Long March To Kathmandu: Nepali Capital Turns Red. Maoists Everywhere

In what is widely considered as the show of their force, Maoists are organizing rallies and mass meeting in Kathmandu that many believe will be the biggest the city has ever seen. Maoist sympathizers and ‘forcefully invited’ people from all over the country have assembled in the capital city. Rallies have started from different parts of the city. People are shouting anti-monarchy, pro-republican slogans. One rally that started a few minutes ago from Tinkune is moving fast toward the city center where it will merge with other rallies and gather in the open air theater. Very few city people are in the rallies. Most of them seem to be coming from villages. (details will be posted later in the day)

Maoist volunteers in the rally
Who might have called him? A Maoist volunteer talks on his cell phone holding party flag with his left hand. Several volunteers like him were leading a rally. All pics by Wagle

Maoist volunteers in the rally
The volunteers: There are about five thousands volunteers mobilized by the Special Command of the Maoist party, the organizer of today’s rally, say media reports. They are wearing a t-shirt with an imprint of Prachanda’s photo and hammer and sickle on the front and the word Swoyamsebak (volunteer) written on the back. They are supposed to manage the rallies and the mass meeting. They are also given the charge of maintaining peace in the mass meeting venue and preventing anyone heading northward (toward the royal palace) from Open Air Theater after the mass meeting is finished. There is a huge presence of Armed Police Force in key areas like on the Mahendra Salik (on King’s Way) and in front of the main gate of Singha Durbar.

Maoist volunteers in the rally

An intruder in the volunteers’ camp? But he is a Maoist too. Volunteers were shouting slogans and leading the rallies.

Maoist volunteers in the rally

So these are the Maoists? I though they would carry guns and stay in jungle? Here I am seeing them marching on the streets of Kathmandu. What the hell are they doing over here? Has the war been won? Have they been inspired by the recent April Revolution that forced king Gyanendra to give up power? If so, have they changed their stand?

-A city boy after watching a Maoist rally in New Baneshwor. He didn’t want to be named or photographed.

Maoist sympathizer in the rally
This man was apparently enjoying the walk over the hot road.

city gils walking aside the maoist rally

Revolutionary Girls? Might be but definitely not the Maoists. They are not participating in the rally but going somewhere. Probably in a friend’s house. As Maoists were walking on the main road in Tinkune, they are walking aside occasionally glancing at the rally.

Maoist cadres in the bike

Privileged comrades? While thousands were walking on the street, these Maoists were riding bike.

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78 thoughts on “Long March To Kathmandu: Nepali Capital Turns Red. Maoists Everywhere

  1. That all the people knew when SPA made 12 points agreement. We think maoist is the only alternate to rule this country and bring peace. Anyway credit goes to SPA for this..

  2. Yes, I saw this morning few kids below 12 and women above 80 veiling themselves and shouting (cannot shout as they seems lean and deprived, first I thought they going to hospital later I saw a red flag)slogans (God knows but they don’t know what they sought actually, they just repeating someones voice). This is what their rally is and I am sure that’s what in sum.

    Let’s see how many go to hospital from there due to burning hot, hunger and age.

  3. Maoist have won- its a fact. I feel coming days we will see wonton demands, restrictions, and rule by might. So long Nepal as I knew you. Down trodden are bled in the name of a cause which they do not understand and people of intellect who professed Loktranta from their air conditioned room will analyze and debate the finer points of Social liberal democracy in the company of Dollars which they have farmed in the pretext of social upliftment and justice. Shame on you all.

    Dawn of the reds is happening in Nepal- we have to nothing to show for.

  4. Water of love deep in the ground
    No water here to be found
    Some day baby when the river runs free
    It’ll carry that water of love to me

  5. How did you know there were not many city people. I understand if you say there were not many rich/neo-rich, filtyh-rich, in the rallies–but to say that there were no city people is something else. Kathmandu has hundreds of thousands of people who do not look like ‘filthy rich’

  6. No guns? Says who? UWb a maoist mouthpiece? If you are bothered you will notice one or two micro buses belonging to the maoists alongside or near to one police vehicle. They are all over the city. These micros or buses have armed maoists in them with guns.
    Giving your nonsense opinion and trying to use quote unquote to say “forcefully invited”, should really give no doubts that UWB is maoist run now. I know of several business people who have been asked to house and feed these individuals, and even till this morning major newspapers were reporting forced abduction of school students and teachers for this meet. Security forces have been told not to do anything even to those with guns by the Home Ministry.

  7. The guy behind the comrade with extra large glasses and a phone (in the first pic.)looks petrified, tired and helpless.

  8. Has any media been able to take any of the participants of this mass rally not counting the usual suspects with the red t’s, to a safe area and ask them questions regarding why they are here , how they got here, if they were forced, are they maoists, do they know what is going on among many quaestion? Answer is probably no way man!
    Forget all these pieces by one fellow and their own opinion (it really does’nt count for shit), how about letting us hear from the horses mouth – the participants. Give them anominity, make sure they are’nt spotted by thew organisers and interview them.
    Are you guys practicing journalism or stupidity? Remember your readers are not stupid.

  9. Has any media been able to take any of the participants of this mass rally not counting the usual suspects with the red t’s, to a safe area and ask them questions regarding why they are here , how they got here, if they were forced, are they maoists, do they know what is going on among many quaestion? Answer is probably no way man!
    Forget all these pieces by one fellow and their own opinion (it really does’nt count for s!@#), how about letting us hear from the horses mouth – the participants. Give them anominity, make sure they are’nt spotted by thew organisers and interview them.
    Are you guys practicing journalism or stupidity? Remember your readers are not stupid.

  10. Dear Nepali people,
    I was in Pokhara last week and I saw the mass meeting of the Maoist. Hundreds of busses where caught from de owners and the “gentlemen”Maoist only pay some costs of fuel. When I saw the crowd in the mass meeting there where mainly school children from various villages. The Maoist simply empty the schools in the villages to get some people in their demonstration.
    Always I’m staying in a lodge in Pokhara and the owner is a good friend of me. The day before the Maos where demanding to prepare at least two rooms for them. My friend was asking for the money of the rooms and the simpel answer was “we don’t pay”. Also he get some letters from the Maos to pay donation and if he not like to pay…….??
    Another friend of my has a Boarding School in Kathmandu and he got recently a letter from the Maos to pay 5 lahks. If not…….??? Also another friend of me has a trekking office and has nearly no work. He got a leeter from the Maos and has to pay, if not…..???
    Dear people of Nepal this is reality!
    Why the Maos don’t give any answer to various proposals to feed their army on costs of the Government so they don’t have to “ask” donations to ordinary people? Why they don’t answer positively on the proposal from Denmark to feed their army?
    Simple conclusion is that they don’t like that. They are try to taking over the country in an other more sneaky way than before.

    The current Government don’t show strength. Why they don’t organize mass meetings and meking clear to the people what they have in mind?

    Again with the mass meeting in Kathmandu today the Maos forced so many people to take part of it.

    Now we have to think what they are really have in mind.
    Remember what was happening in Cambodja. This scenario is similar.
    The only hope is that there will be a UN monitoring very soon. Control of weapons from both sides.
    Creating an peacefull evironment for the election of a Constition Assembly without arms.

    Dear people of Nepal,
    I am so with you and we all finally want peace in your and my country but not at any cost.

    Republic Nepal will be the only solution for a peacefull environment for us all.

  11. UWB,
    i hope the comments submitted must be edited and only few should be posted, i want to read
    but some of comments like of,CK2(comment no.9)
    make me tired and useless comments only kill time..

  12. hammer,

    Are you a maoist moderator, who moderates UWb?
    Answer is probably – Yes. That explains your tiredness, you don’t have any capable way of arguing against it, so you are tired. Yes, these questions should be tiring for you comrades, because you don’t have any logical answers to them.
    Why don’t you tire yourself out of this space, and kill time (not people) somewhere else.

  13. ck2,

    No use arguing with the likes of this comrade. They donot have the capacity for it.

  14. hammer,
    Then don’t try and kill yourself – you don’t have to read any comments.

  15. By the way hammer,

    Is that you with the large sunglasses and a mobile phone. Coooool man.

  16. Who printed the Prachanda shirts? Pretty spiffy for a maoist party. I hope the guy was paid to do this fine work. Pushpa Dahal looks pretty good. Has he thought of modelling?

  17. Riding around the ring-road this morning my daughter, we watched so many trucks and buses coming into the valley via Kalunki and many other routes in. They were bursting with people cheering and chanting.

    These were not people forced to join the rallies, rather huge crowds of people who could see an end to centuries of tyranny – there was even a ‘red-bandana’d’ man directing traffic, working in unison with the state traffic cop.

    At Ekantakuna there were groups of villagers trudging-in looking tired; I’d be tired if I’d walked so far on dusty broken roads. Indeed some may have been coming to participate in the Bhoto Jatra.

    As for armed Maoists we didn’t see any, though there groups of nervous Nepal Army soldiers huddled around their ancient armoured cars, in particular at one corner of the royal palace.

    To those of you in this BLOG who suggest that these people were coerced into coming, it’s an old line, it’s patently not true and we’re tired of hearing it.

    These people are coming to the Capital to show their strength and support for a regime that promises to end kg’s tyranny. And if you didn’t believe in the strength of support the Maoists have, then you’d be truly stupid not to realise it now.

  18. I consider this as a Maoist conquest. They have managed to take over the capital without an actual battle and loss of lives. In my opnion this was their real agenda behind their cooperation with SPA.

  19. Maoist having guns !
    Village people haven’t buns!!

    Maoist having sat. phones !
    Poor people haven’t homes!!

    Maoist having mobiles!
    Villagers haven’t smiles!!

    Maoist buying land & Banglow!
    Poor villagers dying alone!!!

    Maoist having now car!
    villagers not even having taar!!!

    Maoist selling slogan!
    poor people selling GAUN!!

    Maoist going towards Prachanda Path (looting bank and building concrete house) !
    Villagers going towards AGNI PATH !! (DIE without food)

    What a equality and parallelism

    More read below

    Recently by Janaandolan-2, we have removed autocratic regime who was using power mercilesly and violating human right in every respect. People were thinking now the peaceful days are on and hoping moist follow the same morality, same human base and code of conduct but since the code of conduct scripted, maoist have been violating it from start to till now in every respect. They have been recruiting children in their millitia, forceful donnation, intimidation, abduction and killing. Now for their mass meeting first time in Kathmandu valley they have been forcebly snatching vehicles from owner and respected trade organisation, forcing general public to participate in their so called “Power show” programme”. By collecting or forcing people from remote district and showing them in Tudikhel won’t prove that those are supporting them or they are maoist. This only can be proved in the general election (hope we will have one day) and then their actual face will be seen in public. Let me challenge Prachanda to appear in any constituency of Katmandu Metropolitan for general election. I bet he will not even get more than 5000 votes, where as late Madan Kumar Bhandari won from Kathmandu while he wan’t born or study in Kathmandu even not practised his political carrier here before 2046 BS.

    Thus, I suggest Prachanda and Babu Ram to be pragmatic and realistic rather then hypothetic and autocratic.

    If you have courage please give up arms first of all infont of UN mediators and then go for constituent Assembly election. I am sure if you could do so, certainly you will be supported or sympathised by general people and foreign world. But you won’t do this as you have 100% confident that general public are not in your support and you know without gun you cannot get any vote,thus you are making this propaganda that you will only laydown arms after the CA election but this is fully suspicious as if CA election will not come in your favour, you will (I am sure, not only me but whole Nepal) go again to Jungle, because it’s your behaviour that you won’t accept anyones rule or anyone supremacy or power.

    Think about it. I am not against maoism but against your sytle of dealing isssue and people


  20. we shut down our restaurant after 7 maoists ate and said ” they dont have money to pay”. who saves us? this is robbery in the broad daylight for honest working people.all the shops in newroad, sundhara, bag bazar are closed due to fear.

  21. Those guys in the fotos will change the country,From ultra poor to the modern rich country. This is the joke of the millennium. I expect nothing from these war mongers.

  22. there are two ways to make people equal-
    1. make everyone rich
    2. make everyone poor
    these guys are up to the second thing. they dont have any social development agenda neither economic development agenda
    instead, billions have been spent to buy arms by security forces and maoists.. what a waste of money. lets hope that warring parties realize the economic waste they are creating and come up with a solid development agenda

  23. Let’s forget about democratic republic and go ahead straight to a people’s republic or a socialist republic and butcher all these crooks like Girija, Madhav and the Oli. They are nothing but Indian stooges. Nepalese in India-unite. Long Live Greater Nepal !

  24. UWB, who are happy? Only Maoist terrorists and their puppets and brokers. After getting power, they will simply take the incarnation of Pol Pot and Stalin, that is the brutal killers.

  25. Too late to have second thoughts…the SPA proved to be indecisive, without even slight control over government apparatus…In case of the Maoist rundown (which they have already done), these SPA ministers will still brag about ‘achievement’ of Jana Andolan 2… Looks like the real achievement is bringing goons from the jungle to the capital to cause mayhem…And from one despot to another despot…Hail Democracy!!!

  26. Maoists won the three way war between Maoists, Royalists and SPAs.

  27. These people came by threats. 1,00,000 peoplare nothing among 25 Millions. In democracy, only the ballot box decides.Nobody will vote for them. Actually Maoists are in Minority. Yes they have guns ?

  28. look peoples have power to go tudikhel who is rightway so i love parchanda path

  29. To say Maoist is ultimate medium to bring peace is absolutely correct because they are one who took peace away from us.

  30. so I hear that there were coerced to come to KTM vs. no they were not. I guess the point is do they really know what Maoism is? They = really rural people who were in the buses chanting. Do they know what good these processions will bring? Do they really know what Mao did in Cultural revolution, do they really know what Pol Pot did in Cambodia, do they really know what Stalin did with the Georgians, Ukranians, Jews and all others who did not like him? And do they really know they all failed?

    Success in Prachanda Path is very feeble. Inherently, majority of Nepalese are communists because
    a. most of them are uneducated.
    b. most of them are poor.
    c. most of them are gullible.
    d. most of them follow the whims
    e. most of them (as proved until today) can only criticize and can not construct.

    So my friends, yes this is a maoists victory – the question how long is it going to last?

  31. To say after Maoists coming into power then there will be peace is like a dream. Maoists have came to every guesthouses, loadges, hotels, schools, hostels etc and demanded to keep their comrades and feed them free (not only for one and two maoists but for dozens and more). This has happened today after their govt comes they will come to our houses and say we will be staying here tonight bring us food.

    Republic doesn’t guarante there won’t be other autocrat. Just look at communist countries (cuba, N.korea etc). we just have to keep king in the right spot.

  32. The fault doesnt just lie with the Maoists. Maoists was successful because there were people being oppressed. And today, unless SPA stops playing conspiracies against Maoists, this war will never end. SPA too need to make this whole transition process transparent and fair. Only then can they demand Maoists to toe the line. Or else theres obvious reasons why Maoists will continue to be on the defensive.

  33. I told you so. No one listened to me. Everyone said I was overly negative about the prospects for peace. I said the maobadi were not going away peacefully.

    It is sad that I have to say I told you so, however. This war is not over yet. You guys were dancing in the streets way too soon.

  34. Ok almost every blogger seems to hate the Maoists-I am no Maoist sympathizer-but can you guys please take some time to think why they have become so powerful a force in Nepal? And don’t be silly and think it’s just because of the guns they hold.

  35. Maoists are not oppressed (90% of them)
    Top level maoists are genius who knows what they want and how to get it.(may be 5%)
    Lower level maoists are illeterate, uneducated, stupid and easily exploited.(nearly 90%)

  36. To BetterNepal,,Top level maoists are genius who knows what they want and how to get it.(may be 5%)

    BetterNepal,,will you please name a few of the top level maoists who you think fall in the category of GENIUS and How you know about their geniusness???

  37. More than 13,000 people have been killed in the 10-year insurgency.
    And finally capital is RED but not bloody red. Let’s hope it will never be bloody red.This SPA-maoist alliance must have to give new dimension to GRATE NEPAL.

  38. i went to see the procession. the characteristics of most participants was-
    -poor, as most of the non blog reader nepali
    -angry, coz their voice was suppressed
    -lost, like kids in school dress
    -unemployed, & finally
    -wanting a change
    I only know that neither these guys nor security personnels deserve to die for whim of some politicians like prachanda or girija or gyanendra, no matter how great their sycophants say they are.

  39. All I can say is that we are headed towards a CULT OF PERSONALITY.

    All those red t-shirts with Pushpa K. Dahal’s face reminds me of Old China of Mao, Soviet Union of Stalin and Combodia of Pol Pat. Any movement is bigger than a person. CPN-Maoists is not Prachanda.

    Maoists need to shed the cult of personality, otherwise, they are headed in the wrong direction.

  40. lavesh: “And finally capital is RED but not bloody red. Let’s hope it will never be bloody red.This SPA-maoist alliance must have to give new dimension to GRATE NEPAL.”

    I hope so, too. Red to me means action. Perhaps it is right now that nepalese people must act. Perhaps this is the time.

    Anyway — most important is the chance that evolution in Nepal is peaceful.

    Greetings from Helsinki (close to north pole)

  41. The only way to thwart the Maoists is to actually support some of their valid pro-people agendas to be enforced by the SPA-so that the voices of the poor, neglected and marginalised are raised by others besides the Maoists. Quite revolutionary for some of you, huh? Well you can’t always think and act for yourself and expect others not to.

  42. kirat,

    isn’t that what SPA is doing right now? I agree it’s been little late. Btw, do you know if the marginalized should be based on caste or economic conditions! Generally, caste reflects the economic conditions, but I know some Rais Limbus Biswakarmas Gurungs who are filty rich, and some bahuns and chettris ( or khas as people here like to call it) who are dirt poor.. what about madheseys? marwaris from terai are madhesey, pretty rich!

    You know politics and “isms confuse me.. two days I was almost out on the street with my gun to kill the first khas (bahun) i see.. but it happened to be a “naglo pasale”.. couldn’t kill her.. turned around saw a Rai looking lady driving land cruisar..

    help me out.. i am heavenly confused!

  43. GENIUS in terms of farsightedness. They know what they want and how to pressure(SPA and public don’t know in REAL what they want). They are one step ahead of other politicians(at least politicians available in our country). Very quick to escape from loopholes. Their motto has become (almost) “Things should be done by hook or by CROOK”. Genius might not be in favour of public but definitely favouring their goal.

  44. Yep, the SPA is doing exactly that right now and they need to keep on doing it and we need to express our support for these decisions.

    Your confusion regarding the marginalized communities is very typical of all Nepalis because of the prejudices we have been brought up with. Look in the dictionary-if it is by caste then it must be corrected, if it is by ethnicity then it must be corrected, if it is by geography then it must be corrected, if it is by relgion or culture then it must be corrected.

    You may think your example of ‘a Rai looking lady’ as funny but to me it’s shows a deeper malaise of the typical Nepali mind. She could have been from any of the numerous ethnic communities in Nepal. After all aren’t we all just ‘bhote’ to most ‘khas’ people?

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