions in Nepal.

  4. Overkill, I can’t understand why guys like you refuse to look at the bright side. I detest the Maoists ‘ways and means’ to achieving their desired goals like everyone else. For me communism is an utopian ideal that we humans won’t be ready for for another…I don’t know five/ten centuries. But what was the state of this country six/seven months back? Was it not looking hopeless? Now there is a new hope and a new promise. Maybe they/we will let us/ourselves down again…call me a dreamer but I can see a bright future for our country.

    Dicken’s is one of my favorite authors…Ms. Estella Havisham is my favorite character of fiction. Learn from Pip, my young friend, despite all those setbacks in his life look how he emerged such a gentleman.

  5. Prachanda is great. He is the only politician of Nepal who has the guts to talk about the 1816 Treaty in which we surrendered most of our territory to the British. He will, I am sure, re-write Nepalese geography. Our territory was till Sutlej, Sikkim and nearing Delhi. Our forefathers had the luxury to bathe in the Ganges because it was our river. Prachanda, although is a Maoist is the main light of nationalism of this country. So, let’s all unite under Prachanda and finish off the Indian hegemony in South Asia. Time has come for all Nepalese in and outside Nepal to unite for a Greater Nepal which was dreamt by Subash Ghising but fell prey to Indian manipulations. It was dreamt all along by hisotrians, great Nepalese statesmen like Dr. KI Singh, etc. It is an idea whose time has come.

  6. Girija and his cotories are too short-sighted. When they made the Interim Constitution Drafting Committee, they could not include women and representatives of other sectors of the society. Now it has been crticised by other parties also because they were not consulted. What the hell ?

  7. This is true that there is no women participation but it is not just this time. chair person of Maoist is Prachanda and he is not woman. In the name of woman could Prachanda be replace by a woman? May be I talked a little bit more but thing is like that Girija is not a woman. If we see other person we can see that one who need to be there is there and everyone can not be there. It is the begining that we are starting to talk abot women, dalit, janjati etc. We can see that Prachanda is bahun but talks about dalit and we can see other who are not dalit are talking about them. So, if there is no participation of women, dalit etc, we don’t need to be worry this time because we are just trying to make or include all sides. This is true that all side are not in decision making level so they are not present right now. Hope the situation like this will change and that’s what are are commited and need to be commited too. Now, who are talking about participation from all side are talking good idea. Let’s see but it takes time,does’t it?

  8. “Time has come for all Nepalese in and outside Nepal to unite for a Greater Nepal”

    What are you smoking? Should we demand tribute from Tibet again while we are at it?

  9. We’ve got some weirdos here, that’s for sure. Lets find that sage who promised Prithvi Narayan Shah and gobble all his puke. Then we can conquer the U.S too and the whole world.

  10. If you see carefully what happenned in Baluwatar Friday, we will see that Makune was jealous of Prachanda. He wanted to sit with and have photo with Prachanda.Another scene we can see is of Daman Nath Dhungana. He was so close to Prachanda. Daman Nath was earleir regarded as pro-King congressi during the first phase of post 1990.Still all these leaders have som illusions about Prachanda. Because, they could not ask prachanda to stop violence. Whatever you write in paper, it does not matter. Still Maoists are killing innocent people, asking Chandas, threatenning the people and journos.They have not done anything noteworthy for peace. Amik Sherchan was also seen catching the hand of Prachanda as he (Sherchan) is regarded as semi-Maoists.

  11. Kirat, I know where you are come from, I am with you there but point you make about ” six/7 months back and now” is not quite apt. I call this a lull- a temporary respite. Why? nation was held at gun point by the maoist then to achieve their goal and now as they smell victory they have done what was expected of them, relax the killings and intimidations for now, although not excatly.

    Tell me what have you seen now which gives you confidence that the matter will be solved, I see none. All are dust blown without the solid foundation. By deflecting the real issue of the day, SPA and the maoist are hurrying with set agendas based on their agreement which by the way does not address the core issue of Nepal- peace. It is just a power sharing arrangment not a chater or road map for the country and its well-being. The scary part is, SPA in the government is being dictated by the maoist as of now- so what can we expect when Maoist are actaully sitting in the government, more decrees and may be, I say may be now but I believe so, that our individual rights and freedom will be curtailed in the name of development, policy, and national’s interest. This is the crux. My effort is to state my concern so these things do not happen and even if it happens that there is a recourse to address it.

  12. Anyway peace is coming to Nepal……people have great expectation toward peace..hope it will continue…It all depends on Prachanda how he likes to lead the nation…many people are very positive toward him that is why even 1/3rd of UML are going to them…

  13. I agree with fanta. UML will start to disintregrate soon. The rightists will join Nepali Congress and the leftists will join maoists (I think it is fifty fifty in UML). So only a handful of them might remain as UML.

  14. Yeah It is the sudden death of UML. Makune is the assistant SG of Prachanda.

  15. Most of bloggers here praise Prachand not for his achievements but as a tool to thrash the established party leaders. Maoism, Prachand’s philosophy, is a dead philosophy and communism is a nice but Utopian dream. He wants to bring his political group to main stream but that will be a challenge for him as he has to answer for many an atricities done by his cadres, the latest the murder of Bishal Tamang, a student, in Thulopakhar in Sindhupalchok. There are more odds than evens in mainstream politics and so, they went to jungle last time. As Hindu religion with Islamic rituals or vice versa can not work, Maoism in multi-party democracy too can not survive. Either Maoists has to be another NCP UML or has to return to jungle again to start another revolt.


    “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
    -The Great Gatsby

    Nepal, like Gatsby, must feel a bit like the lead in the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Such extraordinary hope, even as days pass, so much drift back to the discredited utopian solutions of the past century.

    “But you can’t relive the past,” exclaimed Nick Carraway one day to Gatsby. “Oh, but you can, old sport,” said Gatsby. And in the book, he ends up floating dead in his pool, a bullet in his back.

    In the Eight Point Agreement we see an agreement that the Maoists feel can be exploited to give them power. Power will be divided in ways they are unwilling to put on the table, precisely because they have been shown, time and again, universally, to lead to tragedy.

    If you understand “democracy” in Iran, you have a good idea of what the Maoists mean by the term. Only the correct people get to run, so the correct people win, so the correct outcome is assured, thus the will of the people has triumphed.

    At heart, the bedrock for Maoist thought is dividing the world into groups. This is clearly visible in the interviews which Maoist luminaries have been giving fast and furious. They ascribe motives, actions, and outcomes not to individuals but to “sectors.”

    Thus “(R)NA” consists of an officer corps not of individual, thinking persons but of a mass that mindlessly marches to the dictates of the palace. Likewise, democratic politicians, to the Maoists, represent no one, because democracy of the “secret ballot” type is only a facade behind which slavery continues. Marx called democratic capitalism the most perfect form of slavery ever devised, because it creates false consciousness — the slaves think they are free, they think they have choice.

    Therefore, in the Marxist-Leninist world, only with the ouster of the old-order, ancien regime, can man be free. What the Maoists mean is that the “structure of oppression” must end. Thus their conception of “democracy” or even “equality” are not ours.

    In point of fact, they are not sure what they mean. In proceeding, they are first and foremost typical Nepali politicians, in that their strategic plan is simple: “give us power, and then things will be better.”

    All the parties of Nepal function that way. None have actual platforms that can be implemented.

    What is decidedly dangerous is that this political trait is accompanied by a second, also shared by all parties: a position is legitimate simply because it has been advanced. Simply observe Kathmandu traffic, and you understand.

    As traffic backs up, vehicles invariably move out into the opposing lane. They are clearly in the wrong, especially the motorcycles on the sidewalks.

    Yet having established position, the interlopers claim legitimacy. Should anyone have the unmitigated gall to collide with them — which is inevitable, since they are now in the wrong lane — conflict results.

    The willingness to defend to the last Nepali perfectly illogical position once claimed may make splendid Gurkhas, but it makes for horrid politics, all the more so when the perpetrators, like the Maoists, are armed.

    To the above two traits, let us add the third, a corker in the case at hand: the realities of personality. Koirala, for instance, is in such poor health it’s problematic he will be able to see this business through. Opposite him, the top two Maoists are arguably, clinically paranoid types.

    As for the NC ally, the UML, it is headed by a radical wannabe, who can’t get himself to rise above his leftwing claptrap to statesmanship. Each time circumstances call for rational, reasoned discourse, he takes the low road, as though compelled to descend to nastiness, simply because no one else has reached that spot for the moment.

    As if this were not enough, all major figures of all parties are surrounded by what amount to male groupies. Even when they disagree, they say nothing, because to do so would be to lose their place in the que.

    These are not exactly promising midwives for the birth of a new Nepali world.

    It is the Maoists who are the most dangerous, because they have come to believe their radical, left-wing drivel. What to think of people who make school children begin the day by “praying” to the martyrs of the revolution? Who themselves make saints of bearded, dead white guys (and one very evil, disgusting Chinese fellow)?

    Still, such actions should surprise no one. The fourth element in the equation is that Nepal has always been a society shaped by the hardball nature of the struggle for existence. The zero-sum existence is much like that in the colonial Massachusetts in America that produced the Salem witch trials of Daniel Day-Lewis and “The Crucible.”

    As a wag might put it, seldom does good come from believing in witches and goblins, and fervently proclaiming that UFOs and aliens are real makes for deadly courses of action when lunacy becomes social policy. We seem to have all too few prepared to grapple with Maoist ideology on its demerits.

    In Nepal, it was only a matter of time before the witch-hunters, the Maoists, found their demons and convinced a mass base that exorcism would deliver to them Paradise. What they have in mind, then, is not pretty — if you are a rational individual.

    So are the Maoists irrational? Not at all. Bin Laden, to cite an analogy, is perfectly rational within his framework of logic. It is his framework that is cracked.

    There is a difficulty confronting the Maoists. The more people know about them, the less influence they have. Their way around this conundrum is classic Lenin. It is not a clash of ideas which is taking place — it is a clash of rival mobilization efforts.

    And in this, the Maoists are much ahead of the game.

  17. Blindly following maiost agendas and calling things a success will be very,very short lived. If all factions do not thrash out their fundamental differences, if they do not clarify their stance not just on socio-polotical agendas but also economic and arms agendas, this talk, on the not so medium run will end up in more of a disastor then it ever was before.
    People just cannot go into relationships without clarifying the agenda especially to the people who matter most – the citizens of the country. To call for a CA within 6 months itself is laughable – don’t we the Nepalis have to understand what it is all about and what are the details and consequences for us? Pamphleting, sloganeering and sneering at each other by the parties is not nearly enough. This is too important to leave it up to the SPA or the maoists, the silent majority have to know and should be involved.
    People who abdrutly jump to applaud this agreement, are either absolutely unaware of what it means or are just not bothered as long as there is a semblence of “peace” for a few days more, or too naive to understand the complex politics involved.
    If time stood still it looks like a good deal, but unfortunately time moves on and with it more questions and less answers.

  18. Two dogs, Kamal Thapa and Tanka Dhakal, were freed with garlands. It is like Kukur Tihar in the camp of Mandales.This rayamajhi thinks himself like a Bramhagyani of law and he could not apply propper law to put them in jail. What can we expect from them ? It is an insult on the lives of martyres.People had fought so hard to the dictatorship and torture by these people and now they are free. DHIKKAAR CHHA Rayyemajhi Lai ???

  19. Ultimately it seems that the powers that be in South Asia/Globally are forcing the powers that be in Nepal to settle down and stop the fighting/violence and instability. As long as none of the powers that be in Nepal make too stupid a move I think things will be okay. I am sorry to put it this way but if outsiders have too much influence in our internal matters we only have ourselves to blame. Look at us-some of still support the king, some the Maoists and some the SPA. We are the people but we are too dumb to rally around the right sort of leaders-instead we choose idiots or evil people like KG, Prachanda and any number of the SPA leaders. If our leaders are bad remember we have chosen to let them lead us.

  20. Leaders also don’t have the capacity to lead. Because they themselves invite the outsiders and ask them about what we should do. That means they invite interventions. Now it is a crisis situation but at other regular time period also, our leaders ask with foreigners particularly with Indians what to do. That is very bad.

    While KG did not listen to the whole world, SPA leaders are asking what to do with the Indians and the Maoists. They are almost following the orders of Prachanda.

  21. SL is right. what happened to market economic, liberal political values and other liberal policies of NC, NC-D. are they going to compromise that too? or they lost their interest on liberal values? when they are going to realized that they have given too many liberty to the maoists agenda. do peace deal is okay, but believing that making nepal a country like north korea or cuba will bring peace is total nonsense. mind you bloggers that there are people willing to take arms for liberal values and policies. if any one try to test them, nepal will see another revolt.

  22. “So are the Maoists irrational? Not at all. Bin Laden, to cite an analogy, is perfectly rational within his framework of logic. It is his framework that is cracked.” Bin Laden’s goal of a Taliban fundementalist (Wahabi) Islamic Earth is rational if they win. We each have to decide if we share his vision or not, or Marx’s, or Mao’s. BTW only six people attended Marx’s funeral and two of his three children died of starvation from their father’s neglect.

  23. I must correct myself: two of seven children. I apologize for the error.

  24. This Thomas Marks fellow dispenses a lot of advice. Okay, he’s right that we shouldn’t trust the Maoists, but that’s something everybody with half a brain knows by now.

    Maoists aren’t democratic? Is that something new? This guy sees everything in American terms. Hence the allusions to Osama and Iran.

    The reference to Kathmandu traffic was silly to say the least. Psychology is not Marks’ strong suit, obviously.

    Anyway, its clear Marks has no real idea about what he’s talking about. He’s learnt somewhere that Maoists are bad and now he’s merely regurgitating that. He’s not wholly wrong in saying Maoists are bad, but that’s not such a difficult position to take. Now if he actually went out into the hinterland, talked with a few people, I would have given his views some consideration.

    No, this is a guy who has no interest in the truth. That is to say, the hard, messy third world kind of truth. Good God, does he realize Nepal’s one of the world’s poorest countries and that thousands more die of things like malnutrition or disease than because of fighting? That’s the third world truth for you, Marks. No one gives a damn about three bearded guys or that evil Chinaman.

    Okay, we should have seen Maoism for what it was back in ’96. But that was then. There’s no point in trying to tackle Maoism’s demerits now because that would be nothing more than a useless academic venture. And you can’t really talk about Maoism’s ugly side when thousands die in the countryside from the most trifling diseases.

    Paradise? Witch-hunters? What’s this guy going on about? People simply want a better life. They don’t want to see kids die all the time. Is that asking for Paradise?

  25. I can understand that these dogs will be punished again by Rayamajhi Commission.

    Our army was playing politics when they had to make a plan and strategy and fight Maoists.Prazwol was playing with the interest of the country with the tacit instructions of the King.The whole thing got bad to worse. Not only PJT but also Prazwol should be taken action.That was the guy who mismanaged the Army and did not obey the orders of the elected govt to mobilise against the Maoists in Holeri.

  26. Prachanda is the great man we need him. He is much visionary than Madan Bhandari and BP.

  27. Hilarious ! The government tagged the same public security act against the royal ministers, so the court released them just as it released Gagan THapa, Krishna Sitaula and Ram Chandra Poudel. It is sheer foolishness on the part of the government to arrest 5 ministers but not Bharat Keshar Singh, Satchit SJB Rana, all the S.Ps and DIGs of the police who ordered to fire, etc. Actually why not arrest all the Newars and rest of the Kathmanduites for not participating in the demonstrations?

  28. Manan,

    For you kind information, Dr. Marks has been there and done that and will do so. He is a maoist expert and has been numerous times in the field and has talked with maoists leadership as well. And oh yes – not only in Nepal but all over the world.

    How about yourself?

  29. Manan,

    You write:

    “Paradise? Witch-hunters? What’s this guy going on about? People simply want a better life. They don’t want to see kids die all the time. Is that asking for Paradise?”

    I think you have absolutely and completely missed Mark’s point. He is trying to say what you are saying above (we don’t want to see kids die etc, you could add we want to live in peace and have a realistic approach to development etc.), and he means all this talk of Paradise etc. is the maoist promise and clap trap – do you get it? No? Yes? Never mind.

  30. If you want to see and understand the nature of a real ‘feaudalist’, watch Ramesh Nath Pandey, you will get all.

    Seeing 8 party gallore, some of the regressive ministers have started to play tricks to take another opportunity in the new system. One such is Regressive Ramesh Nath Pandey. He praised BP Koirala and took advantage of Democratic government of the past; he told the public that he was close aid to King Mahendra, so Gyanendra made him the foreign Minister.

    In his trip to Austria with Paras, he asked Nepalese there to always honor the crown because it only saved the country and it only leads people into democratic prosperity.

    He is again tossing his words of praise this time for Prachanda to get into Prachanda’s broad folds. But people should always be watchful of how such people prevent from other people taking the responsibilities. Watch him, he is the real Feudalist number 1.

  31. Get a grip, fellow country men. I see it this way. Maoist are a minority group who believes in Guns so they control most of the country. And people like us (urbanites), also a minority who believe in change but through a discourse and debate (no guns). Maoist have won hands down but we still focus on petty issues by denouncing, criticizing, and rationalizing agenda that Maoist have by the head. Simply, shut up or put up.

  32. livewire, you are correct. As I have tried to impress before, we are just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The ONLY real issue should be confronting and defeating the Maoists army. Then we can go back to our usual custom of fighting amongst ourselves for spoil, privilege and power…

  33. I dont understand why some people cant cope up with the idea that Nepalese can and have sorted their problem by themselves.

    Nepal only need support, the way India did to GP Koirala. Where are those aid industry and other self declared experts n pro aid (not pro trade ) EU / North Americans folks?

  34. One should understand, the whole country’s politics is directly linked with the socio-livings of the people. About 40% of the people are starving with half- filled stomach. They don’t care about the politics except their day-to-day food. They were neither cared about the head shaking of the king nor hand shaking of the democratic forces.

    They had the expectation with first-democracy and Panchayat era which became unable to address them and the made it failed either by silent or by opposing it in loud voices. Similarly they were expecting second-democracy and which could not reached them, and that also became failed. King tried to take a chance but could not even able to give peace so it is coming to almost in collapsed stage. The third-democracy is giving chance to SPA and maoist to address it. But these mixture seems odd-cocktail of different wines. But, it is the right time for maoist to make big changes in Nepal because they have the guns to put some strict rules to divert the fund to those poor peoples’ living in some extent. It is already shown that liberal rule and policy of democratic forces in Nepal cannot success to reach the poor even some extent and these maoist are trying to take that advantage. But, it all depends on our neighbouring countries and donor communities about how they take their actions and how much they can be able to reach those poor people.

  35. Dear Bideshi,

    People seem like to get lost within themselves or shall I see put our head in the sand. Titanic for sure, thats the fate. All I hear is righteous comments, tinted glass reactions, and out & out die hards of change who think change is good just as greed is good.

    Lets all commit ourselves not to let Nepal be a model communist state in this day and age- rest we will sort it out later.

  36. It seems all but useless to say something here. People are all preoccupied by their own realities and just try to defend their own reality without caring a thing about the goodness of othes’. I just want to comment about this Marks…from the day I started reading his article I just see nothing but the American wish to dominance throughout the world.For him Mao taking thousands of innocent lives is a crime and he is a devil and his nation killing millions from Japan to Vietnam to Iraq is no crime. It’s plainly protecting democracy. Why doesn’t that democracy comes in the countries like Saudi ARabia, Qatar, Jordan? Why is this defender of the world shuting his mouth? Just look at the glorification of the things that are done in the name of democracy and villification of things in the name of communism. I am not trying to defend any Pol Pot or Mao but I am just trying to say..Just watch with your both eyes..watching Farenheit 9/11 will easily give you the injustice and discrimination that is so profound in the USA. Just because a person or a system is bad doesn’t let you say that the other alternative must be good. If said so one is directly violating the funamental principle of democracy.And what did Bush did..choose us or the terroist? And who created the terroist? The people around the world are suffering because of the ego of two fanatics..They are suggesting us not to trust the Maoist at all and to go to war..I don’t belive that a single person who is rational and loves this nation will want war..Okey if you hate maoist then express it..try to chane them as they try to change you…but beliving killing is the solution has lead us to this..If the war begins, this person has all the things to be happy of..I mean it is his jon…his nation would be happy as they can sell alot of weapons and show their “love”…No matter we hate them or fear them..lets ho hear these bullshit suggesting us for more blood of our own brothers….This time lets just give peace a chance…then only can we fight the maoist also cause whatever we say in the blog….IN FRONT OF THE BARELL OF A GUN OF ANYSIDE….WE ARE HELPLESS….

  37. Ok firstly Bideshi isn’t really a Bideshi. He is a royalist, pesudo-nationalist, right wing using the name Bedeshi. Nice try Bedeshi – I think everyone gets your game.

    Anyway UWB – how about a piece about how things are in Kathmandu now. How is life for the average Kathmanduite….

  38. The Maoists actually read Thomas Marks book and put a review of it in one of their papers.

    They were less then impressed.

    From what I have read of Thomas Marks (Very little) I can tell there is one thing that differentiates him from other Analysis. He has actually read what the Maoists write, and he actually does have prior experience with which to put them in context.

    Of course this package is wrapped in a shroud of U.S. military ideology. He is one of the few mainstream analysts that suggested a military solution.

  39. Finally, whether it is proganda by Maoists or SPA,the countrymen has a big faith in restablishing peace. They can breathe independently that peace is the major agenda what the eight-point recent agreement was made. I think, this is new dawn to a newly born Nepal.

  40. Thomas Marks is a good read and has relevancy to Nepal that is if you not on the left or like most of Nepali sitting in the fence. Time has come where vast majority must stand up and be heard or lie dead.

    It is just not question of reaching “development state,” much more than that. The cost of getting there is the matter that should concern all of us. Preaching and analyzing from this pulpit by the majority is nothing but a hot air and minorty view which does not hold any water or a candle to the wind of Maoist frontal attack from all side.

    Lets get a leg up people before its too late and as Elton said ‘sorry seem to be hardest word,” lets not be in this position when you speak to your children and grandchildren years down the line, people

  41. Look, I’ve said that I agree with Marks’ basic premise that the Maoists are bad guys. But what else has he written that’s actually noteworthy?

    He’s just an American writing from his country’s perspective. I don’t attach any more weight to his arguments than that.

    I’d be as uneasy with a Maoist victory as he is, and if you read my earlier comments you won’t find me ever praising the comrades. That said, I don’t see Prachanda taking over, because, regardless of what he says to his boys, he likes Kathmandu’s comfortable life better than living with the leeches.

    Okay, maybe I was harsh on him. But lets not have anyone feel he has the right to give us advice and not feel accountable for what he’s written.

  42. Mt,

    Its you who hasn’t understood what I’ve said. The Maoists might talk about Paradise and all that but the average Nepali only wants a better life. Look, Prachanda has said he’s going to conquer New Delhi and Washington at some point. I don’t know how many of his followers buy that.

    But what they do see is that all around them, large numbers die of malnutrition, disease, and all that. Now mt, unless you’re completely dumb, you understand that when someone has nothing to live for, he or she isn’t likely to care too much about joining an insurgency that might help better his or her life. At most, he or she might die, which isn’t really that big a deal, because in Nepal the mortality rate from disease and the like is very high. Its not paradise they seek, but a way to get out of hell.

    In any case, any betterment of life than the one he or she is used to is paradise. We talk about the ‘indoctrinating’ effects of Maoism so much that we forget there’s a reason it came about.

  43. manan,

    You write,
    “At most, he or she might die, which isn’t really that big a deal, because in Nepal the mortality rate from disease and the like is very high.”
    Man, who can argue with a person with such fatalistic views and who seems to see the poor as not worth a life as expressed through – “which isn’t that big a deal”!!!
    If it ain’t that big a deal, then why do we see masses of poor people struggling hand to mouth every day trying to make ends meet? According to this gent, they might as well lay down and die.
    People in the majority strive to survive and this is more evident in the poorer masses, what do the rich know of survival? South American Indians, aboroginies infact live off the land, what do they know of riches?

  44. It has been heard that maoist are taking the portfolio of Eduacation, Health and Land Reform which are neglected by SPA before and now also. The maoist are trying to take risk by taking these portfolios.These are the basic and dirtectly linked portfolio for the people. If they able to provide good education to all, medical support to even remote places and poor people and land to survive day to day food to the poor people, it will give good message to their rulings and their thinkings. But, all the things are not that easy as they are thinking, if they became failed to provide it and just make it as propaganda then situation might change in Nepal. Because all these things are directly linked with donors.

  45. I’d like to take a second out to make what I think is an important point. What the Maoists have, and have been able to make use of, is not guns. What they have are people who are willing to use guns.

    “Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive factor; it is people, not things, that are decisive.” -MAO TSE-TUNG “On Protracted War” (1938)

    It’s an important distinction, Particularly at a time when we are talking about disarmament. The Maoists started with Kurkuries and flintlock rifles back in 1996. If it was a question of arms they would have lost a long time ago.

  46. Interesting stuff fanta, they should probably take a assistant finance ministry as well so as to collect revenues for the state to avoid corrupt bureaucracy. Its weird that they are not demanding overhaul of the judiciariy system to make it more effective. Interesting stuffs to do will be-
    -Mandatory education in primary/secondary level
    -Depoliticization of govt school teachers
    -Massive investment in the public education
    -Reestablishment of health posts in all villages
    -Chase away dhamis, jhakris
    -Obligatory national service for all university graduate to improve education system/infrastructure
    -Depoliticization of health workers
    -Distribution of land (if there is any)
    -Distribution of land titles
    -Rural banking, sort of micro credit or co op bank to avoid sahus
    -Egovernmenance with wireless infrastructure throughout country
    -Reform of labor laws
    -Avoid exploitation of employment agencies by regulating foreign employment and guaranteeing min govt service to lahureys
    -tax reform
    -increasing tax base by reducing top marginal rates and making non compliance expensive
    -Use of militia for social changes/ change in values / hierarchy/ caste system and all social discrimination
    -Use of NA and maoists to make roads n infrastructure. what better can you do for the next 3/4 years with all these armed trigger happy individuals?
    -make more connecitng roads to tibet
    -superhighway to china and india , to make nepal a trading hub
    -promote local capacity building in hydroelectricity by making rules friendly to nepali investors
    -avoid pressure of adb/wb/imf to pursue their pet projects n focus on more pressing priorities
    -invite indian investment for massive hydel plants
    -develop indigineous irrigating techiniques which avoid siltation and increase irrigated land in the terai
    -transport links to pahadai region by road and creation of rope ways.
    -increase healthy competition in tourism, make govt procedure simple

    whatever crap it takes. it wont happen anyways. these guys dont have guts. its just another bunch of wolves in the skin of calves

  47. wow santosh,
    First, most of it does not sound much different from what the King was attempting.
    Second, attempts sound ggos on paper, but who will pay for all of this? Especially with the maoists on the lead. I doubt the free world will be bothered. How about the following scenario:

    – Aid freeze
    – Sanctions
    -Border control by India
    – No revenue for the govt.
    – Back to the stone ages

    “Superhighway to china – HA”

  48. Neil, you are off the mark when you say things like this – “The Maoists started with Kurkuries and flintlock rifles back in 1996. If it was a question of arms they would have lost a long time ago.” You are actually implying that maoist are genuine political force? May be you were back at SF state when due to inter political squabbling and coalition governments- no concert effort was made to tackle Maoist issue- so it blossomed. Same thing with Al Queda- if preemptive action were taken there would not have been birth of suicide bombers and 9/11. One thing you must know is Maoist took up arms after they lost the election so in my view there is no justifcation.

  49. wow, give me a break!

    King tried to do those??? land reforms, rule of law, corruption control, increase in the tax base, improvement in governance???? Well, FYI King was selling cigarettes and making money on poor nepali addicts (garibmara). Once his accounts are transparent and there is a judicial enquiry on the mismanagement of funds, you will know.

    I would appreciate if you can come up with ideas, rather than criticizing others and praying doners to help you. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH.

    Aid freeze: King did it, no need to wait for maoists.
    Sanctions: on what basis??the wb/imf sponsored programs are in themselves sanctions for relying on others. remember MAKAI MARA, ADB fiasco on water pumps, and your electricity bills.
    Border control: Indian BSF is already there. Think of SAFTA, not of being Bhutan.
    No revenue: well, maoists prove better than bureaucracy to collect. the point is why not to use it properly. Did you pay your tax??
    Superhighway to china: Mao declared to connect tibet to nepal, and the chinese have done all their homeworks including 5 billion USD train line linking lhasa to china. they are even putting fiber optics for nepal.

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